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48 Inch Bathroom Vanity

48 Inch Bathroom Vanity

48 inch vanity unit is a perfect dimension for large and medium bathrooms. At our showroom and on our website you will find a huge assortment of 48&#; bath vanities. Select from different colors, brands, and price points that fit any budget and any home. Think about the dimension of vanity you need for the quantity of area you have in the bathroom.
A size of your vanity set should be carefully considered when redecorating/renovating a bathroom in your apartment. This is a checkpoint to ensure your bathroom is both functional and beautiful. The 48 bathroom vanity is a good choice for a medium to large sized bathroom. It can also be appropriate for two persons to get ready at once &#; great for couples or families who are short on time in the morning!

Bathroom vanity units can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors. In case if you want something sleek and glossy white, or some product with a more traditional and wooden vibe. You’ll be able to find it in New Bathroom Style’s collection of bathroom storage cabinets.

48 inches bath vanity &#; the best choice for a large bathroom

A inch bathroom unit with shelves will even give you additional storage space to keep your bathroom accessories stored securely, thus your bathroom is going to be tidy and clutter-free. Standard bathroom vanity unit sizes, available in NBS are 30 inch, 36 inch, and 48, so there is a really good selection to suit every bathroom style, budget, and room.

You will want to know how the bathroom vanity cabinet you are looking for will suit your room &#; there are floating vanities, for example, that help to give the visual perception of a larger space if that is something you require. You may also want to consider the depth, the same as how many drawers and taps the cabinet has.

Our bathroom cabinets with a sink are of the best quality, and we know we have something that will suit your needs perfectly. Take a look at our vast range and you will find something you love.

Sours: https://newbathroomstyle.com/product-category/inch-bathroom-vanities/
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16 Single Sink Vanities for the Master Bathroom (+ The Pair I Ordered!)

The master bathroom is still untouched with half-ripped up tile and sub-flooring as the current primary situation. We haven&#;t started the remodel just yet as we&#;re waiting on insurance approvals and such, and I still am not % committed to exactly what I want to do. However&#; even without having clear direction, I&#;ve already ordered replacement vanities and they should arrive before the end of the week! While we are going ahead and using this whole flood thing as an opportunity to make upgrades to the master bathroom since so much construction will already be taking place, we won&#;t be changing the actual footprint of the space. Instead of one long, double-sink vanity, we will continue to have two separate his and hers vanities, in their current respective locations. With wall space limitations, the longest the spaces would maybe accomodate is around &#;. A 48 inch bathroom vanity is a common size and by far easier to find something that&#;s more than 50&#; but less than 60&#;. After searching for hours and days, I landed on a pair of vanities that again &#; while I have no idea my specific design plan &#; I loved. Today, I&#;m sharing 16 favorite 48 inch bathroom vanities (plus a few that have a few extra inches!) that I came across during my searches that fit the bill in terms of design, function and storage.

*Posts on KelleyNan.com may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for full disclosure.

Why am I looking to order a vanity instead of having one built?

My initial thought here was I&#;m going to have a lot of logistics to manage in terms of all the bathroom *things* that have to be ordered and there&#;s a lot of components to vanities &#; from the sink and countertops to faucets, backsplash, cabinets, etc. I wanted fewer decisions to make and I also didn&#;t want to go through the process of picking paint, slabs of hard materials for countertops, sinks, etc. All those items add up, too, and while my 48 inch bathroom vanities ended up costing a little more than I expected, there are so many gorgeous bathroom vanities that are affordable and come with just about everything except the faucet.

What am I looking for in a 48 inch bathroom vanity?

My biggest requirement for new vanities was to find something that had drawer storage. My current vanity has a single slim drawer, seemingly no deeper than the width of a quarter, and one cabinet. It has a cutout for a seat currently, but I never use it. So, it&#;s basically like I just have a chunk of vanity missing. Any &#;special&#; features would be a perk and I also love the look of vanities with feet, for a more furniture feel. I also want a centered sink. I went through a similar search process when we made over our small powder room &#; you can see the reveal of that space HERE and a post dedicated to selecting a small (16 &#; 24&#;) vanity HERE. There&#;s several considerations I list out in that post from backsplash and faucets to how the vanity will actually be used.

Favorite 48 inch bathroom vanities

Like I mentioned, when I started my search, I had zero clue in terms of direction. I wasn&#;t sure if I wanted a bathroom vanity finish in white, black, wood, or maybe even a color. Then, I started gravitating towards black after seeing THIS black 52&#; vanity&#; unfortunately, with a long lead time, it ruled itself out. Ultimately, I found the vanity that checked all the boxes. I sat with the price a bit before submitting my order and now I can&#;t wait to get it in! Read on to see which 48 inch bathroom vanity I went with, more vanities I loved along the way, and some of the cool features of some of the cabinets I&#;ve included in the post.

*All vanity links can be found below the graphic*

Prettiest 48" Single Sink Vanities with Lots of Storage

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

The vanity I went with? Or better yet, the pair of vanities I went with? Number 1! It&#;s actually listed for the same price on Amazon (HERE) and Wayfair (HERE) and both ship free. Both have always been great in terms of customer service so I would feel comfortable ordering from either. The price had me a little bit because it was a fair amount more than others I had looked at. Plus, as I mentioned before, this isn&#;t a remodel we were planning to take on. But, it was one of those things that when I saw it, I wanted it&#; so I did it. It&#;s a 48 inch bathroom vanity that actually comes in three colors &#; white, black and midnight blue &#; I ordered the white. (Number 10 is a peek of the black finish &#; also stunning!) It also has good reviews across the internet and comes with a few options on countertops. It has a Carrara marble option but I selected the white granite. It has lots of drawer space and I love the gold feet and and gold details. It also has a power source inside the cabinet with USB and outlet functionality. I plan to store my hair dryer and curling irons inside the pullout, inside the cabinet and I love I have extended outlet space that will hopefully maintain some order. I also really like that the bottom drawers are deep double drawers with faux single fronts, to store more tall toiletries and hair products.

48" Vanities with Tons of Storage and Features


Number 3 is less than half the price of the vanities I ordered, is clean and sleek, and has smart storage for days! I love that he top &#;drawer&#; that is typically a faux wasn&#;t wasted and they incorporated a pull-down cubby. Also, I&#;m digging the deep double-drawer-front bottom drawer and that the cabinets have shelves.

48" Bathroom Vanities with Tons of Smart Storage


But the coolest feature is that it has built in organizers. It comes in this blue color but also a black and a gray HERE.

48" Bathroom Vanities with Tons of Smart Storage

Number 6 focused on drawers in a major way, too! Along with the cabinet, there are nine functional drawers in this 48 inch bathroom vanity. It comes in four colors, including white, gray, black and blue.

48"" Single Sink Bathroom Vanities for Master Bathrooms


Number 7 almost had me. That Tiffany/robin&#;s egg blue is gorgeous and so pretty for a bathroom. And, that gold hardware that accents it is just delicious. It has a perfect 5* rating of consumer reviews and, it&#;s just&#; stunning. It also comes with middle drawers that are extra deep but ultimately, I still just wasn&#;t totally sure with the direction I wanted to go in the bathroom and I knew this would make me commit to an aesthetic %. Like most of the vanities in this post, it does ship free 😉

48"" Single Sink Bathroom Vanities for Master Bathroom or Guest Bathroom


I love the color of Number 8 and I also love that it has nine functioning drawers! It comes in three colors, has 5* reviews, and also ships free.

48" Master Bathroom Vanities with Single Sinks and Lots of Storage


Number 9 is actually 49&#; &#; it&#;s stunning and unique and comes in three cabinet finishes, two countertop finishes, and both silver and gold hardware. While it looks like it&#;s only cabinets, it actually does have a slide out drawer inside the center. It even has a built-in organizer and a spot for hair tools! But, with me wanting to go big on drawer space, it didn&#;t have quite the drawer space I was looking for&#;

48"" Single Sink Vanities with Storage


Number 11 is a favorite! It actually comes in four colors and three sizes, up to 72&#;, is one of the most affordable vanities in this post, and ships free. But, what I&#;m really crushing on are those organizers! Some of these bathroom vanities with organizers are a rare find that aren&#;t typical unless you have something custom built. The storage in this 48 inch vanity is awesome.

Pretty 48" Bathroom Vanities with Lots of Storage


I really like the gray wood finish on Number 16 &#; this 48&#; bathroom vanity and it actually comes in 42&#; and 36&#;, as well. There&#;s lots of storage opportunity and while the hardware on this one is sturdy, there&#;s a lot of possibilities in switching to something a little funkier.

48" Single Sink Vanities with Storage


I&#;ll be sharing a full design plan for the master bathroom soon &#; to make sure you catch all the updates and ultimately, the reveal, be sure to subscribe to emails at the bottom of the post!

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Vanity 48 inch bathroom

Home renovations have been more popular in the past year than in several decades. That means that trends and new design ideas are cropping up all the time that can change the way you see your space and give you better form to go with your function. The best bathroom vanities today are all about modern style with an old-world twist.

First, let’s take a look at how to choose the right vanity for your bathroom, and then we’ll go over the top 10 trending styles of 48 inch wide bath vanities for You’ll learn all about what features to look for, how to size a vanity, and even how to choose between single- or double-sink models. Read on to find out more and find your new vanity in no time.

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How to Choose the Right Size Vanity

Bathroom vanities come in several different sizes, most of which have been standardized into a selection of categories, with sizes available as small as 18 inches all the way up to 48 inches or more. A 48 inch vanity is one of the first sizes that are reasonably large enough to accommodate a second sink without creating a tight space. However, it’s also still small enough that one larger sink could look good, or you could just capitalize on the counter space.

Look at how much space you have to work with. Remember when you’re choosing vanities to think about where your plumbing lines up, too, because that can affect placement, which can then affect the sizing. For example, you might have room for a 48 inch vanity centered, but if it has to go off to the right, you might need to downsize to a 41 inch vanity. Measure first, and measure a few times. If you’re still not entirely sure, don’t hesitate to ask the pros.

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How Many Sinks Do You Need?

The next thing on your list should be considering the number of sinks you want. Again, with a inch space, you can easily fit two smaller sinks for a “his and hers” style look. You will have to decide if you need the additional sink, or if you even have the plumbing or the means to put it in. Often, people choose to stick with what they have if they aren’t doing a major bathroom overhaul. Running new plumbing lines or getting rid of old ones can be a lot more work than people anticipate.

Whether you choose one sink or two, make sure that you’re thinking of the aesthetic as much as the function. After all, it does no good to have that extra space if you hate looking at the vanity that you selected. You have to like what you choose, even if that means making a few compromises here and there.

Fortunately, today’s selection includes a variety of styles that offer single and dual sinks with a inch vanity and cabinet. Therefore, at this size, it should be easy for you to find what you need.

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What Styles are Trending?

There are several hot trends in bathroom vanity design right now. The modern look has been growing in popularity with things like floating vanities and minimalist designs. Clean lines, dark colors, and lots of glass are also popular choices for people who want a more modern design in their bathroom.

Another trend in vanities is the freestanding or raised sink, where it’s more like a bowl on the countertop than inset like a traditional sink. Speaking of sinks, basins are also a popular choice, even for the bathroom vanity. People are realizing that counter space is nice, but a deep, useful sink is much nicer.

There’s also a new trend of gray wood finishes that offer a more rustic or beachy theme and something more unique than the standard brown and white options. Some people are opting to paint or choose a pre-painted vanity that adds a pop of color, but this isn’t as common as the more rustic or modern look. It’s an interesting dichotomy, but there’s plenty for everyone to love.

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The Top 10 List

Here’s a look at the 10 Best Vanities available now at UniqueVanities.com:

1. 48 Inch Single Sink Bath Vanity in White with/without Top

This vanity includes a modern sink and faucet option with the choice of a top or just the cabinet, giving you more options for a modern style.

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in White with Choice of No Top

2. 48 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Dark Walnut

This vanity offers a more traditional look with dual sinks and a deep walnut finish that creates an upscale finish in any space.

48 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Dark Walnut

3. 48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Driftwood Finish

This driftwood vanity is a more rustic design that offers that worn look, with a single sink and plenty of storage.

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Driftwood Finish

4. 48 Inch Gray Oak Modern Bathroom Vanity

For those who crave modern, this vanity delivers with a gray oak finish and sleek modern handles, and frosted glass.

48 Inch Gray Oak Modern Bathroom Vanity

5. 48 Inch Antique Two-Tone Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

If you want a more rustic look that’s still traditional, this is the vanity for you. It offers a two-tone brown finish for extra detail.

48 Inch Antique Two-Tone Single Sink Vanity

6. 48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Walnut

If you are looking for a stylish design, this antique walnut vanity is the perfect choice with detailed inlays and decorative carvings for added style.

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Walnut

7. 48 Inch Small Double Sink Bath Vanity with Granite or Travertine Top

This smaller design features dual sinks that leave more counter space and still offer a stylish look, with a traditional cabinet in dark antique brown.

48 Inch Small Double Sink Vanity with Granite or Travertine Top

8. 48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

If you want a traditional white cabinet, this model offers what you need. It includes storage and a single sink top.

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

 9. 48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

This sink features a stylish urban gray finish with a choice of tops and brushed satin nickel details.

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

48 Inch Double Sink Bath Vanity in Antique White

For those who like a clean look, the antique vanity offers dual sinks with a modern finish and plenty of storage.

48 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique White

Find Your New Bath Vanity Today

Check out any of the vanities above and see if they can deliver the design features that you need. From designs with sleek, modern lines to cabinets with plenty of storage, and even optional double sinks on several styles, there is sure to be something for everyone. Plus, if you need help, the team at UniqueVanities.com is here for you every step of the way.







Sours: https://www.uniquevanities.com/bathroom-vanity-blog/current-bathroom-trends/trendinginch-bathroom-vanities.html
How to Buy a Bathroom Vanity Online - Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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