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Los Barriles is located on the east side of the southern tip of Baja California Sur, on the Sea of Cortez. It is about one hour north San Jose del Cabo, and an hour south of La Paz. The area around Los Barriles is generally known as the East Cape. The closets aiports are Los Cabos, and La Paz, with Los Cabos having more frequent flights. Click for Transportation and Maps to Los Barriles


The area around Cabo has been inhabited for at least years. The first Europeans found primitive people in the area living on a subistence diet from hunting and fishing, and only using stone tools.

The modern history of Los Barriles is about fishing. From the s fisherman came to the East Cape area in enough numbers that a couple of hotels were built in Los Barriles and Buena Vista. With the completion of Mexico Highway 1 in , more fishermn were able to drive down the peninsula and experience the great fishing of Los Barriles and the East Cape. Windsurfers also came south and found excellent sailing conditions in the winter months.

Today Los Barriles attracts Fishermen, Windsurfers, Kite Boarders, and Divers from all over the world. Fisherman come fro the marling, tuna, and dorado that team in nearby waters. Windsurfers and Kite Boarders come for the famous North Wind which blows from November thru March. And Divers cherish the teeming waters of Cabo Pulmo Marine Park.


The population of Los Barriles is now a mix of Mexican and North Americans who live full or part time in the town. Many of the Mexicans in Los Barriles have lived their for generations. It has a small town feel with everyone knowing each other and many people making a living from tourism, fishing, and the sea.


The major attractions in Los Barriles revolve around the beautiful Sea of Cortez. From April thru October, Los Barriles is a place for fishing. Large pelagic fish can be found very close to shore. The water gets very deep quickly, and the area is blessed with an undersea canyon that gets very close to the beach. Tuna, Marlin, Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Wahoo, Sailfish, and Roosterfish can all be found in good numbers not far from shore. Anglers from around the world come to enjoy this great fishing.

From November thru March, Los Barriles is a windsurfer and kite boarder paradise. The "North Wind" blows steadyily at times during these months and can literally blow for days. While it's bad for fishing, it's ideal for windsurfing.

Throughout the year Los Barriles is a great place for snorkeling and diving. Snorkelers can have fun snorkeling right in front of Martin Verdug's Hotel. They can also book a trip to snorkel and dive the world famous Cabo Pulmo reef. Follow this link for more information on Los Barriles activites.



La Paz &#; Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct.


The BIG PICTURE and the REST of the STORY&#;

Oh yea! Claif Rebaza puts another one in the boat. Claif had a remarkable first-time visit with us boating some sizeable bull dorado.

Betty Zuelke with her favorite Captain Victor who&#;s just about as colorful as this dorado.

These two characters are the best and have been fishing with us for years from Atlanta GA! Brian O&#;Neill and Leif Dover with another good day on the water with big dorado, snapper, pargo and cabrilla for the freezer.

Just when I thought the billfish had left, Steve Poe and Captain Boli hooked this one right out front of the Malecon. A quick photo and and excellent release!

Love this shot of Steve with a La Paz mahi to start the morning.

Chris Matthes was great to have visit finally after so man years. Great guy and good fisherman. He had a good day on the dorado schools this particular day.  He lives up near Davis CA.

The dorado seemed to get bigger this week. Steve Poe, Claif Rebaza and Steve Holman on the beach at Muertos strike the pose.

Check out the variety on the cleaning table&#;dorado, big triggerfish, cabrilla, pargo and snapper!

Always great to have these folks visit from Utah. Good amigos Dave and Cassie Waite had a fun day with Captain Gerardo. Lots of sierra, a few dorado, some triggerfish, cabrilla and snapper are headed home. Grateful to them for bringing us cheddar cheese and butter! You rock, my friends!

John McVay has been fishing with us for years and always jumps on the panga with his favorite Captain Jorge. A good day on the water!

Evelyn and Dana Milano pose with some of their catch after a day fishing out&#;ve La Paz.

Happy Birthday to Bob Layko celebrating his 65th and retirement and visits us every year at the same time with Craig Brown. Their favorite captain Armando helps out with a big rainbow runner to take home. Both our amigos are from Oregon. Bob was retiring from the merchant marine.

Not a bad start! Paul and Betty Zuelke obviously found the hot spot on the dorado for their first day.

Hi Evelyn! Great colors and some good eating!

Wayne has one for the fish box!

Great colors on this fresh dorado Betty caught out&#;ve Las Arenas. For two days fishing she and her husband had a good week!

The weather is getting more erratic and cooling things down. More wind…very strong at times. More waves. Colder water. Cooler air temperatures. All affecting the fishing to some degree. Oh, plus a full moon!

Actually, it’s a really pleasant time to be down here. That’s why so many snow birds are already starting to flock into town. Day time temps are in the low to mid’s with minimal humidity. Evenings are breezy and comfortable. Great beach weather too.

It’s just not necessarily great to be ON the water. Sometimes it just better to stay on the beach or hang out at the pool to be honest, but I feel badly for the fishermen who are disappointed by the weather anxious to get out.  It&#;s not just a matter of rough conditions, but a safety issue first and foremost.

Many days are just fine. Other days, the winds have blown very strong forcing us to cancel fishing. You just never know. The weather can be unpredictable. The weather forecast can say one thing, but there are so many micro-climates in the area, it’s crazy. It can start out windy and rough then flatten out. It can look great in the morning, but in a few hours the northern winds are whipping things up. The weather has definitely changed earlier than normal.

In terms of the fishing, we know there’s still warm water out there because the dorado bite continues to be very good. Larger fish were found this past week with 20+ pound mahi not unusual. Both our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet and our Tailhunter La Paz fleet found some good action on these fish. Some are singular, but others are still schooling.

Also, just when I thought the billfish had finally departed after a great showing all season, we ended up hooking a few this week so I guess they are still around, but it’s been a surprise.

The biggest indicator of the season change is the appearance of cooler water species. Sierra have been biting steadily now for more than 2 weeks. We’re getting some yellowtail, rainbow runners and amberjack which are also cooler water species. Pargo liso (mullet snapper) are usually not caught until the late winter or spring. Same with the palomita and pompano. All those species have been biting with more frequency.

As well, we still have bonito, jack crevalle, snapper and other species giving us good action.

Live bait has been the best for fishing and it’s been no problem getting it this year, but when the winds are blowing, it’s difficult for the bait guys to catch bait to sell.


That&#;s our story!

Jonathan & Jilly

Jonathan Roldan&#;s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address: Tailhunter Sportfishing
La Mesa Blvd. #, La Mesa CA

from USA :
from Mexico:

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.&#;

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The complete travel guide to Los Barriles, Mexico

With a windswept perch on glittering Las Palmas Bay, the fishing village of Los Barriles, Mexico is an adventure lover’s paradise, and the kind of place where one can easily get off the grid. ‘The Barrels’ (as it’s known in Spanish) is on the southeast tip of Baja California Sur, and best known for its kiting spots, sport fishing and laid-back vibe that lures sun-seekers down the area for months at a time.

Los Barriles Mexico

This post may contain affiliate links, which Globe Guide receives compensation for with each click or purchase at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

The compact town centre has shops, small cafes and taquerias running along the main street Calle 20 Noviembre, as well as e-bike and ATV rentals perfect for off-roading in the surrounding desert. A day on the water means catching wind or waves, casting a rod or keeping an eye out for the dolphins and sea lions that frequent the area.

Sundown brings happy hour margaritas on the beach, capped off by dining on the catch of the day like tuna, Mahi Mahi or even marlin.

Los Barriles Mexico "The Barrels"

From the best accommodations to day trips and activities, here’s a complete guide to exploring Los Barriles Mexico.

Los Barriles Mexico

What to do in Los Barriles: Rent an ATV

Forget cars: around here, it’s all about the quads. Open-air jeeps, ATVs and side-by-sides are the transportation of choice in Los Barriles, since many of the surrounding roads are dusty and bumpy. Rent one from an outfitter like Quadman Baja or Quadgirl ATV/UTV Rentals to cruise around town, or take a wild ride through the desert by booking a guided tour to discover hidden waterfalls, mango plantations and secluded beaches.

Los Barriles Mexico ATV rental

Los Barriles Mexico ebike rental

Los Barriles fishing

One of the best things to do in Los Barriles BCS is head out for a day of sport fishing in the Sea of Cortez. Board your boat at dawn, and enjoy the sunrise during the hour-long ride out to some of Baja’s best fishing spots.

Fishing in Los Barriles Mexico

Cast your rod, and within seconds you could be reeling in the likes of a snapper, Roosterfish, jack fish, Mahi Mahi (Dorado), swordfish or a yellowfin tuna. Just be sure to pull in your catch as quickly as possible, since the resident sea lions have been known to snag them right off the line!

There are plenty of options for deep-sea fishing in Los Barriles Baja California Sur, with most trips lasting between four and eight hours. Hire a charter boat through a local operator or the Hotel Palmas de Cortez, which is conveniently located right in front of the area’s main dock. You don’t have to be a pro angler to head out since the crew will do most of the work for you (essentially all you have to do is the glory job of reeling in the fish!) and you might even spot dolphins or whales.

Dolphins near Los Barriles Mexico

At the end of the day, your crew will hoist a number of flags corresponding to how many fish you caught as you proudly sail back to the dock. They can cut them into fillets right there, so you’ll get to enjoy your catch for dinner.

Pricing for a day of fishing varies depending on the size of the boat and how many hours you stay out for. For example, chartering a well-equipped, 35’ vessel for up to eight people typically costs around $ for a half day trip or close to $ for a full day, and includes food, drinks, equipment and the services of multiple crew members. Tips and bait are extra.

A valid sportfishing license is required to go fishing in Los Barriles, and costs about $25 per person. Some charter operators will organize one for you, so be sure to confirm those details before heading out. Pack long sleeves, a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.

Los Barriles Mexico fishing boats

Wind sports

Thanks to consistent winds, a large uncrowded beach and vast surrounding bays, Los Barriles is one of the best places on the planet for kite sports. The season for foilboarding, kite surfing and boarding, surfing and wind sailing runs from November through March, when the water and beaches become dotted with the fluorescent kites. The sizeable ‘El Norte’ swell is ideal for kitesurfing, and winds in the area typically blow from mid-morning until late afternoon so there’s plenty of time to hit the water.

Pros pack their own gear down, while beginners can sign up for lessons at a place like the ExotiKite Kiteboarding School which also offers on-site accommodations, wave camps, SUP and yoga. Another option is Vela Baja Adventure Sports which operates out of the Playa Del Sol resort, and offers windsurfing, kiteboarding, free diving, SUP and kayaking.

Kiteboarding in Los Barriles Mexico

Hit the beach

With miles of shoreline, it comes as a surprise that there aren’t usually many people on the beach. That’s because despite its blindingly-white hue, the sand on Playa Los Barriles is actually made up of lots of tiny rocks which makes it a bit of a challenge to lounge on. However, there are still beach volleyball courts and plenty of space for sunset walks&#;just make way for vehicles, since everyone drives on the beach here!

Los Barriles Mexico


Instead, head south just a few minutes down the road to Buena Vista, where the sand is powdery soft and the water is incredibly warm and beautiful. We’re talking bathwater-warm, to the point where certain spots feel like they’re nearly scalding your feet!

Globe Guide tip: Book into the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort which has a great location along the water, and plenty of loungers for guests. Click here to book

Buena Vista Mexico beach

Buena Vista Mexico beach

Fun day trips from Los Barriles

There are some incredible spots in Baja California Sur that are a relatively quick drive from Los Barriles, and well worth the trip if you have extended time in the area.

Todos Santos, Mexico

  • Todos Santos: A so-called Pueblos Mágicos (‘Magic Town’), this charming spot is 90 minutes west of Los Barriles on the Pacific Ocean side, and boasts sweeping beaches, a great arts scene and fantastic food.
  • La Ventana: Another favourite spot for the kiting crew, this is another wind sports Mecca on the east coast that also has a cool glamping resort worth checking out.
  • La Paz: The chance to swim with whale sharks is what brings most people to this coastal city, which also has fantastic street art, a lively waterfront and easy access to Isla Espiritu Santo, which is one of the world’s most abundant ecosystems.
  • San Jose del Cabo: Beyond being Baja’s main party and resort area, there are tons of great activities nearby like zip lines, camel rides and sunset sails to the famous Arch.
Street Art in La Paz, Mexico

La Paz

How to get to Los Barriles

Most visitors fly into the Los Cabos airport (SJD) then make the one hour drive north up to Los Barriles along Highway 1. Another option is to fly into La Paz (LAP) which is two hours away and services many domestic destinations.

Where to stay in Los Barriles

Since many people who visit Los Barriles stay for months at a time, house rentals are popular as well as the beachfront campsites. The East Cape RV Resort, Playa Norte RV Park and Baja Sunrise RV Park (prices start at $20 per day) are usually packed during the winter months, when sun-seekers head down from the west coast of Canada and the USA.

There are a handful of resorts along Los Barriles beach, including:

Hotel Palmas de Cortez: Arguably the most popular of all the Los Barriles hotels thanks to its prime location, Hotel Palmas de Cortez is in the heart of the action. Many of the fishing boats depart from the dock out front which makes this a good choice for those hoping to reel in a big catch, and the resort often hosts sport fishing tournaments. Amenities include an infinity pool, jacuzzis, a driving range, tennis courts and kids playground.

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

There are a handful of eateries on site including a lively swim-up pool bar, a wine lounge, the excellent Umi Sushi Bar by Bay View, and tables with great beach views. The spacious suites have plenty of space to spread out, with private patios and even swinging hammocks and kitchenettes for select rooms. Click here to book

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Punta Pescadero Paradise Hotel & Villas: It’s a ways out of town, but if you’re looking for luxury this is your spot. Each of the 21 suites has a private terrace overlooking the Sea of Cortez, and the remote location is surrounded by a two-mile beach and a serene desert landscape. Click here to book

Los Barriles Mexico

Playa Los Barriles

Globe Guide explored Los Barriles as a guest of La Paz Tourism and Hotel Palmas de Cortez. As always, hosts have no editorial influence on articles


Los Barriles 2021 Dorado Shootout


La Joya ready to make a new Los Barriles fishing report

Los Barriles fishing report is brought to you by Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. #seewhatsoutthere


Great weather again last week with the exception of one day of wind. The air temp is right around 90° and the water is holding around 85°. The water color is still clear & blue.


Ballyhoo and sardinas were available in front of Palmas de Cortez Hotel.


To be perfectly honest, we only fished for roosters one day and didn&#;t have a lot of success. But, thats fishing as they say. More than likely it was due to the big winds we experienced the day before. Most anglers are choosing to fish the wide open tuna and marlin bite.


The dorado have also not shown in huge numbers yet. Still only a few fish being caught every day. However, there were a couple of big bulls taken last week. Hoochies and ballyhoo are the ticket!


The marlin bite is still the best bite in town right now. 2 to 4 fish per day is normal. The billfish are stacking up miles in the banks. Most fish coming on ballyhoo.


The tuna bite remaned hot again last week. We are having good success miles out, fishing under porpoise. Fish range from lbs. Almost every angler targeting tuna is returning with limits.


Not too many wahoo caught last week. My guess is that it&#;s due to the tuna bite going wide open and not many people targeting them. However, they are here.  

Overall the fishing has been off the charts. That&#;s a wrap on your Los Barriles Fishing Report. I feel like the reports all almost all the same. But it is, what it is. The weather is great and the fishing is even better.


We are taking reservations almost every day now and July is 50% full. If you are planning to visit and fish the East Cape this year&#;whether with us or another charter, you should make your reservations as soon as possible. We are anticipating a very busy schedule this summer. Click here to view our availability 

Come Adventure!

Want something to do with the fam when you&#;re not fishing? Here you go. We (los Barriles Adventures) now have a 10 passenger panga dedicated to snorkeling trips, eco tours and sunset/booze cruises. Click the link below for more information!

visit the website


Mexico fishing los barriles

I have fished the La Paz and the East Cape areas about 50 times in the last 25 years. One summer I drove down and spent 7 weeks fishing in various areas, sometimes with little local commercial guys who fished with boards and old linethey usually out caught me about 4 to 1.

March is very questionable because of weather/wind/waves/cold. If you can change your plans I would recommend you do so.

April is a little better, as is May, but in the last few years fishing has been erratic with fish seeming to bite out of season. Since our leader tells us that climate change is a hoax, I can't explain why water temps are running out of season.

For the last few years I have traveled in June. The fish are starting to come in and the water is warming, but the days are not too hot. Bait has been a little bit of a problem for the last couple of years, so take Rapalas, trolling feathers, some hoochies (my favorite artificial in that area), and some small iron.

July, August and Sept are better fishing, but the weather can be really hot. I had a trip in August a few years ago where every day for 5 days was over degrees with no breezefishing was great but my buddy couldn't handle the heat and we had to drop him off in front of the hotel by 11AM each day. I caught big Roosters everyday so I didn't mind.

October is getting into hurricane weather. I have had to cancel 2 trips in Oct because of bad storms.

On the East Cape I stay at a funky little resort in Los Barriles. Verdugos is very simple, family owned, serve breakfast and a boxed lunch and the rooms are clean and reasonable. Lot's of little local restaurants in walking distance. The big fancy resorts include meals, but I prefer to eat on my schedule and enjoy the local environment.

Martin Verdugo&#;s Beach Resort - Fishing, Windsurfing, and Fun in Los Barriles

La Paz is slightly different because they have La Paz Bay, Muertos Bay and Isla Cervallo. Better opportunities for bottom fishing than the East Cape. You can fish them with Tailhunters, and Jonathan and Jill are super people. Here is their web link and you can get on Jon's weekly report so you know what is going on.

FISH BAJA "La Paz the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez" Tailhunter Sportfishing Sea of Cortez, La Paz – Baja Sur, Mexico We’re a Full Service Sportfishing Outfitter From Airport Transfers to Lodging Accommodations, … To The Most Amazing Fishing in La Paz, Baja California La Paz Fishing and Sport

I could go on forever, but if you want more info you can PM me and we can set up a call. I have a multi-page write up on fishing Baja that I put together for somebody a few years ago that I can send you.

You should try to get to the Fred Hall Show in early March as both Verdugos and Tailhunters will have booths. Try to talk to Jonathan at Tailhunters and Marisol at Verdugos. Say hello from Sheldon in case I can't get to the show this year.


Los Barriles, Baja Expat Paradise

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