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Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) pdf is a top erotica romance novel that has good ratings and is a bestseller, a top romance novel, and also captivating to read with amazing story line.

The story will keep you engrossed and entertained throughout. In this post, I&#;ll show you where to find this top erotica romance book as well as others related to this hot romance books.

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About Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) pdf download

Twelve men. A virgin queen. One arranged marriage.

The first time I met the boys of the Zodiac Brotherhood, I was forced to my knees for the introduction. Still grieving the death of my parents, I was a young queen, a pawn in my uncle’s agenda for wealth and gain. As my guardian, he had the authority to arrange a marriage upon my eighteenth birthday.

That meeting took place six years ago.

Now those boys are powerful men.

Twelve headstrong men that want to own me.

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And I must spend a month with each one.

Bending and yielding to their desires and commands.

Shedding pieces of my innocence so long as my virtue remains intact.

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Because they want a virgin queen after the last month concludes, and my uncle plans to auction me off to the highest bidder.

Out of the twelve men, only one has my heart.

And only one can claim my hand in marriage.

If only it were up to me to decide.

Part 1 of The Zodiac Queen.

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Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) free pdf illustrates the underlying meaning behind the title. As compared to the past, it is relatively hard to download Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) pdf files online today.

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Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) free pdf download reveals what a true erotica romance fiction book should be like.

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Access Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) pdf and experience what this amazing book has to offer. If you cannot get Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) pdf download for free. Please consider reading it for free or listening to it for free on Amazon Audible. Because you cannot find all books online for free.

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Some Reviews For Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1) PDF

A good turn on book for your reading pleasure.

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t’s an Erotica novel i am addicted to and love it read it always. Great story about romance, friendship, and what happens after you get everything you always wanted.

The novel is about the real meaning of love and friendship and the bonds that tie us all together.

I love Aries (The Zodiac Queen Book 1), it’s so romantic and entertaining and I cried all the way through. It broke my heart and I didn’t see that plot twist coming!

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A top erotica book, it made me blush, cringe and overall entertained.

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Leo (The Zodiac Queen #5) - Gemma James Page 0,14

my shoulder in search of the man he deems his rival. Stepping onto the front stoop, I close the door behind me. The maneuver puts me in close proximity, and I fit my spine against the wood, clinging to space. The alternative would mean having this conversation inside, which would wake the sleeping lion, and the last thing I want is a confrontation to ruin what promises to be another perfect day.

I also don’t want to hurt Liam more than necessary…more than I already have. More than I will when he learns the truth.

“I’m fine,” I say, my voice scratchy from sleep.

The chancellor’s attention spans my face before roving to mid-thigh, where the hem of Sebastian’s shirt falls. My cheeks flush with guilt, and I avoid his eyes.

“You don’t seem fine, my sweet girl.” He reaches a hand out to touch me, but his fingers stop before making contact. “You seem upset.”

“You seem tired,” I counter, examining the circles under his eyes. Exhaustion darkens his scruffy jawbone, the evidence of a sleepless night drawn in the lines around his mouth. Even his suit, worn to perfection on most days as if he invented the concept of a classically dressed man, hangs on his frame in a rumpled state.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He pauses with a bob of his Adam’s apple. “Not while you were missing.”


“Sebastian wasn’t supposed to take you off the estate grounds without clearance.”

“It’s not like he took me to another country.”

“He broke protocol, Novalee.”

The door wrenches open, and I fall backward into two strong, warm arms. “You can take your protocol and shove it,” Sebastian says, folding me into a possessive embrace from behind. His jeans brush my calves, and I’m relieved he had the foresight to put on a pair of pants.

Liam’s gaze narrows to two angry slits as he takes in the arms around my waist, as if they’re a threat he must destroy. He shakes his head. “You can’t do whatever the hell you want. You’re required to clear all overnight trips with the Brotherhood first. I can have you disqualified from the auction for this.”

“No!” I move out of Sebastian’s grasp and put my hand on the front of Liam’s suit jacket. “Please don’t. I’m begging you.” The instant the plea leaves my lips, I want to recall the words and the blaring ring of truth in them.

I want to take back the unintended pain I just launched at him. But there’s no taking it back. Devastation holds his expression hostage, and a piece of my heart fractures.

“So you’ve made your choice.” His words are a statement, void of accusation and rife with conclusion. Despite the decision not being mine to make, it matters to him that my heart knows what it wants. Sticking his hands in his pockets, he takes a step backward, and my palm falls from his chest.

“Liam, please…” Unsure of what I can say to erase the pain on his face, I wring my hands, struggling for an explanation. “I…I’m so sorry.”

And that’s when he wipes the hurt from his face, expression softening in the morning sunlight. “I know you are.” He drags a hand through his coppery hair, and as his gaze zeroes in on Sebastian, the frosty edge returns to those brown eyes. “You have until tonight to return with the queen.”

“We’ll be back tomorrow.”

Liam shakes his head, mouth an uncompromising line. “Not a minute past ten tonight, or I’ll start proceedings to have you removed from participating in the auction.” He turns on his heel and strides to the waiting SUV idling next to the sporty car Sebastian drove here yesterday.

A driver in a suit opens the back door for the chancellor, and the first man I cared about, maybe even loved, disappears into the back seat. Regret tightens my chest as the car backs down the driveway. A small part of me wants to run after him, screaming for him to wait.

Sebastian grips my hand, a quiet reminder that he’s my home now, the one my heart yearns for. The one I can’t fathom walking away from, no matter the circumstances.

Doesn’t mean hurting Liam doesn’t cut me to my soul though.

I work my hand free and return inside, blinking in rapid succession to keep the tears at bay. Making my way to the kitchen, I sense Sebastian’s steps on my heels. I open the refrigerator and gaze at the contents without seeing a thing.

“Novalee,” he says, his cajoling voice gentler than I deserve. More understanding than

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Leo (The Zodiac Queen Book 5)

Leo by Gemma James is the most popular Photography &#; Digital Photography 98 pages lant an English ebook. Leo (The Zodiac Queen Book 5) is Publisher N/A and its Publis on 29 Aug , File Size KB and Best Sellers Rank on amazon 5, in Kindle Store.

Leo (The Zodiac Queen Book 5) By Gemma James


Download the best of Leo by Gemma James PDF Book Fully Free and you can read online and your device. Leo ePub by Gemma James Enabled Text-to-Speech and N/A Screen Reader option. This book reviews out of 5 with  Customers review.

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Latest Photo of Leo (The Zodiac Queen Book 5)

This is the Photography &#; Digital Photography book in which the reader finds out the eight major techniques which are helpful in Photography &#; Digital Photography. First of all, you need a complete strategy development for your Photography &#; Digital Photography by Gemma James Book the niche of life. The reader will learn about the best practices of Photography &#; Digital Photography.


Details About Leo PDF By Gemma James

Book NameLeo
Publication Date29 Aug
CategoryPhotography &#; Digital Photography
File Size KB
AuthorGemma James
Print Length98 pages
Sellers Rank5, in Kindle Store
Screen ReaderN/A
Customer Reviews Out Of 5
Total Review
FormatPDF And ePub / Kindle Edition


Leo is a beautiful Photography &#; Digital Photography with a great story and impressive moral for readers of all ages. Gemma James is the Writer of this beautiful Photography &#; Digital Photography book. This author has a very clear idea of how to write a great story and engage readers in a great environment. This book reflects the great writing skills of the author. The characters of the novel are chosen very beautifully and executed tremendously.

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Categories Genre: Dark, Erotic, Romance, SuspenseTags Authors: Gemma JamesSeries: The Zodiac Queen Series by Gemma James

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Book Information:

Twelve men. A virgin queen. One arranged marriage.
This is the seventh installment in Novalee's journey with the Zodiac Brotherhood.
Full blurb to come! Release date is subject to change.
Books in Series:

The Zodiac Queen Series by Gemma James

Books by Author:

Gemma James


September 11th

A smooth voice calls my name, followed by a warm hand gripping my fingers. I urge my eyes open, but a heaviness weighs on my lids. Sinking deeper into the void, I cling to oblivion. There’s no pain here. No heartbreak or trauma. Only a blank canvas tempting me to draw a more appealing picture than the one waiting for me on the other side of consciousness.

Someone says my name again, and this time, insistence creeps into his tone as he gives my hand a quick squeeze.

“Open those beautiful eyes, my sweet girl.”

“Liam?” As rough as sandpaper, his name sneaks past my dry lips.

“I’m here.”

A peek through my shuttered lids reveals him crouched at my side. Concern lines his ragged face, and I search my memory for the cause, but nothing springs to mind. Why can’t I remember?

“What happened?”

“Everything’s okay,” he says, though his words do nothing to offer reassurance or an answer, and that’s when an incessant throb starts in my temples.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” I groan, holding my head as my stomach roils.

As if he expected as much, Liam helps me sit up before holding a bowl under my chin. There isn’t much in my stomach to expel, and as I heave, the last few days invade my consciousness.

Days locked away with no food in the House of Virgo, and Liam carrying me out in his muscular arms. Then…Pax slumped on the floor in the dungeon, unconscious.

After the dry-heaves stop, Liam disposes of the bowl then pushes a cup of water into my hands. “Take it slow,” he says.

I swallow a few sips before a wave of dizziness hits, and I slump to the bed, too weak to remain upright. “You drugged me.” It’s not a question, and the guilt in his eyes affirms my accusation.

He dips his head. “I had to get you out of there.”

For the first time since opening my eyes, I let my attention wander around the small room. I’m on a narrow bed, and sitting across from me is another cot. Two oblong windows offer a backdrop for a seating area, the view beyond the glass a portrait of a perfect cerulean morning. Cabinetry takes up the wall next to the door. The space is compact, minimalist, and far from what I’m used to in the tower.

“Where are we?”

“Somewhere in the Atlantic.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re on a cargo ship.”

Silence descends as we stare at each other, and I study his answer from every angle. I must have been out for the better part of the night—long enough for him to transport me onto a cargo ship. He didn’t just drug me. He kidnapped me.

I’m smuggled cargo.

“How did you get me out of the tower?”

“An escape tunnel.”

“And you just…what?” A wave of my hand encompasses the room. “Strolled on a ship with an unconscious woman?”

His lips twitch. “It was a bit more complicated than that. I had some help.”

“Did Landon help you?”

Arching a brow, Liam settles onto the edge of the bed. “A crew member did. I set the guy’s family up for life, and he set me up with a way off the island.” He doesn’t press me on why I brought up Landon, and for that, I’m grateful because I’m in no condition to spin a believable fabrication. Instead, I steer the subject away from the tower of men we left behind.

“Where are you taking me?”

Five nervous beats of my heart pass before he speaks. “You should eat something.” He stands and puts three feet of distance between us. “I’ve got some crackers. Once you keep those down, we’ll get some substance into your stomach.”

“You’re not going to answer me?” Despite my foggy head and the deadweight in my bones, I force myself upright again.

“I’ll tell you what you need to know.”

“I need to know where we’re going.” My voice rises an octave as my thoughts crystallize.

Liam drags a hand through his copper hair. “You just woke up, Novalee. I’ll tell you more when the time is right.”

Helplessness festers in my gut. “Why did you take me?”

“Do you really have to ask?”

“Yes. At first, I begged you to run away with me, and again during Mr. Bordeaux’s month, but you said you couldn’t walk away from your duty.”

Clenching his jaw, he allows a heavy moment to sneak by. “I couldn’t let you go to him.”

Him…as in Pax?

Or someone else?

“But leaving me with Mr. Bordeaux was okay?”

“None of this is okay.”

“Then why now?”

He gives a resigned shake of his head. “Because I’m selfish.”

“You took me because you’re selfish?”

“I took you because I’m in love with you, and I don’t want you to marry Sebastian.” His confession lands in the space between us, sending my heart to the pit of my stomach.

“What about the auction?”

He tilts his head, his troubled brown eyes locking with mine. “I think you already know the answer to that question. I’m not going to win.”


Categories Dark, Erotic, Romance, SuspenseTags Gemma JamesThe Zodiac Queen Series by Gemma JamesSours:

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I decided to skip the most exhausting part - a walk around the city, the registry office itself and these boring photographs and drive right up to the. Place of celebration, where everyone will probably already be a little screwy. This place turned out to be a small cozy cafe called.

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It all ended trivially and stereotypically - a large abundance of semen on the woman's face and Nikifor's paraffin-covered ass. Toward nightfall, everyone parted. Two weeks later, Vitaly and Clementy decided to repeat the evening of meeting with friends.

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