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News & Updates Oct. 21, 2021


IMPORTANT: We regret that due to unavoidable circumstances the lead times for blank patches and fabrics are unacceptable, and we can no longer take orders for those products. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to offer them again in the future. All existing blank patch orders will be filled as fast as we can. Other in-stock products are still shipping in a day or two, except for heat presses which are still on a 3 week delay. Email [email protected] to contact us with any questions or concerns, and please use the web site to place your orders.



Silicone Mould for Shot Glass / Wine Mug 3D Sublimation Oven Transfer Printing

Silicone Mould
for Sublimation Shot Glass

This Silicone mould is crafted to fit 1.5 oz shot glasses for Oven Heat Press Sublimation Printing.

Made from High Quality Silicone, it is designed specifically for Heat Press Sublimation and will give great resulting prints from edge-to-edge of the glasses.

For seamless designs simply mirror your image before printing and then adhere to the glass using heat tape. Press at 190c for around 8 minutes and for best results allow the glass to cool before removing the wrap.

Note: Time and temperature settings are for guidance only. We always recommend testing when working with new products and printing processes

They can be used in a 3D Sublimation Oven or Conventional Home Oven!


  • Colour:  Blue
  • Available Types:  For use with 1.50oz shot glasses
  • Can Be Used in a Conventional Home Oven or 3D Sublimation Oven


  • Is compatible for use with the following 3D vacuum ovens:

Contents Include

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Tightly Matched Shot Glass Mug Wrap from BestSub

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ightly Matched Shot Glass Mug Wrap

Shot glasses are hugely popular sublimation gifts! However, pressing these items can be difficult…until now! We’re offering easy-to-use shot glass heating elements for our Mug Master Pro to perfectly image our 1.5 ounce and 3 ounce shot glasses. Now you can easily and efficiently create beautiful and vibrant shot glasses.

These wraps use BestSub’s proven techniques with silicon material and metal making them both high quality and cost effective.

Download tempates

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Custom Shot Glasses With Sublimation Tutorial

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Glass heat attachment shot press

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How to imprint shot glasses - Photo USA

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