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Call of Duty: Warzone World Records For Total Kills

Throughout the history of Warzone, the very best players in the world drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island on a regular basis with many often attempting to score as many kills as possible over the course of a match to earn themselves a Warzone world record. With Season 4in full swing, a stable metagame in force, and the skill ceiling continuing to rise, world records for solos, duos, trios, and quads are constantly changing as Warzone's best talent continues to outdo each other with incredible performances.

Since the integration of Black Ops Cold War in December , many records have been surpassed and despite the high level of competition, the numbers continue to tumble. Find all the latest Warzone world records in this article!

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Warzone World Record List

There are a variety of records that have been established since the release of Warzone. Find a complete list of every record below!

Record Record Holder Kills Scored Date
SolosiNewwz47February 2nd,
DuosNistaf & BabaYuki79Jaunary 6th,
Triosdizi, xDaltt, DonLuckyJanuary 5th,
Quads Aydan, Almond, Scummn, NewbzMarch 5th,
Solo v DuoHusKerrs54December 30th,
Solo v TrioAydan52July 21st,
Solo v QuadsAydan60November 19th,
Duo v TrioGhanime Gaming, The Modz90January 10th,
Duo v QuadsSuperEvan, NewbzJanuary 10th,
Trio v QuadsZLaner, picNick, OakleyBoiiJuly 28th,
Trio v Quads ()Aydan, FaZe Swagg, NICKMERCSJuly 5th,

Warzone Solo World Record

The current solo record is held by Warzone content creator iNewwz who managed to score a total of 47 kills in a single match, beating the old record by three kills. Check out their record-breaking gameplay in iNewwz's video.

Warzone Duos World Record

Portuguese Warzone streamer Nistaf and BabaYuki managed to rack up 79 elimination in a single Duos match to secure the world record in January

Warzone Trios World Record

The trios record has been one of the tricker ones for players to beat thanks to the presence of the notorious pre-nerf DMR 14 tactical rifle. The record was set by Dizi, xDaltt, and DonLucky, who managed to score a total of kills.

Warzone Quads World Record

The team of Aydan, Almond, ScummN, and Newbz managed to break the existing record of kills during a highly competitive 2v2 wager match. By the end of the match, the four players had managed to smash the existing record, scoring eliminations in a single match. An incredible achievement.

Be sure to check back regularly to see whether any records have been broken!

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Call of Duty: Warzone squad sets new world record with an astonishing kills in a single game

A Call of Duty: Warzone squad has set a new world record with an astonishing kills in a single game.

The squad, led by year-old American Warzone streamer Aydan "Aydan" Conrad, achieved the astonishing feat in a 2v2 $ kill race wager match. Here, a squad of four divides itself into two to see which duo can score the most kills in a single game.

Smashing the previous quads world record of , Aydan and co tear up Verdansk at a frightening pace, starting off with a kill using a helicopter's blades. After snagging his loadout, Aydan uses his fearsome AUG and FFAR 1 combo to hunt down pretty much every player on the map with brutal efficiency.

Aydan, who is, yes, wearing a sweaty Roze skin, does die a few times in the match, first returning to the battlefield via a gulag victory and thereafter bought back by his teammates. It's while waiting for the gulag to begin he realises his squad is on course to break the quads world record.

It's worth remembering this lobby was filled with players, which means Aydan's squad managed to snag more kills than players who spawned on the map.

Watch the match in full in the video below (skip to the nine hours and 40 minutes mark):

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There's a funny moment at the end of the match when, with kills between them and only one enemy player left, the squad drops cash next to a buy station in a bid to encourage the player to buy back their teammates and thus add more players to the map for the squad to kill. But the last player refuses to budge, and is eventually killed for the win.

"This will NEVER be broken," Aydan commented on Twitter.

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There has been some debate about the lobby in which this world record was set. Website SBMMWarzone tracks Warzone player stats and sorts lobbies into difficulty. It categorises this kill lobby as "bronze one" difficulty, which puts it in the bottom 20 per cent. The lobby had a median player kill/death ratio of Aydan ended the match with an incredible 47 kills and kill/death ratio.

"That lobby was bronze negative 10!" Aydan joked on-stream, noting how easy it felt for his squad. "We got blessed with the lobby. It was such a bot lobby."

Still, it's a stunning achievement and, as Aydan says, a record that will probably never be beaten.

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Call of Duty: Warzone world records for solos, duos and squads

World records in video games are always a huge way to brag, especially for players in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Warzone doesn't have speedruns. There are simply ways for players to showcase their domination. Some players spend the majority of their day racking up kills and victories in the battle royale.

Only the elite can lay claim to some of the highest kills in a single game of Warzone, however. These are world records that will likely be broken at some point, but until then, the holders can rejoice.

Call of Duty: Warzone world record kills


As of writing this, the record for the most solo kills in a game of Warzone belongs to a Twitch streamer. The streamer, named MuTeX was in a Quads lobby, but playing by his lonesome.

He racked up a wild amount of kills. 61 total kills were his by the end of the lobby. This included over 20, points of damage done throughout his journey to more than five dozen kills in Season 3.


The Call of Duty: Warzone record for most kills by a duo belongs to SuperEven and Newbzz. This took place on January 10th, and has yet to be replicated or bested.

This duo also entered a Quads lobby without filling their remaining teammate slots and netted total kills. Many believe they exploited the game to reach a lower-skilled lobby, however, so take this how you will.


The current record for a trios squad in Warzone is kills. The world record was set in January of The best part is that it took place in a standard Trios lobby, rather than a no-fill Quads lobby.

The record holders are dizi, xDaltt and DonLucky. Respectively, the trio racked up 42, 43 and 44 kills. The total of may last within Call of Duty: Warzone trios for quite some time.


Quads, also known as squads, is a standard Warzone lobby with four members on each team unless a group or solo player enters without filling. This world record sits as at a massive kills.

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March 5th, was the day this record was achieved by none other than Aydan, Almond, Newbz and FluffyHippo The most impressive part is that it was done in a $ wager.

Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/call-duty-warzone-world-records-solos-duos-squads
WORLD RECORD kills in Warzone!? *141 KILLS*

In recent Call of Duty news, Warzone is confirmed to have had over 60 million people drop into Verdansk, but one question looms large; who is the best player on Warzone?


The answer isn’t as simple as just one overall person, as there are multiple ways that people play Warzone, with the different modes that are available. As per all battle royale games, the best players and streamers have been unofficially competing to set the Warzone kill records for each game mode and style of gameplay. Here we take a look at who currently holds the kill records in Warzone.

Warzone Solos Kill Record

The current holder for the Solos kill record is Turkish Streamer 'Forpantheon', who managed to wipe out an incredible 48 players in one game. This record was set during the Stimulus Solos limited-time game mode, where more respawns were possible.

In standard solos, the record is held by Russian streamer 'Recrent' who topped the previous record set by MuTeX. On the standard game mode, Recrent managed 43 kills whilst darting around with a RAM-7 and akimbo pistols.

Warzone Duos Kill Record


Duos was the last of the game modes to be introduced to Warzone, and the records since conception have actually been dominated by ex-Fortnite players. Previous duos Warzone kill records were set by Tfue and Huskers (56) before Aydan and MuTeX managed

This record, as of 22nd June, now sits with 'Befra' and 'Thee Beast', with the pair collecting 68 eliminations in one game. Befra led the way with 38 elims, with his partner collecting the other

Warzone Trios Kill Record

The record for the highest number of kills in a Trios game is simply outrageous. Metaphor, Frozone and Pieman eliminated nearly two-thirds of the lobby, claiming kills between them in a single game.

After splitting up to 1v3 most of the teams in the game, Metaphor managed to rack up an insane 42 kills, Froizone with 32, and Pieman taking out 28, a simply staggering number of kills. This surpassed the previous record set by themselves at

Warzone Quads Kill Record

Etching their name into Warzone history, as the best squad in the game, Vikkstar and the Altlanta FaZe trio of Cellium aBeZy and Priestahh hold the record for the highest kill game ever, as well as the quickest. Albeit in two separate games, the lethal squad managed to rack up a jaw-dropping kills in a single game or Warzone Quads.

Each player wiped out over at least 30 players, as they dealt just shy of 44, damage.

  • Cellium – 36 kills
  • Vikkstar - 35 kills
  • Preistahh – 34 kills
  • aBeZy - 32 kills

This beats the previous record, set by Priestah and Cellium, alongside streamers Deleo and Jukeyz who set the bar at kills, showing that it’ll take a monumental effort to beat it.

Solo vs Trios Warzone Kill Record

A different type of Solos kill record, this one involves the highest amount of kill in a Trios lobby by a single player. You may have a team, or go at it solo, however, this kill record is for the person who racked up the most amount of kills in a single trio game.

German Call of Duty content creator Tiger of Hell1 holds the record in this department, by wiping out 55 players in one lobby. Set on May 24th, he pipped the previous record by one which was set by Biffle just six days prior.

Solos vs Quads Warzone Kill Record

The Solos vs Quads kill record is arguably the most difficult kill record of the bunch, due to the number of players on the same team that you will have to wipe out, YouTuber Phanosy managed to get an astounding 53 kills in a single game.

Having wiped out over a third of the entire lobby, Phanosy actually failed to win the game, finishing third. Should he have won the game the bar could have been set much higher. 

Fastest Warzone Victory Ever

The record holder for the fastest ever win in Warzone was broke by Vikkstar, and Atlanta FaZe trio Cellium, ABeZy and Preistahh after they wiped through the lobby in 20 minutes and 4 seconds, notching up 83 kills in the process.

In a strange turn of events, the squad actually decimated the last player after 19 minutes and 15 seconds, but with the final player dying before the fourth circle finished, he still had his Gulag visit, meaning they had to wait for his redeployment to end the game. 

This all but wraps up the current kill records in Call of Duty: Warzone, however, with the progressive nature of the game, it is likely that they will be heated in the near future.


*If you are aware of a kill record in a different department, you can let us know via direct message on Twitter @GGRecon_, or if a kill record has been beaten.


Image via Activision

Sours: https://www.ggrecon.com/articles/warzone-kill-records-highest-kills/

Kills warzone highest in

Warzone Streamer Aydan Sets New Squad Record For Kills

Call of Duty: Warzone streamer Aydan has broken the world record for most kills as a squad in a single match. The streamer's squad tallied kills.

Call of Duty: Warzonestreamer Aydan has set an incredibly impressive world record that is going to be near-impossible to break. The streamer claimed the highest amount of kills in a Warzone match, getting more kills than the game's actual player count. It's one of many impressive feats from die-hard fans of the beloved shooter. One of the more recent impressive plays involved a player who sniped an enemy beyond the PS4's render distance at over 1, meters. Essentially, the player couldn't see who they were even shooting at, but they still nailed a fatal blow.

Warzone took the world by storm last year when it debuted just as the pandemic began. With players looking for something new and exciting to play, the Call of Duty-basedbattle royale game became the answer. It was able to capture gamers by being fun, free, and incredibly well-supported. In a year with game delays and lackluster launches, Warzone helped bring in several billion dollars for Activision. With Activision's support, content creators have also been keeping the game alive with exciting challenges.

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Streamer Aydan was able to set a record of kills as a squad in Warzone, which is incredibly impressive since matches only hold players. Of course, players can respawn through winning the Gulag or being bought back by teammates, but in theory, this means Aydan and his squad could have killed just about every person in the match at least once. The previous world record added up to kills, so Aydan's squad was able to blow the old one out of the water and establish a new record that will be incredibly hard to beat. Though not impossible, it'll be a massive challenge for anyone who wants to try their hand at the battle royale.

This comes after Aydan was recently shadow-bannned from Warzone for unknown reasons. The streamer may have been totally innocent, as the punishment can come after numerous mass reports. Either way, it's highly likely the popular Call of Duty player may have gathered a new crowd of haters after annihilating the competition for his world record.

Warzone is steadily approaching its one year anniversary and it's still going incredibly strong. Following the release of Black Ops Cold War, the game has had plenty of new pieces of content but it's possible the game is about to get its biggest yet. The last few weeks have featured numerous teases suggesting some sort of big event with some leaks indicating a nuke is about to hit the Call of Duty: Warzone map, likely introducing a new one in the process. Nothing has been confirmed, but it's looking to be more and more likely as time goes on.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone World Records For Most Kills In Solo, Duos, Trios And Quads

Call of Duty: Warzone remains the popular choice for professional players looking to enjoy the ever-so-popular battle royale mode. Since its release back in March , the popular title has become the hub for players and streamers to flaunt their remarkable gameplay while racking up a mindboggling number of kills. In just seven months, Warzone world records have been toppled like never before with professional players frequently reaching new highs with their kills in each game.

Here's a look at some of the best Warzone players and the kill record they currently hold:

Warzone Solos World Record

The Warzone Solos World Record currently belongs to Russian streamer Recrent. Recrent smashed the previous record set by MuteX on July 7 to record 43 kills and over 10, damage in a single lobby. The streamer's choice of loadout was RAM-7 and akimbo pistols. 

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Warzone Duos Record

Warzone most kills in a duos game was notched by ItsDerekMay and LIAM. A popular presence inCall of Duty: Warzone gameplay on Twitch, the two pros scored 38 kills each to set a new world record of 76 combined kills. ItsDerekMay and LIAM surpassed the record held by Befra and Thee Beast, who notched 68 kills back in July.

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Warzone Trios Record

The team of Metaphor, Frozone, Pieman notched a combined kills to set a new world record in Warzone most kills back in June. The record was recently broken by the team of Jukeyz, Newbz, and Vapulear. The trio scored a whopping 17 kills as recently as October 18 to set the new record. Liam 'Jukeyz' James scored 48 kills while Newbz and Vapulear contributed with 35 and 24 kills respectively. Jukeyz shared the clip of the gameplay on his YouTube channel.

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Warzone Quads Record

The world record for the most kills in Call of Duty: Warzone quads matchup belongs to popular streamer Vikkstar, Cellium, ABeZy and Priestah - the latter three play for Call of Duty League's Atlanta FaZe. They scored a combined  kills to set the record. Cellium notched 36 kills with damage of 11, Vikkstar and Priestah followed with 35 kills each while ABeZy added 32 kills. 

The team set the new record on May 23, just over a week after TeePee, DougisRaw, Symfuhny, and HusKerrs recorded kills to their name. 

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Warzone best players: Other record holders

Solo vs DuosMuteX46 kills
Solo vs TriosRecrent58 kills
Solo vs QuadsStikinson57 kills
Duos vs TriosReedr and UnRationaL75 kills
Duos vs QuadsxUnRationaL and Stukawaki85 kills
Trios vs Quads (player lobby)UnRational Stukawaki, Blazt kills
Trios vs Quads (player lobby)Aydan, Swagg, NICKMERCS kills

(Image Credits: Call of Duty Twitter)

Sours: https://www.republicworld.com/sports-news/esports/call-of-dutywarzone-world-records-for-most-kills-in-battle-royal.html

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Call of Duty: Warzone is different from other battle royales in a few ways. The Gulag makes it easy for players to return to the action, but the game is built for slaying, so you&#;re just as likely to be waiting for a revive right after winning a one-vs-one.

Some of the best Call of Duty players in the world have been dominating Warzone since it was released and many of them stream or create YouTube content to prove their dominance.

Top squads and lone wolves alike are chasing kill records every single day and their impressive kill counts have been immortalized for the world to see.

These are the current world record-holders for kills in Call of Duty: Warzone:

Quads &#; kills

Team: Aydan, Almond, ScmmN, Newbzz
Date: March 5,

A team of Call of Duty streamers grouped up in a wager match to shatter the previous Quads record with kills.

Trios &#; kills

Team: Dizi, xDaltt, DonLucky
Oct. 18,

Three content creators who play and stream on Facebook Gaming popped off for an insane kills during season six.

Duos &#; 79 Kills

Team: Nistaf, Babayuki
Date: Jan. 4,

A father-son streaming duo combined for 79 kills, with the younger of the two posting a staggering 61 kills.

Solos &#; 47 kills

Player: iNewwz
Feb. 2,

Arguably the most difficult record to achieve, iNewwz dropped a staggering 47 kills to set the current solos record. He surpassed the previous record set by Rallied at

With teams and players racking up kills in Warzone daily, make sure to check back here to see updated records as they&#;re broken.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/call-of-duty/news/world-records-for-kills-in-call-of-duty-warzone

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