Storage baskets for pantry shelves

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An Amish family in the Heartland can help tidy your home when you have them craft heirloom-quality wicker storage baskets to the exact size of your shelves and cubby holes. Create a fabulous built-in look on your shelves and in your cubbies that is guaranteed to make you smile.

Wicker Baskets for Shelves & Cubbies

By decorating your shelves with furniture-quality baskets or by adding these custom storage baskets in your cubby holes you can instantly create special storage spaces that you can confidently display prominently in any room. You can easily create a built-in look while utilizing wasted space by adding custom-made woven wicker storage shelf baskets to your rustic, farmhouse, cottage, or country home decor.

By having wicker baskets custom crafted to the exact size of your shelves and cubby holes, your storage baskets will blend seamlessly into your room while adding incredible storage space. You can even design a set of custom-sized baskets and line them up to create a shelf with baskets that will hold many of the essential items you would like to keep close at hand but out of sight.

A wall of custom woven wicker shelf storage baskets can turn your shelves into a beautiful storage unit that can hold a houseful of anything from toys to bedding and more. In addition, each of our wicker baskets for shelves has a rustic personality that will add warmth, texture, and beauty to your home decorating.

Being displayed on the shelf under your coffee table, console table, or side table can also be the perfect place to add custom shelf basket storage to your living room. You can add a warm texture and a relaxing feel to your room while adding useful storage space to keep coasters, magazines, board games, or your favorite books within easy reach.

Increase the usefulness of any shelving unit by adding custom-designed wicker baskets that will give your storage a built-in look. With their sturdy construction, the Amish family’s custom-crafted baskets will help you solve nearly any storage need and keep many of your everyday items neatly tucked away in your wicker baskets on shelves.

Creating a basket storage shelf will allow you to organize your home while you add unique and interesting decor features. You can even gain extra storage space on top of bookcases and other large cabinets by adding custom-sized baskets to their top shelves.

Bathroom Basket Storage

You can easily turn your bathroom into a showplace when you add custom-sized wicker storage baskets. By making woven wicker bathroom storage baskets the centerpiece of your bathroom decor, you will be adding a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere and the extra bathroom storage space needed to keep your bathroom well organized.

Baskets for the bathroom can be extremely practical, especially if your bathroom lacks enough cabinet space. A few woven wicker bathroom storage baskets will allow you to keep all your essential accessories neatly tucked away while they supply the storage space needed to keep items from toilet paper to first aid items neatly arranged.

If you have open space or shelves under your bathroom counter or cabinet, you can add custom-sized bathroom basket storage that will give your bathroom baskets a custom, built-in look while giving you storage space where you can store anything from extra soap to extra linens.

With basket storage in your bathroom, you can store guest towels, store toiletries, organize face products, or simply provide the extra storage space needed to keep the house slippers you love to wear after a bath handy.

Baskets in the Pantry & Kitchen

Increase the storage space in your kitchen and pantry with custom-crafted wicker baskets. You can create a custom feel for your kitchen storage when you design and display these gorgeous vintage woven baskets on any pantry shelf, dining table, or kitchen counter.

With custom wicker pantry storage baskets, you can add convenience to your kitchen. By storing your pantry items in decorative wicker baskets, you can quickly move items between storage in your pantry to being displayed on your kitchen counter or in your kitchen serving area.

Organize your pantry by separating your dry goods, snacks, flatware, dishes, tea towels, and other panty essentials into pantry baskets so you can locate needed items faster. If you don’t have a designated craft room, you can even consider keeping your craft supplies in a basket in your pantry so they’re easy to find and can easily be carried to your table when you’re ready to craft.

You can also add a new and dynamic look to your kitchen while putting that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets to work with a wicker basket for kitchen storage. By adding a few custom-crafted woven wicker storage baskets above your kitchen cabinets, you can store things that you rarely need and add an abundance of welcome kitchen storage space.

Baskets for Closets

From slippers and shoes to handbags and treasured family heirlooms, custom woven wicker closet baskets for the shelves in your closet can give you a designated place for storing everything in your closets while you create the ultimate closet basket organizer.

Custom-crafted baskets for closet organization are a great way to store extra pillows, sheets, blankets, and more in your closet. Add custom wicker storage baskets to your linen closet to store and organize towels, sheets, and other essential items.

Need extra blankets or pillows for a chilly evening or for company coming over? When you store your extra bedding in decorative wicker closet storage baskets you can be ready at a moment’s notice by simply transferring your closet organizing baskets along with the needed items from your closet to being displayed in any room in your home.

Organizing your closets with baskets is the quickest way to increase closet storage space and achieve order in your closets. Keep linens and folded wardrobe items like t-shirts and sweaters neatly in place and easily found. If you are lacking storage for shoes or other accessories, a few closet organizer baskets can do nicely to keep your closets neat and tidy.

You can also take advantage of the top shelf in your closets by adding closet storage baskets on the top shelf. By adding the available optional pull handle on the front, you can easily grab your closet basket off the top shelf without the help of a stepping stool.

Mudroom & Entryway Baskets

Create an inviting look and feel for the entryway of your home by adding custom-designed wicker baskets to your entryway or mudroom. You can show off the built-in look and one-of-a-kind warmth found in Amish wicker baskets to everyone as they walk into your home.

With our custom-crafted mudroom and entryway baskets, you can solve your entryway storage issues and organize all your needed items. With woven wicker mudroom organization baskets, you can create the utmost in functionality and add unforgettable visual interest to your decor. Keep umbrellas, gloves, tote bags, shoes, and other items out of sight but within easy reach on your entryway shelves, cubby holes, or under your entry table.

The long-lasting durability built into each of our Amish-crafted entryway storage baskets and the ability to have your baskets custom-crafted to your exact sizing needs makes them the perfect option for mudroom organizing baskets. Use your extra mudroom basket storage for anything from a shoe basket for your mudroom for wintertime shoes and boots to keeping summertime needs like sunblock and bug spray handy.

If your entryway contains an entry table or bench, using the custom sizing option for our wicker baskets will allow you to create visually appealing storage space. Simply add a set of beautiful wicker baskets under your bench or table to create an entryway table with baskets or entryway bench with baskets.

Lidded Storage Baskets

Optional lids are available and can be added to any of our custom wicker storage baskets. By adding the lid option to your custom baskets, you can easily turn your basket into a lidded storage basket.

Consider adding a lid to your order to turn your baskets into lidded wicker storage baskets. The storage basket with lid option is the perfect storage solution when you would like to conceal stowed items while keeping them close at hand.

Need a Special Custom Basket Shape for Your Shelves or Cubby Holes?

You can see all the custom storage basket shapes available for your shelves and more here!

(Simply click on the shape you need and start designing your own decorative storage solution.)


The 7 Best Pantry Organizers

For home cooks, having bonus storage space like a pantry can be a blessing and curse. While it's nice to have additional square footage to stash packaged foods and other ingredients, it can be hard to find a system that keeps multiple items organized and tidy. Between bagged snacks, cereal boxes, and canned goods, inevitably something gets lost or forgotten, leading to food waste and general frustration. The best pantry organizers solve even the trickiest storage problems, with the added benefit of bringing peace and order to this area of the home.

Before you start shopping for an organizer, scan your storage area and take some quick measurements of shelving depth and height. Your goal should be to maximize the space you have (however limited), so knowing just how much room you have will guide you as you shop for racks and containers. Vertical space is commonly wasted in pantries, but luckily, you can find solutions that stack or extend to take advantage of otherwise unused space.

A few helpful tips: Transferring packaged dry goods to clear, lidded containers will keep them fresh and easy to see. Jarred and canned goods can disappear behind taller items, so a dedicated bin makes them easy to locate and grab. If you have a free wall or a door, a hanging rack is an excellent low-profile solution.

Whether used alone or mixed and matched, the best pantry organizers can help you create a storage system that works for you.

1. The Best Lazy Susan For Pantries

  • Dimensions: inches in diameter with a height that can be adjusted from to inches tall

Forget what you think you know about lazy Susans, and check out this stacking, adjustable lazy Susan from YouCopia. The inch diameter of the turntable will fit on most cabinet shelves so you can keep jars of spices, condiments, or other small items contained and within reach. The sturdy, rotating base has nonslip feet so it will stay stable while you turn it to find just what you need. Three clear bins are also included, and can be used on either level to corral small snacks or packets like tea bags. And since the organizer’s center post extends from about 9 to 12 inches high, you can customize it to fit tall items on the bottom level and really make use of your shelf’s full height.

According to one reviewer: "These have absolutely transformed my pantry! They are super easy to use and it is actually even more convenient than I thought that the bins come out like they do — make(s) it easier to stock."

2. The Best Pantry Organizer For Dry Goods

  • Dimensions: These containers range from inches to inches in height

Boxed cereal, crackers, and other dry goods are some of the most notorious pantry space-hogs, and also the most prone to going stale. Plus, when you can’t easily view the contents, you never really know when it’s time to restock and you risk coming up short when making a recipe. This set of 14 BPA-free, plastic containers from Chef’s Path comes with locking lids which create an air-tight seal on your dry goods, keeping them fresh and visible. The tall, slim design allows multiple containers to be grouped together, and since the lids are flat, they can be stacked to maximize vertical space. The dishwasher-safe set comes with a pack of black chalkboard labels and a white marker for listing your containers’ contents, plus a set of measuring spoons. With such a variety of volumes and sizes (ranging from liters to liters in volume), you’ll have a home for everything from dried fruit to spaghetti and flour. And, best of all, these can nest inside each other when they're not in use to save space.

According to one reviewer: "My pantry has never looked better. The containers are attractive and the lids fit well and are easy to remove. I will most likely order this item or other ones from this company. Very nicely packaged. I was impressed by the quick service and the quality of the product."

3. The Best Pantry Organizer For Canned Goods

  • Dimensions: 14 by 17 by inches (height by length by depth)

You might normally store canned goods vertically so they don’t roll away, but you can fit a lot more on a shelf or in a pantry if you use a rack like this one from Simple Houseware. The three-tiered rack measures inches wide, inches deep, and inches tall, and can fit an impressive 36 cans of various sizes in its relatively small footprint. Six adjustable plastic dividers are included so you can keep each row totally organized, whether you're storing canned sodas, soups, or jars. The sturdy coated-wire construction won’t bend or warp under the weight of cans, and is so strong, it can be stacked with an additional rack on top. Since the tiers are tilted forward slightly, a new can will roll to the front of the rack when a can is removed, making it easy to view how much you have of a particular item.

According to one reviewer: "I hated my pantry being unorganized with cans stacked on top of each other and cans would fall as I reached for cans in back. This has made my pantry easier to look and grab cans. Even my husband noticed it looked so much better."

4. The Best Hanging Pantry Organizer

  • Dimensions: 51 by 17 by inches (height by length by depth)

This versatile rack from Smart Design can be hung from the top of a door or mounted to an empty wall using included hooks and screws. Included with the rack itself are five mesh baskets whose placement can be adjusted up or down to accommodate the height of whatever you’re storing, and safely contain items when opening or closing the door. The mesh baskets are lightweight but sturdy, and can hold a mix of canned goods, bagged items, and other pantry goods that may not fit on your pantry’s shelves. The rack measures a total of 51 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and inches deep, and minimal assembly is required to secure it to your wall or door to ensure it’s stable and weight-baring.

According to one reviewer: "I just moved into a new home with a small pantry that has a very narrow door. This was one of the few products narrow enough to fit my pantry door, and it works great! I use it mostly for spices, and it fits a lot of containers!"

5. The Best Under-Shelf Pantry Organizer

  • Dimensions: 6 inches by inches by 10 inches

These under-shelf basket immediately add extra storage to your existing pantry. These slip easily over shelf lips as tall as 1 inch in height, and are made of a durable and rust-resistant metal that can hold plenty of pantry staples. Each hanger also has light foam padding that protects your shelving. And, while this smaller shelf is available for purchase alone, you can also size up to a slightly larger under-shelf basket that comes in a set of two.

According to one reviewer: "Perfect size for under shelf pantry to store bars or alike. Having these allowed me to store more kid snacks and made my panty less messy looking! Best of all, I can utilize bottom and top shelf!"

6. The Best Clear Storage Baskets

  • Dimensions: Large bins, inches by inches by 7 inches (height by length by width); Small bins, inches by inches by 6 inches (height by length by width)

These clear baskets can help bring order to even the most unruly pantry, without taking up a lot of room on your shelves. These come in a pack of eight bins, four small and four large, so there's plenty of variety you can use to customize your storage to the pantry space you're working with. The bins are made of BPA-free plastic that's durable (though, not dishwasher safe), and allows you to get a clear look at the items you have stored. Handles on either side of each bin are easy to grab and rotate or pull out when you need to get a specific pantry item.

According to one reviewer: "Great pantry bins! Sturdy and roomy. They really help to give my pantry a clean and organized look. Don’t hesitate, these are a great value!"

7. The Best Wire Storage Baskets

  • Dimensions: 6 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches (height by length by width)

These wire baskets have convenient and easy-to-grip handles on each side, and make it easy to see all of the items you have stored away. These have a bigger footprint than the clear bins above, but they're still a super lightweight way to transport canned goods, snacks, or other staples in and out of your pantry when you need them. These come in a pack of two, and a range of sizes and metal colors you can choose depending on what suits your individual pantry.

According to one reviewer: "I love these baskets for organizing my pantry because they are sleek and sturdy, have a handle, and you can see what’s in them from all angles."

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The 10 Best Pantry Organization Bins and Shelves of

Home Edit Kit

If you want a pre-curated kitchen storage solution, you will love this set from The Home Edit collection, exclusively available at The Container Store. This set contains a selection of pieces from a collaboration between iDesign and the team from the eponymous Netflix series. You can customize your choices per your needs, but the pre-selected items include two two-tier lazy Susans, a three-tier expandable shelf, three divided Lazy Susans, four large quart canisters, four medium quart canisters, four all-purpose bins, and an additional single-tier lazy Susan.

Use these pieces throughout your kitchen, from the pantry to the fridge and freezer. Made from BPA-free clear plastic, these keep your items well-organized while also keeping everything visible and easy to find. The organizers are not dishwasher-safe, so keep them clean with regular wipe-downs and the occasional hand wash. If you need additional pieces, the set is modular so you can mix and match to find the exact components you need for your space.

The 10 Best Fridge Organization Bins and More

Major Pantry Makeover and Organization

Metal Under Shelf Hanging Kitchen Pantry Shelf Storage Basket Organizer

mDesign Household Metal Under Shelf Hanging Storage Bin Basket with Open Front for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Pantries, Shelves - Large

UNDER-SHELF STORAGE: Bin slides over pantry, cabinet and closet shelves to create extra storage; Instantly add storage to any existing shelving and take advantage of unused space; The perfect storage and organizing solution for modern kitchens and pantries; Perfect for foil, plastic wrap, waxed paper, parchment paper, sandwich bags, pastas, soups, canned goods, water bottles, baked goods, snacks and kitchen essentials like baking supplies and other staples

EASY ACCESS: Open front makes it easy to quickly grab what you need; Classic open-wire design offers roomy and convenient storage for any room in your home; Try it in a closet, bedroom, bathroom, laundry or utility room, craft room, mudroom, home office, playroom, garage and more; No tools or hardware is needed; The basket is quick and easy to slide on your already existing shelves

FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The perfect solution for organizing a multitude of household items like video games, toys, lotions, bath soaps, shampoos, conditioners, linens, towels, laundry needs, craft or school supplies, makeup or beauty necessities and more; The options are endless; Great for dorm rooms, apartments, condos, RVs, cabins and campers, too; Use this multi-purpose basket anywhere you need to add storage and get organized

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of sturdy, steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish; Easy Care - wipe clean with damp cloth

THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 10" x 13" x 6" high; Fits shelves up to 1" / cm thick


Pantry storage shelves for baskets

6 pantry storage tips for your kitchen

Arrange your kitchen pantry with these six storage tips so you can spend less, waste less, stress lessand have more time around the table.

A close-up of an open drawer with cans, tins, and spices organised using VARIERA dividers.
A close-up of an open drawer with cans, tins, and spices organised using VARIERA dividers.

1. Store on the door

Put snacks and sauce packets front and centre with hooks and clips so they don’t get lost. Hang your grocery list on the door to stick to your weekly meal plan. You can even write names (and reminders) on the hook plaques so everyone has their own snack space.

See all hooks
The inside of a pantry door where white self-adhesive plastic hooks and silver clips are used to hang nuts and sauces.

2. See-through storage

Clear containers show exactly how much you have so you can plan your grocery runs better, avoid overspending, and waste less food. Try labelling each container and taping on the expiration dates so you’ll know when it’s time to restock.

See all jars & tins
A close-up of shelves with + dry food jars with lids storing oats, biscuits, popcorn and cereals.

3. Group and go

Use baskets to keep tall bottles like oils and sauces together — and to protect the pantry from spills. Organise baskets by mealtime so you don’t have to hunt for ingredients, or gather ‘friendly foods’ together for anyone with allergies.

See all baskets
A close-up of VARIERA white plastic boxes storing condiments such as oil bottles and sauces inside a kitchen cabinet.

4. Grab and go

Make it easy to take dry goods out and put them back into your pantry with a smart steel mesh basket. It’s also suitable for the fruits and vegetables that like it better outside of the fridge.

See all baskets
A close-up of a hand holding a RISATORP white steel mesh storage basket storing different types of dry goods.

5. Pull and pick

See all your cans, spreads, and spices at a glance by installing a pantry drawer. You’ll be able to reach the very back with ease – and avoid silly stacking games. Use drawer inserts or dividers to keep the cans in place.

See all shelves & drawers
VARIERA dividers used to store jars inside MAXIMERA white drawers with UTRUSTA white drawer fronts.

6. Create extra storage

Use shelf inserts to create extra levels for jars and other items with varying heights. A clip-on basket also maximises pantry space, and you can place flatter foods like tortillas and noodle packs underneath it.

See the IVAR system
A white coated steel shelf insert and metal clip-on basket inside a pantry shelving space for jams, jars, and bottles.

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.


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