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Drawing on phone with finger DEFAULT

Drawing with your finger on the phone!

In this tutorial, we will cover finger painting on Android. We noticed in the comments that some of you don't own a stylus pen.
That's OK because you can finger paint with MediBang Paint, and I will show you how!

Drawing with your finger on the phone!

1. Sketching

First, I will roughly sketch a character.

It doesn't have to be detailed at this stage.

2. Lineart

For the inking, I used a 5px pencil.

With finger painting, it is helpful to zoom in.

Make swift movements for the hair.

After the lineart is done, I will add the base colors.

3. Painting (eyes)

Next, I will paint the eyes.

Paint the dark colors with the airbrush on low opacity.

Paint the top part of the eye, and an oval at the center.

Use the smudge tool with a low opacity for the details of the iris.

Draw the pupil with a darker color.

Add a new layer, and set the blending to Add.

Add a color that is similar to the eye at the bottom of the eye.

I slightly added purple at the top.

Then I added another lighter color.

Now the highlights.

The position and size of the highlights will totally change the way it looks.

4. Painting (skin)

Now the skin.

Add a new layer and set the layer effect to Watercolor edge.

Draw the shadows with a color slightly darker than the skin.

Add a darker color to some areas, like the neck.

Add colors to the cheeks and shoulders using the airbrush.

The rosy cheeks give a kawaii look to the girl!

5. Painting (hair)

For the hair, I will first add pink to the tips.

Add a new layer, and set the effect to watercolor edge.

Paint shadows with the watercolor brush.

Adjust the edges with the eraser.

Add highlights.

Again, adjust the edges with the eraser.

Now the hair looks shiny.      

Add a red color to the bangs with the gradation tool.

Set the blending to screen.

Now the bangs look transparent, and light.

I finished off the hair by adding blue to the tips.          

6. Background (floor)

Now the background.

I downloaded the "Jewel 1" cloud brush and painted all over the canvas.

*You need to log in to download brushes.

Use gaussian blur with the highest value twice.

Use the hue filter to adjust the colors.

Add a blue gradation at the bottom.

This sets the mood of the background!

Use the round fill tool and draw the floor.

Use gaussian blur.

Download "Rainbow Spiral" cloud brush and draw in circles.

Use the free transform tool, and fit it to the floor.

Repeat and create more of those.     

Add shadows between the floor and the ground.

This makes it look 3-dimensional.

Set the blending of the spiral layer to add to make it glow.

7. Background (effects)

Next is effects.

I drew the shape of the effects with black.

Add a new layer above the black effects, and check "clipping".

Add colors so that it looks like a rainbow.

Add a lighter color to the effects behind the character. This will give a sense of depth.

Download the cloud brush "colorful 1", use the biggest brush size, and add particles on the entire canvas.

Download "colorful 2" and check "Rotate along".

With the brush selected, create a circle with the shape tool.

Set the layer blending to screen.

Now I will add a butterly.

Draw half of the butterly.

Duplicate the layer and flip horizontally.

Move the layer and merge the wings.

This looks too flat. I will give it an angle with the free transform tool.

Then duplicate the butterfly and transform. Create several butterflies like that.

Merge the butterfly layers. Add a layer above it and check clipping.

Make the butterflies colorful, and it's done!

8.Finishing touches

Now the finishing touches.

All the layers are merged at this point.

Duplicate the layer and select "Tone curve".

Adjust until the colors look good to you.

Let the layer blend to "Lighten" and lower the opacity.

Add a layer and fill it with a light blue.

Set the layer blending to "Lighten" and lower the opacity.

The blue layer gives a softer look to the artwork!

Duplicate the layer.

Use gaussian blur.

Add a mask layer above the blurred layer.

On the mask layer, paint the character black to get rid of the blur.

This makes the artwork more 3-dimensional.

If you want to, you don't need a stylus to draw on your phone.

Finger painting has lots of potential!

We hope you try finger painting with MediBang Paint.

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Sours: https://medibang.com/page/tutorial/officialtut/?locale=en

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Doodle Buddy is for everyone — from the serious artist to someone just starting out.

• Draw on your pics or dozens of included backgrounds.
• Over stamps :-) to decorate your drawings and pics.
• Smudge works just like your finger on chalk, but your fingers don't get dirty!
• Stencils make it easy to draw perfect circles, squares, triangles or even intricate snowflakes.

If you think you suck at drawing, try Doodle Buddy. You’ll be surprised at the amazing stuff you can make. If you’re already into drawing, you’ll have fun with Doodle Buddy too. It’s a simple, artistic medium that’s not quite like anything else. Stretch yourself within its constraints, and see what you can make.

Doodle Buddy is where art meets fun.


Doodle Buddy is the drawing app for everyone from the serious artist to someone just starting out.

In this release we added:

• Unicorn Stamp Pack!
• A couple other items that were bugging you (and us).


Ratings and Reviews

out of 5

K Ratings

A great all-in-one app :)

Hello! This is my first time writing a review for an app. I go WAY back with this app, and I’m so glad that it hasn’t changed to a paid app, and that it has been improved on since i used it probably over 6 years ago. Our old iPad got super laggy, and i haven’t played it since. I decided to download it again today so that I could draw a little fanart idea i had. I am so happy that the app has only improved, while still having the same purpose. I still remember when i had ads covering the content of the app (at the top of the screen where i was then unable to draw, and covering the tools at the bottom), and when i would download my drawing and have it come out annoyingly zoomed in. I also love how they kept all the original stencils, stickers, and background options. I have had a lot of fun memories with this app!!! It makes me feel :). I also am very glad that there are now instructions to the games that i thought were just weird backgrounds, lol. I only have a couple of things that i believe could be added. My memories are hazy, but i for sure remember a color picking tool, and possibly a bucket fill tool. Whether they existed back then or not (i swear they did) then please add those features in :). I also wish i could be able to zoom in on my drawing to fill in small areas. I love this app and even now it’s super fun. Everything in this app i used to complain about is gone. I hope you see this, and thank you for all the fun!!!! :)

Hi PenguinTheBob,
Yep we read every word of your thoughtful review. Thank you so much! We did move the color picker, but it still works the same way. It's the second icon from the right on the bottom of the screen. As for zoom and fill features--those are excellent ideas! Your request for them just moved them up in our priority list. So thank you. Enjoy!

It’s back and better than ever

I have had this app for about 7 years now, and have used it a lot for small thumbnails and pictures, or just to mess around a bit. And after a while, it got kind of boring and other apps were getting better and better, leaving this app in the dark. But, surprisingly, after 6 years, they updated it! Lots of new stuff, bug fixes, and small, but helpful features. And if you’re looking to buy this app: you should. It gets the Job done, has all the necessary tools needed for some simple art and picture editing, and for a FREE app it’s a really good one.

See & Say!

My nephew has played with this app for years and now my toddler son. The latest update(s) however have made it harder and not nearly as enjoyable for the little one. The stamps used to just pop on the screen and now they have the hand adjustment symbols around them which is slightly distracting for the little guy. I’ve also noticed that several of the stamp sounds are inaccurate (for example: the baseball stamp sounds like a playground ball bouncing 🙄 and many of the animals sound the same or are not a typical sound that you would associate with that animalI mean why doesn’t the tiger growl, and why does the orange sound like an unknown animal and the banana sounds like a goat 🐐. And the lobster sounds like someone is blowing up a balloon. These are just a few that are frustrating me, but I’m sure you will find plenty more inaccuracies that could be corrected. Please fixThe future of our youth depends on you! This app has been a handheld version of a “see & say” for many kids and they will now be horribly confused.

Thanks GAB, please check out the latest release. Based on your feedback we've updated many of the sounds, particularly around animal sounds. We didn't get all of them, but we fixed a lot. Thanks again for your insight.

The developer, Doodle Buddy Labs, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Purchases
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Purchases
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Doodle Buddy Labs, LLC


Graphics & Design

Requires iOS or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS or later.

Age Rating

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In-App Purchases

  1. Hide ads in Doodle Buddy$
  2. Small Stack of Doodle Bucks$
  3. Medium Stack of Doodle Bucks!$


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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Sketch Mobile>

Each tool has an array of options with multiple blending modes, colors, gradients, and tool specific options, to quickly fill the canvas. Create pleasing digital artwork—no degree in design required! There are four primary sections to the Tool builder:

  1. Presets—there are five preset buttons, labeled , that are entirely customizable, and an easy way to get back to settings that you recently created. You can switch between presets by tapping these buttons, or accessing them in the Power nib terminal.
  2. Tool selector—tools are labeled with icons, such as a “Pencil” or “Crayon”, to change tools simply tap them once. Above the tool icons you will find a menu that allows you to select what type of tool you want to use, including:
    1. Paint brushes—Pencil, Calligraphy, Crayon, Streamer, Automator, Spraypaint, Brush, Oil, and the Eraser.
    2. Magic brushes—Spirograph, Hair, Strings, Web, Shader, Fur, Sketchy, Chrome, and the Flood Fill.
    3. Shapes—Circle, Square, Polygon, Gear, Star, Burst, Radial Burst, Spiral, and the Supershape.
  3. Tool customizer—located to the right hand side of the Tool selector, this is where all the options for configuring the tools exist. You can control things such as;
    1. Alpha—increase or decrease the opacity of your tool.
    2. Composite—Erase, Paint, Light, and Disco modes.
    3. Size—increase or decrease the radius of a shape.
    4. Style—toggle between colors and gradients.
    5. Color Mode—Linear, Radial or Cycling colors.
    6. Color Noise—add randomized noise to your colors.
    7. Rotation—control the random rotation of tool.
    8. Scale—control the random scaling of tool.
    9. Translate—control the random movement of tool.
  4. Preview—accessible by tapping on any colored box to the right of the Tool customizer. When you’re in the preview area, you can test out styles and tool settings without affecting your canvas.

Once you’ve chosen options you’re satisfied with, click on the bright green “check” button to return to the Drawing area.

Sours: https://sketch.io/mobile/
Digital Art for beginners on mobile/tablet with Fingers using IbisPaint X- Part 1

Ever wondered what a year-old Nigerian girl obsessed with art and Bollywood can do?

I have always wanted to be an artist. Especially the graphics field. When I was younger my mom used to burn my drawings and mostly throw them away because "it was messing up the house". Funny thing is, I wasn't discouraged. I would buy margined books and sketch for eternity on them and later sell them in school for a discounted price.

One time, my aunt pointed out an article in the newspaper, it contained an art contest which I later participated in and won after losing in the first year. I came out first in all of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt in Nigeria, I was given some price packages which helped my parents to encourage my art. In the package was a laptop, that helped start my digital journey. I am self-taught, and now have an Android phone which I use to draw with my thumb and index finger. No light pen, no Stylus. I don't have a tablet, and all the artworks are done with my fingers. I admit that I am obsessed with Indian Culture and society, so my nickname is "Bollyfreak".

More info: Facebook

This post may include affiliate links.

Sours: https://www.boredpanda.com/i-draw-with-just-my-index-and-thumb-on-an-android-phone/

Finger with drawing phone on

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