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Update – 12 Aug 2021: Table updated with Name and Place indexes from 2019. Total Names 351,760, total Places 46,946.

Update – 8 Mar 2020: Table updated with Names indexes from 2017 and 2018.

Update – 21 Feb 2020: Conversion of Names index to searchable table, replacing use of PDF files.

Update – 19 Jul 2017: All volumes through 2016 added to master index. Proofing and standardization completed, with a new set of pdf files added to the server. There are currently 337,311 names in the index compilation.

Update – 9 Aug 2016: The following volumes are completed and online: Vol. 2 & 3. The following volumes are partially available: Volumes 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 20, 21, 22, & 23. All others have been transcribed and will be brought online in the near future.

Update – 7 Feb 2015: almost 23,000 more Names and over 4500 Places have been added. Currently, the total is 63,118 Name entries and 9692 Place entries.

Update – 13 Nov 2014: over 10,000 more Names and over 2,000 Places have been added. Each entry in the table will open a PDF file in a new browser window. Currently, the total is 40,342 Name entries and 5,154 Place entries. ? In the latest update, it was discovered a number of Place entries from the 1978 index were incorrect. These have been re-indexed. As the Journals were indexed by different individuals over the years, and we have multiple volunteers transcribing them, various discrepancies in format have crept in. Before bringing this latest update online, a concerted effort was made to standardize all the entries.


NCGS Journal

The North Carolina Genealogical Society (NCGS) began publishing theNCGS Journal(ISSN: 0360-1056) each quarter in 1975. The complete set of NCGS Journals (more than 11,000 pages) is available online as a member benefit. Back issues are available for purchase by non-members. Learn more about the Journal.


The NCGS News is available to everyone. The newsletter is published in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Submit articles, comments, and suggestions by the 15th of the prior month to the Editor, Phyllis Matthews Ziller, MLIS at Read the NCGS News.


Each year, the North Carolina Genealogical Society honors worthy individual and society endeavors in publishing and other contributions to North Carolina genealogy. Awards are presented at the NCGS Fall Workshop and Annual Meeting. Find out more about Awards.

NCGS Store

Check out the excellent resources available in our store. Members receive a 10% discount.

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The NCGS Journal is a scholarly publication featuring educational articles about North Carolina genealogy and transcribed original records.

Since the founding of the North Carolina Genealogical Society, we have aimed to increase interest in and raise the standards of research through quality publications while promoting the collection, preservation, and utilization of genealogical materials. The NCGS Journal (ISSN: 0360-1056) has been published on a quarterly basis since 1975. Access to the journal library is a member-only benefit. Back issues are available for purchase for non-members.

Click here to read all issues of NCGS Journal & Supplements and to purchase your own copy of any issue.

Search the Journal index by ancestral name, place name, or numbered military unit or search through the Journal article title list.

Share your family’s stories, photos, or documents for publication in the NCGS Journal.

For any questions related to the NCGS Journal, please contact the journal editor, Diane L. Richard, at

North Carolina Genealogical Society 2021 Fall Hybrid Conference



NCGS is a membership organization dedicated to preserving and promoting genealogical studies in North Carolina. Chartered 19 June 1974; formally organized 1 July 1974 as a non-profit organization.

Indexed in PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) under NCGJ.

Indexes at back of most volumes.

Indexed in: North Carolina Genealogical Society journal consolidated index.



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  • v. 1 (1975)
  • v. 2 (1976)
  • v. 3 (1977)
  • v. 4 (1978)
  • v. 5 (1979)
  • v. 6 (1980)
  • v. 7 (1981)
  • v. 8 (1982)
  • v. 9 (1983)
  • v. 10 (1984)
  • v. 11 (1985)
  • v. 12 (1986)
  • v. 13 (1987)
  • v. 14 (1988)
  • v. 15 (1989)
  • v. 16 (1990)
  • v. 17 (1991)
  • v. 18 (1992)
  • v. 19 (1993)
  • v. 20 (1994)
  • v. 21 (1995)
  • v. 22 (1996)
  • v. 23 (1997)
  • v. 24 (1998)
  • v. 25 (1999)
  • v. 26 (2000)
  • v. 27 (2001)
  • v. 28 (2002)
  • v. 29 (2003)
  • v. 30 (2004)
  • v. 31 (2005)
  • v. 32 (2006)
  • v. 33 (2007)
  • v. 35 (2009)
  • v. 34 (2008)
  • v. 38 (2012)
  • v. 39 (2013)
  • v. 40 (2014)
  • v. 36, no. 1 (Feb. 2010)
  • v. 36, no. 2 (May 2010)
  • v. 36, no. 3 (Aug. 2010)
  • v. 36, no. 4 (Nov. 2010)
  • v. 37, no. 1 (Feb. 2011)
  • v. 37, no. 2 (May 2011)
  • v. 37, no. 3 (Aug. 2011)
  • v. 37, no. 4 (Nov. 2011)
  • v. 41, no. 1 (Feb. 2015)
  • v. 41, no. 2 (May 2015)
  • v. 41, no. 3 (Aug. 2015)
  • v. 41, no. 4 (Nov. 2015)
  • v. 42, no. 1 (Feb. 2016)
  • v. 42, no. 2 (May 2016)
  • v. 42, no. 3 (Aug. 2016)
  • v. 42, no. 4 (Nov. 2016)
  • v. 43, no. 2 (May 2017)
  • v. 43, no. 3 (Aug. 2017)
  • v. 44, no. 1 (Feb. 2018)
  • v. 44, no. 2 (May 2018)
  • v. 44 no. 3 (Aug. 2018)
  • v. 44 no. 4 (Nov. 2018)
  • Index 1975-1984
  • v. 45 no. 2 (Apr-Jun 2019)
  • v. 45 no. 3 (jul-sep. 2019)
  • v. 45, no. 4 (Oct - Dec. 2019)
  • v. 46 no. 1 (Jan/Mar 2020)
  • v. 46 no. 2 (Apr-Jun 2020)
  • v. 46 no. 3 (Jul-Sep 2020)
  • v. 46 no. 4 (Oct-Dec 2020)
  • v. 47 no. 1 (Jan-Mar 2021)
  • v. 47 no. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 2021)

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Generally, catalog entries are written in the same language as the original record they describe.

Reasons why microfilms may not yet be available digitally on include:

  • The microfilm may be scheduled for future scanning.
  • The microfilm may have been scanned, but have a contractual, data privacy, or other restriction preventing access. FamilySearch makes every effort to enable access dependent on decisions of record custodians and applicable laws.
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Journal society carolina north genealogical

We welcome your contributions to future editions of the NCGS Journal. 

These contributions may include images, suggestions for resources, personal family stories, and interesting information related to the issue’s topic that would benefit journal readers and genealogical researchers. 

Upcoming journal topics include:
Jan-Feb-Mar 2021, Vol 47 No 1 – Religion in North Carolina Part 1
Apr-May-Jun 2021, Vol 47 No 2 – Religion in North Carolina Part 2
Jul-Aug-Sept 2021, Vol 47 No 3 – Land Research
Oct-Nov-Dec 2021, Vol 47 No 4 – Federal Taxes as Paid by North Carolinians
Jan-Feb-Mar 2022, Vol 48 No 1 – Civil War Research
Apr-May-Jun 2022, Vol 48 No 2 – Late 19th & early 20th Century Male Organizations (to parallel issue on Women’s research completed)
Jul-Aug-Sept 2021, Mills (grist, manufacturing, saw, etc.) + Cotton Picking + other non-coastal occupations (coastal occupations to be covered in a future issue)

While these topics have been selected, the journal editor reserves the right to change the topics.

To learn more about the purpose, scope, and methodology of contributing to the NCGS Journal, please read. “Sharing Your Genealogical Treasures in the NCGS Journal“ by Larry Cates.

Contact the journal editor with any questions or submissions at

In addition, please complete and submit the Volunteer Registration Form.

We also accept publications for review in the NCGS Journal.

Preferred subject matter includes transcripts or abstracts from unpublished public or private records or some aspect of research methodology having a major bearing on North Carolina or North Carolinians of the past. Family histories and other publications considered as being complementary to North Carolina research may be reviewed. When forwarding copies, please include selling price and any other add-on costs to the consumer (postage, handling, sales tax, etc.) as well as the address to which interested parties may direct their inquires or orders. Also, if possible, include an email address where you can be reached.

Publications submitted for review become the property of the North Carolina Genealogical Society, which donates them to the Genealogical Services Branch of the North Carolina State Library for the use of all patrons.

Please submit review copies to:

North Carolina Genealogical Society Book Reviews
c/o The Rev. Dr. W. Becket Soule
Saint Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church
PO Box 1359
Maggie Valley, NC 28751


Before submitting contributions, please review our Editorial Policy below.

The NCGS Journal seeks to advance North Carolina genealogical scholarship. Carefully researched and well-documented case studies and methodological articles are especially sought. The Journal also publishes transcriptions and abstracts of original documents of North Carolina genealogical significance. Neither the NCGS, its publication committee, nor its editor can assume responsibility for errors on the part of contributors. Corrections of proved errors will appear in subsequent issues of the Journal. All articles in the Journal will be edited with reference to standards set fort in the current editions of The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual, The Chicago Manual of Style, and Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, by Elizabeth Shown Mills. The editor reserves the right to adapt standards to the needs of this publication.

Digital Books and Scholarly Publications for Genealogy Research

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