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Xfinity Stream App Guide

Watch TV at home using Xfinity Stream

Sure, Xfinity Stream is a mobile app. But what happens when someone in your house is hogging the good TV and the crappy backup? That’s right: you sit in the corner, plug in your earbuds, and stream to your mobile device.

Since Xfinity Stream gives you five simultaneous streams at home, it accommodates up to four more disappointed family members/roommates. And everybody can watch every live, local, X1, pay-per-view, and adult channel—plus Xfinity On Demand titles and DVR recordings.

You can also cast to a TV at home with a Google Chromecast—assuming there’s a free TV in the house. And even then, you may not need to cast if you already have Xfinity on that TV. So could casting be a better on-the-go option? Hmm . . . .

Watch TV on-the-go with Xfinity Stream

Xfinity Stream doesn’t let you watch quite as much content when you’re away from home—but it’s still overflowing with stuff to watch. The main differences:

Xfinity Stream on the go (in a nutshell)

  • Depending on your package, you&#;ll have up to about 60 fewer channels to watch on the go.
  • The only local channels you can watch on the go are ABC, NBC, FOX, Univision, Unimás, and Telemundo—No CBS or The CW.
  • Some Xfinity On Demand titles aren’t available on the go.
  • You can’t watch some of your X1 subscription channels, pay-per-view channels, or adult channels. But much of that content is best suited to home viewing, isn’t it?
  • You get only three simultaneous streams (instead of five) on the go.

That’s still a ton of content to watch on the go, and a healthy amount of ways to watch it. And if you take all of those movies and shows to a friend’s house along with a Google Chromecast, you can still watch it on a big screen.

Watch offline with Xfinity Stream

Xfinity Stream also allows you to download titles for offline viewing, so you can watch anywhere, even if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Watching offline can come in handy at home too, since it saves bandwidth when everyone is home and online.

But one warning about downloads: if you sign out of Xfinity Stream, the app deletes all of your mobile downloads. Fortunately, it’ll warn you before this happens.

Watch Xfinity Stream free

If you’re an Xfinity internet-only customer but don’t have a channel package, you can use Xfinity Stream to watch select titles free. Much of it’s free for a reason (read: it’s low quality), but there’s also good stuff.

Free content available on Xfinity Stream:

  • A handful of live channels: Cheddar, Dust, HSN2, QVC, Shout Factory TV, SkyNews, Tastemade, and Stingray Music Channels
  • Select on-demand episodes of TV series, including kids programming
  • First episodes of series from CINEMAX®, EPIX, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®
  • + free movies—mostly Spanish-language and LGBTQ+ titles

You can also check out Xfinity bundles to see what TV packages you can add for more entertainment options.

Filter content with Xfinity Stream

There’s so much content on Xfinity Stream that you need filters. Otherwise, you’re gonna spend your precious couch time browsing instead of watching. We wish Xfinity Steam would allow you to filter by genre, but no streaming app is perfect, right?

Stream allows you to filter for the following criteria:

  • Available for download
  • High Definition (HD)
  • Closed Captioning (CC)
  • Secondary Audio (SAP)

Manage parental controls with Xfinity Stream

Kids are smart. They can get into trouble when left to their own devices.

Plenty of kids have phones or tablets nowadays, and the accompanying internet access. And the internet’s just flooded with nefarious content and bad influences (probably TikTok, jk).

Stream helps you protect your brood by allowing you to restrict content based on ratings, channels, and titles. That’s an excellent way to supplement good ole parental supervision.

Manage devices and downloads with Xfinity Stream

So Xfinity Stream allows five simultaneous streams at home and three outside of the house. What happens when your account has reached its device limit and you wanna watch Mystery Science Theater ? If you’re the boss of your Xfinity account, you give someone else the boot right from the app.

The same goes for your downloaded content. Xfinity Stream allows only one downloaded copy of a title at a time. It must be “returned” before someone else in your household can download it on their device. So if somebody’s bogarting Revenge of the Bridesmaids, you can “return” it for them—and then check it out yourself.

  1. Want to watch live sports, news, and On Demand titles on any screen? Shop X1, the ultimate entertainment experience.
  1. Want to watch live sports, news, and On Demand titles on any screen? Shop X1, the ultimate entertainment experience.
Start Shopping
  1. Want to watch live sports, news, and On Demand titles on any screen? Shop X1, the ultimate entertainment experience.
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Never miss a moment

Use the Xfinity Stream app to watch your favorite shows and movies. On any device, anywhere.

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Turn any screen into a TV

Xfinity Stream is included with your service. Get all your favorite channels on any screen at home. Plus enjoy live sports, news, and On Demand titles on the go with X1, the ultimate entertainment experience. 

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Take your DVR to go

Schedule your DVR recordings from anywhere. Enjoy your favorite entertainment on the go. Even download your recordings to watch offline. All with the Xfinity Stream app.

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Not all programming available in all areas and is subject to change. Standard data charges apply to app download and usage. © Comcast. All rights reserved. All other copyrights and trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
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Is Xfinity stream free with Internet?

Xfinity Stream is free to users who already have Xfinity internet and TV service.

How much is Xfinity streaming service?

At the end of your free month trial, regular charges apply. These are currently $20 (which includes a Broadcast TV Fee). If you&#;d like to cancel before the end of your free month, you can do so online by going to TV Service tab in My Account (you may be asked to sign in using your Xfinity ID and password first).

What channels do you get with Xfinity stream?

If it&#;s included in your Xfinity TV service (unless otherwise noted below), you can watch these networks:

  • A&E.
  • ABC (for certain local broadcast affiliates)
  • The Africa Channel.
  • AFRO.
  • AMC.
  • AMC+
  • American Heroes.
  • Animal Planet.

Is Xfinity stream free for Xfinity customers?

Get the entertainment you love anywhere, on any device with Xfinity Stream app. Included at no additional cost for Xfinity customers.

Is Xfinity stream free for Comcast customers?

Get the entertainment you love anywhere, on any device with the free Xfinity Stream app. Everything is included at no additional cost, only for Xfinity customers.

Do you pay extra for Xfinity stream?

There&#;s no additional charge for using the Xfinity Stream app on Partner Devices. All other fees associated with your service will still apply, except during the beta trial, we&#;re waiving the &#;additional outlet&#; service charge if you use the Stream app on a Partner Device. Pricing may change in the future.

How do I watch Xfinity stream on my TV?


  1. Make sure your Samsung Smart TV is connected to the Internet.
  2. Press the Smart Hub button on your Smart Control remote to go to the Samsung Home screen.
  3. Scroll to and select Apps.
  4. Select the Magnifying Glass icon.
  5. Enter Xfinity Stream using the on-screen keyboard and select Done.

Is Xfinity stream not working?

Xfinity Stream Portal Clear the cache in your web browser settings. Close your browser and wait two minutes. Open your browser and return to the Xfinity Stream portal ( Try playing the recording.

Is Xfinity app available on Sony TV?

Xfinity TV customers will soon be able to access the Live, On Demand and Cloud DVR Programming that is included with their subscription on Sony Android TVs. Comcast and Sony today announced that Xfinity TV customers will soon be able to access their cable service via the Xfinity TV Partner app on Sony&#;s Android TVs.

Does Xfinity stream use data?

When you&#;re in your home and connected to your in-home Xfinity network, streaming video to the Xfinity Stream app and portal is an in-home cable service delivered over Comcast&#;s managed cable network, not over the Internet, so it will not count towards your Xfinity Internet monthly data usage.

What is xfinity Stream beta app?

The Xfinity Stream app delivers live broadcast channels, linear cable channels, cloud recordings and video on demand, all without the need to rent an Xfinity TV Box from Comcast. When using the &#;beta&#; app, you will not be charged an &#;additional outlet&#; service charge. Pricing may change in the future.

Is Xfinity stream available on Android TV?

You can download the Xfinity Stream app for Android from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

How much data does Xfinity stream use?

How much data do you use?

Device/ActivityStandard Definition (SD)High Definition (HD)
Video Streaming1Gb/Hour3 Gb/Hour
Music Streaming MB/Hour1 Gb/Hour
GamingHighly variableHighly variable

Is Xfinity Internet unlimited data?

For users who typically use more than TB of data per month or who don&#;t want to pay for overages, we offer an Unlimited Data option. The Unlimited Data Option is available for non-Internet Essentials and non-Internet Essentials Partnership Program customers and costs an additional $30 per month.

What is xfinity unlimited data?

With Xfinity Mobile&#;s Unlimited data option, you know exactly what you&#;ll pay for data every month. You&#;ll get unlimited data for a flat rate of $45 per line. Here&#;s exactly how it works: Every month, you&#;re charged $45 (plus taxes) for each line.

What is Xfinity Internet data?

The Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan provides you with Terabytes (TB) of Internet data usage each month as part of your monthly Xfinity Internet service. If you choose to use more than TB in a month, we will automatically add blocks of 50 GB to your account for an additional fee of $10 each.

How many GB does the average home use per month?


How much data do I need for home Internet?

If you just use the internet to stay connected, browse the web and send emails, you probably won&#;t need a ton of data. It only takes about 1 GB to send and/or receive 1, emails. You can surf the web for 20 hours and use just 1 GB of data..

What happens if I go over my data limit Xfinity?

Overage Charges You will automatically be charged $10 each time we provide you with an additional block of 50 GB of data, with a limit of $ per month (Note: Internet Essentials and Internet Essentials Partnership Program customers had a limit of $30 per month for November and December usage).

Does Xfinity have a data cap ?

Comcast is delaying a plan to enforce its TB data cap and overage fees in the Northeast US until after pressure from customers and lawmakers in multiple states. In November , Comcast announced it would bring the cap to the other 12 states and the District of Columbia starting in January

How much data does TV streaming use?

Watching TV shows or movies on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video. Downloading and streaming consume a similar amount of data.

How much is xfinity stream per month?

Free with Xfinity Internet.

Not buying TV service? Try Flex. With our 4K streaming TV box, your entertainment starts at free. Just pick your Internet speed, then add Flex at checkout.

Flex Box
Flex Remote

Award-winning Voice Remote


Stream Peacock Premium, on us

Get live sports, movies, and unlimited access to your favorite NBC shows with Peacock on Flex. Plus check out more free TV shows and movies with great apps like Tubi, Xumo, and Pluto TV.

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Catch NBC shows on Peacock the next day

Don't miss brand new series. Plus watch fresh episodes of your favorite NBC shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. They're all streaming exclusively on Peacock the day after they premiere.

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Easily find your favorite movies, shows, podcasts, and more. Use our award-winning Voice Remote to control your entertainment and search across all your apps at once.

Easy install. Zero commitment.

Plug Flex into any TV to get started. Then connect to the Internet and sign in to the apps you want to watch. You'll also get 24/7 support just in case you need it.

Enjoy your favorite apps.

Not available to current Xfinity TV customers. Requires post-paid subscription to Xfinity Internet, excluding Internet Essentials. Pricing subject to change. Taxes, fees and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change. Limited to 3 devices. 1 device included, additional devices $5/mo. per device. All devices must be returned when service ends. Separate charges apply to On Demand and certain streaming services. Viewing will count against any Comcast data plan.

Subscriptions required to access Peacock, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Spotify, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and HBO Max™, and Disney+. Peacock Premium has a $/month value. Access to Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and YouTube on Xfinity requires an eligible set-top box with Xfinity TV and Internet service. Disney+, Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu membership required. Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and YouTube use your Internet service and will count against any Xfinity data plan. Programming subject to change. Streaming content limited to the U.S.

Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. © Comcast. All rights reserved. Individual programs and marks are the property of their respective owners. (All Disney+ content © Disney and its related entities). © & TM Lucasfilm. Ltd

Watchathon available to Xfinity residential TV and Internet customers from 4/27/20 – 5/3/ Restrictions apply. Select Hulu and HBO Max content available. Not all programming available in all areas and is subject to change. Standard data charges apply to app download and usage. © Comcast. All rights reserved. All other copyrights and trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

The use of Olympic Marks, Terminology and Imagery is authorized by the U.S. Olympic Committee pursuant to Title 36 U.S. Code Section

Internet with stream xfinity free

Xfinity internet-only customers now get the Flex streaming platform for free

As of today, Comcast will provide its internet-only customers with its streaming TV service Xfinity Flex at no additional cost. Xfinity Flex, which is essentially a streaming device and platform, launched in March and originally cost $5 per month. Now, Comcast is waiving the fee, and all internet-only customers will have access to the 10, free movies and TV shows that Xfinity Flex offers.

The service comes with access to popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and HBO, plus music streaming from Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeartRadio. Comcast recently added NBC Sports Gold packages, and since the service is relatively new, we'll likely continue to see additions like this.

Xfinity Flex is a lot like Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV, but there's no up-front cost for the streaming device, which also comes with a voice remote. That might appeal to new cord cutters who aren't as experienced with managing their own internet TV experiences and are more comfortable with longstanding services like Comcast. For Comcast, providing Xfinity Flex to all of its internet-only customers boosts its subscription numbers, and it's likely hoping that internet-only customers will like Xfinity Flex so much that they'll upgrade to Xfinity TV on X1, which, conveniently, they can do from the Xfinity Flex guide.

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Is Xfinity stream free with Internet?

Xfinity Stream

Turn any screen into a TV with the Xfinity Stream app––included with your Xfinity service.

Never miss out on must-watch TV. Stream top networks, live sports and news, plus thousands of On Demand shows and movies on your phone or tablet. And now you can cast your entertainment to the big screen with Chromecast and supported TVs.

Top Features
• Watch up to + channels of live TV on the go and your entire channel line-up at home
• Schedule DVR recordings from any device
• Access thousands of shows and movies to stream On Demand
• Download your recordings and movie library to watch offline
• Cast from your smartphone or tablet to the big screen with Chromecast and supported TVs
• Start watching right after order, and get your full set of channels and features as soon as your services are activated in your home

Help & Support
• Features may vary based on level of service.
• Additional information on the Xfinity Stream app minimum system requirements:
• Look up your existing Xfinity ID (email, mobile phone, or username) or reset your password:
• Learn more about ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ options at
• Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information, please see
• License Agreement: Your use of this application is subject to the Xfinity Web Services Terms of Service located at . If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the Web Service Terms of Service, do not download, install, or use this application.


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