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The danger-filled Blurry Flurry is the level that will give a hard time in not only finishing this level but also in finding the collectables. But, this guide to finding all KONG letters is all you need to search and collect the all 4 KONG letters. So without wasting any time, let’s get started:
Kong Letter #1:
The first KONG letter will be seen after you have spent a lot of time playing this level and have advanced in the level a bit. Keep playing the game until you come across the ice tunnel that has a slide taking you downwards. As soon as you reach down, you will see two rings of bananas. That’s where you will get the first letter. Go a bit further from the banana rings and you will see the “K” letter in the same ice tunnel, stay low to grab the letter as it will be near the ground.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have collected the first letter, go towards the right side and you will come across another slope going downwards. Go down and then keep on moving until you see a series of snowball cannons. That’s where you will see the next KONG letter floating in the air between a vertical line of bananas. Go towards it and grab it but make sure to keep away from the snowballs coming out of the cannons.

Kong Letter #3:
After you have collected the second KONG letter, play the game for a while until you reach near the giant snowballs that fall on other side of the tunnel. Dodge those giant snowballs and you will see a line of bananas appearing in the subsequent passage of ice. Follow that line of bananas and you will reach the ceiling and that’s where you will see the third KONG letter. Go towards it and grab that letter.

Kong Letter #4:
When you are done collecting the third KONG letter, more ahead and a giant snowball will drop in the background that will shoot into the air a bunch of small snowballs, banana coins and bananas. Dodge those snowballs and collect the goodies if you want and keep on moving. Soon another giant snowball will fall that will shoot some more snowballs, banana coins and bananas in the air.
Collect them if you want and then keep on moving. A time will come when you will reach to the end of the cavern where there will be an inclined way out of the cavern; there will be a line of banana on that incline. And in between those bananas, you will see the final KONG letter that is “G.” Collect that letter on your way out of the cavern.

This is all the information that you need in order to collect all four KONG letters on your way towards the end of the level.


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Is Donkey Kong Country difficult?

Donkey Kong Country is a platformer you can only finish through persistence and with a lot of patience. Right from the start, you’re in for one hell of a ride. In fact, some of the hardest levels come early on. The game looks great and sounds great and the platforming, while incredibly difficult, is still very fun.

Is Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze hard?

Tropical Freeze is hard, and if you want to play the difficult-but-fair original version, you can. Playing as Funky Kong, however, functions as an easy mode. If you found Tropical Freeze too difficult, Funky makes the challenge much more manageable, which is great for young or impatient players.

What is the hardest level in Donkey Kong Country?

Three hardest DKC levels:

  • Trik Trak Trek.
  • Snow Barrel Blast.
  • Elevator Antics.

Should I buy Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze?

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze remains an excellent platformer and one of Retro Studio’s greatest works. While its additions may not be enough to justify a second time purchase, Tropical Freeze is a must play for all Switch owners that never had the chance to experience the Wii U version.

How much is Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze?

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Nintendo Switch

Loose PriceAdd shipping

Is Donkey Kong Country 2 player?

Two Player Team: where player one controls Donkey Kong and player two controls Diddy Kong. Both can tag each other throughout a playthrough, but only the current main player can make inputs in the game and change positions.

What game is Funky Kong?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

How do you play Donkey Kong with 2 players?

First off, you’ll need to load up the game and select the Multiplayer option at the Game Select screen. Once you’ve done this, a Controller Select screen will appear, and that’s where you’ll have the option to select your two Joy-Con to play through the game.

Who came first Mario or Donkey Kong?

1. DONKEY KONG WAS MARIO’S DEBUT, ONLY HE WAS CALLED “JUMPMAN.” The beloved plumber was first created for the 1981 arcade version of Donkey Kong.

Eine Strafe für mich...- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Skill Run Part:6
I've never played a DK game before but it looks very fun. I got £30 eshop credit for my birthday and would like this but I've seen it only last around 15 hours. Is the game worth the £50 price tag? If not, could someone recommend another game I could try for the money (if it's released this year, I probably don't have it).
If you like 2d platformers this is the best one on the switch right now but since you have never played donkey kong I'm guessing you are either like 12 or don't like 2d platformers

Edit - if you have never played a DK before and can finish normal and hard mode in 15 hours I'll give ya 20$

Absolutely it's worth it.

Tell me Bats, what are you REALLY scared of? Failing to save this cesspool of a city? Not finding the Commissioner in time? ME, in a THONG? - The Joker

But yea the game is worth the price tag .. my wife isn't a gamer at all and she's addicted to it now.

I have been playing donkey kong since the first one and I'm really enjoying this.. everything feels really tight and it's a lot of fun.

I have shantae still in the plastic because DK hasn't left the switch since I got it

It will last 15 hours if you skip Funky Kong mode and are really good at 2D platformers. This is easily the hardest Nintendo first-party game game since the NES era, and the Gamefaqs user ratings on difficulty confirm that. So average gamers are really going to take a long time to beat it. If you think the old Donkey Kong Country games are harder, it's only because you've gotten better at platform games. I played them recently for the first time and they're not very hard. So, really, the time it takes to beat them is entirely dependent on your 2D platforming skills. It might take 15 hours, it might take 40 hours.

haxomgwtfbbq posted...
This is easily the hardest Nintendo first-party game game since the NES era,

Lol. WTF are you smoking.

Yes if you like platformers and DK

I've got about 20 hours so far. On Island 5, but that's after starting a new game on Funky (with DK) because Island 2-K and 2-Boss were absolutely destroying my soul.

"Isn't playing a used game the definition of being cucked? You're not getting that first virginal play and it's been amusing someone else." - gafemaqs

Really enjoying the 2d platformer experience.

If you have to use force...use Shining Force!

While i do think that 60$ is just asking too much i have to say this is easily my favorite 2d platfomer of all time and my third favorite switch game behind breath of the wild and mario odyssey,i was expecting this game to be mediocre but after playing it i was absolutely blown away the level design is amazing ,exploration is rewarding and it is extremely hard but satisfying once you get through it,the boss fights are some of the best i have ever seen, if you even remotely like platformers this game is an absolute must play and a great addition to the switch library


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Reddit reviews on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Nintendo Switch

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Explore levels that twist, turn, and transform in unexpected ways, while the game’s dynamic rotating camera helps you fully enjoy this game’s diverse, vibrant islands.Master a range of special moves, including unique abilities like Diddy Kong’s jet pack, Dixie Kong’s spinning ponytail, and Cranky Kong’s cane bounce. ESRB Content: Mild Cartoon Violence; Genre: Platformer, ActionOvercome challenges, battle frosty foes and bosses, and reclaim the Kongs’ stolen home.Seek out a wealth of collectibles that’ll enable you to unlock additional content and stock up on useful items.Enjoy all the fun and challenge of the original game, plus an optional new mode that makes the game more accessible to younger and less experienced players, as well as those looking for a more relaxed gaming experience.For the first time ever in the Donkey Kong Country series, play as Funky KongFunky Kong has extra hearts and helpful abilities like double jump, hover, infinite rolls, infinite underwater corkscrews, and spike resistance.Share the adventure with a friend During 2 player co op gameplay, each player can use a single Joy Con controller, so no additional accessories are required.

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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Any% Speedrun 1:32:58 - PB: 6/29/2015 - No Commentary


Donkey Kong Part 3 - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. TheCartoonGamer


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At the beginning of level 1-1, Mangrove Cove, if the player turns around and enters the crashed plane, there will be a pile of four TVs. If Donkey Kong uses his ground pound move while near the four TVs, they will turn on. Two of the TVs will have the title screen for the English version of Donkey Kong Country: Returns playing, while the other two will have the Japanese version playing.

One of the items in Funky Kong's shop is a blue shield called the Crash Guard. His commentary on the item is a reference to the original Legend of Zelda: "Vehicle troubles? It's dangerous to go alone--take one of these!"

There's an old-fashioned record player in a hidden area at the end of World 1-3, near the secret exit. It strongly resembles Cranky Kong's record player seen in the original Donkey Kong Country, and will even play the same tune if the player pounds the ground next to it.


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