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Discount Disney World Tickets Buying Guide ()

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Tickets to Walt Disney World are the least flexible part of planning your trip. With flights, hotels, and dining, you have a variety of really good options and ways to save. But your options for deals on Disney World tickets are more limited.

There are tried and true ways to find discounted Disney World tickets, though. In this post, we review different ways to find deals on Disney World tickets, comparing them according to savings, difficulty of obtaining the discount (this includes costs you have to front to get the discount), and risk that you’ll run into problems with your ticket.

New — Florida Resident Discount Ticket

Disney has a new ticket offer for Florida residents. The base offer is a four-day ticket without park hopper for $ (that’s including tax), or about $ per day. For comparison, a four-day ticket without park hopper in mid-August costs about $, so this is a significant discount.

Tickets are valid through September 17, , and you can choose any days (subject to parks pass availability) between now and then to visit. Two-day and three-day tickets are also available. Park Hopper, Park Hopper Plus, and Water Parks and Sports add-ons are also available.

Quick Things To Know About Disney World Tickets

Before we get to your options for discount Disney World tickets, we want to remind you of a few details about Disney World tickets generally.

Ticket prices vary by start date. This is the most important point. If you want to compare prices between different sellers you need to make sure you check the same start date. There may be flexible date tickets available, but their prices will typically make them a bad option.

Remember, too, that this means you’ll want to compare prices from different sellers, but you’ll also want to compare prices for different dates. You might find that changing your trip date by a week or so saves you a lot of money.

And those tickets can cover anywhere between one and ten days. Moreover, once you’ve selected a start date and length, you’ll have a range of dates during which you can use those tickets.

Screen Shot at PM.png

For example, a 5-day ticket with a start date of November 11, can be used on any five dates from November 11 through November 18, Always be sure to compare the exact same tickets when comparing prices!

Link tickets to your My Disney Experience account. It’s important that wherever you get your tickets from, you link them to your My Disney Experience account—this will allow you to make FastPass+ reservations (FastPass+ is suspended during the reopening phase of Walt Disney World).

What are the cheapest dates for Disney World tickets?

September, January, and February tend to have the cheapest prices. But Disney can release discounts at any time, so you very well might be surprised by lower prices at any time.

When Do Disney World tickets go on sale?

Tickets for dates went on sale in June Tickets for dates went on sale in February

In the past, you almost never had to worry about tickets selling out until the day arrived, and even then there were usually only a few days a year that sold out (typically days like New Year’s Eve, July 4, and sometimes major spring vacation dates).

But if you’re looking for discount Magic Kingdom tickets, discount Animal Kingdom tickets, discount Epcot tickets, or discount Hollywood Studios tickets—you’re in the right place. All four Disney parks are under a single pricing structure.

Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that Disney Springs is not a theme park, and no ticket is needed to access it. It is an outdoor shopping and dining district. Some activities—like the NBA Experience—are paid, though.

Finally, let’s talk water parks. Disney used to have a “water park fun and more” option where you could add water park access to your ticket. That disappeared, but they’ve since added the Water Park and Sports ticket add-on for $70+tax. This allows you a fixed number of visits to the water parks and a few other experience.

For both park hopping and water parks, you’ll need to consider whether to upgrade all the way up to Park Hopper Plus tickets or to buy separate water park tickets.

Which of the park hopper / water parks & sports / park hopper plus options works best for your trip can be a tricky question, but it basically boils down to:

  • If you need to park hop, get park hopper

  • If you need to go to the water parks, get the Water Park and Sports ticket option

  • If you need to park hop and go to the water parks, get Park Hopper plus

Disney World One Day Ticket Discounts

Discounts on one-day tickets for any of the four Walt Disney World Resort parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom) are pretty rare. The best options will typically come from Disney themselves (including the Florida resident discount). If discount brokers have one-day discounts, they’re usually only a few dollars (which is better than nothing).

Where is the cheapest place to buy Disney World tickets?

It depends. There are several discount ticket brokers, and they have different prices for different dates. Keep in mind these companies often have their own deeper discounted deals that come and go.

If you want to know how to get the best deal on Disney World tickets, the answer is simple—shop around! So here are some of the companies we recommend you check out…

We recommend Undercover Tourist for discount Disney World tickets. We've used them multiple times and never had any problems. If you're at all concerned about buying tickets from a third-party seller, we've got you covered with a post dedicated entirely to why we recommend Undercover Tourist for Disney discounts.

As an example, five days of park hopping for a family of four in November would cost $ if tickets were purchased through Disney World's website, but only $ through Undercover tourist, that’s easy savings of over $!

Orlando Fun Tickets

Discount: Under 10% - Difficulty: None - Risk: None

Orlando Fun Tickets is an option worth looking into. Their prices are competitive, but don’t be fooled (as we were) by the fact that they don’t include tax until check-out. This makes it easier to compare prices to Disney’s prices (they also leave tax out until checkout), but more difficult to compare them to Undercover Tourist (which includes taxes when you search).

Official Ticket Center

Discount: Varies - Difficulty: None - Risk: None

We’ve never bought from Official Ticket Center, but we’ve seen them mentioned over on Touring Plans, a trustworthy site. Like the other sites on this list, you’ll just want to do a quick price check to see if they’re offering the best deal.


Discount: Varies - Difficulty: None - Risk: None

Parksavers is another option we can’t personally vouch for but which is well-regarded in other places. Like the other sites on this list, you’ll just want to do a quick price check to see if they’re offering the best deal.

The Standard Discounts

The next set of discounts are standard deals that are either easy to get for everyone or easy to get once you've worked your way into an exclusive group for the discount.

Disney World Website

“Discount”: about $20 - Difficulty: None - Risk: None

When it comes to deciding whether to buy online or at the gate, online is never worse and usually better.

For 3-day tickets and longer, buying on the Disney website or via phone “saves” you about $20 per ticket. The reason we use quotes is that most people will be buying online. You'll pay the $20 penalty if you buy at the gate instead of online.

Florida Resident Discount

Discount: About 30% - Difficulty: High - Risk: None

Florida residents usually receive decent discounts on Disney World tickets (screenshot is example, current offerings may vary):

disney world discount tickets florida example.png

There are also sometimes special ticket offers only available to Florida residents, like this one from


Moreover, Florida residents who are serious about Disney should probably consider a Disney World annual pass (for which they also receive a discount).

Can Florida residents buy Disney tickets for family?

Per Disney’s policies, every adult ticket requires proof of Florida residency. Minors do not have to show proof of residency. The Florida resident ticket is intended to be used by residents of Florida, so it’s not recommended you try and beat the system.

Disney Vacation Club Discount

Discount: About 10% - Difficulty: High - Risk: None

Disney Vacation Club members occasionally get ticket discount offers. For most DVC members, it will make sense just to have an annual pass, so it's rare that these special offers are going to be worth much. They also aren't very high when they do happen. If you're a DVC member, look into an annual pass, and pay attention to deals as they pop up. But definitely don't wait for them or plan too heavily around them.

Sam’s Club

Discount: Low - Difficulty: Low - Risk: None

Sam’s Club is now offering Disney World tickets.As we’re not members, we can’t speak to the process or how good these discounts will be, but they’ll likely be around what the online brokers are offering, with the added task of making your way to the store.

Military Discount

Discount: Up to 50% - Difficulty: Heroic - Risk: Heroic

Okay, so you can access military discounts even through a friend who is in the military, but nonetheless someone in your circle must be heroic to access these discounts. Military discounts at Disney come and go.

The best source for information on these discounts, including prices and how to buy, is Military Disney Tips.

First Responder Discounts

Discount: Varies - Difficulty: Heroic - Risk: Heroic

While military discounts tend to be pretty stable, First Responder discounts (including police, firefighter, EMS) tend to come and go. There’s no set Disney World discount for first responders, your best option is just to check with a travel agent to see if any ongoing discounts are available.

Does AAA offer discounts on Disney World tickets?

The AAA discounts are no longer a great way to save on Disney World tickets.

At one point, AAA discounts were a decent way to save on Disney World tickets, but those days are gone. First of all, the discounts come from individual branches, so you'll have to call local AAA offices to get quotes. Second, their discounts tend to be pretty small, often beaten by the prices you'll find on ticket broker sites. Worth a phone call, if you're already a member, but no worth effort beyond that.

Deal Hunting for Disney World Tickets

Not so much "discounts," these are out of the box ways to carefully consider before trying.

Using Discount Disney Gift Cards

Discount: Varies (about 8%) - Difficulty: Medium - Risk: None

This will rarely be the best deal you can get, but we want to mention it for the sake of completeness. You can typically get discount Disney gift cards, saving about 8 to 10% on Disney purchases, including park tickets.

The Annual Pass

Discount: Varies - Difficulty: Medium - Risk: None

You came looking for discounts, and we're telling you to maybe just buy a yearlong ticket? Hear us out.

A single Walt Disney World annual pass for an adult with no special discounts costs around $ after taxes. A five-day park hopper ticket in November from Undercover Tourist costs about $ That means two five-day trips will cost you about $ That's close enough that if you're planning two trips of at least five days each, you'll want to look at whether the annual pass makes sense on ticket prices alone.

Also consider these two perks of the annual pass:

  1. The Annual Pass comes with PhotoPass photos, while Memory Maker costs $ before taxes.

  2. Annual Passholders receive % discounts on some dining and merchandise.

It might make sense for one family member to get an annual pass for those two perks!


Discount: % - Difficulty: Medium - Risk: EXTREME!!

We don't advocate buying tickets on eBay. The reason is pretty simple - prices for many, if not all, things on eBay are determined in part by the risk associated with buying over eBay. Can you find legitimate tickets on eBay? Of course! Will the legitimate tickets have big discounts? No!

There are going to be a few people who put up an eBay account just to sell tickets they lucked into, but you can't distinguish those from scammers. If someone has + positive reviews for selling park tickets, they aren't going to have to offer much of a discount. In short, finding a true, legitimate discount on a ticket via eBay is incredibly difficult, and never worth the risk of getting to the park and being denied entry!

More Disney World Ticket Tips

Rethink Arrival and Departure Days. Note your flight times and your anticipated times to be on Disney’s Magical Express airport shuttle service (if applicable). Decide carefully whether you need a ticket for your arrival day, your departure day, or both. Keep in mind that adding days to longer tickets is relatively cheap, and squeezing in one extra rope drop can make all the difference in your overall trip.

Make sure to link to My Disney Experience. You’ll want to link your tickets to My Disney Experience as soon as possible. This will enable you to make FastPass+ reservations, as well an ensuring that all the tickets are properly linked to the members of your party.

Don’t Wait Until Morning Of. You’ve read our Hollywood Studios rope drop strategy. You wake up hours before the park opens and stand at the gates waiting for them to open. When they do, you tap your Magic Band and…blue! (Blue is bad.) So you’re sent to the ticket window to resolve the issue.

Whether it’s at a park ticket window, the guest services desk at Disney Springs, or the concierge at your hotel—confirm your park tickets are properly linked to a Magic Band or plastic ticket card before you go to the turnstiles.

Don’t Get Clever. The ticket rules aren’t flexible. It’s fundamental that you need a ticket to access a theme park, and yet somehow people still ask things like “well if I’m staying at a Disney hotel my first night I don’t need a ticket just to go in and watch the fireworks, right?” HUH? Yes—if you want to enter a theme park you need a ticket, and no amount of pleading or fake confusion will get you around that point.

All Your Other Disney World Planning Questions Answered

Don't be overwhelmed by Disney World planning! Take a second to check out our most important content and you'll not only be an expert, but you'll save big $$$ along the way.

Just starting out? Check out our Walt Disney World planning guide! If you're still picking dates, we've got everything you need to know about Disney World crowd calendars. For picking your hotel, check out our Walt Disney World hotels guide.

When it comes time to book we’ll help you find discount Disney World tickets. Decide whether you need a dining plan in our Complete Guide to Disney World Dining Plans! And at days out it's time to book those Disney World Advance Dining Reservations!

Don't forget to master your Disney World FastPass+ strategy a few months in advance. We'll keep you out of long lines so you can maximize the magical time in the parks! We've got park-specific guides as well: Magic Kingdom FastPass, Epcot FastPass, Animal Kingdom FastPass, and Hollywood Studios FastPass.

Know what to ride with our guides to: Magic Kingdom rides, Hollywood Studios rides, Epcot rides, and Animal Kingdom rides! Plus learn about the water parks with our guide to Blizzard Beach and our guide to Typhoon Lagoon! And for some some fun prep, check out our Ranking of Every Ride at Walt Disney World.

Finally, before you head out, be sure to check out our to-the-point packing list, 10 essentials you forget to pack for every Disney trip. And if you're interested in saving, there's no better list than our 53 Ways to Save on your Disney trip from start to finish.

Where do you buy your discount Disney World tickets? Did we miss Anything?

Looking to save on your hotel? Consider a value resort!


Are you looking to book a magical vacation to a Disney Park for spring or summer break? You need look no further than the Travel and Entertainment Service at Sam&#;s Club.

Ticket options not only include admission to both California and Florida parks but also FastPasses, MaxPasses and Magic Morning passes, too! Keep reading to see how the discounts shake out for each park.

photo: Christian Lambert via Unsplash

Walt Disney World

Sam’s Club members can save up to $80 on admission to Walt Disney World with single-park tickets. These tickets also Disney FastPass, saving you hours of wait time by allowing you to head to the front of the line. Single-park tickets allow entrance to one of the Disney World’s four parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

You can also purchase 4-Park Magic Select Tickets, which will allow guests to enter each park once, with prices starting at $79 per day. Florida residents can also take advantage of Discover Disney tickets which start at $62 per day for a 3-Day package and $ per day for a 4-Day package.

photo: Brandi Ibrao via Unsplash

Disneyland & California Adventure

For guests looking for single day tickets, Sam&#;s Club is selling 1-park tickets start at $ for a 1-day ticket (Tier 1) and $77 for 5-Day packages. There are also options to purchase day ticket packages that include 1-park and park-hopper options, as well as one Magic Morning Pass.

Southern California and Northern Baja residents can also buy 3-day, single park tickets starting at $ a day. These tickets also include one Magic Morning pass.

To see all the discounts through the new Sam&#;s Club Travel and Entertainments services department, check out their website.

––Karly Wood



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Does Sam&#;s Club Sell Disneyland Tickets?

Sam&#;s Club Disneyland Tickets are a great way to save when you&#;re looking to purchase Disneyland Resort tickets if you&#;re a member. Unfortunately for members of Sam&#;s Club you&#;ll find that individual tickets for Disneyland including day options with 1 park per day or Park Hopper as an added feature are not sold individually. Lucky for you Park Savers has a trusted partner that does offer these tickets at a discounted rate! You can see current pricing for Undercover Tourist by clicking the Buy Now button below.

Sam's Club Disneyland Tickets

Discounted Tickets Park Savers

Tickets are available for vacations to the Disneyland Resort for Every year we have special offers to help you save on your Disneyland Resort vacations and this year is especially good as we help celebrate the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy&#;s Edge.

For guests visiting the parks in we have two very special offers for you to take advantage of. First is a FREE day in the parks. You read correctly. When you purchase any 4 day ticket you get your 5th day absolutely free. This offer is valid for both Park Hopper tickets and 1 Park Per Day tickets.

Our second offer is a free hotel night when you book your discounted package with us. Of course we&#;re not just limiting to the free hotel night. You can actually combined the 2 offers into one package to save even more! That&#;s a free day in the parks plus a free hotel night for the ultimate savings.

But we&#;re not done yet. Be sure to enter our promo code: PARKSAVERS at check-out to save an extra $10! It&#;s like getting 2 free churros at the parks for 10 seconds of work!

If you&#;re wondering what Disneyland Tickets Sam&#;s Club pricing is we have the numbers below. We think you&#;ll like the savings you&#;ll receive.

Disneyland TicketsPark Savers PricingSam's Club Pricing
2-Day Park Hopper Tickets$ - Buy Now >$
3-Day Park Hopper Tickets$ - Buy Now >$
4-Day Park Hopper Ticket$ - Buy Now >$
5-Day Park Hopper Tickets$ - Buy Now >$
2-Day-1 Park Tickets$ - Buy Now >$
3-Day-1 Park Tickets$ - Buy Now >$
4-Day-1 Park Tickets$ - Buy Now >$
5-Day-1 Park Tickets$ - Buy Now >$

All our tickets 3 days or more include Magic Morning Early Entry. This allows guests to enter the parks 1 hour before opening to the general public and gives you access to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. It&#;s a great way to get a lot of rides done with smaller wait times!

Even better than 1 Magic Morning Early Entry is getting Early Entry everyday with Extra Magic Hours. When you stay at one of the three Disneyland property hotels you receive the Extra Magic Hours benefit which allows you 1 hour early entry into California Adventure Park or Disneyland Park. We can&#;t even begin to tell you what this additional hour does for your vacation. You can get so much done during this time which is why we love recommending you book at Disney&#;s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Disneyland Hotel or Disney&#;s Paradise Pier Hotel for your trip.

Our Best Price Guarantee ensure that you&#;ll pay the lowest price on your tickets. If you find a lower price before or after please call us at and mention Park Savers to claim your Best Price Guarantee.

How to search for tickets

If you&#;re looking specifically for Sam&#;s Club Disneyland tickets you want to start looking at From there you&#;ll want to search into their travel area. You&#;ll see that they do offer lots of vacation destinations including California and Orlando. For California specifically you should see that they sell individual parks including Universal Studios and LEGOLAND. It&#;s in this section under theme park tickets that you would find Disneyland tickets if they are available.

If you can&#;t find them online, you&#;re always welcome to contact your local warehouse and ask if they have any in stock. While we&#;ve never heard or seen them do this, Sam&#;s Club is always changing what they sell so it may be worth asking.

Of course there are other options out there if you&#;re unable to find them through your warehouse. Here are out top suggestions on other places to look:

  • Undercover Tourist &#; We&#;ve mentioned them a million times but for good reason. They offer a Best Price Guarantee on all their tickets and is our top recommendation.
  • Military Tickets &#; If you&#;re active and retired military then you have the opportunity to purchase Disneyland discount tickets. These are the cheapest tickets on the market and we recommend % you buy them if you can. To purchase you&#;ll need to visit a base or purchase them at a box office with your military ID.
  • AAA &#; Yes, AAA memberships have their perks and Disneyland tickets used to be one of them. As of lately we&#;ve seen them fall away and move towards packages. It&#;s always worth checking with them.
  • Costco &#; A direct competitor? Yes, but not to fear as Costco no longer sells individual Disneyland tickets in their warehouse or online like they used to.
  • eBay Tickets &#; Avoid these like the plague. It&#;s too risky to purchase used or unused tickets from someone you don&#;t know (or that you do know). There&#;s no way to verify they are legit and could be a scam.

Disneyland Packages

We also have packages available for those who are looking for a hotel and tickets. We have exclusive contracts with many hotels that allow us to offer you free amenities including breakfast and parking. Your package will include Disneyland Tickets (not Sam&#;s Club Disneyland Tickets) plus the hotel of your choice. There are lots of hotels to choose from including property and off-property hotels. We&#;ve compiled a list below of our top hotels:

  • Residence Inn Marriott Anaheim Convention Center
  • Desert Palms Hotel and Suites
  • Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel
  • Disneyland Hotel
  • Desert Inn and Suites

All of these hotels offer a special amenity including free breakfast, parking or both. The only exception is the Disneyland Hotel which does not include either. You can book any of them by clicking here. Use promo code PARKSAVERS for an extra $10 off!

Our packages also come with a Best Price Guarantee so you can feel confident in your purchase knowing that you&#;re getting the absolute best price. If you do find the same package at a lower price not only will be match it, we&#;ll beat it by $10! Again, the packages include your Disneyland Tickets (not Sam&#;s Club Disneyland Tickets) plus your hotel. But we don&#;t stop there. Every package also includes:

  • Lanyards and ticket holders for each guest.
  • A sling backpack.
  • Over $ in digital coupons to be used in Anaheim.
  • Straight to the gate tickets.

There&#;s a lot of savings to be had with our tickets and packages that you won&#;t want to miss out on. Click here to learn more about our Disneyland Resort Tickets!

Park Savers is not associated or affiliated with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc™, or it&#;s subsidiary Sam&#;s Club™. This site is not endorsed or sponsored by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc™.
HOW TO GET DISCOUNTED DISNEY WORLD PARK TICKETS IN 2021 - 3 Ways to Save Money on Disney Tickets

You can still save money at Walt Disney World with discount park tickets even with all the new additions like the incredible Star Wars Land  and the newly opened Mickey Mouse themed ride and ever increasing ticket prices.

Buy discount WDW tickets NOW >

In this guide we have broken down the best discount ticket options into an easy to use list so that you will save money at Walt Disney World.

There are also some frequently asked questions about finding discount park tickets and info on how to avoid scam tickets at the bottom of the article.

Disney Approved Discount Walt Disney World Tickets Reseller

In order to reach every market throughout the United States and to increase their marketing power, Disney partners with outside companies and allows them to resell their park ticket at a special rate.

I work with Get Away Today, the largest of these partners, and negotiated an even lower rate on park tickets exclusively for readers of my sites and The team at Get Away Today values all that we provide for our readers so they have committed to offering the literal lowest prices on multi-day tickets publicly available ANYWHERE! This is your best ticket option for your vacation!

Their company is top rated and they have worked with Disney for nearly 30 years helping millions of people to save money. Over the last four years they have helped thousands of our readers too on ticket cost and now they want to help you save money with their special promotions.

BUY Lowest Price Park Tickets NOW >

Book a Disney World Vacation Package

You can also book entire vacation packages through Get Away Today that includes your hotel stay and ticket. When it comes to staying at Walt Disney World, staying on-site is a huge perk and one we always recommend! Guests that stay at a Disney hotel receive first dibs on FastPass and dining reservations, get extra time in the parks, optional dining plans to purchase, and more! Plus you're closest to the magic with multiple transportation options including the new Skyliner that goes to select hotels.

One of my favorite things about Get Away Today is the layaway option. With just $ down, you can put your entire vacation on layaway including your special discount ticket and hotel! This is such a great way to make a trip accessible for families. The layaway plan does include a $75 non-refundable fee but I have found it is totally worth it so I can have the flexibility to make payments on my trip.

You also get Get Away Today's amazing customer service on hand during your trip. I always have such wonderful experiences with their customer service, they are always on call if you have any issues on your trip. Plus, since their representatives visit these vacation destinations at least once a year they are familiar with the hotels and the parks to answer all of your questions. My first time taking a resort trip as an adult I used them and I probably called over 20 times asking questions- they were so helpful and not at all exhausted by all my questions.

Click here to book your visit now! Make sure to follow our special link so you can access our exclusive deals for our readers!

Free Concierge Services for Disney World Vacations

Another great way to save money on your vacation is to get access to free concierge services which Get Away Today provides for guests staying at on-property hotels at Walt Disney World. They have tasked their top expert, Brooklyn, with supporting our readers on their vacations.

Brooklyn offers a special set of complimentary concierge services she provides to all our readers:

  • Consultation call to understand the complexities of your trip and the preferences of everyone in the group
  • Custom FastPass Plus reservations for you, so that you don't have the worry about the complexities of the system
  • Dining recommendations and reservations based on your family
  • Tailored advice for how your family can best experience Walt Disney World
  • Frequent price checks to ensure that you are receiving the lowest prices possible on your tickets and hotel
  • Dedicated support so that you can have the best trip possible!

These perks are an incredible help for any Walt Disney World vacation at no additional cost to you when you book through Get Away Today! With Brooklyn's help, you won't have to get up extremely early to secure reservations right as they are released or fret about your perfect day plans.

Walt Disney World Resort Annual PassesImage result for site: fireworks

You can save money by purchasing an Annual Pass if your trip plans include:

  • visiting for longer than eleven days during one trip (within 14 days of each other)
  • eight days or more for two trips (or more) over the course of one year

The Walt Disney World annual pass is good for days from the day you first use the pass as your ticket. The goal to save the most money here is to have both vacations within the same day window.

You could also look into purchasing a pass for shorter vacations for just one person so you can receive discounts during your vacation! Discounts include % on dining, 10% on merchandise, 10% on spa packages, 15% on guided tours, free parking, and discounts on special event tickets.

Types of Annual Passes

There are nine types of Annual Passes including some that are only available to a Florida resident:

  1. Platinum Annual Pass: This Annual Pass includes unlimited admission to all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios), parking at all theme park lots, custom Magic Band, and free PhotoPass photo downloads, and souvenir/dining discounts.
  2. Platinum Plus Annual Pass: With this Annual Pass you have unlimited access to all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), access to each water park (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), access to the DisneyQuest arcade, option to play golf at Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course (only cost is the green fee, and reservations are required. Call WDW-GOLF), access to the ESPN Wide World of Sports, parking in all theme park lots, customized Magic Band, free PhotoPass downloads, and souvenir/dining discounts.
  3. Water Parks Annual Pass: This annual pass provides year long access to each water park during all normal operating hours.
  4.  Premier Pass: This pass provides unhindered access to both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. You get all of the specials and discounts included with the Walt Disney World Platinum Pass plus admission to Disneyland in California with free parking and subscription to their Backstage Pass Annual Passholder Magazine and Disney's Family Fun Magazine.
  5. Gold Pass: This ticket includes admission to all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), but is blocked out on certain days. The pass also includes free parking, custom Magic Band, free PhotoPass downloads, and all other discounts listed below.This discount ticket is only available to Florida Residents and Disney Vacation Club Members.
  6. Silver Pass: This ticket includes admission to all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), but has block out dates. Parking, a custom Magic Band, and the other Disney World discounts listed below are included with this pass. This discount ticket can only be purchased by a Florida Resident. 
  7. Weekday Select Pass: This ticket includes access to all four Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), but has all weekends blocked out as well as other dates. Also included with this cheap Disney World ticket is a custom Magic Band, parking. This inexpensive ticket is only available to a Florida Resident. 
  8. Epcot After 4pm Walt Disney World Pass: This ticket provides access to the Epcot theme park after 4pm on every day of the year. Also included is free parking, a custom Magic Band, and other cheap discounts and benefits. This cheap ticket is only available to a Florida Resident.
  9. After 2pm Water Park Annual Passport: This cheap Disney ticket provides access to both water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) after 2pm in the afternoon. This pass includes none of the discounts or benefits listed with the other Annual Passports. This cheap Annual Passport is only for a Florida Resident. 

If your trip meets the criteria we've laid out above, you can save plenty of money on your vacation! And if you're interested in Annual Passholder discounts, consider purchasing one for someone in your group so everyone can save.

Disney Vacation Club Member Walt Disney World Resort Tickets DiscountsImage result for dvc walt disney world

The Disney Vacation Club is a Disney-owned timeshare operation with units at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Vero Beach, Hilton Head Island, and Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Members receive special discounts on Walt Disney World annual pass memberships and renewals. This discount is only available to the member's immediate household. Disney Vacation Club members also have access to specific annual passes that are often just reserved to Florida residents.

If you're interested in becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, you can read our guide to see if it's the right fit for you.

Disney World Discount Tickets for Military

Military personnel can receive lodging discounts through Disney Armed Forces Salute. This offer heavily offers discount DisneyWorld Resort passes as well. The promotional tickets below are available for purchase:

Choose between a 4-day, 5-day or 6-day Disney Military Promotional Ticket.

The promotional tickets below are available for purchase:

6-Day Military Promotional Tickets
Purchase now through February 14,

  • With the Park Hopper Option: $ plus tax

5-Day Military Promotional Tickets
Purchase now through February 14,

  • With the Park Hopper Option: $ plus tax

4-Day Military Promotional Tickets
Purchase now through February 14,

  • With the Park Hopper Option: $ plus tax

Receive admission for 4, 5 or 6 days when you visit during the period from December 19, through September 26,

You can also purchase the Memory Maker product for a special price of $98 through February 14,

Qualifying military personnel who can receive Disney's Armed Forces Salute is as follows:

  • Active/current/retired members of US military from Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Coast Guard, Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Services (PHS), Commissioned Corps of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
  • percent permanently disabled veterans (qualifying personnel must have military ID with DAVPRM status).
  • Spouses of eligible members in place of members.
  • Widowed spouses of deceased eligible members.
  • Active Military Foreign Affiliates with US issued CAC blue band.

You may purchase discount park tickets for guests who do not fall into the category as long as you are with them when they enter the park. Cast Members are supposed to check ID at the front gate for all military tickets.

WDW doesn't offer official discount Disney tickets for firefighters and law enforcement but cheap tickets may be available if you contact your union.

AAA Members Discounts for Disney World TicketsImage result for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

AAA provides discounts on most ticket types ranging from day tickets. You should be able to purchase tickets in advance at your local AAA office. The discount tickets will vary depending on AAA location.

Auto Club South, a member of the AAA family, offers an additional discount on Annual Passes and discount Florida Resident tickets for all AAA and CAA members. This discount can save you big money on your Annual Pass. For more information on how to secure this discount ticket voucher, call the office at ()

We still recommend checking these Disney ticket prices to those offered by our travel partner to make sure you're getting the best deal.

Costco/Sams Club Disney World Resort Discount TicketsImage result for star wars galaxys edge walt disney world

Some Costco locations carry exclusive discounted Disney World ticket options. When these discount tickets are gone, there is no telling when they will be back in the stores. If you're lucky, you can score good deals on a Disney ticket.

Sam's Club and other wholesale resale stores will have special discount tickets on occasion as well. These cheap tickets will just pop up on the floor. The best deal you can get from Sam's Club is through the purchase of discounted Disney gift cards. For example they may sell a $ gift card for $ These savings can add up over the course of your vacation.

Sam's Club and Costco also has a travel division, but this functions just like a regular travel agency and can't get you any exclusive deals on Disney tickets which you will often pay higher ticket prices on.

However, we recommend checking the price against our travel partner Get Away Today which will likely offer you a better deal on your vacation package than both these stores.

Disney Youth Education Series Discount TicketsImage result for water park disney world

Disney Youth Education Series (YES) is a program offered throughout the year that provides educational classes on topics ranging from leadership to marine biology that are taught inside of the theme parks. As a side benefit to these cool classes is the opportunity to purchase discount tickets.

The amount of these discounts varies for each type of Disney tickets. The pricing is different for those taking the class and those simply going on the trip. There are lots of different rules and restrictions attached to these tickets so make sure you read all the fine print.

You can see all of the Youth Education Series classes offered here.

Discount Disney World for Tickets Florida ResidentsImage result for animal kingdom walt disney world

To purchase a Disney Florida Resident ticket, you must have proof of Florida Residency. The tickets are actually linked to a finger scan to prevent you from transferring the tickets to people who don't live in Florida so only these residents can experience the attractions for these prices.

For those who have a home in Florida, but don't have their primary ID with the Florida address, you can usually present some other proof of residence within the state along with your ID. Timeshares are not considered residences.

There are several options for cheap tickets for Florida Residents which include:

  • One day ticket for the regular front gate price, but with a discounted Park Hopper upgrade.
  • Discounted ticket for three days with the ability to add the Park Hopper or Water Park Fun and More option to the ticket for cheap.
  • Discounted tickets for four days with the option to upgrade to Water Park Fun and More or Park Hopper ticket for a very discounted ticket price.
  • Discounted Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold, Silver, “Epcot After 4” and Weekday Select Annual Passports are available for Florida Residents.

Blockout dates apply to all the cheaper ticket discounts listed above meaning your selected start date might matter depending on your schedule.

Teacher Unions, Student Discounts, and Group TicketsImage result for splash mountain disney world

Teachers that are members of a union within the US or Canada may be eligible for discounted tickets through their union. Check with your union to find out if they offer any deals or cheap tickets. The amount of the discounts will vary depending on the union.

There are discount one day tickets for University of Central Florida students, faculty, and staff. College students can purchase tickets at the SGA Discount Tickets Center located in the Student Union building. Purchase your cheap tickets in advance because the discounted Walt Disney World tickets sell out quickly.

There are also discounts for groups of 15 or more from qualified non-profit organizations. For detailed information, prices and tickets, please call Disney at ()

Disney Youth Groups also offer specially-priced group tickets—perfect for a field trip experience—for youths ages 3 to For information and reservations, call ()

Corporate Government Agencies Disney World Resort TicketsImage result for animal kingdom walt disney world

Disney does provide discount Disney tickets to large corporations and government agencies so they can experience the parks at reasonable prices- you can check with your Human Resources department to find out more information.

Disney Corporate Sponsors almost always have huge discounts for their employees on tickets or can even give away free tickets. If your company has done any large corporate sponsorship work with The Walt Disney Company, definitely check to see if you get special discount tickets.

Word of caution: Always remember to compare these tickets to the Get Away Today discount ticket prices. I negotiated the lowest possible prices on Disney World tickets available to the general public. Often the tickets from Get Away Today have cheaper prices than any corporate discount.

Disney World Tickets Tips and Frequently Asked QuestionsImage result for walt disney world main street

Before you purchase your ticket, you will need to make some initial decisions regarding ticket type and your start date!

How many days should I spend at Disney World?

This is a tricky question to answer because there are so many different variables to consider when planning a vacation. I recommend first deciding what are your top priorities for things to see and that will help you plan your trip. Which attraction is at the top of your list? How many attractions per day do you want to see? How concerned are you about prices per day? How much do you want to experience? Do you want to park hop? Do you want to visit water parks? Which theme park is (Walt Disney World has four and two water parks) your priority? What is your start date of your visit?

You definitely need to visit for more than one day. The longer you visit, the cheaper it gets per day per ticket making it much more accessible to tack on additional days to your ticket. After four days each additional day costs less than $20 depending on what time of year you're visiting for your ticket. The absolute least amount of time I recommend is five days, any less than that and you're missing out on great theme park experiences. And don't forget the additional things to see, like Disney Springs in addition to the theme park options! Disney Springs has the popular NBA experience which is a must for sports fans. The NBA experience allows kids to star in the basketball game of your dreams making it a popular choice for families.

Your start date also determines cost since the cost varies by time of year. After Christmas and through Spring tends to be cheaper than summer and holiday months.

Should you get a Park Hopper Disney World ticket or One-Park Per Day ticket?

Park hopping is defined as going between multiple theme parks during one day. For example, you may want to start out the day at Animal Kingdom, but then head over to Epcot for dinner and the night time show. You have to chose whether you want to be confined to just one theme park all day or if you want the option to switch around during the day to the other theme park options with one ticket.

The pros of park hoppers is the convenience of being able to visit two different theme parks in one day with one ticket- especially if you plan on taking an afternoon break anyways. But it's not absolutely essential to have a park hopper ticket if you're okay with only doing one theme park per day- in fact it can be a great way to save a little extra money on a ticket! This might be a big help if your start date is a time of year that's considered peak season.

What is the Park Hopper Plus Option?

The Park Plus is an option you can add to your Disney ticket that includes:

  • one day admission to Typhoon Lagoon water park added to your ticket
  • one day admission to Blizzard Beach water park added to your ticket
  • one round of golf at the Oak Trail nine hole family walking course. Does not include clubs or pull cart. Children's clubs are free. Reservations are required. Ask your hotel concierge for free cab ride coupon when you head to the course. You may only play one round of golf per day with the Water Park Fun and More ticket.
  • access to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, not including any event ticket cost
  • entrance to the DisneyQuest indoor arcade and experience. This option is not being promoted currently as DisneyQuest is rumored to be closing sometime soon. For the time being though, you can still use these Water Park Fun and More tickets for entrance to the attraction.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the water parks require at least a half day to visit, maybe even a full day. So be sure to plan accordingly to get your moneys worth if you add the Park Plus option to your Disney World ticket. The water park options at Disney World Florida are both great options with two water parks to select from!

Your start date will come in handy here because if you're visiting at a time of year, this add on will be cheaper in the off season.

What age is free at Disney World?

Children aged two and under get free Disney World tickets. Children can get the child's price for tickets if they are between ages Everyone 10 years old and up require an adult priced Disney World ticket.

Keep in mind that Disney Springs, the Disney World Florida hot dining spot, is free to visit which is a great way to start your day if you take some time to check out the NBA experience.

Why Buy Tickets in Advance?

Purchasing discount Disney World tickets in advance is necessary to setup your FastPass+ reservations for your entire vacation. The FastPass system is a way to save a virtual spot in line for key attractions and they run out quickly! You can only make a reservation for an attraction once you've purchased your discount tickets and registered them with the My Experience App. It's key to do this before your start day, really as soon as you're able to book, so you don't miss out.

Beware of extremely cheap Disney World tickets!

Be especially careful to never buy cheap tickets from an online source that is not affiliated with Disney. Never buy tickets from eBay or Craigslist- they are filled with scam/fake tickets. Some people also attempt to sell their tickets after they've already used their start date if they purchased multi-day tickets. But Disney already has a system in place to prevent people from sharing tickets. The instant you use your ticket on your start date, the cast member will scan your finger, and that will be associated with your ticket.

Let Us Help Plan Your Vacation!

Keep reading our blog to keep you updated on everything you need to know to prepare for a Disney land Florida vacation! We have a team of writers working hard to keep you updated weekly on Florida Disneyland events in the parks and tips for navigating the magic. Subscribe to our free deals newsletter to receive helpful planning information, exclusive deals and prices, and access to the lowest priced tickets anywhere. You can find more information on planning your vacation here:


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