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Available Episodes

This is a list of episodes currently provided by the Adventures in Odyssey team for listening.


Currently airing

These episodes have recently aired on the radio, or are about to air, and can be heard online.

On the Official Podcast (38)

These episodes are available for listening and downloading courtesy of The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast.

  • #FD1: “Spare Tire” (Download)
  • #FD2: “House Guest” (Download)
  • #FD3: “Gone Fishing” (Download)
  • #FP “You're Not Gonna Believe This” (Download)
  • # “Peace on Earth” (Download)
  • # “You Go to School Where?” (Download)
  • # “The Barclay Family Ski Vacation” (Download)
  • # “Over the Airwaves” (Download)
  • # “Someone to Watch Over Me” (Download)
  • # “East Winds, Raining” (Download)
  • # “Wonderworld” (Download)
  • # “Into Temptation” (Download)
  • # “Hidden In My Heart” (Download)
  • # “Amazing Grace” (Download)
  • # “New Year's Eve Live!” (Download)
  • # “The Joke's on You” (Download)
  • # “Gloobers” (Download)
  • # “Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion, Part 1” (Download)
  • # “Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion, Part 2” (Download)
  • # “B-TV: Obedience” (Download)
  • # “Snow Day” (Download)
  • # “Broken Window” (Download)
  • # “Welcoming Wooton” (Download)
  • # “For Trying Out Loud” (Download)
  • # “Called On in Class” (Download)
  • # “A Lamb's Tale” (Download)
  • # “Odyssey Sings!” (Download)
  • # “A Cheater Cheated” (Download)
  • # “Kidsboro, Part 1” (Download)
  • # “Kidsboro, Part 2” (Download)
  • # “Kidsboro, Part 3” (Download)
  • #???: “Welcome to Whit's End” (Download)
  • # “Wooton Knows Best” (Download)
  • # “Happy Hunting” (Download)
  • # “The Pilot, Part 1” (Download)
  • # “The Pilot, Part 2” (Download)
  • # “The Ties That Bind, Part 1” (Download)
  • # “First Things First” (Download)

The following episodes have been released in a video format on the podcast blog. A PopUpisode contains special, behind the scenes facts about the making of an episode.

Radio Samples

Three episodes are available on Focus on the Family’s broadcast page for Adventures on Odyssey, under the “Featured Episodes” heading. The episodes change regularly.

Adventures in Odyssey Club Samples (5)

The following episodes can be streamed from the Adventures in Odyssey Club homepage. Click here to access them.

Semi-Free Episodes (3)

These episodes have been released for free, but they require a CBD or Focus on the Family Store account to download.


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Adventures in Odyssey characters

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But Wait, There’s More!

Examples of Exclusive Monthly Content

Each month you'll get access to a brand new, exclusive Adventures in Odyssey episode. Join the characters you love as they travel around the world or spend the day in Odyssey. Each audio episode will come with a special video documentary and a set of activities, called Web Quests. These activities will take you behind the scenes of Adventures in Odyssey, provide crafts, teach you about new places and cultures, and much more.



The Launch, Part 1

Whit and Wooton travel to Uganda to help a young woman caught in a conflict between two warring tribes.

Play Episode


Dr. Valery Lomilo's Story

Fly with us to Uganda and experience the real story behind The Launch, Part 1. You’ll meet Dr. Valery Lomilo and hear the courageous tale behind how God used her to bring peace to a warring region.

Play Documentary


Go Deeper into the Adventure

Learn about the Karamojong people and their culture—with a special video cooking lesson! You'll get to sample the Karamojong language and music, plus you'll hear the Adventures in Odyssey actors learning to speak Swahili. You'll also hear Adventures in Odyssey director Dave Arnold discuss how challenging this episode was to create.

Adventures in odyssey: Race to Freedom

The amazement. Amazed and delighted me even more, thoughts rushed somewhere and immediately stopped. - Is that you ??. - I was so amazed out loud that me on the bed.

Odyssey free in adventures

A week later we agreed on a date. We met him late in the evening in the city park, his tall silhouette was visible from afar. He had a briefcase behind him, and he immediately offered me a cocktail. I didnt refuse.

Adventures in Odyssey: Baby Daze Part 1

I moaned and along the way, this turned on Inna even more, because she could not stand it, she once again finished with. A squirt, splashing everything around. - I want two holes at the same time.

Now discussing:

Yes, yes, ours, the guard happily parried, and we quickly left. Thank God our license plates were covered in forest mud. At home, we took turns to shower and prayed to God that Liza would not leave us with a surprise.

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