26 ft sailboat for sale

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Cutter Boats For Sale - 26ft to 40ft

  • Used Willard 36 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Island Packet 38 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Island Packet 27 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Willard 8T 30 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Island Packet 26 MKII Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Hunter 37' Cherubini Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Ericson Independence Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Hans Christian 38T Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Rafiki 37 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Mao Ta Oceanic Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Westsail 32 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Pacific Seacraft DANA 24 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Gozzard 36 Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Custom Columbia Cutter Sailboat For Sale


  • Used Irwin Yachts Cutter Sailboat For Sale


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    Sailboats for sale



      Sailboats are propelled partly or entirely by sails and include a variety of types from cutters to sloops and catboats to schooners. Traditionally sailboats are monohull displacement hulls, but catamarans and multi-hulls are becoming more common.

      There are many kinds of sailboats and they carry different rigs (masts, supporting shrouds and stay, and sail combinations). Sloops have one mast and generally two sails – a mainsail and a headsail called a jib or genoa. If there are two headsails, the boat is usually called a cutter rig. Ketches have two masts with the aft mast shorter than the main mast. Yawls also have a shorter aft mast but it’s farther back on deck than a ketch. A schooner can have two or three masts with the forward-most one being shorter.

      Sailboats differ by size, use and strength of build – so it’s important to consider carefully which type of sailboat is best for your intended use. Once you understand the different options available, you can make an educated choice.

      Sours: https://www.boattrader.com/boats/type-sail/
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      MacGregor boats for sale


      MacGregor is a yacht brand that currently has 17 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 0 new vessels and 17 used yachts, listed by experienced boat and yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. Models currently listed on YachtWorld vary in size and length from 25 feet to 65 feet. Luxury models listed have motors up to an impressive horsepower, while the smallest models for sale may have as modest as 10 horsepower engines (although the average motor size across all of our current listings is 52 HP).

      Type of yachts by MacGregor

      This builder offers boat hull types including monohull that are generally used for traditional, time-honored boating pursuits such as overnight cruising, sailing, day cruising and watersports. MacGregor equips models listed with outboard, inboard, outboard-4S and other drive power options, available with gas and diesel propulsion systems.

      Often admired and relied upon for their Cruisers, Pilothouse, Racer/Cruiser, Motorsailer and Sloop, the MacGregor boats listed generally have a bigger draft and average beam, features that make them popular and an excellent choice for overnight cruising, sailing, day cruising and watersports.

      How much do MacGregor boats cost?

      MacGregor boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed for a swath of prices from $2, on the relatively lower-priced models, with costs all the way up to $, for the most advanced and biggest yachts in the world.

      What MacGregor model is the best?

      Some of the most iconic MacGregor models currently listed include: Macgregor 26m Sl, 26x, 65 Pilothouse, 25 and Various MacGregor models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from year models up to

      Sours: https://www.yachtworld.com/boats-for-sale/make-macgregor/
      Balboa 26 Sailboat For Sale

      Buying Guide: Sailboats 20 to 27 Feet

      Buying a sailboat is a multi-step process. You must consider what for, where, how often, how long, and by how many people your sailboat will be used in order to find the right sailboat for your needs.

      How many categories and types of sailboats are there?

      There are five main categories of sailboats:

      • Dinghy – Dinghies are small sailboats that are commonly less than 15 feet long and usually around 8 feet and are often used to teach the basics of sailing.
      • Mono-hull – Sailboats with one hull that range from 10 to more than feet in length are known as mono-hull sailboats.
      • Multi-hull – Sailboats with two hulls are called catamarans, and trimarans have three hulls. Both vary in size from small to massive and are increasingly popular because of their stability and plentiful living areas available on larger multi-hulls.
      • Motor sailer – Commonly 35 feet or larger, motorsailers feature extravagant accommodations and engines onboard. Sailing speed is reduced due to the engine and gas weight.
      • Cruising or racing sailboats – Both of these are meant for extended voyages and feature living space. Because racing sailboats are built for speed, they include minimal accommodations to keep the weight of the boat down. Cruising boats offer more living space with standing headroom below deck on boats of 26 feet or more.
      Important factors to consider when buying a sailboat

      See the following list of things to consider when buying an affordable sailboat:

      • Where you’ll be sailing – Do you need a new or used sailboat suited for shallow or deep waters? Will the sailboat set sail via a boatyard or need to be hitched to a trailer?
      • Type of use – Will your sailboat be used for short day trips, weekend adventures, or longer voyages? Make sure the bunk, bathroom/shower, and cooking area accommodations meet your needs.
      • New or used – When buying a new sailboat you pay for the convenience of saving time and money on immediate repairs. However, buying a used sailboat is often more affordable. You can find a variety of reasonably priced used sailboats on eBay.
      Are there reputable brands of sailboats available on eBay?

      You can buy almost anything on eBay, including sailboats made by reputable and popular brands. You can find the following well-known and reputable brands of sailboats on eBay:

      • Catalina – This US boat-building company is one of the largest in the world. They are best known for their mid-size cruising sailboats and specialize in building mono-hull sailboats from 8 to 47 feet long, using fiberglass. Used Catalina brand sailboats are available on eBay at competitive prices.
      • Hunter – Used sailboats by this American boat builder’s brand are available on eBay at fairly inexpensive prices.
      • J/22 – This is a popular brand of international racing sailboats that manufactures one fixed-keel design sailboat that is widely used for sailboat racing teams of three to four individuals.
      • MacGregor – There are a variety of sizes and styles of these American-made cruising sailboats for sale on eBay.
      • O’ Day – Used O’ Day sailboats, created by world champion American Olympic sailor George O’ Day, are available on eBay.
      Sours: https://www.ebay.com/b/Sailboatsfeet//bn_

      Sailboat sale ft 26 for

      Daysailer Boats For Sale - 16ft to 26ft

    1. Used American Sail 18 Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    2. Used Seaclipper 20 Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    3. Used Catalina 22 Sport Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    4. Used Precision 18 Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    5. Used West Wight Potter 19 Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    6. New Tartan Fantail Daysailer Sailboat For Sale
    7. New Tartan Fantail Daysailer Sailboat For Sale
    8. New Tartan Fantail Daysailer Sailboat For Sale
    9. New Tartan Fantail Daysailer Sailboat For Sale
    10. New Tartan Fantail Daysailer Sailboat For Sale
    11. New Tartan Fantail Daysailer Sailboat For Sale
    12. New Beneteau First 18 SE Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    13. Used Atlantic City 21 Catboat Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    14. Used Columbia Open Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


    15. Used Precision Daysailer Sailboat For Sale


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