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They say that time is gold. And in today’s fast-paced world, every minute counts. For most people, the bathroom is that part of the house where they get to spend a substantial amount of time. It can be said that time spent in the bathroom can go by quickly. This leaves many wondering if they should put a clock in the bathroom.

Not all homeowners may do this but putting a clock in the bathroom is one of the best ways to establish and maintain a healthy routine in this part of the house. With a clock in the bathroom, members of the household can be more aware of the time. Keeping track of the time while in the bathroom means everyone can be productive as they can follow their respective daily schedules.

The answer to the question “should you put a clock in the bathroom” is a resounding and straightforward yes. This simple act may seem inconsequential but can do a lot of wonders for you and your family members. For one, you would be more aware of the time when in the bathroom. This can spare you from getting late to work in the morning. And if you’re concerned about safety, don’t fret, as battery-powered clocks are safe enough to be placed in a bathroom.

Read till the end to understand the reasons.

Reasons to Put a Clock in the Bathroom

While a clock is traditionally placed in other parts of the house like the living room and bedroom, you can also put one in the bathroom. There are several advantages of having a clock in this private part of the house.

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of having a clock in the bathroom is that it helps occupants to keep track of the time. You, for example, can be more aware of how long you’ve been in the bathroom if there’s a clock installed. You can also teach your kids to be more cognizant of their time bathing if you put a clock in the bathroom.

Even your guests will appreciate having a clock in your bathroom. Sure, they won’t likely be taking a bath there. But a clock can be a convenient way for your relatives, friends, and colleagues to keep track of the time, right?

Placing a clock in the bathroom can also spare you from getting late for work. It’s not farfetched to say that you’ve been late to work at least once in your life because you stayed a little too long in the bathroom. Perhaps the supposedly five-minute shower turned into a 20-minute bath that caused you to get to work late. You can prevent this from happening when you place a clock in the bathroom.

If you’re sharing a room with someone, placing a clock in the bathroom is one way to become a good roommate. Whether you like to spend a lot of time shampooing your hair or overindulging in a shower, there’s often a tendency for you to take a little too long in the bathroom. But when you have a clock in the bathroom, you would know when to get off of it so that your roommate won’t be late for his or her appointment.

Where to Place a Bathroom Clock?

Where to Place a Bathroom Clock?

As we have established earlier, a bathroom is a part of the house where a clock should be strategically placed. But you might be wondering: “where should I put a clock in the bathroom?”

There are three areas of the bathroom where a bathroom can be placed– the shower, the wall, and the countertop.

The countertop is a good place to put a clock, especially if there’s enough amount of space near the sink. You should use a small and non-bulky clock to put on the countertop, especially if there is limited counter space.

Color coordination could be an additional concern for you if you’re looking to place a clock near the sink. You’d want the clock to compliment the other bathroom accessories near it, such as the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.

You can also hang a clock on the wall. The clock should be thin and big enough for you to read it from afar. You can place it directly in front of the toilet. If you have a towel rack, place the clock above it. You may also consider placing the clock on the part of the wall which is first seen upon walking into the bathroom. This can add a touch of flair to your bathroom.

However, never place the clock on the wall behind the door of the bathroom. The reason is that there would be the likelihood of it being hit each time the door of the bathroom is opened.

You can also add a waterproof clock to your shower wall. This can help you in keeping track of the time while you shampoo or rinse off. The clock should have a suction cup on the back of the clock so that it would stay in place.

Type of Clock in the Bathroom

Type of Clock in the Bathroom

You may also be wondering as to which type of clock you can place in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is always wet, you must never place a plug-in clock in it. The most practical choice would be a battery-operated clock as there’s no chance of an unfortunate accident from happening.

You’d also want a waterproof clock for use in the bathroom. A waterproof clock is safe for placement in the said part of the house. The ideal clock for bathroom use is also one that’s humidity and moisture-proof.

You may also be wondering which is better for a bathroom– an analog clock or a digital clock? The answer depends on your personal preference. However, a digital clock may be the more practical choice because you and your guests can easily see the time compared to that of an analog clock.

If you already asked if you should place a clock in the bathroom, you may also like to know where to hang wall clock in the living room, and what the best kitchen clocks.


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BEST 10 Renter-Friendly LUXE Bathroom Upgrades - Stuff Nobody told you!

The time spent in the bathroom can go by quickly and unaccounted for. There is often a short window of time to get ready and it can be hard to keep track of time. That’s when having a clock in the bathroom can be beneficial. But can you put a clock in the bathroom? For your convenience, we brought you the answer. 

You can most definitely place a clock in the bathroom. Having a clock in the bathroom can help establish routines and healthy habits. It can also improve the overall look in decor and vibes within the bathroom. When looking for a clock to set in the bathroom, you should consider the placement, functionality, and clock type.

Does your bathroom need a clock? How do you know if your clock is serving its true function? Continue reading while we explore the possibilities of clocks and their placement.

Clean towel in wooden bucket with clock and hand sanitizer, Can You Put A Clock In The Bathroom? [Inc. Suggestions for Unusual Bathroom Clocks!]

Why You Need A Bathroom Clock

A bathroom clock can serve many functions. Adding a clock to your bathroom can provide a sense of routine and seeing the clock in a practical location when walking into the bathroom can create a schedule and overall familiarity within your home. It can be convenient for guests to keep track of time when freshening up, too.

A clock in the bathroom is a great reminder of accountability when preparing to go out for an event in the daytime or preparing for bedtime. 

Placement Of A Bathroom Clock

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in the home. It is where the morning and evenings are spent preparing for the day or for bedtime. The placement of a bathroom clock is crucial to the functionality. There are three places where a bathroom clock could be placed: the countertop, the wall, and the shower. 

The Countertop

Depending on the amount of counter space near the sink, a clock could have a practical placement. If the counter space is not an issue, the next step would be finding a clock. If there is limited counter space, the best suggestion would be to find a small, non-bulky clock to take up less space. 

An additional concern for a clock near the sink would be the color coordination. The clock should match or complement the other bathroom accessories. The toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and towel should not clash with the clock. To keep the design of the bathroom consistent, take your time in finding the best clock. 

The Wall

The clock that is hung on the wall should be thin and big enough to be read from afar. The most practical placement would be directly in front of the toilet and away from the door. Preferably above the towel rack, if there is one. You could also consider placing the clock on the wall that you see upon walking into the bathroom. The wall above the toilet could be nice in terms of decoration; however, the toilet would be facing away from the clock. 

The wall space behind the door of the bathroom should be ruled out. Although the clock would be exposed when closing the door, there is a possibility of hitting the clock each time the door opens. 

Slim Panoramic Wall Clock

This sleek clock is digital and displays the time, a calendar, and the indoor temperature. The clock is great for the bathroom because it does not require too much thought and therefore helps maintain positive energy throughout the bathroom routine. 

Click here to see more on Amazon.

The Shower

Adding a clock to your shower wall can help you keep track of time as you rinse off. It’s easy to lose track of time in the shower, so a waterproof clock can help keep you on track. 

Some individuals spend a considerable amount of time in the shower. Why would that time not be monitored? 

Waterproof Shower Wall Clock

For added convenience, this clock is digital. There are suction cups on the back of the clock to help the clock stay in place. Lastly, the clock is waterproof. 

Click here to see more on Amazon.

Unusual Bathroom Wall Clocks

To add some more spunk to your bathroom, you can place unusual wall clocks in the room. Check out the following unusual wall clocks:

“I’m Late” Wall Clock

If you’re always running late, then this is the perfect bathroom wall clock for you. It’s a real, working clock, but the numbers are jumbled to add to the humor.

Click here to see more on Amazon.

Steampunk Wall Clock

Infuse your bathroom with the unique style of steampunk. This wall clock features a collection of gears and intriguing shapes and figures. The quartz movement mechanism keeps exceptional time. 

Click here to see more on Amazon.

Digital Bathroom Clock

Get the most out of your bathroom clock with a digital one like this one. The modern design is simple yet appealing for numerous bathroom styles. It also features a touchscreen countdown timer, thermometer, and hygrometer. 

Click here to see more on Amazon.

Bathroom Countertop Clocks

Like mentioned before, keeping track of time can reduce the time you spend in the bathroom. Since most of the time is spent by the counter, it’s convenient to have the time close by. Check out these helpful bathroom counter clocks:

Large Screen Digital Display Clock

This clock has a unique display that spells out the month of the year and the day of the week. The display also has a brightness setting that allows the display to dim, if needed. This clock is easy to read and practical in size and color. Last but not least, this clock is cordless and offers more space to other bathroom accessories. 

Click here to see more on Amazon.

Analog Countertop Clock

This non-ticking clock has a simple yet masterful design. For additional style versatility, it comes in colors of green, white, black, or red. It has a night button that illuminates the clock face in a soft yellow light. 

Click here to see more on Amazon.

In Closing

Bathroom clocks are essential for keeping track of time spent in the restroom and maintaining a sense of routine and schedule. Finding a wall clock or bathroom counter clock provides the opportunity to mix up the decor within the bathroom and can be stimulating to the eye. 

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