Fall footprint art for infants

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Over 20 Fantastic Fall Handprint and Footprint Crafts

Over 20 Fantastic Fall

Handprint and Footprint Crafts For Kids

Halloween and Fall is such a fun time of year for the entire family, we love doing seasonal crafts especially this time of year. There are so many great handprint and footprint crafts to do, we have compiled a few fantastic fall and Halloween ideas for you to do with the entire family.


Paper Plate Halloween Wreath with Handprint Spiders

Paper plate wreath with spider handprint from I Heart Arts N Crafts

Trick or Treat Halloween prints from The Keeper of the Cheerios


Handprint Witch from Crafty Morning

frankenstein footprint and handprint art

Frankenstein Footprint from Frogs and Snails and Puppy dog Tail
Simple Handprint Spider ~ marble painted spider web and green frame.
Handprint Spider from Housing a Forest


Frankenstein Handprints from Fun Handprint Art
Preschool Pumpkin Project: making pumpkin prints with your knuckles 20120921 171018a1 861x1024
Knuckle Print Pumpkins from Early Activity and Projects

Flying Witch Footprint from Sweet and Lovely Crafts


Footprint Mummies from Crafty Morning

Footprint Ghosts from Crafty Morning

Candy Corn Footprint from Pinkie for Pink

Footprint Scarecrow from Sweet and Lovely Crafts

Halloween 2010 089

Sweet Pumpkin Footprint from The Poe Fam

Fall Harvest Footprint Crafts from The Keeper of the Cheerios


Handprint Dracula via Crafty Morning

Pumpkin Bats from The Little Nook

Footprint Ghosts Fence Decoration from Tattered & Inked

Family Footprint Ghosts Canvas Hanging from Miner Moments

Halloween Hand & Foot Wreath from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

Spider and Ghost  from I Pinned it

Sours: https://www.thekeeperofthecheerios.com/2016/10/over-20-fantastic-fall-handprint-and-footprint-crafts.html

Introduce your baby to art, create some seasonal decor, and make keepsakes to treasure all at the same time. These adorable DIY projects help celebrate all of the pumpkins, turkeys and falling leaves of autumn, and even the littlest of babies can be your creative assistant.

photo: Hands on As We Grow

Spider Handprint Window Clings

Transform tiny, little hands into spiders for Halloween! These creepy-crawly window clings can be as sweet or scary as you like. You'll need non-toxic acrylic paint, a paintbrush, clear contact paper, googly eyes and a little patience to bring these creatures to life. For extra credit, use a little school glue to draw a spider web on your windows (yes, it peels or washes off). Hands on As We Grow has the step-by-step instructions.

photo: Fireflies Mudpies

Jack-o'-Lantern Suncatchers

Looking for a low-mess craft? Try these colorful suncatchers. Help your child draw on coffee filters with markers, using whichever colors you like. Then spray the coffee filters and let them watch in amazement as the colors blend together. After the pumpkin has dried, cut out shapes with construction paper and attach them. Laminate the pumpkin to keep it for next year. Head to Fireflies and Mudpies for how to make these gorgeous gourds.

photo: Today's the Best Day

Baby's First Jack-o'-Lantern

This clever spin on pumpkin carving uses your baby's handprints and footprints to make the face. Trace your baby's hands and feet to create stencils, then use those to carve the pumpkin. The result provides a seriously adorable and original photo opp. This idea comes from Today's the Best Day. 

photo: Meaningful Mama

Handprint Turkey Placemat

Here's a craft you can treasure for years to come at the Thanksgiving table. Stamp three handprints with your child to create a turkey. Stencil in a message and the turkey's body and you're done. Get more details on how to make this keeper at Meaningful Mama.

photo: Mama Papa Bubba

Handprint Spider on a Plate

Fans of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" will love this one. Use two of your baby's black-painted handprints to create a spider. Incorporate the song into crafting this cute project from Mama Papa Bubba, and you have a craft and a fun activity in one.

photo: Amy Anderson of Make and Takes

Handprint Pumpkin Keepsake

This idea from Make and Takes will leave you with a polished autumn decoration to remember how little baby's hand was that first Halloween. Choose a pretty orange textured paper or fabric to make the most impact.

photo: Toddler Approved

Handprint + Footprint Turkey Card

Trace your baby's hands and feet to create this clever turkey card. Whether you send it to relatives you won't see this Thanksgiving or use it to make a DIY centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, you can bet your family members will love it. Find the instructions at Toddler Approved.

photo: Rust and Sunshine

Candy Corn Footprints

Paint your baby's little feet in stripes of yellow, orange and white to create a pair of sweet, smiley candy corn treats. Use black paper or canvas to make the prints really pop. Or, use only the white paint on baby's feet and make a spooky ghost. For more instructions on the ghost, head over to the blog Rust and Sunshine, who came up with both clever ideas.

photo: The Melrose Family

Thankful Handprint Pumpkin

Get the whole family involved in this project. Each person creates a handprint on a white pumpkin using a different color of paint, starting with the biggest hand and ending with your littlest one. It's a quick way to decorate a pumpkin for baby's first Halloween and a sweet way to welcome guests to your first Thanksgiving as a family. Visit The Melrose Family for complete instructions.

photo: See Vanessa Craft

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

It's all in the saying. Preserve your fall baby's tiny footprints forever in this festive Halloween art project. Just paint your tot's feet in orange and black stripes to "stamp" on a canvas, and then add the words "Trick or Treat Smell My Feet" for a super cute keepsake. Get the full how-to at See Vanessa Craft.

photo: Toddler Approved

Handprint Turkey Artwork

Turn your baby's little handprint into a turkey to commemorate their first Thanksgiving. Be sure to add the year to your design, so you'll know how old your child was when their hands were so very tiny. Get all the details on how to make this at Toddler Approved.

—Julie Seguss


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Sours: https://redtri.com/fall-art-projects-baby-can-help-create/
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How to Make Baby Footprints

Getting the perfect newborn baby footprints can be tricky, but follow our top tips on how to make baby footprints and you should be able to take some adorable little footprints from your baby. We suggest using baby safe ink or inkless wipes to get these DIY prints, but paint works too. You could use the baby footprints as a keepsake, to make cards, or to put in a baby memory book. 

Top tips for how to make the perfect newborn baby footprints. Get baby safe ink or inkless wipes to take these diy prints to use as a baby keepsake or for a baby memory book.

We love keepsakes and have lots of baby craft ideas for you to take a look at, taking newborn footprints is just the start! Salt dough keepsakes are always popular and I totally love our clay baby footprint. 

While your baby is tiny it is the perfect time to take their footprints so you can create a memory of how little they are. Below are our top tips for taking newborn baby footprints. We have included tips from what ink you can use for a baby footprint to ideas for creating a smudge free baby footprint. 

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Top Tips for Making Baby Footprints

Top tips for how to make the perfect newborn baby footprints. Get baby safe ink or inkless wipes to take these diy prints to use as a baby keepsake or for a baby memory book.

Baby Footprint Supplies:

1. Make sure baby is comfortable

This is one of the most important things. If your baby isn't settled it will be almost impossible to make clear footprints as they will be too wriggly, even trying to take footprints will result in a very upset baby.

For young babies taking prints while they are asleep might be your best option, but if your baby is awake and alert most of the time make them comfortable and have a few items nearby that might distract them. 

I find that making baby cosy on a blanket or distracted on a baby gym works perfectly. Your baby will need to be lying down in a position which gives you easy access to their feet and they will need to be wearing just a baby vest.

2. Get your supplies ready

You don't want to start taking your baby's footprints and find that you don't have everything you need to hand. There are a few different products that you can use to take baby footprints. 

Inkless footprint kit -For newborn babies the inkless wipe print kits are amazing as there is no ink or paint involved and they are non-toxic and safe to use on babies. If using one of these kits you simply wipe your baby's foot with the wipe supplied instead of using ink and press it onto the paper provided to create a footprint. 

Top tips for how to make the perfect newborn baby footprints. Get baby safe ink or inkless wipes to take these diy prints to use as a baby keepsake or for a baby memory book.

Baby safe ink - If you prefer to use ink choose a baby safe ink pad (like the one we have linked to above) and make sure that it is large enough to fit the entire foot. You will need a piece of paper or card larger than your baby's foot to print onto.

Top tips for how to make the perfect newborn baby footprints. Get baby safe ink or inkless wipes to take these diy prints to use as a baby keepsake or for a baby memory book.

Paint - Paint is the more messy option, but for some projects (like our footprint heart) it works well. If using paint you need to make sure you only apply a thin layer of paint and you need to be extra careful to avoid smudging. Again for this option you will need paper to print onto.

For all 3 baby footprint options you will also need something hard to put under the paper that you are printing onto. A clipboard, hardback book, chopping board or even a pile of card would all work perfectly. If you are using ink or paint make sure you have some baby wipes to hand for a quick clean up after each print.

3. Position yourself

Get yourself in a position facing your baby's feet so that their feet are easy to reach. 

4. Make the footprint

Now you have everything prepared it is time to make the footprint. Place the paper that you are printing onto under your baby's feet so that the area you want to print onto is within easy reach of their foot. Don't forget that you must have a hard surface under the paper. 

Hold your baby's foot firmly by the ankle. If you are using an ink pad press your baby's foot into the ink pad making sure the foot is entirely covered or if you have opted for an inkless print kit wipe the bottom of your baby's foot with the wipe. If you are using paint apply a thin layer of paint using a soft brush. 

Top tips for how to make the perfect newborn baby footprints. Get baby safe ink or inkless wipes to take these diy prints to use as a baby keepsake or for a baby memory book.

Now you ready to make the print. When your baby seems relaxed hold their foot by their ankle over the paper and then press the foot heel first onto the paper. You may need to use your spare hand to gently press your baby's toes down.  Remove your baby's foot straight away and take a look at the little print you have created. 

Top tips for how to make the perfect newborn baby footprints. Get baby safe ink or inkless wipes to take these diy prints to use as a baby keepsake or for a baby memory book.

5. Clean up

Clean the first foot with a baby wipe before attempting the next foot or you will end up with ink or paint everywhere (including on your paper) as your baby wriggles about!

If you are using inkless wipes there is no worry about any mess, but you do need to be careful to make sure that your baby's foot doesn't touch the special paper again after the print has been taken.

Top tips for how to make the perfect newborn baby footprints. Get baby safe ink or inkless wipes to take these diy prints to use as a baby keepsake or for a baby memory book.
Oliver (aged 2 months) loves getting his footprints taken.  I think he quite likes the sensory feeling on his feet and he loves any extra attention going his way, but we do only take his footprints when he is feeling really relaxed and chilled. 

Take a look at all our baby activities. We have lots of fun play ideas as well as keepsake crafts. 

If you want some ideas of what to do with your babies footprints check out this list of baby footprint ideas: 

Sours: https://www.messylittlemonster.com/2018/04/how-to-make-baby-footprints.html
Adorable Footprint Crafts For Kids and Babies

19 Easy and Adorable Handprint Crafts for Fall

19 Easy and adorable handprint crafts for toddlers and preschoolers to make this fall. 

Fall is just around the corner, and I know those of you with toddlers and preschoolers will be looking for easy fall crafts that you can do with your kids and students this fall.

I’ve rounded up 19 Adorable handprint crafts for fall that are sure to be a hit with you and your children.

Kids always love a handprint craft ’cause it’s so fun to get your hand all painty, make a print, and then turn that print into a cute picture, but I think the biggest fans of kids’ handprint crafts are the parents. Who doesn’t want to have your child’s small handprint immortalized in an adorable craft that you can look back on and cherish years from now?

I’ve included a variety of fall themes in this round up, so if you’re looking for a handprint craft for Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Remembrance Day, you’re bound to find something you like here!

19 Handprint Crafts for Fall and Halloween

All of these ideas are fun and simple, and perfect for daycare, Sunday School, the classroom or for home.

Click through on the links under the photos to get the detailed instructions for each craft.

19 Handprint Crafts for Fall:

handprint art for Halloween

These skeleton handprints were simple enough for even the youngest of my hooligans to make.  All you need is a paper plate, some paint and a styrofoam produce tray. – Happy Hooligans

I’m just smitten with this adorable handprint owl from CindyDerosier.com.  Owls and fall go hand in hand! Or handprint in handprint.  Ha!

Use Q-tips for bones, and construct this skeleton hand from Crafty Morning.

The hooligans had a ton of fun making these cute, little handprint spiders. The process we use to paint the webs is always a HUGE hit here.  HINT:  There are golf-balls involved.  – Happy Hooligans

fall leaf and acorn handprints

These charming handprint leaves by House of Burke took the internet by storm when I first shared them. Unfortunately, I can’t find the blog online anymore, so I can’t link to the original post. They look easy enough to make though!

This leaf handprint wreath would be a super project to do with a group of kids. Have everyone make a leaf to contribute to the wreath, and then hang it on the door of your daycare or classroom!  – Kiwi Crate by Mama Miss

Fall is the season for gathering nuts!  If your kids are curious about the little acorns they find on the sidewalk and the yard, these acorn handprints would be a fun project to do with them. – Crafty Morning

handprint apple crafts

It’s apple season!  Our tissue and button apple tree craft is a great tactile project. The textured tree trunk, the crumply tissue paper and the hard, shiny buttons are so much fun for little hands to explore. – Happy Hooligans

Here’s one that’s simple enough for the toddlers to do.  A paper plate apple with a handprint leaf attached to the stem! – Fun Handprint Art

Check out this back-to-school apple handprint by I Heart Arts and Crafts!  I love her idea for adding the date to make it a first-day-of-school keepsake.

  • monster hand with lentils and bandaids

These monster hands are easy to make and a fun opportunity for kids to explore dried beans and lentils.

Freeze some water in a rubber glove overnight and kids can have fun melting these icy hands with salt and water.

sunflower and poppy handprint crafts for kids

If you observe Remembrance Day in your country, these fingerprint poppies would be nice to make with your students or children. – Crafty Morning

If you’re studying sunflowers with your kids this fall, this handprint sunflower would be another great group project.  – Nurturestore

Stamp and splatter some great big handprint sunflowers with this fun project from Our Little House in the Country.

Pumpkin Handprint Art for Toddlers

These little Halloween gift bags are packing a whole lotta cute!  LOVE the little handprint leaf at the top! – Glued to My Craft

Have the kids make their own Halloween handprint greeting cards. I love the sweet, little message inside. – Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Handprint Fall Tree Crafts for Preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

The hooligans enjoyed crumpling up tissue paper to create the vibrant leaves falling from these Handprint trees. – Happy Hooligans

Explore “negative space” with Fun-A-Day’s Fall Handprint Art project.  Your kids will love this process.

handprint turkey crafts for Thanksgiving

And finally, taking you right the way through fall, we have our Thanksgiving handprint crafts:

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving with out this classic handprint turkey craft by Happiest Mommy on the block.

And lastly, turn a few cardboard rolls into table toppers or napkin rings with this totally cute turkey handprint craft for toddlers. – No Time for Flashcards

Handprint Crafts for Fall and Halloween

And when you finish up with all of these, check out this collection of Christmas handprint crafts from Red Ted Art!

More fall crafts your kids will love:

14 Fall Crafts for Preschoolers

6 Fall Tree Crafts for Preschoolers

21 Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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