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Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World (season 2)

Second season of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World anime television series

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Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
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Cover art of the first Blu-ray compilation, featuring Echidna.

Country of originJapan
No. of episodes25
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseJuly 8, &#;()&#;–
March 24, &#;()

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Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. On March 23, , it was announced that a second season was in production.[1] The cast and staff reprised their roles for the second season.[2] It was scheduled to premiere in April , but was delayed to July due to production complications caused by the COVID pandemic.[3] The season is split into two halves, with the first half premiering on July 8, , and the second half premiering on January 6, For episodes , the opening theme is "Realize" by Konomi Suzuki while the ending theme is "Memento" by nonoc.[4] For episodes , the opening theme is "Long Shot" by Mayu Maeshima while the ending theme is "Believe in you" by nonoc.[5]

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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season

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Alternative Titles

English: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2

Synonyms: Re: Life in a different world from zero 2nd Season, ReZero 2nd Season, Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World 2

Japanese: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活



Episodes: 13

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Jul 8, to Sep 30,


Broadcast: Wednesdays at (JST)

Producers:AT-X, Memory-Tech, Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures, Kadokawa Media House, Kadokawa

Licensors: None found, add some

Studios:White Fox

Source: Light novel

Genres:DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, SuspenseSuspense


Duration: 27 min. per ep.

Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


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A reunion that was supposed to spell the arrival of peaceful times is quickly shattered when Subaru Natsuki and Emilia return to Irlam village. Witnessing the devastation left behind by the calamities known as Sin Archbishops, Subaru sinks into the depths of despair as his ability to redo proves futile.

As the group makes their way to the Sanctuary in search of answers, Subaru has an unexpected encounter with the Witch of Greed—Echidna. Subjected to her untamed rhythm, he is forced to dive into the spirals of the past and future. At the same time, several mysterious threats set their sights on the Sanctuary, heralding a horrific fate for the hapless people trapped within.

Everlasting contracts, past sins, and unrequited love will clash and submerge into a river of blood in the second season of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. Pushed to the brink of hopelessness, how long will Subaru&#;s resolve to save his loved ones last?

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season adapts the 9th to 12th volumes and the first chapter of volume 13 of Tappei Nagatsuki&#;s light novel series of the same title.

Characters & Voice Actors


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Re:Zero is about Subaru. He is the protagonist, the hero, and the center of the universe.

I understand why people love Re:Zero. The characters are likable, it has high production values, it is genuinely scary at times, and the emotional climaxes are handled well. Most importantly, it is one of the best isekai anime out there. The rest of the genre pales in comparison. Despite its successes, I don&#;t know where season 2 is going.

Re:Zero is famous for subverting typical isekai power fantasy tropes. For the first few arcs, it stayed true to this premise. Subaru&#;s power, Return by Death, means he can shift the spacetime continuum at his leisure. He quite literally controls the universe. When he fails he simply tries again. He is like a child who continuously saves and reloads a video game whenever he loses a fight. Rather than living with the consequences, he retries until he gets the optimal playthrough. The narrative revolves around Subaru as well. We see every other character from his perspective.

Subaru is capable of controlling his power at will. He can die whenever he wants. As painless or as painful as he wants. Watching him die time after time is horrific at first. Gradually, it desensitized me to the violence. When I first ran over a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto, I felt pretty bad. After hitting the th innocent bystander, I didn&#;t give a shit because they&#;re NPCs. The only way Re:Zero thrilled me was by upping the violence, gore, and screaming. And this season did not disappoint me. Stabbing, dismemberment, decapitation, and so much more. Subaru&#;s voice actor abused the hell out of his vocal cords to make such visceral screams. Yuusuke Kobayashi deserves an award for his dedication to the role. Listening to the visceral anguish in his voice gave me second-hand trauma. He embodied Subaru’s insanity. Putting aside the superb acting, foundational narrative problems persisted. The penalty for his Return by Death ability is supposed to be his loss of sanity, but it isn&#;t.

Despite all of the gruesome deaths he experiences this season, he returns to normal shortly after resetting. His sanity survived starvation, witnessing his friends getting gutted alive, suicide, and many more horrific events. His ability to bounce back from his insanity initially impressed me. From the way I see it, he overcomes his trauma in an unrelatable way. He can vent his emotions to a multitude of friends. Few people are that lucky. Due to the nature of Return by Death, he cannot explain the context. Simply saying, “I am hopeless, lost, and I need help,” is enough. He has lots of shoulders to cry on. Having friends and family to support you is crucial to surviving trauma. I can relate to Subaru in this respect. Though, I lose empathy for him because he quickly returns to normal. One could argue he conceals his honest emotions. I would disagree. If this were true, the cracks would show and reveal his consistently broken mind. Last season, we got a glimpse of how PTSD destroyed him. Subaru&#;s mental breakdowns were brutal. In this season, that development forgotten, spare for a few brief flashbacks. Subaru’s power only has one real drawback. He cannot control where the save points are for when he resets. This isn&#;t much of a hindrance relatively. It&#;s like saying my shotgun isn’t powerful because it has two barrels instead of three.

I love death in Re:Zero. Death is when the show lets loose. The production values increase, the voice acting hits a fever pitch, and it’s completely chaotic. This season amped up the traumatic deaths above the first season. Despite being well directed, the episodic dose of ultra-violence was comparable to taking sleeping pills for a week. Eventually, you need more just to fall asleep. It stops being effective. Even Subaru became desensitized to violence. He watched people get murdered ruthlessly, sometimes he just stares at the carnage. The series is, thankfully, self-aware enough to address his unintentional apathy. He knows he can bring his friends back to life if they&#;re killed. The only thing sad about the deaths is that the character loses any development they got in that time loop. We typically gain knowledge about said character’s personality, secrets, and motives, but their development is lost until the successful run. When someone is killed, they will come back to life in the next loop. The side-cast had very little development, as such their deaths rarely devastated me. Subaru uses his power selectively, indicating which of his friends are worth dying for. When Rem is comatose in the first episodes of this season, Subaru he immediately turns back time. When Otto dies, Subaru keeps going. All meaningful development is lost when Subaru dies. When Otto says he thinks of Subaru as his friend, it is emotional, but that information changed nothing. Now&#;s the perfect time to digress and talk about the most underlooked character in the show. Otto.

Otto is a kind, caring, loveable sidekick. For the duration of this season, he is a static character. He has a very wholesome crush on Subaru. I can&#;t imagine why someone wouldn&#;t like him, except Subaru. He acts grossed out by Otto’s affection. But when a girl becomes affectionate towards him, he reciprocates and trusts her. There are no other affectionate male characters in the show. I have no idea how he would respond to a man confessing to him. I doubt it&#;d go well considering Subaru’s dedication to being masculine and heroic. And that&#;s the single worst thing about Subaru. His hero complex. I hoped he would confront himself this season, but that was not the case. His toxic personality remained the status quo.

To make matters worse, Subaru is manipulative of Otto. He often cuts off conversations with Otto out of annoyance. For example, a supporting character calls Otto a cab driver and, of course, he is offended by this. Subaru smiles and says “I’ll pick up what’s left of you.” A darkly comedic joke. Otto responds with “Why is everyone so mean to me?” then Subaru quickly manipulates him by saying “What do you mean? Emilia only stayed safe because of you.” Referring to when Emilia passed out with only Otto nearby. Emilia is incapacitated and helpless a lot this season, like a damsel in distress. But her life was never in danger. Having seen the prequel film, Frozen Bond, I know she can hold her own in a fight. Otto blushes anyways, then happily rides off. Subaru turns back to the girls and snidely says “Too easy.” You’re a clown, Otto. A human punching bag. Know your worth man. Move on. The way Subaru treats Otto is emblematic of a larger problem I have with him. He&#;s still a jackass with a shitty personality. They haven&#;t subverted the typical self-centered isekai protagonist. That is just who Subaru is. Until he has a wake-up call, he will not change.

I’m looking forward to seeing Otto&#;s character arc next season. I’d also like to see Emilia more utilized. Emilia’s role in this season was much less than the first. She was present in every episode, but she had little agency of her own. In the second episode she said, “Next time, I won’t be the one who always needs saving. I’ll become someone who can help others.” After a whole season, that change never happened. She was still the same. I would easily pick her as my favorite character because of how she challenges Subaru’s hero complex. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen much in this cour. This season primarily consists of dialogue, lore exposition, and progressively frightening horror scenes. The dialogue is directed with the standard shot-reverse-shot style, which makes for very dry scenes. They spice up the frames with some visual symbolism. In an early episode, a knife is pointed at Subaru on a table when he talks to a comatose Rem. This happens directly after an incident involving a knife. He tells her about how he would die to save her. This is very unsubtle symbolism, but it is at least an attempt at visual depth. I was a bit annoyed the director used the same symbolic knife again in this shot. The heavy-handed symbolism spoonfeeds the audience. Unfortunately, this issue persists throughout the show. There were many wasted opportunities for great visual storytelling.

Roswaal is a prominent character this season, whose aura is very enigmatic. His scenes with Subaru are tense and generally well written. He condescends to Subaru and clearly holds back information. The director could’ve easily made their conversations more thrilling with better framing choices. For one, he continues to use the shot-reverse-shot. What he could’ve done is show Roswaal towering over Subaru, like the intimidating foe he is. Roswaal is over six feet and Subaru is 5’8”. With a more creative framing, these scenes could’ve been great. Another thing to add, the soundtrack for Roswaals scenes induce anxiety so well. For the first three times. Hearing it for the fourth, fifth, seventh time made it lose its effect. Overall the directing is fine, but moments like this let me down. The director had another problem of using dutch-angles excessively. Dutch angles used sparingly to startle the audience and remind us we&#;re watching a TV show. Instead, he just throws them in at random rather than building tension naturally through dialogue and creative storyboards.

I hate to be the one to say this, none Re:Zero’s lore is interesting to me. It feels tacked on to Subaru’s journey to save Rem and his friends. Notably, this season is MUCH more lore heavy than the first one. Sadly, the show has a tendency to conflate plot with lore, except, they&#;re not the same at all, but it spends much more time on the latter. The lore and Subaru are disconnected from each other. We’re introduced to multiple new witches, with a few fantastic character designs, but their dialogue is uninteresting. Like Roswaal, they speak superfluously to seem deep. It has an adverse effect, making them seem pretentious. I’m still trying to figure out if this was intentional or not. The lore delivered to us doesn’t affect much in the show’s setting. In fact, Re:Zero’s setting is very static. We never meet well-rounded commoners of this world. The only ones with dialogue are children, to make us fear that they will be killed, and others who deliver convenient information. We never get a sense of how the mythology from years ago impacts day-to-day life. If Subaru interacted with common people more, like Felt (I miss her), the setting would much more interesting.

Re:Zero Season 2 Part 1 is an impressive display of an animation studio’s perseverance. The staff had to work from home due to the COVID lockdown. Still, they managed to produce passable work. While its art is a step down from the initial season four years ago, I’m impressed with what they created. This season magnified all of the flaws of the first one, nonetheless, it is an engaging watch. While heavily flawed, this season provided more mysteries to untangle, thrilling sequences, and unrestrained horror.


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"When will the suffering end?"
Subaru enjoyed his slice of life time in Isekai Quartet but now his suffering once again starts with Re:Zero season 2.

Story 10/10

Alright, so there are a lot of mysteries that were not at all answered in season 1 and frozen bond OVA like:-
Who is Satella?
What happened to Subaru&#;s life in Japan now that he has disappeared?
What were Roswaal&#;s true intentions?
Why were Emilia and other people of Elior forest frozen? And who were the people who we saw in flashbacks in Frozen bond?
Plus many more!
We finally get to know more about Re:Zero world and a little about the other witches. Plus we also get to see a glimpse of Subaru&#;s life before he was isekai&#;d and also get to meet all the witches.
We also see new archbishops in action though only for a while. Elsa is finally back and is ordered by someone to kill people in the mansion.
Subaru has completed his first trial but unfortunately Emilia is too traumatized due to the first trial and is not able to pass it even after trying many times. But unlike Subaru whose trial was shown to the viewer, Emilia&#;s trial is kept a secret for now.
Puck hasn&#;t come out since Emilia entered the sanctuary and considering how Emilia is traumatized due to Roswaal&#;s plan plus the rabbits attacking the sanctuary, Subaru tries to complete all trials instead.
But only failure awaits him in his second trial. So with the sanctuary sealed off and the rabbits about to attack at the same time when Elsa attacks the mansion, Subaru is in a tight spot now. Who to save?

Art 8/10

It could have been better but due to the pandemic, I guess it is to be expected. The art is more or less just like season 1.
Though some scenes were beautifully animated like Emilia and Subaru sitting outside on a starry sky.

Sound 9/10

The OP is a banger and ending song is decent. Some OSTs from season 1 are also used. New OSTs are also present and they are decent.

Character 8/10

Really loved Satella&#;s dialogue when she confronted Subaru after he was traumatized due to his second trial. It was really emotional.
Otto gets good development this season and his interaction with Subaru are good. Ram also gets a lot of screentime and helps Subaru.
Garfiel seems like a mysterious character who feels like a friend in one loop and foe in another loop. Echidna at first seems kind and cute but her true intentions are revealed on how she tried to manipulate Subaru but thanks to Minerva her plan was foiled
Emilia is funny and cute as always. Plus she and Subaru have gotten quite close after season 1.
And after witnessing Subaru&#;s first trial, we find out about his insecurities, his life and his relationship with his parents before he was isekai&#;d. And as of now due to all the stuff happening this season, his suffering has gotten more intense.
It was also good to see Subaru supporting Emilia after the trials and providing her emotional support. Emilia seems to have gotten quite
fond of Subaru now and even got embarrassed. I love their interactions. Their relationship is very cute.
Roswaal&#;s character has always been mysterious but here we get to know how he knew of Subaru&#;s ability to return and follows the plans that his gospel lays out. We also get to see Roswaal&#;s true intentions and how he planned out many events in the story

Enjoyment 10/10

Waited 4 years for this! I really enjoyed each episode. Can&#;t wait for the second cour

Overall 10/10

A lot of suffering this season for many characters. Really want to see how this mess will be sorted out.


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Behold an unthinkable present!

“I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter” — In the End by Linkin Park

“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” — William Shakespeare

Grief, trauma, sacrifice, burden, despair, depersonalization, and perseverance. This is what the dark and harsh reality of Re: Zero calls to wake Subaru up from his blind confidence and optimism before the light of hope and darkness of despair. It is a charm of suffering with a vicious substance in the depth of loneliness. The world with shine and gloom bestows one’s fate to realize before his eyes and crawl through the walls of fear. The horror of solitude craves him to curb his fancy by the answer of truth. With answers and consequences, what fate will judge Subaru according to his deeds?

With his weak yet “immortal’’ ability called Return By Death, Subaru must determine if his hope will either remain him standing or cripple him out till the corner of despair. Lost in the new world, he found his hope to grasp away from the solitude and build up with his smiles and plays as Emilia and others share the bond together. He truly wants to save his friends and comrades to stay away or fight through it, but his fanciful determination will result either in miracle or collapse. His ability considers as a reset button to move forward through a solitary phenomenon for altering his fate and judgment; however, the price of it, such as others’ forgetfulness because of dimensional hopping and the restriction to expose his truth behind the curtain by himself, is intensely flawed — delivering the chance for an alternative resolution within the plot as if he acquitted himself for cleansing his own sins.

Tappei did an outstanding job at applying the Law of Equivalent Exchange to his ability, especially his weak physicality — making it a simple yet intense thrill to catch the audience away from its boredom of perfection. The suspense is masterful and consistent based on every context, which makes Re:Zero intriguing to let more fans craft more theories and questions as a layer of curious engagement. Moreover, his character means to be morally gray as he doesn’t look at the other side easily, which means he can be once a foolish and casual person like us to aggress somebody to those who might threaten him or not. He has his own priority, flaws, pride, ways of resolve, and love for Emilia as his “knight in shining armor” personality drives him to be whoever he is. He can cry as a wimpy bastard or a try-hard hero of himself, but his determination grasps it ever since he had been gradually developing by chasing his grit even further with alternative resolution. Through his behavioral process, he manages to stay casual without forcing himself to be an uninvited guest in front of a pillar of society. That’s what makes Subaru a human person and a true knight — not his own heroic and fanciful delusions which most people like Ram, Priscilla, and Julius despised him for his amateur overconfidence by his self-importance back from the prequel of this anime adaptation.

He manages his personality to be uptight and miserable; however, Rem volunteers to be as one whom Subaru will vent out his drastic feeling that flows within him as the time of Episode 18 snaps him out despite resulting in an expected rejection. His vulnerability strikes him to grasp his confidence, but his lack of self-esteem asserts the reason for his failure. For now, he frequently realizes that the world itself doesn’t fulfill his fanciful wishes to become reality at all, which fate matters based on the context he made in the first place. It only works if the ethical standard has been met, and then Subaru will come for the rest. Hence, he is a well-written character. He consistently had gone through the process of Dunning-Kruger effect in a psychological sense based on his character from the midway of Season 1, and right now, we’re still looking forward to its next level…. I mean, this second season.

From the reference of Dunning-Kruger effect to the extent of Subaru’s Peak of Stupidity till his Valley of Despair in the first season, the second season projects more about his Slope of Enlightenment through the Trial of Sanctuary by Echidna’s lost soul. It tackles more about the diversity of its gloomy atmosphere. The mechanism of reality with unawareness of difference is crucially perilous. Without facing it, there will be no point to gain the courage against others with dreadful courage and competence.

Compared to most isekai series, Re:Zero subverts the common trope into its substantial value for achieving the unique message and formulating the setting to an authentic extent. The overarching plot has been connected, and the premise of this series becomes more lucid. Most characters are compelling to provide their own ideals based on the contextual background, and there are little to no nonsensical tropes to be presented in a big picture.

There are also new characters being set up to their motive, creating its thickness of plot development, and some side characters are well-reserved for their own plot progression. Most of them aren’t just here to boost Subaru’s morale, they usually have their own priority which provides the importance of their livelihood as the role of themselves and society. Sometimes can be friendly, and sometimes can be contradictory. The “power of friendship” trope is well done with proper foundation of each other’s relationship as if most students are sometimes doubting each other for some tentative reasons. They have their own stories which affect how they have been nurtured ever since behind Subaru’s back, making them relevant in most cases. With proper consistency, it is understandable for audiences to pique their curiosity and craft more hypotheses based on the observation throughout every significant scene.

The slow pacing of this season did a great job of building up more worldbuilding, character interaction, and lore for serving the premise to its promising level as the plot thickens further with multiple ways to ensure and stabilize the core theme of the story into a complex understanding of every fundamentals in a gradual manner; however there are some scenes that are rushed yet sensible to assert its foundation.

The story is written in Third-Limited narrative style, which Subaru always owns the spotlight of Re: Zero’s main storyline, and the narrative standpoint matches it up to deliver both contextual factors of shock and suspense. The plot follows in dimensional-hopping theory which most audiences think this is a time-travelling series; hence, it laughs me off whenever I mostly hear of its misconceptions. It fleshes out the message of the story and the concept of Subaru’s purpose and development for living in another world, especially Episode 4, which it also fills the space for making its premise to be more purposeful and adds the mystery or any substantial details on why Subaru was sent to this world to begin with. It also molds Subaru’s self-reflection during the time in his original world for projecting more leniency and understanding about his own character. The poignancy within Season 2 encapsulates and expands all the underlying feelings Subaru had before.

There are a lot of minor details that have foreshadowed for the future occurrence within a big picture, and there will be more twists to come if you pay close attention to every little detail. These perceptible details throughout the series significantly matter the most for the plot progression to be understandable, and connecting each plot point with sensible pictures is worth engaging to liven the audiences up in a mindblowing extent. Moreover, the story puts so many obstacles and chilling aura as Subaru will face against the odds for his objective to pass the trial and deactivate the barrier of the Sanctuary.

As a LN reader, I really hope this Arc 4 will give a proper and consistent adaptation since this is the best arc among the rest, and it did; however, there are some slight chances which disappoints me for a bit. Particularly, the animation quality and cut contents clouds me to clench my fist for a while; however, I don’t care about it since I’m all up for this beautiful and eerie story of a psychological drama and thrill in a visual manner because the rollercoaster is on the way. It also reminds me that they might cut some LN contents to avoid an excessive level of exposition dumps, and instead the anime adaptation prioritizes more into “Show, don’t tell” rule… or in other cases, “Show and tell” rule.

There are also some episodes with dialogue-heavy standards, but it is essential and relevant to its case for building up more consistency and adding the layers of intensity and progression with more directional questions as the anime provides more exploration with subtle explanation.

I wonder if some people say that the dialogues within Re:Zero are “systematically” jarring, then I totally disagree. First of all, dialogues are the key element to establish the characterization which provides what and how the characters are sharing and communicating in a way to create the social understanding between each other. If we say that the conversation is kinda “boring”, then have you tried chatting with others in serious times or listening to other people’s serious chat?

If we often ignore the conversation from other people, then it doesn’t build up the social exposure to the point that we have to understand each other’s perception. That’s also the similar case to how Re:Zero achieved its dialogue system. It is systematically consistent to the point that every character has to articulate before it will become otherwise. Whether in hypothetical or moral sense, every human being is an inconsistent creature with limited thought process and biased morality/ideology, and with distinctions, there’s a serving purpose of your need to communicate. That’s why you need something to vent out your thoughts and feelings.

If some audiences have reacted with their thoughts about the dialogue being “jarring, then that’s just a matter of your first subjective impression through how communication works.

Anyway, the orchestral music hits the thespian or gloomy vibes with a phenomenal melody which enthralls more transverse atmosphere as it pleases our ears to render its theme with consistency. The symbolizing beats are presented well with contextual deliverance. It signals perfectly to every character’s tone as it builds up more aura and meaningfulness around them. Each scene comprises its suitable meaning, which it brings more vigor to express the stimulation between fear and courage. However, I despise that they mostly haven’t provided the time for opening and ending song to present within every episode, yet it also exchanges with more lengthy minutes to catch up the writing size into an essential and almost absolute extent for recognizing the plot progression into a comprehensible standard. Length-wise, it is appreciative to offer each episode with significant impact by providing more projection to adapt.

In regards to the character section, please be aware of spoilers because I might go detailed for this.


At first, Frederica is introduced to be a new… or rather a recurring maid, as she formerly served Roswaal before the time of Ram’s duty. Her gentle personality has shown and explained about her professional experience of being Roswaal’s former and latter maid, so it suits her to be a person with decent help as a maid herself. Since there is an effect to forget someone’s existence, it also affects Roswaal to hire two maids, especially Petra. She also establishes a significance about her own character as she trains Petra to be a proper maid and also swear herself by the letter that she only got in her own hands as a hidden background about her — which we will get to know more about her later in the second cour. The twist of events is clear and connected between Rem’s occurrence and the purpose of their introduction; hence, it’s understandable.

However, one problem in dialogue-wise, for example, is Petra’s inappropriate response which triggers something abrupt to progress the story in a silly way. Whenever I see her, I always cringe when she often baffles me and other compelling characters with awkward moments throughout every scene; nevertheless, I don’t hate her since she is a kid with potential.

There is also another new character being introduced with relation to Frederica called Garfiel. Compared to Frederica, his older sibling, Garfiel appears to be a barbarous yet friendly character with strong finesse to begin with. At first, he remains intact and rational to the fact that he slightly cares for other people, especially Arlam Refugees, to have their sojourn. However, because of many loops from Subaru’s deeds, he alters his behavior to assault Subaru (and his other supporters/Arlam Refugees) because he senses an outgrown miasma throughout Subaru’s aura — dictating that he will protect the Sanctuary at all cost. He surely has his own deeds and priority with Ryuzu Shima’s help to establish his significance as a side character who will put himself as an obstacle against Subaru’s odds, making himself relevant to this case.

On the other hand, Otto has the support for Subaru, Emilia, and the rest of Arlam Refugees. He has the role to provide them with transportation, but it’s not just for that. He also has more responsibility to build more wholesome interaction with Subaru and Garfiel, ensuring himself that he will be in a great place for them — especially Otto saves and impresses Subaru with his timid humor and personality. However, Otto’s wholesome development has been wasted and paid by Subaru’s death loops to alter his destiny for a greater cause, but it doesn’t mean for him to be just a neglected accessory to Subaru’s eyes since Subaru himself wants to hide his burden and lift it up by himself. For now, he has a good potential to be a prominent character, and I hope the second cour will give him more screentime to showcase his significant greatness by helping Subaru out and determining himself to develop out of his comfort zone of timidity.

Roswaal has revealed his importance and plot progression for serving his purpose with the Gospel which also has it with Beatrice, uncovering their agency behind them. Surely, they have a long-time relationship between both of them since they have been residing within the mansion for a long time, and the context makes sense as it is according to the plan. Beatrice, however, has some share of problems with Subaru about her supposed role which clouds her from being isolated. How she conveys her emotional confrontation with Subaru grasps her outstanding chance to vent out her feeling of solitude within her own comfort zone, conserving it to build up more layers about her for the potential development. Beatrice also represents herself as a hermit which makes her an intriguing and realistic symbol of an isolated persona. Similar to Otto’s case of development, she can be a suitable candidate for that as well — looking forward to getting out of her comfort zone.

Echidna is also introduced as the Witch of Greed and a transcendental character by letting Subaru enter the Castle of Dreams. Her cold yet charm-provoking personality shines her gloomy aura to be a likeable and knowledgeable character as if she perceives logic through emotions just as she provides Subaru to confront his own past through his memories for his self-reflection. Her mild support to Subaru by his reminiscence helps the audience to know more about his character and build up a connection between the fantasy and the reality, which makes Episode 4 so special to our own eyes. However, Echidna knows her own goal behind Subaru’s back and stabs it as she teases his intuition with her plan. Her sham and manipulative exaggeration hits the bullseye towards Subaru’s heart which surprises me by her deceiving plan, as her black-hearted aura impresses me more. Her greed and love for knowledge is intelligible. Her sense of hatred and dark humor conveys well, and we’ll see more about it. Thus, I really love her pride and competence of being the Witch of Greed which gives an impact of her neutral strength. Hence, she’s my favorite character.

The rest of Witches have their unique characteristic based on their respective symbols. However, one of them doesn’t properly present their substance, such as Minerva’s obnoxious personality, and yet the charm of it is still there. The message delivers well to show how Subaru is judged by his own flawed nature and deeds, especially Typhon who projects Subaru’s sin within the depth of his inner core as being a “good” guy doesn’t mean to be truly a sinner. Each of their metaphors are simply considerable with their perceptible charm. Furthermore, we get to know more about Satella who isn’t entirely a “villain” character whom we thought to be, and her self-conflict is a minor point to recognize the value behind something we can’t see more about her.

Meanwhile, Elsa has reappeared once again to achieve her goal by putting herself before Subaru and his friends as their obstacle, making herself as a well-reserved antagonist. From the prequel, we can understand that her goal failed to achieve Emilia’s badge as she retreated from Reinhard’s abrupt help; however, this second season made a reservation for her to reveal her Plan B in a hidden manner. We really don’t know her motives behind the curtain yet, but the second cour will open the curtain for more explanation in a suitable time. Meili Potroute is also reintroduced as a hostile character alongside Elsa, and a minor detail from Season 1 makes a plot twist understandable when you pay close attention to it. Her introduction in scene-wise, however, feels boring yet equitable to play her own part.

It’s grueling for Subaru to learn from his mistakes and face against the odds as he needs a harsh and gradual realization for his endurance against his obstacles before his eyes. “I know hell” is what creates his words for him to act, and that “hell” is a laudable metaphor to describe his clasp of strength for shouldering the burden and moving forward despite its vicious outcome. The heavy impact throughout his experiences is understandable, which in return, most audiences can connect their empathy with Subaru — conveying more concerns regarding his own concerns. He has a lot of aims to set and stand by himself up for persevering through many ways to alter his fate against itself. He plays the puzzles in which one or multiple moves will tear him down into pieces if he stumbles on the wrong floor, welcoming him to the pit of despair. If not, then there will be a light of hope awaiting towards the end of Sanctuary. Because in the end, the only way for Subaru to fix the situation is to fix himself.

Meanwhile, Emilia will also face the trial by facing her tragic past that is still behind the curtains yet. For this season, we finally see her worthwhile flaw from being a “perfect” girl. Its twisted helplessness cripples her pragmatic mind in a discordant extent from bearing what comes before her as if she has been taking a lot of Math exams and being overly preoccupied by her restless yet twisted cloud of effort. Her uncontrolled state gives the impact to pull her away from blind of kindness.

There is no world where we can escape that loneliness without changing the core.


In regards to animation, there are some episodes, especially Episode 6 and 12, which have rigid proportions and movements as if some animators have a hard time rendering the sketches due to some bit of miscommunication amid the quarantine period. This is one of a problematic category which slightly baffles me to enjoy less than the quality in Season 1. Some erroneous frames and CGI renditions can be noticeable for most audiences to identify its upsetting quality. Whenever I rewatch these scenes, I’d rather grab my dumbbells and do the squats to sweat out my frustration, and I’m not also the type who will just cross my eyes and say “Fine!”. Nonetheless, it’s still fine if the adaptation is faithfully well-done which it is truly as it is.

Overall, this anime adaptation has exceptional results to capture its aesthetic value to a further extent. As Season 1 delivers some weak conclusions within the second half, the first cour of Season 2 provides a high slope of twist to let the audience rise for an engaging rollercoaster ride. Oh, boy! It punches right through the feels with sensible foundation as this show serves like a dark chocolate with 25% of sweetness. The worldbuilding here is excellent as it builds up more atmosphere into a thematic balance between light and dark. Re: Zero is packed with epitome of suffering, perseverance for truth and doubts, horror of loneliness, and substantial depth of self-reflection through the mastery of melodrama with contextual deliverance. Forcing Subaru to confront the consequences of his many deaths is a masterstroke for the series, even before you consider the terrifying and heart wrenching way in which it was delivered. While Re:Zero is great at genuine horror and gore, it is in the psychological terror that this show truly shines. I can safely say that it deserves more acclaim because this season fills up more layers from what it lacks in Season 1, and it has fulfilled the promise. All I do right now is to sit back and relax to enjoy my smiles and frowns while connecting myself through its excellent narration with indulgence of an outstanding cliffhanger. If there will be a single teaser for Season 3 adaptation, I will moan and cry for it. Hence, it’s my all-time favorite anime. This show is highly recommendable if you already have watched Season 1.

As the first cour offers more questions, will the second cour answer them?

To be continued in Winter !


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The term "peak fiction" often gets thrown around and has somewhat lost its meaning these days. Peak fiction, for me, is something that exemplifies masterful storytelling, world building and well written characters. The best of the best. The zenith of storytelling. Only a few series I&#;ve ever read/seen have reached those heights. Re:Zero is one of them and is in indeed, peak fiction.

Disclaimer, I am a Light Novel reader and Re:Zero is one of my favourite book series of all time. For that reason, I had a proverbial magnifying glass out when watching S2 cour 1. Looking for any type of adaptation, animation and artistic errors. I genuinely found none. This first cour was one of the best adaptations I&#;ve ever seen of a Light Novel and you can tell it was crafted with love and by fans of the series.

The pacing and cinematography are done so well that it&#;s apparent the staff fully understood the message of the 3 volumes adapted this cour and did an amazing job of translating it into the anime. Other than the second trial in episode 12, I can&#;t really think of anything that was omitted or cut.
White Fox continue to impress me as a studio. From Steins;Gate to Re:Zero they have consistently put out heat and it&#;s great to see.

Narratively, this season really starts the story of Re:Zero. Think of everything you saw in the first season as an appetiser of sorts for what we got in this cour and what&#;s to come. The world and characters are so rich that you just get sucked in and want to uncover all of its mysteries. Speaking of getting sucked in, one really cool artistic choice that i enjoyed from this season was the omission of the OP and or ED on most episodes. White Fox prioritised storytelling over the intro and outro which allowed for much smoother transitions between episodes than most shows have. A minor thing that goes a long way for me.

In conclusion, Re:Zero S2 first cour was one of the best LN adaptations I have ever seen and did an amazing job of laying the foundation for what&#;s to come in the story. It&#;s a fun, wild, painful and beautiful ride that will leave you wanting more and more. Scariest thing is, we&#;re just getting started.

Re:Zero S2 first cour gets 10 cups of Dona Tea out of


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List of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World episodes

No.Title[d]Characters in order of appearance[e]Original air date 1"Return to School"
Transcription: "Sairai no Gakkō" (Japanese: 再来の学校)Subaru, Emilia, PuckJune&#;24,&#;&#;() Subaru wakes up to find himself in a classroom where Emilia is a teacher. Attempting to ask her about Puck, she tells him that the familiar is the school's principal. After his questions disrupt class and he is sent to stand in the hall, Subaru vows to return to his own world, before wondering what world that really is.2"Beatrice, Self-Proclaimed Teacher"
Transcription: "Jishō Sensei, Beatorisu" (Japanese: 自称先生、ベアトリス)Subaru, Felt, BeatriceJuly&#;1,&#;&#;() Subaru is shocked to find that he is in the same class as Felt, and even more surprised to discover that their teacher is Beatrice. When he expresses his disbelief that someone who looks so much like a child could be a teacher, she tickles him. He tells her that he thought she was going to suck his mana out, and both her and Felt mishear him as saying "mayo".3"The Master and His Maids"
Transcription: "Goshujinsama to, Sono Meido-tachi" (Japanese: ご主人様と、そのメイドたち)Subaru, Ram, RemJuly&#;8,&#;&#;() Subaru visits a maid café where Rem and Ram work, and finds that all they serve is steamed potatoes. When he pays them yen (approximately $) to assume a "special pose", Ram sneers at him, and when he asks for some "maid service", Ram attempts to crush his head with her fist (a Japanese word for underworld, 冥土, is also pronounced meido).4"That Menu Item Is"
Transcription: "Sono Menyū wa" (Japanese: そのメニューは―――)Subaru, Beatrice, Anastasia, PuckJuly&#;15,&#;&#;() Visiting a café where Beatrice and Anastasia work, Subaru orders their most popular item, a Meow Meow Omelet. The omelet is delivered by Puck, who then eats it.5"Ditz"
Transcription: "Ten'nen" (Japanese: 天然)Felt, Emilia, Subaru, Reinhard (cameo)July&#;22,&#;&#;() At an arcade Subaru meets with Felt who finding her arcade coin while explaining she's having a game contest with Reinhard. Failing to retrieve her only coin Emilia suggests a game machine to Felt that give coins.6"Greed That Isn't a Pig's"
Transcription: "Butadenai Yokubō" (Japanese: 豚でない欲望)Felt, Subaru, PriscillaJuly&#;29,&#;&#;() Once again Subaru met Felt reaching for a coin under the crane game machine, this time Priscilla walks in on them. Felt managed to retrieve her coin this time and is about to head off to contest Reinhard when Priscilla produced an "Old Man Rom" plush toy offering to give it to Felt on the condition that she bow down to her. Felt rejected the offer as the contest is between herself and Reinhard and it would be wrong to obtain a prize that way, she then heads off to get a toy.7"From Zero"
Transcription: "Zero kara" (Japanese: ゼロから)Subaru, Rem, Kadomon, Three Thugs, Ram (cameo), Emilia, PuckAugust&#;5,&#;&#;() Subaru attends a doujin event (Comiket) and is surprised that Rem is in a circle. He proceeds to read the book she made and it describes everything that Rem knew about Subaru to a disturbing accuracy. As expected zero volumes were sold and Rem used her famous quote "Let's start here from square one, no from zero!".8"The Day of the Battle"
Transcription: "Kessen Tōjitsu" (Japanese: 決戦当日)Subaru, Crusch, Otto, Felis and Wilhelm (cameo), Priscilla, Al (cameo)August&#;12,&#;&#;() At the same event as the previous episode, Subaru found Crusch and asked her what she learnt from the event, awhile later Priscilla joins in the conversation. Subaru thought that Priscilla is about to say unpleasant things about the attendees of the event however to his surprise she express positive interest in them. Priscilla then forcefully drags Subaru to the 18+ section of the event with Crusch in tow.9"Conquering the Watermelon"
Transcription: "Suika Kōryaku-sen" (Japanese: スイカ攻略戦)Subaru, Crusch, Rem, AnastasiaAugust&#;19,&#;&#;() Subaru appears at a beach (reference to fanservice episodes), he compliments Crusch's and Rem's swimsuit accordingly. Rem suggests that they play Suikawari since they are at the beach. Crusch was the first to try and she claim to be able to hit the watermelon in one swing. Rem is up next however she used her watermelon designed Flail instead and smashed the watermelon. Anastasia popped in and expressed her disappointment for not being able to sell the ruined watermelon.10"Just Resisting Desires of the Flesh"
Transcription: "Bon'nō Ni Aragau Dake" (Japanese: 煩悩に抗うだけ)Subaru, Ram, EmiliaAugust&#;26,&#;&#;() Subaru wakes up to find himself immobile and buried up to his neck under the sand and thought it was Ram being mean to him. Emilia cleared up the misunderstanding and explained they were trying to prevent him from getting sunburn. Eventually Subaru requested help from both of them to be freed and while Emilia was digging up the sand he got his reward.11"That and That and (Omitted) at Checkout"
Transcription: "Are to Are to (Ikaryaku) no Seisan" (Japanese: アレトアレと(以下略)の精算)Subaru, Anastasia, PriscillaSeptember&#;2,&#;&#;() Subaru goes to a convenience store to buy a bottle of cola when he saw Anastasia as the cashier. Anastasia managed to persuade Subaru to spend up to K yen in total through deals and discounts, Priscilla enters the store and decides to buy everything it has which led to Anastasia ignoring Subaru to serve her rich customer.12"Buy It"
Transcription: "-Kae" (Japanese: ―――買え)Subaru, Emilia, PuckSeptember&#;9,&#;&#;() Subaru entered another convenience store and is excited that Emilia is the cashier. Subaru proceeds to order a soft-serve ice-cream which Emilia went to the back of the store to make and told the Manager who is Puck to man the cashier. Puck tries to convince Subaru to buy fried chicken by talking directly into his mind. When Emilia eventually returns, Puck falsely states that Subaru ordered fried chicken. Subaru eventually agreed to give Puck and Emilia a treat after Puck convinced him that he could share the ice cream with Emilia.13"The Book the Lion King Saw"
Transcription: "Shishiōnomita Hon" (Japanese: 獅子王のみた本)Beatrice, Subaru, CruschSeptember&#;16,&#;&#;() Subaru enters a bookstore and is greeted unpleasantly by Beatrice as the cashier. Beatrice later accuses Subaru of entering the store to browse undesirable books and even hired Crusch as a part timer discern if Subaru will ogles at the aforementioned books or not. Crusch proceeds to use her ability on Subaru while he comments on the unusual sound effect, she declares that Subaru has no intention of reading those book shocking Beatrice. Crusch however states that the result only applies at that instance. Subaru ends up buying the series's Light Novel volumes and shamelessly promotes it and himself.14"That's All This Promotion Is About"Emilia, Subaru, Puck, Rem, Ram, Beatrice, SatellaSeptember&#;23,&#;&#;() Subaru and Emilia are cashiers at a certain store to promote the release of the series's DVDs and BDs, as they amicably mention how Puck put in his best effort for the day Rem, Ram and Beatrice enter the store to buy the products. When Subaru was about to pack Ram's order, Satella used her unseen hand to purchase a copy whilst promoting the bonus and sale of the series's DVD and BD. Ram reminds Subaru of her order again and while he reaffirms the order he realized his copy of the product was gone and Puck sold it while Subaru was on a break. Emilia and Rem proposes that everyone watch the series together at the end.
Masterpiece In The Making - Re:Zero Season 2 Review
Re Zero Logo.png

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活, lit. Re: Life in a Different World from Zero) is a Japanese light novel series written by Nagatsuki Tappei and illustrated by Ootsuka Shinichirou. The series has been published by MF Bunko J since January , and also has a sub series known as Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Ex (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Ex, lit. Re: Life in a Different World from Zero Ex), which covers the past before the series started.

The light novel series has been adapted into an anime series, which is produced by White Fox. The first season aired in April , and a second season has been airing since July An English dub for the first season was announced in The first dubbed episode aired on May 9, An English dub for the second season began airing since August 26,

An anime OVA, titled Memory Snow, was announced in , and premiered in Japanese theaters on October 6, A second OVA, titled Bond of Ice, was announced in , and was released on November 8,

The series has been also adapted into several ongoing manga series. Parts 1 and 3 have been serialized in Gekkan Comic Alive while Part 2 has been serialized in Gekkan Big Gangan.


Suddenly, high school student Natsuki Subaru has been summoned to another world on the way back from the convenience store. After being summoned to another world and no sign of the one who summoned him, things become worse when he is attacked. However, when he is saved by a mysterious silver-haired girl and her companion, a spirit named Puck, Subaru cooperates with the girl to return the favor by helping to find something that was stolen from her. When they finally manage to get a clue and go to the place it was gonna be sold Subaru and the girl are mysteriously attacked and killed by someone. Subaru then awakens hours before his and the silver haired girls death. After dying a couple more times with the same result he dubs his ability "Return By Death."

Subaru is a helpless boy that only has the ability to rewind time by dying. Despite the despair, can he rewrite history and save that girl from a fated death?


Light Novel



Zero season 2 re

Yes, I am not rich anyway, my son noticed with the same innocent smile. the trained commanding voice of his mother-teacher made him flinch like a first-grader caught in a petty prank. Stupid jokes aside.

Natsuki Subaru Awakens Hidden Demonic Powers - Re : Zero Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 3

Having finished in her mouth, I was left exhausted. After 15 minutes, we, as we could, put ourselves in order and I drove Linda to her house. She came out, we thanked each other and I left, leaving this evening in my memories as an evening of experiments and amazing sex. In addition, I found her business card in the pocket of my jeans in the morning.

All this can be repeated.

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It remains only to write to Crow: I am very sorry that tomorrow you are not with us. Good luck in battle. Thanks.

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