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Popping Dance For Beginners &#; How to Pop &#; Lock Dance

In this popping dance video mini-series you will learn the most essential moves and techniques you need to get started with. Pop and lock dance style is characterized by quickly contracting and relaxing various muscle groups to create a very sharp movement. Below you will learn forearms hits/popping, chest pop, and Dubstep dance basics. Please check out the full course if you want to learn more moves.

Video 1: Popping dance basics &#; Forearm hits
In this video you will learn how to create a &#;hit&#; or &#;pop&#; the forearm. While you can pop any part of the body the forearm is a great one to start with. El Tiro provides a great drill that helps you find your forearm popping muscles. Enjoy:

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popping dance movesThe Ultimate Popping Dance Course (Beginner to Advanced)
Learn how to dance popping and locking with step by step video lessons. You will learn hits/popping, waving, robotics, gliding, vibrating, slow motion effects and more. Become the freestyler you always wanted to be and impress your friends with your dance moves. Includes 3+ hours of video lessons. You can download it instantly or stream it online here.
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Video 2: Chest Pop
In this second pop and lock dance lesson you will learn how to do a chest pop. The chest pop is really cool because it can create such a big effect in your popping. You will learn the technique needed to do a chest pop and also get drills to practice it.

Video 3: Dubstep dance basics
Dubstep dance is actually popping dancing to dubstep music! In this lesson you will learn how to incorporate &#;dime stops&#; and &#;hits&#; when you dance to dubstep dance music. The instructor also gives you specific pattern to follow your moves, but at the end you can play with it to make it your own.

Want more? Get the full Course:

popping dance movesThe Ultimate Popping Dance Course (Beginner to Advanced)
Learn how to dance popping and locking with step by step video lessons. You will learn hits/popping, waving, robotics, gliding, vibrating, slow motion effects and more. Become the freestyler you always wanted to be and impress your friends with your dance moves. Includes 3+ hours of video lessons. You can download it instantly or stream it online here.
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 The ultimate guide on how to dance popping[/caption] Do you spend hours on YouTube watching epic dance videos!?  Wishing and craving you could learn how to dance popping and move to the funky soul beats or dance to the rigid mechanical noises of dubstep music?  

I was once in your shoes until I took the initiative to stop watching dance videos and start learning the dance popping!  Like you I spent hours on the internet searching for video dance tutorials on how to dance popping for beginners, how to learn cool dance moves, and how the history and culture of popping began.  This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but there really isn’t a lot of resources out there on learning how to dance popping and the culture of street dance, hip hop, and popping.  

You really have to dig deep into the hip hop threads and personal Facebook page of some of the dancers who were around when the urban street dance styles like bboying (breakdancing), popping, locking and other styles originated around the 70’s.  I saw this need to build an educational resource, a one stop shop, for everything there is to know about learning how to dance popping.

I have many references of how I have learned how to dance popping whether through research, or personally meeting dancers well respected in the industry which I will reference through out this guide. All the tutorials in this guide are absolutely free, but depending how serious and dedicated you are about learning how to dance popping you'll for sure want to check out my 60 minute premium tutorials which are the #1 most downloaded tutorials on learning to freestyle and do popping on the internet.

The first video displayed is a trailer of the 60 minute popping dance bundle if you want to check out the good stuff right away! Otherwise continue with the popping dance beginners guide below and best of luck! Without further hype, I hope you enjoy my ultimate guide to learning how to dance popping.

Before we get into learning how to dance popping it is important to learn a little about the roots of the dance style, where it originated from, and how it came to be!  The Where did the Dance Style Popping Come From question of popping is a little controversial in the popping culture and dance industry and my intent is not to discredit or take away from the hard work the dancers did back in the day to create the style we know as popping so I won’t get into any specific names of some of the dancers around back in the day.  All I will say on that note is that if you desire to learn about the specific dancers who are known to be some of the founding fathers of the dance style popping, this won’t be the place you will learn that, but I will give references at the end of this guide if you desire to go further into the roots of Popping. I just want to cover a few important concepts that I have learned about popping.  Popping is originated from Funk music geographically starting in the bay area of California.  In today’s modern era of Hip Hop music and hip hop dance it seems that popping is a subcategory of hip hop.  This can be argued, however, it is a shared belief to educated dancers that popping, hip hop, bboying, and locking among other dance styles are treated respectfully different dances just as tap dance and lyrical dance are treated.  For those dancers who take dance lessons at a dance studio this may come as a surprise but do not be alarmed.  It is sad modern truth that the majority of dance studios that offer hip hop classes really have no idea what hip hop dance is about.  The topic of answering what is hip hop dance is a whole other article which we won’t get into, but the point is to say popping is its own dance style.  The purest definition of popping is to move, act, or imitate as a living robot.  The robot is the true essence of the definition of popping and is the defining concept that makes up the style we know today as popping.  To the left is a dance tutorial on learning how to dance the robot.


If there is only one thing you should practice in the dance style of popping to become a good dancer it is the concept of hitting or doing that body pop in your natural dance freestyle.  In order to learn hitting or how to hit and pop you need to focus on and concentrate on individual muscle control.  Hitting is all about the ability to contract, move, and flex body in a quick jolt manner to create the pop effect that your whole body is being electrocuted. Just like dimestops, hitting is the underlying foundation of the dance popping and without it, the dance cannot technically be defined as popping.  I have a lot of free tutorials covering how to learn popping in all levels here onbrambilabong.comand have multiple videos on hitting.  My premium tutorial for beginners is by far the most in depth and best tutorial for learning hitting, however, my free tutorials will still get the job done for learning how to hit.  I’ve included a popping tutorial on hitting from my YouTube account to the left which will focus on some key elements of hitting using your upper body.   I remember when I first started hitting my neck, abdomen, and even forearms were really sore from practicing hits.  The reason I was sore is because if you are starting brand new to learning how to dance popping you use muscles that you aren’t used to using in your natural everyday movement.  To be good at hitting means you have to use every muscle to flex and pop with you together in unison.  From your wrist, forearm, chest, and even your neck.


Waving is one of the core competencies of popping.  Waving is the illusion to make it seem as if you have no limbs, or that your bones turn into water shapelessly.  Waving is definitely one of the core foundations of popping and an requires a lot of body control and isolation to master.  Waving is one of the concepts of popping that you get better at doing the more you practice.  You may learn a wave, but to have the intricacies of flowing an arm wave from your finger tip passing through your arm then shoulder and down your body to your legs is typically a movement that dancers don’t get the first time they try.  One of the major issues beginner dancers have with waving is they see waving as a move, when really it should be looked at as its own style of movement.  Think of waving as a style, in which there are infinite possibilities to move, just like hitting.  To the left is dance tutorial on learning how to do an arm wave that is an actual clip from my premium beginner dance tutoriall.


To learn how to freestyle dance and create your own moves can come naturally or as the hardest challenge to learning the dance style popping. Freestyle dancing is defined by the ability to create moves on your own and interpret music as it plays. For some people they have been freestyle dancing ever since they first heard music as a young child. For others, the thought of making up moves and freestyle dancing without any guide seems impossible. For those dancers that have trouble learning how to freestyle dance, you are in luck, because the solution is simple. To the left is a video I made a couple years back at a time of frustration upon seeing a lot of dancers who were copying the style and look of Madd Chadd from Step Up 3d.I was frustrated that people were spending their time learning someone else's dance moves and style instead of creating their own original dance moves through freestyle dancing.
 One of my favorite quotes by Napoleon Hill is "The only limitations are the ones that you create." I take this concept not just for dance but even for life. It encourages freedom to pursue, create, and achieve anything you want. In dance it means you can move any way you want, the only thing stopping you from doing a move is yourself. Below are three concepts to think about that will help teach you how tofreestyle dance.
1. Be Yourself and Find Your RhythmTo freestyle dance is to be yourself. Freestyle dancing is all about individual expression, expressing yourself through dance. When you freestyle dance you don't want to look like anyone else but yourself! If you do not know how to freestyle dance then the first thing you need to do is find your rhythm. Defining your rhythm can be described as listening to a song and tapping your feet, bobbing your head, bouncing, or even swaying side to side. It is really nothing more than that! If you have never done freestyle dancing before then you have to start somewhere, even if it means snapping your wrists on beat. hip hop dance lessons2. Finding Dance Inspiration in Everyday LifeFreestyle dancing is all about creating movement from experiences and inspirations of day to day life. In order to get inspired by everyday life you need to see the world through a dancers perspective. Let me give you a personal example. Do you know those arcade games that mock a fork and lift where you try to reel down a clamp to grab a teddy bear to bring back to the exit? I see those types of arcade machines as great inspiration for my robotic popping. To dance popping you really have to be detailed oriented to be good. Viewing the fork and lift arcade machine my inspiration comes from the joltyness of when you move the joystick and its affect on the claw. Followed by the after shock wave the claw makes that rocks it back and forth after you make a move. Even taking a look at the slow catapult downward of the claw followed by the quick release of the capture down into the exit! See, all those movements from that arcade game would have been just a regular average day experience. Now I can apply those robotic concepts and try to mock them in freestyle dancing! how to dance popping online 3. Don't Think Don't Care Just MoveI had the hardest time freestyle dancing when I started because I was always worried that someone would catch me dancing and make fun of me. It was silly, however it is a very common issue! When you dance you need to find your zone, get in the mindset where you don't care what people think about your dancing. Otherwise, you will always be holding yourself back! When you freestyle you don't want to think, you want to feel! Always listen to new music as it encourages new feelings, new thoughts, which translate to new movements in your popping dance.


I included this segment last in my ultimate guide to learn how to dance popping guide for beginners because tricks are truly the last aspect of dancing that you should focus on. A well rounded dancer includes tricks only to enhance their dance style. Think of learning coolhip hop dance moves and dance tricks as being the sweets and desserts on top of the food pyramid.  You should only have them with a well balanced meal, or in this case use them with a well balanced dance foundation and style.  It is too often where I see dancers filling up there freestyle with trick after trick.  To the common eye it will read as impressive, but to a dancer, we see it as having a lack of foundation.  So my best recommendation is to practice tricks and those eye candy moves only after establishing a solid foundation of style and moves.


I hope this guide gives you the knowledge you need to get started learning how to dance popping.  I have countless of other resources here on with tons of video tutorials backed with in depth blog posts describing the details that the video doesn't cover.  Check out my free tutorials if you are interested in short summary tutorials or if you are serious about learning how to dance popping then you need to stop by my premium tutorials.  I have made a beginner popping tutorial as well as other 60 minute premium tutorials that break down everything you need to know about getting started dancing popping.  It is my best recommendation to check those out! Other than that I wish you the best of luck, to learn how to dance popping is a daunting challenge.
ultimate guide learn how to dance poppinghow to hip hop dance for beginners
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Want a clear, easy-to-follow guide to learn Popping? This 8-week Popping Training Guide is the perfect way for beginners to cover all the major Popping techniques.

The Popping training guide is divided up like this:

Week 1: Hitting, Arm Waves

Week 2: Body Waves, Glides

Week 3: Review, Freestyle

Week 4: Isolation, Animation

Week 5: Fresno, Flexes Week

6: Review, Freestyle Week

7: Walk out / Boogaloo, Twist, Tuts

Week 8: Review, Freestyle

Follow this Popping Training Guide to learn and practice all the basic Popping moves you need to know.

You can also download this Popping Training Calendar PDF to custom-plan your schedule:

Download Your 8 Week Training Calendar To Follow Along!

Popping Technique 1: Hitting

how to learn popping

Learn how to hit:

Hitting (or popping) is when you flex and release your muscles as quickly and as powerfully as possible. Hitting is done to the beats in music.

For more in-depth instruction, read: Learn How To Pop, Or Hit With Your Body!

Drill Popping hits:

Practice by hitting one body part at a time (arms, legs, chest/torso, neck), in different positions.

Play this song:

  • 4 8-counts: Hit with your arms extended straight in front of you, parallel to each other
  • 4 8-counts: Hit with your arms extended straight out, perpendicular to the ground
  • 1 8-count: From this position, hit as your arm rises up in increments until they are straight up above your head, parallel to each other.
  • 1 8-count: Then bring them back down, still hitting on beat. (repeat this up-down motion as many times as you wish)
  • 4 8-counts: Hit with your torso/chest
  • 4 8-counts: Sit in a chair, and hit with your neck
  • 4 8-counts: Stay in the chair, and hit with your legs
  • 2 8-counts: Stand on one leg, and hit with the other leg slightly extended out
  • 2 8 counts: Stand on the other leg, and hit with the other leg slightly extended out


Just take Clay's 7 Days of Hits Program on STEEZY Studio!

Things to remember:

You want your hits to pack in as much power as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible.

You can hit on the 1 (boom), or the 2 (ka), both, or “ride through” the 1 beat to the 2.

Popping Technique 2: Arm Waves

how to learn popping

Learn how to do the Arm Wave:

The point arm wave can be broken down like this

Drill Popping Arm Waves:

Practice the Point Arm Wave with Boogie Frantick

More practice:

  • Practice the point arm wave with your arms straight out, reversing directions each 8 count. Do this 4 8 counts slowly, 4 8 counts tempo.
  • Then, do it with one arm only for 4 8 counts.
  • Switch arms, repeat for 4 8 counts.
  • Wave both arms inward towards your chest for 4 8 counts, then reverse it out toward your fingertips for 4 8 counts
  • Wave any or both arms in any direction for 4 8 counts. Get creative! You want your arms to “memorize” the pathway of the wave in as many positions as possible.

Things to remember:

It’s important to break down each point of the point wave before blending it all together to create a smooth movement.

This builds your arm’s muscle memory. Keep your hands loose and fluid, and rotate your elbows to create a smoother wave.

Practice facing a mirror; how the wave looks from your POV might not be how it looks to someone watching!

You can practice waving your arms in any / all positions, not just the angles given.

Popping Technique 3: Body Waves

how to learn popping

Learn how to body wave:

The 8-point body wave: move in one direction, starting with your head, shoulders, hip, knee, other knee, back to your hip, shoulders, up to your head.

The wave should move down one side of your body, then back up the other.

Drill Popping body waves:

Wave down one side of your body for 4 counts, then back up for 4 counts.

Do this for this entire song:

Things to remember:

It’s important to start and complete your full body waves.

Drill how to isolate the different parts of the wave, but incorporate it into your grooves.

You can start the full body wave from different body parts (like from the ground-up).

Technique 4: Glides

how to learn popping

Learn how to Glide:

Do the step-glide by stepping out with one foot, then sliding it back.

Do the over-under/under-over glide by lifting the heel of one foot, and sliding the other foot in front of it. Take that same foot, and slide it behind the other foot.

Drill Popping glides:

Practice the Step Glide with Boogie Frantick with this free YouTube drill:

More practice:

  • Do the over-under/under-over glide 4 times in one direction, then 4 times in the opposite direction

Things to remember:

Footwork doesn’t mean your upper body isn’t doing anything! Add your own flavor with grooves or head looks, etc.

Gliding is all about shifting your weight on your feet. Pay attention to which foot and where (heel/toe) your weight is.

Review: Hitting, Arm Waves, Body Waves, Glides

Re-visit the techniques from weeks 1 and 2. Combine all the techniques that you learned in a guided freestyle.

Play this song:

  • 2 8-counts: Hit with your arms in any position
  • 2 8-counts: Wave both arms in any angle
  • 2 8-counts: Do the body wave
  • 2 8-counts: Do the step-glide in any direction
  • 2 8-counts: Hit with your chest
  • 1 8-count: Wave only 1 arm, in our out
  • 1 8-counts: Wave with the other arm, in our out
  • 2 8-counts: Body wave as you step out with your feet
  • 2 8-counts: Do the over-under glide
  • Remainder of the song: Combine any of the techniques in your own freestyle

Popping Technique 5: Isolations / Fixed Points

how to learn popping

Learn how to do isolations and fixed points:

Isolate one body part and move it while the rest of your body stays still, or

Keep one body part at a fixed point as the rest of your body moves around it.

Drill Popping isolations and fixed points:

Play this song:

  • 4 8-counts: Isolate your head by moving it front and back
  • 4 8-counts: Isolate your head by moving it side to side
  • 4 8-counts: Isolate your head by moving it in a circular motion, like you’re making a letter “O”
  • 4 8-counts: Extend your arms straight in front of you, and create circles with your hands
  • 4 8-counts: Keep the same position, then start bending/moving at your wrists and elbows
  • 4 8-counts: Isolate your legs by doing an “in-place” glide – keeping one leg planted while the other glides in front of it and back
  • 8 8-counts: Fix point different things, like putting your hand on a “wall” and dancing around it, or holding a “ball” and only moving the ball

Things to remember:

Isolations and fixed points are great tools to create concepts, imagery, and stories. Solid balance is key when fix pointing your leg(s) and moving your upper body.

Popping Technique 6: Animation

how to learn popping

Learn Popping animation:

Ticking is when you snap into a position with your joints.

Strobing is a faster pace of dime stops; it creates this illusion of leaving a trail of movement (like you’re dancing under a strobe light).

Poppers often strobe in pedestrian movements like walking.

Botting is when you create a “Robot” effect with your whole body using parts of these techniques. It makes your body/movements look “fake.”

Drill Popping animation:

Start this mixtape:

  • Tick through the entire point arm wave for 5 minutes straight
  • Do the 4-point tick walk: stepping forward with one foot, and ticking the other leg in 4 points as you complete the step
  • Strobe as you arm wave, walk, and complete other pedestrian movements (cooking, brushing your teeth)

Things to remember:

Keep your core nice and firm when you’re ticking your limbs and make your dime stops as clean as possible when you strobe.

Popping Technique 7: Fresno

how to learn popping

Learn how to do the Fresno:

The Fresno is a part of Popping / Boogaloo technique. Shift your weight from side to side as you hit with each leg and arm.

Drill the Popping Fresno:

Play this mixtape:

  • 4 8-counts: Do the Fresno (1 hit makes you move, the 2nd makes you stop)
  • 4 8-counts: Hit your bottom right diagonal, bottom mid position, then bottom left diagonal
  • 4 8-counts: Do the Fresno in a “single single double double,” AKA your arms hitting right left right right, left right left left
  • 8 8-counts: Do the Fresno with variations with your steps (walk outs)

Things to remember:

The Fresno is important because it really teaches you how to stay with the pace of the music. Use your weight to keep balance as you pivot your feet.

Your whole body turns, not just your hip!

Never snap your legs all the way back; use your ankles to buffer the hits.

Popping Technique 8: Flexes

how to learn popping

Learn how to do flexes:

The Twist-o-flex is when you put your hands on either side of your hips, then pivot your arms so that your chin is touching one shoulder.

Turn your upper torso to meet the plane of your hand placements there, then step forward to your base position.

The Neck-o-flex is when you touch your chin to a shoulder as you extend it out, then pivot your lower body around your arms as your head stays facing that direction.

Then, turn your upper body and head to the opposite arm.

Drill Popping flexes:

Play this:

  • 8 8-counts: Twist-o-flex
  • 8 8-counts: Neck-o-flex
  • 8 8-counts: combine both flexes in your own freestyle

Review: Isolations, Animation, Fresno, Flexes

Re-visit the techniques from weeks 4 and 5. Combine all the techniques that you learned in a guided freestyle. Play any song you like.

  • 2 8-counts: Isolate any body part
  • 2 8-counts: Isolate another body part
  • 2 8-counts: Fixed point one body part
  • 2 8-counts: Fixed point another body part
  • 2 8-counts: Tick the point arm wave
  • 2 8-counts: Tick while walking
  • 2 8-counts: Strobe from/to any position
  • 2 8-counts: Do the Fresno
  • 2 8-counts: Do the Twist-o-flex
  • 2 8-counts: Do the Neck-o-flex
  • Remainder of the song: combine any of the techniques in your own freestyle

Popping Technique 9: Walk Out and Boogaloo

how to learn popping

Learn the Walk Out and Boogaloo:

Do the Walk Out by crossing one leg in front and across from you. With that some foot, step toward the other diagonal.

Twist to that direction, then step forward with the back foot. Use the same foot to step behind yourself, then pivot to the front, and bring both feet in.

The Boogaloo is when you do a full body wave, starting from your head rolling all the way around, rolling your shoulders in opposite directions, pushing your chest out, then bringing your hips and knees out and around.

Drill the Walk Out and Boogaloo:

Play this:

  • 14 8-counts: Hit all the 7 points of the walk out 4 times each.
  • 14 8-counts: Use your opposite foot to start and hit all the 7 points of the walk out 4 times each.
  • Repeat hitting during the walk out on each side, but 2 times in each position.
  • Repeat again, 1 hit in each position, in tempo with the music.
  • Draw a “figure 8” with your knees to prepare to do the Boogaloo roll.
  • 8 8-counts: do slow Boogaloo rolls - fill up the full 8-count per roll
  • 8 8-counts: medium Boogaloo rolls - 4 counts per roll
  • 4 8-counts: fast Boogaloo rolls - 2 counts per roll

Things to remember:

For the walk out, use your opposite arm when you step forward with a leg.

Stay loose with your body as you do the Boogaloo roll.

Popping Technique Twists

how to learn popping

Learn Popping twists:

Do the Egyptian Twist by making angular pictures with your arms as you pivot your focus and toes toward different directions.

Drill Popping twists:

Play this:

  • 1 8-count of Egyptian twist to your right.
  • 1 8-count of Egyptian to your left.
  • 2 Egyptian twists to your right, 2 steps to your right.
  • 2 Egyptian twists to your left, 2 steps to your left.

Things to remember:

Keep your upper body and shoulders squared to the front, with your face following your toes. Hit with each time you pivot or step.

Popping Technique Tutting

how to learn popping

Learn how to Tut:

Tut by creating different lines and shapes with your arms. Bend from the elbows, wrists, and fingers.

Drill tutting exercises:

  • Play any song
  • From a resting position, bend at your elbow to raise one arm to chest level
  • From there, extend it straight up
  • Go through this same pathway to bring your arm down
  • 8 8-counts: Drill your arms in this up-up-down-down pattern, alternating between arms
  • Now raise both arms by the elbows in front of your face, and bend in a 90 degree angle at the wrist
  • 8 8-counts: Alternate bending each side
  • 4 8-counts: Extend your arms straight out on each side, and bend at the the elbows and wrists at 90 degree angles to create a “Z” then rotate them inward to create a box

Things to remember:

Keep your angles clean! 90, degrees

Review: Boogaloo, Twists, Tutting

Combine all the techniques that you learned in a guided freestyle.

  • 2 8-counts: Boogaloo rolls
  • 2 8-counts: Egyptian twist
  • 2 8-counts: Tut with just your arms
  • 2 8-counts: Tut while traveling with footwork (you can just step, or glide)
  • 2 8-counts: Walk out and Boogaloo rolls
  • 2 8-counts: Egyptian twist in different variations
  • Remainder of the song: combine any of the techniques in your own freestyle

Use this guide to train your basic Popping technique within 2 months.

If you want to follow along with a tutorial, STEEZY Studio’s Popping Program (taught by renowned Poppers Boogie Frantick, Kid Boogie, and Slim Boogie) is a much easier way to train.

All you have to do is plan out your schedule and follow along with the videos. Sign up here to try it out for free!

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POPPING सीखने का सबसे आसान तरीका -- Learn POPPING In Easiest Way

Learn how to upgrade your popping skills with Poppin'C

Poppin'C from Switzerland is one of the poppers who elevate the craft – and he’s eager to share 10 gems of advice to improve your popping skills.

1. It's the little things that count

"Of course, you have to learn all the basics and foundations, but for me, the first step is to understand how this explosion your body makes when your popping works. To be a popper, you need to know how all your different muscles operate. Then you have to understand how to control each one of those with the music in order to catch the rhythm and make it all work together."

Poppin C poses for a portrait during the Red Bull Dance Tour in Zurich, Switzerland on September 2,

2. Dream big

"From the first point I started dancing, I said to my mom, 'Mom, I want to be good enough so that one day I can live off dancing. I want to travel around the world, work and be a dancer forever. I want to teach. I want to join big battles and win a world championship.' In 15 years, I have got everything that I said. Set your goals to do the impossible, and once you achieve that, push to go further still. Now, for me, it's time for the next step. I've raised the level of hip-hop culture in Switzerland, especially for popping, and I'm proud of that. But I want to inspire and push the new generation to grow the scene even further. I can't stress how important that is for me. I want to create popping schools worldwide with the top dancers and share my style not just in Switzerland, but as far as it can reach."

3. Always be a student

"I've won a lot of battles, I've achieved a lot, but if you want to stay at the top or be successful, you need to take workshops. For me, you are always a student. I am continually learning every day. You need to constantly evolve and try new things to keep your passion alive. "

4. Manifest greatness

"When I was started popping, I watched a lot of battles. I was lucky enough that I saw pretty much all of the famous poppers. At that moment I said to myself, 'Bro, you have to work hard if you want to get to that level.' I trained every day and repeated that to myself, even though I come from a place where popping didn't exist. I was so determined to show the people my own style and that I could do it. In the end, only six months after I started popping, I won my first pre-selection battle at Juste Debout. You could say it was because I was only 17 years old and not scared of anything yet, but I know for sure it was because I refused to consider the alternative that I couldn't do it, you feel me?"

Poppin C poses for a portrait at the Red Bull Media World in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland on July 15,

5. You can't buy determination

"I've danced in so many different countries and experienced so many cultures that are fuelled by hard-working dancers, passionate about learning the knowledge. You have rich places like China, Japan, LA, Russia, etc. And countries that are not so rich like Kazakhstan. They have no money there, no resources like 5G, YouTube, Instagram or workshops and studios full of crazy OGs where you can learn 24 hours a day! But these dancers in Kazakhstan are fire. They work and work and work. They try to find a way to learn popping whatever it takes, they invent moves and they're doing whatever it takes so that they can take their scene somewhere else. I appreciate countries like that so much.

"Here in Switzerland, people like all the commercial things. Still, they're attracted to the easy way. When they see that a style of dance is too difficult or too technical, they give up. They don't have the concentration or the mindset to work out and train to learn."

6. Flex the foundations across all street styles

"If you watch street dance now in , you can see how much popping is growing and influencing all the styles. You can find tutting, robot, waving and the basic popping elements coming from all types of street dancers now. It's so dope to see because I've always seen popping as the original foundation to all top dancing. Popping and locking are the first styles you see when you start diving into the history of street dance, and it's great to see the foundations in toprock, freestyle footwork, and so many other genres out there right now."

Poppin C dances during a photoshoot in Lausanne, on Februaty 24,

7. The popping scene is growing, but finding fame isn't easy

"Breaking is such a globally hyped dance. The first time you see breaking, it's really spectacular. When B-Boys and B-Girls do some power moves audiences, big-name artists, rappers and sponsors around the world look at that you're like, 'Fuck, it's really athletic! It's a show.' Popping, for me of course, is a really nice dance. It's really difficult, it's really technical, but for those who don't know and see popping for the first time and especially if it's someone fresh dancing we make it look too easy! Most people will respond like, 'Okay, he's doing the robot, he's waving, I could do that.' So becoming famous with it is not easy. Take your time, don't be too fast wanting to get to the top and be focused on what it is you want from it."

8. Free your mind and the rest will follow

"When it comes to training, you have to be focused on the thing you want to improve, work hard, be disciplined and don't eat crap.

"When it comes to finding your style, that's where it gets tricky. Popping is free, you have to let your mind go. There's so much accessibility and immediacy out there that I think some of the new-gen stops messing around, experimenting and creating moves. And that's when greatness happens.

"When you start popping, you look like everybody. You look like a caricature, you know. At the start, I watched many videos and took a lot of inspiration from Asia and LA and a lot of people and places. I practised, practised, practised, and I looked super clean.

"But when I watch videos from back then, my style is not clear. The way I was popping looks like a rough draft. Once I just followed my feeling and got comfortable with who I was, that's when my style exploded. I started to really play with my dance, and my own unique variations of all these moves I had practised started taking shape."

Poppin C poses for a portrait during the Red Bull Dance Tour in Zurich, Switzerland on September 2,

9. It's better to lose a battle being yourself than someone else

"It's important to know as a popper that you can't have love from everybody. In a battle it's complicated. There are so many odds at play. The judges are always changing, the vibe is always changing, the music and DJ are changing. Sometimes the judges and the crowd just don't like you, or they're just not feeling your style, but it's not personal. Don't adapt to what you think is hype because that's something you can't know. Don't try to do the same thing we've already done on the popping scene. Don't try to replicate the same personality or feeling we already had in the game.

"The most crucial thing in a battle is to do you and just do what you love. That way, you always win. If you lose not even being yourself damn, that's a whole other type of loss to get over."

Don't sweat the technique

"Some of the new-gen, like I said earlier, can be too focused on technique and moves, moves, moves. You have poppers now who are like machines. They kill the beat. They study and memorise the rhythms. Don't get me wrong, I respect those type of poppers a lot.

"But the difference is this. When I did an e-battle recently, the DJ played a track that the other popper I was competing against didn't know. This guy is one of the best poppers, and his skills are mad, but when he danced, he had no feeling. He lost his vibe. Everything you usually see from him was missing, and I won.

"You have poppers who are like poets that express all types of crazy beats and adapt to obscure rhythm because they're tuned in to 'the feeling'. I keep repeating that, but look, if you watch those OG Soul Train poppers, they don't kill the beats, they aren't even technical. But the reason so many of us are still emulating those dancers and looking up to them is that they were so unique. They were interpreting the music in totally different ways from each other, and they have this pure mad passion that you can still feel through the screen decades later. I can't speak for all poppers, but that's what matters to me."


Dance learn how to popping

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Do you want to learn how to Pop your neck? How to Pop your arms? Your PECTORALS?

Let's learn about the *Pop (sometimes referred to as a Hit), and practice Popping with different parts of your body.

*We will be using the terms "Pop" in this article.

What is a Pop, or Hit?

A Pop, or Hit, is the most fundamental move in Popping. In fact, some might even say that it is the only move that really defines Popping.

Read about the style here: What Is Popping?

Popping is done by flexing specific muscle groups, usually to beats in music.

Dancers Pop continuously to a steady rhythm, while using different poses and pathways in between Pops.

how to pop

How do you Pop?

The more energy you put into flexing, within a smaller amount of time, the stronger you Pop will look.

Learning how to Pop requires a lot of repetition and drilling, so practice Popping using one body part at a time.

As a result of conditioning, your body will memorize how to Pop certain body parts in different angles and pictures.

How to Pop your chest

how to pop

Popping with your chest requires you to control your core. Suck in your lower stomach /diaphragm to push your upper chest out.

The faster you do it, the stronger your hit will look. Also, curve your spine in and out to create an even bigger effect.

How to Pop your neck

To practice neck Popping, use the muscles in the front of your neck to control moving your neck forward, back, and side to side.

While, try to keep your chin level, because isolating your neck will make it easier to see how much your head is moving.

“It should feel like something is tapping you on the back of your head.”

– Boogie Frantick

How to Pop your arms

how to pop

Start with your arms outstretched, straight front of you (parallel to the ground). Loosen your arms by bending your elbows a bit, then flex everything.

If you want to know how to Pop with your hands, then snap downward with your wrists as your knuckles snap upward.

Pretend like you're revving a motorcycle engine really fast.

how to pop

Afterwards, you can put all these parts together to create a full arm pop.

How to Pop your legs

how to pop

Sit on a chair and focus all your energy on flexing your left, then right leg. Then stand up and try to execute the Pop with the same control.

Since it's more comfortable to train on a chair, you'll be able to strengthen your thigh and calf muscles before doing it standing.

All these tips are from Boogie Frantick's Beginner Popping Program on STEEZY Studio.

You'll learn all the basics, so it's perfect for beginners who don't know how to Pop.

He'll go in-depth with each technique, and give you drills that you can practice anywhere, anytime.

If you want to keep practicing your Pops/Hits, then take Clay's 7 Days of Hits Program on STEEZY Studio.

Each day, you'll practice hitting with a different part of your body, or learn a new concept like textures or timing. Try it now for free!

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