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We’ve all been there — finally tackling the dreaded house cleaning, only to have to make countless trips back to the cupboard to retrieve supplies and products. While cleaning for two hours can burn up to calories, it would certainly be more efficient if you invested in one of the best cleaning caddies to hold all your essentials.

Capable of carrying large, heavy items like detergents and bleaches, these caddies usually also come equipped with a durable handle, so you can keep one hand free to address any missed spots. Many also have clearly divided sections, making organizing a breeze.

While you can buy generic handled caddies and cleaning caddies on wheels, there are also versions available for specific areas of the house, like:

  • The kitchen
  • The bathroom
  • The garden
  • Your car
  • The office

Whether you choose to buy a generic caddy or one made for purpose, keep one of the best cleaning caddies with cleaning products inside in your cupboard. That way, you can quickly grab it and go the next time the cleaning urge hits.

We’ve rounded up 20 of the best cleaning caddies for just about every possible situation and setup. Take a look at our list below!


1. Rubbermaid Deluxe Carry Caddy


Able to hold up to eight ounce bottles, this no-nonsense cleaning caddy is durable and stable. Part of the reliable Rubbermaid brand, it’s simple enough that you can choose whatever you want to store in it, allowing you to tailor it to best suit your cleaning needs. And, if you don’t need it for cleaning, this caddy could also double as a drink transporter if you slip bottles of soda, water or coffee cups or into its grooves.

best cleaning caddies rubbermaidImage courtesy of Amazon


2. Shurhold Red Bucket Caddy


If all you need is a basic cleaning caddy, you can’t beat the Shurhold Red Bucket Caddy. This brightly colored caddy can easily carry and store your cleaning supplies. Plus, it has drain holes in the bottom for quick drying after use. For easy storing, it nestles inside nearly all standard five-gallon buckets. And, at the low price point, you can buy one for every room in the house.

best cleaning caddies shurholdImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Casabella Rectangular Storage Caddy


Capable of holding up to four gallons, this caddy has a patented handle for easy carrying. Made in the US, its translucent outer coating means you can easily see and organize your supplies and tools. Plus, this cleaning caddy is designed to nest in the Casabella four-gallon bucket for a complete cleaning system that’s easy to store.

best cleaning caddies casabellaImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Akro-Mils Cleaning Caddy


Fitted with a strong-grip handle in the center, this caddy has different-sized compartments to fit different-sized tools, products and towels. There are two deep pockets on either side of the handle which are complemented by two smaller pockets for hardware or other easily lost items. This caddy also features a fun, blue color to brighten up what are typically the most mundane tasks.

best cleaning caddies akro millsImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Madesmart Small Soft Grip Tote


Thoughtfully designed, the Madesmart Small Soft Grip Tote is ideal for carrying bathroom cleaning supplies or bath essentials. The caddy itself measures approximately 10 inches by eight inches by seven inches, so it can easily be stored under your bathroom sink. However, it’s also attractive enough to be left on display in your shower or on the bathroom counter. The basket also boasts raised feet and holes for fast drying and a soft-grip lined handle for your comfort.

best cleaning caddies madesmartImage courtesy of Amazon


6. McGuire-Nicholas Collapsible Tote


With its range of handy storage pouches, rugged carrying handle and sizable central storage space, the McGuire-Nicholas Collapsible Tote offers a good balance of function and durability. Each of the 14 pockets can be used to store everything from brushes and rags to sprays and wipes. The pockets are also tapered to provide additional space, while the central space also includes webbed loops in the wall for a more secure hold. Furthermore, the tubular steel handle includes sturdy foam padding for added comfort, even when your bag is heavy.

best cleaning caddies mcguire nicholasImage courtesy of Amazon


7. 4SGM Sterilite Cleaning Caddy


Cleaning caddies have a fairly standard shape with a handle in the middle surrounded by storage compartments. However, this 4SGM Sterilite Cleaning Caddy has added their own twist to that shape by adding a curved kidney shape to their bath caddy. This allows for the user to rest the heavy caddy against their hips, relieving some of the pressure from the handle. Furthermore, the caddie boasts five compartments, including two large compartments at either end of the non-slip handle and three smaller compartments in the middle. Finally, the durable plastic is easy to clean and is stain and mold-resistant.

best cleaning caddies 4sgm steriliteImage courtesy of Amazon


8. San Jamar Kleen-Pail Commercial Cleaning Caddy


The San Jamar Kleen-Pail Commercial Cleaning Caddy keeps things simple. The bucket-style caddy provides space for your mixed cleaning liquid and a holder for your spray which is ideal if you’re regularly moving between spots. The ergonomic handle provides comfort and is made from durable and break-resistant materials to prevent unwanted accidents. On the side of the pail, you’ll find embossed raised lettering that identifies its purpose as a non-food container, while the additional graduated markings help to create the correct chemical dilutions every time it sees use.

best cleaning caddies san jamar kleenImage courtesy of Amazon


9. mDesign Plastic Caddy Tote


While not the most practical, the mDesign Plastic Caddy Tote is the most attractive cleaning caddy on our list. This is an especially important feature if you intend to leave your caddy on display. The caddy boasts clean, white lines, right angles and a light grain wooden handle. On either side of the handle, there are two large compartments that are the right size for holding shampoo bottles, small cleaning solutions and sponges. In addition to being used as a cleaning caddy, this tote could hold condiments on your kitchen table, organize your crafting supplies or be used as a shower tote for students living in dorms with shared bathroom facilities.

best cleaning caddies mdesign plasticImage courtesy of Amazon


Bucket Boss Organizer


Ideal for washing the car, gardening or general home maintenance, the Bucket Boss Organizer can assist you with all your heavy-duty outdoor tasks. The “caddy” is actually a pocketed belt that can fit around most standard five-gallon buckets. It boasts five mesh pockets as well as a ring to hold a towel or rag. This gives you the ability to carry your cleaning solutions, sponges or small tools in the pockets while keeping soapy water or other liquid in the bucket, creating a fully functional cleaning assistant.

best cleaning caddies bucket boxxImage courtesy of Amazon


Command Under-Sink Cabinet Caddy


Sometimes all you need is a caddy to store your cleaning supplies under your sink until the next time you’re washing dishes or scrubbing the bathroom. For those chores, you don’t exactly need to carry a basket of bottles around the house but you do need soaps and sponges within easy reach. The Command Under Sink Cabinet Caddy provides an easy way to store cleaning supplies on your cabinet door. The cleaning caddy attaches to your cabinet thanks to four easily removable command strips and can hold up to seven and a half pounds.

best cleaning caddies commandImage courtesy of Amazon


Honey-Can-Do Folding Car Trunk Organizer


Your house isn’t the only place you need a cleaning caddy. Having one in your car can be a lifesaver, too. The Honey-Can-Do Folding Car Trunk Organizer can hold all the various washing liquids you need to make your car sparkle inside and out. It can also organize your jumper cables, maps and various tools in your trunk, giving you more room and a tidier car. This caddy is made from a durable fabric, boasts two large compartments and three mesh side pockets and folds flat when not in use.

best cleaning caddies hone can doImage courtesy of Amazon


Storex Large Classroom Caddy


The Sorex Large Classroom Caddies may have been designed for children, but that doesn’t make them any less useful for cleaning the house. This pack comes with six brightly colored caddies, which gives you one for every room, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Each of the caddies measures about 11 inches by four inches (high and wide) and boasts a comfort grip handle. The two large compartments can organize your cleaning supplies or other essential small items. And, as an added bonus, these caddies are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

best cleaning caddies storexImage courtesy of Amazon


Outshine Farmhouse Carry-All Holder


If you’re looking for a mix of function and style in your cleaning caddy, the Outshine Farmhouse Carry-All Holder could be the answer you’re after. This four-compartment caddy sports a galvanized metal appearance with a polished wooden handle to complete its classy look. For a variety of storage options, you’ll find three of the four compartments alongside one another, while the fourth, and largest, sits opposite. Furthermore, because of their versatility and attractive design, these holders can be used to house non-cleaning items, including utensils, condiments and other around-the-house necessities.

best cleaning caddies outshine farmhouseImage courtesy of Amazon


Viv & Lou Carry All Tote Bag


Not all cleaning caddies are made out of hard plastic. The Viv & Lou Carry All Tote Bag has soft sides thanks to its sturdy polyester construction. The large, main compartment boasts a reinforced bottom for carrying your heaviest cleaning solutions. The bag also features seven outside pockets for additional organization as well as dual carrying handles for easy transportation around the house and beyond. And, if you want to make your cleaning caddy extra special, you can even personalize this tote bag in the form of a name, company name or monogram.

best cleaning caddies vive and louImage courtesy of Amazon


Lanperle Decorative Galvanized-Metal Caddy


This caddy is as much decor as it is a functional piece of equipment. We recommend using it for your gardening supplies as it can be used both indoors and outdoors without damage. It’s built from galvanized metal to give it a farmhouse chic look and to ensure it can withstand the test of time. On one side of the handle, the caddy boasts a spacious compartment for large items, and on the other side, there are three smaller compartments for additional organization.

best cleaning caddies deocrative gardeningImage courtesy of Amazon


Superior Trading Co. Heavy Duty Cleaning Caddy


The Superior Trading Co. Heavy Duty Cleaning Caddy has a unique design among cleaning caddies. It’s made from sturdy, steel mesh with an extended paper towel holder. In addition to several compartments for cleaning supplies, the caddy also features a hook for your rag or towel and a wooden handle. While this setup is ideal for holding your cleaning supplies, the caddy could also be used for BBQ condiments, party supplies or bathroom essentials.

best cleaning caddies superior trading co.Image courtesy of Amazon

Superior Trading Co. Heavy Duty Cleaning Caddy

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MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Purpose Caddy


With a flat bottom, flat sides and clearly divided sections, weight is evenly distributed among the square MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Purpose Caddy, so your arms won’t get sore before you’ve even started cleaning. The whole thing is made from bamboo, meaning it’s stronger and more durable than competing plastic options. In addition, the light grain finish makes this caddy quite a bit more attractive than normal. Altogether, this device offers a way to get your cleaning gear from point A to point B in style.

best cleaning caddies mobile visionImage courtesy of Amazon


Cleaner&#;s Helper PROFESSIONAL Tool Belt


This Cleaner&#;s Helper PROFESSIONAL Tool Belt was designed with housekeeping and janitorial work in mind. It’s made from high-quality materials and made to last, making it ideal for anyone cleaning on a daily basis. The design includes holders for 16 and ounce bottles as well as a large storage space. You’ll also find a towel loop and a mobile phone holder for added functionality and convenience. Additionally, the belt is machine washable and surface friendly, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning or scratching when this stylish belt is around your waist.

best cleaning caddies cleaners helperImage courtesy of Amazon


Rubbermaid Commercial Products Executive Cart


If you’re looking for a professional-standard housekeeping caddie, it’s worth checking out the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Executive Housekeeping Cart. This impressive device makes carting your supplies easy, and it boasts straps for stick tools, pockets for sweepers and a range of adjustable internal walls for customized storage. The design also includes smooth and robust ball-bearing wheels which minimize noise as you travel and an internal carry caddy which can be used to house smaller items you want with you at all times. Construction-wise, the caddy is made from high-quality materials, including a polypropylene fabric and a Teflon fabric, which is used to protect the cart from stains during use.

best cleaning caddies rubbermaid commercialImage courtesy of Amazon


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20 Best Cleaning Supply Caddies &#; Totes

Cleaning caddies can be found in many different materials and styles &#; but the best cleaning caddies for you might not be the best for someone else &#; so we&#;ve organized these 20 cute cleaning caddies into sections by material and style so you can find inspiration on the best cleaning caddy or organizer for your home.

Plastic Cleaning Caddies

Plastic cleaning caddies are lightweight and easy to clean &#; making them perfect for storing and toting all of your cleaning supplies.

Yamazaki Home Favori Storage Box

Yamazaki Home&#;s Favori Storage Box is an example of a cleaning caddy with form and function &#; featuring a sleek design and wood handle for toting your supplies around.

MDesign Cleaning Caddy Tote

MDesign&#;s Cleaning Caddy Tote is a minimal organizer available in multiple colors. It offers plenty of space but you may want to keep lighter supplies in this caddy &#; some reviewers note that the handle feels flimsy.

  • Available in charcoal, light grey, clear, cream, and white
  • BPA and chlorine-free plastic
  • Dimensions 14&#; x 9&#; x &#;

Casabella Rectangular Cleaning Caddy with Handle

Casabella&#;s cleaning caddy features a sturdy, comfortable handle and pairs with the Casabella 4 gallon bucket.

Yamazaki Home Tower Storage Bucket

Yamazaki Home&#;s Tower Storage Bucket offers deep, multipurpose storage with a removable lid for stacking or keeping your supplies out of sight.

Polder Household Cleaning Caddy

Polder&#;s Household Cleaning Caddy includes an easy-to-carry handle and three compartments to keep your cleaning products upright and organized.

Made by Design Dual-Compartment Cleaning Caddy

Made by Design&#;s plastic cleaning caddy has two compartments and a comfortable handle makes it easy to move. It also pairs with Made by Design&#;s qt bucket.

  • Plastic
  • Dimensions &#; x &#; x &#;

Rubbermaid Deluxe Carry Caddy

Rubbermaid&#;s Deluxe Carry Caddy is a sturdy, divided organizer with space for 8 x oz bottles or cleaning tools.

STERILITE Divided Ultra Caddy

Sterilite&#;s divided cleaning caddy features high walls to keep bottles upright along with one large compartment and a small, divided compartment for storing your favorite supplies.

  • Plastic
  • Dimensions &#; x &#; x &#;

Shop more plastic cleaning caddies >>

Metal Cleaning Caddies

Metal cleaning caddies are durable, easy to clean, and can add character &#; from galvanized metal caddies for a vintage look or clean, enamel buckets and totes for a farmhouse feel.

Oval Galvanized Bucket with Wood Grip

This sturdy, galvanized bucket features high walls and a wooden handle for carrying your favorite supplies.

Metal Housekeeper Supply Basket

The metal housekeeper storage box includes a removable tray for additional storage.

Tin Basket Set with Wood Handles

This sturdy set of storage bins is great for creating a cleaning essentials caddy and smaller caddies for specific areas.

  • Tin with wood handle
  • Large Caddy Dimensions &#; x 12&#; x 5&#;
  • Small Caddy Dimensions &#; x &#; x 4&#;

Shop more metal cleaning caddies >>

Cleaning Caddy Bags & Totes

Soft canvas or mesh totes are a great way to store your cleaning supplies &#; look for bags with exterior pockets and interior dividers to keep your supplies organized.

HOMZ Canvas All Purpose Tote Bag

This canvas carry-all bag includes a moisture-proof coated interior with 2 interior pockets plus exterior outside pockets.

  • Available in canvas/navy and canvas/black (without exterior pockets)
  • Polyester
  • Dimensions 17&#; x 12&#; x &#;

Viv & Lou Carry All Tote

This canvas tote bag includes a reinforced main compartment plus 7 exterior pockets for your favorite cleaning supplies.

  • Available in black, navy, mint, and hot pink
  • Polyester
  • Dimensions 19&#; x 12&#; x &#;

Bucket Boss Wash Boss Organizer

The Wash Boss organizer attaches to the outside of your bucket and includes six large waterproof mesh pockets for storage plus a ring for holding a rag.

Shop more caddy bags & totes >>

Wood Cleaning Caddies

Wood cleaning caddies can add some warmth and character to organizing your favorite cleaning supplies.

Bamboo Multi-Purpose Caddy with Handle

This sturdy bamboo organizer includes multiple compartments to keep your items neatly sorted and separated.

Vintage Wood Organizer Caddy

This vintage-inspired organizer includes 6 individual sections separated with galvanized metal dividers.

  • Wood and galvanized zinc
  • Dimensions &#; X &#; X &#;

Shop more wood cleaning caddies >>

Small & Mini Cleaning Caddies

These small cleaning caddies might be too small for full-size cleaning products or carrying all of your supplies but are perfect for purposeful cleaning kits for specific rooms or to create kid-sized cleaning caddies.

Yamazaki Tosca Toolbox

Yamazaki Home&#;s large toolbox features metal construction with white enamel paint and a wood handle.

Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy

This multi-purpose caddy is perfect for carrying or storing your favorite cleaning products.

mDesign Plastic Portable Storage Organizer

This will be too small for your average spray bottles and wipes containers but this stylish little cleaning caddy is great for minis or essentials (it does fit 8oz bottles like these).

  • Available in cream, charcoal, clear, and grey
  • BPA and chlorine-free plastic with wood handle
  • Dimensions &#; x &#; x &#;

Longshore Tides Metal Bucket

This classic enamel bucket features a wood handle and low side walls which make it great for storing smaller supplies.

  • Metal with wood handle
  • Dimensions 11&#; x &#; x &#;

Shop more small cleaning caddies >>

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