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The 5 Best Dog Food Storage Containers

We get it. Frequent visits to the store can be a nuisance, and your dog can wolf down your entire stock of kibble in a matter of days.

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You’ve probably wondered if getting storage containers would be a wise investment. To that, we say, absolutely! All you need to do is choose the best dog food storage container that can keep the food from going stale or getting broken into by snooping pets.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into why dog food storage containers are important and the things you should consider before making a purchase. Moreover, we’ll take a look at the best dog food storage containers you can find on the market.

Let’s dig in!

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The Best Dog Food Storage Containers

We saved you the hassle and reviewed the 5 best pet food containersthat suit your needs.

While you&#;re considering a storage container for dog food, you may want to think about a storage container for cereal too.  That&#;s another thing that tends to stay around for a while after you open the bag.

Iris Airtight Storage Feeder With Bowls

This attractive pet food container comes with two bowls made out of stainless steel. You can put the bowls in the cavities embedded on the top of the container in a two-in-one fashion.

They have a wide range of varieties. You can pick between 3 color options (green, black, and tan), and 3 size options (small, medium, and large).

For the small container, we were pleasantly surprised when it held around 18 cups of food. The medium held around 46 cups, and the large held exactly 64 cups. Each of the two stainless steel bowls holds up to two quarts of dry food or water.

We appreciated how easy it was to clean the removable bowls. The airtight seal and snap-tight latches were also durable and presented no problems.


  • Attractive, space-efficient design
  • Two-in one compartments
  • A lot of options to choose from
  • Easy to clean


  • Elevated bowls aren’t ideal for messy drinkers

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Gamma2 Vittles Vault Dog Food Container

This dog food container comes with a unique design and shape. It’s marketed as airtight and moisture-proof and holds either 40 or 60 pounds of dry food.

A really interesting feature is that the containers stack together if you buy more than one. They’d work well if you have more than one pet at home.

Another unexpected perk of having this unit was how it managed to keep the smell of dog food within the container. The plastic is durable and BPA-free. This has premium written all over it.


  • Doesn’t leak smell
  • Attractive design
  • Stackable
  • Durable


  • When stacked, might not fill up as advertised

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OXO Pet Food Storage Container

This simple dog food container comes not with two or three different sizes, but seven!

From quarts to quarts, this is one of the most versatile storage containers on the list. It’s ideal for taking 16 ounces of dog food.

We liked the fact that these containers can be used as human food containers too, provided you wash them properly, of course.

They’re stackable, which makes them very efficient in tight spaces.


  • Seven sizes to choose from
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Disappointing seal quality
  • Hold a little less than advertised

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Paw Prints Food Bin

No products found.

The most adorable design out of the bunch! This mid-sized dog food container has a funky print that looks trendy.

There’s a flip-top lid that makes it easy to access the kibble. To top it off, we also get a bonus hand-held scooper, which attaches to the inside of the lid so you don’t lose it.

We loved the style, feel, and weight of this container, we just wished it was available in more size options.


  • Lovely design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to open and close
  • Included scoop


  • The hinge was reported to break easily
  • Doesn’t hold up more than 13 pounds of food

No products found.

BUDDEEZ Large Storage Container

One of the most innovative designs on our list, this pet food container is made so you can pour food for your dog with ease and comfort.

Does it always succeed in that? No.

We noticed that if we fill the container to the maximum, the pour spout becomes harder to operate.

We found that it’s easier to use a scoop to pour food when the container is filled to the brim than risking to spill food everywhere.

Apart from the pour spout, there’s a handle on the side of the container that makes holding and pouring food convenient.

It’s advertised to hold up to 22 pounds of dry food, which is respectable. It’s made with BPA-free plastic. They also claim it’s FDA-approved for food contact.


  • Handle on the side is a smart addition
  • Pour spout makes it easier to fill up the dog’s dish
  • Durable plastic
  • Space efficient


  • Pour spout loses functionality when container is full

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Why Should I Start Using Dog Food Storage Containers?

There’s no secret rule that every pet owner must buy a storage container. You can opt-out of that if you prefer not to.

However, there are several reasons why investing in storage containers can give your dog a lot of additional health benefits.

Your Dog’s Food Will Always Be Fresh

When you keep the food in an open bag, it’s highly likely that the food will go stale after a short period. This can make it lose its nutritional value, or even worse, become contaminated and poison your dog.

Using a storage container will ensure your food supply is always fresh whenever you open it.

Bacteria and Pests Will Stay Out

There’s a reason why we’re so interested in containers that are airtight. Airtight containers prevent anything else other than its constituents from entering.

You won’t run into batches that were spoilt by bacteria, mold, moisture, or pests. Additionally, your pet won’t have access to the food if it’s snooping around.

Which Type of Material Should I Choose for My Container?

You’ll come across a lot of different materials when you’re shopping for a pet food storage container. There are 3 basic materials you can choose from. Here, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of each, so you can choose for yourself.

Stainless Steel Pet Food Storage Containers

You’ll find that stainless steel containers are more expensive than any other alternative. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

They&#;re more durable and last longer. They’re also inert and won’t react with your pet food. I, personally, like stainless steel containers because they clean easier.

Wood Dog Food Containers

Wood might seem a bit old-fashioned, but it’s still being used to make great storage containers. A lot of people will choose the natural look of wood enclosures over anything else. Good wood can be very durable, too.

So why do I steer clear from it? Three reasons.

First of all, we all know wood is a good place for molds and bacteria to persist. You’ll need to be on the lookout for wood material with water-proof sealers, and even then, molds can find its way in the pores of the wood.

The second reason is insects. I hate insects, and they’re not fond of me either. By nature, wooden containers attract insects more than any other material.

Finally, I find that even the wooden pet food storage containers marketed to be airtight, are usually not. This can put your dog food at risk of going stale.

Plastic Dog Food Storage Containers

Plastic is more affordable than any other material. However, there’re a few things you need to consider.

Is it safe to put dog food in a plastic container?

Yes, as long as you look for dog food containers that are BPA-free. Food exposed to BPA can cause a lot of adverse health effects, from increased blood pressure to brain and prostate damage.

The smell of plastic can be undesirable to your pet, so you might wanna wash it a couple of times to get rid of that.

Finally, make sure you get plastic containers that are thick and won’t crack so easily. Don’t get us started on what would happen if your dog chewed off some plastic.

How Long Can I Leave Dog Food out of the Bag?

There’s nothing wrong with the simple process of opening the kibble bag, filling the bowls on a regular basis, and then topping up when the dog’s finished.

However, you might worry about the food getting spoiled with time, do you know how long kibble lasts after it’s out of the original bag?

Well, about two weeks, according to experts.

This can present an issue if you want to buy giant value bags on sale. We do admit that those deals are hard to pass, and they give you the assurance that you’re well-stocked for an apocalypse.

However, if you’re planning on leaving kibble out for more than two weeks, you need to worry about one major problem. Oxidation.

Yes, the lipids that were once highly nutritious to your dog can go rancid over time. This happens because of the chemical structure of the lipids themselves, they&#;re sensitive to the exposure to oxygen.

In very simple terms, you can think of it as metal rusting.

So, don’t leave the food out for too long, and definitely don’t top up the bowl if it still has some at the bottom.

Picking the Best Pet Food Container

As long as you keep your dog food properly stored, your dog will always have access to a healthy supply of kibble.

Let&#;s take a look at these dog food containers again:

We voted the
Gamma2 Vittles Vault Dog Food Container to be the best dog food storage container on the market. We liked the different look and style it presented. We also have plenty of room to store food because it’s stackable and holds quite a huge amount of dog kibble.

If you don’t care about storing huge amounts of dog food, then we have to choose the lovely No products found.. It’s efficient, stylish, comes with a scoop, and holds up to 16 pounds of dog kibble.

Just make sure to choose the best shape and style that works for you. You can’t go wrong with any of our picks for the best dog food storage containers.

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Best Dog Food Storage Containers: Keeping Your Dog’s Kibble Fresh!

  • #1 Pick: Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can.High-end stainless steel kibble storage from popular brand Simplehuman with several size options. Includes lid-mounted scoop with magentic storage, an ergonomic lock-tight seal handle, and rear wheels.
  • #2 Pick: Iris 3-Piece Pet Food Storage.Two stacked food storage bins with airtight snap lids and wheels on the bottom.
  • #3 Pick: Vitties Vault.Mid-priced airtight dry food storage with a 40 or 60 lb storage size. Containers are stackable, making them great for homes with multiple pets.
  • #4 Gunner Food Crate.The most durable dog food crate out there, this premium high-end storage container is waterproof, dustproof, pest-proof, and capable of holding up to 50 lbs of dry food. It&#;s well-suited for camping, hunting, and intense canine adventuring.

Buying kibble for your pooch in bulk can be a good way to save some money and avoid unnecessary trips to the store, but first you need a proper way to store the food so it doesn’t go stale or get broken into by mischievous pets!

Depending on the type of storage space you have, the number of different types of food you need to store, and the size container you need, certain dog food storage containers may work better for you than others.

In this article, we will talk about why storage containers are useful and different materials to consider when making a purchase. Then, we’ll go over our top choices for the best dog food storage containers to help you find the perfect one for you!

Want answers fast? Check out our quick guide below &#; or keep reading for the full low down!

Why Use Dog Food Storage Containers?

You certainly don&#;t have to use a storage container for your dog&#;s food if you&#;d prefer not to, but there are a variety of reasons that it makes sense to do so. We&#;ll discuss a few of the most important benefits you (and your dog) will enjoy if you elect to store your dog&#;s food in a storage container below.

They Keep Food Fresh

When food isn’t stored properly, there is a risk of it spoiling or going stale and losing nutritional value; your pet may even be less interested in his or her food when it changes texture and flavor.

Using a storage container to keep your pet’s food fresh is a great way to ensure you’ll never have to throw out stale kibble!

They Keep Out Bacteria and Pests

Nobody wants to think about bugs or rodents in their homes, but these critters can sometimes find their way into our pantries and wreak havoc if we aren’t prepared.

With a durable storage container, you won’t have to worry about pests chewing through food bags or getting in through small openings. Bacteria and mold will also be held at bay by an airtight container that keeps moisture and bacteria out.

Convenient Storage and Use

Depending on what you need a food storage container for, different styles offer different perks! Some come on wheels for easy portability, while others are stackable or have different compartments for a multi-pet household.

Many containers have easy to open lids, saving you the hassle of always having to roll up a food bag each day. Many storage containers even come with a scoop for easy, measured meals!

They Keep Your Pet Healthy

By keeping your pet’s food in an airtight storage container, you’ll be protecting your pet from harmful bacteria and diseases transmitted by insects and rodents.

You’ll also be ensuring that all of the nutrients in your pet’s food stay in the food, keeping your pet healthy and happy!

What Type of Material is Best for Dog Food Storage Containers?

There are three basic materials manufacturers use to make dog food storage containers. We&#;ll discuss the pros and cons of each, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Plastic Containers

Plastic options are often more affordable than other materials, but you’ll want to make sure you look for products that are made with BPA free plastic. You may also need to wash a new bin a few times in order to get rid of the plastic smell.

Many plastic containers are translucent or transparent, so they make it easy to keep an eye on how much food you have left &#; this will help prevent the &#;OMG! I&#;m out of dog food,&#; reaction that can occasionally occur with opaque containers.

It is good idea to look for a thick, durable plastic that won’t be prone to cracking or susceptible to being chewed!

Stainless Steel Containers

While stainless steel products are usually more expensive than plastic alternatives, they are durable and long-lasting. Stainless steel dog food containers are also pretty inert, so they won&#;t react with your dog&#;s food. They&#;re also very easy to keep clean, which will help prevent your dog&#;s food from spoiling.

Many people also appreciate the sleek look of stainless steel, and want to avoid the smell of plastic!

Wood Containers

Wood is a bit of a throw-back material that some manufacturers use to make storage containers. Many owners love the look of natural wood enclosures, and they&#;re usually very durable too. However, they do have a few drawbacks.

For example, wood (unless it is finished with a good water-proof sealer) shouldn&#;t be used to store unbagged food, as the pores in the wood can allow molds or bacteria to persist. Additionally, wooden containers are rarely insect-proof, so you could end up with bugs in your pet&#;s food.

Also, wooden storage containers are rarely airtight, so they won&#;t help keep your dog&#;s food as fresh.

The Nine Best Dog Food Storage Containers

There are a ton of different dog food storage containers on the market, but we&#;ll discuss nine of the best below! Just remember to compare the options available carefully so that you can pick out the best container for your needs.

1. SimpleHuman Dog Food Storage Can

Highest Quality Dog Food Storage

simplehuman 30 Liter, 32 lb / kg Large Pet Food Storage Container, Brushed Stainless Steel for Dog Food, Cat Food, and Bird Feed

SimpleHuman Dog Food Storage Can

Sleek, secure, and stainless steel

This top-of-the-line dog food container has a magnetic lid-mounted scoop and built-in wheels for hassle-free mobility -all with an airtight seal and an easy handle-embedded snap lock.

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About: The Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Cancomes in 25, 30, or 40 liter sizes and is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel. A removable inner bucket is made of BPA free plastic.

This container has an airtight seal and a handle that locks the lid tight to keep out pesky pooches! This will also help ensure that ants, roaches, and other bugs don&#;t get into your pet&#;s kibble.

The Simplehuman Storage Can also comes with a magnetic lid-mounted scoopand built-in wheels for hassle-free mobility.

With its elegant black-and-stainless steel design, it&#;s a natural decor fit for most modern kitchens and won&#;t stand out as much as the more common plastic food storage containers.

Plus, the stainless steel material ensures that light won&#;t penetrate, keeping your food fresher for longer.

Editor&#;s Note

I use the Simplehuman Dog Food Storage Container for storing my own dog&#;s kibble and I have to say, I am a big fan!

The magnetic scooper slot keeps the scooper clean and visible, with the locking handle ensures no sneaky pup will be able to grab an extra bite to eat! &#; Meg Marrs

simplehuman dog food storage


Owners love the sleek design and the effective seal. Users also note that this container keeps the smell of kibble from the rest of the house!


Some users report container being less durable than they hoped, with scratches and dents occurring.

2. Iris 3-Piece Airtight Dog Food Container

Best 3-in-1 set

Iris 3-Piece Airtight Dog Food Container

Great for multi-pet households

This BPA-free container set includes a quart and a quart container, both with airtight seals and snap-lock latches.

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About: The Iris 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container comes in 15 different colors so you can find the one that best suits you and your pooch!

Features: This set includes a quart container that holds up to 25 pounds of food and a quart container that holds up to 10 pounds of food. Also included is a two cup matching scoop.

Great for any type of pet food, the airtight seals and snap-lock latches keep out moisture, humidity, and pests, and its four wheels make it easy to move around.

Made in the U.S.A., this product is BPA free and made with FDA compliant material.


Owners were pleased that the Iris Pet Food Containers kept their pets from getting into their food supply, and they lovee being able to keep the food organized and neatly stored.


Some owners report their pets knocking over the containers and the latch coming open, allowing food to spill out. While stackable, the lower container can only be opened if the top container is removed. A few users were unhappy that the seal was not airtight.

3. Iris Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder With Bowls

Best for saving space

Iris Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder With Bowls

Storage &#; feeding solution

This elevated storage feeder includes removable stainless steel bowls, with an airtight seal and snap-tight latches to keep food dry and fresh.

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 About: The Iris Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder comes with two stainless steel bowls that rest in cavities on top of the storage container for a two-in-one package.

You can customize your elevated storage feeder by picking between the green, black, and tan color options and the small, medium, and large sizes.

The small container can hold approximately 18 cups of food, the medium can hold up to 46 cups, and large can hold 64 cups of dry pet food. The two stainless steel bowls can each hold up to two quarts of water or food and are removable for easy cleaning.

This storage container includes an airtight seal with snap-tight latches.

Feeding from an elevated dog bowl has been a topic of some controversy. Some say that it reduces neck muscle strain and improves digestion, while others claim it has negative impacts on health.


Owners love the design and function of this storage feeder. The seal keeps water out and the container is easy to clean.


Some users dislike having to remove the top with the bowls in it to get out more kibble. May not be ideal for a messy drinker, as water can slosh out into the cavities where the bowls sit, creating a mess to clean up.

4. Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Dog Food Container

Best Stackable Container

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Dog Food Container

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Dog Food Container

Heavy-duty plastic and stackable

This stackable dog food storage is made of thick, food grade plastic and is ideal for multi-animal homes.

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About: The Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Container comes in two sizes that hold 40 or 60 pounds of kibble.

Features: This container comes with a one cup scoop and is stackable, making it an excellent purchase for a multi-animal household.

BPA free, the Vittles Vault Container is made of thick, food grade plastic.


Owners love that this bin keeps the smell of dog food inside the container and that the durable plastic keeps out both pets and other unwanted critters.

Additionally, stackable pet food storage is something that is really convenient for multi-pet homes.


With the opening facing forward (to enable stacking), some users state that the bin may not fit as much food as advertised without some spilling out. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best airtight food containers on the market.

5. OXO Storage Pet Food Container

Best Single-Button Option

OXO Airtight Pet Food Storage POP Container,White, Quart

OXO Storage Pet Food Container

Single-button container

This button-based storage container is easy to open with a single press, plus it comes in a variety of sizes while managing to be space efficient.

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About: The OXO Pet Food Storage POP Container comes in seven sizes ranging from quarts to quarts, which is ideal for holding 16 ounces of dog food up to pounds. This container can also be used for other pet foods, as well as human food!

Features: The OXO Dog Food Container is easily opened by pressing the button on the top, and is just as easily sealed by pushing the button again. The wide opening makes it easy to reach in and scoop out food, while the rounded edges provide a convenient way to pour out the food into bowls.

Stackable and space efficient, the lid even comes apart for easy cleaning purposes!


Users love the design and state that this container is easy to use and lasts a long time.


Some users were not happy with the quality of the seal, and reported that the containers held less than was advertised.

6.  Paw Prints 15 lb. Airtight Storage Container

No products found.

Paw Prints 15 lb. Airtight Storage Container

Mid-sized dog food container

Features a flip-top lid and a built-in scooper for easy food dispensing.

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About: The Paw Prints pound Storage Container is a mid-sized dog food container that features a fun print design that looks great and will help you show off how much you love your pooch!

Features: This container is equipped with a super-convenient flip-top lid, which makes it very easy to access your dog’s kibble. It even comes with a hand-held scooper, which locks into place on the inside of the lid, so you won’t lose it. The container features a flat-back design to help save counter space, and the lid comes with a gasket to help keep your pup’s food fresh and ensure that the food lasts a long time.

The Paw Print Storage Container is durable, lightweight and made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic.


Most owners who tried out the Paw Prints Storage Container loved it, and reported that it not only looks adorable, but it works well too. It appears easy to open and close, and the included scoop is a nice bonus.


A few owners mentioned that the hinges broke easily, so you’ll want to be gentle with this container. A few also reported that they were only able to fill it with about 12 or 13 pounds of food.

7. Buddeez Food Dispenser and Storage Container

Most Unique Design

Buddeez Food Dispenser and Storage Container

Unique kibble pour design

This 8-gallon spouted dog food container makes it easy to pour out your dog&#;s food.

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About: The Buddeez Storage Container features a really innovative design that makes it easy to pour your dog’s kibble out of the container.

Features: The lid features a pour spout, and a handle is placed on the side of the tub, so that you can easily hold and manipulate the container while pouring out food. In fact, it allows you to keep your pet’s kibble inside the bag during storage, yet you can still pour out the kibble quickly and easily (just snip the top off your dog’s bag of kibble and put the whole bag inside the container).

The Buddeez Food Dispenser is made with BPA-free plastic, which is FDA-approved for food contact. This is an 8-gallon container, that will hold up to 22 pounds of dog food.


Most owners loved the Buddeez Food Dispenser and found that it made it much easier to fill up their dog’s food dish. We even found a few comments from owners who had been successfully using the container for more than two years.


A few owners noted that the pour spout doesn’t work well if you fill the container to the brim, but this is a pretty minor problem.

8. Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage Tub

Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage Tub

Storage bins with hinged doors

These attractive two-tone and stackable containers are ultra-durable and open via a hinged door.

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About: The Bergan Stak-N-Stor is a convenient pet-food-storage container that provides easy access to your dog’s kibble via a hinged door.

Features: These containers are made from high-density polyethylene, so they are rust- and dent-resistant. You can also use them in both indoor or outdoor applications. They feature an attractive two-tone finish, and they’re also stackable. The smaller sizes should fit on most kitchen counters.

The Bergan Stak-N-Stor comes in three sizes (9-, , and gallons), so it’ll work for pets of just about any size.


Most owners were happy with the Bergan Stak-N-Stor. Because they’re stackable (and you can easily access the food after stacking them), they are especially convenient for people with pets who require different types of food.


A few owners reported that these containers weren’t as sturdy as they’d have liked. A few also mentioned problems operating the doors once the tubs were stacked.

9. Gunner Food Crate

Most Durable Dry Food Storage Container


Gunner Food Crate

Extra-tough food crate perfect for outdoor adventuring and big trips

Super durable food crate that holds up to 50lbs of food while being water-proof, dust-proof, and air-tight

See Buying Details

About: The Gunner Food Crate is a large heavy-duty dog food storage container that&#;s ideal for hardcore adventuring and travel when only the toughest and most durable dog food holder will do!

This hefty food crate features a rotomolded design, allowing it to be waterproof (for up to 30 minutes submerged a meter underwater), dustproof, airtight, and able to keep out all kinds of pests from rodents to bugs. Its non-transparent design means it&#;ll also prevent the food from degrading and extend shelf life by keeping out UV rays.

It holds up to 50 lbs of dry dog food and is made from BPA-free materials. The wide-mouth design allows for a full bowl to be inserted and scoop up kibble with ease, while the seamless lip prevents grime from sticking to the rim.

Made for a variety of terrain and climates, the container&#;s wide base keeps it from toppling over while the raised rubber feet on the container&#;s bottom keep it off the floor to prevent drastic temperature change.

Plus, the container&#;s draw-style will keep out even the cleverest canines who think your dog food storage pin is a puzzle toy in disguise.

The Gunner Food Crate is a great fit for travelers with its durable handle, allowing it to be tossed into a truck bed for a week-long camping trip with ease. On top of all that, this container comes with a lifetime warranty, so you shouldn&#;t need another food crate besides this one-and-only.


With its easy access wide-mouth lid and durable handle, this durable food container is an especially good fit for camping or hunting trips. If you need something durable and ultra pest-proof, this is a great pick.


This container is quite heavy, with an empty container weighing 10 lbs. It&#;s also one of the most expensive dog food container&#;s on the market, and probably overkill for standard kitchen use.

Dog Food Kibble Storage FAQ

Owners &#; particularly first-time owners &#; often have a lot of questions about the best way to store their pet&#;s kibble. We&#;ll try to answer a few of the most common questions below.

What temperature should dry dog food be stored?

You&#;ll want to make sure you store your kibble in a cool, dry place(even if the kibble is unopened). That usually means not keeping your kibble in a garage or shed &#; you want to avoid any storage spot that could potentially go over degrees Fahrenheit. Instead, opt for dry basements or closets.

Storing your kibble at over degrees for over 48 hours can accelerate the dog food&#;s deterioration, losing the vitamins that are essential to healthy, quality kibble!

Exposure to light, high temperatures, and air can all affect how fast your kibble degrades.Manufacturers actually recommend keeping the kibble in its original packaging &#; even if you plan on using a storage container &#; due to the fact that the bag provides a fat barrier. So the best method seems to be to put the bag of kibble into a storage container &#; that way your dog&#;s food is protected from all the elements!

Can dry dog food go stale?

Indeed it can! Kibble packages should have a &#;best by&#; or &#;best before&#; date on their packaging somewhere, and it&#;s best to stick to as close to that date as possible. Ideally, when purchasing kibble, look for packaging that has a &#;best by&#; date as far into the future as possible.

Now just because your kibble hits that &#;best by&#; date doesn&#;t mean you need to throw it out. It simply means that the food no longer provides the nutritional value stated in the Guaranteed Analysis. While the food&#;s optimal nutrition has expired the food it &#; generally speaking &#; still &#;good&#; to eat.

Generally, kibble can still be consumed a few months after the &#;best by&#; date &#; just always make sure to check for mold or bacteria. Mold generally grows on the top layer of the kibble, and it will emit a foul smell. Give your pup&#;s kibble a good whiff to make sure everything smells normal.

The shelf life of unopened kibble can vary quite a bit &#; anywhere from 4 months to 3 years. Shelf life depends on the food&#;s ingredients and preservatives. Natural preservatives (like vitamin E) tend to break down more rapidly than artificial preservatives (like ethoxyquin, BHT, and BHA).

The best course of action is to simply call your dog&#;s kibble manufacturer and ask about the shelf life of the food. Annoying, but you&#;ll know for sure then!

Be sure to thoroughly examine the kibble that you purchase &#; make sure the bag is intact to be sure that pests haven&#;t gotten into the bag. If you order food online and receive a compromised bag, manufacturers commonly are more than willing to send a new bag or provide a refund.

Generally, kibble should be consumed within six weeks of opening the bag of dog food. We recommend choosing a bag size that takes this into account and matches your dog&#;s daily allotment of kibble.
How do you soften dry dog food up?If you have hard kibble you want to soften up for your pooch (whether due to dental issues or simply to make the food more palatable), try mixing in warm water or low-sodium broth &#; your dog will love it!

Can canned dog food go bad?

Unopened canned dog food can actually remain fresh for years (so long as it&#;s been kept in a cool, dry location). Again, as with kibble, try to only buy the amount of wet food cans that can be used by the marked &#;best by&#; dates.

When it comes to opened wet food cans, you should be sure to use the wet food within a week. If your dog won&#;t consume that much wet food, you can always cut up and freeze the wet food into single portions, and then thaw them and feed your pooch when needed.
Plastic dog food lids are also helpful for keeping a tight seal on your dog&#;s open wet food cans, ensuring the taste and moisture is maintained.

If your dog isn&#;t feeling his wet food and leaves it in his bowl, make sure to toss it around after hours. You&#;ll also always want to clean your dog&#;s bowl before refilling it with his next meal!

Which dog food storage container is the best?

If you have a little dog (or other pet), one of the smaller container options may be the right choice for you.

If you have a larger pet, or just like to buy in bulk and have space, there are bigger containers that come in different shapes and sizes to ensure that you’ll find one that is the perfect fit for you, your pooch, and your home.

Stackable bins are great for multi-pet households, and having a mixture of bin sizes can be great for holding different items like food and treats!

Have you used a pet food storage container before? Please share your stories and thoughts in the comments section below!

Sours: https://www.k9ofmine.com/best-dog-food-storage-containers/
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RELABTABY Pet Food Storage Container - 16lb Airtight Plastic Moistureproof Storage Bin for Dog Food, Cat Food and Bird Seed with Measuring Cup

RELABTABY Pet Food Storage Container - 16lb Airtight Plastic Moistureproof Storage Bin for Dog Food, Cat Food and Bird Seed with Measuring Cup


ratings Write a review

Item #:


This product is not Fulfilled by Ubuy and can take minimum 10 days in delivery. We might cancel the product from the order and refund you if any issue arise with the delivery of this product.

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on () volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • 【FOOD GRADE PP MATERIAL】 The pet food pail is made of BPA-free plastic. Thick opaque material protects food from light and could be kept in garages, barns & outdoors. Perfect for dry food, treats, bird seed & horse feed.
  • 【Double rubber ring】thanks to durable construction and a tight-fitting lid. keeping pests, moisture, and humidity out.
  • 【Convenience】Push-to-open design , one key to start better life.Built-in moisture-proof box,Prevent water vapor intrusion
  • 【Dimension】15''L x ''W x 9''H,could store up to 16 lbs of dry food.
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ x x inches ( x x cm); Pounds ( kg)
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎RELABTABY
ASIN ‏ : ‎B08MZX44LP
Unit Count Count



This Food Storage Container with succinct and generous design could be used to storage Pet Food, Rice, Flour or Grains, etc.


1.Material: Food Grade PP Material
2.Color: Green, Gray
3.Dimension: cm x cm x 23cm(15'' x '' x 9'')
4.weight: lbs(kg)

❤Package Includes:

☆ 1xPet Food Container
☆ 1xMeasuring Cup

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Sours: https://www.u-buy.jp/en/product/JXMSW-relabtaby-pet-food-storage-containerlb-airtight-plastic-moistureproof-storage-bin-for-dog-food-ca
Best Dog Food Storage Container 2020 - Airtight Pet Food Container Reviews

Storing dry cat food can be a challenge if you don&#;t have the right container. Left exposed to the air, cat food can get stale or, worse, attract insects or rodents, particularly if you keep it in a garage, basement, or another area where critters can get in. The best solution to this problem is to invest in a cat food storage container. If you&#;re looking for cat food to store in your new container, you won&#;t want to miss our list of the best cat foods.

We looked at dozens of cat food storage containers so we could tell you about our favorites. We looked at the size, how easy they were to use, whether they rolled, what they were made of, and what Amazon reviewers had to say about them.

Our top pick went to the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container. The design is attractive, so it will look right at home on your counter, on a pantry shelf, or even in your garage. It&#;s also airtight, which means your kitty won&#;t be contending with stale or unappealing food. This storage container is an all-around winner and we highly recommend it!

The 5 Top-Rated Cat Food Storage Containers

*Rating are from Amazon.com and might change over time.

Best Cat Food Storage Container Overall: Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container made our top spot among all of the cat food storage containers we reviewed. The best feature is that it seals closed so that it&#;s airtight, eliminating the common issue of stale, soft cat food. It will also keep insects out and won&#;t attract other types of vermin, even if you keep it on a porch or otherwise accessible to squirrels and other potential visitors.

The container is made of sturdy human-grade, BPA-free plastic. The top spins closed easily, and there are molded handles for easy carrying. The design has adorable paw prints all over it, which adds appeal to your storage area and also makes it easy for pet-sitters to find in the case you need to ask someone to care for your cat while you&#;re away. It even comes with a 1-cup scoop to make it easy to feed kitty.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Key Features:

  • Made from human grade plastic
  • Holds 25 lbs of food
  • Does not contain BPA
  • Airtight; won&#;t let air in or out
  • Attractive design
  • Includes a scoop
  • Has molded handles

Best Metal Cat Food Storage Container: Simplehuman 27lb Pet Food Storage Can

If you prefer a metal cat food storage container, we really like the Simplehuman 27lb Pet Food Storage Can. The outside of the container is an attractive brushed stainless steel, so it will fit in perfectly if you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. It has an easy-to-use lock-tight handle that you can open and close with one hand.

The gasket makes the container airtight, which means no more stale vittles for your cat. It also holds a remarkable 27 lbs of food, so if you like to stock up, you&#;ll be covered. The inner shell is made of BPA-free plastic, so you can take it out and clean it easily. There are also wheels, allowing you to move it easily even when it&#;s full.

Simplehuman 27lb Pet Food Storage Can Key Features:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Lock-tight handle
  • Airtight
  • Inner bucket is BPA-free plastic
  • Wheeled for easy rolling

Best Budget Cat Food Storage Container: Kennelpak Van Ness Pet Food Container

Those looking for a budget-friendly, no-frills cat food storage container won&#;t go wrong with the Kennelpak Van Ness Pet Food Container. This is made from food-grade plastic containing no BPA and holds 10 lbs of cat food. It is not completely airtight, but it does have a good seal to keep food from going stale and to deter insect infestation.

Amazon users state that their cats can&#;t open the container, which is good if you have a kitty who would like to help himself to dinner. The lid is attached to the main part of the container, so you won&#;t lose it. Those who have purchased the item also confirm that it does hold a full 10 pounds of cat food, so if you buy that size of a bag, you should be all set.

Kennelpak Van Ness Pet Food Container Key Features:

  • Holds 10 lbs of food
  • BPA-free food-grade plastic
  • Seals to keep food fresh
  • Cat-proof
  • Attached lid

Best Rolling Cat Food Storage Container: IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container

The IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container is our first choice if you are looking for the best storage container with wheels. The seals are airtight and the latch locks closed to ensure that the food you store stays fresh. This container holds lbs and would be good if you have several cats. If you don&#;t need to store that much food, it also comes in a lb size.

The bin is made out of translucent BPA-free plastic. It&#;s tall and slim, so it can fit into narrow spaces&#;it measures less than 11 inches across. The wheels are on casters, allowing you to pull the container in any direction without a problem. If you have other IRIS brand storage containers of the same width and depth, you can stack them easily. This can come in handy if you have pets who eat different foods that need to be stored separately.

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container Key Features:

  • Holds lbs of food
  • Comes in smaller size as well
  • Airtight &#; keeps food fresh
  • Under 11 inches across
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Stackable

Best Decorative Cat Food Storage Container: Bone Dry DII Lattice Ceramic Pet Canister

If you are looking for a canister to store on your counter or on top of the fridge, the Bone Dry DII Lattice Ceramic Pet Canister might be the perfect cat food storage container for you. This is a small container, measuring 4 x 6 inches, so it&#;s best for cat treats or for enough food for a day or two. This would be perfect to use if you had someone stopping in to feed your cat while you are away overnight, as it is not too large to handle easily.

This canister is made of ceramic and has a bamboo top. This means that it will prevent food from getting stale and will keep insects out, but it will also allow the food to breath thanks to the porous quality of bamboo. It comes in pink, gray, and teal, so you can choose the one that best matches your decor. You can even get matching food and water bowls to make it a set!

Bone Dry DII Lattice Ceramic Pet Canister Key Features:

  • Made of ceramic
  • Has a bamboo lid
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Measures 4 x 6&#;
  • Available in three colors
  • Matching bowls available

Who Should Buy a Cat Food Storage Container

Many cat owners have had the experience of their cats getting into their bag of dry food. When this happens, cats can scatter the food around, leave a tear in the bag that lets the food become stale, or even encourage an insect infestation. Not closing up the bag tightly can also cause these issue. For that reason, it&#;s prudent for cat owners to buy a cat food storage container. This can keep your cat food from getting stale and prevent insects and other critters from getting into the food. If you have an indoor cat and you&#;re looking for the best food for him, take a look at our list of the best foods for indoor cats.

Important Features to Consider

There are several features to keep in mind if you are purchasing a new cat food storage container. Here are some considerations to think about before you buy.

  • Material. Your own preferences will dictate whether you prefer a plastic, metal, or ceramic cat food storage container. If you choose plastic, be sure that the brand you are considering uses only food-grade plastic, preferably BPA-free.
  • Size. The size you choose will depend on how large the package of cat food is that you typically purchase. Remember that you might be able to save money if you buy a larger bag of cat food; with a cat food storage container, it will stay fresh longer. Be sure you buy a container large enough to accommodate the quantity of food you buy, because leaving an open bag or box half-full can cause the food to become stale.
  • Decoration. Do you want to keep your cat food storage container on the counter or otherwise in a public area of the home? If so, look for one that is appealing to you and that complements your sense of style.
  • Airtight. Particularly if you will be storing a large quantity of food or if you&#;re storing cat food in the garage or basement, you might want to buy an airtight container that will keep the food fresh for a long time and will keep insects out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep dry cat food fresh?

If the cat food you buy comes in a plastic bag with a Ziploc top, be sure to close it each time you use it. Most cat food, however, comes in a paper bag without a sealing top. In this case, you should pour the cat food into an airtight container. Store it in a cool location where it won&#;t be exposed to sunlight or high temperatures. This should keep it from getting stale.

How do you store canned cat food?

Unopened canned cat food can be kept in a cool, dark location such as your pantry or in a cabinet. Once you open it, cover the can and store it in the refrigerator. Throw away any canned cat food that isn&#;t used within five days; toss it out sooner if you notice that the food is getting dry around the edges or if it wasn&#;t covered.

Can dry cat food spoil?

Yes, dry cat food can become stale. It can also go rancid. You can prevent this by not purchasing huge amounts of cat food; watch the expiration date on the bag and only buy what your cat will eat before it expires. Also, wash out your cat food storage container periodically to remove oils that can go bad over time.

Should you refrigerate dry cat food?

No, there is no need to refrigerate dry cat food. Keep it in a cool, dark location in an airtight container.

Other Cat Food Storage Containers We Reviewed

The cat food storage containers that made our top 5 list are the best we could find. In addition to those, we also reviewed 20 others. They are all great options if you are looking for a way to store your dry cat food. The information you&#;ll need to compare them is included with each listing.

Plastic Cat Food Storage Containers

Bergan Smart Storage

Bergan Smart Storage

This convenient cat food storage container holds 22 lbs of food and has a handy flip-top lid that allows you easy access.

Key Features:

  • Stackable containers
  • Slim profile
  • Keeps insects out and odors in

Cost: $12

BUDDEEZ Large Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container

BUDDEEZ Large Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container

You can place the bag of cat food into this storage container or you can pour it in; either way, access food through the pour spout or the flip-top lid.

Key Features:

  • BPA free
  • Holds 22 lbs
  • Bag-in feature

Cost: $15

Inspired Essentials Elevated Pet Feeder with Airtight Pet Food Storage

Inspired Essentials Elevated Pet Feeder with Airtight Pet Food Storage

Give kitty a place where she can both perch and eat with this pet food storage container with a pet feeder on top. The bottom section holds 64 cups of food.

Key Features:

  • Airtight seal
  • Large stainless steel bowls
  • Available in two colors

Cost: $30

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

This is an easy-to-clean tapered pet storage container that has an airtight seal. It holds up to 12 lbs and is made from BPA-free plastic.

Key Features:

  • Clear BPA-free plastic
  • Tapered for easy cleaner
  • Holds lbs

Cost: $9

Kytely Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Kytely Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

This is a smaller container that can hold about lbs of cat food, so if you normally buy smaller packages for one cat, this might be the right choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Grooved design
  • Airtight seal
  • Pour spout and measuring cup

Cost: $11

OXO Pet Food Storage POP Container

OXO Pet Food Storage POP Container

The pop-up button on this unique cat food storage container makes a strong seal while also making it easy to open. Holds up to lbs of cat food.

Key Features:

  • BPA-free
  • Rounded corners
  • Wide opening

Cost: $20

TIOVERY Pet Food Storage Container

TIOVERY Pet Food Storage Container

This is another small container that can hold a small ( lb) bag of cat food. It seals well with four latches and includes a measuring cup and portable feeding bowl.

Key Features:

  • BPA-free
  • Includes foldable, portable feeding bowl
  • Airtight

Cost: $11

Decorative Cat Food Storage Containers

Amici Pet Zentangle Pet Food Large Metal Storage Bin

Amici Pet Zentangle Pet Food Large Metal Storage Bin

This bin contains the whimsy of Zentangle with a classic black and white color scheme, making it appropriate for any modern kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 17 lbs of food
  • Tight fitting lid
  • Hand wash only

Cost: $35

Artisan Village Pet Canisters

Artisan Village Pet Canisters

This elegant design will look great, particularly if you have stainless steel appliances. It is easy to clean and holds up to 2 quarts of food.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Measures 5 x 7&#;

Cost: $15

Morezi Cat Food Storage Tin with Lid

Morezi Cat Food Storage Tin with Lid

There won&#;t be any question as to what is stored in this metal container. It holds 5 lbs of cat food and has its own scoop included.

Key Features:

  • Farmhouse style
  • Tight-fitting lid
  • Holds 5 lbs of food

Cost: $25

Now Designs Cat Treat Tin

Now Designs Cat Treat Tin

Store your cat&#;s treats in this small tin that will look adorable just about anywhere. It is teal and black and features a smiling cat.

Key Features:

  • Measures 4 x &#;
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel
  • Matching bowls available

Cost: $10

OUTSHINE White Pet Treat Container

OUTSHINE White Pet Treat Container

If you need a taller container to keep your cat&#;s treats, this might be the one. Measuring 10&#; tall and 5&#; wide, you will be able to store a lot of tasty goodies!

Key Features:

  • Contemporary style
  • Includes two cookie cutters
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel

Cost: $20

Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Bin

Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Bin

When you go to get your cat&#;s food, she might be vocally saying exactly what&#;s on this bin. It holds 15 lbs of food and has a flip-top lid.

Key Features:

  • Flat-back design
  • BPA free
  • Gasket has a strong seal

Cost: $20

Premier Housewares Adore Pets Feed The Cat Food Storage Bin

Premier Housewares Adore Pets Feed The Cat Food Storage Bin

Remind everyone in your family what your kitty likely doesn&#;t ever let you forget to do: Feed the cat! This is made of steel and has an adorable design.

Key Features:

  • Snug-fitting lid wit a handle
  • Galvanized steel
  • Hand wash only

Cost: $16

Toynk Cat in A Box Storage Tin

Toynk Cat in A Box Storage Tin

&#;If I fit, I sit,&#; might be your cat&#;s motto, and it will go nicely with this treat storage tin. Measures 4 x 6&#; and is perfect for treats.

Key Features:

  • Metal treat container
  • Lid has a handle
  • Whimsical design

Cost: $13

Rolling Cat Food Storage Containers

Incredible Solutions Pet Food, 25 lb

Incredible Solutions Pet Food, 25 lb

This airtight cat food storage container on wheels holds up to 25 lbs. The snap-tight lid will keep your cat&#;s food fresh and tasty.

Key Features:

  • Airtight
  • Wheels on casters
  • Holds 25 lbs of food

Cost: $18

Inspired Essentials Airtight Plastic Pet Food Storage Container

Inspired Essentials Airtight Plastic Pet Food Storage Container

This container can hold an impressive 35 lbs of cat food, keeping moisture and pests out. The casters make it easy to move.

Key Features:

  • Airtight lid
  • Holds up to 35 lbs of food
  • Easy-roll casters

Cost: $24

IRIS USA, Inc. 3- Piece Pet Food Storage Container Combo

IRIS USA, Inc. 3- Piece Pet Food Storage Container Combo

This is a three-piece combo that lets you store two different types of food at the same time. The two containers stakc together and it also includes a scoop.

Key Features:

  • Containers hold 25 and 10 lbs of food
  • Includes a 2-cup scoop
  • Airtight seals

Cost: $21

Van Ness 50 Pound Food Container with Wheels

Van Ness 50 Pound Food Container with Wheels

If you have a large number of cats to feed, you might like this container that holds up to 50 lbs. The inline wheels make it easy to pull around.

Key Features:

  • Fresh-tight seal
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of food-grade plastic

Cost: $24

You & Me Store & Roll Food Storage Container

You & Me Store & Roll Food Storage Container

Keep your cat food safe from humidity, moisture, and pests with this airtight container. The four free-rolling casters will make it easy to move as needed.

Key Features:

  • Airtight
  • BPA-free
  • Easy to move

Cost: $22

Sours: https://catlifetoday.com/best-cat-food-storage-containers/

Pet 16 food container lb

25 Cat Food Storage and Dog Food Container Tips

Pest contamination, food poisoning, upset stomachs, and even altered taste and texture can all be a result of how you store your pet's food. With the rising temperatures and humidity of summer, these risks can increase. Commit to following these tips for proper pet food storage and you can ensure you've done what you can for your pet's food safety. From dry cat food to your pups favorite dog treat - proper storage is key for getting your money's worth.

At the Store

1. Check Expiry

Always check your pet food bag’s expiry before buying and feeding to your pet. Many natural brands in particular have shorter shelf lives, so make sure your pet can eat all of the food before the best before date. Food can be good after the expiry date, but pet owners should use their own discretion. If you’re in doubt, choose a smaller bag or freeze a portion of it to extend freshness.

2. Check the Packaging

Before you buy any pet food from dry cat food to dry dog food, make sure the packaging is in good condition, with no rips or tears. Avoid packages that have been repaired or resealed with tape. You never know how long they were open for.

Storage Containers

3. Keep It Cool

Store pet food in a cool, dry place under 26 degrees Celsius. Avoid humid conditions that pests and mold thrive in.

4. Airtight

Always store pet food in an airtight pet food container, with as little air in it as possible for a fresh taste. An airtight seal will also prevent pests from infiltrating your pet's food. In terms of dependable airtight containers, Vittles vault comes highly recommended and are completely BPA free.

Check out Bugs in your Dog's Food to learn more about how to prevent and eliminate the threat of pests. 

Where to buy victor dog food in Canada

5. In the Bag

Pet food is best stored in the original bag, folded or clipped for freshness, and kept inside an airtight container. Plastic storage containers aren't always made with the highest quality plastic. The plastic can collect oils from the food and over time become rancid. 

6. Go For Glass

Metal or glass containers are better than plastic when it comes to storing cat or dog food. Plastic containers and bags can impart undesirable flavours or smells to the food, and are not always BPA free.

Plastic can be easily scratches too. Those small nicks and indents can collect bacteria, which can potentially contaminate the food. Treat jars for example will preserve your pets favorite treats.

7. A Little At A Time

For a fresh taste and to prevent food contamination, only keep what your pet can eat in 3 – 4 weeks in the container, less in the heat of summer or in humid conditions.

8. Freeze It

Store excess pet food in a chest freezer for up to 6 months. Make sure you double wrap it – you don’t want your freezer food tasting like pet food, or vice versa.

9. Keep It Up

To reduce the likelihood of pest infestation, store your pet food off of the floor. This is where treat jars and storage containers with an airtight seal come in handy.

Portion Feed

Portion feed your pet. You’ll have better control over how much your dog or cat consumes and encourage healthy eating behaviours. It can also prevent contamination of your pet’s food with pests.

Keep the Bag

If you’re not storing food in the original container your pet food came in, keep it on hand. That way you will be able to know whether your particular food has been in a recall, or you can relay important identification information to the pet store and manufacturer if something goes wrong.

Wet Food

Don't Leave Canned Out

Don’t leave wet (or canned) food in your pet’s dish for longer than 4 hours. Throw away anything your pet hasn’t eaten and wash the dish with soap and water before reusing.

Don't Leave Canned Out

In the Fridge

Wet or canned food can be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Plastic wrap covering a can also works.

Don't Mix Dry with Water

It’s recommended not to mix water in with your pet’s dry food, but you may have good reason to – for example, young puppies or kittens, pets with dental issues, or other medical conditions. If you must mix water in with your pet’s food, discard it and wash the dishes after 30 minutes.

Don't Freeze Canned

Don’t freeze canned cat or dog food. Freezing can change the food’s taste and texture.


Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before and after handling pet food. This prevents contamination both ways.

Wash Pet Dishes

Wash your pet’s food dishes with warm, soapy water after every use for your pet’s safety.

Pet food container

Replace Water Daily

Your pet’s water should be replaced at least once daily, but check more often in the summer to ensure your pet always has plenty of cool, clean water to keep hydrated.

Clean Out Completely

Clean out your dog or cat’s food container every time you refill it with warm, soapy water. Since pet foods contain oils, a rinse is not enough.

Scoop It

Use a specific measuring cup or food scoop to get out your pet’s food, not the dish itself, which could contaminate the bag of food. Wash it with soap and water after each use.

Do Not Mix

In terms of cat or dog food storage, be sure not to mix bags of food together. There’s no way to know how long some of the food has been in your pet’s food container. Instead, wait for a bag to be completely empty, then wash out the container and start with the new bag.

Dry Well

After washing pet food containers and food dishes, always dry completely. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Other Risks

Food Before Fun

Make sure your pet is well fed before venturing outdoors. There are so many temptations for pets, particularly unsupervised ones, including: garbage, prey, poisonous plants or chemicals, and more. All of these things could make your pet sick should they ingest them. A well-fed pet is less likely to scavenge.

Food Before Fun


Keep your pet supervised while outside. You never know what they could be getting into while unattended. Upset stomachs and food poisoning are just some of the troubles that could afflict your wandering pet.

Keep Safe

Make sure your pet doesn’t have access to any of your food prep areas, household garbage or compost, and clean up any spills quickly to prevent him from ingesting anything that could make him sick.

Sources and More Information


Wondering where to buy Victor Dog Food in Canada? Major brands like Chewy and the like have a large selection!

Sours: https://blog.homesalive.ca/dog-blog/pet-food-storage-tips
Top 5 Best dog food Storage Containers Buying Guide 2021


What’s one of the things you find most tiresome about pet ownership?

If you’re anything like the team here at BarkVA, it’ll be keeping on top of dog food and kibble.

By buying a small bag at a time from the local store, you’ll end up spending much more money over time than by buying online in bulk. Not only will you get more choice and keener prices, you’ll also save the hassle of carrying your food home.

What’s the problem with keeping lots of dry dog food on hand, though?

Well, there are 3 main reasons why you should consider a storage container for your dog food:

  1. They keep your dog food fresher for longer: Dogs are notoriously fussy when it comes to food. Store that food improperly and there’s more chance your pooch will turn his nose up at the texture or taste of the stale kibble
  2. They keep pests out: Any small pests or rodents should find it impossible to access these containers. You’ll be keeping your dog safe from the bacteria and disease they can transmit
  3. Portable and versatile storage solution: If you have a small kitchen, why not consider storage solutions that make the most out of limited space without compromising on the amount of dog food you can store

Now you can see why you should consider a dog food storage container, what should you look out for on the buying trail?

  • Materials: Plastic containers are affordable and durable. You should always check closely that it contains no BPA, though. This is toxic to dogs. You should also check that there are no other known contaminants in the plastic. Stainless steel containers are more expensive but even more durable than plastic tubs. This material won’t react with your dog’s food either. They’re easy to clean, look great, and don’t smell like plastic containers
  • Airtight seal: Make sure than any dog food storage container on your list comes with a fully airtight seal. This will keep that kibble fresh for weeks on end
  • Overall dimensions vs capacity: While you should check that the containers you’re considering offer you adequate storage, you should also make sure you have space in the kitchen to accommodate the container

Right, with that foundation laid, it’s time for our reviews of the best dog food storage solutions out there.

Barkva.org is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

The 14 Best Dog Food Storage Containers

1. Our #1 Pick: Iris Airtight Pet Food Container




  • 12 and 33 quarts
  • Plastic
  • 5 x x inches

Our favorite dog food storage container of all the solutions we review today comes from Iris, so what do you get for your money?

This plastic set comes with a wide choice of colored accents to brighten up your kitchen.

The 3-piece set is composed of a pair of containers, one with a quart capacity and the other holding 33 quarts of your dog’s favorite food. To put that into perspective, this gives you the ability to store up to 10 pounds of food in the smaller container, and up to 25 pounds in the larger container. The smaller tub stacks neatly on top of the larger one saving space in a crowded kitchen.

Now, dog food is heavy, and Iris kit this container out with casters so you can easily move it around without straining yourself.

With a scoop thrown in, you can easily measure out your pup’s food at dinner time without needing any third-party equipment.

For a great all-rounder from a brand you can trust, you can’t beat these dog food storage containers from Iris.

Things We Like

  • 3-piece storage set
  • Casters for rollable storage
  • Scoop for easy serving

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with quality control

2. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Food Storage Container




  • 40 pounds
  • HDPE Plastic
  • 12 x 12 x inches

Gamma2’s Vittles Vault line is comprised of some powerful pet food storage solutions that won’t break the bank.

This container is spacious enough to accommodate 40 pounds of dry dog food making it a smooth fit for larger breeds and hungry canines.

An innovative sealing system keeps all moisture away from your dog food, and should also keep pests away. We should say that, like with many of these dog food containers, you’ll find some customers complaining about ants making their way inside the container.

If this specific container doesn’t seem like the right fit, choose from many other configurations to suit.

This company patented its first airtight container in the US back in , and it’s been producing great storage solutions ever since. Buy into all that brand heritage at a pocket-friendly price: what’s not to love?

Things We Like

  • Stackable and completely airtight
  • Impact-resistant plastic free of all contaminants
  • Threaded locking system controls moisture

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints about ants penetrating jar

3. Buddeez Plastic Pet Food Storage Container




  • 32 quarts
  • Plastic
  • 19 x 10 x 20 inches

Buddeez makes some great pet food storage containers, and this quart unit is slimline and space-saving, yet gives you enough capacity for over 20 pounds of kibble.

The robust plastic build ensures you don’t need to handle this container with caution. It’s also free of BPA so you won’t have any niggling concerns about contaminants leeching into your dog’s food.

The lid flips up and the spout is designed to streamline pouring. Every element of this container is intelligently designed and well-engineered. The sole proviso to that is the lack of holding mechanism on the scoop lid.

As with many brands producing pet food storage containers, you can explore the Buddeez range for plenty of larger and smaller tubs if this doesn’t make the most appropriate fit for your furball.

Stackable, durable, and available in just about any size you need, see how you get on with Buddeez and let us know here at BarkVA.

Things We Like

  • Stackable storage solution in multiple sizes
  • Food-grade plastic with no BPA
  • Flip lid and easy pouring spout

Things We Dislike

  • No holding mechanism on scoop lid

4. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Pet Food Container




  • 50 pounds
  • Plastic
  • 14 x 14 x 20 inches

Next up in our collection of the best dog food storage containers comes another entry from Gamma2’s Vittles Vault line. This container is large enough to store up to 50 pounds of dry dog food. This makes it a great choice if you have several dogs at home, or you own larger breeds that plough through bag after bag of food.

The patented airtight system keeps the oxygen away from your dog food as well as water and any other pests. A few disgruntled customers have reported ants getting into their containers, so think carefully about placement if you have a problem with pests at home.

The HDPE plastic is free of phthalates and BPA so your furball is in safe hands.

Gamma2 has been making completely airtight containers like this for decades, so why not place your trust in an industry expert? Keep your dog’s food fresher for longer.

Things We Like

  • Sealing system for maximum freshness
  • Ideal for storing large volumes of food
  • Airtight seal locks out air, water, and pests

Things We Dislike

  • Handful of customers state ants got into their container

5. IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container




  • 67 quarts
  • Plastic
  • 3 x x inches

Next up in our search for the best dog food containers come another entry from the inimitable Iris. How does this unit shape up, then?

When your package arrives, you’ll find some casters inside the container. These slot easily underneath allowing you to wheel your food around rather than straining your back.

The airtight bin provides the ideal environment for storing your kibble and treats. You can put up to 55 pounds of dry food inside making this a smooth fit for owners of large dogs.

The only real gripe we could unearth with this container was a few isolated complaints about the smell of dog food getting out and making the kitchen smell.

If you want a compact, hygienic, and mobile solution to dog food storage, we’d strongly suggest checking out Iris’s line.

Things We Like

  • Wheeled unit for ease of transportation
  • Airtight with snap lock
  • Holds up to 55 pounds of dry dog food

Things We Dislike

  • Some smell seems to escape

6. Seed Dispenser by Buddeez




  • 16 quarts
  • Plastic
  • 5 x x inches

Now, while this container from Buddeez is marketed as a seed dispenser, it also works equally well if you need to store dog food.

The plastic container is made in the USA and free of BPA and all other contaminants that might be toxic to your hound. This bin should cope well outdoors if you don’t have space to accommodate it inside your home. It’s fully weatherproofed and you won’t find any water getting inside the airtight unit.

You can easily serve your dog food at meal time, too. A handle on the side makes it easy to lift this thing, and the spout is thoughtfully designed so you won’t end up with kibble all over the floor or the kitchen counter.

This container is priced firmly in budget territory, and as you would expect, you need to make some sacrifices with cheaper products. In this case, the build quality could certainly be enhanced. There’s a flimsiness to this container that doesn’t inspire confidence it will last for years. As a short-term solution to dog food storage, though, it’s well worth a place on your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Seed dispenser that serves double duty for dog food
  • Easy to serve food
  • Weatherproof and rugged plastic build

Things We Dislike

  • Build quality could be improved

7. Tiovery Pet Food Storage Container




  • 5 pounds
  • Plastic
  • 7 x x inches

Tiovery brings you a highly effective and compact dog food storage container priced in budget territory, so what do you get for your money?

Well, this is ideal for smaller dogs and gives you enough space for pounds of dry dog food or kibble.

The container is made from plastic with no BPA, no phthalates, and no other toxins harmful to your pooch.

4 buckles serve to seal the lid tight and your dog food with stay fresher for longer.

There’s a spout to make serving your food super-simple, and there’s also a measuring cup so you can precisely portion your pup’s food and treats.

Not only is this dog food storage container extremely cheap, but you’ll also benefit from a % satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy, request a replacement or a refund with no questions asked. What more can you ask for at this price point?

Things We Like

  • 4 seal buckles for airtight freshness
  • Spout and measuring cup
  • Food-grade BPA-free plastic

Things We Dislike

8. IRIS Pet Food Container




  • 2 x 2 quart bowls
  • Stainless steel
  • 5 x x 15 inches

We have another great container from Iris up next in the form of this nifty elevated feeder.

Choose from small, medium, or large to suit the size of your pup. This version is the large which means you get a pair of removable bowls, each with 2-quart capacity. The bowls are stainless steel meaning they are easy to clean and won’t ever tarnish or rust. The storage container itself will house up to  47 pounds of food giving you plenty of freedom for maneuver.

If you have a large dog at home or several smaller dogs and the need to keep lots of dry food on hand, the proper storage is essential if you don’t want your house reeking of dog food.

The seal is airtight, too, so you won’t find your dog food going stale even if you store it for several weeks. The snap locks should also help to keep any small pests like ants out of your stash of dog kibble.

Despite the generous capacity, the overall dimensions of this container are space-saving making it a neat fit for smaller kitchens.

Things We Like

  • Pair of serving bowls
  • Ideal for large breeds
  • Fully airtight seal

Things We Dislike

9. Bergan Smart Storage Container




  • 50 pounds
  • Plastic
  • 19 x x inches

When you’re hunting for the best dog food storage containers, you’ll come across plenty of options from Bergan.

This smart storage system gives you adequate room for 50 pounds of food so you should be catered for even if you have several dogs or larger breeds. If this size doesn’t suit, check out one of the other models.

The long-lasting plastic is free of BPA so you don’t need to worry about any contaminants making their way into your pup’s food and treats.

As you’d expect from a storage bin of this capacity, the container is quite bulky and reasonably heavy, too. In return, you’ll get enough room for several bags of Fido’s favorite.

If you need to use more than one Bergan container, these units stack neatly one on top of the other to save space in your busy kitchen.

You get a spacious opening on top of the container so you won’t be fiddling around when it’s time to serve up food.

Bergan’s dog food storage container is one of the most durable and versatile on the market. Check one out and see what you think.

Things We Like

  • Gasket seals for total freshness
  • Multiple sizes
  • Stackable storage solution

Things We Dislike

  • Bugs might penetrate according to some users

Richell Pet Stuff Tower




  • 8 pounds
  • Plastic
  • 12 x 9 x 15 inches

If you live in an apartment or you have a cramped kitchen, there are plenty of innovative storage solutions to help you store your dog food without overtaking the space. Richell’s pet stuff tower gives you a large and spacious container ideal for servicing several pets.

Each of the food bins holds 8 pounds of dry dog food. This might not be enough if you have larger breeds, but should be fit for most other purposes.

A food scoop comes bundled with a cup capacity saving you time when you’re playing waiter.

You access the bottom bin using the foot pedal while the top bin slides easily out.

As any dog owners knows, the accessories you need for your pup are endless. Hooks on the side of this container are ideal for keeping leashes, collars, and anything else you need close at hand.

We would like to see the quality of the lids improved, but in all other respects this is an outstanding dog food storage container from a brand you can trust.

Things We Like

  • Snap-lock lid
  • Pedal access
  • Made in the USA

Things We Dislike

  • Container lids are poor quality

Bergan Stack-and-Store Stackable Storage




  • 9 gallons
  • Plastic
  • 25 x x 15 inches

As we near the end of our dog food storage container reviews, we have yet another entry from the always-reliable Bergan.

This is a 9-gallon stackable unit and the smallest of a trio of offerings from this brand. If you have a small dog, this is one of the best options out there.

The two-tone design of this container means it won’t look like an eyesore if you need to keep it in the kitchen.

Build quality and finish are impressive as you would fully expect from Bergan.

You could use this to store a range of pet supplies if you already have your food storage catered for. Whatever you choose to pop inside, this is a versatile addition to any dog owner’s arsenal.

The bulk of user testimony is overwhelmingly positive. The few gripes we could find about this container concern some reported warping of the unit if overfilled. We would suggest buying one of the larger containers in the range if you’re in any element of doubt.

Things We Like

  • Use for a variety of pet materials
  • Stack multiple units to save space
  • Generous capacity despite small footprint

Things We Dislike

Morezi Dog Treat and Food Storage Tin




  • 33 quarts
  • Metal
  • 16 x 7 x 9 inches

Not everyone is looking for a huge dog food storage container. Whether you live in an apartment, or you have a small dog who doesn’t eat that much, why not consider this compact gem from Morezi?

The metal tins come in black, white, or gray. You can choose whether you want them emblazoned with Dog Food or Cat Food as well giving you even more flexibility.

The large tin is designed to hold around 5 pounds of dry kibble. If you feel this won’t be sufficient for your needs, we’d suggest some of the beefier containers on our shortlist.

Thoughtfully designed carrying handles will make your life easier, and there’s also a serving scoop included so you won’t need to go dashing to the pet store.

The tins are super-simple to keep clean as well giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t with another home run from Morezi.

Things We Like

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Scoop and lids included
  • Elegant aesthetics

Things We Dislike

  • Quite small so not good for large breeds

Behrens Dry Storage Can




  • 10 gallons
  • Galvanized steel
  • 18 x 17 x 16 inches

If you have inquisitive kids and pets at home, you’ll want secure storage for your dog food. This lockable can from Behrens is constructed from galvanized steel and should keep prying hands and snouts away.

Whether you want to store dog food, pet seed, or even grass seed, this container will make a great ally in any garden shed or kitchen. It’s a multipurpose and secure tub.

The gallon capacity gives you ample room for 50 pounds of dry dog food or kibble so you should be safe even if you have large and hungry dogs. The more food you can keep in store, the less hassle you’ll encounter with day-to-day feeding. Buying your food online is a great way to capitalize on discounts while avoiding the grief of carrying large, bulky bags of food.

While you’ll enjoy this excellent capacity, the overall dimensions are quite space-saving at just 18 x 17 x 16 inches. Road test this container and you won’t look back.

Things We Like

  • Rugged and built to last
  • Spacious capacity
  • Compact dimensions

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service can be weak

Bergan Wall-Mounted Pet Food Dispenser




  • 40 pounds
  • Plastic
  • 75 x x inches

We’ve saved the best for last with this wall-mounted pet food dispenser from the ever-reliable Bergan. Although this container certainly isn’t cheap, if you act quickly, you can benefit from a significant discount.

You can pile up to 40 pounds of dry dog food inside this dispenser meaning it’s a great choice if you need to keep lots of food on hand for hungry hounds.

All you need to do at meal time is yank on the handle and the kibble comes tumbling out.

The completely sealed nature of this unit should keep all pests away, as well as an oxygen or water that would interfere with dry dog food.

Given the oversized storage capacity, this dispenser makes a good call if you have multiple pets and need to feed them at the same time without too much hassle.

You get a mounting template and all hardware bundled, so what are you waiting for?

Things We Like

  • Easy to dispense food by pulling handle
  • Keeps insects, air, and moisture out
  • Mounts to wall saving space

Things We Dislike

  • Not the cheapest dog food storage container


Well, hopefully you now have a clear overview of all the best dog food storage containers.

Choosing the right storage solution for dog food isn’t the most challenging of buying decisions you’ll face as a pet owner, but you should nevertheless take the time to think closely about your needs. Blundering is a quick route to buying a container that’s the wrong size for your needs.

Before you head off, take a moment to bookmark BarkVA. We’re here to bring you everything you need to know when you’re shopping for the best dog equipment. We’ll compare all the best gear so you can easily make the right choice. We have a busy calendar for the coming months with fresh content coming your way daily. We’ll see you soon!

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