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Take it like a whore, without asking a desire. Has earned. - Come on, I'm serious. - And I'm serious.

As expected, in the kitchen, besides my mother, was the one with whom I had the most pleasant and at the. Same time most painful memories of this summer. she smiled, I need you again.

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George, without taking out the end, began to push his wife onto the bed. Moving on their knees to the middle of the bed, and without stopping the act, with new oohs and oohs, they continued the jump. Olga sank down on her elbows, which made her ass generally lifted above her head, and moaned with might and main.

- And you know, - in the intervals between groans she continued to say, - I myself want the men on the beach to stare at me naked, and to get. Up at them, and that they, looking at me, fight.

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On her warm belly, pressing her poured chest against me. I took her away from the crowd to find a place somewhere on the benches. I walked behind and admired her swaying buttocks.

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In the vestibule, besides me, there are two more guys, who look like gopniks, both a head taller than me. I stand quietly in the corner and smoke. Then one of them (obviously drunk) says: Do you hear where you are going. I tried to pretend that I didnt hear the question and continued to smoke.


Deep snowdrift. The sling that stretched from my foot to the road was covered with snow, just in case. The weather literally changed from minus fifteen to plus ten. In the evenings, snow sometimes flew by, but it immediately melted and turned into slush and mud on the roads.

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He asked modestly. - What. - I exclaimed hotly, - Mouzon is just awful, and you are playing. if I had not seen that it was you. I would have thought that these were some world famous metalheads.

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