3d printed k cup holder

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Rotating K-Cup Holder for Keurig or Similar Coffee Machines

Are you tired of your lame old K-Cups sitting around in piles or in their boxes, mocking you with their disorganized chaos? No? Well, I've got something for you anyway! This rotating K-Cup Organizer is designed to hold up to 16 Keurig K-Cups or similar coffee pods. Designed to be compact to fit on countertops, tables, or (If you're like me) the top of a minifridge (#collegelife). 

For a full print of this object, you'll need to print:

  • 1 x Center Spool
  • 1 x Main Platform
  • 1 x Main Platform Mirrored
  • 4 x Support Column 
  • 1 x Spacer (Optional)

The All Parts file should help give an idea of how all the parts are meant to be assembled. The optional Spacer is useful if you want to increase the distance from the base to the first platform. If you want to increase the distance between platforms, I would recommend altering the dimensions of the support columns separating the two platforms.

The design is still a little rough and it might go through a few edits before I consider it a finished project. But for now, it's functional! If you're some awesome person who wants to edit or remix this design to make it prettier, bigger, or just better, then I fully encourage you to go for it! Now if only someone would redesign it to use one of these pesky extra 608 bearings that I have lying around.....

Anyway, as always, this print is 100% free to use for commercial purposes if you so wish. You can download, remix, redesign, edit, print, smash with a hammer, or generally do anything you'd like with this design. 

If you like my designs and want to help fund the legal fees from the impending Keurig copyright lawsuits, then consider dropping a tip!

Also, if you read through all of that, you're awesome.





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    3D printed K-cup coffee maker

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    Printed cup 3d holder k

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    3D printed self balancing cup holder field test and review

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