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Current Students - Gettysburg College

Current Students - Gettysburg College

campus community. Find answers to questions about campus life, events for students, academic advising, and community resources. Student Patient Portal  

Accepted Students - Gettysburg College

Accepted Students - Gettysburg College

Information for accepted students: orientation, campus visit days, and Submit your enrollment deposit online through your applicant status portal, over the 

Accepted Students - Gettysburg College

Accepted Students - Gettysburg College

Submit your enrollment deposit online through your applicant status portal, over the phone by credit card, or mail a check to the Admissions Office. Find out when  

Student Accounts - Gettysburg College

Student Accounts - Gettysburg College

The Student Accounts Office provides information and counseling to assist students and families to meet their financial obligations to the College. In addition to 

Admissions & Aid - Gettysburg College

Admissions & Aid - Gettysburg College

At Gettysburg, you're joining the ranks of driven and exceptional students who want to make a difference—students who share your vision of a better world and a 

Helpful Links - Gettysburg College

Helpful Links - Gettysburg College

Check out campus schedules and events. College Bookstore Stock up on your G' burg Gear! The Student Patient Portal Log in to the student patient portal here.

CNAV - Gettysburg College

CNAV - Gettysburg College

Students and Employees: Network Use Policy · Password North Washington Street, Gettysburg, PA © Gettysburg College. All Rights  

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Health & Counseling Services - Gettysburg College

In our work, we value students' unique perspectives based on their wide array of Medicat Student Patient Portal · Pay your Health Center charge · Health 


Gettysburg E-mail

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Employees and Students can access OWA for Gettysburg email by opening a web browser to the Gettysburg College homepage. In the blue section at the bottom of the college homepage or in the IT Quick Links to the left, select Email via the Web. Log in using your Gettysburg College credentials.

Configure Outlook on your Computer

If you are using Microsoft Office Professional or , students can set up Gettysburg email with Outlook. Click on Start or the Windows button, select programs and select Microsoft Office. Follow the screen wizard to connect your email. See link below for screenshot instructions.

Office Screenshots(PDF)

Connect Phone or Mobile Device to Gettysburg Email

Email after Graduation

July 1st following graduation your Gettysburg account will be removed from the system. This includes email, calendar, H drive, and CNAV. See Information for Seniors for more detailed information.

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Employee and Student H Drives

Connect to a student H Drive

The H drive is space on the college's network that you can store your school work for safe keeping. In order to access this network space, you will need to download either Secure Shell (SSH downloadable executable) or Fugu (FTP for Mac OS X).

The following instructions should help you set up SSH and login to access your H drive:

  1. Download Secure Shell Remote software. This is a free version available for students.
  2. Install the software.
  3. The installer should have placed a shortcut for the program in the Start Menu. Run the program by clicking the short cut.
  4. Click Quick Connect and enter the following information in the Connect to Remote Host Window:
  5. Hostname:
    Username: Your Gettysburg UserID.
    Port Number:
  6. Click Connect.
  7. The first time you connect to the server, you will receive several warnings. Click Yes to all of them
  8. Enter your Gettysburg password when prompted.
  9. Click the button for New File Transfer Window.
  10. Find the files that you need and copy them to the desktop.

Note: You cannot work directly on files through SSH. You need to copy them to the local machine, make the necessary changes and then copy them back to the server.

Connect to an employee H Drive

Open My Computer.

Select Tools from the menu bar and select Map Network Drive (If the menu bar does not appear, hit the alt key.)

The Map Network Drive box will appear on your screen.

Select H: from the Drive drop down box.

For an academic H drive, type \\acadhomenas\USERID$ in the Folder box.
For example, if your USERID is jdoe, you would type \\acadhomenas\jdoe$.

For an administrative H drive, type \\adminhomenas\USERID$ in the Folder box.
For example, if your USERID is ssmith, type \\adminhomenas\ssmith$.

Check the Reconnect at logon button so the drive will appear every time you logon to your computer.

Click Finish.

Gettysburg Students Respond to The Daily Show

Gettysburg Current Student

What Is The Halloween Costume Scholarship?

Who said Halloween costumes have to be limited to children? Nearly 70% of Halloween revellers bought a costume for themselves or their pets last year. For a chance to win a scholarship for school or student loan payments, tell us about the best Halloween costume that you or your pet has worn. Don't forget to include any wonderful or charming details! Applicants must be eighteen (18) years old or older at the time of application, legal residents of the United States or the District of Columbia, and enrolled or seeking to enrol in an eligible post-secondary institution of higher learning (college, university or trade school). Halloween conjures up images of elaborate group costume parties, trunk or treat pumpkin carving, and haunted houses. These Halloween college scholarships range from the bizarre to the bizarre, leaving you hanging on every word and thinking, "How many people actually apply for these?" October is the ideal month to celebrate the weird and hidden aspects of the Halloween season - after all, isn't that what the holiday's essence is all about? So, after you've decided on your Halloween costume, start exploring for spooky scholarship opportunities to commemorate the occasion! While Although we're all socially separating ourselves and donning masks, the popular Halloween Express Scholarship Contest has been put on hold for the season. But don't worry, we've got a lot more unusual October 31 scholarships to show you. To celebrate Halloween night, embrace your inner freak. It's time to let your imagination go wild when it comes to scholarships! Scholarship information Make use of your inventiveness to win scholarship money. You may win $ to help you pay for college. The winning entry in our WHC scholarship competition will be highlighted on our Facebook page and blog. You may win our scholarship if you use your imagination and fulfil the rules mentioned below. Part-time and full-time college students are eligible for the Wholesale Halloween Costumes Scholarship. A $ scholarship will be awarded to one of the applicants. Our purpose is to support higher education and learning by providing financial aid to the winning student to help with tuition and book costs. Grant for a $1, Halloween Ensemble Do you recall your most memorable Halloween costume?Maybe even happier recollections of your pet's Halloween costume? Write an intriguing essay on those oh so unforgettable costumes to apply for the $1, Halloween Costume Scholarship. Make sure to include enough of details to bring your article to life! MoneySolver, a Jacksonville, Florida-based company that provides guidance and solutions in the areas of student loans, business finances, credit, and taxes, is offering this award. For the $1, Halloween Costume Scholarship, who is eligible to apply? All applicants must meet the following requirements: They must be 18 years old when they apply for this scholarship. Reside in the United States of America, including the District of Columbia, on a legal basis Be enrolled in a college, university, or vocational institution that is accredited. Plan to enrol in a recognised college, university, or vocational school by the fall of It's worth noting that part-time students are also welcome to apply! Essays will be judged by a panel of qualified scholarship judges who will read the essays and rate them on four categories: writing ability, creativity, originality, and overall excellence, with no identifying information on them. Do you want to see an example of a winning essay? Click here to read the winning essay from the competition, which is "howlingly" entertaining! How much is the $1, Halloween Costume Scholarship worth? Yes, you guessed correctly. This is a $1, scholarship! The money might be used to pay for college or to pay off student loans. When will the $1, Halloween Costume Scholarship application deadline be? Scholarship for National Rice Month Course Hero is giving you a $ college scholarship. It's simple to enter, and there's no need to write an essay. Amount of the award: $2, to $5, The National Rice Month Scholarship is offered to graduating high school seniors from Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, or Texas, all of which grow rice. To be considered for this prize, you must submit a three-minute video about U.S. rice, National Rice Month, and the value of rice in your state. Second Career Scholarship Amount of the award: $1, Sponsored Niche Scholarship with No Essay Applying for a $2, scholarship is simple and quick. Full-time mortuary science students are eligible for the Second Career Scholarship. Students who can demonstrate present or prospective work or connection with an independently owned and run funeral home will be given priority. Cecelia Connelly Memorial Underwater Archaeology Scholarship Amount of the award: $ to $2, Undergraduate and graduate women enrolled in an underwater archaeological course are eligible for the Cecelia Connelly Memorial Scholarship in Underwater Archaeology. To be considered for this prize, undergraduates must have a minimum GPA of , with a minimum GPA of required of graduates. Cecelia Connelly Memorial Underwater Archaeology Scholarship Amount of the award: $$2, Undergraduate and graduate women who are enrolled in an underwater archaeological course are eligible for the Cecelia Connelly Memorial Scholarship in Underwater Archaeology. To be considered for this scholarship, undergraduates must have a GPA and graduates must have a GPA. Foundation '45 Scholarship $5, in prize money Full-time or part-time students in good standing enrolled in ABFSE- or Canadian-accredited institutions/programs are eligible for the Foundation '45 Scholarship. To be considered for this scholarship, you must be enrolled in coursework and working toward a degree in mortuary science. Good luck to everyone who applies!

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Gettysburg Current Students

What Age Is Ideal To Apply For A Scholarship?

When I tell them that there are scholarships for 4-year-old learners, parents and students are still shocked. Maybe it will surprise you as well. It is fair to assume that most students do not even think about applying for scholarships until the bill arrives in the mail from whatever university or college they want to attend. While this is a fantastic time to look for scholarships, earlier would probably have been a perfect time. We will break down the 'scholarship seasons' in this post and let you know exactly when your child should begin searching for the big bucks for college. Usually, we split up the year into three scholarship seasons in The Scholarship System: Fall, Spring, and Summer. SEASON OF FALL For the next school year, this is the "kick-off" of the scholarship season. If it is August , then most scholarships will open for the next school year. So, applications for August will contribute to college money for the school year In our experience, October and December are the big deadline months. The holiday break is the best time to wrap up the year's final applications. SEASON OF SUMMER June and July are the months of the "final stretch" where everyone rushes to find the fall's last dollars. With later deadlines, we have recently seen more and more scholarships, which is fantastic news for students. In summer , we started our scholarship fund for our course participants and agreed individually to have a late deadline. We know what it's like to be searching for the last dollars in the previous couple of months, so we thought this would be most beneficial. Your child may not be the only one who could have procrastinated and rushes to apply, which may mean more rivalry, the only challenge in the summer months. Even if they need any extra dollars for the fall, or if you're ahead of the game and your child might fall the next year or later, then don't skip the June and July process because there are scholarships out there these months with deadlines. SPRING SEASON The "high season" of scholarships is genuinely the spring semester. During these months, there are millions of dollars up for grabs. Throughout January to May, deadlines seem to be equally distributed. Just remember, this is prime scholarship time, and during these months, your child should be working on them. The end of the winter break may be ideal for identifying what your child needs to apply for. They may also be able to send any requests early on. Besides, a perfect time to knock out all of these is spring break. If your child is in the 10th or Younger Grade If your child is in 10th grade or younger, they may be looking for scholarships, and you might be shocked. Scholarships are available to children as young as 4 years old, as I mentioned earlier. While this might seem a little early, beginning to look now is beneficial so that you and your child know what you are getting into. And it doesn't hurt to secure a few bucks in advance. In this age bracket, we propose that families with children passively look for scholarships, concentrating on holiday breaks, including winter and spring breaks. Additionally, your child will develop their competition for scholarships during the year. Volunteering, joining clubs or groups, babysitting, and more, when applying for scholarships, will help set them up for success. If the Kid is in Grade 11 Junior year is a test-taking year, trips to college, and so much more! Although we don't want you or your child to be frustrated, this is also the year they can begin to search for scholarships and develop their scholarship materials. Just think: with final test-taking, applying to universities, FAFSA, AP classes, and more, the next year will be consumed. Although you'd think they'd have time to look for scholarships next year, their plate is only going to get fuller. Junior year is the best time to develop a scholarship routine, and there are plenty out there where juniors are eligible for high school. So, if you're going to consider waiting, don't. The time is now. We suggest concentrating over the holidays, similar to 10th grade and younger students, or only taking an hour a week to work on the process while they can start searching for scholarships. IF CHILD IS GRADE 12 Senior year has arrived! While there are several things on the to-do lists of both you and your child, forgive me for slipping just one more app in-scholarship applications. Although most students wait to begin applying for scholarships until the spring semester, the early bird gets the worm. And with scholarships, that is the case! Your child applying for scholarships would not only help prepare them for big scholarship months as early as the summer months before their senior year, as we described above), but it may give them a leg up over their peers.

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Move-In Day Class of 2025 - Gettysburg College

Facts and figures

General information

  • Founded:
  • Type: A highly selective, national, four-year residential college of liberal arts and sciences
  • Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; on a beautiful acre campus with over 90 buildings. Adjacent to the Gettysburg National Military Park. 36 miles from the state capital of Harrisburg, 55 miles from Baltimore, 80 miles from Washington, D.C., miles from Philadelphia, and miles from New York City.
  • Carnegie Basic Classification: Baccalaureate Colleges: Arts and Sciences Focus
  • Accreditation: Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education


  • Academic programs: 40 majors; 40 minors
  • Degrees conferred during the academic year: students earned bachelor’s degrees, including (23%) double majors.
  • Six most popular majors among the graduating class: Political Science (%), Economics (%, including Mathematical Economics), Health Sciences (%), Organization and Management Studies (%), History (%), and Psychology (%).
Academic majorPercentage
Political Science%
Health Sciences%
Organization and Management Studies%
  • Prestigious awards earned during the academic year: Two recipients of the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship.

Learn more about our academic programs

High-impact learning experiences (by the time of graduation)

  • Completed at least one internship: 68% ( graduating class)
  • Held at least one leadership position: 59% ( graduating class)
  • Worked with a faculty mentor on research: 56% ( graduating class)
  • Studied abroad (for credit) for a semester or longer: 57% ( graduating class)

Learn more about our high-impact learning experiences

Full-time faculty (Fall )

  • Female: 45%
  • With a doctorate or the highest degree in their field: 97%; % tenured and tenure-track faculty have a doctorate or the highest degree in their field.
  • Tenured: 66%
  • Domestic faculty of color or international: 24%
  • Student-faculty ratio:
  • 70% of the class sections had fewer than 20 students enrolled.

Learn more about our faculty

Retention and graduation

  • First-year retention rate (Fall entering cohort): 91%
  • Six-year graduation rate (Fall entering cohort): 82%

Learn more about our retention and graduation rates

Admissions (Fall )

  • Applicants: 6,
  • Acceptance rate: 56%
  • Enrolled:

Learn more about admissions

Student body (full-time degree-seeking students in Fall )

  • Enrollment: 2, (on-campus: 2,; participating in global study & program: )
  • Female: 52%
  • Domestic students of color: % (N=)
  • International students: % (N=)
  • Countries represented by international students: 39
  • States/territories represented: 43
  • Top five states of origin: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Connecticut
  • Out-of-state domestic students: 74%
  • First-generation students: % (N=)
  • Pell Grant recipients: 21%

Learn more about our student body

Alumni outcomes

graduating class: 98% employed or attending graduate/professional school within a year after graduation

Learn more about our alumni and outcomes



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Current Students Gettysburg College

How To Get A Scholarship To Harvard University?

Harvard University offers different scholarships to eligible students on an annual basis. Read through carefully for more information below: Harvard University, the Learning Per Excellence Bank hub in America. Harvard today plays host to great men who, as the world's more excellent economy, construct the institutions that have stood on the world forum for America. In , it was founded. In particular, Harvard is the oldest higher education institution in the United States that accepts students worldwide. As they get the opportunity to engage in an outstanding range of events, Harvard is a popular study destination for students. In several fields that make a difference internationally, Harvard University is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and science and developing leaders. Harvard University Scholarships: For several types of financial assistance, such as scholarships and fellowships, foreign and national students at Harvard are eligible. Students are encouraged to consider the various opportunities available to them and their schools for financial assistance. The Scholarship of Michel David-Weill: One of Harvard University's highest-paying scholarships is the Michel David-Weill Scholarship. They also pick applicants for this Scholarship from undergraduate students already enrolled. And in the selection process, US citizens always get priority because it is very competitive to receive a scholarship in the United States of America. And the rivalry gets more challenging when the Scholarship is at Harvard University. Owing to the very high sum of this particular Scholarship, Harvard University's Michel David-Weill Scholarship often attracts interested students. Scholarship Eligibility Requirements: Students who are given admission to the MBA program at Harvard University are eligible to apply. They must have a GMAT score that is real. They need to have an exemplary academic record and demonstrate excellent programmer promise. The GPA you need to get a Harvard scholarship: You should aim for the 75th percentile, with a SAT or a 35 ACT, to have the best chance at getting in. You should have a GPA or higher of as well. You need to compensate for a higher SAT/ACT score if your GPA is lower than this. Scholarship Amount: Students with a family income of less than $65, a year can earn a fully-funded scholarship consisting of tuition, fees, room, and board for international undergraduate students. It is not anticipated that they will contribute to the attendance costs. Depending on family circumstances, students with family income between $65,$, a year-are asked to pay approximately 0 percent - 10 percent of their total revenue each year. Based on your overall family income and your financial situation, that would be $0- $15, a year. Students with a family income of more than $, a year will be required to pay more than 10 percent proportionately. Based on their situations, the exact sum is different for each student. Harvard Master's Scholarships University: Harvard University Master's students can receive funding for domestic and international students through various Harvard fellowships and job positions that Harvard University provides. Compared to undergraduate and Ph.D. students, the assistance, however, is minimal. Here are several companies and careers that you are eligible for as an international student who wants to study in the United States. Fellowships Outside: Other than Harvard Fellowships, international students are entitled to obtain outside funding. Such fellowships are awarded to fund research and studies at Harvard University by government agencies and other organizations. For each department, the available external connections are different. So, in Google "Outside Fellowships for [type in the field of study] Harvard University Master's students," you will have to investigate. Click on the link that is open to you and check each fellowship's eligibility criteria. Apply for the company if you meet all the eligibility requirements. Jobs of Students: These are the most popular forms of fellowships and work, but there are other international students’ opportunities in several regions. To earn money for their tuition, students may be working both on-campus and off-campus. Harvard University Ph.D. Scholarship: Any student in a Ph.D. programmer receives scholarships that are fully funded. These outstanding scholarships from Harvard University consist of tuition, fees, living costs, and health care provided by tuition grants, scholarships, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, and other appointments. These fellowships and scholarships support all students who choose to study in the United States. Total five-year tuition grant. Live Scholarship for years 1 and 2. During years 3 and 4, a mix of stipends, teaching fellowships, and research assistantships. Year 5 stipend or research funding. $2, for professional development Owing to external companies that other organizations give to students, students can earn more than the following number. However, it is the average number of Harvard University scholarships you can make as a Ph.D. student. Harvard University is giving international students full scholarships. However, to offset much of the expense, domestic and international students are entitled to receive Harvard University scholarships. To help with these expenses, fully funded scholarships for foreign undergraduate students and international graduate students are available.

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