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3 Inch Ford Leveling Lift Kit Spacers For 05-20 Ford F250/F350 Top Gun Customz

Do you want to take your F-250 or F-350 to the next tire? 3-inch front suspension level kit is your only option. This 3-inch leveling kit for the Ford F-250 and F-350 removes the factory rake condition, offering a wide and even stance to your Super Duty truck from front to rear.

By installing a F-250/350 level kit, you can use up to 33-inch tires and increase your ground clearance all while maintaining the factory ride quality. With our simple bolt-on installation design, leave the drill and saw in the box - our DIY design will have you lifted in no time at all.

  • Maintains factory ride quality
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Levels the front of the vehicle with the rear
  • No strut disassembly required
  • Simple bolt-on installation, no cutting


  • 2017 and up models may require a adjustable trac bar or trac bar relocation bracket (not included in kit)


  • 2005-2020 Ford F250
  • 2005-2020 Ford F350
Sours: https://topguncustomz.com/product/3-inch-ford-leveling-lift-kit-spacers-05-20-ford-f250-f350-top-gun-customz

Well, you finally decided to raise the body of your truck. Many people may argue that buying a lift kit is a waste of money. But the truth is that it comes with many advantages, one of the main ones being able to have a better view over smaller vehicles.

Although the installation may take some time and effort, the result is worth it. So, I have taken up the liberty of compiling a list of the best lift kit for F250 Super Duty which will surely meet and exceed your expectations.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

9 Top Best Ford F-250 Super Duty Lift Kits Comparison

1. Readylift Leveling Kit With Track Bar Relocation Bracket

With around 400 positive reviews, coming in the first place is the Leveling Kit by Readylift. Now, I am going to tell you one thing. There is no product better than this one on the market, period. Now, what makes me so confident while saying that? I will explain some key features of these which will surely impress you.

Let me make one thing clear. This lift kit will not affect the driving smoothness of your truck at all. If you are worried about something like this, you can rest assured that you will not notice any changes in your driving.

You will have a better view of what is in front of you on the road, which is one of the major benefits of a leveling kit. You can drive confidently with all vehicles around you in your sights. It also allows you to upgrade to 35-inch tires, which means that you can have better drive stability with a tire upgrade.

A buyer had an issue in which the kit did not come with complete parts. The buyer had to pay for those missing parts, which is an inconvenience.


  • Will retain OEM drive
  • Supports up to 35-inch tires
  • Better view
  • Easy to install

This lift kit is truly a great product. People had nothing to say but positive stuff about it. The few instances where the brand users had issues such as missing parts handled the situation very poorly. But the chance of something like this happening is extremely rare.

2. MotoFab Lifts 2 Inch Front Leveling Kit

With around 200 five-star reviews, taking an easy second place is the MotoFab Lifts 2 Inch Front Leveling Kit. This one is not only compatible with the F250, but with the F350 too, both of them from the years 2005 to 2019. Now that is a huge compatibility range.

These promise to raise the front of your Ford truck by an exact 2 inches. That is a major increase, which will be noticeable by you or anyone who sits in the cabin of your truck. You will be able to see traffic better, install larger-sized tires, and the most important thing of all, it looks extremely cool.

This kit has been crafted out of a single block of aluminum to ensure maximum durability, which is CNC machined into these beastly kits. The added black paint, which is anodized, not only looks awesome but matches the color of the suspension preinstalled in the truck.

Installation takes a maximum of two hours. You were maybe wondering why the time is so less. The reason for that is you don’t have to open up the coil system, which is a requirement for some kits. This saves a ton of time.

Being one that does not require any strut disassembly, these do not have any faults or issues. People faced no hiccups while installing or even while receiving it after ordering.


  • 2-inch lift
  • No coil disassembly
  • Made out of solid aluminum
  • It fits a large year range of trucks

If you are looking for a cheap and efficient way of raising your truck, then look no more, as this one from MotoFab Lifts will be perfect for you.

3. MZS Lifts 2 In Front Leveling Kit

Coming up in the top third spot is another excellent piece of engineering. This Front Leveling Kit from the Manufacturer MZS will most definitely impress you if the last two did not.

The brand puts the customer first and clarifies everything there is to know, so there is no doubt. The kit guarantees a 2-inch lift. But the actual spacer is 1.5-inches thick. This clarifies any misconceptions that the lift is only as much as the thickness of the spacer.

You will notice a much stable stance alongside increased space for the fender and the tire. What this means is that you can use larger-sized tires without any issue.

Thanks to the hard work of the engineers behind this superb lift kit, the installation can be done easily and in a short amount of time. The company states that it will take a maximum of three hours to install the whole kit. The installation is also bolt-on, which means no special tools are required.

Moreover, the manufacturer does advise all buyers to get an alignment after installation. This is necessary so that your truck drives just like it did when it is brand new. There will be no negative effect on its driving capability.

One user had a problem in which the given bolts were not of the correct length. They were too short. If this happens to you, then you may need to buy appropriate bolts separately.


  • Bolt-on installation
  • Supports larger tires
  • Brand recommends alignment
  • 2-inch lift


  • May receive wrong sized bolts

This one is another example of fine engineering. You will love it if you choose to buy it. The 2-inch lift alongside the better stance will help your drive your F250 in confidence.

4. Rough Country 1.5″ Leveling Kit

The Rough Country is a brand that I have reviewed before and not in the lift kit section. They also make excellent exhaust systems that are praise and award-worthy. Why am I mentioning this? It tells you that the brand is an experienced one.

They also state that this Rough Country 1.5″ Leveling Kit is the ultimate combination of improved performance, protection, and style. Well, just by looking at the product, it does seem true.

This one does not provide as much lift as the previous three lift kits. This is for those who want the added height but without making too much of a difference. It also allows you to use up to 33-inch tires, which is very impressive.

Furthermore, the spacers themselves are made of solid steel. It is extremely strong and durable. For added convenience and safety, the spacers come with a lip that allows them to fit into the factory seat perfectly.

This is important because the lip ensures that you will install the spacer perfectly at the angle that the manufacturer intended.

The brand does not mention the need for getting an alignment after installation anywhere. Some buyers had to find this out after driving and observing the poor driving experience.


  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Supports up to 33-inch tires
  • Made of steel


  • Alignment needed after installation

If only the company had paid more attention to informing their customers of the important things, these would have been the perfect option for many people.

5. Wulf 2.8″ Front Adjustable Leveling Lift Kit

If you are one of those who own an older model of the F250, such as the 1999 to 2004 models, I have to you covered. This fifth lift kit designed especially for your truck is here to give your truck the raise you deserve.

With well over 150 ratings, most of them being five-star ones, this Wulf 2.8″ Front Adjustable Leveling Lift Kit is the perfect upgrade for your F250. You can get an up to 2.8-inch lift, which is the largest we have seen until now.

This means that you will notice a huge difference in ride height, which will give you a better view of the surroundings.

The company did not mention anything about the easiness of the installation, but what is a guarantee is that they have taken every step to ensure that the whole leveling kit can be installed without any hiccups.

All necessary hardware, including the U-bolts has been included in the box, so you can get right on to install it when you receive it.

Although users had no issues with this one, the included hardware is of low quality. I am talking about the lock nuts, which are an essential component of the whole set. It also does not fit the January and February models of the 1999 F250 Super duty.


  • 2.8-inch lift
  • All hardware included
  • Made of extremely durable steel
  • Included alignment bolts for ease of installation
  • Prevents sagging


  • Poor quality lock nuts
  • It does not fit early variants of the 1999 model

You can’t get better than this Wulf Suspensions lift kit if you own up to a 2004 model of the Ford F250. It is an excellent product. It is advised to reconfirm the model year and month before placing an order for it.

6. American Automotive 3″ Lift Kit

In sixth place, coming monstrously is the American Automotive 3″ Lift Kit, a complete set for the front and the rear of your truck. This product allows you to experience a 3-inch raise, which is the largest one we have seen yet.

This one is available for the latest and greatest, the 2005 to 2021 models of the Ford Super Duty. Laser-cut from steel, this one, with its heavy-duty construction, will surely not break on you. You will have a product with unparalleled durability.

The brand is one of the best when it comes to jamming all important features in their kit. They have even included sound isolators in the box, which help in restoring the stock riding experience.

Installation is easy as this one has a bolt-on installation. You don’t need to mess with the suspension as it is compatible with the preinstalled one.

You also do not need any extra tools or even a spring compressor. You only need to take out three hours of your time, and you are good to go.

Although the manufacturer did not mention this, for the 2011 to 2016 models of the F250, you need to buy a track bar drop bracket or an adjustable track bar for this lit.


  • Easy to install
  • Included sound isolators
  • 3-inch lift
  • Included shock extenders


  • Track bar needed for 2011 to 2016 models

The company should make things clear, so buyers don’t have to waste extra time and money while buying this kit. It is a great product, no doubt, which will give you a 3-inch difference in raise.

7. Readylift 2.5″ Coil Spring Lift Kit With Bilstein Shocks

Yes, you read that right. This set of Lift Kits Comes With a Brand-New Pair of Bilstein Shocks. If you are willing to spend this much, you will not get a better product than this one.

Giving you a perfect 2.5-inch lift, this brand ensures you get the latest and greatest suspension system alongside a decent raise, which will transform your whole drive experience entirely.

Bilstein makes stellar quality shocks. I have reviewed their products before, and most of the time, they earned the top spot quite easily. Well, those being included in these makes it exciting.

These even fit the F350 truck, so if you have one, then there will be no problems installing it. Installation is a breeze and has the shortest installation time of all. Even with replacing the shocks, you can do all of this within two hours.

Buyers showed major concerns. The first was that one buyer received different-sized spacers. Another issue was that one buyer did not receive bolts to mount the sway bar. All of this creates inconvenience, trying to get a refund or contacting the manufacturer to order the missing parts.


  • Easy to install
  • It comes with top of the line shocks
  • It gives you a 2.5-inch lift


  • May receive wrong spacers
  • May not include bolts for the sway bar

If you decide to spend this much amount while getting a new lift kit and getting the shocks upgraded, there is no better option than available on the market.

8. Maxracing 2-Inch Suspension Leveling Kit

We are reaching the end of this article, and every single product I research has dozens of positive reviews, which makes it all a lot harder to choose the appropriate position for each of them.

The same applies to this Maxracing 2-Inch Suspension Leveling Kit which is usable on the 2005 to 2021 versions of the F250 Super Duty.

The main concern all buyers have while purchasing any suspension upgrade system is the durability of the product they are receiving.

Well, with this one you don’t have to worry anymore. The spacer itself is made using billet aluminum. What this means is that you are getting excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear.

This leveling kit is for the front of the truck only. It eliminates the nose-diving issue and levels your front with the rear. An excellent design choice is a lip on the spacer, which helps it lock in easily and in the manufacturer’s orientation.

Thanks to the efforts of the engineers, the installation has been made easy and simple. You don’t need to spend any time cutting or modifying the truck to fit this kit. It has a bolt-on installation.

The major issue with this system is that it is not compatible with the 2017 model of the F250 Super Duty. So, unlike all the other options above, which support it, it seems like a downside for many people who own that model.


  • Bolt-on installation
  • Made out of solid aluminum
  • Included lip on the spacer for easy locking in


  • It does not fit the 2017 model

If you do not own the 2017 variant of the F250 Super Duty, then this is perfect for you. It is durable and will last you a very long time.

9. Daystar 2″ Rear Lift Kit

Coming in ninth place is the Daystar 2″ Lift Kit for the rear of your truck. All the previous options either focused on the front of the front and rear altogether. But, what about those people who are looking for only a raise from the rear. Well, this lift kit is the answer to the question.

This product is unique due to a number of reasons. The main one being the lifetime warranty which the brand provides along with this product.

This means any fault that may occur while using this product will make you eligible for a free-of-cost replacement. The manufacturing is top-notch and has excellent quality control.

The easy to install design makes installation a breeze. There is no need for complex tools, and most of them can be found in the garage of a common vehicle enthusiast. You can install it within two hours.

You will also not notice any difference in the ride quality as it maintains the stock riding experience. How this is possible is that it does not preload the coil spring.

Buyers faced the common problem of receiving the wrong-sized U-bolts. One buyer had to shave off 2-inches of the included bolts while another received too short ones.


  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent quality control

The wrong U-bolt issue is a common one and causes inconvenience. Other than that, this rear lift kit is an excellent product that will keep you satisfied.


Many questions may arise while talking about lift kits. This short guide will aim to answer the most common ones.

Do Lift Trucks Ride Rough?

This is a common misconception among potential buyers. The cases of kits making driving rough are very rare and often happens when you buy subpar products.

The least I can assure you of is that you will not experience any degradation in ride quality no matter which one you choose from the above list. So you can go on ahead and buy one for your truck right now, without any doubt that there will be any loss in the ride quality.

What Is The Difference Between A Lift Kit And A Leveling Kit?

While they have the same functionality of raising your truck by a few inches, it is important to know the difference between the two. A lit kit raises both the front and rear of the truck, while a leveling kit raises only the front to align it with the height of the rear of the truck.

Does A 2-Inch Lift Make A Difference?

Yes, it is worth it. A 2-inch lift gives you tons of advantages. Alongside a better view of what is around you, the lift also protects the undercarriage from damage while driving off-road.

The take-off angle is also increased. It also enables the capability to install a larger-sized tire. The size depends on the lift provided by the kit. The advantages are a lot and have little to no downsides. So, a lift makes a noticeable and observable difference.

Are Spacer Leveling Kits Bad?

If you install them correctly, there is no way there will inflict any damage on your truck. The ones with spacers that I mentioned above have lips that ensure you will install the kits correctly.

People may experience issues only if the spacers lift the truck too high. Other than that, they are perfectly safe and secure.

Are Longer Shocks Required For A 3-Inch Lift?

Yes, new and longer shocks are required to achieve such a lift. You could buy separate shocks or purchase the all-in-one pack by Readylift, which Bilstein shocks. You are getting top-of-the-line products that will suit you perfectly and allow you to experience a greater lift.


There you have it guys, my top nine list of lift kits that are best for F250 Super Duty. Each and every one of these kits is confirmed to be only the top-of-the-line options available on the market. You don’t need to worry about compatibility issues or such, other than the ones I did list in each of the pros and cons.

There is one brand that stood out from all of the other ones. That is Readylift. They earned two spots on this article, and one of them scored the number one position too. Naturally, I would recommend that you buy the first one as it is a suitable option for most consumers.

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2011-2016 F250 & F350 Super Duty 2"-3" Leveling & Lift Kits

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2-3" Lift Kits

While a 2-3" lift may not be the most dramatic transformation, these modest lifts add just enough ride height to afford some bigger wheel and tire combinations on your wicked Super Duty build while ridding your truck of that unsightly front rake. We carry a variety of 2-3" leveling and lift kits that range from basic spacers to kits with performance shocks and high-quality springs so that you can customize your Super Duty to your exact preference. Once you've got your new lift all figured out, go and check out our Super Duty Wheels & Tires or shocks for 2-3" lifts to complete your aggressive Super Duty build.Ford Super Duty Fitments: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Ford F250 & F350 6.7LSubmodel Fitments: FX4, King Ranch, Platinum, Lariat, XLT, XLSome Exceptions apply, please see individual product pages for specific fitments.

Super Duty>2011-2016 6.7L Powerstroke

If you want to get rid of that annoying factory stock front rake while also gaining enough clearance to throw on a set of tough-looking 35" tires but don't want to turn your Super Duty into a big monster truck, a 2"-3" Leveling/Lift Kit could be a great way to go. Here at Stage 3, we've put together an awesome selection of 2"-3" kits to help instantly transform your Super Duty into a much more aggressive off-road truck without losing any of your smooth OEM ride quality. Some of our kits also feature top-tier suspension packages to give you amazing performance while tackling the most extreme off-road trails for work or play and, at the same time, giving you near-OEM ride quality while on the streets as a daily driver.

ReadyLIFT 3.5"/3.0" Lift Kit:

2011-2015 F250 & F350 Super Duty 6.7L ReadyLift Leveling Kit

The ReadyLIFT 3.5"/3.0" Lift Kit gives your Super Duty a great new look and plenty of clearance to add a set of rugged off-road tires up to 35" without breaking the bank. This complete ReadyLIFT Lift Kit raises your truck's front end by 3.5" and your rear by 3.0" which helps get rid of that frontal rake without sacrificing your truck's factory ride quality. The kit includes a full set of front lift hardware and a 5" rear block kit that adds a mild lift to your truck. The front components include new isolators, sway bar frame mount spacers, bump stop extensions, a carrier bearing spacer, a track bar relocation bracket, and a set of radius arm drop brackets.

Carli Suspension 2.5" Lift Kits:

2011-2015 F250 & F350 Super Duty 6.7L Carli Suspension 4.5 Lift Kit

There are 2.5" lift/leveling kits and then there are 2.5" "high-performance suspension kits" and that's where Carli really brings it when it comes to gaining a great balance for 6.7L Super Duty trucks that are used for everything from sand dunes in Baja or extreme forest trails to smooth handling on the streets and highways. Carli Suspension has lift 2.5" lift kits that range from a 2.5" Starter System Lift Kit all the way up to their highly-advanced 2.5" Dominator 3.0 Lift Kit. While Carli Suspension might be on the high-end, price wise, it's well worth it if you're looking for the best handling for your Super Duty. Each of the shocks or coil-overs they use in these kits are custom-tuned to work the best for your 6.7L and have been tested in real-world tests to make sure you're getting the best solution possible for your needs. At the heart of their 4.5" Super Duty line-up is the Pintop 2.5 Lift Kit which features a set of custom-tuned King Pintop 2.5" Shocks with 2.5" Piggy-Back Remote Reservoirs. If you want superior ride comfort, cornering and control in a lift kit that gives you enough clearance to throw a rugged set of 35" tires and custom wheels onto your 6.7L Super Duty, the Pintop Suspension System from Carli Suspension could be the perfect solution.

ICON 2.5" Lift Kits:

2011-2015 F250 & F350 Super Duty 6.7L ICON Lift Kit

ICON Vehicle Dynamics delivers some of the highest quality suspension systems you can find for your Super Duty truck, and these 2.5" Suspension Packages deliver a powerful system for both the daily driver and weekend warrior. While ICON's Super Duty 2.5" Suspension Kits may not have the tallest lift and ride height in the world, their awesome ICON shocks and high-quality lift springs allow your truck to tackle tough terrain and handle just about any job out there while delivering exceptional ride quality. From the ICON Super Duty 2.5" Stage 1 Suspension Kit all the way up to their loaded ICON Super Duty 2.5" Stage 5 Suspension Kit, each of these kits include some of the highest quality components you can find on the market. Each kit gives your Super Duty F250 or F350 4WD a nice increase in front ride height so that you can squeeze on properly-size off-road wheel and tire combinations while eliminating the factory rake and providing your truck with an enormous improvement in suspension performance and response. The suspension parts all bolt on right in place of stock and come with all their necessary hardware and instructions.

2011-2015 F250 & F350 Super Duty 6.7L ICON Lift Kit

Here at Stage 3 Motorsports, we were so impressed with ICON's 2.5" Lift Kits, we decided to try out their Stage 1 package on our own "Project Ice Box" 2014 F250 6.7L Lariat Crew Cab Project Build. While we have a lot of plans in store for this monster of a truck, we decided to go with a 2.5" lift for now in order to throw on a set of rugged 35" Mickey Thompson off-road tires and an aggressive set of Fuel Maverick Wheels to go along with the "blacked-out" exterior parts we're planning on adding for this build. With just the right amount of clearance and a set of high-performance front shocks to help take the abuse of the off-road escapades we have in store for this truck, ICON's kit has already given this truck improved handling and a much more stout turning radius versus stock as well as the kind of high-performance suspension we want for all of those upcoming weekend warrior trips.

Sours: https://www.stage3motorsports.com/2011-2015-f250-f350-super-duty-2-3-leveling-lift-kits.html
3 Inch Elite Lift Kit For 20-21 Ford F250/F350 4WD

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