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Fantasy Football mock draft: Two-quarterback format produces mad rush to stock up signal-callers

The toughest decision you have to make in any Fantasy league that starts multiple quarterbacks -- Superflex or two-quarterback leagues -- is when to draft your passers. It sets the tone for your entire draft.

We held a 12-team, two-quarterback mock draft Thursday, and this is a PPR league where you get six points for passing touchdowns. Chris Towers was the lone Fantasy manager not to draft at least one quarterback in the first three rounds (he drafted Justin Fields in Round 5), and there were 13 quarterbacks selected in the first 36 overall selections.

By Round 5, six Fantasy managers already had two quarterbacks on their roster, including me. Picking at No. 11 overall, I started my team with Russell Wilson, Travis Kelce, Najee Harris and Trevor Lawrence.

I drafted two more quarterbacks late in Teddy Bridgewater and Jacob Eason, and my biggest regret with this team was not having a more proven third quarterback. But I might have the best starting quarterback duo if Lawrence lives up to the billing of being the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, as well as Wilson remaining a star. And that should give me a big edge.

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My running back corps is filled with youth since my top three guys are rookies in Harris, Michael Carter and Trey Sermon, and I also have Latavius Murray and Xavier Jones as reserves. This group has plenty of risk, but there could be a huge reward if Harris, Carter and Sermon play as I expect.

At receiver, I have a strong group with Amari Cooper, D.J. Moore, Chase Claypool, DeVonta Smith and Elijah Moore, and this should be another strength of my roster, along with my quarterbacks. And it definitely helps having Kelce as well.

Now, let's compare my team that went early on quarterbacks to Chris' team since he waited on the position. Picking third overall, Chris started his team with Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Calvin Ridley and Robert Woods before selecting Fields in Round 5.

Chris was able to handcuff Fields with Andy Dalton, and he also has Taysom Hill and Tyrod Taylor. If Fields and Hill hit as starters then Chris' team should be excellent. But there's obvious risk heading into the season, especially if Jameis Winston is the starter for the Saints.

But Chris has solid starting running backs (Cook and Mixon), although he only has Kenyan Drake in reserve. And his receiving corps is excellent with Ridley, Woods, Ja'Marr Chase, Jerry Jeudy, Brandin Cooks, Marquise Brown and Rondale Moore. He has a potential hole at tight end with Blake Jarwin.

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You can decide which Fantasy team you like better, and study all the teams in this mock draft to see which roster construction works best for you. I'm happy with my team, especially since I have two quality quarterbacks in Wilson and Lawrence.

In this league, all touchdowns are worth six points, and we award one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and one point for every 25 yards passing. We also award one point for every reception. We feature a starting lineup of 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), K and DST. There also are six reserve spots for a 17-round draft.

Our draft order is as follows:

1. Heath Cummings, Senior Fantasy Writer
2. Jack Capotorto, CBS Sports HQ Producer
3. Chris Towers, Senior Editor, Fantasy
4. Meron Berkson, CBS Sports HQ Producer
5. Dan Schneier, Fantasy Editor
6. R.J. White, Managing Editor, SportsLine and CBS Fantasy
7. Adam Aizer, Fantasy Football Today Podcast Host
8. Michael Kiser, Director of Video Optimization
9. Andrew Baumhor, CBS Sports HQ Producer
10. Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Writer
11. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer
12. George Maselli, Fantasy Editor

Round By Round

Round 1
1Heath CummingsP. MahomesQB KC
2Jack CapotortoC. McCaffreyRB CAR
3Chris TowersD. CookRB MIN
4Meron BerksonA. KamaraRB NO
5Dan SchneierJ. AllenQB BUF
6R.J. WhiteK. MurrayQB ARI
7Adam AizerE. ElliottRB DAL
8Michael KiserL. JacksonQB BAL
9Andrew BaumhorD. AdamsWR GB
10Dave RichardD. PrescottQB DAL
11Jamey EisenbergR. WilsonQB SEA
12George MaselliD. HenryRB TEN
Round 2
13George MaselliA. RodgersQB GB
14Jamey EisenbergT. KelceTE KC
15Dave RichardA. JonesRB GB
16Andrew BaumhorA. EkelerRB LAC
17Michael KiserT. HillWR KC
18Adam AizerT. BradyQB TB
19R.J. WhiteJ. TaylorRB IND
20Dan SchneierS. BarkleyRB NYG
21Meron BerksonJ. HerbertQB LAC
22Chris TowersJ. MixonRB CIN
23Jack CapotortoS. DiggsWR BUF
24Heath CummingsD. HopkinsWR ARI
Round 3
25Heath CummingsA. BrownWR TEN
26Jack CapotortoR. TannehillQB TEN
27Chris TowersC. RidleyWR ATL
28Meron BerksonM. StaffordQB LAR
29Dan SchneierD. WallerTE LV
30R.J. WhiteJ. HurtsQB PHI
31Adam AizerJ. JeffersonWR MIN
32Michael KiserK. AllenWR LAC
33Andrew BaumhorJ. BurrowQB CIN
34Dave RichardA. GibsonRB WAS
35Jamey EisenbergN. HarrisRB PIT
36George MaselliD. MetcalfWR SEA
Round 4
37George MaselliK. CousinsQB MIN
38Jamey EisenbergT. LawrenceQB JAC
39Dave RichardN. ChubbRB CLE
40Andrew BaumhorG. KittleTE SF
41Michael KiserD. MontgomeryRB CHI
42Adam AizerT. McLaurinWR WAS
43R.J. WhiteA. RobinsonWR CHI
44Dan SchneierC. Edwards-HelaireRB KC
45Meron BerksonD. SwiftRB DET
46Chris TowersR. WoodsWR LAR
47Jack CapotortoJ. DobbinsRB BAL
48Heath CummingsC. CarsonRB SEA
Round 5
49Heath CummingsT. LockettWR SEA
50Jack CapotortoJ. JonesWR TEN
51Chris TowersJ. FieldsQB CHI
52Meron BerksonC. LambWR DAL
53Dan SchneierC. KuppWR LAR
54R.J. WhiteD. HendersonRB LAR
55Adam AizerJ. JacobsRB LV
56Michael KiserM. RyanQB ATL
57Andrew BaumhorB. RoethlisbergerQB PIT
58Dave RichardC. GodwinWR TB
59Jamey EisenbergA. CooperWR DAL
60George MaselliM. SandersRB PHI
Round 6
61George MaselliM. GaskinRB MIA
62Jamey EisenbergD. MooreWR CAR
63Dave RichardT. LanceQB SF
64Andrew BaumhorD. JohnsonWR PIT
65Michael KiserM. DavisRB ATL
66Adam AizerJ. WilliamsRB DEN
67R.J. WhiteM. AndrewsTE BAL
68Dan SchneierR. FitzpatrickQB WAS
69Meron BerksonM. EvansWR TB
70Chris TowersJ. ChaseWR CIN
71Jack CapotortoT. HockensonTE DET
72Heath CummingsT. EtienneRB JAC
Round 7
73Heath CummingsK. PittsTE ATL
74Jack CapotortoT. TagovailoaQB MIA
75Chris TowersJ. JeudyWR DEN
76Meron BerksonA. ThielenWR MIN
77Dan SchneierD. JonesQB NYG
78R.J. WhiteT. HigginsWR CIN
79Adam AizerD. CarrQB LV
80Michael KiserK. HuntRB CLE
81Andrew BaumhorC. EdmondsRB ARI
82Dave RichardB. AiyukWR SF
83Jamey EisenbergC. ClaypoolWR PIT
84George MaselliT. BoydWR CIN
Round 8
85George MaselliC. NewtonQB NE
86Jamey EisenbergM. CarterRB NYJ
87Dave RichardJ. Smith-SchusterWR PIT
88Andrew BaumhorO. BeckhamWR CLE
89Michael KiserR. AndersonWR CAR
90Adam AizerM. ThomasWR NO
91R.J. WhiteK. GolladayWR NYG
92Dan SchneierA. BrownWR TB
93Meron BerksonB. MayfieldQB CLE
94Chris TowersT. HillQB NO
95Jack CapotortoC. SuttonWR DEN
96Heath CummingsZ. WilsonQB NYJ
Round 9
97Heath CummingsR. MostertRB SF
98Jack CapotortoS. DarnoldQB CAR
99Chris TowersB. CooksWR HOU
100Meron BerksonD. HarrisRB NE
101Dan SchneierL. Shenault Jr.WR JAC
102R.J. WhiteJ. ConnerRB ARI
103Adam AizerC. WentzQB IND
104Michael KiserJ. GoffQB DET
105Andrew BaumhorJ. GaroppoloQB SF
106Dave RichardD. LockQB DEN
107Jamey EisenbergD. SmithWR PHI
108George MaselliW. FullerWR MIA
Round 10
109George MaselliM. JonesQB NE
110Jamey EisenbergT. SermonRB SF
111Dave RichardL. ThomasTE WAS
112Andrew BaumhorJ. RobinsonRB JAC
113Michael KiserJ. WaddleWR MIA
114Adam AizerJ. WinstonQB NO
115R.J. WhiteN. FantTE DEN
116Dan SchneierD. SamuelWR SF
117Meron BerksonJ. WilliamsRB DET
118Chris TowersT. TaylorQB HOU
119Jack CapotortoZ. MossRB BUF
120Heath CummingsM. HardmanWR KC
Round 11
121Heath CummingsM. GordonRB DEN
122Jack CapotortoG. EdwardsRB BAL
123Chris TowersA. DaltonQB CHI
124Meron BerksonC. SamuelWR WAS
125Dan SchneierD. CharkWR JAC
126R.J. WhiteM. JonesWR JAC
127Adam AizerT. PollardRB DAL
128Michael KiserD. WatsonQB HOU
129Andrew BaumhorC. DavisWR NYJ
130Dave RichardA. DillonRB GB
131Jamey EisenbergE. MooreWR NYJ
132George MaselliD. MooneyWR CHI
Round 12
133George MaselliT. Marshall Jr.WR CAR
134Jamey EisenbergT. BridgewaterQB DEN
135Dave RichardJ. MeyersWR NE
136Andrew BaumhorJ. LandryWR CLE
137Michael KiserM. PittmanWR IND
138Adam AizerM. WilliamsWR LAC
139R.J. WhiteT. HiltonWR IND
140Dan SchneierG. BernardRB TB
141Meron BerksonI. SmithTE MIN
142Chris TowersM. BrownWR BAL
143Jack CapotortoD. SingletaryRB BUF
144Heath CummingsR. JonesRB TB
Round 13
145Heath CummingsM. GallupWR DAL
146Jack CapotortoH. Ruggs IIIWR LV
147Chris TowersK. DrakeRB LV
148Meron BerksonL. FournetteRB TB
149Dan SchneierE. SandersWR BUF
150R.J. WhiteP. LindsayRB HOU
151Adam AizerD. GoedertTE PHI
152Michael KiserS. ShepardWR NYG
153Andrew BaumhorD. WilliamsRB KC
154Dave RichardM. CallawayWR NO
155Jamey EisenbergL. MurrayRB BAL
156George MaselliK. GainwellRB PHI
Round 14
157George MaselliD. WilliamsRB CHI
158Jamey EisenbergX. JonesRB LAR
159Dave RichardJ. SmithTE NE
160Andrew BaumhorA. MattisonRB MIN
161Michael KiserN. HinesRB IND
162Adam AizerJ. WhiteRB NE
163R.J. WhiteD. JohnsonRB HOU
164Dan SchneierA. GreenWR ARI
165Meron BerksonA. TrautmanTE NO
166Chris TowersR. MooreWR ARI
167Jack CapotortoR. GageWR ATL
168Heath Cummings RamsDST LAR
Round 15
169Heath CummingsD. MillsQB HOU
170Jack Capotorto Football TeamDST WAS
171Chris TowersB. JarwinTE DAL
172Meron BerksonD. ParkerWR MIA
173Dan Schneier SteelersDST PIT
174R.J. White 49ersDST SF
175Adam AizerT. HigbeeTE LAR
176Michael Kiser BuccaneersDST TB
177Andrew BaumhorJ. JacksonRB LAC
178Dave RichardJ. McKissicRB WAS
179Jamey EisenbergJ. EasonQB SEA
180George MaselliG. EverettTE SEA
Round 16
181George Maselli PatriotsDST NE
182Jamey Eisenberg RavensDST BAL
183Dave Richard BroncosDST DEN
184Andrew Baumhor BillsDST BUF
185Michael KiserA. HooperTE CLE
186Adam AizerJ. TuckerK BAL
187R.J. WhiteH. ButkerK KC
188Dan SchneierT. ColemanRB NYJ
189Meron Berkson ColtsDST IND
190Chris Towers DolphinsDST MIA
191Jack CapotortoA. St. BrownWR DET
192Heath CummingsB. EdwardsWR LV
Round 17
193Heath CummingsY. KooK ATL
Sours: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/fantasy-football-mock-draft-two-quarterback-format-produces-mad-rush-to-stock-up-signal-callers/

Fantasy Football 2021: Examining Expert Mock Drafts After Preseason Week 2

Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Using his site's unique Draft Wizard—a mock simulator which utilizes expert cheat sheets and average draft position to generate picks—FantasyPros' Aaron Pags put together a 12-team, PPR mock.

This fell more in line with what you're probably used to seeing from a standard mock, which makes sense given the format. Running backs went with the first five picks (stretching from Christian McCaffrey to Ezekiel Elliott) and 10 of the opening round's 12 selections. No tight end went until the second round (Travis Kelce, No. 14), and no quarterbacks came off the board until the third (Mahomes, No. 25).

This draft put a premium on Lamar Jackson, who was the third quarterback taken and 32nd player selected overall. Considering Kyler Murray didn't go until the fifth (No. 51) and Aaron Rodgers lasted until the sixth (No. 67), that's the reason so many pundits preach patience at the position. Saying that, Jackson is only two seasons removed from being the highest scorer in fantasy, so don't hold back if you have a hunch.

Perhaps because the human element is largely removed in this exercise, no rookie quarterbacks were taken in the 14-round mock. That seems highly unlikely in the real-world version, given our perpetual obsession with shiny, new objects. But it might be food for thought that a data-driven algorithm didn't see any freshman signal-caller worthy of being among the top 168 picks.

Sours: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2947619-fantasy-football-2021-examining-expert-mock-drafts-after-preseason-week-2
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Fantasy football 10-team, 2-QB mock draft: Pass on QBs at your own risk

In the seventh mock draft of the season, the ESPN fantasy experts tried their hand in a 10-team, 2-QB league, where starting two quarterbacks is the requirement. That might seem like a small wrinkle ... until you see how these types of drafts play out.

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Never done one of these before? In a nutshell, everything is different. Quarterbacks go fast. Really fast. And there's a science to knowing when to pass on a QB in the early rounds for a star RB, WR or TE; in this mock draft, for example, no WRs or TEs came off the board until Round 2. The result? A ton of value at the skill positions in the middle rounds, long after they are usually gone in standard 1-QB leagues.

If ever there was a time to take a closer look at the flow of a mock draft, this is it! See who's rising on draft boards and who's falling. See which QBs are coming off the board before others, and which are sliding further than they were only a week or two ago.

More people play on ESPN than anywhere else. Join or create a league in the No. 1 Fantasy Football game! Sign up for free >>

The participants this week, in order of draft position, were: Fantasy analysts Tristan H. Cockcroft and Stephania Bell, Fantasy editor Sachin Dave Chandan, Fantasy analyst Jim McCormick, NFL Nation editor Tom Carpenter, Fantasy researcher Kyle Soppe, NFL Nation reporter Marcel Louis-Jacques, NFL Nation's Mike Triplett and Fantasy analysts Matt Bowen and Eric Karabell.

Round 1

1. Patrick Mahomes, KC (QB1) -- Cockcroft
2. Josh Allen, Buf (QB2) -- Bell
3. Christian McCaffrey, Car (RB1) -- Chandan
4. Dalvin Cook, Min (RB2) -- McCormick
5. Ezekiel Elliott, Dal (RB3) -- Carpenter
6. Derrick Henry, Ten (RB4) -- Soppe
7. Alvin Kamara, NO (RB5) -- Louis-Jacques
8. Aaron Jones, GB (RB6) -- Triplett
9. Kyler Murray, Ari (QB3) -- Bowen
10. Jonathan Taylor, Ind (RB7) -- Karabell

Round 2

11. Travis Kelce, KC (TE1) -- Karabell
12. Najee Harris, Pit (RB8) -- Bowen
13. Saquon Barkley, NYG (RB9) -- Triplett
14. Davante Adams, GB (WR1) -- Louis-Jacques
15. Dak Prescott, Dal (QB4) -- Soppe
16. Lamar Jackson, Bal (QB5) -- Carpenter
17. Stefon Diggs, Buf (WR2) -- McCormick
18. Tyreek Hill, KC (WR3) -- Chandan
19. Austin Ekeler, LAC (RB10) -- Bell
20. Nick Chubb, Cle (RB11) -- Cockcroft

Round 3

21. DeAndre Hopkins, Ari (WR4) -- Cockcroft
22. George Kittle, SF (TE2) -- Bell
23. Aaron Rodgers, GB (QB6) -- Chandan
24. Russell Wilson, Sea (QB7) -- McCormick
25. Darren Waller, LV (TE3) -- Carpenter
26. Antonio Gibson, Wsh (RB12) -- Soppe
27. Calvin Ridley, Atl (WR5) -- Louis-Jacques
28. Joe Mixon, Cin (RB13) -- Triplett
29. DK Metcalf, Sea (WR6) -- Bowen
30. Justin Herbert, LAC (QB8) -- Karabell

Round 4

31. Jalen Hurts, Phi (QB9) -- Karabell
32. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC (RB14) -- Bowen
33. Tom Brady, TB (QB10) -- Triplett
34. Keenan Allen, LAC (WR7) -- Louis-Jacques
35. A.J. Brown, Ten (WR8) -- Soppe
36. Matthew Stafford, LAR (QB11) -- Carpenter
37. Justin Jefferson, Min (WR9) -- McCormick
38. Ryan Tannehill, Ten (QB12) -- Chandan
39. Joe Burrow, Cin (QB13) -- Bell
40. David Montgomery, Chi (RB15) -- Cockcroft

Round 5

41. Matt Ryan, Atl (QB14) -- Cockcroft
42. CeeDee Lamb, Dal (WR10) -- Bell
43. J.K. Dobbins, Bal (RB16) -- Chandan
44. Terry McLaurin, Wsh (WR11) -- McCormick
45. D'Andre Swift, Det (RB17) -- Carpenter
46. Allen Robinson II, Chi (WR12) -- Soppe
47. Trevor Lawrence, Jax (QB15) -- Louis-Jacques
48. Robert Woods, LAR (WR13) -- Triplett
49. Baker Mayfield, Cle (QB16) -- Bowen
50. Mike Evans, TB (WR14) -- Karabell

Round 6

51. Chris Godwin, TB (WR15) -- Karabell
52. Diontae Johnson, Pit (WR16) -- Bowen
53. Chris Carson, Sea (RB18) -- Triplett
54. Darrell Henderson Jr., LAR (RB19) -- Louis-Jacques
55. Amari Cooper, Dal (WR17) -- Soppe
56. Miles Sanders, Phi (RB20) -- Carpenter
57. Justin Fields, Chi (QB17) -- McCormick
58. Adam Thielen, Min (WR18) -- Chandan
59. Josh Jacobs, LV (RB21) -- Bell
60. Cooper Kupp, LAR (WR19) -- Cockcroft

Round 7

61. Chase Edmonds, Ari (RB22) -- Cockcroft
62. Brandon Aiyuk, SF (WR20) -- Bell
63. Julio Jones, Ten (WR21) -- Chandan
64. Kyle Pitts, Atl (TE4) -- McCormick
65. Kenny Golladay, NYG (WR22) -- Carpenter
66. Ja'Marr Chase, Cin (WR23) -- Soppe
67. Mark Andrews, Bal (TE5) -- Louis-Jacques
68. DJ Moore, Car (WR24) -- Triplett
69. Tee Higgins, Cin (WR25) -- Bowen
70. Travis Etienne Jr., Jax (RB23) -- Karabell

Round 8

71. Javonte Williams, Den (RB24) -- Karabell
72. Kareem Hunt, Cle (RB25) -- Bowen
73. Tua Tagovailoa, Mia (QB18) -- Triplett
74. Mike Davis, Atl (RB26) -- Louis-Jacques
75. Kirk Cousins, Min (QB19) -- Soppe
76. Michael Thomas, NO (WR26) -- Carpenter
77. Trey Lance, SF (QB20) -- McCormick
78. Logan Thomas, Wsh (TE6) -- Chandan
79. Robby Anderson, Car (WR27) -- Bell
80. T.J. Hockenson, Det (TE7) -- Cockcroft

Round 9

81. Daniel Jones, NYG (QB21) -- Cockcroft
82. Myles Gaskin, Mia (RB27) -- Bell
83. Tyler Lockett, Sea (WR28) -- Chandan
84. Trey Sermon, SF (RB28) -- McCormick
85. Courtland Sutton, Den (WR29) -- Carpenter
86. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Wsh (QB22) -- Soppe
87. Odell Beckham Jr., Cle (WR30) -- Louis-Jacques
88. Noah Fant, Den (TE8) -- Triplett
89. Jerry Jeudy, Den (WR31) -- Bowen
90. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pit (WR32) -- Karabell

Round 10

91. DJ Chark Jr., Jax (WR33) -- Karabell
92. Dallas Goedert, Phi (TE9) -- Bowen
93. Brandin Cooks, Hou (WR34) -- Triplett
94. Chase Claypool, Pit (WR35) -- Louis-Jacques
95. Raheem Mostert, SF (RB29) -- Soppe
96. Deebo Samuel, SF (WR36) -- Carpenter
97. Michael Carter, NYJ (RB30) -- McCormick
98. Laviska Shenault Jr., Jax (WR37) -- Chandan
99. Tyler Boyd, Cin (WR38) -- Bell
100. James Robinson, Jax (RB31) -- Cockcroft

Round 11

101. DeVonta Smith, Phi (WR39) -- Cockcroft
102. William Fuller V, Mia (WR40) -- Bell
103. Jarvis Landry, Cle (WR41) -- Chandan
104. Michael Gallup, Dal (WR42) -- McCormick
105. Kenyan Drake, LV (RB32) -- Carpenter
106. Curtis Samuel, Wsh (WR43) -- Soppe
107. Marquise Brown, Bal (WR44) -- Louis-Jacques
108. Damien Harris, NE (RB33) -- Triplett
109. Jaylen Waddle, Mia (WR45) -- Bowen
110. Melvin Gordon III, Den (RB34) -- Karabell

Round 12

111. Henry Ruggs III, LV (WR46) -- Karabell
112. AJ Dillon, GB (RB35) -- Bowen
113. Derek Carr, LV (QB23) -- Triplett
114. Antonio Brown, TB (WR47) -- Louis-Jacques
115. Marvin Jones Jr., Jax (WR48) -- Soppe
116. Zach Wilson, NYJ (QB24) -- Carpenter
117. Zack Moss, Buf (RB36) -- McCormick
118. Robert Tonyan, GB (TE10) -- Chandan
119. Jamaal Williams, Det (RB37) -- Bell
120. Mike Williams, LAC (WR49) -- Cockcroft

Round 13

121. Leonard Fournette, TB (RB38) -- Cockcroft
122. Ben Roethlisberger, Pit (QB25) -- Bell
123. Jalen Reagor, Phi (WR50) -- Chandan
124. Gus Edwards, Bal (RB39) -- McCormick
125. Michael Pittman Jr., Ind (WR51) -- Carpenter
126. Tyler Higbee, LAR (TE11) -- Soppe
127. Corey Davis, NYJ (WR52) -- Louis-Jacques
128. Darnell Mooney, Chi (WR53) -- Triplett
129. Elijah Moore, NYJ (WR54) -- Bowen
130. Jared Goff, Det (QB26) -- Karabell

Round 14

131. Phillip Lindsay, Hou (RB40) -- Karabell
132. T.Y. Hilton, Ind (WR55) -- Bowen
133. Mecole Hardman, KC (WR56) -- Triplett
134. Mike Gesicki, Mia (TE12) -- Louis-Jacques
135. Irv Smith Jr., Min (TE13) -- Soppe
136. Buccaneers D/ST, TB (DST1) -- Carpenter
137. James Conner, Ari (RB41) -- McCormick
138. Nyheim Hines, Ind (RB42) -- Chandan
139. A.J. Green, Ari (WR57) -- Bell
140. Rondale Moore, Ari (WR58) -- Cockcroft

Round 15

141. Sam Darnold, Car (QB27) -- Cockcroft
142. Jonnu Smith, NE (TE14) -- Bell
143. J.D. McKissic, Wsh (RB43) -- Chandan
144. Jakobi Meyers, NE (WR59) -- McCormick
145. Marquez Callaway, NO (WR60) -- Carpenter
146. Latavius Murray, NO (RB44) -- Soppe
147. Steelers D/ST, Pit (DST2) -- Louis-Jacques
148. Devin Singletary, Buf (RB45) -- Triplett
149. Ravens D/ST, Bal (DST3) -- Bowen
150. Malcolm Brown, Mia (RB46) -- Karabell

Round 16

151. Bills D/ST, Buf (DST4) -- Karabell
152. Justin Tucker, Bal (K1) -- Bowen
153. 49ers D/ST, SF (DST5) -- Triplett
154. Harrison Butker, KC (K2) -- Louis-Jacques
155. Washington D/ST, Wsh (DST6) -- Soppe
156. Amon-Ra St. Brown, Det (WR61) -- Carpenter
157. Rams D/ST, LAR (DST7) -- McCormick
158. Broncos D/ST, Den (DST8) -- Chandan
159. Younghoe Koo, Atl (K3) -- Bell
160. Patriots D/ST, NE (DST9) -- Cockcroft

Round 17

161. Jason Myers, Sea (K4) -- Cockcroft
162. Browns D/ST, Cle (DST10) -- Bell
163. Brandon McManus, Den (K5) -- Chandan
164. Matt Gay, LAR (K6) -- McCormick
165. Jason Sanders, Mia (K7) -- Carpenter
166. Greg Zuerlein, Dal (K8) -- Soppe
167. Jameis Winston, NO (QB28) -- Louis-Jacques
168. Tyler Bass, Buf (K9) -- Triplett
169. Alexander Mattison, Min (RB47) -- Bowen
170. Rodrigo Blankenship, Ind (K10) -- Karabell

Team rosters are presented in first-round pick order. Picks and bye weeks are indicated in parentheses in this manner: (Round.Pick | Bye)

Team Cockcroft

QB1 Patrick Mahomes, KC (Pick: 1.1 | Bye: 12)
QB2 Matt Ryan, Atl (Pick: 5.1 | Bye: 6)
QB3 Daniel Jones, NYG (Pick: 9.1 | Bye: 10)
QB4 Sam Darnold, Car (Pick 15.1 | Bye: 13)
RB1 Nick Chubb, Cle (Pick: 2.10 | Bye: 13)
RB2 David Montgomery, Chi (Pick: 4.10 | Bye: 10)
RB3 Chase Edmonds, Ari (Pick: 7.1 | Bye: 12)
RB4 James Robinson, Jax (Pick: 10.10 | Bye: 7)
RB5 Leonard Fournette, TB (Pick: 13.1 | Bye: 9)
WR1 DeAndre Hopkins, Ari (Pick: 3.1 | Bye: 12)
WR2 Cooper Kupp, LAR (Pick: 6.10 | Bye: 11)
WR3 DeVonta Smith, Phi (Pick: 11.1 | Bye: 14)
WR4 Mike Williams, LAC (Pick: 12.10 | Bye: 7)
WR5 Rondale Moore, Ari (Pick: 14.10 | Bye: 12)
TE1 T.J. Hockenson, Det (Pick: 8.10 | Bye: 9)
K1 Jason Myers, Sea (Pick: 17.1 | Bye: 9)
DST1 Patriots D/ST, NE (Pick: 16.10 | Bye: 14)

Team Bell

QB1 Josh Allen, Buf (Pick: 1.2 | Bye: 7)
QB2 Joe Burrow, Cin (Pick: 4.9 | Bye: 10)
QB3 Ben Roethlisberger, Pit (Pick: 13.2 | Bye: 7)
RB1 Austin Ekeler, LAC (Pick: 2.9 | Bye: 7)
RB2 Josh Jacobs, LV (Pick: 6.9 | Bye: 8)
RB3 Myles Gaskin, Mia (Pick: 9.2 | Bye: 14)
RB4 Jamaal Williams, Det (Pick: 12.9 | Bye: 9)
WR1 CeeDee Lamb, Dal (Pick: 5.2 | Bye: 7)
WR2 Brandon Aiyuk, SF (Pick: 7.2 | Bye: 6)
WR3 Robby Anderson, Car (Pick: 8.9 | Bye: 13)
WR4 Tyler Boyd, Cin (Pick: 10.9 | Bye: 10)
WR5 William Fuller V, Mia (Pick: 11.2 | Bye: 14)
WR6 A.J. Green, Ari (Pick: 14.9 | Bye: 12)
TE1 George Kittle, SF (Pick: 3.2 | Bye: 6)
TE2 Jonnu Smith, NE (Pick: 15.2 | Bye: 14)
K1 Younghoe Koo, Atl (Pick: 16.9 | Bye: 6)
DST1 Browns D/ST, Cle (Pick: 17.2 | Bye: 13)

Team Chandan

QB1 Aaron Rodgers, GB (Pick: 3.3 | Bye: 13)
QB2 Ryan Tannehill, Ten (Pick: 4.8 | Bye: 13)
RB1 Christian McCaffrey, Car (Pick: 1.3 | Bye: 13)
RB2 J.K. Dobbins, Bal (Pick: 5.3 | Bye: 8)
RB3 Nyheim Hines, Ind (Pick: 14.8 | Bye: 14)
RB4 J.D. McKissic, Wsh (Pick: 15.3 | Bye: 9)
WR1 Tyreek Hill, KC (Pick: 2.8 | Bye: 12)
WR2 Adam Thielen, Min (Pick: 6.8 | Bye: 7)
WR3 Julio Jones, Ten (Pick: 7.3 | Bye: 13)
WR4 Tyler Lockett, Sea (Pick: 9.3 | Bye: 9)
WR5 Laviska Shenault Jr., Jax (Pick: 10.8 | Bye: 7)
WR6 Jarvis Landry, Cle (Pick: 11.3 | Bye: 13)
WR7 Jalen Reagor, Phi (Pick: 13.3 | Bye: 14)
TE1 Logan Thomas, Wsh (Pick: 8.8 | Bye: 9)
TE2 Robert Tonyan, GB (Pick: 12.8 | Bye: 13)
K1Brandon McManus, Den (Pick: 17.3 | Bye: 11)
DST1 Broncos D/ST, Den (Pick: 16.8 | Bye: 11)

Team McCormick

QB1 Russell Wilson, Sea (Pick: 3.4 | Bye: 9)
QB2 Justin Fields, Chi (Pick: 6.7 | Bye: 10)
QB3 Trey Lance, SF (Pick: 8.7 | Bye: 6)
RB1 Dalvin Cook, Min (Pick: 1.4 | Bye: 7)
RB2 Trey Sermon, SF (Pick: 9.4 | Bye: 6)
RB3 Michael Carter, NYJ (Pick: 10.7 | Bye: 6)
RB4 Zack Moss, Buf (Pick: 12.7 | Bye: 7)
RB5 Gus Edwards, Bal (Pick: 13.4 | Bye: 8)
RB6 James Conner, Ari (Pick: 14.7 | Bye: 12)
WR1 Stefon Diggs, Buf (Pick: 2.7 | Bye: 7)
WR2 Justin Jefferson, Min (Pick: 4.7 | Bye: 7)
WR3 Terry McLaurin, Wsh (Pick: 5.4 | Bye: 9)
WR4 Michael Gallup, Dal (Pick: 11.4 | Bye: 7)
WR5 Jakobi Meyers, NE (Pick: 15.4 | Bye: 14)
TE1 Kyle Pitts, Atl (Pick: 7.4 | Bye: 6)
K1Matt Gay, LAR (Pick: 17.4 | Bye: 11)
DST1 Rams D/ST, LAR (Pick: 16.7 | Bye: 11)

Team Carpenter

QB1 Lamar Jackson, Bal (Pick: 2.6 | Bye: 8)
QB2 Matthew Stafford, LAR (Pick: 4.6 | Bye: 11)
QB3 Zach Wilson, NYJ (Pick: 12.6 | Bye: 6)
RB1 Ezekiel Elliott, Dal (Pick: 1.5 | Bye: 7)
RB2 D'Andre Swift, Det (Pick: 5.5 | Bye: 9)
RB3 Miles Sanders, Phi (Pick: 6.6 | Bye: 14)
RB4 Kenyan Drake, LV (Pick: 11.5 | Bye: 8)
WR1 Kenny Golladay, NYG (Pick: 7.5 | Bye: 10)
WR2 Michael Thomas, NO (Pick: 8.6 | Bye: 6)
WR3 Courtland Sutton, Den (Pick: 9.5 | Bye: 11)
WR4 Deebo Samuel, SF (Pick: 10.6 | Bye: 6)
WR5 Michael Pittman Jr., Ind (Pick: 13.5 | Bye: 14)
WR6 Marquez Callaway, NO (Pick: 15.5 | Bye: 6)
WR7 Amon-Ra St. Brown, Det (Pick: 16.6 | Bye: 9)
TE1 Darren Waller, LV (Pick: 3.5 | Bye: 8)
K1Jason Sanders, Mia (Pick: 17.5 | Bye: 14)
DST1 Buccaneers D/ST, TB (Pick: 14.6 | Bye: 9)

Team Soppe

QB1 Dak Prescott, Dal (Pick: 2.5 | Bye: 7)
QB2 Kirk Cousins, Min (Pick: 8.5 | Bye: 7)
QB3 Ryan Fitzpatrick, Wsh (Pick: 9.6 | Bye: 9)
RB1 Derrick Henry, Ten (Pick: 1.6 | Bye: 13)
RB2 Antonio Gibson, Wsh (Pick: 3.6 | Bye: 9)
RB3 Raheem Mostert, SF (Pick: 10.5 | Bye: 6)
RB4 Latavius Murray, NO (Pick: 15.6 | Bye: 6)
WR1 A.J. Brown, Ten (Pick: 4.5 | Bye: 13)
WR2 Allen Robinson II, Chi (Pick: 5.6 | Bye: 10)
WR3 Amari Cooper, Dal (Pick: 6.5 | Bye: 7)
WR4 Ja'Marr Chase, Cin (Pick: 7.6 | Bye: 10)
WR5 Curtis Samuel, Wsh (Pick: 11.6 | Bye: 9)
WR6 Marvin Jones Jr., Jax (Pick: 12.5 | Bye: 7)
TE1 Tyler Higbee, LAR (Pick: 13.6 | Bye: 11)
TE2 Irv Smith Jr., Min (Pick: 14.5 | Bye: 7)
K1Greg Zuerlein, Dal (Pick: 17.6 | Bye: 7)
DST1 Washington D/ST, Wsh (Pick: 16.5 | Bye: 9)

Team Louis-Jacques

QB1 Trevor Lawrence, Jax (Pick: 5.7 | Bye: 7)
QB2Jameis Winston, NO (Pick: 17.7 | Bye: 6)
RB1 Alvin Kamara, NO (Pick: 1.7 | Bye: 6)
RB2 Darrell Henderson Jr., LAR (Pick: 6.4 | Bye: 11)
RB3 Mike Davis, Atl (Pick: 8.4 | Bye: 6)
WR1 Davante Adams, GB (Pick: 2.4 | Bye: 13)
WR2 Calvin Ridley, Atl (Pick: 3.7 | Bye: 6)
WR3 Keenan Allen, LAC (Pick: 4.4 | Bye: 7)
WR4 Odell Beckham Jr., Cle (Pick: 9.7 | Bye: 13)
WR5 Chase Claypool, Pit (Pick: 10.4 | Bye: 7)
WR6 Marquise Brown, Bal (Pick: 11.7 | Bye: 8)
WR7 Antonio Brown, TB (Pick: 12.4 | Bye: 9)
WR8 Corey Davis, NYJ (Pick: 13.7 | Bye: 6)
TE1 Mark Andrews, Bal (Pick: 7.7 | Bye: 8)
TE2 Mike Gesicki, Mia (Pick: 14.4 | Bye: 14)
K1 Harrison Butker, KC (Pick: 16.4 | Bye: 12)
DST1 Steelers D/ST, Pit (Pick: 15.7 | Bye: 7)

Team Triplett

QB1 Tom Brady, TB (Pick: 4.3 | Bye: 9)
QB2 Tua Tagovailoa, Mia (Pick: 8.3 | Bye: 14)
QB3 Derek Carr, LV (Pick: 12.3 | Bye: 8)
RB1 Aaron Jones, GB (Pick: 1.8 | Bye: 13)
RB2 Saquon Barkley, NYG (Pick: 2.3 | Bye: 10)
RB3 Joe Mixon, Cin (Pick: 3.8 | Bye: 10)
RB4 Chris Carson, Sea (Pick: 6.3 | Bye: 9)
RB5 Damien Harris, NE (Pick: 11.8 | Bye: 14)
RB6 Devin Singletary, Buf (Pick: 15.8 | Bye: 7)
WR1 Robert Woods, LAR (Pick: 5.8 | Bye: 11)
WR2 DJ Moore, Car (Pick: 7.8 | Bye: 13)
WR3 Brandin Cooks, Hou (Pick: 10.3 | Bye: 10)
WR4 Darnell Mooney, Chi (Pick: 13.8 | Bye: 10)
WR5 Mecole Hardman, KC (Pick: 14.3 | Bye: 12)
TE1 Noah Fant, Den (Pick: 9.8 | Bye: 11)
K1Tyler Bass, Buf (Pick: 17.8 | Bye: 7)
DST1 49ers D/ST, SF (Pick: 16.3 | Bye: 6)

Team Bowen

QB1 Kyler Murray, Ari (Pick: 1.9 | Bye: 12)
QB2 Baker Mayfield, Cle (Pick: 5.9 | Bye: 13)
RB1 Najee Harris, Pit (Pick: 2.2 | Bye: 7)
RB2 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC (Pick: 4.2 | Bye: 12)
RB3 Kareem Hunt, Cle (Pick: 8.2 | Bye: 13)
RB4 AJ Dillon, GB (Pick: 12.2 | Bye: 13)
RB5Alexander Mattison, Min (Pick: 17.9 | Bye: 7)
WR1 DK Metcalf, Sea (Pick: 3.9 | Bye: 9)
WR2 Diontae Johnson, Pit (Pick: 6.2 | Bye: 7)
WR3 Tee Higgins, Cin (Pick: 7.9 | Bye: 10)
WR4 Jerry Jeudy, Den (Pick: 9.9 | Bye: 11)
WR5 Jaylen Waddle, Mia (Pick: 11.9 | Bye: 14)
WR6 Elijah Moore, NYJ (Pick: 13.9 | Bye: 6)
WR7 T.Y. Hilton, Ind (Pick: 14.2 | Bye: 14)
TE1 Dallas Goedert, Phi (Pick: 10.2 | Bye: 14)
K1 Justin Tucker, Bal (Pick: 16.2 | Bye: 8)
DST1 Ravens D/ST, Bal (Pick: 15.9 | Bye: 8)

Team Karabell

QB1 Justin Herbert, LAC (Pick: 3.10 | Bye: 7)
QB2 Jalen Hurts, Phi (Pick: 4.1 | Bye: 14)
QB3 Jared Goff, Det (Pick: 13.10 | Bye: 9)
RB1 Jonathan Taylor, Ind (Pick: 1.10 | Bye: 14)
RB2 Travis Etienne Jr., Jax (Pick: 7.10 | Bye: 7)
RB3 Javonte Williams, Den (Pick: 8.1 | Bye: 11)
RB4 Melvin Gordon III, Den (Pick: 11.10 | Bye: 11)
RB5 Phillip Lindsay, Hou (Pick: 14.1 | Bye: 10)
RB6 Malcolm Brown, Mia (Pick: 15.10 | Bye: 14)
WR1 Mike Evans, TB (Pick: 5.10 | Bye: 9)
WR2 Chris Godwin, TB (Pick: 6.1 | Bye: 9)
WR3 JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pit (Pick: 9.10 | Bye: 7)
WR4 DJ Chark Jr., Jax (Pick: 10.1 | Bye: 7)
WR5 Henry Ruggs III, LV (Pick: 12.1 | Bye: 8)
TE1 Travis Kelce, KC (Pick: 2.1 | Bye: 12)
K1Rodrigo Blankenship, Ind (Pick: 17.10 | Bye: 14)
DST1 Bills D/ST, Buf (Pick: 16.1 | Bye: 7)

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2 QB Mock Draft - PPR - Pick 10 of 10 - 2021 Fantasy Football

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Qb mock draft 2

What, Kat. - Vitya, you have to help me. That's it.

Superflex PPR Mock Draft 2.0 (2021) - Fantasy Football Pick-by-Pick Strategy with Jeff Ratcliffe

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