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Multiplayer Modes From Modern Warfare: Ranked

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's single-player campaign is a notch above most of its older brothers, but a lot of fans come onboard solely for the multiplayer offerings. Fortunately, Infinity Ward packed a healthy dose of online content for fans to enjoy with a party of friends or total strangers. There's something for everyone, from the lone wolves to those who fancy cooperative play.

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The following will detail and rank all the modes included within the game. While these are ranked from weakest to best, taste in multiplayer is subjective, so someone's particular favorite may not have made it to the top of the list.

12 Spec Ops

Spec Ops comes in a different form than the original Modern Warfare trilogy. These are full fledged missions four people can tackle simultaneously. Four are included at launch, and each will test a team's skill.

Sadly, the mode is plagued with glitches. When it does work, it still manages to bore players. The missions are uninspired, consisting of bland objectives players complete while hordes of enemies seemingly pop up out of nowhere. Smaller, more creative objectives like the old version would have been the better choice.

11 Team Deathmatch

The name explains everything one needs to know. Two teams hunt each other until one gets a certain amount of kills. It does its job for people who just want to go out and shoot adversaries, but the lack of any secondary objective makes it aimless. Without any structure, team tactics go out the window, causing everybody to go off and do their own thing. Even for those more interested in racking up kills than doing objectives, better game modes exist which give a round more meaning, making it more engaging for everyone involved.

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10 Headquarters

In this mode, one team captures an objective and holds it for as long as possible. Once they capture it, they don't respawn until the objective location resets and the process begins anew. The changing capture point makes the rounds dynamic, but it can be disappointing to capture a spot and die almost immediately. On the plus side, people usually don't have to wait too long if they do bite it during this stage of the game.

9 Domination

Three zones on the map are up for grabs. The team must hold onto as many as possible. The more zones captured, the faster the team's score increases. The tug of war nature of this game mode keeps things exciting until the end. With three separate places to capture and defend, certain areas regularly trade back and forth between teams as defending too many points at once thins out a team.

8 Survival

This one is sadly exclusive to PS4 owners for the time being. It's a shame too, because it is quite engaging. Up to four players stand their ground against wave after wave of computer-controlled enemies.

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It starts off small, but progressively gets harder until each wave feels like an entire army coming down on the team. When the going gets tough, teamwork and watching each others' backs becomes a necessity for survival.

7 Cyber Attack

One bomb is placed in the center of the map and the teams fight to get it and blow up the other's base. Respawns are turned off, but players can revive teammates if the coast is clear. What makes it exciting is if one person is left on a team, they have an opportunity to revive their teammates and mount a surprise counterattack while the opponents plant the bomb. The possibility for a comeback late in a round makes death less frustrating than in the other one-life game modes.

6 Free-For-All

You cannot beat a classic. Everybody is out for themselves in this mode. The relatively low player count also ramps up the tension. Enemies are few and far between, but one must always be ready for an encounter. The relatively low kill count of each round won't net the most experience, but those uninterested in the meta game will have a blast running around, shooting everything that moves.

5 Ground War

A new addition to the franchise, Ground War takes a page out of Battlefield's notebook by pitting massive teams against each other in a fight to control areas of the map. Right from the start the action is hectic. If one isn't dueling it out for a control point against a squad of enemies, they are dodging sniper fire or running for cover from a tank or air support. Except for true experts of the game, one can expect to die a lot and fast. Some may find it simply too haphazard for their liking, but it's there for those who want something bombastic.

4 Realism

This is a modifier for game modes that turns off the hud completely. Players have to make sure they have enough ammo in a magazine, and must rely on their eyes to spot enemies. Nothing shows up to indicate a successful kill, adding another layer of tension to the bouts. It is not for the faint of heart, but it slows down the rounds, making it interesting for a certain type of player.

3 Search And Destroy

One team must defend two points on the map, while another must plant a bomb on either one and let it explode. In each round, players have one life, making every movement and bullet vital to the team's success. Victory also comes if one team eliminates the other completely. Some just go out for the kills, but the added objective at least adds a layer of strategy and demands teamwork. Even among strangers, playing with a headset and coordinating attacks is a blast and a surefire way to victory.

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2 Night Mode

Unfortunately, Night Mode has yet to be introduced to the full game, but Infinity Ward was kind enough to run a beta test before release. With maps taking place at night, players must use night vision goggles to see. Light sources on the map can also be strategically switched on and off. Aiming uses a laser sight, revealing one's position, forcing one to think carefully on when to go for a kill.

1 Gunfight

Gunfight is such an outlier for the series, but it manages to be a highlight of the multiplayer suite. This concentrated experience pits two teams of two in tiny maps for rounds lasting forty seconds. The first team to win six rounds is the victor.

Randomized loadouts make for a level playing field. With only two opponents, one has the opportunity to study their moves throughout a match, and do their best to counter their strategy.

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A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of Christiane Louise, a voice actress who played Cortana in Halo and Mercy in Overwatch.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wiki Guide

If you don't plan to pick up the EMP, simply stay alive and defend your EMP runner. If you do plan to pick up the EMP, to do that, press square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. Once you have it, feel free to switch back to a weapon to defend yourself. It's now your job to get to the other side of the map where the enemy data center is — you need to place the EMP here and defend it until it explodes.

The first team to win six rounds wins the match.


Domination is one of the larger and longer game modes in Modern Warfare. It sees two teams face off against each other to capture three neutral positions.

Both teams should be working toward total domination, which happens when all three positions are captured by the same team. The more positions held by a team, the more points that team will earn every few seconds and per kill.

To play Domination, you should focus your efforts on either capturing positions or defending positions already captured by others on your team. When you start the match, there will always be a position to capture close by — the same goes for the enemy team. In the middle of the map is a position that is equidistant for you as it is to the enemy.

If you're not concerned with your personal score, it's a good idea to run straight for that middle position to ensure its quick capture for your team. Be wary though as there is a good chance someone on the enemy team has the same idea.

Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy is a classic Call of Duty game mode and for good reason. It tests the skill and coordination of a team and forces players to play differently than they would in almost any other game mode.

In Search and Destroy, two teams of six are tasked with either destroying an objective (bomb) or defending it. You'll know ahead of each round what your team must do, but no matter what your objective is, your goal is simple: kill and the enemy player and stop them from getting near the thing your defending.

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In-Game Modes: Battle Royale Solos

“You’re the last one, complete the mission.” – Gaz, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Battle Royale Solos takes the gritty, tactical, and high-stakes action of Battle Royale and gives it a free-for-all twist.

In here, there are no squads, no teammates… It’s only you against everyone else who infiltrated into Verdansk.

Whether you come here for practice or for glory, here is what you need to know about Battle Royale Solos:

Free-For-All On a Massive Scale: Battle Royale Solos Overview

You and everyone else who are infiltrating Verdansk begin on the plane ready to jump out into the region. After the plane crosses a section of the map marked by your Tac Map, the rear loading ramp drops down and the battle begins.

Just like in Battle Royale, your objective is to be the last player standing – in other words, it’s you against up to 149 other Operators.

At the beginning of the match, the Tac Map shows the first safe area. Over multiple timed stages, this safe area will shrink due to the circle collapse until the entire area is shrouded in the toxic gas.

When your Operator drops to zero health, they die. Unless your Operator has a Self-Revive Kit, dropping to zero health will send you to The Gulag on your first death. Yes, the Gulag will still welcome in prisoners of the Warzone, but if you die in that 1v1 Gunfight – or during the second chance at survival you are given – forget any form of redeployment, you’re out for good.

The last Operator standing wins the match.

Battle Royale Solos Strategy

First – and most importantly – Battle Royale Solos is the ultimate test of individual skill, both in terms of combat and survival. With no other teammates to rely on, it’s up to you – and only you – to outlive the completion within Verdansk.

This all begins during infiltration; don’t worry about coordinating a drop point with teammates and drop whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. You can get an idea of what zones will become hot spots by paying attention to where people drop out of the plane. Keep an eye on the red smoke trails, as well as the plane passenger count found on the top right corner of the screen to gather this intel.

If you are prepared to fight from the get-go, try dropping out as soon as possible, landing within the circle, and/or following enemy players to their approximate landing point. Alternatively, if you would rather build a loadout, focus on dropping away from the circle and towards unmarked areas or Contracts.

No matter when and where you land, it’s wise to get comfortable with your starting handgun, as it is your only form of defense until you find another weapon. It will take approximately a full clip to down an enemy when aiming at their chest, and less shots if there are a few headshots thrown in. In summary, with this starting pistol, its strengths are in headshots and in close-quarters situations.

Still, this pistol may not get you too far in Verdansk, so it’s best to look for loot and Contracts immediately after landing. Ground loot is great for those looking for immediate self-defense, while Supply Boxes will usually contain much better weapons and equipment.

As for Contracts, they are slightly tuned for Solos: although they reward less cash on completion than a normal Contract, they can be easier to complete. For example, Recon Contracts have their hill time cut in half, and Bounty Contracts will still see you hunt down a single Operator, but you won’t have to worry about that Operator’s squadmates getting in the way.

With that said, there are no squadmates whatsoever in Solos, so any big fights that take place will be massive free-for-alls. If you are about to enter – or already in – and engagement involving multiple enemies, think quickly about how you can take advantage of it. Do you use the commotion to plan an escape? Or maybe let them fight until one remains, only for you to swoop in for the final kill?

These kinds of decisions also bleed over into looting and searching tactics. In general, if you see an open door, Supply Box, or a recently activated Buy Station, that may be a sign that an enemy is close by. Using your physical senses – sight and sound – effectively will also help you survive on your own, as it’s even more important to notice a sniper scope glint or a gunshot from far-away when you are all alone in Verdansk.

Along with having good judgement, successful Solos Operators know how to use any and all reconnaissance tools to their advantage. Especially pay attention to that Tac Map and Compass; red dots show enemy fire and knowing how the circle collapse could change a fight in progress or be crucial to your survival.

Furthermore, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV, which could provide a great advantage to you when navigating through Verdansk. The last of these tools can be bought through Buy Stations, which are active during this mode.

Speaking of Buy Stations, you can also still buy Self-Revive Kits or find them in Verdansk. Keep this in mind when fighting other Operators; usually, they will instantly die after being reduced to zero health, but if they have a kit, they have the chance to jump back up and get their revenge. With that in mind, always ensure you have a confirmed kill before turning your attention towards the next firefight.

Because there are no redeployments outside of the Gulag, it is especially important to win your 1v1 match when it happens. You can read more tips about the Gulag here, or you could play some Gunfight to practice, if you’re struggling to win those pulse-pounding duels.

Finally, winning a Solo game is a tough, yet rewarding, task, as you will have had to outlast dozens upon dozens of other players to do so. If you do win a Solo, take pride in that accomplishment.

However, an alternative way to think of Battle Royale Solos as a warm-up to a standard Battle Royale game. With no squadmates to rely on, this mode can allow you to focus on practicing basic mechanics that will translate seamlessly to a squad-based game. Although individual skill is not everything in a standard Battle Royale game, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have better accuracy and sense of survival along with being a great teammate.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Review

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: 10 Best Game Modes, Ranked

Ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare changed FPS multiplayer, every Call of Duty title afterward has introduced new mechanics, maps, and modes to keep things fresh. Out of everything each CoD game has added, game modes have seen the most interesting iterations.

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Hardcore variants, third-person playlists, Modern Warfare 3's Kill Confirmed, Black Ops 4's Heist, and now Modern Warfare's Ground War are excellent examples of this iteration. The newest Modern Warfare entry has taken heavy inspiration from past entries, resulting in some incredible game modes for players to experience. Ranging from Gun Game to Battle Royale, here are the 10 best game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

10 Gun Game

The number of weapons and attachment options in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can make it intimidating to break away from using one or two load-outs.

Gun Game is a great excuse to get out of your comfort zone. You spawn with a pistol and progress to different weapons by killing others. After you work through most of Modern Warfare's roster, you must finish a target with a Combat Knife to win. Matches are quick and frantic with players trying to knife each other to derank top players. If you want to familiarize yourself with MW's sandbox, this is a great way to do so.

9 Free-For-All

Frantic gunfights are the soul of Free-For-All matches. You stand against 7 other players and must make it to the top 3 to claim victory. You are solely responsible for winning or losing.

Not having teammates to rely on is a blessing and a curse. You can use your strategies and rely on your wits, but that also means any mistake can lead to you losing the game. This tension helps players learn key chokepoints and camping spots on most of Modern Warfare's maps. You'll be a pro at navigating maps if you play this mode enough.

8 Team Deathmatch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare wouldn't be a proper Call of Duty entry if Team Deathmatch wasn't included. Two teams of six go head-to-head in a variety of maps to score the most amount of kills.

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Modern Warfare allows for 6v6 and 10v10 matches, each playlist incorporating different maps. Smaller maps fair well in TDM, allowing for great flanking opportunities and a display of true gun skills. Larger maps sour this mode somewhat, with most of MW's launch, maps being too large, and lacking flow for fun engagements. If you get Shoot House or Vacant, though, you're in for a good time.

7 Ground War

Battlefield players will feel right at home playing Modern Warfare's Ground War. Two teams of 32 fight over 5 objectives with guns, tanks, and helicopters.

It's a model that seems paradoxical to CoD's fast-paced nature on paper, but it works surprisingly well in practice. Fast time-to-kill keeps Ground War much more distinct than Battlefield and makes the long spawn times all-the-more punishing. As long as you don't mind the occasional death out of your control, Ground War is a fantastic way to level up Modern Warfare's more niche weapons like sniper rifles or launchers.

6 Hardpoint

Introduced in Black Ops 2, Hardpoint is Call of Duty's take on King of the Hill modes from other shooters. Teams must fight over a section of the map and defend it against the enemy team to earn points.

This zone will rotate periodically, keeping matches fresh and to prevent an overreliance on camping. Modern Warfare's more strategic elements like Deployable Cover and mounting guns play a larger role than most modes. Map control and team coordination matter a lot more than kills in Hardpoint.

5 Gunfight

Face-Off was an underrated game mode for Modern Warfare 3 that seems forgotten. Solos, duos, or trios would queue to fight against another team in small maps with limited lives.

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Gunfight is a great rendition of MW3's Face-Off mode. Two squads of duos fight in a small map with one life over multiple rounds to see who's best. Listening for footsteps and callouts are critical to succeeding in this intense game mode. Friendships and gun skills alike are tested to great effect in Gunfight.

4 Warzone

Battle Royale has taken the gaming industry by storm. Every major shooter has some form of BR mode now, so it's no surprise that Modern Warfare took a crack at the formula.

What is surprising is how good it is. Titled Call of Duty: Warzone, 150 players fight in a massive map while scavenging weapons, armor, and killstreaks. Warzone's sandbox is so robust yet balanced (mostly) that it scratches a certain FPS itch that no other BR game and few FPS games can. If Infinity Ward can reduce the number of cheaters in this mode, Warzone might be one of the best things added to Modern Warfare. Best of all, it's free! You don't need a copy of Modern Warfare to play this.

3 Cranked

Team Deathmatch with a twist, Cranked is about rewarding aggressive players with speed boosts on kills. If you can't kill someone in 30 seconds after your last, you die.

The score you earn is doubled while Cranked on top of receiving most of Modern Warfare's speed perks, which results in far fewer campers and more players running-and-gunning. Any mode that discourages camping is a plus, which is why Cranked is so common in most playlists. For those who think Cranked is too fast-paced for their liking, Team Deathmatch is always an alternative.

2 Kill Confirmed

Alternatively, you can play Kill Confirmed instead of Team Deathmatch or Cranked. Introduced in Modern Warfare 3, Kill Confirmed requires players to walk over dead bodies to score kills.

Dog Tags drop from any dead player, allies or enemies. Grabbing friendly Tags will deny the enemy a point while grabbing an enemy's Dog Tag grants a point. On good maps, Kill Confirmed is a blast to play since it encourages players to frequently move around the map. Kill Confirmed is Call of Duty firing on all of its cylinders in the best possible way.

1 Plunder

If Kill Confirmed is Call of Duty firing on all cylinders, Plunder is Call of Duty cranked up to 11. Plunder is a variant of Warzone that is about collecting as much cash as possible.

It brilliantly combines the frantic engagements of Warzone, the sandbox of Ground War, and ties it together with a simple mechanic like Kill Confirmed. Having unlimited lives and spawning with loadouts makes deaths less punishing but enough of a risk to keep matches tense. When your team becomes marked on the map for having so much cash, chaos ensues. Killstreaks, explosives, and vehicles all enter the picture to keep Plunder matches engaging. Anyone who wants a more casual and chaotic experience from Warzone's traditional Battle Royale mode should give Plunder a try.

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Someone Made Squid Game Into A PS1 Game

Squid Game has now been recreated in Roblox, Fortnite, and also on PS1. Well, sort of.

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Warfare modes modern game

Warzone | Call of Duty Modern Warfare

All Multiplayer Modes List

Learn the multiplayer game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2021 (COD: MW)! Find out the different match modes, how to play each one, rules & conditions, and more!!

Multiplayer Game Modes

Map Playlists

About Multiplayer Game Modes

Related Guides

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Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
10 Minutes751 - 6

Two teams fight to kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit, or with the higher number of points when the timer runs out wins!

Check Out The Team Deathmatch Guide Here!


Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
0 Minutes2001 - 6

Each team needs to capture and defend different points on the map to earn points. The first team to reach the score limit wins. Kills do not count towards your team's overall score.

DOM 20 Player

DOM 20 Player
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
0 Minutes2001 - 6

A variation of Domination mode, now with 20 players. The same rules from domination apply.

Check Out The Domination Mode Guide Here!

Free For All

Free For All
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size

There are no teams in this game mode! In this kill or be killed mode, you will need to survive and get kills to rack up your score. The top 3 players with the most points when the timer expires wins.

Check Out The Free For All Guide Here!

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
10 Minutes651-6

Kill Confirmed pits two teams against each other! Dying in this game mode will drop dog tags for either your team or the enemy team to pick up! Collecting these dog tags can reward your team points, or deny the enemy theirs!

Check Out the Kill Confirmed Guide Here!


Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
5 Minutes2001 - 6

Two teams fight to capture and hold a point in the map designated as the "Headquarters". These points randomly appear on the map after a set amount of time, and capturing and holding them rewards your team with the points required to win.

Headquarters 20 Player

Headquarters 20P
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
5 Minutes2001 - 6

A variation of Headquarters mode with 20 players. Same rules from Headquarters apply.

Check Out The Headquarters Mode Guide Here!

Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
3 Minutes01 - 6

Two teams fight to retrieve an EMP device and plant it on the opposing team's Data Center, requiring both teams to play offense and defense at the same time. The round ends when either a team gets wiped out or if an objective gets destroyed. First team to win 5 rounds wins.

Check Out The Cyber Attack Mode Guide Here!

2v2 Gunfight

2v2 Gunfight
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
40 secondsN/A2

2 versus 2 game mode, with both teams having the same weapons and loadouts every round. To win a round, a pair must outlive and eliminate the opposing team. The pair with the most number of rounds won wins the whole match.

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Realism Game Rule

Realism Mode

Realism Game Rule is a special ruleset that can be added on top of any multiplayer game mode, and removes the HUD of all players. In this mode, you will not be given any indication if you hit or kill an enemy, no notification if your shots connect, and more. It's just you, your gun, and your instincts!

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Night Maps NVG Multiplayer Mode

NVG (Night Vision Goggles) Mode

Night Vision Goggles Mode

Night Vision Mode will pit two teams against each other in a map's night variation. Your HUD will be limited, forcing you to play more carefully since you do not know where an enemy may appear!

Check Out the NVG Mode Guide Here!

Hardpoint Multiplayer Mode

Hardpoint Overview
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
5 Minutes2501 - 6

2 teams of 6 players battle against one another to get control of Hardpoints and earn points for their team. It's a King of the Hill battle where the team with the most points wins.

Check Out the Hardpoint Multiplayer Mode Guide Here!

Search & Destroy Multiplayer Mode

Search And Destroy Overview
Match TimeRound LimitParty Size
2 Minutes61- 6

In this game mode, one team will be tasked to plant a bomb and set it off, while the other needs to prevent them from doing so. Rounds are won when a team completes their goal or if a team is wiped out.

Check Out the Search And Destroy Mode Guide Here!

Gun Game Multiplayer Mode

Gun Game

Free-for-All with a twist. Players start with the same weapon and loadout. Each kill rewards the player with a different weapon. The first player to reach 18 kills with 18 different weapons wins the game.

Check Out The Gun Game Mode Guide Here!

Reinforce Multiplayer Mode

Reinforce Mode

Capture the flag but with a twist! You can only respawn if your team captures an objective! Win a round by capturing all objectives, killing all enemies, or holding more objectives when time expires! First team to 4 round wins, takes home the gold!

Check Out Reinforce Mode Here!

Infected Multiplayer Mode


Survive against the infected, or leave no survivors! This frantic game mode will have you in several close range fights! Survivors who fall in battle will respawn and join the enemy's ranks as an Infected!

Check Out the Infected Mode Here!

Cranked Multiplayer Mode

Cranked Multiplayer Mode

Fight to survive! Cranked mode requires players to continuously kill enemies in order to survive and rack up points. The first team to reach the score limit wins the match.

Check Out the Cranked Mode Here!

Dropzone Multiplayer Mode

Dropzone Mode

Dropzone plays similarly to Hardpoint with each team battling each other for control of randomly placed capture points. The twist is that Care Packages containing Killstreaks are dropped while a team is controlling an area.

Check Out Dropzone Mode Here!

Grind Multiplayer Mode

Grind New Game Mode

Grind mixes Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed, requiring players to get dog tags from fallen enemies, and hand them over to a "bank" to be counted. The team with the highest number of submitted dog tags wins.

Check Out Grind Mode Here!

Capture The Flag Multiplayer Mode

Capture The Flag

A classic game mode, Capture the Flag requires both teams to get the enemy team's flag and return with it to their base. The first team to score 6 points or has the highest score at the end of the match wins.

Check Out Capture the Flag Here!

Deathmatch Domination Multiplayer Mode

Deathmatch Domination

Deathmatch Domination blends the rules of Team Deathmatch and Domination, requiring players to kill enemies and capture specific points in the map to earn points. The first team to score 300 points wins the match.

Check Out Deathmatch Domination Mode Here!

Ground War Multiplayer Mode

Ground War Mode
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
20 Minutes2501 - 24
A larger and more chaotic Domination. Two teams of up to 32 players fight for control over specific locations in the map. The more locations, the more points as time passes. Both aerial and land vehicles are also available for each team's disposal.Check Out The Ground War Mode Guide Here!

Vehicles Takes On A More Important Role

Vehicles Takes A More Important Role

Vehicles takes on a more important role in Ground Wars: They can help flank or suppress an objective, or get players to locations and heights that's unreachable without vehicles. Learn to use them to dominate!

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Team Defender

Team Defender
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
Differs100001 - 24

Playing similarly to the classic "Capture The Flag" game mode, both team will be fighting over a single flag and aim to hold on to it while fighting off your rivals.

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Cabin Fever Playlist Maps

Includes Compact Maps

Cabin Fever

The Cabin Fever playlist includes several small compact maps. Choose this playlist if you want faster matches and quick kills or if you are looking to increase your weapon levels. Note that as the playlist follows 6v6 Moshpit (core game modes), game modes may differ after every match.

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Best Game Modes For Beginners

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a fast paced mode that helps beginners ease into the fast pace of the game. Here, death does not give you a heavy penalty since respawning is quick. The main focus of the game is to get kills which eases the learning curve of the game.

Team Deathmatch Mode - Multiplayer Tips & Guides

Realism Mode

Realism Mode is recommended for players with good tactical decision-making skills, since it levels the playing field for all players. Veteran players will not be able to use different HUD elements to get easy kills from beginners.

Realism Game Rules- Multiplayer Tips & Guides

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Multiplayer Game Modes Explained

Each multiplayer mode explained in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to help differentiate between the different modes for new and veteran players

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been a staple of the first-person shooter genre since the brand first launched in 2003. The game has gone through many iterations with different changes attached to the series. The multiplayer aspect itself has gone through many different modes that are now quite familiar to most out there who probably don't even play the game. The multiplayer menu has a quick play option, which has most of the popular modes available, and there are more targeted modes outside of the quick play menu that are new or have been updated.

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Domination and Deathmatch, for example, are modes that most gamers have seen in various other games not just in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If a player is new to the series, or even for hardcore vets, some recent game modes that have been introduced and tweaked that might need a bit of a run through to know which mode might be more fun for different play styles. Here's a small rundown of each multiplayer mode to help in picking the right mode a simpler one.

Quick Play In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Team Deathmatch: This mode has anywhere between 1-6 players per team. The goal is to reach a score of 75 points, where each kill is a point, or have more points than the other team in a 10-minute time limit
  • Free-For-All: No friends here, only enemies. Everyone is out to kill everyone and the score limit is 30 points. Be the first to get 30 or get the highest point number at the end of 10 minutes and come out a champion.
  • Cyber Attack: With teams of 6, this mode puts players in a position to either plant a bomb (EMP in this mode) or diffusing it. A few differences between this mode and others is when a player gets downed, reviving is only done by another teammate or if the round ends. If your entire team dies then the match is over. It's important to note that even when the bomb is diffused, the match continues and everyone on the other team must be eliminated.
  • Domination: The old classic that everyone both loves and hates makes its return. The object of this game is to capture flags and hold them for as long as possible. The first team to get 200 points wins.
  • Search And Destroy: If Rainbow Six: Siege is a familiar sight then Search and Destroy is going to feel right at home. Players on teams of 1-6 take turns both defending and attacking bomb sites.
  • Headquarters: A designated headquarters pops up on the map and the team's mission is to capture the headquarters location and hold it for as long as possible or until the timer for the location ends after 30 seconds. The match finishes when either the match timer ends or the 200 point limit is reached. No respawns once the headquarters is captured.
  • Hardpoint: Similar to Headquarters but the big difference is the point limit raises to 250 and there are respawns when you die.
  • Kill Confirmed: Killing a player is one thing. Confirming them is another. In this mode when players die, they leave dog tags that must be picked up. If they're the enemies' team tags, you get a point, if tags are for someone on the player's team, then you save a point from being taken. The first team to 75 points wins.
  • Capture The Flag: Capture The Flag is an oldie but a goody. The player has to get to the other team's base, take their flag and return it to their base to earn a point.
  • Infected: The recent zombie infestation of video games has come to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Here, teams are split into the infected side or the healthy side. The mission, eliminate all the infected or eliminate all the healthy players. The added twist is the infected side can infect players of the other team and turn them against the healthy side.
  • Gun Game: The player starts with a gun and at each kill made the gun changes the score limit is reached.  This mode is similar to Free-For-All but with the change of guns being a difference-maker.
  • Team Deathmatch10v10: Deathmatch mode but with 10 players on each team. Score limit is increased to 100 points vs. 75 points in regular Deathmatch.
  • Domination 10v10: Identical to the Domination mode, this version simply raises the team size which increases the level of chaos. Scoring is still 200 points.

Realism Mosh Pit In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

For the hardcore player in all of us there comes a time when we need that extra bit of challenge and nowhere is this truer than in Realism Mosh Pit. No HUD, barely any hit detection and higher damage for headshots. This mode encompasses the previous modes listed but with those extra stipulations. Get ready for a challenge!

Ground War In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This is a giant version of Domination where there are five objectives to capture rather than three, a larger map than the previously mentioned modes and a player size of 32 players per team. This mode has the added benefit of having vehicles that can be used during the fight such as tanks and choppers. Since the size of the map is so huge, respawning can be done on either captured objectives or teammates. This is all-out war so be prepared to bring your A-game to this insanity.

Gunfight In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This 2v2 mode has two key parts to it. Only two players to each team and when switching sides, the guns change as well. This is a great mode to improve as the gun changes and close-quarter maps make these matches exciting and keep the player on their toes. Also, the first team to win 6 rounds wins.

Choosing Gunfight Custom will allow you to choose your loadout, otherwise, this mode is the same.

Deathmatch Domination In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This is a combination of both Deathmatch and Domination where points are earned by either getting kills or holding the flags just like in Domination. Because of the various methods of getting points, the point total is high with 300 points giving the win.

Shipment 24/7 In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This mode is absolute madness mixed with a bit of chaos and carnage. One tiny map, two teams of six spawning and respawning and killing in a deathmatch style mode. Shipment 24/7 is a very tame title for this mode.

More: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Beginner's Guide to Online Multiplayer

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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Modern Warfare Season 3: Every Game Mode Confirmed For Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare offers a multitude of game modes and Season 3 adds a few more to the mix.

Along with the traditional modes, we'll also see new ones in the form of Gunfight (a new 2v2 mode) and Ground War (a big 64 player mode).

Controversially, some of the most popular COD modes that have been a cornerstone of multiplayer are not included.

What Game Modes Are In Modern Warfare 2019?

Here is the full list of game modes in Modern Warfare 2019:

  • Team Deathmatch 6v6 (Core and Hardcore)
  • Team Deathmatch 10v10 (Core and Hardcore)
  • Cyber Attack (Core and Hardcore)
  • Search & Destroy (Core and Hardcore)
  • Domination 6v6 (Core and Hardcore)
  • Domination 10v10 (Core and Hardcore)
  • Hardpoint
  • Headquarters (Core and Hardcore)
  • Ground War
  • Gunfight
  • Free-For-All (Core and Hardcore)
  • Realism
  • Reinforce (Season 1)
  • Gunfight OSP (Season 1)
  • Infected (Season 1)
  • Defender (Rumour)
  • Demolition (Rumour)
  • Drop Zone (Rumour)
  • One In The Chamber (Season 2)
  • Search & Rescue (Rumour)
  • Invasion (Rumour)
  • Shoot House 24/7
  • Shipment 24/7
  • Deathmatch Domination
  • Capture The Flag
  • Cranked (Season 1)
  • Reinfected Ground War (Season 3)
  • Gun Game Reloaded (Season 3)
  • CDL Hardpoint (Season 2)
  • CDL Domination (Season 2)
  • CDL Search And Destroy (Season 2)

Season 3 Game Modes

There are a few game modes coming with Season 3 including Reinfected Ground War and Gun Game reloaded.

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