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My name is Katya. I'm 19 years old. I want to tell you a story that happened to me two days ago during a history exam. I study at Moscow State University.

I did not lead for the sheds. Through the garden, to the bathhouse. - I live here.

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Stronger, stronger, directing her hips towards elastic penetration, Vera prayed without opening your eyes. Her plea was heard, the movements inside her body became stronger and faster. Each push higher and higher raised a wild wave of delight in Vera, she was even afraid that she would now drown in. Her. The fish in the depths of her body, finally, received the desired treat and greedily grabbed him with tight lips, not allowing him to escape.

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More precisely, I dress. Put on the alcove panties and straighten the bra, lower the skirt and fasten the jacket. - Nick, you're gold.

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Listen, dear, why don't we get our sex slaves. -Why do we need these goats. - Anya pouted. -Why are men. - Jeanne was surprised.

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And then he poured us a glass. Of wine, having already taken out his bottle and said a speech: - My dear beautiful classmates. I'm just happy to be in the same compartment with you. You are the most beautiful, smartest and coolest girls in our university. And, as a decent man, I responsibly declare that I am ready, and with pleasure, to marry someone who agrees to marry.

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Door at the entrance, everyone who came to us from the street or from other apartments was forced to ring the intercom. I turned down the heat under the frying pan and the turk and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom I took off the towel from the hook, wrapped the towel around my hips and went to open it.

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