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30 Promise Rings for Men and Women

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Brilliant Earth Zenith Gender Fluid Promise Ring

This lustrous ring is part of Brilliant Earth’s gender-fluid line called Mx Collection. It’s a great fit for men or women, and its pyramid-shaped angles along the whole band are eye-catching.

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Tiffany & Co. Loving Heart Band Promise Ring

Paloma Picasso, the daughter of Pablo Picasso, has designed this band ring that’s a circle of perfectly meshed hearts. It serves as a sweet promise ring and symbol of love.

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Anna Sheffield Men’s Double Ring Set

If the man in your life likes stacking rings, this double ring set has two different but complementary rings. Use one as a promise ring and the other as the eventual wedding ring. One has a row of differently colored precious and semiprecious gemstones representing a rainbow and the other is a simple, classic band. Both are made of recycled yellow gold.

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Charles & Colvard Tiny Accents Stacker Promise Ring

This symmetrical 14K rose gold band serves as a beautiful promise ring that can later be stacked with an engagement ring or wedding band. It has three diamonds set at an equal distance apart along the band. 

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EFFY Round Diamond Cluster Promise Ring

A pretty and petite cluster of diamonds form a perfect circle at the centerpiece of this polished silver promise ring. The circle of diamonds is framed with silver, creating a light, luminous statement. For a promise ring, the circle can symbolize the eternity of love.

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Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Knot Promise Ring

Paloma Picasso’s interesting knot ring was designed for men, and it is ideal to give as a promise ring with the knot symbolizing the forever love and commitment that has brought you to this point as a couple. It’s made of sterling silver, and the detail in the design adds to its beauty, making it a statement piece.

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Valerie Madison Supernova Diamond Promise Ring

With its sculpted V-shaped point, the Supernova promise ring is designed around a nested diamond with four large prongs hugging the ring in place. Its thin 14K yellow gold band would be nicely stacked with an engagement ring, but it also stands as a beautiful ring on its own.

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Gemvara Heart Cut Aquamarine Claddagh Promise Ring

This Claddagh ring with a heart-cut aquamarine stone is a doubly meaningful promise ring. The traditional Irish Claddagh ring was given as a token of love. The heart, of course, symbolizes love, and the hands symbolize the friendship of a couple in love. 

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What Is a Claddagh Ring and What Does It Mean?

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Jewlr Men’s Squared Cross Promise Ring

For a man who would like the Christian faith represented on his promise ring, this ring features the contrast of a sleek, modern design and sweet details. Names of the happy couple who are promising their commitment can be engraved on the top, and the sterling silver band has room for two stones beneath the cross. 

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With Clarity Trian Lab Diamond Promise Ring

The trio of lab diamonds makes this ring an especially pretty prelude to an engagement ring. With a 14K white gold band, the ring’s design was inspired by blooming flowers, and the diamonds are held by vine-like prongs.

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Blue Nile Staggered Emerald and Diamond Promise Ring

This elegant ring has staggered diamonds and emeralds in a small setting that covers half the length of the band. The contemporary ring is made of 14K white gold, and you can choose rubies or sapphires in place of emeralds.

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $1,

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Charles & Colvard Forever One Geometric Promise Ring

The fun geometric design of this ring will likely draw anyone’s attention to it. The moissanite that covers the two intertwined bands is also eye-catching. The shape and symbolism of the joining rings represent the eternity of love, making it an especially meaningful promise ring.

SHOP NOW: Charles & Colvard, was $1,, now $

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Promised Love Diamond Twist Promise Ring

This ring has a modern twist (literally)! The Promised Love ring has a pretty rose gold partial band that’s intertwined on the top with the diamond-studded sterling silver band. All this adds interest to the main diamond centerpiece of the ring that is encircled with yet more diamonds.

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Le Vian Gents Men's Diamond and Gold Promise Ring

Le Vian’s stunning golden men’s ring has a thick gold band with a lot of sparkle on top. Its centerpiece is a chocolate diamond box cluster of nine chocolate diamonds, and it’s framed by round-shaped white diamonds.

SHOP NOW: Macy’s, was $7,, now $2,

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Hearts Promise Ring

The design of this promise ring showcases three round diamonds arranged in the shape of a heart. It has a simple platinum band and diamonds that have a total carat weight of

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $2,

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Black and White Diamond Promise Ring

With two intertwined hearts and the couple’s names engraved on each side, this ring is busy in a good way. The solid band comes to an open point at the centerpiece hearts. The heart that’s outlined in black has a white diamond in the center, while the heart that’s outlined in white diamonds has a black diamond in the center. 

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James Allen Men’s White Gold Slope Diamond Ring

This light and luminous promise band for men has a modern look and tapers on the back for a comfortable fit. Its centerpiece is a channel that sets off three round diamonds. 

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Charles & Colvard Petite Double Round Promise Ring

This dainty promise ring has two differently sized, round moissanite accent stones side by side. The differently sized stones add interest to the elegant but simple design, and the band is made of gold. It is easily stackable with an engagement ring or wedding band.

SHOP NOW: Charles & Colvard, was $, now $

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Brilliant Earth Darby Diamond Promise Ring

With a design that’s decidedly chic and modern, this promise ring has a geometric design. It centers a baguette diamond set within white gold bars. 

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Gemvara Amethyst Princess in the Round Ring

This Gemvara ring features diamond-shaped amethysts. These bezel-set amethysts are placed around the sterling silver band with pavé-set tanzanite placed around the band, too. You can replace the amethysts with a birthstone or any other preferred gem.

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Macy's Diamond Solitaire Side Heart Promise Ring

Romantic, simple, and traditional, there’s more to this ring than first meets the eye. It has a modern rose gold band and round diamond. Then a heart with a diamond center is designed into the sides of the ring. It’s fun to wear as others discover the depth of the ring design.

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Tiffany & Co. “I Love You” Band Promise Ring

This ring has an 18K rose gold band with “I love you” elegantly scripted all around it. Tiffany & Co. provides complimentary engraving on this promise ring to make it even more special.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $1,

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With Clarity Shimmering Pavé Band Promise Ring

This dazzling ring has a lot of lab diamonds nestled together along the white gold band. With a total of 41 diamonds, it has a band of nine larger diamonds nestled between two rows of smaller diamonds.

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James Allen Men’s Tantalum Diamond Promise Ring

The contrast of the dark band of tantalum with the sheen of the channel set diamonds draws the eye in. Also, this tantalum ring can easily be paired later with a tantalum wedding band.

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Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite Heart Promise Ring

The moissanite stones form a heart as the centerpiece of this promise ring. With thirteen shimmering moissanite stones providing a lot of bling to the sweet ring, it’s heavy on pizzazz and fun.

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Brilliant Earth Arc Diamond Promise Ring

This sweet promise ring is subtly reminiscent of a heart. It has two arcs of the rose gold band that meet in the middle to create a curved chevron shape. The diamond at the center point is the heart of the ring and what will first be noticed. 

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, $

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Gemvara Lab-Created Emerald Heart Promise Ring

You’ve heard of lab-created diamonds, but have you heard of lab-created emeralds? This heart-shaped promise ring is sweet and sturdy, and you would never guess the heart-shaped gem was found instead of created. 

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Jeulia Sea Wave Sterling Silver Ring

Jeulia’s sea wave promise ring is ideal for those who dream of romantic nights strolling the beach or frolicking in the surf. This sterling silver ring comes in the shape of a high wave at the top, and it can symbolize how your love can weather the tides of change that life brings.

SHOP NOW: Jeulia, $75

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Promised Love Diamond Dome Cluster Promise Ring

This promise ring is as attention-grabbing as any engagement ring. It has a sterling silver band that looks lovely with the shimmering diamonds. Rather than have one center stone, it has a baguette diamond at the center, and it’s encircled by diamonds of the same size and shape. Diamonds also line rows at the top of the ring.

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Brilliant Earth Etta Diamond Engagement Ring

As promise rings traditionally do, this ring seems to be foreshadowing an engagement ring with its three prominent round diamonds that are centered together with shared prongs. It has a thin band of 18K yellow gold.

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Promise rings have been back in vogue for a few years now. But these rings differ greatly from the men’s promise rings the Jonas Brothers rocked back in the day. Rather than symbolizing a vow of chastity, today’s promise rings symbolize love and commitment between two people.

While women are often the recipients of promise rings, men can wear them too! For millennial couples looking for new, unique ways to showcase their relationship (before or in lieu of a formal engagement), promise rings are the perfect token of fidelity, exclusivity, and commitment. And, as perceived gender roles are constantly evolving, more men are open to wearing fine jewelry beyond the traditional wedding band.

It helps that men’s promise rings can now be found in a variety of styles, metals, and designs, so you can find a ring that fits your personal style, regardless of how simple or sophisticated you’d like it to be.

As a rule, however, promise rings shouldn’t be too over the top. Many view promise rings as a pre-engagement ring, and you don’t want to invest too much in a ring that will be replaced by a future engagement ring. A less elaborate ring is also more cost-effective—a huge “pro” for many couples not ready to emotionally (or financially) tie the knot.

For men’s promise rings, choose budget-friendly metals like sterling silver, ceramic, tungsten or titanium. You can shop specifically-designed promise rings that feature words like “I promise” engraved on the band, or choose an alternative men’s wedding band that reflects your personality or relationship.

Beveled Tungsten Men’s Ring with White Carbon Fiber Inlay

Beveled Tungsten Men’s Ring with White Carbon Fiber Inlay

Some men might shy away from jewelry, but a promise ring is just another way to show your commitment—so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If there is a hesitation, make sure you set aside time to discuss it. Make sure it’s the ring he’s unsure of, not your relationship. After all, a promise—like every other serious step in a relationship—should mean that both partners are on the same page about the significance of your status as a couple.

However, not all men who resist men’s promise rings are afraid of commitment! Many men were raised to believe that only women wear the ring, but that tradition is flawed. Even the earliest types of promise rings—known as Posy Rings—were exchanged between men and women. If he isn’t comfortable wearing a ring because he feels that men “don’t wear” promise rings, shop for low-key style options that look and feel more casual.

While an engagement ring is often given in a surprise ceremonious display on bended knee, promise rings tend to be discussed by both parties beforehand and exchanged together. As the traditions of promise rings have changed through the decades and it’s become custom for both partners to wear a ring, exchanging promise rings showcases a symbolic commitment and understanding of the elevation of the relationship status. So although gifting a men’s promise ring is acceptable, exchanging rings is often more symbolic and meaningful.

When shopping for men’s promise rings, look for a ring that speaks to both your love for him and his individuality (or promise ring sets that complement your unique relationship!)

Most importantly, keep the ring budget friendly and choose an understated style that doesn’t scream engagement or wedding band. Remember, the men’s promise ring you choose for him is a symbol of your love and commitment. If he balks at wearing that symbol, then perhaps you should reconsider the promise.

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Men's Promise Rings

How do I know when to give a man a promise ring?

The promise ring is a ring that is given to a man by a woman as a symbol of commitment and often considered as a man’s engagement ring.

These rings can also symbolize other emotions, quite often a ring will be exchanged between friends or family members as a gesture of love and an eternal friendship.

There is no rule when it comes to which finger a ring should be worn, generally speaking if the engagement then the ring is worn on the left hand and then moved to the right hand once the wedding has taken place. If the ring is for friendship, then the right hand will avoid any confusion of romantic ties between the giver and receiver.

There are many styles of promise rings, your budget and the promise itself will determine which type of ring you chose, if it is for engagement you may consider a diamond promise ring if the ring is a simple promise of friendship then a plain ring with the word friendship engraved on it may suit you better.

A tradition that is still deeply rooted in American culture, the act of giving or receiving a promise ring can signify many heartfelt emotions. From a promise of deep love between young lovers to a vow of lifelong friendship no matter the obstacles, promise rings have long symbolized a strong connection and a commitment to keep the promise that was made. These rings can be used by anyone and for any reason to solidify a special bond or agreement, whether a son taking a purity pledge or a father promising to always be there for his family. Once predominantly thought of as a woman’s accessory, promise rings for men have increased in popularity and continue to be a symbol worn proudly of a special bond or promise. We offer a stunning array of promise rings and engagement rings for men to help you commit yourself to the ones you love in exceptional style. 

That 70s Show - Promise Ring

Men's Promise Rings

Give Him Your Promise

Even if you’re not ready for marriage or engagement, you can still offer your loved one a symbol of commitment to your relationship with a lovely promise ring. We offer a large selection of men’s promise rings in a variety of metals, colors, widths and styles to suit anyone’s taste. Even better, these stunning rings can also be used as wedding bands.

Handsome and Durable Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt Chrome Bands

We are pleased to offer many promise bands composed of tungsten carbide, a hypoallergenic material particularly suited to rings because of its strength and durability, high scratch- and wear-resistance and perpetually polished look. You’ll love viewing the possibilities with striking design elements exhibited by such pieces as the Kahuna Diamond, inlaid with Koa Wood from Hawaii, or the Raizen Black Band, featuring a laser-engraved Celtic pattern.

Cobalt chrome is another material Larson Jewelers is delighted to include in our promise ring offerings. Hypoallergenic, strong, scratch-resistant and shatterproof, cobalt chrome is wonderfully lightweight and has a premium white color without need for additional rhodium plating. Blackened grooves, embedded patterns and unique carbon fiber inlays offer an array of striking cobalt chrome bands to choose from.

Gold, Ceramic, Titanium and Damascus Steel

In addition, be sure to check out our stunning promise rings in white, yellow and rose gold, cut with attractive patterns, including milgrain accents. Take a look at the 14kt White Gold Hammered Finish band, which not only incorporates milgrain detail, but features an attractive hammered texture, also reflected in some of our wedding band styles.

Last but certainly not least, titanium, ceramic and handsome Damascus Steel complete the list of high-quality materials used to fashion these exceptional rings. Damascus steel is renowned for its distinctive wavy, contrasting light-and-dark patterning. Interestingly, it was historically valued for making weapons that were sturdy and flexible while able to maintain a sharp edge.

Enjoy browsing all the marvelous choices, available at Larson Jewelers’ very attainable prices. With our custom engraving options and fast, reliable shipping, we make it so simple to make him so happy!


Ring for men promise

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