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BCD536HP - Uniden Digital Bearcat Scanner

The Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP HomePatrol series base/mobile scanner with Wi-Fi is super simple to setup and operate. Keep up to date with all the latest happenings in your area with the BearCat BCD536HP base/mobile station scanner.

BearCat's BCD536HP scanner is a two-in-one unit. The BCD536HP can be installed in your vehicle with the enclosed mounting bracket and hardware or setup as a base station scanner. The choice is yours. Programming the BCD536HP is simple, just turn it on, set the time, and enter your location the scanner will automatically download RF frequencies within a 20 mile radius of your zip code. For extended range connect the BCD536HP to your GPS unit for location acquisition and you'll be able to pull signals in from as far as 50 miles away! Uniden's digital TrunkTracker V quickly Scans APCO 25 Phase 1 and Phase 2, Motorola, EDACS, and LTR trunked systems, as well as conventional analog and P25 digital channels. You're assured of capturing all of the available Talk Group ID's in your locale.

The BCD536HP can instantly access over 10,000 police, fire, ambulance, business, utility, and other agencies including NOAA weather channels depending upon RF station density in your particular area. This BearCat scanner can save your favorite channels, avoid frequencies, record and replay transmissions with complete ease. Uniden ships a preconfigured SD card with USA and Canada frequencies preprogrammed. Weekly update are available via Uniden's Sentinel software and USB PC connection. BearCat scanners are built to allow you more time for listening while spending less time configuring and maintaining your scanner. BearCat's BCD546HP will keep you in touch without hassle, you don't have to be a computer technician to listen to the action!

Download the latest PC software for you BCD536HP from Uniden and keep your firmware and Sentinel up to date.

The BCD536HP is an innovative new base scanner from Uniden incorporating HomePatrol's easy to use features into a home base/mobile scanner. The BCD536HP also features GPS connectivity, large LCD display, Close Call RF capture and a Wi-Fi feature that lets you use the Uniden Siren App on your smartphone or tablet to access your scanner from anywhere in your home or vehicle.

For the latest information on setting up and programming your new Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP be sure to visit the Uniden support center.

The BearCat BCD536HP keeps you in tune with local news, weather, EMS, and government radio channels. Stay informed and be prepared with a BearCat scanner!

Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP Features:

  • TrunkTracker V
  • APCO 25 Phase I and Phase II
  • X2-TDMA
  • Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trunking
  • WiFi Link for remote access
  • HomePatrol Operation
  • USA/Canada Radio Database
  • Zip Code Selection for Easy Setup
  • Close Call RF Capture
  • 4GB Memory
  • Favorites List, System, and Department/Site Quick Keys
  • Recording, Playback, and Replay
  • Temporary Avoid
  • Location-Based Scanning
  • Fire Tone-Out Alert
  • System Analysis and Discovery
  • System/Channel Number Tagging
  • CTCSS/DCS Rapid Decoding
  • P25 NAC Decoding
  • Audio AGC
  • S.A.M.E. Weather Alert
  • Backlit Keypad & LCD
  • Enhanced Dynamic Memory
  • Narrowband Reception
  • Preemptive Trunking Priority
  • Multi-Site System Support
  • Channel Volume Offset
  • PC Programming and Control
  • USB Connectivity
  • Database updated weekly
  • Simple-to-use Sentinel PC Software keep your scanner's database and firmware up to date
  • 7.2 in W (184 mm) x 5.9 in D (151) x 2.2 in H (56 mm)

What is in the box:

  • BCD536HP scanner
  • Antenna
  • DC Power Adapter
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Three-wire Harness
  • Mounting Bracket and Hardware

Frequency Coverage:

  • 25-512 MHz
  • 758-824 MHz
  • 849-869 MHz
  • 894-960 MHz
  • 1240-1300 MHz
Sours: https://www.bearcatscanner.com/

Police Scanners You Might Be Interested In




We have picked out a few scanner you might be interested in. 

#1  UNIDEN  SDS200 

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This is by far the best police scanner on the market.
You can read more about it at ~ CLICK HERE

  • True I/Q Receiver, Trunk Tracker X
  • Direct Ethernet Connectivity for Streaming and Control
  • Complete USA/Canada Radio Database
  • Location Control for Simple Operation
  • 3. 5″ Customizable Color Display

The Uniden Bearcat SDS200 is the most Advanced Digital trucking scanner. Frequency Range of 25-512Mhz, 758-824, 849-869, 895-960 and 1240-1300MHz. True I/Q receiver technology, which provides unsurpassed digital performance! Features include: True I/Q Receiver, Trunk Tracker X, Direct Ethernet Connectivity for Streaming and Control, PL/DPL/NAC, Complete USA/Canada Radio Database Built in with Alphanumeric, Frequencies, , and more, with free lifetime updates, Location Control , 3. 5″ Customizable Color Display. The SDS200 includes APCO P25 Phase I and II, Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trucking, Air band, Marine Weather and Analog! With Optional paid downloadable upgrades and/or Optional software from the Mfg.’s websitem, it can also do Capacity + and Connect +, DMR Tier III, XPT, Single-Channel DMR, NXDN 4800 and 9600 and EDACS . Free Uniden Sentinel Software keeps the SDS200 database and firmware up to deludes AC adapter, 12Vdc Power Cables, USB cable, 8 Gb MicroSD card, BNC telescopic antenna Mounting bracket and printed owner’s manual.

You can read more about it at ~ CLICK HERE

#2  Uniden BCD536HP

Uniden BCD536HP, Uniden, BCD536HP, bearcat, sds200, sds100, 536, scanner, police scanner

Uniden BCD536HP

  • The BCD536HP continues Uniden’s tradition of leading innovation. Home Patrol Programming makes it the easiest-to-program mobile professional scanner we’ve ever made.
  • Plus, the Wi-Fi feature lets you use the exclusive Uniden Siren App on your smartphone or tablet to access your scanner from anywhere in your home or vehicle.
  • The 536HP digital Trunk Tracker V is the first full mobile/desktop unit that requires no user programming. Simply turn it on, enter your zip code and Trunk Tracker V does the rest.
  • This user friendly digital scanner will immediately begin receiving communications systems used by Public Safety, Police, Fire, EMS, Ambulance, Aircraft, Military, Weather, and more.
  • This functionality is made possible by combining the rich radio system database from Radio Reference with Uniden’s patented radio system selection methods to correctly identify and monitor only nearby systems in the USA and Canada.
  • Scan by location allows you to set your location(s) by zip/postal code or GPS coordinates

Scan Mode, Nothing to Scan 1. Make sure you Set Your Location to scan the Database. 2. Make sure Favorites Lists are enabled in Set Scan Selection. 3. Make sure Service Types are enabled for the Channels you want to hear. 4. Make sure you have locations programed if Use Location Control is On. 5. Make sure longitude and latitude are N and W (for N America). 6. Make sure Systems/Departments/Channels are not Avoided. 7. Make sure Favorites List/System quick key is enabled. 8. (Search with Scan) Make sure Troubleshooting Search with Scan is enabled in Select Lists to Monitor and the Search for Menu and for the Custom Search. With Scanning Interrupted 1. Turn off Priority Scan. Change Priority Interval. 2. Turn off Close Call Priority. 3. Turn off Weather Priority. 4. Set Channel Delay longer. 5. Set positive Channel Delay. All Channels Out of Range 1. Increase your range. 2. Turn Location Control off for the Favorites List.. Backlit Keypad & LCD. Simple-to-use Sentinel PC Software keep your scanner’s database and firmware up to date

More information on it at CLICK HERE

#3 Uniden BCD996P2

Uniden BCD996P2, Uniden, BCD996P2

Uniden BCD996P2

Uniden BCD996P2 Digital Mobile TrunkTracker V Scanner, 25,000 Dynamically Allocated Channels, Close Call RF Capture Technology, 4-Line Alpha display, Base/Mobile Design, Phase 2, Location-Based Scanning

More information at CLICK HERE

  • Uniden’s BCD996P2 Digital Base/Mobile Scanner is a full-featured design with the serious hobbyist in mind. With an advanced digital decoding system and large memory bank, the Bearcat BCD996P2 scanner is an extremely powerful and useful Public Safety scanner.
  • The BCD996P2 comes equipped with Uniden exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call RF Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility. It includes support for digital systems, including the latest APCO Project 25 Phase II systems.
  • Stay safe and informed with state of the art NOAA weather access and S.A.M.E. weather alerts that warn you of severe conditions in your area.
  • This mobile scanner radio offers 25,000 channels an advanced dynamic memory system, TrunkTracker V technology, and more. Enjoy location-based scanning and location alerts by connecting the BCD996P2 to an optional GPS receiver so you can stay informed when you’re on the go.
  • Included in the Box: BCD996P2 Scanner, AC Power Adapter, Vehicle Accessory Power Cord, Three-Wire Harness, Mounting Bracket and Hardware, Antenna, Owner’s Manual, APP Form, FREQ Form, other printed materials, and USB Cable.
  • NOTE:Kindly refer to the user manual provided as a PDF manual in the product description section

More information at CLICK HERE

Uniden HomePatrol-2, Uniden, Home, Patrol 2,  HomePatrol-2, 2

Uniden HomePatrol-2

#6 Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital Scanner

Whistler WS1065, Whistler, WS1065

Whistler WS1065

More information at CLICK HERE

  • Menu Driven Programming with Context Sensitive Help – Each menu item provides a few lines of help text that provide assistance with programming and using the scanner
  • Scan List-functionality allows you to arrange, group and scan objects according to your preference. Memory Backup – Frequencies remain stored in memory for an extended time even without batteries.
  • Free-Form Memory Organization – Allocation of memory dynamically and efficiently as it is needed. This differs from low cost and older scanners that had memory organized in rigid and wasteful memory banks
  • Skywarn Storm Spotter Function – Instant access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks. Multi-System Trunking.
  • Digital AGC – Instantly compensates for low user audio levels that are common on digital systems
  • Scans most common trunked radio system signaling formats, including Motorola, EDACS, LTR and P25 trunked radio networks. Both talkgroup and individual call monitoring are supported

More information at CLICK HERE

#7 Uniden Bearcat BC125AT

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT

  • Listen in and stay informed, this sophisticated scanner has 500 alpha-tagged channels in a convenient compact design with loads of features. Close Call RF capture technology instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters and the Do Not Disturb Mode prevents Close Call checks during a transmission.
  • Listen to Over 40,000 Frequencies, you can listen to both civilian and military bands, including Police, Ambulance, Fire, Weather, Marine, Aircraft, Railroad, Civil Air, Amateur radio services, and Racing events.
  • Search More Efficiently with 500 Alpha-Tagged Channels Finding the channel you want to listen to is easy, with 500 channels divided into 10 storage banks. Organize your channels by department, location, area of interest, or any other way you prefer. Alpha Tagging lets you assign names to your channels, so you can keep track of who you are listening to.
  • Lightweight, Portable Design, take this Bearcat handheld radio scanner with you on the road, or on outings. It packs plenty of features, the orange backlight display is easy to read, even in low light conditions.
  • Get started listening right away with convenient Pre-sets for the most popular searches. Frequencies are preset in ten separate Police, Fire/Emergency, Ham, Marine, Railroad, Civil Air, Military Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS/MURS, and Racing search bands. This makes it easy to find channels that interest you.

More information at ~ CLICK HERE

 Other Scanners Below 

If you have information on this, you can contact us at [email protected]
We will keep you anonymous.

If you do not want to contact the police directly, you can contact us  and we will relay your information to the proper agencies if needed, and keep you anonymous. https://rockfordscanner.com/contact-us/

Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc…
They rarely ever do release information to the public, since encrypting. So do not expect any updates.

The information that is posted was provided to us via various sources. So we can not guarantee the accuracy of this article.

We can only provide you the information that IS provided to us. If police and/or officials do release information, we will try to update this.
If you know of any corrections or errors, please contact us.

This is for entertainment purposes only. 

Sours: https://rockfordscanner.com/police-scanners-you-might-be-interested-in/
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Reviews For: Uniden BCD536HP

W5KVARating: 2018-09-03
Pinched AudioTime Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned this for two years now and to this day Uniden will not aknowledge that the digital to analog converted audio output in this model is pinched sounding. Even my wife says the audio sounds like a person "pinching their nose while speaking" resulting in poor intelligibility no matter how loud the volume setting and through every external speaker I've tried. I suppose I could patch the audio output into a outboard audio equalizer and then into a amplifier speaker combination, but my attitude is that I shouldn't have to do all this.

Earlier 3-star review posted by W5KVA on 2016-06-18

The SD write/read does not remember hold settings for the system and department which I've left the scanner on when I shut it off. It clearly displays "writing to SD card" when I shut it down but when I power the scanner back up (with the supplied AC/DC adapter left plugged in) the scanner will boot-up with my saved settings only 75% of the time, meaning at every third or fourth boot-up the scanner will end up back to scanning the entire data base, ie, all systems, all departments, etc. In my case all I want from this machine is to be able to have it boot-up reliably on one system and one department which I've selected and left on "hold". I've tried two NIB units and both of them have this same characteristic. When I called Uniden tech support on this issue they verified there is something wrong with the operation of the scanner. When they solve this issue I would rate this model scanner at a 4 (good), and if they add the ability for the function knob to be able to scroll through the systems and departments while the unit is on "hold" I would then rate the scanner at a 5 (great) for my needs.
N7JSRating: 2017-01-16
Don't buy it for the WifiTime Owned: 0 to 3 months.
As far as the scanner, it's a great scanner. Easy and simple. Does what it says until you use the Wifi feature with the horrible software Uniden has called Siren. You can't use Siren outside of your local network (LAN). That's half the point! The audio constantly drops. It often will not connect correctly (shows status without audio or vice versa) or it just won't connect at all. Having it stay connected...good luck. Honestly, if you are buying this for the wifi feature, you would be much better off just using a wireless speaker in your home. I'm giving this a 2, not because of the scanner but because Uniden should not even advertise or offer this feature (which is I purchased it) until they have a good in-house software they provide.
FORMER_K2OOLRating: 2016-05-24
BCD-536HP 2nd one just as badTime Owned: more than 12 months.
I borrowed a friend's BCD-536hp and forgot how bad this thing was.I wouldnt sell this thing to a friend even for $600.He bought it on his own and he wanted me to program it.I had tried to like this scanner twice with no results.Air band and 440MHZ ,the reception is horrible and hard to hear with built in speaker.I live near Teterboro,Newark,JFK,and Essex County Airport and it is brutal!I will hold onto my Pro-668 Radio Shack until Uniden steps up and makes a better radio!This was updated too!So sory Uniden,you need to address this scanner.

Earlier 0-star review posted by FORMER_K2OOL on 2014-08-09

This was the worst scanner I ever had.The speaker is mounted low inside the case and the case is covered by another case oddly the BCD-996XT is like this too but Uniden didn't recess the 996XT's speaker or put a spacer like they did on the 536HP.It scans right past things I knew were active transmissions you even see the signal bars as full!
The Phase 2 is even more bassy and muddy and hard to understand.Air band receive is worthless I couldnt understand what they were saying.This needs receive tweaks and firmware updates big time!Its just not clear as a bell like the 996XT.
At the time I used the latest firmware....
Even 400MHZ receive was poor.I have a base antenna I used the same antenna with the BCD-996xt.If you want a good scanner get the BCD-996xt! Yes you lose the built in database but it is useable. The 436HP is not as bad still not an XT series.The other stupid thing Uniden did was get rid of normal scanning and stuck with the home patrol way of scanning which goes very slow.
Its like chug chug chug Stop.chug chug chug.Search on the HP series seems worthless since everything is Trunked and it does not have control channel search like the BCD-996T,996XT.
So seriously what are you going to find?Why search?You also lose service search!Like HAM,CB,FRS,PUBLIC SERVUCE,MARINE all gone on this radio.You are stuck with custom search only.The 996XT had both.Big money radio that basically is a huge step down.I like the 436HP a little more but its not as clear and sharp as a GRE scanner or the BCD-396XT.
Sours: https://www.eham.net/reviews/view-product?id=11646
Uniden BCD536HP Trunked Discovery Feature


The BCD536HP was Uniden's Flagship mobile/desktop scanner which incorporates 2 scanner market firsts; a Wi-Fi dongle and EDACS ProVoice. After introduction Uniden added 2 premium upgrades: DMR / MOTOTRBO and NXDN via paid upgrades. Like its direct sibling, the BCD436HP, they have a couple of firsts for Uniden standard format scanners; the ease of use of the HomePatrol style with the entire Radioreference database (HPDB) on an SD card and the ability to Replay or Record captured transmissions. For many users Location Control will allow you to simply enter your Zip Code, Service Types and Range and away you go. Additionally, the WiFi connectivity allows you to listen and control your scanner using an Apple/Android smartphone/tablet device from a local intranet in your home or Ad-hoc in a vehicle; with optional 3rd Party software - possibly around the world. It utilizes the same Sentinel (Uniden software) to be used interchangeably for both of the BCDx36HP Series on a single PC.



  • Backlit Display and Keypad.
  • Backlight-on-Squelch - allows the back light to remain on during an entire transmission.
  • Complete Front Keypad Programming ability - create custom Favorites Lists either using systems from the HPDB as a starting point by Adding Channel or program your Favorites from scratch.
  • DIN-E and ISO Vehicle Mountable - Using the optional DIN-E sleeve or a standard ISO technique, the scanner can be easily mounted in most vehicles with removal of outer Desktop Sleeve prior to DIN-E use.
  • Easy Scan Control using the dedicated System, Department and/or Channel Hold buttons.
  • Easy navigation to Favorite List under a Navigable List in Menu On/Off
  • Easy navigation to System List under a Navigable List under Favorite List On\Off
  • Easy Service Menu i.e. Fire Dispatch, Police Tac, Railroad, Interop etc.
  • Flexible Easy System/Channel Selection using either Zip Code or GPS and/or Service Types - just pick the kinds of channels you want to hear and tell it where you are and let it do the rest.
  • Flexible Scanning - scan from any combination of the HPDB and/or Favorites Lists.
  • Received Signal Strength indicator displayed.
  • Reversible Display - Lets you reverse the display to mount unit upside down (w the speaker on the top).
  • USB PC Connectivity. USB Mini B Port on the Front panel
  • Wi-Fi Dongle via rear USB port
  • 64h x 288w -Pixel Dot-Matrix Display.
  • 4GB microSD card w/ entire Radio Reference US and Canadian Data Base (HPDB) installed.

Included on the microSD Card

  • 4GB microSD card holds the entire USA and Canada database of radio systems, plus leaves room for hundreds of hours of audio recording. It contains
    • Sentinel (Uniden software)
    • Pre-Formatted with FAT 32 Filing System
    • Main Folder named "BCDx36HP"
    • Below BCDx36HP folder contains:
    • (7) Sub-Folders: activity_log, alert, audio, discovery, favorite_list, firmware, HPDB
    • (4) Loose Files:
    • Configuration files: app_data.cfg, discovery.cfg
    • Set-Up file: scanner.inf


  • Quick key (QK) capable
    • 100 Favorites Lists QKs
      • Per Favorite List
        • 100 Systems QKs
          • Per Systems

Supplied Software

  • Included Uniden Sentinel software makes database and firmware updates simple. Also allows you to create, edit, and manage your Favorites Lists, Systems, Departs Sites and Channels from a PC.
  • Siren App (Note: Abandoned)
    • iOS for iPad/iPhone, audio/control over local Wi-Fi.
    • Android for Google Play enabled devices audio/control over local Wi-Fi.
    • See the Third Party Support section of the BCD436/536 FAQ for replacements.


  • Adjustable Band Defaults of Modulation and Steps

Frequency Coverage

  • 25-512 MHz
  • 758-824 MHz
  • 849-869 MHz
  • 894-960 MHz
  • 1240-1300 MHz

Modulation & Steps

  • AM, NFM, FM, WFM, or FMB.
  • 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, or 100 kHz

Power Requirements

  • Power requirements: AC/DC Adapter (13.8V DC 750mA Regulated) (AD-1009 or equivalent)
  • DC:11V to 16.6V (Ext. DC-DC Power Plug-Jack or Molex Power with 3 Wire Power, Ground, Dimmer)
  • Power Jack: Barrel 5.5mm o.d.(negative), 2.1mm i.d.(positive)
  • Adjustable Band defaults Modulation and Steps
  • Adjustable Priority check interval and quantity.
  • Analysis Modes include RF Power Plot, Trunked System Analysis, and EDACS/LTR LCN Finder.
  • Avoids via Front Keypad or Menu
    • Temporary Avoid lets you quickly silence unwanted Systems, Departments, Channels, or search frequencies while allowing you to restore Avoids by cycling power.
    • Permanent Avoid lets you lockout anything unwanted by a quick double press
    • Ability to Clear All Avoids quickly and easily in a few MENU presses
  • Channel delay of 0-2, 5, 10, or 30 seconds.
  • Channel Volume Offset individually per channel.
  • Custom Search - lets you program up to 10 search ranges.
  • Discovery Mode helps you find new channels on trunked systems and frequency ranges.
  • Fire Tone Out alert with two-tone paging with up to 32 tone slots.
    • Fire Tone Out Search - built-in frequency counter displays the received tones.
  • Independent Audible Alert Tone Volume – lets you set the volume level of the following tones: Key Beep, Emergency Alerts, Channel Alerts, Tone-Out hits, and Close Call Alert
  • Individual Channel Volume Offset.
  • Individual Systems P25 Threshold Settings: Auto, Manual, Default
  • Intermediate Frequency Exchange - changes the IF used for a selected frequency to help avoid image and other mixer-produced interference on a given frequency.
  • Key Lock prevents anything being changed but Volume and ON/OFF - lets you hand the scanner to a novice user.
  • Multi-Site Trunking - Lets you program the scanner to share a Trunked System's TGIDs across multiple Sites without having to duplicate TGIDs.
  • Number Tagging - Number tags allow you to quickly navigate to a specific Favorites List, System, or Channel.
  • P25 One-Frequency Trunking - scanner can follow individual talkgroups on P25 single-frequency systems that use both NAC and TGID’s for squelch control and user identification.
  • Quick Search - Allows you to start searching at the displayed frequency, or enter a frequency and start searching.
  • Range Control - Lets you set how far out from your current location the scanner will search for Channels in Favorites Lists and/or the RadioReference.com Data Base (HPDB).
  • Recording of Audio- Captures & Stores individual transmissions until squelch closes for later playback with time stamping and some metadata via Scanner or PC.
    • Date/Time indication on display.
    • Instant Replay - Plays back up to 240 seconds of the most recent unsquelched transmissions without the added quite time between those transmissions.

System Types

System Voices

Note: These are all paid upgrades via my.uniden.com. Firmware version refers to the first version that enables the indicated mode. Firmware updates are performed via MicroSD card or through USB port

  1. Firmware 1.10.02 (or better)
  2. Firmware 1.11.15 (or better)
  3. Firmware 1.14.00 (or better)
    1. The NXDN upgrade is discussed in the NXDN Now Available for the 436, 536 Thread
  • BCD536HP Scanner Radio 1
  • AC/DC 13.8V Charging Cable 1
  • Molex DC 3-wire pigtail w positive, ground and dimmer wire 1
  • DC cigarette lighter adapter to barrel connector1
  • Mount/Stand 12v
  • USB Wi-Fi Dongle, dongle head wrapped in form fitted Plastic
  • Right Angle BNC telescopic antenna 1
  • Outer Desktop shell already Installed
  • 411.com Registration card
  • USB A to USB Mini-B cable (5pin) 1
  • Printed manual
  • Packaging
    • External Box
    • Formed Cardboard packaging - molded pulp
  1. Various plastic bags for listed components

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Sours: https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/BCD536HP

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