Hidden storage behind picture frame

Hidden storage behind picture frame DEFAULT

19 hidden storage solutions for sneaky homeowners

Keep your valuables safe and clutter out of sight.

Install a series of covert drawers under your staircase.

secret storage stairsPhotos: Avar Furniture

You could also cut a crawl space into the staircase.

stairs-trapdoorPhotos: Pinterest

Or better yet, build a secret storage room behind the staircase.

stairs-hidden-roomPhoto: Creative Home Engineering

Turn your baseboards into base-drawers.

baseboard drawersPhotos: Pinterest

A DIY project you can replicate.

A partially raised room on a platform creates all kinds of hidden storage.

platform-storageplatform storage 4platform storagePhotos: studioata, Pinterest

Need a beer fridge but don’t have the space? You do if you have a kitchen island.

kitchen island beer fridgePhoto: pix-hd

How about a trapdoor wine cellar under the floor.

trapdoor wine cellarPhoto: signaturecellars

Yes please.

Get a full-length mirror on hinges and hide your jewelry behind it.

hinge mirrorPhoto: Pinterest

Or you could simply fasten hinges to a picture frame or other wall-mounted item.

hinge-painting-storagePhotos: my23skidoo

A DIY slide-out pantry is a surprising space-saving storage solution.

slide-out pantryPhoto: classy clutter

Build one yourself using this how-to guide.

And this wall outlet safe is smarter than any burglar.

wall outlet safePhoto: Amazon

And so is this secret compartment disguised as a shower tile.

hidden-bathroom-tile-storagePhoto: imgur

Keep your cat’s litter box out of sight in a small cupboard or end table.

hidden-litter-boxPhotos: moderncat

Exposed beams + wire racks = out-of-sight ceiling storage.

beam storagePhoto: Pinterest

Your cluttered kitchen needs a dining nook with covert cupboards.

dining nook storagePhoto: Pinterest

Turn your bed frame into a clothes closet.

storage bedframePhoto: Pinterest

Store cable boxes and video game consoles behind a hinged-TV wall mount.

secret-tv-storagePhoto: capa.me

Hide away computer accessories by strapping them to a pegboard underneath the desk.

pegboard-computer-desk-DIYPhotos: Decluttered

And finally, stair drawers!

stairs drawersPhoto: Pinterest

Learn how to build them here.

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Sours: https://www.livabl.com/2015/09/hidden-storage-solutions.html

Everyone's wanted one of those bookcases that opens to reveal a hidden room, or maybe trapdoor tucked under the staircase. It's like you and your furniture are in on a secret. But bookcase-doors and the like can be a little pricey and impractical. How about a picture frame with a hidden compartment instead?

YouTuber Dustin Penner walks us through how to make your own picture frame with a small hidden compartment:

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The picture frame itself is pretty straightforward. All it involves is cutting a few pieces of wood to the right length and glueing them together. The hard part is creating the secret compartment. Penner cuts one of the sides of the frame in half and hollows out one of the pieces with a CNC machine, though you could achieve the same effect by drilling a hole and then attaching a new bottom.

Penner cuts the hidden compartment in a specific shape to fit a special icepick, but if you're making your own you can use any shape you want. It's not quite a hidden bookcase, but it's still pretty slick.

Source: Dustin Penner

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Sours: https://www.popularmechanics.com/home/how-to-plans/a23312/make-a-picture-frame-with-a-hidden-compartment/
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Framed Photo Hidden Storage

Are those electronics and controllers on the wall more of an eyesore than you'd like? If so, I have the perfect solution! Find a framed photo or artwork you love and simply build a little hidden compartment behind the photo. This is a very simple project that can be completed quickly. For the complete tutorial check out the plans on Ryobi Nation! They have a huge community of DIY'ers and there are all sorts of free plans and DIY inspiration. 

Electronics to hide on wall

How to hide electronics on the wall

ryobi tools diy pete

photo storage ideas

Check out the complete and detailed tutorial at Ryobi Nation! 

hidden storage ideas

DIY Pete $300 Ryobi Nation Tool Giveaway

Sours: https://www.diypete.com/framed-photo-hidden-storage/
Secret Compartment Picture Frame Design

How to make an easy hidden compartment

Storage is awesome. Hidden storage is awesomer. It’s actually quite easy to add a little storage to art work of many forms. Follow these simple steps to learn how.

For this tutorial I will show how I added a hidden compartment to the back of some fun magnetic art frames. You can learn how to make the frames in this post. I’ll also include some photos of how it works with a pallet flag that hangs in my garage shop.


*This blog participates in affiliate links. You can learn more about that here.

Wood (dependent on size needed)
Piano Hinge
Magnetic catch


miter or circular saw

How to create a hidden compartment

Essentially, all this is is a frame mounted to the wall, with the art or whatever piece that serves as the cover, being attached via piano hinge. I’ll show how I made hidden compartments on the back of a couple art frames for my kids, as well as on a pallet wood flag in my shop that is used to store lathe tools.

So, yeah, by hidden I am not talking in the sense of oh-my-gosh no one will ever know, secret room behind a bookshelf-type hidden. I’m no good with mechanics.

But they are really easy to make, so there’s that.

Step 1:

Build the frame to match the dimensions of the art (or whatever) to cover it, minus an inch or two. The exact spacing is totally up to you. Unless that seems overwhelming, in which case the answer is 1 1/2″.

How to build a hidden compartment for behind art

No need to get fancy here. Just screw it together using butt joints. (If you are new to woodworking go ahead and look it up, that’s seriously what they are called.)

Here’s another look at what that looks like with the wood flag (the flag is upside down). In this case the frame features a middle section that encompasses a support piece necessary for the flag’s structure. The flag’s width meant I wanted two sections, so this was a convenient way to break up the space.

How to build a hidden compartment for behind art

Step 2:

Add nailers. You need a way to securely attach the frame to the wall. Basically, this is just pieces of wood attached to the frame that create a nailing surface.

On these frames I attached a strip of wood across the top and bottom of the box frame. When the box goes up on the wall you’ll simply screw through the nailer board to secure the who shebang. Try not to be confused by the fact that this project is sitting on top of another project. Sorry, that’s a bit confusing.

How to build a hidden compartment for behind art

If you want something a little cleaner looking. Fancier? I don’t know, you can do corner brackets. But for this you will need to ensure that those brackets line up with studs in the wall.

How to build a hidden compartment for behind art

Step 3

Add shelves in whatever configuration you desire.

how to add hidden storage with shelves art diy

I simply glued and brad nailed these from the sides.

how to add hidden storage with shelves art diy

Here is a look at the shelving for the flag compartment:
how to add hidden storage with shelves art diy pallet flag compartment

Step 4 

Add hardware. This consists of a piano hinge and some magnetized catches. The hinge simply turns your art into a door which swings open from the frame. For the flag I had my husband hold the cover (flag) in place while I attached the piano hinge.

diy pallet flag art with hidden storage compartment

With the art frame compartments I got a bit wiser and attached the frames to the backers before hanging. I would recommend this way. Simply open the hinge to a 90 degree so it’s flush to both the “door” and the compartment, and attach. Just make sure the hinge swings the correct way.

how to build a hidden storage compartment for artwork

Next, line up the two parts of the magnetic catch and screw in place. I recommend using both catches that come with the two pack for this if your art/door has any weight.

how to build a hidden storage compartment for artwork

It’s seriously that easy.


If you found your way here from the art frames I’ll give you one other fun diy idea. Instead of support braces on the back of those frames I added a panel of whiteboard. 4×8 panels are available at home improvement stores, and they are pretty inexpensive.

white board

The whiteboard serves to strengthen and support the door, and it is a fun place for more artwork!

how to build a hidden storage compartment for artwork

Here’s how those art compartments turned out:

how to build a hidden storage compartment for artwork

These magnetized art frames with the attached hidden compartment are a fun place for kids to store their treasures, as well as to display prized art or photographs.

how to build a hidden storage compartment for artwork

how to build a hidden storage compartment for artwork


Hopefully this has you thinking about where you can add a little hidden storage!

Happy building!

Sours: https://thecreatedhome.com/easy-hidden-compartment/

Picture frame hidden storage behind

Step-By-Step: Hidden Storage Picture Frame DIY

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Sours: https://www.cityline.tv/2019/09/30/diy-hidden-storage/
Secret Compartment Frame

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