Backsplash ideas for laundry room

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9 Unexpected Backsplash Ideas That Aren't Just For Your Kitchen

There are many places that benefit from protective wall coverings, whether it's your mudroom, a coffee station, your bar cart, or a bathroom. Backsplashes are a fun way to add pattern, color, and personality, but they're also hardworking, defending walls from splashes and spills. A smart use of materials and a thoughtful approach can create stylish backsplashes in every room of your home.

Add Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Protect your walls from dripping detergent and drying laundry with peel-and-stick tiles. This backsplash solution is a quick weekend update and easier to install around existing cabinets and appliances than grouting and setting real tiles. Available in a variety of styles like classic subway tile and rustic wood planks, there's likely to be something to match your home decor or provide the perfect opportunity to try a new look.

Wooden panel built-in home stocked bar

Sneak In Hidden Details

Dedicated bar areas have the potential for troublesome spills, including red wine, juice, and sticky syrups. These usually compact areas let you make use of less common or more expensive backsplash materials. In a small space, a backsplash can really pack a style punch. This clever wet bar boasts a stone countertop and backsplash that protects the entire sink area. It's an unexpected luxury, as the bar area is usually hidden in a living room cabinet.

Corner of room with floral wallpaper

Install Scrubbable Wallpaper

Try wallpaper for a budget-friendly backsplash that cleans up easily. It also lets you get creative with non-traditional shapes and profiles, which is much harder to do with traditional tile. Make sure to search for scrubbable versions, which are resistant to moisture. Plus, today's temporary wallpapers make it easy to update your backsplash when you want a change.

white mudroom bench with pillows shoe storage below

Add a Beaded-Board Backsplash

The entryway is a hardworking introduction to your home. As the first place guests see, you want it to look good, but it also needs to stand up to daily use. A paneled backsplash in a similar shade as the foyer walls offers extra protection where shoes, bags, and coats are dropped. Alternatively, an extra-tall baseboard is an incognito backsplash that protects walls from splatters at the shoe drop.

built-in desk office space white cabinets teal colored chair

Boost Function in a Desk Area

Home offices and workstations are seeing more activity than ever before, and the walls behind our desks are prone to pen marks, coffee splashes, lunch spills, and more. But they're also valuable real estate for inspiration and planning. A bulletin board backsplash protects the wall and makes it useful. Dress it up with paper that can be changed when you fancy a new look. A chalkboard offers similar functionality; a dramatic desk-to-ceiling installation gets a finished look from a wood frame. Or try a modular approach that mixes multiple hardworking materials like chalkboard, pegboard, cork, whiteboard, or papered surfaces.

kitchen stove range with city map wallpaper backsplash

Personalize a Kitchen Backsplash

Highlight your personal interests with a show-stopping custom kitchen backsplash. An image applied to the wall behind a sheet of glass lets you dedicate significant wallspace to something you love. It adds all the color and pattern of tile without the grout lines.

kitchen breakfast nook green table and bench yellow flowers in teal vase

Install Wainscoting

When designing a breakfast nook or banquette, consider easy-to-clean backsplash ideas. Running tile or beadboard up the walls behind seated dinners can help save them from accidental splatters. Wainscoting provides similar protection with a more traditional look. Alternatively, raise the backs of banquette seating and use durable, washable fabrics that can easily be wiped down.

white kitchen tile backsplash decorate throw pillows

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

Have you just started planning the design of your laundry room remodel and you are stuck at the overwhelming options of the backsplashes? If yes then, our today&#;s post is going to guide you and help you choose a design that will go best with your laundry room. Here are some ideas.

Install Iridescent Blue Glass Tiles That Will Go Beautifully Well with a Wood Counter

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ realitydaydream

Install A Classic White Subway Tile Backsplash That is Guaranteed Not to Go Wrong

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ gatherandflourish

Instead of Adding Pattern To The Floor Use The Floor Tiles on The Backsplash and Keep The Floor Simple

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ puresaltinteriors

Another Classic and Luxe Option is Marble Tiles Cut into Geometric Shapes

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ homebunch

A Modern Take on The Classic White Subway Tile Can be Colored Glass Subway Tiles If White Is Not Your Thing

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ lydioutloud , marblebenchtopshub

Install Faux Tin PVC Tiles If You Like Metallic Decor

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ homedepot

Install Penny Tiles in Any Color You Like to Add Texture and Style

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ homedit

Put An Easy To Apply Iridescent Black Herringbone Adhesive Backsplash

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ tarynwhiteaker

Install Metallic Tiles in Any Shape and Size That You Like The Best

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ laperla-london , stonecreekfurniture

Go For a Gorgeous Shiplap Backsplash Combined with Wallpaper on The Other Walls

Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas

@ houzz , onekindesign

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15 Hard-Working + Polished Laundry Room Backsplashes

Raise the Bar

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Make It Bright + Tidy

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Use Neutrals With Texture

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Go for Amplified + Dynamic

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Work With Black and White

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Play With Patterns

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Embrace the All Out

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A Case of the Blues

Slim tiles in varying shades of blue take this laundry room from merely functional to delightful. The tiles' texture mimics water, a look enhanced by the artwork over the sink.

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Punctuated With Color

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Opt for Solid Stone

Try Something Different

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Stay With Stripes

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Mix and Match

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Evoke Farmhouse Charm

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Let's Head to the Beach

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24 Super Creative Laundry Room Storage Ideas

5 Laundry Room Tile Designs to Inspire You

The laundry room may just be the most understated but well-used room in the house. The style of your laundry room can be accentuated by the choice of your finishes. The variety of tile available allows for great choices for floors and walls whatever the size of your space. Tile is not only water-resistant, but it is extremely durable. It is great for high-moisture rooms like your laundry room. With the many different styles to choose from, you can make it your own. Here are some great examples of laundry room tile designs to inspire you.

1. Floor & Wall Tile

We love this look. With the classic white countertops and cabinets, it gives that fresh and clean look. The use of wide tile on the floors and patterned porcelain tile on the walls gives it just enough pop of color. This example shows a dark grey as their accent color, but your options are endless.

Tile on the floor and walls make this room easier to clean. Dust and lint from washing can be harder to clean off painted walls.

2. Wood Tile Flooring

If you already have wood flooring throughout your home, you might want to have it in your laundry room too. However, wood is not great with moisture. Luckily, tiles can do the trick. Tile that looks like wood comes in a variety of colors and styles.

We love this look because very often laundry rooms are not just in a room by themselves. They can be near the kitchen or in a mudroom. Using tile but that matches the decor of the rest of the space is possible.

3. Colorful Wall Tile

Need a splash of color? You can do that with tile! This room is a great example of how a little color goes a long way. The glass tile is not only beautiful but reflective. This makes it great for a laundry room that doesn&#;t get a lot of natural light.

The aqua color is great for a laundry room. It is a breezy and refreshing color to use. This goes great with neutral or light tone tile flooring.

4. Colorful Floor Tile

Your wall and backsplash isn&#;t the only place you can use color. You can always bring your personality to the space with colorful tile. Using a neutral gray backsplash, the color this laundry room has comes from the floor and its accents.

Laundry Room Colorful Tile
Laundry Room Colorful Tile


If you love to see what options we carry, contact us today. We also make custom mosaics for any room. It&#;s a great way to add color to your laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom!

5. Pattern Tile Flooring

Color isn&#;t the only way to add style to a room. If you want to stay neutral but want to add some flair, consider doing a herringbone pattern when laying your tile. This is great for smaller spaces. It draws the eye in and makes the room feel more open.

We love how they used a darker slate tile for this look. However, you can do this with a variety of colors getting a similar effect. There is also a variety of colors that grouts come.

Do You Want to Tile Your Laundry Room?

Awesome! At Atlas Marble &#; Tile, we have one of the largest showrooms in Maryland. That means your options are endless. If you have a picture or idea in mind, we can help you pick out the right tile for your look. Not sure what you want to do? Our expert staff is happy to assist! We work with professional contractors and homeowners that want to DIY. Also, check out our blog for tiling tips and more.

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Ideas laundry room for backsplash

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the laundry room is the kidneys (not the sexiest analogy, sure, but stay with us here): totally crucial when it comes to keeping things clean. Instead of treating this hardworking space as an afterthought, give it the TLC it deserves. If your home isn't blessed with a huge space to wash and fold your clothes, don't worry. All of these laundry room ideas—each with accompanying storage tips—will help you make the most of what you do have. And beyond functionality, we also included plenty of decorating ideas, since laundry rooms deserve design love no matter their size. Besides, laundry day is rough enough—you may as well do all that washing and drying in a stylish space.

&#;Love finding new design tricks. So do we. Let us share the best of them.

1Embrace Matching Finishes

This neutral-toned laundry room designed by Gil Schafer exudes English-country timelessness, from the exposed hinges and farmhouse sink to the traditional flush mounts. Though it isn't visible from the kitchen, the cabinetry mimics that of the kitchen for a consistent look in the home.

2Use Fluted or Frosted Glass Doors

In a pint-sized laundry room, Dee Murphy tucked unsightly laundry essentials behind a fluted-glass cabinet door. This material obscures eyesores but also takes up less visual real-estate than painted-wood cabinet doors.

3Double Your Load

If you have a large home—or family—consider doubling your machine count so you can buy back some of your time. In this perfectly preppy laundry room designed by Mark D. Sikes, the many shades of blue provide a pleasant distraction from the extra appliances.

4Put In a Cabinet

Designers Andrew and Yvonne Pojanni tucked a washer and dryer behind closed doors in their bathroom; the cabinets are painted the same color as the walls to help the storage blend in. If your appliances are front-load style, this is a great way to hide them in plain sight in exposed spaces and open floor plans. Guests will never guess this is where you spend your time on laundry day.

5Make Up for a Lackluster Window Situation

You can still look at something pretty if your sorting and folding workstation is lacking in the window department—that is, it doesn't enjoy a nice view, or even one at all. Here, Joy Cho lined laundry room walls with a whimsical tile backsplash, which makes doing mind-numbing tasks much more pleasurable than when you're staring at a blank wall.

6Reconfigure a Powder Room

Convert an underused powder room into a laundry room if you don't have spare space to build one. Designed by Heather Chadduck Hillegas, the delicate cafe curtains, farmhouse-style sink, and traditional lighting fixtures and mirror make the room feel much more elevated than your average laundry area.

7Separate with Pocket Doors

Pocket doors can help break up a laundry room into spaces with distinct uses, so you can shift gears mentally while in each area. In the case of this sunny little workstation designed by Barry Dixon, extra square footage was repurposed as a flower-arranging room.

8Set Up a Pressing Station

"To save steps, I put my laundry room on the second floor, near the linen closet and bedrooms," says interior design Betty Lou Philips. "It makes sense for it to be there, but it had to look nice since it's not exactly hidden away. The mangle—or rotary iron— is great for pressing everything from bed and table linens to jeans and t-shirts."

9Add a Kitchen Island

Here's another corner of Gil Schafer's English-inspired laundry room. The rotary iron is tucked between the wall and work table for easy access without blocking foot traffic. Adding a small folding table is a great way to repurpose old furniture or stash additional furnishings when company isn't around—think of it as a portable kitchen island.

10Hang Cleaning Tools from Hooks

Establish a designated place to hang all of your cleaning supplies: Not only will wall hooks put them within easy reach, they'll also keep them out of the way. This discreet hanging rack has been painted the same color as the wall so it blends in seamlessly.

11Keep a Steamer In Your Closet

Prevent trips to the laundry room (or the laundromat or dry cleaners) by keeping smart-investment tech like this LG steamer conveniently tucked away in your bedroom closet. But keeping one in the laundry room to de-wrinkle items right out of the dryer isn't a bad idea, either.

12Get Work Done Between Loads

"You can see our laundry room from our family room, so I wanted it to feel decorated without being overdone," says interior designer Philip Gorrivan. "I covered the walls with Philip Jeffries aqua grasscloth and the floor with Chilewich wall-to-wall matting for color and texture." There's also a little stool and counter so you can catch up on emails and get work done between loads.

13Secure a Dry Cleaning Drop-Off Zone

This isn't actually a laundry room, but it definitely aids in laundry-room organization. Between all the online orders and foot traffic, a secure spot for deliveries and accessories (like umbrellas) is more essential than ever. A delivery closet on the porch of our Whole Home Concept House even had a garment rack for dry-cleaning deliveries.

14Give It a Double Function

Custom cabinetry helps a mudroom seamlessly transition into a laundry room in a cohesive shared space designed by Eric Olsen. Custom hardware extending from the built-in bench to the sink area and chic black-and-white accessories complete the look.

15Add a Little Whimsy

Turn your laundry room into something fantastic by tenting it with vibrant swags of fabric—or at least faking a tent by commissioning an artist to paint one, as Melissa Barbieri did here.

16Hide It In a Bathroom

A modestly-sized two-in-one machine can be a smart addition to a small bathroom. The tiny wet room in a home from Fantastic Frank's portfolio of properties is a great example of a strategically designed tiny bathroom ideal for apartment living.

17Take It Outside

No space in your actual house for a laundry room? If you don't mind the extra trek, considering bringing your dirty clothes outside instead, into a pool house or unused shed. The elegant exterior and farmhouse-style interior of this backyard structure designed by Hadas Dembo sets a high bar.

18Opt for High Gloss

Choose a durable and easy-to-clean surface material for the counters. Anything high-gloss, whether it's a lacquer paint over wood or laminate material, will do the trick. In this modern and minimalist laundry room by Arent & Pyke, the reflective counter makes the room feel bigger while also being easy to wipe down.

19Nestle by a Window

Save a corner by the window for flower arranging, as Reath Design did here. The combination of task and natural light is ideal for hand-washing and spotting small stains, too.

20Protect Your Pets

If you've already got a flat surface for folding laundry, consider placing your machines in an elevated built-in platform to give your back a break from unnecessary bending. Annie Selke incorporated plenty of cozy nooks for her pets to relax in this laundry room, too.

21Choose Materials Wisely

Tile floors will be easy to clean (which will definitely make life easier in a laundry room) but they also have the ability to introduce style and personality. Heidi Caillier laid an angular chocolate brown and white pattern that speaks to the beautiful marble veining in the countertops.

22Share Closet Space

Designer David Kaihoi used some seriously smart storage solutions to make his New York City apartment feel like home—including creating this compact laundry "room" in his closet. That way, when he's not doing laundry, he can close the door on these eyesore appliances.

23Rethink the Layout

This laundry room, designed by Urban Grace Interiors, features a front-loading washer and dryer, which lets the homeowners make the most of their limited counter space. We also like that there's a sink separating the two machines for a more unique layout. Since the overhead cabinets cast a shadow, the designer added extra task lighting.

24Get Creative

This small laundry room designed by Gail Davis is bursting with personality, from the colorful wallpaper, to the framed artwork, blue trim, and striped penny tile floors. And you don't need to build custom cabinets and shelves to have extra surfaces for folding. Just slide in a lucite side chair! They take up virtually zero visual real estate.

25Choose Crisp Whites

Instead of taking up floor space with a standing drying rack, designer Dina Bandman installed a custom Lucite rod between two upper cabinets in this San Francisco laundry room for damp garments. Yes, even a drying rod can be pretty! Also, note the hamper tucked under a cabinet but exposed, so it can be grabbed quickly when it's needed.

26Experiment With Paint

Stone tiles are a smart laundry room floor option, thanks to their durability and casual look. But what really sets this laundry room by Heidi Caillier apart is the fun marigold paint and warm brass flush mount light. If you're lucky enough to have a laundry room, why not have fun with it and experiment with a new paint color? It's a great way to test run new shades before committing in a larger, more guest-prone space.

27Alternate Cabinetry Types

Alternating between exposed and closed cabinetry, this light-filled laundry room by Studio McGee holds all the essentials. "We added an open shelf above the counter to help keep space feeling open and visually interesting," says designer Shea McGee.

28Have Fun With It

Interior designer Danielle Colding transformed this basement laundry room into a lively space that we'd never mind coming down to for chore duty. In fact, the pops of orange contrasted with soothing cool grays and fun blowfish-print wallpaper might even make it one of the best rooms in the house.

29Think Style and Substance

A trio of retro hampers in this laundry room, designed by Emily Henderson, aren't just charming—the wheels also make them easy to move around the house. Assign one to each family member to help them keep track of their own laundry.

30Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is perfect for tiny rooms, like a closet converted into a laundry space. This one designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors only has room for stacked machines and a hamper, so she gave it some life with colorful wallpaper and a cheerful pendant light. "When you can't build out, build up," she says.

31Use All Available Walls

Repurpose crates to keep your essentials organized. Here, they're stacked on top of the cabinets, really making use of all possible space. Then, secure a single rod to your wall for a makeshift drying rack in a small laundry room.

32Paint the Ceiling

Most laundry rooms are small, which leaves limited space for exciting design moments. So get creative with every surface possible! Here, Anna Spiro painted the ceiling a light blue color and used a mossy green gingham skirt to hide appliances.

33Add a Shelf

If you can't install your laundry machines under built-in countertops or behind a closed door, just add an extended shelf on top of them. In this laundry room designed by Toledo Geller, the shelf obscures the machines while also providing some surface area to work on.

34Paint It a Fun Color

Even a teensy, tiny laundry room can feel like a jewel box with the right paint. In this one designed by deVol Kitchens, the blush pink cocoon is both bold and simple. Since all the surfaces but the counters are one color, it feels much bigger than it is.

35Hang a Drying Rack

In a small laundry room, you'll want to keep at surface space free, which means using your walls and ceilings, too. Designed by deVol Kitchens, the hanging drying racks keep things out of the way. A butcher-block slab in the laundry room can also become a workspace. Plus, pretty painted cabinets and a decorated mantle can draw attention away from less-than-appealing machines.

36Stack Machines

Before falling in love with a specific layout, think about how you'll use the space. For example, this laundry room designed by Sherry Hart and Jennifer Jones Condon also functions as a mudroom. To clear up some space for a doggy shower, the designers stacked the washer and dryer vertically.

37Install Speakers

A guaranteed ticket to a fun laundry room experience? Speakers. Danielle Colding installed a sound system in this energizing blue room to make even the most mundane tasks a little more inspiring.

38Make It Sleek

Have you ever seen a more sophisticated laundry room? Designed by Arent & Pyke, this space makes doing chores so much more inspiring. The machines are tucked behind a sleek khaki green closet door so our eyes can focus on the pretty marble backsplash instead.

39Do Some Blue Sky Dreaming

40Keep It Exposed

When your laundry room is actually just smack dab in the middle of a hallway, you'll want to make sure it looks as pretty as possible. This exposed laundry space by Amber Interiors blends right in with the rest of the walls in the hall, but it's brightened up by fresh florals and a colorful area rug.

42Decorate With Intention

In this minimalist laundry room designed by Robson Rak, even the essential items are stylish. The black hangers accentuate the modern black ladder, which is both decorative wall art and a functional tool.

43Liven Things Up with a Pop of Citrus

Barn doors painted a bold orange make a statement in this laundry area, designed by Mona Ross Berman. "We felt the doors shouldn’t be an afterthought," says Berman. "Painting them orange made them very visible and special. They read as art." Guests will be too impressed by your bold doors to worry about what's behind them.

44Display Your Supplies

Keep your laundry supplies organized by keeping them in one place, like on a tray on the counter. Here, Emily Henderson also transferred them to glass canisters and opted for a lint roller in the same hue of the painted cabinets for a more elevated aesthetic.

45Incorporate Art

46Hide Machines Behind a Skirt

You can use a tiny laundry room for multiple purposes (like as the bar during a party), if you hang curtains in front of your washer and dryer like Heather Bullard did here.

47Add Wall Hooks

Additional wall hooks will come in handy for hanging any knick knacks, like shoe bags, or items that need to be sent to the dry cleaner. Paint them the same color as the wall to make them blend in like deVol Kitchens did here.

48Make It Pet-Friendly

If your laundry room doubles as your mud room, make it pet-friendly with built-in feeding bowls that can be easily tucked away when not in use. Jenn Feldman Design took the theme to the next level with dog-print wallpaper.

49Install Task Lighting

This laundry room designed by Studio Life/Style feels dressier than most, thanks to the rich navy cabinets, elegant marble backsplash and floors, and wood grain ceilings. The farmhouse sink and sconce make it more approachable and also offer a more casual and useable workspace.

50Mount Things to Closet Doors

Not only does a wall-mounted organizer save valuable floor space, but it can also fit inside a closet if you don't have a dedicated laundry room.

Hadley MendelsohnSenior EditorHadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful's senior editor, and when she's not busy obsessing over all things decor-related, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again.

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How To Make Your Hassle Free Laundry Room Backsplash

Creative Ideas for Backsplash Protection for a Laundry Room Sink

By Emily Beach

Tile serves as one of the most versatile backsplash finishes.

Americans spend an average of eight hours a week in the laundry room, according to This Old House. All too often, these hours of laundry are spent in utilitarian spaces with little decorative or visual flair. Adding a backsplash to your laundry room sink not only allows you to make laundry time more enjoyable but also helps to protect the walls behind the sink from the effects of moisture, detergent and other potential hazards.

Bright Bead Board

Give your laundry room a fresh, crisp air with white bead board paneling behind the sink. Bead board panels lend a vintage feel to a room and work well with cottage or farmhouse-style decor. Choose panels made from medium-density fiberboard for greater water resistance than standard wood, and use composite trim to cap off your bead board backsplash. Plain white bead board brightens up the room, while a coat of paint adds a pop of color to this textured backsplash option.

Corrugated Metal

Add sheets of corrugated metal behind the sink for a highly textured, modern finish in your laundry room. These sheets lend an industrial yet stylish vibe to the room and can be easily installed using screws drilled into each corner.

Connect Your Corks

Cork brings a sense of warmth and texture to even the coldest and most utilitarian laundry room. Choose cork tiles for an easy-to-install backsplash option, or create your own backsplash out of repurposed wine corks. Save your own, contact your local restaurants or pick up bags of corks at craft stores. Connect the corks in rows using construction adhesive, or glue them to the wall with the end facing out for a highly textured finish.

Plastic Panels

Sheets of colored acrylic add color to the laundry room while maintaining a sleek, modern finish. These simple and affordable sheets, which can be found at big box home improvement stores, should be fastened to the wall using screws installed in each corner. Acrylic panels wipe down easily for quick cleaning, though fingerprints and smudges can linger between cleanings. Mask prints and smudges using textured fiberglass-reinforced panels to create a similar style with less maintenance.

Metal Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles add texture and style to laundry room walls. Choose new tiles from a home improvement store, or use old tin tiles from a construction salvage facility. Screw or glue tiles to the wall and paint to create the desired finish. Many modern tin tiles are designed to mimic the look of tin, copper or other metals and require no painting unless you prefer a colored look.

Traditional Tile

For the ultimate in backsplash flexibility, install tiles on the wall behind your laundry room sink. Try glass mosaic tiles or crisp subway tiles for a simple yet elegant look, or make your backsplash a focal point in the room with more decorative designs. Because most guests never see your laundry room, this room is the perfect space to take design risks or try styles you wouldn't normally use in the rest of the home. Choose cheery colors and patterns to brighten up your space, and make your laundry room a place you enjoy spending your time.



Writer Bio

Emily Beach works in the commercial construction industry in Maryland. She received her LEED accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council in and is in the process of working towards an Architectural Hardware Consultant certification from the Door and Hardware Institute. She received a bachelor's degree in economics and management from Goucher College in Towson, Maryland.


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14 Laundry Room Ideas to Make Laundry Day Your Favorite Day

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Embrace Awkward Rooms

This long, skinny laundry room proves that even awkwardly shaped spaces can become truly stunning in the right hands. The combination of grey hex tiles, bright white walls, and dark, moody cabinets lend a luxe (and very grown-up) feel to this space, while a well-placed blanket ladder (repurposed as a chic drying rack) makes it as functional as it is fashionable.

blanket ladder

Kirkland'sBlack Metal Wall Hanger$50


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Roll With It

We've seen these handy butcher paper rolls pop up in playrooms for budding artists, and in the kitchen for grocery listsbut putting one in the laundry room just makes so much sense. Keep track of your to-dos (and remember to buy more whites detergent) in one fell swoop with this endless scroll of space for scribbling.

wall mounted butcher paper roll

George & WillyWall Mounted Paper Roller$


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Add Artwork

A gallery wall next to the washer? We think it's a great idea. Give yourself something inspiring to gaze at as you fold towels, and bring a posh element to your home's most hardworking room with a diptych of abstract art. (Who knows—you might even start seeing Jackson Pollocks in those ketchup stains.)

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Pick Your Hue

Is it just us, or does this space feel more like a cathedral to cleanliness than a regular old "laundry room"? This breathtaking room uses multiple types of tile and gorgeous indigo-blue wallpaper (reminiscent of your favorite laundry-day jeans, perhaps?) to transform the everyday into something extraordinary. The final touch: a tricked-out pet shower makes it easier than ever to get Fido squeaky clean.

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Add Texture

If this picture had a smell, we're pretty sure it would be something like crisp linen and lavender. This bright white washroom just *feels* clean, from floor to ceilingbut textural elements, like leather drawer pulls and just a touch of polished brass, give it a unique personality and keep things interesting.

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Bring in Your Favorite Color

Small space, big style: this nook is just big enough for a modest laundry sink, but what it lacks in square footage, it more than makes up for in "pin-worthy" looks. The on-trend sage green cabinet brings a breath of fresh air to the space, while charming accessories show how essential it is to style out even the smallest corners of your home.

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Go Streamlined

The old adage is true—especially when it comes to a narrow laundry area. This galley-style space uses its footprint wisely, keeping things neutral to lend a feeling of openness. But while the vibe is open, the storage—crucially— is closed, making it easy to stash away anything that could cause the space to look cluttered. We love how this functional, floor-to-ceiling closet-filled space doesn't skimp on the accents, however. Unique brass knobs, delicately veined dove grey countertops, and a deluxe laundry sink bring an air of refinement to the room.

brass knobs

SchoolhouseMid-Century Knobs in Natural Brass$22


08of 14

Remember to Accessorize

This washroom has a decidedly bohemian air—and we can't get enough of it. Dark subway tile with a distinct natural character anchors the space, while grey-green cabinets bring juuuust the right touch of traditional style. But everything from the waist up is pure laid-back boho: air plants, Turkish towels, blown glass vases, and even a few snaps of beachy destinations—the perfect distraction when you're running your third load of hots of the weekend. A chic rattan laundry basket completes the look.

rattan basket

IKEASNIDAD Rattan Basket$25


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Find Laidback Vibes

Where do we even begin? The longer we look at this space, the more inspo we find. From the genius transom-style storage high overhead, finished with gleaming copper handles, to the unique light fixture, to the eclectic mix of tile that just feels so Cali-cool, we're taking notes on every element. But perhaps our favorite detail is the row of wire basket-style drawers, giving linens plenty of airflow to keep them fresh for the next set of guests who decide to drop by. We think these would be an equally genius addition in a pantry, for storing onions and the like.

wire basket style drawers

CabinetParts.comHeavy-Gauge Pull-Out Wire Basket$63


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Add Some Moodiness

Dudes: do your laundry! This sleek and masculine laundry room looks like it belongs in the world's most stylish bachelor pad apartment. The streamlined wooden cabinets (hardware-free, of course, for a more modern look) provide plenty of storage space, while the dark floors dial up the drama in the best way.

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Bring Out Your Wild Side

What's navy and white and squeaky-clean all over? The coolest zebra-print laundry room ever. If you look closely, you'll see that most of the elements in this sophisticated space are relatively traditional—the classic cabinets and oversized clothespins feel charmingly retro—but the bold zebra print wallpaper packs such a punch, the entire room is elevated to obsession-worthy status, instantly. If you've been waiting for a sign to bust out the bold wallpaper and give it a shot in your own home, consider this your call of the wild.

Navy zebra wallpaper

Willow Lane TextilesZebra Print Wallpaper$72


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Add a Gorgeous Backsplash

It's no secret that bold floor tile can totally transform a space. But it's also true of backsplashes—and why should kitchens and bathrooms have all the fun? Bring your favorite unexpected tile into your next laundry room remodel to add some serious pizzazz to this unassuming spot. It'll bring a smile to your face every laundry day, and make your home's style feel more cohesive throughout.

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Design From The Floor Up

We've said it before: wallpaper on the ceiling might be our favorite new unexpected trend. And when you put it somewhere even *more* unexpected, it only gets better. We love how this feminine paisley-esque pattern is juxtaposed with a more masculine marble slab backsplash, creating a very cool contrast that we'd be excited to see anywhere in the home. But in the laundry room, it's a full-on game-changer.

rattan stool

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Be The Gold Standard

Do a double-take. If you thought this stunning space, complete with brass statement lighting and an ultra-wide prep table might be a dining room at first glance, we understand—as laundry rooms go, it's downright palatial. But the things we love best about it can be easily replicated in any (read: much smaller) space—the visual interest and texture of bold lighting always elevates a room, no matter how small. And the eye-catching striped backsplash design is actually crafted out of penny tiles. See? Sometimes you've got to think small to make a big impact.


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