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Balsam Hill 12 Bloggers Christmas Tree Reveal

How to decorate a traditional, fluffy green Christmas tree with a Vintage Frosty The Snowman feel, complete with a magical Top Hat tree topper. My Balsam Hill Blue Spruce is decked in red & black buffalo check ribbons, loads of snowy flocked and glittered beauties, a few DIY’s, Dollar Tree, red and white holiday ornaments.

Hello my friends!!

If you are reading this on publishing day, Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m so thankful that you stopped in today to see the very first full size tree I’ve ever decorated & shared here on the blog. If you would take a moment to go visit my team mate Amy who is also revealing her holiday tree today, that would be marvelous. We just happened to have our dates hit on Thanksgiving day, and we sure appreciate you joining us!! You can find her at The Idea Room [here].

Fox Hollow Cottage Christmas Home Tour - Rustic Lantern, Red White Black Buffalo Plaid Decorated Christmas Tree with Snowman Black Top Hat Tree Topper

Okay, now…. I’ve been waiting and waiting to show you!!

Red White Black Plaid Snowman Christmas Tree

Before we go full Christmas tree crazy… I want to say that I hope the day finds you surrounded by friends, family and lots of yummy food. We will be spending the day with family, enjoying Turkey, all the trimmings… and of course, a variety of desserts! We are big game players too, so I suspect some good natured competition will be happening as well.

Now come see our tree….

When my friends at Balsam Hill invited me to participate in the 12 Bloggers of Christmas, the timing could not have been better! With all the resent changes I’ve been making with dining room table eliminations, we’re able to have a full sized tree again for the first time in many years. And there was no way I would risk using a live tree that requires water on my wood floors. So faux is the way to go. And lucky me, I got easy too! Balsam Hill provided me with the amazing Blue Spruce Flip Tree [here].

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - Fox Hollow Cottage, Classic Holiday Home Decorating in Buffalo Check Plaid, Snowmen & Assorted Ornaments

Naturally, I placed it right in the center of everything! The rest of the house just kind of orbits around it. It’s definitely commanding attention and you can see it from all the rooms on the main floor!

Frosty The Snowman Black Top Hat Tree Topper - Red, Black & White Christmas Tree - Balsam Hill, Blue Spruce Flip Tree

If you follow me on social media, you might remember the “can’t wait to show you sneak peek” when I shared the naked tree, wearing only a top hat. Well, that is just what I started with. It was definitely my inspiration to get my tree started. I’m not a traditional tree topper kind of girl, so this was a lucky find!!

Frosty The Snowman Black Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper

I have a lot Christmas decor in the red family, so when I found the red & black buffalo plaid ribbon, I knew it would be a great fit. It was really reasonable too. After the top hat, the ribbon was put on the tree next. Things really started taking shape when I dug into my ornaments.

Red Vintage Style Glitter Putz House Christmas Ornament

This tree is so full & lush. I love it when branches can support my variety of ornaments. Heck, this tree even holds big, fat, full size home decor, like my Frosty The Snowman figurine!!

Frosty The Snowman Home Decor as Extra Large Christmas Tree Ornament

Of course, he can only ever live in a Christmas tree now… because I may have dropped him while holding him up to see if I liked him there. His backside is a little bruised. Oops.

Balsam Hill, Blue Spruce Flip Tree - Decorated in Classic Christmas

Tucked in the corner behind the tree is a vintage drying rack. You can just see it peeking out from this angle. I’ve got Christmas linens and a few stockings hanging on it.

Red Velvet Stocking with White Fur Cuff an Glittered Monogram Charm

The few gifts I’ve got wrapped are resting on the silver tree skirt [here] and it couldn’t have went with my color scheme any better. It’s such a pretty fabric and it’s the perfect balance of casual with the quilting and elegance with the subtle, matte metallic finish.

Red velvet Christmas present with black ribbon and vintage Santa Claus gift tag

I usually love to add fresh sprigs of greenery to my holiday gifts, but it was pouring rain when I was wrapping (and taking photos!) so I skipped it for now. Hope you’ll forgive me.

Wrapping paper and ribbons - Christmas at Fox Hollow Cottage

See how dark it is? It was right in the middle of the day. A big storm rolled in, the sky opened up and it was about 42 degrees out. Burr. Y’all are lucky I didn’t snuggle up on that rug and take me a nap! hahaha.

It was snuggle-up weather for sure.

Classic Christmas in Red with Vintage Toy Truck Under The Tree

But I continued on, because I’m a professional, and they don’t take naps in the middle of the day. Often…

Almost forgot to tell you, in addition to the tree being fast & easy, it’s also pre-lit. This tree is so stuffed with lights, it’s absolutely luminous. And it came luminous. With no effort from me. Oh wait, I did plug it in. And I pay the electric bill. So go me!! 

I tell you, I’m completely tree-spoiled now.

If there is such a thing, I am for sure it.

Brown paper packages with black & white checked bow and vintage santa gift tags -

In typical me fashion. I kind of mixed & matched what I liked and stuffed it all together. I’m so style challenged.

Old junky pick up trucks… simple, brown paper wrapped packages.

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - Leopard Throw and Sequin Santa Claus Hat Pillow

Paired with sparkly-glam sequined pillows & luxe leopard throws… I don’t think I could give my tree a theme name if I had too. If I did, it would be a mouthful.

Maybe… Frosty, Foxy, Buffalo Check, Snowflake, Woodland, Vintage, Snowman Adventure? hahaha.

Yes, it’s catchy. And really rolls off the tongue.

Brown paper and wide black ribbon wrapped Christmas present


Mon. Nov 23rd

Thanks again to Balsam Hill for providing me with the perfect tree, for the girl who loves fast & easy!!

Santa's Cookies Don't Stand A Chance red glittered wood sign

Thank you again so much for hanging out with me for a few. I always appreciate the company. If you want to visit more, you can always find me on Facebook & Instagram. Happy Holidays!! Shannon

See our Christmas Cottage at night… [click here]

Cozy Christmas Cottage Nighttime Home Tour - tour a little house twinkly in shimmering lights and the glow of candles.

Christmas in our cottage kitchen [click here]

Cottage Christmas Home Tour with Country Living - Sun Room Apothecary Cabinet Merry Little Christmas and Buffalo Plaid Accents

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Along with setting the table for Christmas dinner and carefully wrapping packages for everyone on your list, trimming the tree is truly one of the merriest moments—and oldest traditions—of the holiday season. While you deck the halls with beautiful Christmas decoration ideas for your home, decorating the tree provides arguably the most festive opportunity to express your personal holiday style.

When it comes to Christmas tree decor, we simply adore loads of sparkle—twinkling lights, tinsel, and shiny baubles in all shapes and sizes. And to crown your perfectly trimmed tree, only the most fantastic tree topper will do. Tree topper options range from unique and creative to fun and playful—and everything in between—for fancy, traditional, and casual holiday looks.

This season, as you're unwrapping box after box of special Christmas tree ornaments, recalling fond memories of Christmases past as you go, let this be the year your tree topper really shines. Here, we've gathered some of the best Christmas tree toppers that are sure to become instant family heirlooms.

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12 Toppers for Every Style of Christmas Tree

Decking the halls usually includes a single day spent meticulously on the Christmas tree. Aside from the ornaments and the garlands, what makes the finishing touch to your tree is the topper.

Choose a topper that complements the style and profile of your tree. A star or winged angel looks good on a conical, full tree. A spire or elongated topper is perfect for a slim, pencil tree. There are all kinds of toppers to choose from: If you're a modernist, opt for a sleek look, cool colors, and a creative vision—we've found toppers shaped as a wired greeting, a bulbous finial, and radiating Sputnik style. Or, if you're traditionalist at heart, you'll find inspiration in the angel, the partridge a la the "Twelve Days of Christmas" or Star of Bethlehem—the eight-pointed star that was said to lead "wise men from the East" to the birthplace of Jesus Christ in the nativity story.

Designers like Christopher Radko, Nambé, and other world-famous artisans today use all manner of materials for a topper of heirloom quality: colorful etched glass, stainless steel alloy, copper with an aged patina, hand-carved wood, hand-woven rattan—choose one that fits into the style of your home. Some toppers—although made to sit atop your tree—can be displayed on the mantel among the stockings or the table as a centerpiece, adding a touch of classic, yet modern style to your décor.

We've rounded up the best toppers for every kind of Christmas tree. Here, browse them all for the crowning touch to yours.

DECORATING THE CHRISTMAS TREE - Balsam Hill Nordmann Fir \u0026 Decorations Review - Shade Shannon

Christmas Tree Toppers: How to Choose, Prepare, and Adorn Your Tree

Complete your Christmas tree display with a beautiful tree topper. This decorative accent serves as the perfect finishing touch to your holiday centerpiece. With many available designs, you are sure to find one that fits your preferred theme or style. Learn how to choose, place, and secure the best Christmas tree topper for your home in this comprehensive guide.

What are Christmas tree toppers?

Christmas tree with faux flowers and a snowflake tree topper and a tree with red and gold ornaments and a star tree topper


Christmas tree toppers were first used in 18th century Germany, commonly in the form of the Rauschgoldengel—a shiny, golden foil angel. Eventually, these decorative accents made their way to the tops of Christmas trees across the world and became available in designs like star tree toppers, patriotic flags, and more.

What are the types of Christmas tree toppers?

A mirrored star tree topper attached to a Christmas tree


Star tree toppers vary from simple five-point designs to elaborate three-dimensional Moravian styles. Choose a design with glitter, beads, or sequins if you prefer more sparkle or a pre-lit star tree topper to complement your Christmas tree lights.

angel tree topper on a Christmas tree


The angel tree topper is an all-time favorite when it comes to traditional Christmas decorating. As an alternative, explore figurines of holiday characters such as Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to give your tree a whimsical look.

Bouquet tree topper with champagne-colored magnolia flowers, berries, and mixed leaves


Bouquet tree toppers feature an assortment of faux flowers, leaves, and berries. These unique Christmas tree toppers add a charming finishing touch perfect for both classic and modern displays.

Capiz snowflake lighted tree topper


Christmas tree toppers are also offered as starbursts, snowflakes, finials, and more. You may even use ribbons or bows as lightweight accents for your tree.

How do I choose the right Christmas tree topper?

Shape of the Tree

When choosing your Christmas tree topper, check that it complements the style and symmetry of your tree. A star or angel tree topper is a great match for a full-shaped Christmas tree, while an elongated tree topper suits the slender profile of a narrow or slim tree.

Height of the Tree

Measure the clearance between the top of your tree and the ceiling to identify the size of tree topper it can accommodate. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to leave at least 6 inches of space between the ceiling and the top of your tree topper. Make sure to account for any additional height that a tree stand may add. All Balsam Hill Christmas trees are measured from the stand to the top of the tree.

Here’s a sample chart that shows you the recommended tree topper size for different tree heights if you have a standard 9-foot ceiling.

Tree HeightTree Topper Size
4 – 5.5 feet5 inches tall by 6 inches wide
6 – 6.5 feet7 inches tall by 5 inches wide
7 – 7.5 feet4 inches tall by 4 inches wide

Weight of the Tree Topper

Christmas tree toppers made of lightweight materials like paper, fabric, plastic, or fiber composite are ideal for most trees. Heavier toppers—such as those made of glass—may topple over if unsupported. To secure your tree topper, use fastening tools like zip ties or our Tree Topper Stabilization Kit.

Insider’s Tip

Try placing the topper in an upright position on the palm of your hand. If it begins to tilt within three seconds, it’s best to use additional support.

The Theme

As the crowning accent of your display, the Christmas tree topper should match your overall decorating theme. For a classic look, opt for a traditional star or angel tree topper in red, green, or gold. Minimalist star tree toppers go well with contemporary themes, as do starburst and snowflake toppers in muted hues. If your style is more rustic, consider bouquet or bow toppers for a relaxed yet beautiful display.

How do I anchor a Christmas tree topper?


Now that you’ve chosen your topper, it's time to add the finishing touch to your Christmas tree. Here are some tips on how to install your tree topper depending on its base:

Christmas Tree Toppers with a Pole Stand

Many of our Balsam Hill Christmas tree toppers feature a sturdy pole stand with eyelets and zip ties. Simply insert the pole into the top of your tree and align it with the central branch. Thread a zip tie through each eyelet and wrap around the trunk to keep your topper in place.

Christmas Tree Toppers with a Conical Base

Bend one of the top branches and carefully fit the cone over it. If needed, adjust the surrounding branches to support the base.

Christmas Tree Toppers with a Spring or Spiral Base

Insert the top branch into the coil and secure with floral tape around the spring. Choose tape in a similar color to your tree branches to help conceal it.

Bow or Ribbon Tree Toppers

Bows and ribbons are the easiest to attach to Christmas trees since they are lightweight. Go for wired pieces that keep their shape and use pipe cleaners for added support.

Pre-lit Christmas Tree Toppers

Many high-quality pre-lit Christmas trees feature a female electrical plug at the top where you can easily connect your tree topper. Simply mount your topper in place and plug it in.

Insider’s Tip

Secure heavy tree toppers using fasteners, such as Balsam Hill’s Christmas Tree Topper Stabilization Kit. It includes a thick gauge metal rod, color-coordinating branch tips for extra fill, and plastic zip ties.

What are common safety tips for installing Christmas tree toppers?

Christmas tree with assorted red and gold ornaments and a mirrored star tree topper


  1. Use a stable stepladder to reach the top of the tree.
  2. Ask a friend or family member to keep the body of the tree steady as you fix the tree topper into place.
  3. Consider the weight of the topper before attaching it to the tree and prepare tools to secure it.
  4. Keep fragile decorations, such as glass or crystal toppers, out of children’s reach. These items could cause injuries if shattered or broken.
  5. For pre-lit tree toppers, make sure that the wires and plugs are working properly. Always check the connections for any loose wires and inspect for any burnt out or cracked bulbs before plugging into an outlet.

We hope this guide helped you choose the best Christmas tree topper for your holiday display. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team here.



For more Christmas decorating tips and ideas, visit the links below:

Christmas Decorating 101: Everything You Need to Know

Christmas Tree Decorations: The Ultimate Guide

Balsam Hill Blog


Hill tree balsam toppers christmas

This is a sponsored post by Balsam Hill.
Well this week officially kicked off all the holiday posts, so I hope you are loving them and don’t miss Tuesday’s post with the launch of my “Favorite Things” virtual party!  It’s chalk full of the things I truly USE and LOVE.  This year I am honored to be a part of 12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill and sharing a metallic and glass Christmas tree with modern touches.

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

You see, this year is extra special because this it’s our first Christmas in our new home.  The scale of this home is much grander then our last home, which means I really  wanted a larger tree to fill the space. You can see my last years Christmas tour here. I am super excited and thankful to be partnering with Balsam Hill for this post, 12 bloggers of Christmas, to showcase our new 12 ft Red Spruce Tree all decked out with glass ornaments and modern metallic bursts.


12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

Shop my Living room furniture

When selecting a tall Christmas tree, always think about the circumference.  The taller they get, the wider they are, unless of course you select a slim cut tree.  I wanted it to make a statement, just not take up my entire living room! I have to say, the quality of this tree far surpasses any other I have owned (I mean that whole heartedly).  It’s rich and full and the branches are so pliable. The authenticity of this tree is truly a sight to behold.  I selected the 12ft Red Spruce Prelit Tree, but it comes in several different heights. The tree comes equip with a light pole, which means you don’t even have to hunt down all the light connections when attaching each piece.  All you have to do is stick it in the pole and it lights up! AMAZING!

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

A tall glamorous tree needs to wear an equally glitzy skirt don’t ya think?! I selected the Nicole Miller Platinum tree skirt. The metallic color and pleated edge detail won me over. This tree skirt comes in 3 different diameters, but mine is the 72″ size.  I always like to put my own spin on things, even if its just a tree skirt.  That’s why I layered the metallic skirt right over a zebra Hyde.  Layers add depth and comfort and I love the statement the pair make together.

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

Shop My pillows and textiles 

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

I chose a mixture of glass, crystal, and metallic ornaments to create a classic look with a bit of a contemporary twist.  I think the combination is interesting and beautiful all at the same time.  My favorite piece on the tree (although hard to choose) are these glass teardrop ornaments. Each glass ornament is embellished with glitter and pearlescent beads that reflect light, providing beautiful sparkle. The teardrop ornaments come in small and large sizes – I ordered the large.

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

Of course I had to get the french country themed ornaments as well – being the style of my entire home.  They remarkably resemble the sophistication of classic french design.  I got the jumbo size and they come in a package of 12 assorted glass ornaments of all different shapes.  You’ll find ornaments of clear glass, etched glass, ombre, foil, and crackled design.  They are heavy, but O so pretty!

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

The modern bursts of gold add a bit of the an unexpected element to the tree.  I always love a good mix of contemporary and classic pieces (which you’ll see throughout my home). This Nicole Miller ornament set is so chic and adds gold metallic surprises all over my tree.  I really love the ornaments with pearls!

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

Shop other season items

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

Every tree needs a topper and this Double sided stardust adds a big WOW finish.  There are so many gorgeous ways to top a Christmas tree, but I am partial to a star.  The symbolism flows deep for me through this Christmas season.  I love the way it shines at night and stands so tall in the room. The incandescent lights glimmer through the capriz shell creating the perfect golden halo.  This Star comes in 2 sizes, mine is the 14″.

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

After I have found the perfect home for each ornament on the tree, I always fill in the blanks with ribbon.  I wove this 3″ tinsel ribbon throughout my entire tree and finished with a few pinecone picks.  Adding picks that burst outside the silhouette of the tree add the perfect amount of imperfect charm. The Iced pinecone picks are just the right amount of rustic charm with a touch of glitter.

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

I hope I have left you inspired to create a glitzy metallic tree that your whole family can enjoy. Please read on below for more information about how you can experience the full tour of the 12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill this Christmas season!

Balsam Hill Sources

Red Spruce 12′ Slim Tree | | French Country Ornament Set Jumbo | | Double Sided Starburst Tree Topper |

Nicole Miller Tree Ornaments |Nicole Miller Tree Skirt (sold out)| Icy Teardrop Ornaments

12 bloggers christmas tour with balsam hill

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12 Days of Christmas - Day 1 - My TOP Pro Christmas Tree Decorating Tips with Balsam Hill

We all want to decorate the perfect Christmas tree with baubles, ornaments and lights perfectly coordinated in a festive and stylish scheme. In reality, however, it's easier said than done. Decorating a Christmas tree is no mean feat, especially for the perfectionists among us, but if your home is your pride and joy and the tree is the centrepiece of your home come the festive season, we've got you covered.

We've spoken to a range of style and decorating experts, including the team at Balsam Hill – whose artificial Christmas trees have graced the TV sets of The X Factor, Good Morning Britainand This Morningabout how to decorate your Christmas tree to make it look like you hired a professional, plus how to choose the right Christmas tree decorations to suit your theme.

But before we begin, like any task, you need to have the right tools to ensure the safe and proper set up of your Christmas tree. This includes cotton gloves for shaping branches, scissors with safety handles for materials, packaging or equipment, and a sturdy ladder or step stool for installing toppers and arranging décor on taller trees.

So now you're all set up, fancy getting that Insta-worthy look with very little effort? Read on...

1. Invest in a high-quality artificial tree

Christmas trees crafted from premium materials provide sturdy and reliable support for decorations. You'll find that high-quality trees are generally more durable and can stand up to repeated year after year, all whilst maintaining its beautiful look.

Opt for a traditional tree rather than a trend-led one so that it doesn't go 'out of date' after a few years (FYI, asymmetrical, sparse trees are expected to trend this year), and a traditional design gives you the perfect base to layer and decorate as you wish.


Pre-lit Christmas trees are a firm household favourite because it saves time in untangling all those lights, but on the other hand, a benefit of buying an unlit tree is that you can choose whatever lights you want. When it comes to size, 7ft Christmas trees are now extremely popular but you should always choose a tree that fits in your space and doesn't leave it feeling too cramped. If you're tight on space, there are some great slim Christmas trees on the market, including narrow pencil designs, which may be a better fit. And remember, to prevent wear and tear on your Christmas tree, consider models with advanced features that offer easy set up and storage.

Alternatively, if you want a real Christmas tree, there's a great selection of different types available to buy at tree farms, markets or home & DIY stores. See all the tree varieties available, including Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce, in our real Christmas trees guide.

More Christmas trees you'll love...

Full Shape

Snowy Symons Christmas Tree, 6ft

The White Company




Pre-lit Fraser Fir Christmas Tree, 7ft




Noble Pine Christmas Tree, 6ft



Spire Spruce Pre-lit Christmas Tree, 6ft



2. Fluff and shape branches

Fluffing the branches helps to make your Christmas tree look fuller and more natural. This can be a very time-consuming task, but trust us, the end result is more than worth it. Separate each branch so they fan out to cover as much area as possible. And don't hesitate to bend individual branches to fill in gaps. A properly shaped tree is an appealing sight, however minimal or lavish your embellishments may be.

Balsam Hill

3. Design around a theme

A professional-looking Christmas tree has a central look that ties the decorations together. Deciding on a theme before choosing your decorations sets the tone and gives you a clear idea on how to decorate your tree. Need some inspiration? Why not take a look at John Lewis' Christmas themes this year, from Snow Mountain to Blush Coast, there's a total of seven key looks to help you decorate this festive season. And Homebase has shared four festive themes, from Winter Retreat to Deco Luxe, to help create a look that's classically Christmas.

Balsam Hill

4. Start with the lights first

While pre-lit Christmas trees are popular and will save you time (and money), you'll need Christmas tree lights if you have a plain tree (real or artificial). As a general rule of thumb, the lighting experts at Lights4Fun advise 100 bulbs or 5 metres of lights per 2ft of Christmas tree. So for a 6ft tree, you'd need 300 bulbs or 15 metres of lights.

The first, most important thing you need to do when decorating your Christmas tree, is to always add the lights first – it's more difficult to do this after you've added decorations like baubles and garlands.

1200 Warm White LED Micro Cluster Christmas Tree Lights 15m



Balsam Hill advise that you use the plug as the starting point, wrapping the lights around your Christmas tree's trunk, working your way up from the centre of the base of your tree. Continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches nearest to the trunk, and then weave it upwards from the middle of the crown.

'When you reach the crown, weave your way back down, arranging the lights further out on the branches,' Balsam Hill advise. 'Keep weaving the lights until you reach the tips of the branches.'

And remember, when weaving, the bulb should be positioned under a branch and the next bulb over a branch, and so forth.

5. Choose the right decorations

Choosing accents that fit your theme will help you achieve a cohesive design. Whether it's hanging tree decorations, garlands, ribbons, or floral picks, opt for Christmas tree decorations that will complement the overall appearance of your tree. Many bauble sets include different shapes, sizes, finishes and designs. Combining these with traditional baubles will give you more freedom to play up your theme.

House Beautiful/Mark Scott

6. Balance the décor

Given the many Christmas tree decorations you're likely to have, you have to ensure that everything is well-balanced and spread out to your liking. Arrange embellishments from the top of the tree and then work towards the bottom. This way, you can easily check your design as you dress up your tree.

7. Cluster your baubles

Balsam Hill's design consultant, Brad Schmidt, recommends clustering three baubles of different sizes to add flair and visual appeal. You can either put the same pieces together or choose contrasting ones.


The White Company echo this suggestion – to create a balanced, visually pleasing tree, buy baubles in threes, sixes, or twelves, and add these on first in a 'Z' shape. You should hang larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree to give it more depth, and use small ones towards the end of the branches.

Dangle delicate glass baubles at the top of the tree to prevent any breakages, and add special ones last to ensure they are in the perfect position.

And how much baubles will you need? The White Company recommends 80 baubles for a 7.5ft tree.

More baubles you'll love...


Set of 4 Hanging Paper Trees




Mini Feather Wreath Christmas Decoration

The White Company



Light Up

Red Light Up Merry Christmas Bauble




Twelve Delicate Blossom Baubles



8. Layer and style ribbons

Another expert tip is to layer your Christmas tree with decorative ribbons, which will elevate your tree's aesthetic. You may use one type of ribbon or pair ribbons of contrasting textures and different widths to create more impact.

Brad Schmidt, contributing designer for Balsam Hill, recommends using ribbons with wired edges, as these are easier to sculpt into loops or rolls, and they hold shape better than non-wired ribbons. Follow these simple techniques for arranging ribbons on your tree.


9. Use tree picks

Tree picks and floral sprays come in many forms, such as decorated branches, twigs, berries, or even pinecones – use them as subtle accents to complement the entire look of your tree. Grouping picks together using floral wire is a creative way to elevate the visual appeal of your tree without overpowering other decorations.

They are great for adding lively splashes of colour, not only to Christmas trees, but to wreaths and garlands too. Make sure to choose picks with bendable stems to make shaping easier.

Holly Leaf Red Berry Spray




Glitter Pine Cone Tree Pick



12Pcs Christmas Glitter Berry Stems



Glitter Leaf Spray - Set of 2 - Gold


10. Choose the right tree topper

A eye-catching Christmas tree topper is a beautiful way to complete the designer look of your tree. Make sure to choose one that best fits your theme and the proportion of your tree, and take into consideration the height of your ceiling too. You can also choose an alternative design, like a giant bow rather than a gold star, or you could make your own topper.


11. Finish off with a tree skirt

Often overlooked, a Christmas tree skirt is the finishing touch to your decorations and serves to balance the overall design of your Christmas tree. Tree skirts have many benefits too, from covering the unsightly 'legs', trunk or stand of a tree, to protecting your floors and carpets from any fallen pine needles (if you have a real tree).

It naturally draws attention to the tree's lower portion and helps to produce a complete, harmonious look. Plus, it's the perfect backdrop for beautifully wrapped Christmas presents. Alternatively, if you have a potted Christmas tree or one that comes in a basket, opt for a tree rug instead.

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