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Buying guide for best adult tricycles

Tricycles are generally associated with children, but there's no reason why kids should have all the fun! Adult tricycles are fun to ride, stable, and generally offer a lot of storage space. If you’re looking for a vehicle you can use to ride around town or perform errands, an adult tricycle might be perfect for you.

No doubt you'll look cool and confident riding around on your new trike, but how do you sort the quality choices from those that must try harder?

Read on for our full guide to adult tricycles, and you'll soon be pedalling off into the sunset. If you’re eager to buy a new trike, scoot on up to our top suggestions in the grid. We’re proud to endorse each one.

Types of adult tricycles

Upright tricycles

An upright tricycle is similar to a standard bicycle in many ways, although there is an extra wheel at the back. These trikes are ideal for running errands and leisure riding but not so great for intense sporting activity. Most feature large storage baskets, so they're handy for grocery shopping trips and similar errands.

Recumbent tricycles

Recumbent tricycles are quite different from upright trikes. They're low to the ground, and the rider assumes a reclined position. You control them with two levers, one on either side of the seat, rather than a single handlebar at the front.

Recumbent trikes may have the standard configuration of one wheel at the front and two at the back, or they may have two wheels at the front and one at the back. Recumbent tricycles tend to be more comfortable for people with back problems due to the reclined seating position. They're great for long rides and exercise purposes (they work your hamstrings and core muscles especially well), but they're not so practical for casual use or running errands.

Tandem tricycles

Tandem trikes are tricycles made for two. Most models are set up like a tandem bike with one rider sitting behind the other, but you can find some models where riders sit side by side. While they're large and not the most practical or maneuverable option, they're great for romantic trike rides or for pairs of users where one person is less confident at cycling than the other.

Folding tricycles

Folding tricycles are much like standard upright trikes, but they have a folding mechanism that allows them to be packed down when not in use. Since folding trikes don't fold anywhere near as small as folding bikes, they're not suitable for taking on public transport. However, if you’re short on space, a folding tricycle may be easier to store at home and transport in the back of a car.

Adaptive tricycles

Adaptive tricycles are designed for adults with special needs who, for whatever reason, are not able to ride a bicycle or a standard tricycle. Adaptive features include more secure seats and height-adjustable handlebars.

Adult Tricycles

We note the type of material each tricycle is made of, keeping in mind the pros and cons of each. The most common materials are aluminum and steel, but high-end models may be made of titanium or carbon fiber.

Tricycles Adult

In our research, we look at all types of tricycles. There are five common types: upright (similar to a standard bike), recumbent (low to the ground), tandem (built for two), folding (similar to an upright, but it can be folded), and adaptive tricycles (built for adults with special needs).

Best Adult Tricycles

When researching adult tricycles, we find out how many speeds each one has. Since tricycles are typically meant for casual use, it’s common for only one or two speeds to be offered. However, there are some highly adaptable trikes that have more than this.

Adult Sized Tricycles

We note the maximum weight capacity of each adult trike we research. Consumers should factor in the weight of any groceries or other items they intend to take with them on their rides.

Tricycles for Adult

Some adult tricycles are recumbent models, meaning you can sit back as you pedal. These tend to cost a lot more than basic adult tricycles, but for some consumers, it’s worth it. In our research, we look at a variety of trikes, from basic to high-end.

Lightweight Adult Tricycles

An adult tricycle with a storage basket is a handy feature. In our research, we keep an eye out for trikes with sturdy storage baskets.

Heavy Duty Adult Tricycles

Size and padding affect a tricycle seat’s comfort. Some even come with a backrest. When scrutinizing adult tricycles for riding quality, we keep this in mind.

Cool Adult Tricycles

Adjustability in a tricycle matters, especially if you will be sharing it with someone else. When researching trikes, we take time to learn about each model’s adjustability.

Adult Tricycles for Women

Large wheels promote a smooth ride. Small wheels allow the rider to accelerate at greater speed. We research a balance of large-wheeled and small-wheeled trikes in order to represent all options.

How hard are Adult Tricycles to pedal?

Safety features matter to us. When researching adult tricycles, we find out about the quality of the brake system, the grip of the handlebars, and the overall sturdiness of the trike.


Frame material

Most adult tricycles feature a frame of either aluminum or steel, but there are some high-end models with titanium or carbon fiber frames. Each types of material has its pros and cons.

  • Aluminum tricycle frames are inexpensive and fairly lightweight, but they aren't the most durable option out there, and some cyclists don't like the way the ride feels.

  • Steel tricycle frames are strong and comfortable to ride, as steel has natural shock-absorbing properties. However, they are  heavier than other options.

  • Titanium tricycle frames are lightweight, durable, and comfortable to ride, but they tend to be expensive.

  • Carbon fiber tricycle frames are extremely lightweight and can be molded into non-standard shapes to make them extra aerodynamic. However, they may be more prone to damage after a crash or heavy knock.


A tricycle's gears, or "speeds,” enable you to pedal in non-standard conditions, such as up hills or off road. Since trikes are often used for casual riding on flat pavement or other smooth paths, many trikes have a single speed. Others have just three or four gears. For most riders seeking fun and recreation, this should suffice. However, if you live somewhere that is hilly, we recommend searching for a tricycle with a larger number of gears.

Storage space

Many people choose adult tricycles because of their ample storage space; they’re useful for riding to the store or moving items from place to place. If storage space is important to you, be sure to select a trike with a large basket. Many trike baskets can easily hold four full grocery bags, which means you could even do your weekly shopping with your tricycle.


Because adult tricycles are generally used for casual pleasure riding, the seats tend to be wider and more comfortable than those found on many performance-focused bicycles. Look for a large, well-padded seat that keeps you comfortable from point A to point B. Some trikes even feature a backrest for added core support and stability.

Did you know?

Trikes with one wheel at the front and two at the back are known as delta tricycles. Trikes with two wheels at the front and one at the back are known as tadpole tricycles.



Adult tricycle prices

How much should you expect pay for an adult tricycle? Here we take a closer look at tricycle prices.

These adult tricycles start around $200 and cost up to $400. These are generally basic upright trikes with few extra features.

These adult tricycles cost roughly $500 to $1,000. These include trikes with a greater number of gears, more advanced brakes, and more durable overall construction.

These adult tricycles cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Trikes in this price range include recumbent and tandem models.

For your safety

Since tricycles are heavier than bicycles, having effective brakes is extremely important. Dual front and rear brakes are ideal.




  • Check that your chosen adult tricycle is easy to adjust. You should be able to position the seat so you're a comfortable distance from the pedals. Some models also let you adjust the handlebars.

  • Think about whether you'll ever want to transport your trike. If you want to take it anywhere in a vehicle, you'll need to make sure it's not too large to fit. In this case, a folding model may be preferable.

  • Decide what color tricycle you want. While it might not be the most important factor to consider, if you have a choice of colors, you might as well pick a shade that makes you happy.

  • Find out the maximum weight capacity. All adult tricycles have a maximum weight capacity. Make sure you don't exceed this, as it could be dangerous.

  • Keep your tricycle safe. You’ll want a suitable bike lock so you can secure your trike while you go into stores or if you park it outside your home.


Q. Why should I choose a tricycle over a bicycle?

A. You'll find a range of reasons why people choose tricycles over bicycles. Here are just a handful.

  • If you're not confident riding a bike, you may feel better riding a trike. Tricycles are stable and very hard to tip over.

  • Tricycles are eco-friendly vehicles for running errands that might be harder to complete with a bicycle, such as grocery shopping.

  • Most tricycles are extremely comfortable and easy to ride.

  • Tricycles are great for people with balance issues, seniors, or anyone else who might be worried about falling off a bike.

  • Since you don't have to worry so much about balance or tipping over when you slow or stop, a trike makes for a fun and carefree ride.

Q. What size wheels do I need on my tricycle?

A. Standard tricycles tend to have wheels with a diameter of anywhere between 20 and 26 inches. Tricycles with larger wheels tend to feel smoother, especially when riding on rough surfaces. Tricycles with smaller wheels are slightly quicker and easier to maneuver, and they accelerate faster.

Q. How should I store my adult tricycle when I'm not using it?

A. Ideally, you should store your tricycle in a sheltered area when you’re not using it, such as a storage shed or garage. Wet weather and extremely hot and cold temperatures can damage a trike over time, so it’s preferable to keep it somewhere that is protected from the elements. If you don’t have any inside space where you can keep it, consider investing in some kind of cover or tarp to keep it dry.


10 Best Adult Tricycles of 2021 Reviewed – A Top 10 Guide

People who own adult tricycles enjoy many social and physical benefits. Unlike two wheeled road or mountain bikes that require a great deal of effort to ride, tricycles are convenient. Most men and women can ride them loaded with grocery bags without them tipping over on the road. Most models can also support heavy loads and ride smoothly on all terrains, which make your trail options more diverse. Here are the best models in 2021.

List of the Best Adult Tricycles of 2021

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn tricycles are fun to ride since they rank high in stability, durability, and comfort for most people. The Meridian, for example, is a popular one size model for men and women with many sought after features. The full size aluminum frame supports over 300 pounds making it simple for carrying shopping bags (or your dog) without damaging the structure. The frame is rustproof and has a low step design that makes it easy to ride in pants, shorts, or skirts.

The single speed drive system of Schwinn is responsive and easy to ride, and due its stable three wheel design, it is perfect for those older or injured users who have a hard time moving around. The adjustable seat is soft and cushy, while the fold down steel basket on the back provides storage. If riding the bike to school or work, feel free to pack your books or briefcase there. It is also perfectly convenient to place a few produce items after a trip to the farmer’s market!

Why We Like
  • Adjustable height (37-40 in)
  • Swept back handlebars
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Storage basket

The stable, three wheel design is user friendly for most women and men of any age. It is easy to ride, comfortable, and has an impressive storage capacity.

2. Goplus Adult Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike

Goplus Adult Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike

Perfect for gaining some exercise while commuting, Goplus is a renowned, adult-size cruise bike for men and women. The heavy duty steel used to make it is one of its major strengths. The material is less prone to breaking or rusting with heavy use. It supports up to 331 pounds and has an eye catching maroon color which will not fade nor chip over time. If you are planning to start riding a bike to work or school, you will like its stability (three wheeled) and the foldable iron basket that comes with it. Riding it is almost effortless., and storage is solved with the foldable, iron basket.

The big wheels of the Goplus adult tricycle ride smoothly on most terrains. Apart from riding on concrete, you can try it out in a grassy park or take a stroll along the beach. The fenders wrap over the wheels to protect you from dust and mud. Its lightweight alloy rims have shock absorbing properties, while its padded seat makes longer commutes enjoyable.

Why We Like
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Wrap over fenders
  • Comfortable seat
  • Stable (three wheeled)
  • Durable steel frame
  • Foldable iron basket

Riding the Goplus on-road and off-road is enjoyable because of its stability, comfort, and long lasting design. It also has a storage basket for your valuables and a fast and simple single gear system. It is an easy riding bicycle even while carrying groceries, children’s toys, or backpacks.

3. Slsy Adult Tricycles

Slsy Adult Tricycles

Slsy comes in several vibrant colors, including luminous green and bright pink, making it the perfect bike to cruise along a colorful beach town. Slsy also stands out from its competitors in terms of performance. Whether you choose the 20, 24, or 26-inch tires, expect a stable, three wheel tricycle with a shopping basket on the back. Its curved handles fit snugly in any size hand, while its adjustable seat has a padded backrest that maximizes comfort. You can cruise on one for hours without feeling sore.

Built to support up to 350 pounds, Slsy is one of the most durable tricycles you will come across online. It remains rust free and actually gets delivered to you already 98% assembled. Slsy has a smooth, seven speed system, so even when loaded to capacity, you can ride it uphill without overexerting yourself.

Why We Like
  • Seven speed system
  • Almost fully assembled
  • Three wheel design
  • Heavy duty aluminum
  • Supports 350 pounds

This three wheel Slsy tricycle can support up to 350 pounds on most terrain. The padded seat has a backrest for support, while its powerful 7 speed system is perfect for commuting.

4. VANELL 7/1 Speed Tricycle Adult 20/24/26 in Trike Cruise Bike


VANELL is everything you can ever need in a cruise bike. It comes in many sizes (20″/24″/26″) to accommodate a variety of user heights. The three wheels make this tricycle ultra stable even on rougher terrain like dirt or sand, and its seven speeds allow it to be fast, dependable, and long lasting.

The low step frame of the VANELL cruiser bicycle makes it ideal for those with physical challenges. Its unique design makes mounting and riding this bike a breeze. It supports 350 pounds and has a padded seat with a backrest that positions the body of riders for ultimate comfort. Finally, the sweptback chrome handlebars of this bike are perfectly placed, while the steel basket on the back is large and multifunctional. You will find plenty of room for all of your belongings.

Why We Like
  • Supports 350 pounds
  • Sweptback handlebars
  • Stable three wheel design
  • Seven speed system
  • Padded seat

VANELL is a heavy duty cruiser bicycle (three wheels) that supports up to 350 pounds. It is fast (seven speed), comfortable, with a low set frame that makes it easy for hopping on and off.

5. Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

Although the Schwinn Meridian takes a more subtle approach to its colors compared to the Slsy tricycle, you still get a multifunctional tricycle with 26 inch wheels, a low stand aluminum frame, and a cargo basket. The frame supports over 200 pounds and features a rust resistant component, so its safe when exposed to salty water. It fits men and women of all heights and has a cushy seat which sits on an adjustable steel post.

Schwinn Meridian tricycles ship ready to ride outdoors in all weather. While you do have to tighten a few screws and oil a few parts for it to work, you get full wrap fenders. Plus, the chain has a guard that prevents injuries, while its curved handlebars adjust from 37-40 inches for maximum comfort.

Why We Like
  • Full wrap fenders
  • Low stand frame
  • Durable aluminum
  • Curved handlebars
  • Spring mounted seat

This three wheel Schwinn Meridian tricycle makes daily commuting fun due to its stable and smooth ride. The seat is comfortable, while the basket on the back secures ample storage.

6. Slsy Adult Mountain Tricycle

Slsy Adult Mountain Tricycle

While the Slsy three wheeled bicycle will not be able to take you off-roading like an ATV can, it will make outdoor exploration fun on a more laid back level. The three wheels on this bike vs two make this ride stable and fun to ride irrespective of your skill level. Most men and women of any age can hop on and ride for hours without straining their backs or hands. The wheels are large (24/26 inches), while its seven speed gear system shifts seamlessly via the hand controls on its curved handlebars.

Slsy makes an excellent gift, as it is not only suitable for riding but also hauling gear. The heavy duty basket on the back is perfect for carrying shopping or camping gear such as the best camping screen houses and the best cookware. The seat is wide and has comfortable padding, while its frame supports up to 350 pounds.

What We Like
  • Supports 350 pounds
  • Seven speed gear
  • Comfortable saddle seat
  • Stable three wheel design

With a Slsy Adult Mountain Tricycle, you can haul up to 350 pounds without structural damage. It is long lasting, comfortable to ride, and comes in stunning design colors.

7. Slsy Adult Tricycles (7 Speed)

Slsy Adult Tricycles (7 Speed)

Slsy is a reliable 7 speed tricycle that works well for daily commutes in a large city. Unlike traditional two wheel bicycles that require a bit of talent to ride, this model can be used with any skill level, even beginner. Most people can haul heavy shopping loads over a long distance without breaking a sweat.

The Slsy tricycle comes in three sizes (20″/24″/26″), each with a steel basket and a heavy duty steel frame that supports up to 350 pounds. All parts have a 30 day guarantee and a protective, yellow and teal coat that is resistant to corrosion. It will make an excellent mode of transportation to the local market or simply taking your small dog out for a leisurely ride.

Why We Like
  • Eye catching design
  • Supports 350 pounds
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Seven speed system

The seven speed Slsy tricycle made the list because of its style and functionality. It is fast, stable (three wheels), and has a spacious steel basket on the back for carrying your goods.

8. MOPHOTO Mountain Tricycle

MOPHOTO Mountain Tricycle

The new MOPHOTO Mountain Tricycle uses heavy duty steel to make this outstanding adult tricycle. The material supports up to 400 pounds, making it the toughest on our list. Its spoked wheels are large (24″/26″), while its adjustable handlebars and seat maximize comfort. If, for some reason, this bike fails to meet its requirements, it is backed by a one year manufacture’s warranty.

The advanced gear system of MOPHOTO has seven speeds that you can adjust up or down via handlebar mounted controls. It also has a large basket, a shock absorbing fork, and a low step design making it hassle free to mount and dismount.

Why We Like
  • Supports 400 pounds
  • Shock absorbing fork
  • Low set frame (ergonomic)
  • Rust resistant parts
  • Protective fenders

Rated to support up to 400 pounds, MOPHOTO is a solid tricycle for commuting, shopping, or hauling stuff to the beach. Its style is charming and its performance is sure to please.

9. Barbella Adult Tricycle

Barbella Adult Tricycle

Barbella is a 24″ tricycle with a 10 speed gear system that works smoothly on most terrain. The lower gears boost its speed on concrete but require a bit of effort to use. The higher gears, on the other hand, are perfect for riding up hills and off-road, as they need minimal effort to use.

Barbella has three large wheels (24 inches) whose spoked, pneumatic designs roll fast and smoothly on all terrains, as they contain air. The wheels also have lightweight aluminum rims that absorb and dissipate bumps or impacts to smooth your outdoor rides even further. Use the best bike lock to secure the tricycle if docking it in public.

Do you struggle to haul heavy packages when you are out shopping? Barbella has an iron basket on the back that can come to your aid. It is spacious and suitable for hauling heavy stuff, as the tricycle can support up to 331 pounds.

Why We Like
  • Supports 331 pounds
  • Large wheels (24 in)
  • Pneumatic tires
  • 10 speed gear system
  • Durable steel frame

The adult size Barbella tricycle can support around 331 pounds, making it ideal for hauling heavier loads. It is also comfortable, smooth riding, and has premium parts that are built to last through high use.

10. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

The step-through aluminum frame of the Schwinn Meridian can support up to 300 pounds. If you are looking for a tricycle that you will ride for years, this is one of the best brands. Its 50 pound design is light and fast. Its adjustable seat is comfortable, while its step-through frame is easy to mount and dismount. Schwinn has smooth rolling wheels, a comfortable sweptback handlebar, and a 5 year limited warranty.

Why We Like
  • Limited warranty (5 years)
  • Sweptback handlebar
  • Supports 300 pounds
  • Adjustable, padded seat
  • Front and rear fenders

Schwinn Meridian is a long lasting, adult size tricycle with a 5 year limited warranty. It has a comfortable design and a strong aluminum frame that supports up to 300 pounds.

Buying Guide for the Best Adult Tricycles

Adults who need a little extra support when cycling should consider using tricycles. Tricycles provide better stability and higher safety for a more comfortable ride. You can, however, achieve these benefits only when you buy the best adult tricycles on the market. There are various features that the tricycle should have for you to get the most out of it. Below are some of the factors that you must consider before buying a tricycle.



Comfort is an essential consideration when buying an adult tricycle. How comfortable the tricycle you buy will be is dependent on various features. Well padded seats help to prevent tricycles from causing you soreness when you cycle for a lengthy time. Their backrests must also have cushy padding to ensure that you do not strain your back when cycling. It is also advisable to select a tricycle with adjustable seats that you can set to a comfortable position for your height. The pedals of the best tricycles should be easily reachable for easier accessibility and use.


A budget guides you on the amount of money you should spend on your tricycle. It dictates the tricycle that you will purchase as well as prevents you from any inconveniences that may result from impulse buying. However, make sure you define the “must have” features that you want for the tricycle when setting your budget. The more features a tricycle has, the more expensive it is likely to be. Also remember to compare the features of the tricycle to make sure that they correspond to its price. The best tricycle is one that does not strain your wallet and has all the features that you want.


Your tricycle should be of high quality material that is sturdy and lasts the duration of your use. Such material will enable the tricycle to serve you for a long time without the fear of rusting or corroding. A high quality material will maintain its original look for a long time. It will also allow you to use the tricycle under various weather conditions without damaging its parts. Make sure that the material of your tricycle is not too heavy. A heavy material may add too much weight to the tricycles making it hard to cycle and carry around.

Black 8


The size of a good tricycle should match the body size of the rider. Having the wrong size will result in straining and discomfort when cycling. A tricycle that is too small for the rider forces them to bend over when cycling and could potentially cause back strain. It may further lead to body pains or permanent spine damage after prolonged use. A tricycle that is too large for the user makes it hard for to reach the pedals which can lead to fatigue or a lack of enjoyment. The best tricycle is, therefore, the one that fits the height of the user and gives you perfect body positioning.

Parts Functionality

All the parts of your tricycle should be functional. The functionality of the parts is dependent on their assembly. If the manufacturer fails to assemble the parts well, the tricycle will not function as you expect it to. The breaks should be working perfectly to protect you from accidents. The handlebar should also provide a good riding position. All the parts must be easy to use to allow the user to apply them quickly whenever need be. You should test the tricycle before buying to check if all the parts are functional.



Not all tricycles have the same design. Every rider has their personal preferences about the tricycle they intend to buy. It is essential to research the market for the tricycle with the design that you prefer. Some riders will prefer a design with a bright, vibrant color pattern. Others may be looking for more subdued colors. You should also get one with a design that is not too bulky if you need to save on storage space.


Consider the environment on which you plan to use your tricycle. Each tricycle has a unique construction and design that is suitable for a specific environment. If your terrain is rough, you should consider a tricycle with wide tires. These tires should also be puncture resistant for such a terrain. A tricycle that you intend to use on surfaces other than concrete also need sturdy construction.


The best tricycle is one that you can carry from one place to another. You may need to use your trike in different places, which may force you to carry it with you. The portability of a tricycle is dependent on various factors, such as size and weight. A tricycle that is too big will give you trouble transporting it from place to place. It may not fit in your car’s trunk, which will prevent you from carrying it to another location. If you buy one that is too heavy, you will also find it hard to carry around. The best tricycle, therefore, should be lightweight and small enough for easy portability.

Storage Facility

It is essential to determine where you will be storing your tricycle before purchasing one. Your storage parameters will determine the size of the tricycle that you should buy. You should get a small tricycle if you are limited on free space. A vast storage space, on the other hand, will allow you to purchase a trike of any size.


There are several common features in a tricycle that you should look for when doing your research. However, once the quality has been established, make sure the tricycle that you choose includes the features that you want. Some users look for a brightly colored trike, others care more about tire size for a particular terrain. Whichever features peak your interest, there is sure to be a tricycle that will bring you great pleasure.

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Ever Thought You Might Need an Extra Wheel? Check Out These 5 Tricycles for Adults

Long gone are the days when three-wheeled bikes belonged exclusively to children. These days, they are very much in fashion as a legitimate means of transportation for all ages. Let’s learn something about tricycles for adults.

What are the benefits of tricycles for adults?

When you’re wondering what lies behind the sudden upsurge of grown-ups riding tricycles in streets, you might land on various theories. Amongst the most cited utilities of trikes belong stability, safety, and comfort. Those who, for various reasons, struggle with balance, find a reliable partner in a tricycle. This is obviously due to the extra wheel but there’s another contributing factor: a lowered centre of gravity, which prevents the rider from toppling over.

A man on a tricycle

You don’t have to be particularly clumsy to feel insecure when riding a regular bike on a busy street. That’s why, for some, a steady tricycle simply presents a great way to enjoy a ride without feeling concerned or nervous. Cycling around the city becomes much more pleasant when you don’t have to worry about tipping over or not being able to climb that hill and falling of the bike. Why is that?

On a regular bicycle, speed acceleration is needed in order to maintain balance when climbing up a hill. A tricycle stays stable even at lower speeds so we can take our own time and pace to get to the top. Speaking of pace, tricycles for adults mostly come in a one-speed version as their purpose is to provide their users with a relaxed and safe ride. However, there are three-speed or seven-speed models on the market.

If you’re used to riding a regular bike, switching to a tricycle will take some getting used to. It doesn’t take long to master but we do recommend trying your new tricycle for adults in a low-traffic area.

Schwinn Meridian Single Speed Tricycle – €446

Schwinn Meridian tricycle

A step-through aluminium frame, comfy extra-elastomer saddle and a rear folding basket make this model a great choice for a pleasant ride. The full-coverage fenders will protect your outfit after a shower – plus, they’re quite stylish, don’t you think?

VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle – €340

VANELL Mountain tricycle

This seven-speed mountain tricycle for adults will take you places. It’s a great solution for those who wish to enjoy nice rides outdoors, and cover bumpy, uneven terrains without having to constantly worry about possible injuries.

Mantis Tri-Rad Adult Folding Tricycle – €336

Mantis folding tricycle

Yes, even adult tricycles come in folding versions. This one from Mantis offers a six-speed Shimano drivetrain, a low-cut frame with a steel suspension fork and, most importantly, it will not occupy more space than you wish it to.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle – €1,684

sixthreezero tricycle

This one presents more of an investment but if you’re looking for an electric tricycle, you should at least consider this model. A generously sized basket for a week’s worth of shopping, ergonomic riding position and a battery that will allow you to cover a 24km-long trip when fully charged makes this e-trike an intriguing option.

MOBO TRITON PRO recumbent adult tricycle – €420

MOBO recumbent tricycle

If you’re searching for a comfortable ride that will also help with back or neck problems, this recumbent tricycle for adults could be the answer. The one-speed model is suitable for special needs cyclists but will bring a lot of fun to any rider out there.

Adult TricyclesMantisMOBO TRITON PROSchwinnSixthreezeroTricycles for AdultsVANELL

Written by: Tereza Antonova
The 5 Best Adult Tricycles Review In 2021 - Perfect Models For Any Budget
  • Weight: Adult Tricycles are obviously much heavier than bicycles. That means that they can be a little harder to control, and you need to be sure your brakes are operating correctly. Re-aligning them or pulling them around can be a challenge.
  • Storage & Transportation: Storing your adult tricycle bike can be a pain, because they take up more room than a regular bike. They are still portable compared to a vehicle, but you should make sure you have somewhere to stash it. Likewise, transporting it in a car can be tough unless you opt for a folding variety.
  • Mechanically Complex: This is unlikely to be a major detractor, but the best tricycles for adults are usually more mechanically complex than a bicycle. That means they should have regular tune-ups at a bike shop to make sure they’re running correctly.

Best Adult Tricycle Buyer Guide

There are several factors to consider before purchasing the right adult tricycle for you. When you first hear the word tricycle, your mind will wander to plastic toys meant for toddlers and kids. So, you’ll need to do your research before purchasing one specifically for an adult.

Below we have created a list of features to consider before making your decision on one tricycle for adults.


Adult Tricycles are not designed for mountain trails or endurance courses, so you can focus more on the comfort rather than the specifications. The seat can be more comfortable, the handlebars in a better position, and the wheels allow for better stability.

As you’re going to be travelling slower at a more leisurely pace, comfort is important. When riding a mountain bike down a steep trail, you will be too focused on the thrill of riding to notice how uncomfortable you are.

However, when cycling an adult tricycle slowly along the way, you’ll be more aware of how your boy feels. For this reason, don’t overlook how comfortable you feel on a tricycle.


Your seat should be firm, supportive, and cushioned for your comfort. You’re going to be sitting on the seat the entire duration of the ride rather than lifting yourself away from it continuously like you might do on a mountain or road bike.

So, the seat needs to be as comfortable as possible. Some find wider seats more comfortable while others find thinner seats better. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Your seat should be adjustable so that your knees are aligned with the ball of your foot and the pedal at a 3 o’clock end.


Having to sit forward too much while riding your adult tricycle will make you feel much more uncomfortable than having your handlebars at the correct position. Your elbows should be able to have a slight bend in them as you hold onto the bars.

Your head, neck, and back should also be aligned in this position upright so that you’re not slouching forward or leaning back. The grips also need to be comfortable so that you don’t get hand strain during your ride.


Some adult tricycles come with better performance than others. The frames can vary in aerodynamics, affecting the speed you can go at. Tricycles that are lower to the ground are not affected by headwinds as much as higher adult tricycles are, making them easier and more enjoyable to ride.

The performance of the adult tricycle you opt for will depend on what you’re going to be using it for and your personal preferences.


Tricycles come with three wheels, making the mode of transportation more comfortable and stable. However, being that close to the ground has to feel bumps in the terrain more than an average bicycle.

This is the reason why many adult tricycles will have a rear suspension which can prevent you from becoming uncomfortable too quickly into your ride. These will cushion most of the impact, although you’ll still feel some bumps from the front wheel.

As you’re closer to the ground, it’s always advised that you opt for an adult tricycle with some sort of suspension.

Electric Motors

Some adult tricycles come with electric motors to help you get up steep hills or to give you an extra push. As the majority of the weight of an adult tricycle is at the back of the bike, you’ll need some immense leg strength to get yourself up a hill on a tricycle.

An electric motor is not essential, and they don’t come on every adult tricycle, but beginners might thank their electric motor when they realize how much harder it is to ride an adult tricycle than they first imagined.


The majority of adult tricycles will come with a basket for you to carry around your groceries or other belongings. The larger the basket, the more you’re able to carry. So, if you’re purchasing a tricycle to use while running errands, you might want a larger basket so that you’re not struggling with an overflowing compartment.

Bear in mind that a larger basket will allow you to carry more items and the weight of this will all add up. For this reason, an electric motor might be ideal for these adult tricycles. You’ll think that you can carry everything with just your leg power… until you try to cycle all of your groceries home.

Adult Tricycle Frequently Asked Questions And Answers 

Why do adults ride tricycles?

There are many reasons why an adult might choose to ride an adult tricycle. For starters, they’re more comfortable to ride than bikes and can go slower speeds to leave you with a leisurely pace rather than a quick one.

Adult Tricycles are also safer to ride than bicycles, with a good performance, and you can store things in their baskets. Many bicycles don’t come with baskets anymore, and when they do, they’re considerably smaller than those of adult tricycles.

They’re more stable to ride and are unique. You won’t take a second thought after seeing someone riding a bike, but seeing an adult tricycle out will be the talk of the town. Finally, they’re just fun and a new way to get around.

Is riding an adult tricycle good exercise?

Yes, tricycles can provide an excellent method of exercising. It is similar to that of riding a bike, working primarily your legs. The more weight you put on the back of your adult tricycle with the help of the basket will make it harder to move and therefore a better workout.

Some people might find the temptation of an electric motor too much to get a good workout; however. So, you’ll need strong willpower to work your legs rather than giving up and using the motor.

Are adult tricycles dangerous?

As long as they’re ridden correctly, a tricycle should not be dangerous. However, people do have some concerns with tricycles due to how low the rider is to the ground. Drivers might not be able to see the tricycle or rider over their dashboard. However, this can be rectified by adding a flag onto the back of your adult tricycle.

Some people actually believe that adult tricycles are safer than riding bicycles. This is because they’re bigger and therefore can be seen easier by motorists further away. Tricycles also offer you better balance so that beginners won’t fall to the side like they might with a bicycle.

As your feet are in front of you rather than underneath you like they would be on a bike, adult tricycle riders can touch the ground with their feet easily to stop them from skidding. This would allow them to stop easier than being thrown headfirst from the bike.

How fast can an adult tricycle go?

Tricycles can travel up to 11 miles an hour, which is considerably slower than a bicycle. The average bicycle can travel around 62 miles an hour, which is a much faster mode of transportation than the tricycle.

Is it easy to ride an adult tricycle?

Yes, adult tricycles are even easier to ride than a bike. Instead of having to learn how to keep yourself upright with balance, you can simply sit on the trike and pedal to move. This is why many find tricycles one of the most leisurely forms of exercise and transportation.

Learning the correct techniques to ride up hills might take longer to master, and adult tricycles might require some patience to get used to. But overall, riding an adult tricycle is so simple that people of all ages can do it.

How much is an adult tricycle?

A typical tricycle for adults can be bought between $400 and $1000. However, the price of adult tricycles is usually dependent on the brand, model, and retailer. To get the best deal, consider researching some of the best adult tricycle reviews online. From there, you can get more insights from other experienced buyers and users and 3 wheel bikes.

What are adult tricycles used for?

With a single-speed and 6-speed adult tricycle, you’ll experience the dual benefits of shopping and exercise at the same time. When you are in the market to buy adult trikes, consider the size of its rea basket before placing an order. This rear basket is one of the important factors that differentiate one trike from the other.

What are the best adult cycling helmets in the market?

  1. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet
  2. Shinmax Safety Certified Bicycle Helmet
  3. Giro Trinity Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
  4. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet
  5. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet
  6. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet
  7. Exclusky MTB Helmet for Adults
  8. Giro Aether Spherical Adult Road Bike Helmet
  9. Troy Lee Designs Adult
  10. SUNRIMOON Adult Cycling Bike Helmet



For mountain adults tricycle

VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle 20 / 24 / 26 in 7 / 1 Speed Three Wheel Cruiser Trike Bike with Front Suspension Fork Front Disc Brake MTB Tire Bicycle (Black - Teal+Green, 7speed&24")

VANELL Comfort Bike

2021 VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle 20 / 24 / 26 in 7 / 1 Speed Three Wheel Cruiser Trike Bike with Front Suspension Fork Front Disc Brake MTB Tire Bicycle (Black - Teal+Green, 7speed&24")

2021 VANELL Bike

<B>Mountain Adult Tricycles Three Wheel Bike Cruiser Trike with Low-Step Through Frame/Large Basket/Backrest Saddle for Men/Women/Seniors/Young </b> <p> <B>UPDATE</B> <BR>We built a brand new mountain Bike on the basis of the old tricycle. The mountain frame, the mountain tires, and the mountain rims create better stability and comfort for a wider range of people. You'll never miss our adult tricycles as an ideal gift for your friends or family! <p> <B>MATERIAL</B> <BR>Sturdy Steel Construction - Made of high-quality iron, and supports rider and cargo combined weight up to 400 lbs with 3-wheel design providing extra stability while riding. <p> <B>QUALITY PARTS</B> <BR>Front Disc Brake/Rear Band Brake offers perfect crisp, all condition stopping, and precision stopping so you control your ride <BR>Front suspension fork smooths bumps while biking and increases control for easy riding <BR>7-speed Shimano Derailleur offers more fun in effortless pedaling. The high-quality shifters help you adapt to most of the uphill/downhill roads <BR>First-class trail tire combining safe cornering grip with easy rolling characteristics. The versatile and easy-rolling profile adapts perfectly to any surface <BR>The large fold-down rear basket, with 60lb weight limit HOW TO INSTALL - Please contact us if you need install video; product is equipped with assembly tools and instructions to facilitate your assemble; return or exchange within 30 days, 1-YEAR warranty

LARGE WEIGHT BEARING - the trike is made of high-quality Steel, and load-bearing rider and cargo combined weight up to 400 lbs. The 3-wheel design also provides extra stability while riding; First-class trail tire combining a safe cornering grip with easy rolling characteristics. The versatile and easy-rolling profile adapts perfectly to any surface

WHOLE FRAME - Mountain tricycle, Mountain frame, Mountain tire, Mountain Bike rim provide better stability and comfort; 7-speed Shimano Derailleur offers more fun in effortless pedaling. The high-quality shifters help you adapt to most of the uphill/downhill roads and you will surely love the sporty feeling

WHOLE DESIGN - Front Disc Brake/Rear Band Brake offers perfect crisp, all condition stopping, and precision stopping so you control your rid

Comfort Bike by VANELL

ATR : VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle 20 / 24 / 26 in 7 / 1 Speed Three Wheel Cruiser Trike Bike with Front Suspension Fork Front Disc Brake MTB Tire Bicycle (Black - Teal+Green, 7speed&24&quot;)

VANELL Comfort Bikes » VANELL Comfort Bikes Gallery »

2021 VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle 20 / 24 / 26 in 7 / 1 Speed Three Wheel Cruiser Trike Bike with Front Suspension Fork Front Disc Brake MTB Tire Bicycle (Black - Teal+Green, 7speed&24&quot;) Full Specification

Model Adult Mountain Tricycle 20 / 24 / 26 in 7 / 1 Speed Three Wheel Cruiser Trike Bike with Front Suspension Fork Front Disc Brake MTB Tire Bicycle (Black - Teal+Green, 7speed&24&quot;)
FeaturesWHOLE DESIGN - Front Disc Brake/Rear Band Brake offers perfect crisp, all condition stopping, and precision stopping so you control your ridThe 3-wheel design also provides extra stability while riding; First-class trail tire combining a safe cornering grip with easy rolling characteristics.HOW TO INSTALL - Please contact us if you need install video; product is equipped with assembly tools and instructions to facilitate your assemble; return or exchange within 30 days, 1-YEAR warranty.WHOLE FRAME - Mountain tricycle, Mountain frame, Mountain tire, Mountain Bike rim provide better stability and comfort; 7-speed Shimano Derailleur offers more fun in effortless pedaling.The high-quality shifters help you adapt to most of the uphill/downhill roads and you will surely love the sporty feeling.LARGE WEIGHT BEARING - the trike is made of high-quality Steel, and load-bearing rider and cargo combined weight up to 400 lbs.The versatile and easy-rolling profile adapts perfectly to any surface.
MPN / Part NumberATR

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