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Bakugo’s hero name is “DynaMight.” After more than a few rejected ideas, Bakugo eventually settled on DynaMight as his hero name in chapter #293.

Some have speculated his name would be “Ground Zero” or simply just “Kacchan” but Bakugo decided on “DynaMight” after advice from Best Jeanist. The pro hero told Bakugo to choose a hero name that reflects his goals.

A leaked scanlation translated his new name to be DynaMight, a reference to his favorite childhood hero. The chapter’s official release revealed the name to be simply Dynamite, with no pun. The name was then changed back to include the pun about a week later. Nonetheless, Bakugo’s new name DynaMight is a great fit.

Will Bakugou’s Hero Name Be Kacchan?

Bakugou’s hero name will not be Kacchan. That’s a nickname Deku gave him. “Dynamite” is Kacchan’s hero name.

What About His Classmates?

Todoroki’s hero name is his first name, “Shoto.” He chose a simplistic name because he had no interest in being a flashy hero. Todoroki likely wanted his hero name to reflect the transparency he appreciates in the world. 

Endeavor envisioned Todoroki to be the ideal vessel to carry his image. Todoroki’s hero name “Shoto” represents his individual journey to becoming his own kind of hero, away from his father’s influence.

Kaminari’s hero name is “Chargebolt,” named after his electricity-based quirk. Originally, Kaminari only possessed the ability to use his quirk in large destructive bursts. He now has the ability to fire his electric charge shots into projectile-based bolts.

Uraraka’s hero name is “Uravity,” a pun on her gravity-based quirk. Uravity was decided on early as Uraraka’s hero name, although she’s only called that in hero scenarios.

What Is Bakugou’s Official Hero Name?

Bakugou’s official hero name was officially revealed to be “DynaMight” He decided in chapter #293 after much back and forth between him and Best Jeanist.

We’ll have to see if Bakugou sticks with this name, but there seems to be no glaring issues with it. Amongst his original ideas, DynaMight is a suitable and appropriate name for the U.A. student.

Sours: https://doublelasers.com/what-is-bakugos-hero-name-officially-revealed/

My Hero Academia Reveals Bakugo's Hero Name at Last

My Hero Academia has been pushing forward with one of its best arcs yet. The manga has done a lot of ensure its Raid arc is the best it can be, and that means a lot of revelations have been made. Not long ago, it was Dabi taking everyone by storm with his confession about the Todoroki clan, and now it is Bakugo's turn to outshine everyone.

And why is that? Well, the boy has been waiting for Best Jeanist to show up for some time now. Bakugo Katsuki has finally revealed his hero name, and it is... interesting, to say the least.

My Hero Academia Bakugo

The update came earlier today when the latest issue of My Hero Academia went live in Japan. It was there got a close look at Bakugo in the wake of Best Jeanist's return. The hero, who is still gravely injured, managed to shake off Iida so he can fight in battle. And before things got really heated, Bakugo made sure to tell his former internship lead his hero name.

As it turns out, Bakugo's official hero name is Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite. The hero seems pretty set soon this name for now, but it could change. After all, Best Jeanist is the first to call the codename childish while Iida and Nejire cringe at it. Even the League of Villains is dumbstruck by the revelation, but Mirio seems to enjoy the name well enough. You know, since the hero believes the whole thing is a joke.

At least, Bakugo believes he has a hero name, but fans aren't quite sure this is going to stick. The name isn't as catchy as society would dictate, but Bakugo has never been one to stick with trends. So if this is the name he wants, it is the name he will keep!


What do you think about Bakugo's hero name? Do you think this one will really stick? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

Sours: https://comicbook.com/anime/news/my-hero-academia-manga-bakugo-hero-name/
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My Hero Academia: What Is Bakugo's Hero Name (or Does He Even HAVE One)?

The world of My Hero Academia is full of characters who are aiming to fulfill their aspirations. Among the members of Class 1-A, Bakugo Katsuki is one of the most prideful people out there. He shares a goal that many heroes-to-be aim for, trying to be a hero as impactful as All Might. However, it’s fair to say that his explosive personality makes his approach to becoming a hero more unique.

Characters in the world of My Hero Academia tend to have special meanings behind their names, and Bakugo is no exception to this. The kanji for Bakugo can translate to “explosion,” while Katsuki is a play on words that translates to “win, one’s self.” Both of these elements directly play into the nature of Bakugo’s character.

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Bakugo’s Quirk is naturally related to explosions. His sweat serves as a catalyst that can explode at his will on his hands, the product of a lucky combination from his parent’s Quirks. Bakugo started his journey with his power thinking that he would surpass everyone as a hero. Many people praised him simply for his Quirk as a child, feeding into his ego.

Bakugo developed a sense of superiority over others that would deny effective collaborative work. His interactions with Deku in  early seasons reinforced this, with this hothead despising the fact that Deku became a hero. When he discovers after the entrance exam that Deku actually has a Quirk, it upsets him to think that Deku was potentially holding back his Quirk all this time. This upsets him so much that, in the first group exercise of All Might’s Hero Course, Bakugo basically ignores the needs of his team in order to go after Deku.

Despite his impulsive personality, Bakugo has the resolve to not turn into a villain. In the beginning of Season 3, the members of U.A. were attacked on a school trip by the League of Villains. While some members were defeated, they managed to capture Bakugo and escape. When Bakugo is captured, Shigaraki offers for Bakugo to become a villain. Stating that the world was restricted by its rules and imperfect, Shigaraki’s offer attempted to play to the thought that Bakugo wouldn’t be accepted by society. However, Bakugo’s push to become a hero shined underneath his explosive personality.

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Bakugo attempted to give himself a proper hero name before. The first instance where this comes up is halfway through My Hero Academia Season 2, where the members of Class 1-A are instructed to decide on their hero names in preparation for future internships. Some students pick suitable names that fit with their Quirk and overall personality. However, Bakugo struggles to pick a hero name for himself. The first name that he comes up with is “King Explosion Murder.” After being told that he should change the name, Bakugo came up with the slight revision to “Lord Explosion Murder.” This name also ends up being denied, leaving Bakugo without a special hero name to go by.

Bakugo has never truly made a hero name for himself in the anime. He often gets called by Deku’s childhood nickname of “Kacchan,” or by his own name. Regardless, it is true that Bakugo has been developing as a character. One of the experiences that will help him to progress is the trial that he experiences after failing the hero license exam with Todoroki. With this new test, instead of fighting any villains Bakugo has to help a teacher get to the hearts of her students. These students start out as free spirits, moving around unrestrained and causing chaos. However, after some trial and error Bakugo’s group manages to impress the students. This exercise was intended to develop his rough personality, shaping him into a future hero who perhaps will reach the hearts of many under his own heroic name.

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The Best Underrated Shojo Anime From the 2010s

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Every Bakugo \u0026 Best Jeanist Scene✨



Full Name

Katsuki Bakugou


Kacchan (by Izuku and Denki)

Young Bakugo (by All Might)
Explosion Boy (pet name by Eijiro Kirishima)
King Explosion Murder
Lord Explosion Murder (both rejected hero names)
Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight (official hero name)
Bakubro (by Hanta Sero)
Kacchan of the Bakugos (by Denki Kaminari)


Class 1-A Student


Explosion Quirk

Superhuman strength and speed
Keen intellect
Cooking skills
Strategic thinking
Musical talent
One For All Quirk (temporarily)


Bullying Izuku (formerly).

Mountain hiking.
Drumming (U.A. Festival).
Cooking (sometimes).


Surpass All Might, and become the No. 1 top ranked Pro Hero.

Surpass Izuku, and rise higher than him.
Defeat the League of Villians (all ongoing).
Make amends with Izuku for the way he treated him (succeeded).
Save, Help and Protect Izuku from All For One, Shigaraki and the League of Villains (ongoing).


Masaru Bakugo (father)

Mitsuki Bakugo (mother)

Type of Hero

Power-Hungry Superhero

~ Katsuki's battle cry.
In the end it doesn't change what I have to do.. I'll become a hero that surpasses even you!
~ Katsuki Bakugo to All Might.
Shut up, scum. I will win this. That's what it means... to be a hero, Deku.
~ Katsuki to Izuku in "Katsuki Bakugo: Origin".

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside All Might) of the My Hero Academia franchise. He is enrolled in U.A. High School's Hero Department and is a member of Class 1-A.

He is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto in the Japanese version of the anime, who also voiced at Ghiaccio in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind and by Clifford Chapin in the English version of the anime, the former voicing Accelerator, Cabba and Gladion.


You know, I always looked down on you because you were Quirkless. You were s'posed to be beneath me... but I kept feeling like you were above me. I hated it. I couldn't bear to look at you. I couldn't accept the way you were. So I kept you at arm's length and was mean to you. I tried to act all superior by rejecting you... but I kept losing that fight. Since we got into U.A., nothing's worked out how I thought I would. Instead, this past year has forced me to understand your strength and my weakness. Now, I don't expect this to change a thing between us, but I gotta speak my truth. Izuku... I'm sorry for everything.
~ Katsuki apologizing to Izuku for his bullying in the past.

At first, Katsuki had shown to be highly arrogant and condescending teenager towards almost everyone due to being immensely confident of his own Quirk and abilities. With the one goal of surpassing All Might as the No. 1 Pro Hero, he was also incredibly condescending towards others and bullied Izuku for being Quirkless and seeing him as having no chance at being a hero.

During his time in U.A. however after receiving several blows to his pride as well as (to a point) deflating his ego, these behaviors have reduced mostly, now less smug and more serious about his aims as well as taking others into consideration. Even so, Katsuki can be openly disrespectful towards other students at U.A. High, and often referring to others as "extras" and looking at them as stepping stones to his own victory. At the same time, he tends to bestow others with insulting nicknames.

Despite this, Katsuki can acknowledge others if they impress him with their strength, as shown during his match with Ochaco. He also has a friendship with Eijiro due to the latter being able to see through his more brash attitude, as well as Thotsuki respecting Eijiro to some degree. Aside from this, he also does eventually come to recognize Izuku, with him realizing him to be the carrier of All Might's power. He demands that Izuku makes One For All his own so he can face against him one day.

While Katsuki would be aggressive and show much less than idealistic heroic behavior, his determination to be a hero is true with him being inspired by how All Might would win. With him still determined to become the No. 1 hero and surpass All Might. His arrogant nature also belies his true power and skill, by all means, Katsuki is nowhere near weak and shows an inborn talent at almost everything. He also performs well academically, having learned how to read fully by the age of four and does show to take studying seriously.

Katsuki was inspired to become All Might by how the hero always managed to achieve victory and defeat villains. As shown in the Sports Festival, he values true victory and believes that it's meaningless if not won properly, as shown during his match with Shoto, where he demanded the latter to use his full power. Furthermore, Katsuki is also very honest to the point to where it extends to his brash and blunt demeanour. Because of this, Katsuki also proves to be a good judge of character, as he was able to see through Yo Shindo's friendly façade.

After All Might's retirement, Katsuki begins acting more aloof than usual, while eventually confronting Izuku over his Quirk. The two come to fight and Katsuki later reveals that he had been holding immense guilt, considering himself responsible for All Might's retirement. Believing that All Might would still be around if he hadn't let himself get captured by the League of Villains. He eventually resolves this after his fight with Izuku.

Furthermore, Katsuki has recently been wanting to help more with Izuku's handling of his other Quirks and seems more concerned about his progress and well-being, with All Might hinting that this is Katsuki way of atoning for his past of bullying him. The reason why he treated Izuku that way was because he saw him as an "outlet" to his insecurity and weakness. Since then, he finally realized he was wrong about him. During the Paranormal Liberation War, when Tomura is about to stab Izuku, Katsuki’s body moves on its own and he jumps in front of his friend to save him, demonstrating how he's grown to care for his well-being. After the Paranormal Liberation War, Katsuki has a greater understanding of both Izuku and All Might's psyches, knowing that they will both confront the burden of their power by themselves so they will put themselves in danger. He later made a genuine and truthful apology to Izuku, saying that he believed that Izuku was better than him and acting mean towards him didn't work for him in the end. He told Izuku that he would support him and save everyone they care about, now supporting Izuku's goal of saving to win instead of winning to save.

Powers and Abilities

Katsuki has proven from time on throughout that he is one of the most powerful students in U.A. In combinations with his hard work, talented skills and gifted intelligence, he has shown to be a very capable hero that is able to battle against strong foes and formulate strategic tactics.


  • Explosion: Katsuki's Quirk allows him to produce powerful explosions. He does this by sweating a nitroglycerin-like substance from his skin which he can then detonate at will. He initially used these explosions for the offensive purposes, but overtime, he has gotten more creative with his Quirk and has been able to use them for defensive purposes, as well as boosting his speed. He is able to continue hold in and fire his explosions at continuous pace, allowing him to break through structures and barriers such as Ejiro's shield hardening and Shoto's ice. He cannot spam his Quirk recklessly, however, as doing so will cause his arms to ache and his explosions to weaken.
  • Superhuman Strength: Katsuki has shown that he is quite physically strong, being able to content with Izuku on multiple occasions through strength alone. He's also able to pin down villains such as Kurogiri with one arm alone.
  • Superhuman Speed: In combinations with his Quirk, Katsuki can launch himself with his explosions and travel at incredible speeds. He even can Fly due to his quirk. His speed is on par with Izuku's.


  • Keen Intellect: In contrast to his violent and aggressive behavior, Katsuki is very smart. He is capable of analyzing his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, as well as formulating strategies of his own, based on his situation.
  • Musical Talent: During the U.A. Cultural Festival, Katsuki reveals he has talent at playing the drums and as such, he played a major role as part of the musical performance.

Former Powers

  • One For All: During their battle against Nine, Izuku transferred One For All to Katsuki, which granted him the ability to stockpile power, massively enhancing his strength, speed and durability. One For All also provided Katsuki a tremendous boost of power in regards to his Explosion Quirk, as well able to utilise this power alongside Izuku to defeat the villain. One For All was eventually transferred back to Izuku.



  • He is the oldest student in Class 1-A.
  • He can play the drums surprisingly well.
  • Katsuki is the only student in Class 1-A with an unconfirmed hero name, due to his proposed ones having been turned down by Midnight for being too violent.
    • However, it is revealed in the Endeavor Agency Arc that Katsuki has chosen a hero name for himself, but has not revealed it to anyone yet.
    • His hero name was finally revealed as Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight in recent chapters.
  • Originally, Katsuki's character was going to be portrayed much differently with him being friendly and open about his opinions which lead to them being unintentionally insulting. Horikoshi found this draft to be boring however and decided to change his character to that of a loud-mouthed and unpleasant one while still being a natural born genius.
  • In the vol.2 of the SMASH Comics (which aren't canon), much to his chagrin, several of Katsuki's "embarrassing" inner thoughts are revealed, including:
    • "It wounds me when people suggest I'm not the nicest guy".
    • "Deku is actually kinda awesome".
    • "U.A is way harsher than I thought it'd be".
  • His goal of "Winning to Save" directly contrasts from Izuku's goal of "Saving to Win".
  • Katsuki's hero costume looks similar to Grenade Man from Mega Man 8.
  • His Dubbed actor who also voices Connie Springer in Attack on Titan.
  • Katsuki and Ochaco Uraraka share the same costume designer.


Sours: https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Katsuki_Bakugo

Hero name bakugou katsuki

My Hero Academia: Bakugo Announces His New Hero Name

Katsuki Bakugo announces his new hero name amidst a moment of victory and destruction in chapter 293 of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.

Warning: Contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 293!

In the world of Kohei Horikoshi's popular manga series My Hero Academia, a hero's name can sometimes be just as important as their abilities. Fans may remember a young Katsuki Bakugo pitching a pretty unconventional choice for his hero name back in chapter 45. Shockingly, the rest of the U.A. classroom doesn't support the hot-headed student's decision: "King of Explodo-Kills." Rather than come up with a different explosive-inspired mantle, he decides to follow in Shoto Todoroki's footsteps, choosing to let his own name double as his hero name as well. While he has spent the past 200+ chapters of the series operating as "Bakugo," that could change after this latest release (at least, he's hoping it will).

Chapter 293 brings the latest update in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc into fruition. This issue, titled "Hero-Saturated Society," begins with Mirio Togata (aka Lemillion) recounting the recovery of his quirk. Following this wholesome flashback, readers are pulled back into the present day, where Lemillion joins forces with his peers in their fight. While the Nomu start to overwhelm the heroes, Katsuki Bakugo comes into frame. A previous memory of coming face-to-face with death in battle fills his mind and motivates him to create an explosion intense enough to save his comrades. Alongside Tenya Ida (aka Ingenium) and Nejire Hado (aka Nejire Chan), he manages to miraculously rescue Best Jeanist from being defeated by the Nomu.

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However, all eyes are now on Bakugo, as his actions reveal a major similarity between him and childhood bestie-turned-rival Izuku Midoriya: the tendency to ignore the potential consequences of his actions in the pursuit of victory at all costs. Ingenium realizes this as well, warning him of the danger he chose to put himself in, but Bakugo's ego remains boosted as he has once again cheated death. Best Jeanist turns to the hero, asking him if he's ever "experienced the world," referring to him as Bakugo as he poses the question. The request goes over the head of the elated hero. He instead seizes this moment to claim that the title "Bakugo" has always just been temporary. From now on, he wishes to be referred to as "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite."

Of course, the name is a mouthful, and his peers think so as well. The idea would most likely not receive the approval of the 1-A's homeroom teacher Shoto Aizawa (considering it makes "King of Explodo-Kills" seem relatively PG). Still, it seems to be the most confident he has ever been in his hero identity. The name reveal serves as a cathartic callback to his earlier days at UA. While it may be a bit unrealistic, it could be seen as an endearing show of growth by fans of the dynamic hero, who can see the joy on his face in this moment, even if it is reveling in the violence.

Will the fandom be quick to stop referring to their favorite hero as "Bakugo" in favor of this new suggestion? Probably not, but who knows? It wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen in the crazy, quirk-filled world of My Hero Academia. For now, readers can choose whatever name they wish to go with, and feel comforted knowing that it would take a miracle for the pro hero world to go along with such an aggressive, yet on-the-nose name, for Katsuki Bakugo.

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The Dark Reason DC's Hawkman is Reincarnated Every Time He Dies

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Time for Hero Names!! (DUB)

Bakugou’s hero name revealed: My Hero Academia fans react on Twitter!

Fans hilariously react to and meme the My Hero Academia chapter 293 leaks that finally reveal Bakugou’s hero name.

Earlier this morning, December 3rd, the first spoilers for the upcoming chapter of the My Hero Academia manga started to leak online.

Whilst not many spoilers were revealed, we finally learnt what Bakugou’s hero name is. However, it wasn’t long before fans of the series started to meme the name on social media.

Bakugou’s hero name revealed…

  • Leaked spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 293, which releases this Sunday, has revealed Bakugou’s hero name is ‘Dynamite, The God of Great Killing Bomb!’

The upcoming 293rd chapter of the My Hero Academia manga is still a few days away but leaked spoilers for the latest instalment have revealed Bakugou’s hero name.

According to the leaks, Bakugou will reveal to Lida that his new name is ‘Dynamite’ and he is known as ‘The God of Great Killing Bomb.’

Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

You can find out more about the leaked spoilers and the release of My Hero Academia chapter 293 here.

MHA fans react on Twitter…

As soon as the news of Bakugou’s name started to circulate online, it wasn’t long before the My Hero Academia character began to trend on Twitter.

Understandably, there are mixed reactions to the leaked spoilers, with some people criticising the title and others thinking it’s only a fitting name.

However, one thing is for clear, some of the reactions and memes that have already been created are just hilarious.

Here are some of the best reactions and Bakugou memes going viral on social media.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

In other news, Super Idol Meme explained with 17 hilarious examples

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Sours: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/12/03/bakugous-hero-name-revealed-my-hero-academia-fans-react-on-twitter/

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Katsuki Bakugo’s Hero Name Confirms That He Is the Biggest Dork of My Hero Academia and I Love Him for It

Spoilers for My Hero Academia manga chapter 293.

These last couple of chapters of My Hero Academia have been A LOT but this last one did the unthinkable: took a second to have a bit of humor amidst the intense, multichapter fighting that’s been going on.

Don’t tell Bakugo that, though, he’s being very serious right now.

Because once he realizes that Best Jeanist is alive, Bakugo reveals that he held off on revealing his hero name because he was waiting for his mentor to hear it. Aw! That’s really sweet! So what’s your hero name?




That …

Ok y’all, I know a good chunk of the fandom has clowned this boy over this name but, I’m sorry, I gotta go with Mirio on this.

I think the name is great! I’m serious! I think it fits him.

I know fandom got real attached to two names in particular, one being Ground Zero (which was apparently written in an old prototype for Bakugo) and the other being Kacchan (Deku’s childhood name for Bakugo). I think it’s kinda brilliant that it’s not either of these. I didn’t mind them, but neither name really captures the essence of Bakugo’s absolute nonsense. Ground Zero is too serious for this boy and Kacchan is best left as the name that Deku constantly uses, no matter what, even in the middle of a crisis, even when he himself is beaten into oblivion yet he STILL has to ask if Kacchan is ok.

Look, I know it sounds like I’m going all BakuDeku on y’all but those are actually just facts from the series.

Back to this hero name business. Not only does “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite” illustrate my love for obnoxiously long anime titles, not only does it ring similar to names that tell you exactly who the hero is (Batman is a man dressed as a bat, Dynamite explodes like Bakugo does), it just … fits perfectly with who Katsuki Bakugo is as a character: a loud, extra as hell, dorky 16-year-old.

I think fandom focuses so much on his literally explosive personality that they forget that this is a child who is a straight-up dweeb. He just is! He goes to bed early. He scores high on written exams. Even in his bullying days, he snapped at his friends for goofing off because he wanted to make a good impression during the UA entrance exams. Also, his flippin’ hero costume is so amazingly literal, right down to the grenade gauntlets and the explosion pieces in his hair. I know Deku has the nerdy reputation with his All Might decor and note-taking, but just because Bakugo’s more subtle than having a red, white, and blue bedroom motif doesn’t mean he’s not a nerd, too.

First of all this petty ass boy took the names that got rejected (King Explosion Murder and Lord Explosion Murder) and added the word great as if THAT was the problem. I’m pretty sure folks have a problem with MURDER, but Bakugo don’t care, don’t @ him, murder stays. Oh, and instead of king or lord this mf-er added GOD, then had the audacity to make the name LONGER.

Of course, I have to address “Dynamight” which is obviously a shout out to All Might (and yes, dynamite explodes, yadda yadda yadda BAKUGO YOU NERD not even Deku has a hero name that honors All Might OMG!). This homage to All Might makes perfect sense, after all, not only did Bakugo idolize him as a kid, he felt immense guilt for All Might’s retirement, so it makes sense that he’d want to incorporate the name somehow.

I guess I’m just surprised that everyone else is surprised that Bakugo’s hero name is silly. I admit, he’s got a convincing bark, but when you step back and really look at him you realize that he is, without a doubt, that kid you LARP with who has the most longwinded, self-serving name in existence.

Deku’s gonna love it … but still call him Kacchan because his brain can’t process anything else.

Though my personal headcanon dictates that this is totally a name from their childhood, back when they collected All Might trading cards, and Bakugo’s been saving it this entire time. Why’d he wait so long? Cuz the extras had to earn it, of course. You don’t reveal your best work right out the gate, you save it for the ultimate reveal, you know, like when you’re in the middle of an all-out heroes vs villains war?

Jesus, even the timing is extra, seriously, why did people think he’d come up with something that wasn’t fantastically over-the-top?

(Image: FUNimation)

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