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In recent days, hair extensions have been all the range among both women and men for their convenience and quality. Wigs are one of the most popular hair products loved by almost people, including many celebrities all over the world. It is the fact that wearing hair extensions not only helps protect our own hair from damages caused by heat styling or chemical treatments but also makes us keep up with the trendiest hairstyles. That is the reason why there are a lot of beautiful and great hair extensions on the market nowadays to meet the demand of costumers. And wigs are what you should try!

Wigs With Bangs

If you are looking for a new hairstyle to change your current look to become more attractive and gorgeous without any types of chemicals, wig hair extensions of Beequeenhair will definitely satisfy you. We also make the hair extensions based on the costumers’ requires. Therefore, if you want to add some bangs to make it more dramatic, our wigs with bangs are a perfect choice for you. They are easy and safe to apply, which helps you save a lot of time but still have dream hairstyles as fast as lightening. How wonderful it is! Now, in this post, we will give you an adequate overview of human hairwigs with bangs.

1. What Are Human Hair Wigs?

As its name, this kind of hair extensions is created from real human hair, making the final products look exactly like real hair. In Beequeenhair, we use % natural remy hair that are collected from Vietnamese women to make high-quality wigs. The hair of Vietnamese females are famous for one of the most beautiful and healthy hair types in the world because it is always smooth, soft, glossy and very strong enough to bleach, color or style whatever hairdos you want. Hair strands are attached directly into a lace piece by hand to create a great wig. This process is quite time-consuming but it will ensure that all the knots are fixed and tight, lasting the longevity of the hair product. Besides, Beequeenhair also uses the best quality lace that is good and safe for your scalp. Thus, you won’t have any worry when using our human hair wigs.

Wigs Body Wavy Dark Brown

Wig Water Body Wavy hair Light Brown color

2. Why Should You Get A Human Wig with Bangs?

Many customers would like to purchase a wig with bangs that increase the beautifying effect.  To be honest, there are some reasons why you ought to choose a human hair wig with fringe. Firstly, bangs are never out of style so that it will make you look cool and stylish. Secondly, they can contribute to framing out your face and also give you a more flattering look. Thirdly, a fringe on wig makes it natural and with the bangs, women don’t need to use any a lace front to cover their hairline. How convenient it is! The last reason for applying a wig with bangs is that there are more styling options for girls to make with their hair.

Why Should You Get A Human Wig with Bangs

If you love a fringe, purchasing a wig with bangs might be the best and quickest choice. Beequeenhair will manufacture human hair wigs with bangs that are suitable with the desire of each customer. With our hair extensions, you can change your hairstyle as well as your look just in a blink of an eye.

However, it is possible for you to get the perfect bangs by yourself. For some people, they would like to cut their own bangs to get the length as well as the style as they desire. What are the perfect bangs? It is when your bangs fit your face shape and make you confident and satisfied with your look. What you need to do is to buy a human hair wig, then follow the below tips:

How to Cut Bangs by Yourself?

  • Cut hair at the front longer than you have thought. This will give you a chance to adjust mistakes if necessary. Because if you cut your bangs too short, it is impossible for you to make them longer.
  • Remember that there are tabs inside each wig at the temples to give you more easiness when wearing it. You should use these tabs as the ways to define where to stop trimming your bangs on the sides.

But, you need to make this trim carefully because as you know, different from your own hair, human hair wigs cannot grow. That is the reason why it is better for you to have your bangs cut by a professional hair stylist instead of being trimmed by yourself.

26 inch human curly weave hair extensions with ombre colors

Short Wigs with Bangs

Happiness is looking good with short hair”. If you want to change your figure with new short hair but are still worried whether a short hairstyle fits your face or not, try short full lace wigs with bangs. By this way, you can check and do whatever hairstyles you want without cutting your real hair. Come to Beequeenhair, you will have many choices of hair extensions with diverse styles, texture, colors and so on.

Short Wigs with Bangs

Bob Wigs with Bangs are the first choice of many girls because it brings them a young and active look. This is one of the best-selling hair extensions in this time. With many textures from straight, wavy or curly, you are free to choose the best one for yourself.

Curly Bob Wigs with Bangs

Wig Romantic Curly hair Light Brown color

Wavy Bob Wigs with Bangs

Long Wigs with Bangs

If you have a short hair but still dream of long and beautiful hairstyles for important events or big parties. Long human hair wigs are the perfect answer for you. It time for you to change yourself to know how attractive you are. Renew your hair by wearing high quality long wigs with bangs to make impressive long hairstyles, you must look amazing in others’ eyes and minds.

Long Wigs with Bangs

Beequeenhair provides many types of wigs with different length as well as textures. Come with us, you can have multi choices of wigs so that let us make your dream of long beautiful hair come true. These are some typical examples of human hair wigs at Beequeenhairstore that you should consider.

wigs straight black

Wig deep curly Light Brown

3. How to Style Wigs with Bangs

Wigs with Straight Bangs

Wigs with Straight Bangs

This is one of the most popular hairstyles that girls choose to wear when using wigs with bangs. Short hair with straight thick bangs gives you a chic and classic look while framing out your face.

Wigs with Side Bangs

Another way to style a wig with bangs is to sweep your bangs to the side. It is so easy for you to create this look. You don’t need to spend much time but still get an amazing hairstyle with a wig. To make a side-swept look, all you should do is to sweep bangs to one side and use a wig styling cream to keep them in place. And done!

Wig Loose Wavy hair Light Brown color

Wigs with Curtain Bangs

Wigs with Curtain Bangs

The next style of bangs you can try is curtain bangs. If you are fed up with straight or side-swept bangs, this is extra choice for you. You will find it easy to style a wig with curtain bangs. Firstly, separate your bangs at the middle and then sweep each of them to its respective side. For its fixed position, use a wig styling cream.

Braid Hairstyles with Bangs

Braid Hairstyles with Bangs

Many girls fall in love with long side braid. If you want to have a gorgeous braided hairstyle, you can use long wigs with bangs. As mentioned above, wigs allows wearers to create different hairstyles including a side braid. Beside, bangs at the front of forehead also give girls a gentle and elegant beauty.

Up-do Styles with Bangs

Up do Styles with Bangs

If you want to make your bangs outstanding, just let it alone by pulling all the rest of your hair away from your face. Some hairstyles like ponytail, low or high bun, half up half down hairdo, etc. are something helpful for you to get a desired look. You don’t need to worry whether these hairstyle are harmful to your wigs. Feel free to create beautiful hairstyles as your dream.

Accessories for Wigs with Bangs

Accessories for Wigs with Bangs

A lot of girls know how to renew their hair with some cute accessories like bandanas, headbands, and so on. A wig with bangs is fantastic but it looks more amazing and cuter when mixed with pretty accessories like bandanas or scarves. No matter how long your wig is, these lovely things will make your bangs brighten.

Wig Loose Wavy hair Blonde color

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The Best Wigs With Bangs For When You Don&#;t Want to Pluck and Glue

Wigs are a game-changer—full stop. They make it possible to switch up your hairstyle in minutes without compromising the health of your natural hair. That alone is worth the investment, though the benefits far exceed this standout one. However, I won’t deny that the process of customizing a unit can be daunting, depending on the look you’re going for. Between bleaching knots, plucking, and gluing down edges, it takes time, a lot of practice, and many YouTube tutorials to make most wigs look realistic. Unless, of course, you opt for the most ready-to-wear wig style of them all—wigs with bangs. Though bang wigs come in many different styles, the one thing they have in common is a beginner-friendly install that generally requires little to no customization.

Wigs with bangs are great for the person who is always on the go, but may not have the time to lay a wig every morning—in short: they’re a wig wearer’s dream come true. With the help of a little dry shampoo to freshen your bangs between washes, the foolproof maintenance alone will make you an instant fan, especially if you’re new to wigs in general. Whether you want to go for a short edgy cut or ultra-long beachy waves, I promise you that pairing any hairstyle with bangs will give you more bang for your buck (pun intended). With that being said, I did some homework and found some top-rated options that not only suit a variety of budgets but turn heads, too. 

AISI Hair Synthetic Bob Curly Wig

AISI Hair.

AISI Hair Synthetic Bob Curly Wig

I am obsessed with wearing curly and wavy wigs with bangs. If sleek, straight hair just your style, go with something like this instead. 

Flandi Human Pixie Straight Wig with Bangs


Flandi Pixie Wig with Bangs

Finding a big-head friendly pixie cut wig can be challenging. Such isn’t the case with this unit. In addition to the fit, fans of this wig also stan the softness and ease of styling. 

Beauart Bang Wig with Hair Bangs Black Brown Highlights


Beauart Wig with Bangs and Black/Brown Highlights

One of the biggest summer hair trends is undoubtedly highlights. What better way to bring in the season than by sporting the look with a banging edgy twist?

Quinlux Wigs Lace Front Air Bangs Short Bob

Quinlux Wigs.

Quinlux Wigs Lace Front Bob With Bangs

I get it—not everyone enjoys full, thick bangs, Well, I’m happy to report that lighter, airy bangs are making a strong comeback, and they’re as fabulous as their fuller counterparts.

Annivia Short Afro Curly Wig


Annivia Short Afro Curly Wig

Reminder—don’t leave curly wigs out of your search! There’s something about full curly hair that brings out my inner ’70s disco diva. 

Sooola Body Wave Wig With Bangs


Sooola Body Wave Wig With Bangs

Available in lengths ranging from 16 to 26 inches, this body wave wig is pretty much ready to wear straight out of the box. Whether you opt for a shorter length or something drastically long, I can assure you that this option will help you channel tropical vacation vibes even if you’re relaxing in the comfort of your own backyard. 

LUVME Virgin Hair Bob Wig WIth Bangs


LUVME Virgin Hair Bob Wig WIth Bangs

Every hair chameleon should go blonde at least once in their life. One of the best ways to try out the hue without damaging your hair or committing to the color is, of course, a bang wig. Bangs eliminate the need to tint lace or darken roots to make the transition into the blonde hair even more seamless.

Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig in Style Oria


Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig in Style ‘Oria’

A short cut is another style that every wig wearer should try a least once. And thankfully, you can test drive it without bringing clippers or a pair of scissors anywhere near your head. This affordable short wig equipped with bangs is precisely what you need if you are trying to spice things up without having to customize your look.

Janet Collection Human Hair Wig in Style Bell

Janet Collection.

Janet Collection Human Hair Wig in Style ‘Bell’

While we’re on the topic of short hair, let’s talk about mixing things up by adding a splash of color. Trust me, you won’t regret adding this statement wig from Janet Collection into your stash.

Model Model Daily Look Mint Synthetic Wig

Model Model.

Model Model Daily Look Mint Synthetic Wig

The blunt bob is another short style worth adding to your list of looks to try. Combined with a bold color, this summertime look will be an instant head-turner.

Nadula Natural Long Silky Straight Wig With Bangs


Nadula Silky Straight Wig With Bangs

Don’t underestimate the power of long silky tresses with bangs. Adding bangs to the classic look of sleek hair is an easy way to spice things up. 

FreeTress Equal Arched Bang Synthetic Wig


FreeTress Equal Arched Bang Synthetic Wig

One major pro of sporting wavy hair with bangs is that there’s no need for heat styling other than the bangs. 

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So, what are curtain bangs? “Curtain” bangs get their name from the wispy-style, face-framing fringe “It Girls” like Brigitte Bardot and Goldie Hawn famously wore in the &#;60s and &#;70s. Contemporary It Girls such as Gigi Hadid, Emma Roberts and Jennifer Lopez have worn them styled for both nighttime glam or as a casual chic daytime look. 

After a year of DIY home haircuts curtain bangs are an easy transition. First, they work on everyone–all face shapes and from curls to straight hair. Second, they are lower maintenance compared to other bang styles. 

Brigitte and Emma

What if you want bangs, but don’t want the commitment of bangs?

Milano&#;s U-Clip-on Bangs are easy to blend with your natural hair, are low-maintenance, and come in many styles and colors that you can play with to achieve both a glam or casual chic look.

Milano&#;s U-Clip-on Bangs are part of the U-Dream Collection and are made from real human hair to seamlessly blend with your natural bio-hair. U-Clip-on Bangs feature sturdy clips to secure bangs in seconds to your real hair, wig or topper. The “U” shaped contour allows easy blending with your own hair once fastened in place. U-Clip-on Bangs can also be styled any way you desire–from curtain, to wispy, long or short sides, cut-in texture, or fringe.

Achieve a modern mullet or shag look.

More hairstyles that offer versatility this spring are the mullet and shag. Mullets and shags – iconically popularized in the ‘70s by celebs like Jane Fonda – immediately make a fashion statement. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson have taken the retro look and added a contemporary twist. 

Our Milano Collection Lace Front Wig is ideal for achieving a mullet or shag style. It’s versatile, offering a variety of lengths and colors. 

The iBand Grip is the perfect addition to a wig you already have. It features a lace front similar to our Lace Front Wig which achieves a natural-looking front hairline when worn with your wig. The iBand Grip features a reinforced zigzag edge that allows you to style your hair back, or part your front hairline, whichever you prefer. The iBand Grip is available in a variety of colors too!

Questions? Book a free virtual consultation with one of our Wig Specialists.

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Sours: https://mcwigs.com/blog/curtain-bangs-the-big-hair-trend-inthat-looks-good-on-everyone/
HOW TO : Curtain Bangs w. Layers on a Curly Wig .\u0026 How I Style My Curtain Bangs.

Straight Short Bob Wig with Air Bangs Brown Wig Shoulder Length Synthetic Wig with Curtain Bangs Natural Looking

Straight Short Bob Wig with Air Bangs Brown Wig Shoulder Length Synthetic Wig with Curtain Bangs Natural Looking


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Product Details

  • Gorgeous new look: This Brown bob wig will set off your beauty,suitable for all types of skin colors and ages,will make you more shining in the crowded,suit for party ,cosplay,wedding,daily,or any other occasion you want
  • Premium Material: This straight wig with bangs select the high-quality synthetic fiber,touch soft and silky,Allowing you to straighten it or be parted any way you'd like and brushed without being easily tangled.,no shining,no no dry,Lightweight and easy to put on for time-saving new style
  • Trendy Design:The shoulder length wig has two fashion styles,can with air bangs or curtain bangs,You can choose according to your preferences one wig ,two new beauty experience
  • Adjustable&Comfortable: The straight brown wig fit for most head size and shape, with breathable inner net and soft rose net ,will give you comfortable wearing experience
  • TISHINING Wig is a registered brand,We have 10 years of experience in wig manufacturing, and offer the finest wigs at low price
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ x x inches (18 x 5 x 10 cm); Ounces ( grams)
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎TISHINING
Hair TypeStraight
Item Dimensions LxWxH x x inches (18 x 5 x 10 cm)


Straight Short Bob Wig with Air Bangs Brown Wig Shoulder Length Synthetic Wig with Curtain Bangs Natural Looking

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With bangs wig curtain

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8_ There are some celebs who, for as long as you can remember, have always had the same look. Take Jameela Jamil. The actor and activist has had long dark hair, complete with a thick and full blocky .

full shoulder length hair wig with long bangs
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