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Best Legendary Weapons List

In this article, I’m ranking every legendary weapon in Borderlands 3 that way you know what the strongest weapons are in the game. Because everyone wants to know which guns they should use and which ones they need to trash.

  • S-Tier Weapons: These guns are the best of the best and will work on any character.
  • Weapon Build: Some guns perform better with a certain character or need a specific build to be viable on the higher Mayhem Levels.
  • Zane: He can rock any weapon because he is just insanely good. However, he really shines with single pellet weapons. Because of his skill ‘Playing Dirty’, he can basically double the damage output.
  • FL4K: Is really good with multi-pallet weapons like shotguns.  Because the skill ‘Megavore’ can turn body shots into critical hits.
  • Moze: Can really utilize splash damage weapons by cranking up the damage to 11.
  • Amara: Can really shine with elemental damage but playing end-game you probably are already matching the correct elemental damage types to each enemy, unless you use some of the overpowered S-Tier weapons.

Borderlands 3: 10 Best Legendary Weapons For Mayhem 10

Just recently, Borderlands 3 received an update for Mayhem Mode that increased the level you can play at to ten. Long story short, this allows for players who are at the top of their game to receive even more powerful versions of their favorite weapons. Aside from that, the update comes with a new degree of difficulty, increased enemy health and shields, and modifiers that completely change how the game functions.

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While some welcome these challenges, others find that grinding up to Mayhem 10 poses a real problem and not all weapons perform as well with a higher degree of difficulty. So, here is a list of weapons to help decide which weapons you should be using when you finally reach Mayhem 10.

Updated May 26th, 2021 by Aden Carter:Since the increase to Mayhem 10 that allows players to get an improved loot drop chance and a greater challenge, Gearbox released the Mayhem 11 update. This update allows players to play on Mayhem level 11. This difficulty mode is like playing on Mayhem 10 but it decreases the loot chance percentage while also getting rid of the modifiers that players needed to deal with.

10 Tizzy

  • Obtained from the Arms Race game mode in the Designer's Cut DLC.
  • The high fire rate increases the longer the trigger is held.
  • Can drop in any elemental variant.

Possibly the fastest firing gun in the game, the Tizzy pistol can easily plow through enemies like they are nothing. This gun can also come in a X2 and X3 variant that will unleash even more mayhem on the battlefield.

The downside to this weapon is that it can eat through ammo faster than any other gun in the game. Players should use this weapon wisely or risk not having ammo when they need it the most. Moze can utilize this weapon the best thanks to her ammo regeneration perks.

9 Flipper

  • Obtained from Minosaur in Bloodsun Canyon from DLC 3 Bounty of Blood.
  • Fires additional projectiles in a diamond pattern that increase the longer the trigger is held.
  • Can come in any elemental variant.

The Flipper SMG drops from the Minosaur in Bloodsun Canyon. The bullets of this weapon fire in a diamond pattern and it fires additional projectiles the longer you fire it.

Its projectiles count as splash damage which can easily be taken advantage of by Moze or Amara. It also has a larger magazine size which can be extremely useful on most of the characters who can further increase it with their skills.

8 Monarch

  • Obtained from Killavolt on Mayhem level 6 or above.
  • Can come in any elemental variant.
  • Fires 3 - 10 bullets per shot in a square shape.

The Monarch was released with the Mayhem 2.0 update and can only drop from Killavolt on Mayhem level six or above. It has a high fire rate and shoots multiple projectiles at once. It can drop in multiple elements and can be used for a multitude of situations. It has two fire modes that players can take advantage of.

The regular fire mode still deals decent damage and allows for better mobility, but when switched to bipod mode it doubles the damage output at the cost of restricted movement. The lack of movement is absolutely worth it though when you are tearing through enemies with ease.

7 Convergence

  • Obtained from any source in DLC 4: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck.
  • Additional projectiles rain down on the target for each bullet that hits it.

The Convergence shotgun is amazing for each of the vault hunters. The additional projectiles that rain down on the targets hit by this weapon cause more damage than players realize. This weapon is capable of taking down enemies very fast.

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This gun is able to drop in any elemental variant. It can also drop in a X4, X6, or X8 variant for increased firepower. Many players have come to realize that the X4 variant is the best.

6  Torrent

  • Obtained from the Arms Race game mode in the Designer's Cut DLC.
  • Can switch between automatic and burst fire modes.
  • Every 10th bullet deals shock damage.

Those who have played the Pre-Sequel will recognize the Torrent, and the returning weapon is now better than it ever was. This gun only comes in three elemental variants; fire, corrosive, and radiation.

The weapon will also always deal shock damage. Every 10th shot fired from this gun is a shock bullet that deals increased damage. The Torrent can also come in a X2 variant, but it also comes at the cost of two bullets per shot. This makes the gun run out of ammo rather quickly.

5 Light Show

  • Obtained from the Bounty of Blood DLC's Lasodactyl.
  • Can come in any elemental variant.
  • Fires four projectiles at once in a cross pattern.

The Light Show is a spectacle, to say the least. It has a high fire rate that shoots multiple shots at one time, giving it a massive damage potential. It can drop from any loot source but has an increased chance to drop from the Lasodactyl in the Obsidian Forest.

It can come in any element giving it a place in almost any build and despite the cone shape that it fires in has good accuracy. It has the potential to melt almost any enemy in the game and has become a fan favorite to use for boss farming.

4 Free Radical

  • Obtainable from Beef Plisskon in Karass Canyon. Only obtainable from the Director's Cut DLC.
  • Projectiles hit a target and spawn a homing projectile.
  • Always comes in the Shock element

The Free Radical is a Maliwan pistol that always comes in the shock element making it good against shields. This gun summons secondary projectiles, but can easily take down enemies before those projectiles even hit the target.

The Free Radical is like having an enhanced version of the Queen's Call pistol, except secondary projectiles will always fire when a target is hit and not just when they are hit with a critical. The secondary projectiles do deal splash damage, but the original shots do not.

3 Backburner

  • Obtained from the Agonizer 9000 while playing on Mayhem level 6 or above.
  • Fires an energy ball that causes a singularity on impact.
  • Can deal friendly fire damage.

The Backburner rocket launcher has become a favorite for builds, especially on Zane. This is because of the massive damage that it can cause. The singularity effect of the energy balls it fires causes multiple projectiles to spawn out of the impact site and deal more splash damage.

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Zane can take advantage of his clone to prevent the friendly fire damage that this weapon can deal. Players just need to equip a Transformer shield on Zane and use a shock variant of the Backburner to prevent friendly fire damage.

2 Atlas Replay

  • Obtained Hemovorous the Invincible in the Director's Cut DLC.
  • Tracker Darts ignore walls.
  • Fast fire rate that increases as more enemies are tracked.

The Atlas Replay is the perfect gun for any character. It is also one of the few Atlas weapons that promote the use of its secondary fire mode, which shoots out tracker darts that home in on enemies. For every enemy that is hit by the tracker darts, the fire rate of the weapon increases. This often more than doubles the fire rate of the weapon and allows the bullets to home in on the tracked targets.

While the Atlas Replay doesn't come in any elements, it doesn't need to. The raw firepower that this gun possesses is more than enough to take enemies down quickly.

1 Plasma Coil

  • The Plasma Coil is found in the Arms Race game mode obtainable in the Designer's Cut.
  • Fast fire rate that shoots out 16 bullet bursts.
  • Deal splash damage and always comes in the shock/radiation variant.

This Maliwan SMG quickly became a fan favorite after it was released with the Arms Race game mode back in the fall of 2020. This weapon shoots out 16 bullet shots before it pauses, but that doesn't mean it has a bad fire rate. In fact, the Maliwan SMG shoots extremely fast and hits incredibly hard to boot.

This gun is capable of killing enemies with a single burst and has a very large magazine size. The Maliwan SMG always comes in the shock and radiation combo making it good against shields and for general mobbing.

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The Best Weapons in Borderlands 3 and where to find them


The Best Weapons in Borderlands 3 and where to find them

An updated list of the Best Weapons in Borderlands 3 with information on where to find them


Borderlands 3 introduced a new and upgraded Weapon system which made things more interesting than in any previous game from the series. We have a lot of new interesting weapons, but also plenty of Guns that you might be familiar with if you have played Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Our list included the weapons we found to be the best when playing Borderlands 3, but you should understand that the list may be completely different for you. Weapons in Borderlands 3 have so much to offer it's impossible to pick the single-best Gun in the game, as this will depend on many factors including your Character class, specific build, and the type of enemy you are fighting. Either way, picking any of the below will never be a bad idea since the weapons listed are the very Top Tier when it comes to firearms in Borderlands 3. 

We have also decided to add brief information on how to get all the specific weapons so that you can go ahead and try getting them for yourself after you reach the required level. If you feel like we have missed something, make sure to leave your comment below. We are also always open to feedback, which will help us give you guys more accurate data in future updates of this article.

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Lucian's Call
Lucian's Call
Weapon TypeAssault Rifle
Overview - one of the deadliest weapons in the game and presumably the best Assault Rifle in Borderlands 3. Offers very high DPS with good Accuracy, but what makes this weapon truly godly are it's special treats. Lucian's Call Critical Hits return two bullets to your magazine, and also Richotets to two additional targets. FL4K can basically sustain infinite ammo capacity with this weapon, which also clears everything on your screen with the Ricochets
Where to find Lucian's Call? - Lucian's Call is a random world drop, meaning it can be basically found anywhere. Obviously farming high-level Bosses is your best shot, and we had confirmed drops from Troy Calypso, Graveward, and Chupacabratch. You can also farm Dinklebots in Skywell-27 for Loot-o-Grams and exchange them with Crazy Early for random loot, which also has a decent chance for Lucian's Call
Rowan's Call
Rowan's Call
Weapon TypeAssault Rifle
Overview - one of the best Assault Rifles in the game. It has slightly inferior stats compared to Lucian's Call, but for some builds like FL4K's Fade Away the extra crit may actually make this the Best in the Slot. 
Where to find Rowan's Call? - it is a random world drop so farm Bosses, open Loot boxes and you may eventually find the might Rowan's Call Rifle
Nuclear Vicious Lyuda
Nuclear Vicious Lyuda
Weapon TypeSniper Rifle
Overview - one of the most powerful Sniper Rifles that we have tested. It feels like an Assault Rifle with the extra projectile fired, and increased Rate of Fire. When you are playing a Crit. build (like FL4K's Fade Away) this weapon offers simply absurd DPS. It is a very decent long-range weapon as well
Where to find Lyuda? - Lyuda is a random world drop, and can basically drop form any Loot source. Obviously farming Bosses and Loot Tinks will give you a higher chance to obtain Legendary Weapons like Lyuda
Dastardly Headplosion
Weapon TypeSniper Rifle
Overview - another amazing Sniper Rifle, which fires exploding projectiles when fired. It offers amazing long-range Splash and very solid DPS. It has a very solid DPS and Accuracy for a Jacob's Sniper, making it a decent and a well-rounded option
Where to find Headplosion? - Headplosion is supposedly a random world drop, however, Manwark Boss in Konrad's Hold on Pandora has been confirmed to have a significantly higher drop chance
Weapon TypeShotgun
Overview - one of the heaviest hitting weapons in the game. It deals your Melee Damage with each bullet, making it a great choice for players that prefer to stay in Melee Range since Face-puncher benefits from bonuses to Melee DPS as well
Where to find Face-puncher? - Face-puncher drops as a reward for Legendary Hunt missions for Sir Hammerlock. It's recommended to farm Chupacabratch who appears to be the easiest Boss to grind for Legendaries
Standardized Carrier
Weapon TypeAssault Rifle
Overview - Carrier is a direct reference to Starcraft's Carrier, which was the single-best unit in the game. It offers very solid balanced stats for an Assault Rifle, but what makes this weapon special it's the ability to tag an enemy and make all bullets always hit your target. It works wonders against Bosses and Badass enemies, allowing you to take them down while running away or shooting from behind corners
Where to find Carrier? - Carrier is a random world drop and getting it will most likely require you to farm Bosses and Loot Tinks
Weapon TypeShotgun
Overview - Flakker fires five bullets simultaneously which explode dealing massive Splash Damage. It offers amazing burst and is simply insane when it comes to taking down grouped up enemies
Where to find Flakker? - Flakker is a random world drop which means it can drop basically anywhere. We had the luck to find Flakker as a drop from Graveward Boss
Weapon TypePistol
Overview - Unforgiven is one of the best Pistols in Borderlands 3. It offers insane Damage which comes at the cost of low Fire Rate. It also grants increased Melee Damage, making it a very enjoyable weapon if you like to one-shot stuff with Critical Hits
Where to find Unforgiven? - Unforgiven is a random world drop and can drop from any Loot source. As always, you will be best off farming Bosses to get one
Eridian Fabricator
Eridian Fabricator
Weapon TypeUndisclosed
Overview - Eridian Fabricator is in a completely different League of weapons. It will not deal any damage, but rather consume Eridium to shoot guns. Yes, literally it's a gun that shoots guns. It also has a chance of dropping Legendary weapons 
Where to find Eridian Fabricator? - It's a reward for completing the Footsteps of Giants Mission in Desolation's Edge on Nekrotafeyo. You will meet an NPC who is wielding it, and after completing his Quest line he will give you the Gun
Weapon TypeSMG
Overview - the damage this weapon deals, combined with its Rate of Fire, simply melts enemies on spot. It fires two round in the shape of a heart making it so much more enjoyable to use. At the same time, receiving damage to Projected Shield, returns ammo to your magazine, making this weapon extremely convenient to use
Where to find LOV3M4CH1N3- this beautiful SMG is a Quest Reward from Baby Dancer Side Quest. First, you need to complete all of Claptrap's Side Missions, then he will give you this task after you talk to him in the Sanctuary's Cargo Hold. It is recommended that you are level 30 or above before taking on this Quest
Stark Storm
Stark Storm
Weapon TypeSniper Rifle
Overview - Stark Storm on top of having a quite solid Shock Damage, and overall decent stats for a Sniper Rifle, but what makes it special is its Special power that allows us to create multiple electric spheres that Trap enemies. It is supposedly the best Crowd-Control weapon in Borderlands 3
Where to find Star Storm? - we are yet to confirm it, but it appears that Stark Storm is a random world drop, which means it can drop from any available Loot source
Weapon TypeGrenade

Overview - we have also decided to include at least one Thrown weapon on our list. Hex is one of the best Grenades we have tested, which offers simply absurd AoE and pack clearing potential. It can split in multiple Grenades when thrown, and it also chains to closest enemies. It has three available variants:

  1. MIRV which causes the Grenade to split into three on impact;
  2. Mitosis which makes it split into two shortly after being thrown;
  3. Recurring which combines both of the above, utilizing this Weapon's maximum potential.
Where to find Hex? - Hex is a random world drop so it can drop basically anywhere. As always, you are best off farming Bosses and Loot Tinks

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Please note that this is an early version of the guide based on what we have found so far (and had a chance to test, at least briefly). We do plan to expand this article further in the future, so leave us your feedback in the comment section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of the Gearbox Software.

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The best weapons in Borderlands 3 and where to find them

Borderlands 3 has no shortage of guns. By piecing together different components for various manufacturers, Borderlands 3 has over a billion weapons. Each manufacturer comes with its own flare, from the engine-driven weapons of the COV to the clean, futuristic guns of Hyperion. With Borderlands 3‘s fourth DLC pack rapidly approaching, we decided to update our list of the 10 best weapons in Borderlands 3 and where to find them.

We spread out our picks to as many manufacturers and weapon types as possible to provide some variety. It’s impossible for us to definitively rank the best guns in Borderlands 3, so if you find a weapon we didn’t mention that you like, use it. The 10 below are just our favorites.

Further reading

A legendary primer

Before getting to the best weapons in Borderlands 3, you need to understand how weapons are generated in the game. If you’re unaware, the vast majority of weapons in Borderlands 3 are procedurally generated, just like previous games. When you ravage loot chests or blow enemies to bits, you can find something great. However, you can also find another stock weapon that offers nothing more than a spray of bullets.

That said, there are some weapons that aren’t procedurally generated. There are legendary weapons, typically the best in the game, that have set effects. Additionally, there are unique weapons, which have set characteristics, too.

So, all you need to do is find all the legendary and unique weapons, right? Well, you could, but it won’t be very effective. There are over 200 unique weapons in the base game alone, plus another 100 or so from DLC, VIP prizes, and in-game events. Worse, the majority of legendary weapons are random world drops. That means there’s no concrete strategy for obtaining them. You simply need to play the game.

If you want to find every unique weapon in Borderlands 3, we recommend bookmarking this awesome spreadsheet from Reddit user “Amara.” It features every unique weapon in the game, going as far as to list references for each bit of flavor text. It’s a labor of the Borderlands 3 community, and an excellent resource to have on hand. Furthermore, it lists the best locations for finding weapons that are world drops.

Our list features weapons that come from certain places, as well as random world drops. We recommend holding off on finding these weapons until you’re sufficiently leveled, though. Gear in Borderlands 3 scales with your level, and you can obtain some of these weapons early on. If you do, note that they’ll quickly become outclassed as you level up, even with normal gear.

Some of our weapons require Mayhem 6 or above. Mayhem Mode unlocks after you beat the main campaign of Borderlands 3. If you haven’t made it there yet, it’s best to finish the story and hit the level cap before going after any of these weapons.

The Monarch

The Monarch is our first and only weapon from Vladof. As the name implies, it’s a ritzy legendary assault rifle that’s only obtainable on Mayhem 6 or above. Its special weapon effect is “the deadly sting of the monarch!” The Monarch can spawn with any of the five elemental damage types in Borderlands 3, but that’s not what the gun is all about. The special weapon effect deals increased damage and fires between three and 10 bullets at the cost of a single assault rifle round. The Monarch also spawns with a bipod attachment, and it deals double damage when mounted. It can spawn without elemental damage, too.

Accuracy is a weak point for The Monarch, with a wide spread that forms into a square shape. You can reduce the spread by using the bipod, but The Monarch is still at its best in short- to mid-range encounters. As mentioned, you’ll need to have Mayhem level six or above enabled to find the weapon. The only way to get it is by taking down Killavolt in Lectra City on Promethea.

The Lob

The Lob is a legendary shotgun that comes from Torque. It can kill basically anything with a shot or two, and it can drop with cryo, corrosive, radiation, shock, or incendiary elemental damage. The special weapon effect is “everything has to be magical,” meaning the gun always deals some form of elemental damage and has an increased magazine capacity. It doesn’t spray pellets, though. Instead, The Lob fires a large orb that slowly moves through the battlefield and explodes on impact, dealing massive AoE damage.

It’s a random world drop, though the best strategy for obtaining it is farming Graveward. You can find Graveward in the end of chapter 16, Cold as the Grave.


Reflux is another legendary shotgun, though it’s manufactured by Hyperion. The special weapon effect is “that’s gotta burn,” which means it always drops with corrosive elemental damage. Like the Lob, Reflux has huge potential to wipe out a mob of enemies quickly. It fires seven projectiles in the shape of a biohazard symbol, and whenever a projectile hits an enemy, it has the chance to spawn corrosive bolts. These chain together and damage nearby enemies.

You won’t find Reflux until after you’ve beaten the game, though. You can obtain it from GenIVIV when playing on Mayhem level six or above. GenIVIV is located on Eden-6 in Voracious Canopy.


Crossroad is a legendary SMG that, like Reflux, comes from Hyperion. It can drop with cryo, shock, corrosive, incendiary, or radiation elemental damage, and fires three projectile with each shot. That comes from the special weapon effect “open the fate for me.” Crossroad shoots in bursts of six shots and fires three projectiles per shot. That said, it only consumes two ammo per shot, allowing you to pile on damage with each burst.

Unfortunately, it’s a random world drop. That said, Katagawa Jr. has a high chance of dropping it. You’ll encounter this early game boss in chapter 3 in Atlas HQ, though he won’t drop Crossroad just yet. The best strategy is to wait until you reach level 60 (the current level cap) and farm Katagawa Jr. from there.

Eridian Fabricator

Calling the Eridian Fabricator a “gun” is a bit reductive. It’s a weapon that shoots projectiles, sure, but those projectiles are other guns. It’s easily the coolest weapon in Borderlands 3, and we can’t go without mentioning it. Each time you fire the weapon, it’ll spawn 10 guns ranging from Green to Purple rarity. However, it requires 10 Eridium for each shot, so you can’t go too crazy.

Thankfully, obtaining the Eridian Fabricator is straightforward. It’s a quest reward for completing chapter 21, Footsteps of Giants. Simply complete the chapter and the weapon will be yours. Note that the Eridian Fabricator doesn’t take an inventory slot and can’t be sold to Marcus. Once you have it, it’s yours forever, all without any burden on your backpack.


Hellshock is a legendary pistol that’s manufactured by Maliwan. It comes with the special weapon effect “I had not thought death had undone so many,” which grants incendiary and shock elemental damage. When you fire the gun, the projectile will start with one elemental type and bounce off the target once. Once the projectile bounces, it’ll switch to the other elemental type. Although it doesn’t have the AoE damage potential of something like The Lob, Hellshock can still take down mobs of enemies with ease.

It’s a random world drop, though the best strategy for finding it is by farming Gigamind. You can find Gigamind in chapter 6 of the game, Hostile Takeover. That said, Gigamind won’t drop Hellshock until you’ve reached the level cap. If you’ve been out farming other enemies, you can find Gigamind on Promethea in the Meridian Metroplex.


Kaoson is a legendary SMG that comes from Dahl. Although it’s a powerful weapon in any form, there’s a lot of variance involved when trying to obtain Kaoson. It can have any of the five elemental damage types in the game, but unlike the previously mentioned elemental weapons, it can also spawn without any elemental effect. The special weapon effect is “small but packs a punch,” which offers increased accuracy and sticky projectiles. These projectiles explode and cause splash damage whenever you reload the gun.

Finding Kaoson is simple. It can drop from Captain Traunt on Mayhem level six or higher. You’ll fight Captain Traunt in chapter 7 of the main story, though you’ll need to come back later with Mayhem enabled to find Kaoson. Captain Traunt is located on Athenas near the courtyard.

One Pump Chump

One Pump Chump is a legendary shotgun. It’s the first weapon on our list that comes from Jakobs, and like other Jakobs weapons, trades elemental damage for raw power. It comes with the special weapon effect “I swear, that has never happened before.” One Pump Chump can only fire one shot before you need to reload it. However, with the special weapon effect, that one shot deals massive damage. There’s also a 50% chance that the shot doesn’t consume any ammo.

The only way to obtain One Pump Chump is from One Punch. One Punch is a secret boss on Promethea that you can find in Lectra City. You’ll need to solve a puzzle involving TVs before he’ll spawn, and One Pump Chump isn’t a guaranteed drop when you defeat him. You’ll likely need to defeat him a few times before Jakobs’ legendary shotgun is yours.


Hellwalker is both an awesome weapon and an Easter egg. It’s a legendary shotgun from Jakobs with the special weapon effect, “So, my demons. Your time has come.” Hellwalker always spawns with incendiary damage, and it uses two shotgun ammo with each shot. Doom fans already know what’s going on with Hellwalker. It’s a supercharged shotgun with high damage and a short reload time, but pitiful accuracy. It’s best for getting up close and blowing enemies back with its high kickback rate.

You probably noticed that Hellwalker is a reference to the Super Shotgun in Doom. Each time you fire it, you’ll hear a guitar note from Doom’s BFG Division. You’ll be mesmerized by the transformation the shotgun projectiles take on as you fire them into the air, forming the shape of a pentagon before they reach their target. Hellwalker is a random world drop, but Road Dog has an increased drop rate. You can find Road Dog in The Splinterlands on Pandora.

Sand Hawk

You’ll be familiar with the Sand Hawk, manufactured by Dahl, if you’ve played other Borderlands games. This legendary sniper rifle has a unique weapon effect called “wedge a pig,” which increases accuracy and splits projectiles into nine pieces. As the pellets shoot out of the rifle, their grouping forms the image of a bird in flight, soaring ominously over the combat zone and looking for its next victim It packs a lot of punch on its own, but the gun has elemental damage on top of its base damage. It can drop with any one of the five elemental types in the game.

You won’t have any issues figuring out Sand Hawk if your goal is to master the more complex Crossroad game. It drops from Katagawa Jr. on Mayhem level six or higher.

Editors' Recommendations


Borderlands 3 guns best

The best Borderlands 3 guns we've found so far

Now that Borderlands 3 is out in the wild, we've been able to take a hard look at the game's new gun generation systems and analyze our results. Obviously, Borderlands 3 is built on the foundation of randomly generated weapons, so we can't just list the best ones we found and hope you find them too. To account for randomness, we've listed our best traits to look for in guns and highlighted some common stuff to look out for.

Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun | Torgue Shotgun

This one’s for the lazy gamers. The Boring Gun spits out a bundle of sawblades with massive splash damage that ricochet all over until they find purchase. As long as your target isn’t in the air, this is an excellent go-to. Next to no aiming required. 

Cash-Infused Brainstormer | Hyperion Shotgun

Shielded enemies are annoying. That overshield regenerates, so focusing fire on one target is usually the play. But with this shotty, electric damage chains between all nearby enemies. It deletes the entire room’s shields, and does great damage.

Bangarang XL | Tediore SMG

Throwable Tediores are mostly great across the board, but this one wears down entire crowds with style. Once thrown, the SMG spins like a copter, firing bullets and oscillating up and down all the while. It’s a lovely thing to behold.

Subsidized The Butcher | Hyperion Shotgun

DPS! Wild, untamable DPS! This automatic shotty has a fire rate like that of a fully-automatic machine gun. It’s a bucking bronco, and while it doesn’t have great supporting stats, shooting the thing nearly gives me whiplash through the screen. 

Stark Storm | Maliwan Sniper

A charging sniper rifle with a trick up its sleeve. Yeah, it fires a powerful bolt of electric energy, but it also spawns a couple hovering electric nodes where the shot lands. And those nodes trap enemies, doling out electric damage all the while. An incredible weapon for crowd control. 

L0V3M4CH1N3 | Hyperion SMG

It fires rounds in a heart shape! But it also melts fleshy enemies because of that fire rate and pattern. Eternal love, right here.

Essential Conference Call | Hyperion Shotgun

It’s back (but I’ve yet to find the Bee shield to see if the classic combo is busted once again)! The Conference Call fires pellets forward, like a normal shotty, but those pellets also fire pellets out to the side. Using this one in a crowd of bandits clears the space in short order. 

Nuclear Jericho | Vladof Rocket Launcher

Death from above. It takes a bit to get the hang of, but this rocket launcher functions more like a portable mortar strike. Rockets shoot into the sky and explode, raining down corrosive damage and a few more explosive corrosive grenades. It makes for a nice opening salvo.

Dastardly Headsplosion | Jakobs Sniper

Critical hits with this rifle sends bullets bouncing to the nearest enemies. Pop a couple heads at once, something like a chain-reaction pimple popping.

Shocking AAA | DAHL Pistol

It’s a machine pistol, but it sends out what amounts to a wall of electric damage. The Shocking AAA deletes shields with a single trigger pull and does damage to match. A fast reload speed makes it a go-to sidearm. 

Eridian Fabricator

It’s a gun that shoots guns. Only 10 Eridium per shot. 

Traits to look out for:

When your shotgun is actually a grenade launcher

Terrible aim don’t mean a thang with these puppies. Plus, they usually come with a an alt sticky grenade mode, which often applies extra damage for precise lobs. It's all about that splash damage, though. 

Splash damage is the best damage

Precision aim in Borderlands is possible and it’s rewarded with critical damage, but once the enemies and explosions and pets and singularities pile up, it’s hard to tell tit from tat. Weapons that deal splash damage make up for indiscernible targets. 

Sniper rifles easy shoot without looking down the scope

This applies to most sniper rifles, especially with mouse aim, but look for those that feel good at the hip. The versatility will save you in a pinch. 

Any throwable Tediore weapon

These things are seriously delightful and almost always useful for dealing splash damage, kiting enemies, or elemental AoE effects. 

Whatever feels best in your hands

I always had the most fun with the weapons that felt best to shoot. Don’t get too bogged down by stats and min-maxing. Some of the most effective weapons might feel awful—I hate the charge shotguns that shoot in bursts, for instance. Guns take a while to outlevel and some, because of their broken stats, work far above the level you might find them at.

James is stuck in an endless loop, playing the Dark Souls games on repeat until Elden Ring and Silksong set him free. He's a truffle pig for indie horror and weird FPS games too, seeking out games that actively hurt to play. Otherwise he's wandering Austin, identifying mushrooms and doodling grackles. 

Borderlands 3 - Top 10 Most Powerful Base Game Weapons - Best Non DLC Guns!


2020 is over, but Borderlands 3 still lives on. After 5 major DLC expansions, with more on the way thanks to the Season 2 pass, Borderlands 3 is still up and running. Why? Because it’s still fun to team up with people and loot-and-shoot bad guys & skags for that dopamine rush for bigger and better guns.

Now that the game is fully updated (until the next hotfix later in January), we can determine what the best Legendary guns are with a simple tier list from S (the best) to D (the worst). Just some ground rules:

  • We are factoring in updates and hotfixes for weapons that are done up until 17th December. In other words, what was useless back in September 2019 may not be as such in December 2020.
  • Weapons up until Designer Cut will be included in this updated tier list.
  • Vault Hunter-specific weapons will be demoted to A-Tier. All-purpose damage-savvy weapons automatically go to S-Tier.
  • We’ll be referring each expansion with its DLC number. Handsome Jackpot = DLC 1, Guns Love Tentacles = DLC 2, Bounty of Blood = DLC 3, Krieg & Fantastic Fustercluck = DLC 4. Arms Race is still Arms Race.
  • Some guns here have better support abilities than damage-dealing abilities, so we’re classifying these under Support Tier.
  • If there’s a gun missing, let us know. There’s a heckaton of them in Borderlands 3, so we’re bound to forget one or two.

With that out of the way, let’s begin!

S Tier


Light Show – Fast firing rate, great at close to mid-range, and perfect for most builds. What’s not to love about 2020’s most-beloved elemental pistol in Borderlands 3? Found in DLC 3.

Gargoyle – Elemental-locked, but still deals great damage super-fast. Found in DLC 3.

Tizzy – It’s one of the best boss melters in the game with most builds, bar none. Just switch out if you’re mobbing; you’ll run out of ammo quick if you do. Found in Arms Race.

Free Radical – From the Director’s Cut DLC comes this funky rapid-fire pistol that shoots out additional rockets without the need for alt-fire nonsense. All Vault Hunters can benefit from the perks of this pistol and its generous firing rate.


Blood-Starved Beast – Another tough-to-farm gun, but it’s worth it just for its damage and output. Found in DLC 4 via Evil Lilith.

Plasma Coil – One of the best reasons to farm in Arms Race. This SMG kills things really, really fast even though it’s Shock elemental-locked. Even if it fires in a burst rate, this is one weapon that will get you through most of the harder content, regardless of the Vault Hunter you’re using. Found in Arms Race.

Flipper – We love the Flipper’s damage output, elemental prowess, and firing rate after its charge. It’s way better on Moze, but it’s great on other Vault Hunters too. Available from the Minosaur and as a World Drop from DLC 3.

SMOG – This SMG is significantly better in the hands of a tanky Amara build that doesn’t mind shooting enemies in a stationary manner; you need to put up the SMOG’s weapon shields to get the best damage (ie: use iron sights). It’s also great with other classes, just so you know.

Get this from the final boss in the Guardian Takedown.

Assault Rifles

OPQ – This Assault Rifle is really good because of its damage output and decent splash damage. The only fault it has is that it does cause splash damage, which can FFYL you quickly if you don’t fire it at the correct distance. Moreso with Moze and Amara. Found in the Cartel limited event, which you can now toggle on and off in the main menu screen.

The Monarch – Hardest weapon to farm, but it’s worth it especially since it comes in many elemental flavours and deals great damage for all Vault Hunter builds. Farmed from Killavolt at Mayhem 6 and above difficulty.

Clairvoyance – The high amounts of damage and Cryo effect this gun features saved many Vault Hunter builds since its debut in Guns, Love, & Tentacles. Definitely a high-priority gun to farm in DLC 2.

Soulrender – Thanks to the 17th December update, the skulls that shoot out of this gun deals more damage, and can be amplified from Vault Hunter passive skills like Moze’s Fire in the Skag Den. Speaking of which, this assault rifle is best on Moze and Zane, though Amara and Fl4k can use them too with their respective builds. Found in DLC 2.


Hellwalker – This ode to Doom went from chump to champ within a year plus thanks to its damage buff. Even if it’s Incendiary-locked, this shotgun still shreds all enemies regardless of their resistances. Keep this one close if you’re planning a heavy damage build with shotguns. World drop, but found on Road Dog on Splinterlands, Pandora.

Anarchy – One of the best shotguns in the game, as long as you get the stacks going. Farm in DLC 2.

Reflux – Hard to farm due to its low drop rate, but worth it because of its high damage output. It’s essentially a better version of Brainstormer and Conference Call, but Corrosive. Found on Gen-IVI on Mayhem 6 and above difficulty.

Face-Puncher – Hands-down the best and highest damage-dealing shotgun thanks to the Groundbreaker Guardian rank perk.

Sniper Rifles

Boogeyman – A Vladof sniper rifle that will mess enemies up with its high rate of fire and a chance to return bullets back at you? And comes in multiple elements & splash damage? This sniper rifle is another chief reason to keep farming for guns in Arms Race.

Complex Root – While nerfed due to the ASE changes in projectiles, this unique one-shot sniper rifle is still a beast for most builds, especially for Fl4k. Found in DLC 3.

Sandhawk – A rifle that is unwieldy unless you are familiar with its firing rate and projectile trajectory. However, it is a one-hit kill weapon in the hands of a Zane clone. Rare drop from Katagawa Jr (on Mayhem 6 and above); worth the farm if you focus on Zane clone or if you’re willing to handle a tough weapon. The damage is worth it.

Rocket Launchers

Backburner – You have to learn how to fire and get max damage out of this rocket launcher properly. But once you get the hang of it, you will basically kill anything within its AoE. Farm from Agonizer-9000 on Carnivora’s Guts (Mayhem 6 and above).

Globetrotter – Thanks to recent buffs in 28th April 2021’s hotfix, this super-spread rocket launcher is now godlike in the damage-dealing department. Best on splash damage-immune build vault hunters like Moze.

Plaguebearer – Hard to get good anoints for, given its low drop rate. But this rocket launcher is great for all builds and awesome for mobbing. Get this gun from the Warden in The Anvil on Eden-6 (Mayhem 6 and above).

Ion Cannon – The best FFYL weapon to pull out. Also deals great one-shot damage even with the nerfs as of late. Found in DLC 1.

A Tier


Beacon – A superior Hellshock. Turbo-shots, different elemental flavours, great nova effect when reloading, and fast charge time. Can be farmed in DLC 3.

Prompt Critical – Remember Unkempt Harold in Borderlands 2? This is the Borderlands 3 equivalent. Amazingly, it’s even better than BL3’s Unkempt Harold. Farm from Evil Lilith in DLC 4.

Craps – The “fire four additional projectiles for each shot” bonus gets a buff in late 2020, so Craps is worth keeping. Found in DLC 1.

Hornet – This Corrosive pistol got a late 2020 damage buff, and it’s revered for it if you want a nice Corrosive sidearm. World drop.

Lucky 7 – If you put the work in with certain builds, Lucky 7’s reload bonuses can really rack in the damage. Farm in DLC 1.

Dastardly Maggie – The former king of 2019’s Borderlands rapid-fire pistols is now taken down a couple of notches. It’s still worth keeping if you’re starting out since it’s a World Drop.

Moonfire – Getting headshots on this thing delivers. Thanks to its fire rate buff, this gun is a decent hand cannon for your Vault Hunters. Farm from Maliwan Takedown; higher chance drop from Wotan The Invincible.

Pestilence – Great for Fl4k radiation builds with the Red Suit shield, especially the nova effect that pops up when you reload your pistol. It’s not S-tier because you need a bit of planning around it. The nova deals damage to you, so handle with care.

Scoville – A great pistol primarily for Moze users, but also decent for other Vault Hunters. A Crew Challenge reward on DLC 1.


Ember’s Purge – Better with Zane’s clone. The puddle damage this gun does scales well with Mayhem levels. This can be acquired in a mission on DLC 1 (Handsome Jackpot).

Cutsman – While not an S-Tier weapon back in 2019 and early 2020, this weapon is still pretty good with most Vault Hunter builds. World Drop.

Kaoson – Great damage still, even with the nerf. It’s just hard to farm, since it’s a rare drop from Captain Traunt at the end of Athenas.

Pat Mk III – Don’t use its direct fire, since its Tediore raptors when you reload the gun are more useful. Found on DLC 4.

Proprietary License – A good if inconsistent weapon for all Vault Hunters. Farm from DLC 3.

Sleeping Giant – Formerly crap, but now a great damage-dealing SMG thanks to the recent buffs in 2020. Even if the buffs you get from Sleeping GIant is random, it’s definitely better than what it was.

Dark Army – If you want a Tediore gun-spawning build, this is the gun you need.

Assault Rifle

Kaos – Who knew a Dahl weapon would be capable of “smallhands” explosions that can benefit most of the Vault Hunters? This weapon has seen some neglect until recently thanks to recent buffs in 2020. World Drop.

Shreddifier – Still good even if you’re not using Moze (for unlimited fire builds). High rate of fire and good damage, but eats up bullets super-quick. World Drop.

Boom Sickle  (Elemental) – The normal version sucks. Go for the elemental versions if possible. World Drop.

No Pew Pew – This Cartel event gun has been given a mid-2021 buff. It deals a bit more damage and is better if you can pass it to someone who has great aim and a no-miss firing record. Like, oh say, a Zane Clone. Seriously, putting this on a Zane Clone will make you score quick kills arguably better than with a Sandhawk.


Thug – As long as you hit your shots, its ricochet will deal a lot of damage to mobs. Definitely a keeper and a chief reason to farm Arms Race.

Brainstormer – Previously a top-tier weapon, but now relegated here due to nerfs and the Reflux being better. Easier to find, though. World Drop.

Conference Call – Similar to Brainstormer. World Drop.

Convergence – A great shotgun that features “converging” pellets on a target. Ideal for killing bosses. World Drop.

Flakker – This shotgun has been nerfed a while back, but somehow got upgraded back again in late 2020. Definitely worth keeping for high-damage situational builds. World Drop.

One Pump Chump – High-damage shotgun with decent range. Get this from One Punch in Lectra City, Promethea.

Redline – Fast fire rate and great damage all-around. Farm from Road Dog in The Splinterlands, Pandora.

Robin’s Call – One of the best Jakobs shotguns out there. Farm this in DLC 3.

The Lob – Formerly an S-Tier weapon, but bumped down a bit thanks to recent buffs on other shotguns. Still worth hanging onto and can still mobs & bosses up-close. World Drop.

Sniper Rifle

Wedding Invitation – Even at a low-level cap (it’s fixed at level 53), this sniper rifle still does more damage than the other incendiary-based sniper rifles. And also the best Jakobs sniper rifle. Valentine’s Day event weapon, usually on February.

Skullmasher – Great burst damage for a sniper rifle. Goes well with FL4K Fade Away and Zane Clone builds. World Drop in DLC 2, so it’s a bit of a chore to farm.

Rocket Launcher

Major Kong – Better on Zane and Amara, because it’s pretty hard to use if you aren’t aware of how it fires and how to utilize its damage.

Yellowcake – This rocket launcher was hit the hardest with the post-Cartel nerfs, but still worth using.

B Tier


King’s Call, Queen’s Call – One of the better pistols in the game, though it’s best on specific builds like for Fl4k or Zane.

Hydrafrost – Fancy Legendary cryo ability that’s practical too. From DLC 2.

Bangarang – Can only deal a lot of damage with specific builds.

Bloom – Nice charge mechanic, but it deals OK damage. From DLC 3.

Unkempt Harold – A good pistol, but outclassed by Prompt Critical. Farm in DLC 3.

Thunderball Fist – Still a decent weapon even until now. Great for Shock and splash damage.

Hellshock – A previously top-tier Maliwan pistol in 2019 and early 2020 before the Beacon came into play. Still has its uses, since it’s a world drop.

Little Yeeti – Better than the sum of its parts, especially if you like knocking enemies off of cliffs. Farm from Yeti in DLC 2.

Multi-Tap – Two bullets for the cost of one; can’t go wrong with this. Farm from Katagawa Ball.

Nemesis – A decent pistol, though outclassed by Hornet.

Skeksil – The pre-Gargoyle weapon. Still has a place in most Vault Hunter’s arsenals.

Trick Shot 

Wagon Wheel – Inconsistent, but works with certain crit builds.


Redistributor – Better with Zane and Seein’ Dead mod build; doesn’t work for any other Vault Hunter build.

The Bitch – A solid weapon when you’re starting out. World drop.

Boomer – Explosions! You can’t go wrong with great AoE from an SMG. Farm from DLC 1.

Kyb’s Worth – A formerly great SMG that’s outclassed by DLC 3 and DLC 4’s SMG offerings. Still a keeper.

Cheap Tips – Unless you have a Vault Hunter build that can take advantage of its damage-boosting abilities, this SMG isn’t that straightforward to use.

Destructo Spinner – Still useful in some circumstances if you like laying out spinners for mobs to trip onto.

Handsome Jackhammer

Ion Laser


Polyaimourous – A cool damage-dealer weapon that uses up too much ammo. Valentine’s Day weapon.

Assault Rifle

Lucian’s Call – A former top tier weapon on the base game, only made redundant because of new weapons in the DLCs that came out in 2020.

Rowan’s Call – Same as Lucian’s Call.

Good Juju – Fun mechanic for niche builds. But as a general damage dealer, it might be lacking.

Lasersploder – Laser + Rockets + Elemental flavours = good weapon.

Hotfoot Teddy

Breath of the Undying – The gun’s corrosive explosion effect is useful, but it can backfire if you aren’t careful.

Barrage – Not as good as Kaos, but still has its uses.

Faisor – It’s got a few good buffs, so it’s worth keeping for a bit.

Bekah – A lovely mission reward weapon, though it has been superseded by other Assault Rifles in later DLCs.

Contained Blast 


Insider – A decent shotgun when you’re starting out in DLC 2.

Trevonator – A strong weapon that just eats up too much ammo. World Drop.

Recursion – Thanks to the projectile nerf, this high-tier shotgun is now a few tiers lower. It’s still good for certain Vault Hunter builds, but it has lost its luster.

Mind-Killer – Another shotgun that deals OK damage.

Tigg’s Boom – A great shotgun to farm from Maliwan Takedown, but you need a decent roll to make the pellets do a lot of damage.




Sniper Rifle

Headsplosion – A Jakobs rifle with explosive rounds. Can’t go wrong if you can consistently land headshots.

Unseen Threat – Heavily nerfed by the ASE projectile update; this former one-shot boss weapon has gone down a few tiers.

Cocky Bastard

Monocle – Thanks to the 2020 buff, it’s a good mob killer.

Krakatoa – A sniper rifle that summons tiny volcanos and deals decent AoE is A-OK in our book. Also has great rate-of-fire too.

Lyuda – A formerly S-tier sniper rifle back in 2019, this gun is outclassed by DLC 3, DLC 4, and Arms Race’s offerings.

Septimator Prime – Cool abilities, but not enough damage output to sit alongside guns like Sandhawk and Complex Root.

Tankman’s Shield – A decent sniper that will kill most mobs and bosses quick if you have the right Vault Hunter build, like Fl4k Fade Away and Moze’s Bottomless Mag tree.

Rocket Launcher

Nukem – Works only with overkill properties.

Scourge – A weaker Plaguebearer, but still worth using.

C Tier


Devastator – It’s loud and has a cool name, but it’s a pretty standard Torgue legendary.

Firefly – A decent Vladof pistol that’s outclassed by A and S tier pistols that are easier to farm.

Infinity – A Borderlands staple; it’s better on a Zane + Seein’ Dead build, but pretty crappy on other Vault Hunters.

Linoage – Meant for melee builds, but not so efficient for anything else.

Psycho Stabber – Meant for melee builds, but not so efficient for anything else.

Miscreant – Ammo consumption on this gun is terrible, but it’s good on Moze builds that highlights splash damage. Found in DLC 3.

Love Drill – Nothing special.

Seventh Sense – Thanks to the projectile ASE nerf, this formerly great pistol isn’t so hot.

Blanc – Features a cool mechanic to stack up damage, but isn’t practical in the long run.

Companion – Has some uses.

Duc – Also has some uses.

Gunerang – Too unwieldy to properly use damage-wise.

Occultist – A pretty weapon with pretty firing, but otherwise it’s unremarkable.

Triple A 




Frozen Devil

Baby Maker


Night Hawkin – Not as good as Kyb and Kaoson, but still decent.

Dictator – The lesser Monarch. Ditch it as soon as you get your first few Monarchs.

Musket – The close-ranged flamethrower SMG has seen better days. It got nerfed and outclassed by other better SMG choices.

Hyperfocus – Not as good as its 2019 debut version, but still a keeper.



Wester Gun 

9 Volt 

Assault Rifle

Alchemist – Its drawback far outweighs its usefulness. This used to be a decent weapon at launch, but subsequent buffs to other assault rifles put this one back on the gun rack.

Dowsing Rod – A decent rocket launcher assault rifle that’s better on Moze than any other Vault Hunter.

Damned – A poor man’s Legendary Vladof gun, but at least it has its uses damage-wise.

Gatling – Outclassed by Shreddifier and its pals.




Webslinger – More a trophy from Guardian Takedown than a practical weapon. It deals decent damage, but there are better weapons to farm.


Brightside – Nothing special about it, though it has some tricks with some builds.

Fearmonger – You could do worse than this Halloween terror-inducing weapon.

Spade – It’s got decent penetration and sticky bomb power.

Frequency – A shotgun built for Amara & her Ties That Bind build. Not much else, though.

Nimble Jack – Only effective if you’re bunny-hopping.

Shocker – A worst version of The Lob.

Kill O The Wisps

Tidal Wave

Sniper Rifle

ASMD – Not as good as it used to be back in 2019.

AutoAime – There are better sniper rifles out there, even with its homing properties.

Firestorm – An OK gun if you’re into Incendiary snipers.

Storm – An OK gun if you’re into Shock damage sniper rifles.

Masterworks Crossbow – Deals good damage, but can be hard to land headshots with to get consistent damage.

Stalker – Terror weapons aren’t as hot for most builds. This sniper rifle isn’t going to cut the mustard in B-tier and above.

Woodblocker – Not as terrible as you would think. It has its uses damage-wise.

Rocket Launcher



D Tier


Amazing Grace – The quest that gives you this gun is great and all. But after many buffs on other pistols, this gun didn’t bother catching up with the rest of the pack.

Magnificent – Terrible to use.

Roisen’s Thorn – A pretty gun, but does little else.

Scorpio – A terrible tribute pistol to a great Borderlands Vault Hunter.

Night Flyer – The gun we don’t need. And deserve.

Superball – A meme weapon; nothing more.



DNA – While it shoots out a cool bullet pattern, this SMG is a lesser Cutsman. Just go for the real deal.

Crossroads – This SMG is nerfed to high hell since its September 2019 debut. Skip it.

Hellfire – How the mighty has fallen. This BL2 top tier weapon gets the shaft in part 3. Skip it.

Mother Too – A crappy SMG.

Nail Gun – Not so good.

10 Gallon – Sucky SMG. Don’t bother.

Vanquisher – No one likes sliding to get damage buffs in BL3.


SF Force 

Assault Rifle

Bearcat – So not worth your time, despite its splash potential.

Carrier – A previously top-tier assault rifle that’s heavily nerfed by the new projectile debuff in the game.

Hand of Glory – A non-essential mission weapon. Hang it up on your Vault Hunter wall.


Flame Diddle – One of the worst shotguns to own.

Sage – Not worth the effort.

Chandelier – Terrible shotgun; just use the Recursion.

Creeping Death – Don’t bother.

Garcia – A crappy version of the Robin’s Call.

Event Horizon

Sledge’s Shotgun


Iceburger – Arguably a POS shotgun from the Cartel mini-event.

T.K’s Wave – Et tu, T.K.?

Butcher – A formerly great weapon in 2019, but it’s not so hot now.

Boring Gun – Not worth the effort in using its saws.

Vosk’s Deathgrip

Sniper Rifle

Malak’s Bane – Useless in both its sniper and shotgun form.

NARP – Don’t bother. It’s too specific and unwieldy to use.

Operator – Why would you want this gun?

Rocket Launcher

Creamer – A crappy rocket launcher with healing properties. There are better ways to heal in this game than with this.




Support Tier (Weapons that are used mostly for their non-damage properties)

EMP 5 – You’re using this SMG to boost speed and character movement; nothing more.

Clockwork Res – Meant to bring allies out of FFYL mode.

Zheitev’s Eruption – A weapon that debuffs enemies than deals damage. Once you do this, immediately switch to your main damage dealer for effective damage.

S3RV-80S-EXECUTE – One of the best utility weapons against bosses. Make sure to equip your best high-damage weapon after applying its effect.

Unforgiven – A crit-boost weapon, meant for the next gun you’ll switch to.

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Borderlands 3 Legendary Jakobs Shotgun - Speedloadin' Hellwalker

Borderlands 3 Legendary Jakobs Shotgun – Speedloadin’ Hellwalker

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Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG - Plasma Coil

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG – Plasma Coil

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Complex Root

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan Sniper Rifle - Complex Root

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan Sniper Rifle – Complex Root

The Complex Root is a Maliwan Sniper that shoots 2 projectiles after a 1-second charge up. The projectile will spawn 13 new projectiles that will Zickzack along the trajectory. The bullets will explode on impact or after a set time has expired. The Complex Root isn’t designed for long-range sniping as the projectiles don’t travel that far. Also, try and avoid using this weapon at close range as it deals splash damage that can take you down. The Complex Root has an increased chance of dropping from Lani Dixon who is located in Ashfall Peaks on Gehenna. But this weapon can also ‘World Drop’ in the Bounty of Blood DLC.


Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG - Flipper

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG – Flipper

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Worms Rumble


Borderlands 3 Legendary Jakobs Assault Rifle - Gatlin Clairvoyance

Borderlands 3 Legendary Jakobs Assault Rifle – Gatlin Clairvoyance

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Light show

Borderlands 3 Legendary Vladof Pistol - Light Show

Borderlands 3 Legendary Vladof Pistol – Light Show

The Light show is a Vladof Pistol that fires multiple projectiles that travel in a spinning circular pattern. It shreds through enemies, it’s basically the Monarch Pistol.The Light Show has an increased chance of dropping from Lasodactyl who is located in Obsidian Forest on Gehenna. But this weapon can also ‘World Drop’ in the Bounty of Blood DLC.


Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun - Face-Puncher - LVL60

Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun – Face-Puncher – LVL60

The Face-Puncher is a Hyperion Shotgun is rather unique because the damage it deals is based on your character’s melee damage. Combine this with the right artifacts and Guardian Perks and you can deal serious damage. The Face-puncher can randomly be obtained from any suitable loot source. However, you can also farm its dedicated loot source because the Face-Puncher has a high chance of dropping from Muldock, the Anointed who is located in Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6. 


Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun - Convergence

Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun – Convergence

The Convergence is a Hyperion Shotgun that rises to the top of the best shotguns in the game. For each pellet that is listed on the item card, the projectile will spawn 3 more pellets on impact. These additional pellets will travel outwards for a short distance before converging into the target. The fire rate and the magazine size are a bit low but this weapon makes up for it in raw damage. The Convergence has an increased chance of dropping from Dr. Benedict who is located at the Benedict of Pain in Krieg’s Mind.


Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun - Reflux

Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun – Reflux

The Reflux is a Hyperion Shotgun that has a high capacity shield. Damage to the weapon’s shield will returns bullets to your magazine. This weapon will only come with the Corrosive element. It’s basically a corrosive Brainstormer as it creates a corrosive beam between enemies when you shoot them. The Reflux is Mayhem Mode 6 or higher Legendary. You can get it from GenIVIV who is located in Voracious Canopy on Eden-6.

The Monarch

Borderlands 3 Legendary Vladof Assault Rifle - The Monarch

Borderlands 3 Legendary Vladof Assault Rifle – The Monarch

The Monarch is a Vladof Assault Rifle that shoots like a shotgun. It has a high magazine capacity and fire rate. With the Bipod Mode, it kinda functions like the Dictator as the pellet spread increases. The Monarch is Mayhem Mode 6 or higher Legendary. You can get it from Killavolt who is located in Lectra City on Promethea.

More Legendary Weapons

New World

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