Cubs june 2017 schedule

Cubs june 2017 schedule DEFAULT

As has been the case for the last few years, Major League Baseball released its entire schedule for Wednesday afternoon.

You’re probably not thinking yet, as the Cubs have plenty of unfinished business to take care of yet in Nevertheless, if you’re thinking ahead to next year and where the Cubs will open the season and where they’ll take road trips, here’s your first look.

The Cubs are slated to open the season against the Cardinals in St. Louis Monday, April 3, the first time the Cubs have opened the season in St. Louis since They’ll then play the Brewers at Milwaukee before beginning the home season at Wrigley Field Monday, April 10 against the Dodgers. will be the first time since that the Dodgers will be the Cubs’ Wrigley-opening opponent.

In , the Cubs’ interleague games will be against the American League East. They’ll face the Tampa Bay Rays, Joe Maddon’s former team, both at Wrigley and at the Trop. It’ll be the Cubs’ first visit to Tampa since

The Cubs will also visit Baltimore to play the Orioles. That’ll be the first time the Cubs have been at Camden Yards since

Here’s the complete schedule. Note that these dates are still tentative and subject to change. Some game times have been set; I’ll add more to this post when they are available (and remember, as of now, mid-September, they’re all still subject to change). All times Central. Home games in boldface.

April 2, at Cardinals (, , )
April at Brewers (, , )
April 10, Dodgers (, , )
April Pirates (, , )
April Brewers (, , )
April at Reds (, , )
April at Pirates (, , )
April at Red Sox (, , )
May Phillies (, , , )
May Yankees (, , )
May at Rockies (, , )
May at Cardinals (, , )
May Reds (, , )
May Brewers (, , )
May Giants (, , , )
May at Dodgers (, , )
May at Padres (, , )
June Cardinals (, , )
June Marlins (, , )
June Rockies (, , , )
June at Mets (, , )
June at Pirates (, , )
June Padres (, , )
June at Marlins (, , , )
June at Nationals (, , , )
June 30, July at Reds (, , )
July Rays (, )
July Pirates (, , )
July All-Star break
July at Orioles (, , )
July at Braves (, , a.m.)
July Cardinals (, , )
July White Sox (, )
July at White Sox (, )
July at Brewers (, , )
August Diamondbacks (, , )
August Nationals (, , )
August at Giants (, , )
August at Diamondbacks (, , )
August Reds (, , , )
August Blue Jays (, , )
August at Reds (, , )
August at Phillies (, , )
August Pirates (, , )
August 31, September Braves (, , , )
September at Pirates (, , , )
September Brewers (, , )
September Mets (, , )
September Cardinals (, , )
September at Rays (, )
September at Brewers (, , , )
September at Cardinals (, , , )
September , October 1: Reds (, , )


Chicago Cubs season

regular season game log: 92–70 (Home: 48–33; Away: 44–37)

April: 13–11 (Home: 4–5; Away: 9–6)

1April 2@ Cardinals3–4Oh (1–0)Montgomery (0–1)47,0–1L1
2April 4@ Cardinals2–1Arrieta (1–0)Wainwright (0–1)Davis (1)46,1–1W1
April 5@ CardinalsPostponed (rain)(Makeup date: April 6)
3April 6@ Cardinals6–4Lackey (1–0)Cecil (0–1)Davis (2)44,2–1W2
4April 7@ Brewers1–2 (11)Hughes (1–0)Montgomery (0–2)28,2–2L1
5April 8@ Brewers11–6Hendricks (1–0)Mariñez (0–2)43,3–2W1
6April 9@ Brewers7–4Arrieta (2–0)Davies (0–2)38,4–2W2
7April 10Dodgers3–2Davis (1–0)Romo (0–1)41,5–2W3
8April 12Dodgers0–2McCarthy (2–0)Lackey (1–1)Jansen (2)40,5–3L1
9April 13Dodgers4–0Anderson (1–0)Ryu (0–2)38,6–3W1
10April 14Pirates2–4Cole (1–1)Hendricks (1–1)Watson (3)40,6–4L1
11April 15Pirates7–8Williams (1–0)Strop (0–1)Watson (4)41,6–5L2
12April 16Pirates1–6Taillon (1–0)Uehara (0–1)39,6–6L3
13April 17Brewers3–6Anderson (2–0)Lackey (1–2)Feliz (5)38,6–7L4
14April 18Brewers9–7Grimm (1–0)Hughes (1–1)Davis (3)39,7–7W1
15April 19Brewers7–4Davis (2–0)Feliz (0–2)34,8–7W2
16April 21@ Reds6–5 (11)Edwards Jr. (1–0)Stephenson (0–1)Davis (4)29,9–7W3
17April 22@ Reds12–8Arrieta (3–0)Reed (1–1)27,10–7W4
18April 23@ Reds5–7Arroyo (2–2)Lackey (1–3)32,10–8L1
19April 24@ Pirates14–3Anderson (2–0)Kuhl (1–2)13,11–8W1
20April 25@ Pirates1–0Hendricks (2–1)Cole (1–3)Davis (5)15,12–8W2
21April 26@ Pirates5–6LeBlanc (1–0)Lester (0–1)Watson (7)16,12–9L1
22April 28@ Red Sox4–5Pomeranz (2–1)Arrieta (3–1) Kimbrel (8)37, 12–10L2
23April 29@ Red Sox7–4Lackey (2–3) Wright (1–4) Davis (6)36,13–10W1
24April 30@ Red Sox2–6Barnes (3–0)Uehara (0–2)36,13–11L1

May: 12–16 (Home: 10–6; Away: 2–10)

25May 1Phillies2–10Velasquez (2–2)Anderson (2–1)38,13–12L2
26May 2Phillies8–3Lester (1–1)Hellickson (4–1)38,14–12W1
27May 3Phillies5–4Arrieta (4–1)Eickhoff (0–3)Davis (7)39,15–12W2
28May 4Phillies5–4 (13)Uehara (1–2)Rodríguez (1–1)36,16–12W3
29May 5Yankees2–3Holder (1–0)Rondón (0–1)Chapman (7)40,16–13L1
30May 6Yankees6–11Montgomery (2–1)Anderson (2–2)40,16–14L2
31May 7Yankees4–5 (18)Shreve (1–0)Strop (0–2)40,16–15L3
May 8@ RockiesPostponed (rain)(Makeup date: May 9)
32May 9 (1)@ Rockies4–10Senzatela (5–1)Arrieta (4–2)34,16–16L4
33May 9 (2)@ Rockies8–1Lackey (3–3)Freeland (3–2)36,17–16W1
34May 10@ Rockies0–3Márquez (1–2)Hendricks (2–2)Holland (14)35,17–17L1
35May 12@ Cardinals3–2Butler (1–0)Leake (4–2)Davis (8)47,18–17W1
36May 13@ Cardinals3–5Martínez (3–3)Lester (1–2)Oh (10)47,18–18L1
37May 14@ Cardinals0–5Wainwright (3–3)Arrieta (4–3)47,18–19L2
38May 16Reds9–5Lackey (4–3)Arroyo (3–3)40,19–19W1
39May 17Reds7–5Hendricks (3–2)Feldman (2–4)Davis (9)38,20–19W2
40May 18Reds9–5Lester (2–2)Garrett (3–3)Uehara (1)36,21–19W3
41May 19Brewers3–6Peralta (5–2)Montgomery (0–3)Torres (1)36,21–20L1
May 20BrewersPostponed (rain)(Makeup date: July 6)
42May 21Brewers13–6Arrieta (5–3)Anderson (2–1)41,22–20W1
43May 22Giants4–6Blach (2–2)Lackey (4–4)Melancon (9)36,22–21L1
44May 23Giants4–1Lester (3–2)Cueto (4–4)32,23–21W1
45May 24Giants5–4Hendricks (4–2)Moore (2–5)Davis (10)35,24–21W2
46May 25Giants5–1Butler (2–0)Samardzija (1–6)Montgomery (1)37,25–21W3
47May 26@ Dodgers0–4Wood (6–0)Arrieta (5–4)45,25–22L1
48May 27@ Dodgers0–5McCarthy (5–1)Lackey (4–5)Stripling (1)48,25–23L2
49May 28@ Dodgers4–9Fields (2–0)Lester (3–3)47,25–24L3
50May 29@ Padres2–5Torres (3–2)Hendricks (4–3)Maurer (7)41,25–25L4
51May 30@ Padres2–6Lamet (2–0)Butler (2–1)33,25–26L5
52May 31@ Padres1–2Hand (1–3)Uehara (1–3)Maurer (8)23,25–27L6

June: 15–13 (Home: 8–5; Away: 7–8)

53June 2Cardinals3–2Strop (1–2)Rosenthal (1–2)Davis (11)41,26–27W1
54June 3Cardinals5–3Rondón (1–1)Leake (5–4)Davis (12)41,27–27W2
55June 4Cardinals7–6Strop (2–2)Bowman (1–2)Uehara (2)39,28–27W3
56June 5Marlins3–1Butler (3–1)Straily (4–4)Montgomery (2)34,29–27W4
57June 6Marlins10–2Arrieta (6–4)Locke (0–1)34,30–27W5
58June 7Marlins5–6Ureña (4–2)Lackey (4–6)Ramos (9)34,30–28L1
59June 8Rockies1–4Chatwood (6–7)Lester (3–4)Holland (22)39,30–29L2
60June 9Rockies3–5Rusin (3–0)Frankoff (0–1)Holland (23)41,30–30L3
61June 10Rockies1–9Hoffman (4–0)Butler (3–2)41,30–31L4
62June 11Rockies7–5Edwards Jr. (2–0)Lyles (0–2)Davis (13)41,31–31W1
63June 12@ Mets1–6deGrom (5–3)Lackey (4–7)33,31–32L1
64June 13@ Mets14–3Lester (4–4)Wheeler (3–4)32,32–32W1
65June 14@ Mets4–9Blevins (4–0)Edwards Jr. (2–1)34,32–33L1
66June 16@ Pirates9–5Uehara (2–3)Nicasio (1–3)25,33–33W1
67June 17@ Pirates3–4Nova (7–4)Arrieta (6–5)Rivero (3)34,33–34L1
68June 18@ Pirates7–1Lackey (5–7)Taillon (3–2)34,34–34W1
69June 19Padres3–2Rondón (2–1)Yates (1–1)Davis (14)40,35–34W2
70June 20Padres4–0Montgomery (1–3)Chacín (6–6)41,36–34W3
71June 21Padres2–3Maton (1–0)Uehara (2–4)Maurer (13)41,36–35L1
72June 22@ Marlins11–1Arrieta (7–5)Locke (0–3)23,37–35W1
73June 23@ Marlins0–2Urena (6–2)Lackey (5–8)Ramos (11)24,37–36L1
74June 24@ Marlins5–3Lester (5–4)Wittgren (1–1)Davis (15)25,38–36W1
75June 25@ Marlins2–4Vólquez (4–8)Montgomery (1–4)Ramos (12)25,38–37L1
76June 26@ Nationals5–4Butler (4–2)González (7–2)29,39–37W1
77June 27@ Nationals1–6Scherzer (9–5)Arrieta (7–6)31,39–38L1
78June 28@ Nationals4–8Strasburg (9–2)Lackey (5–9)31,39–39L2
79June 29@ Nationals5–4Peña (1–0)Treinen (0–2)Davis (16)37,40–39W1
80June 30@ Reds0–5Feldman (7–5)Montgomery (1–5)39,40–40L1

July: 16–8 (Home: 5–6; Away: 11–2)

81July 1@ Reds3–5Stephens (1–0)Butler (4–3)Iglesias (15)39,40–41L2
82July 2@ Reds6–2Arrieta (8–6)Adleman (5–5)38,41–41W1
83July 4Rays5–6Archer (7–5)Lester (5–5)Colomé (22)42,41–42L1
84July 5Rays7–3Strop (3–2)Ramírez (4–3)39,42–42W1
85July 6Brewers2–11Davies (10–4)Montgomery (1–6)41,42–43L1
86July 7Pirates6–1Edwards Jr. (3–1)Williams (3–4)41,43–43W1
87July 8Pirates2–4Nova (9–6)Arrieta (8–7)Rivero (6)41,43–44L1
88July 9Pirates3–14Schugel (1–0)Lester (5–6)41,43–45L2
88th All-Star Game in Miami, Florida
89July 14@ Orioles9–8Uehara (3–4)Brach (2–2)Davis (17)34,44–45W1
90July 15@ Orioles10–3Arrieta (9–7)Miley (4–8)40,45–45W2
91July 16@ Orioles8–0Quintana (5–8)Jiménez (4–5)31,46–45W3
92July 17@ Braves4–3Lester (6–6)Teheran (7–7)Davis (18)41,47–45W4
93July 18@ Braves5–1Lackey (6–9)Newcomb (1–5)41,48–45W5
94July 19@ Braves8–2Montgomery (2–6)Dickey (6–6)40,49–45W6
95July 21Cardinals4–11Bowman (2–3)Edwards (3–2)42,49–46L1
96July 22Cardinals3–2Lester (7–6)Bowman (2–4)Davis (19)41,50–46W1
97July 23Cardinals5–3Quintana (6–8)Wacha (7–4)Davis (20)41,51–46W2
98July 24White Sox1–3González (5–9)Grimm (1–1)Swarzak (1)40,51–47L1
99July 25White Sox7–2Lackey (7–9)Rodon (1–4)40,52–47W1
July 26@ White Sox8–3Arrieta (10–7)Shields (2–3)38,53–47W2
July 27@ White Sox6–3Lester (8–6)Pelfrey (3–8)39,54–47W3
July 28@ Brewers1–2Suter (2–1)Quintana (6–9)Knebel (18)42,54–48L1
July 29@ Brewers2–1 (11)Montgomery (3–6)Hughes (3–3)Davis (21)44,55–48W1
July 30@ Brewers4–2Lackey (8–9)Davies (12–5)Davis (22)44,56–48W2

August: 17–12 (Home: 11–6; Away: 6–6)

August 1D-backs16–4Rondón (3–1)Corbin (8–10)Montgomery (3)40,57–48W3
August 2D-backs0–3Godley (5–4)Arrieta (10–8)Rodney (23)41,57–49L1
August 3D-backs8–10Barrett (1–0)Davis (2–1)Rodney (24)39,57–50L2
August 4Nationals2–4Roark (9–7)Hendricks (4–4)Doolittle (8)41,57–51L3
August 5Nationals7–4Lackey (9–9)Jackson (2–2)Davis (23)41,58–51W1
August 6Nationals4–9Kintzler (3–2)Edwards (3–3)41,58–52L1
August 7@ Giants5–3Arrieta (11–8)Moore (3–12)Davis (24)40,59–52W1
August 8@ Giants3–6Blach (8–7)Quintana (2–2)Dyson (7)39,59–53L1
August 9@ Giants1–3Bumgarner (2–5)Duensing (0–1)Dyson (8)41,59–54L2
August 11@ D-backs8–3Lackey (10–9)Walker (6–6)39,60–54W1[permanent dead link]
August 12@ D-backs2–6Corbin (9–11)Lester (8–7)Hernandez (2)42,60–55L1[permanent dead link]
August 13@ D-backs7–2Arrieta (12–8)Godley (5–5)41,61–55W1[permanent dead link]
August 14Reds15–5Quintana (7–10)Wojciechowski (3–2)40,62–55W2
August 15Reds1–2Lorenzen (7–2)Strop (3–3)Iglesias (21)36,62–56L1
August 16Reds7–6Davis (3–1)Peralta (3–3)37,63–56W1
August 17Reds10–13Storen (4–2)Grimm (1–2)Iglesias (22)38,63–57L1
August 18Blue Jays7–4Arrieta (13–8)Happ (6–9)Davis (25)41,64–57W1
August 19Blue Jays4–3Quintana (8–10)Barnes (2–4)Davis (26)41,65–57W2
August 20Blue Jays6–5 (10)Wilson (4–4)Osuna (3–4)41,66–57W3
August 22@ Reds13–9Rondón (4–1)Peralta (3–4)16,67–57W4
August 23@ Reds9–3Montgomery (4–6)Wojciechowski (3–3)15,68–57W5
August 24@ Reds2–4Lorenzen (8–2)Strop (3–4)Iglesias (24)18,68–58L1
August 25@ Phillies1–7Eickhoff (4–7)Quintana (8–11)24,68–59L2
August 26@ Phillies17–2Hendricks (5–4)Lively (1–5)29,69–59W1
August 27@ Phillies3–6Pivetta (5–9)Lackey (10–10)Neris (16)28,69–60L1
August 28Pirates6–1Montgomery (5–6)Williams (5–7)38,70–60W1
August 29Pirates4–1Arrieta (14–8)Kuhl (6–10)Davis (27)37,71–60W2
August 30Pirates17–3Quintana (9–11)Nova (11–12)36,72–60W3
August 31Braves6–2Hendricks (6–4)Newcomb (2–8)38,73–60W4

September/October: 19–10 (Home: 10–5; Away: 9–5)

September 1Braves2–0Lackey (11–10)Foltynewicz (10–11)Davis (28)37,74–60W5
September 2Braves14–12Lester (9–7)Sims (2–5)41,75–60W6
September 3Braves1–5Fried (1–0)Montgomery (5–7)42,75–61L1
September 4@ Pirates0–12Kuhl (7–10)Arrieta (14–7)21,75–62L2
September 5@ Pirates3–4LeBlanc (5–2)Edwards Jr. (3–4)Rivero (18)14,75–63L3
September 6@ Pirates1–0Strop (4–4)Hudson (2–6)Davis (29)17,76–63W1
September 7@ Pirates8–2Lester (10–7)Taillon (7–6)19,77–63W2
September 8Brewers0–2Nelson (12–6)Lackey (11–11)Knebel (33)41,77–64L1
September 9Brewers2–15Anderson (9–3)Montgomery (5–8)41,77–65L2
September 10Brewers1–3Davies (17–8)Hendricks (6–5)Knebel (34)40,77–66L3
September 12Mets8–3Quintana (10–11)Gsellman (6–7)37,78–66W1
September 13Mets17–5Lester (11–7)Harvey (5–5)36,79–66W2
September 14Mets14–6Montgomery (6–8)Lugo (6–5)37,80–66W3
September 15Cardinals8–2Edwards Jr. (4–4)Martínez (11–11)38,81–66W4
September 16Cardinals4–1Hendricks (7–5)Wacha (12–8)Davis (30)40,82–66W5
September 17Cardinals4–3Strop (5–4)Lyons (4–1)Davis (31)37,83–66W6
September 19@ Rays2–1Montgomery (7–8)Archer (9–11)Davis (32)25,84–66W7
September 20@ Rays1–8Snell (4–6)Lester (11–8)24,84–67L1
September 21@ Brewers5–3 (10)Davis (4–1)Drake (3–5)35,85–67W1
September 22@ Brewers5–4 (10)Edwards (5–4)Knebel (1–4)40,86–67W2
September 23@ Brewers3–4 (10)Jeffress (5–2)Davis (4–2)44,86–68L1
September 24@ Brewers5–0Quintana (11–11)Anderson (11–4)87–68W1
September 25@ Cardinals10–2Lester (12–8)Weaver (7–2)42,88–68W2
September 26@ Cardinals7–8Duke (1–1)Arrieta (14–10)Nicasio (5)41,88–69L1
September 27@ Cardinals5–1Lackey (12–11)Wacha (12–9)42,89–69W1
September 28@ Cardinals2–1 (11)Tseng (1–0)Bowman (3–6)43,90–69W2
September 29Reds5–4Duensing (1–1)Lorenzen (8–4)Grimm (1)36,91–69W3
September 30Reds9–0Lester (13–8)Stephens (2–1)41,92–69W4
October 1Reds1–3McGuire (1–1)Lackey (12–12)Iglesias (28)40,92–70L1
Legend:&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; &#; = Win&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; &#; = Loss&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; &#; = Postponement
Bold = Cubs team member
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San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs Box Score, June 20,

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Aug 27, 2017 First VISUAL of the NEW Nkuhuma Cubs

We haven't even hit the playoffs yet, but the Chicago Cubs are already looking forward to next year. 

The team released the tentative schedule for the season, and fans of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry won't be disappointed. 

The Cubs will begin the season in St. Louis on Monday, April 3, according to a release from the team. This marks the 12th time in the last 16 seasons that the Cubs are starting on the road, and the first time since that they're starting in St. Louis. 

After three games against the Cardinals (April 3, ), the Cubs will head to Milwaukee for three games against the Brewers on April  

The first game at Wrigley Field will be against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the following Monday, April This is the first time since that the Cubs will play their first home against the Dodgers. 

The beloved Crosstown Classic against the Chicago White Sox is scheduled for July at Wrigley Field and July at Guaranteed Rate Field on the South Side. 

Wrigley Field will be home to just one holiday game during the season - the Fourth of July against the Tampa Bay Rays, who will stick around for a second game the following day. The Cubs will later head to Tampa Bay for two more on September

Four holidays will be spent on the road, with a Mother's Day matchup in St. Louis on May 14, Memorial Day on May 29 in San Diego against the Padres, and both Father's Day on June 18, as well as Labor Day on September 4, in Pittsburgh. 

Other highlights include the Cubbies hosting the New York Yankees for three games on May , and the Toronto Blue Jays for three games on August  

The North Siders will face the Red Sox in Boston for three games on April and the Orioles in Baltimore for three games on July

Here is the full schedule (home games in bold):

Apr. at St. Louis

Apr. at Milwaukee

Apr. vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Apr. vs. Pittsburgh

Apr. vs. Milwaukee

Apr. at Cincinnati

Apr. at Pittsburgh

Apr. at Boston

May vs. Philadelphia

May vs. New York Yankees

May at Colorado

May at St. Louis

May vs. Cincinnati

May vs. Milwaukee

May vs. San Francisco

May at Los Angeles Dodgers

May at San Diego

June vs. St. Louis

June vs. Miami

June vs. Colorado

June at New York Mets

June at Pittsburgh

June vs. San Diego

June at Miami

June at Washington

June July 2: at Cincinnati

July vs. Tampa Bay

July vs. Pittsburgh

July at Baltimore

July at Atlanta

July vs. St. Louis

July vs. Chicago White Sox

July at Chicago White Sox

July at Milwaukee

Aug. vs. Arizona

Aug. vs. Washington

Aug. at San Francisco

Aug. at Arizona

Aug. vs. Cincinnati

Aug. vs. Toronto

Aug. at Cincinnati

Aug. at Philadelphia

Aug. vs. Pittsburgh

Aug. Sept. 3: vs. Atlanta

Sept. at Pittsburgh

Sept. vs. Milwaukee

Sept. vs. New York Mets

Sept. vs. St. Louis

Sept. at Tampa Bay

Sept. at Milwaukee

Sept. at St. Louis

Sept. Oct. 1: vs. Cincinnati

Though it's subject to change, this schedule certainly packs a punch. Between June 12 and July 2, the Cubs are only home for three games, but they'll get a bit of a reprieve in mid-August when they play four out of six series at Wrigley Field.

After a brief road trip to Pittsburgh, they'll come back for nine more home games after that, meaning that they'll have a chance to make some hay at the Friendly Confines during the stretch run.

The Chicago White Sox also released their schedule Wednesday. 


June 2017 schedule cubs

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August 12, 2016-St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs

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