Family paint night ideas

Family paint night ideas DEFAULT

Family Day

Family Painting Class at Painting with a Twist!

You've got a whole list of family activities up your sleeve. You have a season pass to the zoo, and you're on a first-name basis with the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). You've spent countless rainy days at the bowling alley, and you've got the bowling shoe blisters to prove it. And, of course, you've spent your share of afternoons streaming cartoons on Netflix and playing games on the iPad together. Why not try something totally new at Painting with a Twist? Sign up for an “ALL AGES” painting event on the calendar below to get the family party started!

Why Painting with a Twist is Great for Families

Painting with a Twist painting sessions are fun art, not fine art. And you don’t need to be an artist to have fun! So, whether your kiddos are holding a paintbrush for the first time or grandma’s brushing up on her past hobby, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at our family painting events!

Plus, all of you will leave the studio with one-of-a-kind keepsakes created with a whole lot of love – and probably a whole lot of laughter, too! You might even leave the studio with a newfound passion. Win-win!

Easel Time is the New Screen Time

No shame here: there is a time and a place for screens. (Seriously, how do people fly on airplanes or survive sick days with young children without them?!) Even so, stepping away from technology and finding fun ways to unplug is a great way to bond as a family.

Our family painting classes feature step-by-step instruction designed for all ages and skill levels. What will you paint? There's plenty of masterpieces to choose from—from festive, seasonal pieces to portraits of your child's favorite animated friends. Get the whole gang together for a family paint night and spend some "non-screen" time creating memories in a relaxed, creative atmosphere. Everyone in your crew will have a blast unleashing their creativity and learning a brand new skill.

What to Bring to a Family Painting Event

Socialize and sip on your drink of choice while you follow along step-by-step with a local artist. We probably don't need to remind you to bring snacks, but we'll encourage you anyway! Finger food favorites like popcorn, string cheese, and seedless grapes are a great way to fuel your family's creative muscles.

At Painting with a Twist, we want you to focus on what's important—having a blast with your family. Unlike those at-home art projects, there's no time for crying over spilled paint at our studio (and you don't have to clean up afterward)! Enjoy a family day with your favorite people, and let us take care of all the details—including messes and supplies!

Finding Fun Family Activities Near You

Organizing a family outing that's fun for loved ones of all ages can be tricky! Painting with a Twist is your answer to this dilemma. From your littlest youngster to teenagers and beyond, everyone will love rolling up their sleeves and getting artsy. Even better? You'll be the family MVP for organizing this ultra-special family painting event. Your kids might not give you the credit you deserve for your party-planning expertise, but we will. Go, you!

Sign Up for a Family Painting Event!

Start building some everlasting family memories with a paint party at Painting with a Twist! Choose from our enormous catalog of paintings, which you can find on your local studio's online calendar. Look for the "ALL AGES" painting events in the calendar above, and select one to book a fun-filled family painting event!

Cherished family memories don't happen in front of a screen. They happen at Painting with a Twist! Scroll down to find a family-friendly painting event near you. Trust us — you'll leave with far more than a painting! Visit a studio page near you to sign up!

Find a family event nearby


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Have a DIY paint party at home!

Paint party at home

Want to have a paint party at home? 

The trend of painting and sipping your favorite bubbly is still on the rise and I&#;m loving every bit of it!

Going to a paint studio is a lot of fun and I strongly encourage you to go and support your local studio if you&#;ve never tried this experience before!

The atmosphere is very relaxing, the instructors are fun and gifted at guiding you through the process of painting a beautiful masterpiece. And best of all, anyone who has never picked up a paint brush before can execute something to be proud of!

On the contrast, having a paint party at home has its benefits too! 

The biggest differences between having one at home versus having one in a studio is that you have more time and flexibility to plan things and it may be cheaper than going to a studio. 

Popular FREE Online Tutorials By Tracie Kiernan:

I&#;ve compiled this blog post about how to host your own paint party! There&#;s a lot of supplies and logistics to figure out for this type of party! 

In this guide I will detail some recommended supplies that are suitable for a paint party. I&#;ll also provide you with some pointers and tips that I&#;ve learned and may be helpful for you. 

This post contains affiliate links. 


Active Time3 hours

Total Time3 hours



How To Set Up For The Evening:

  1. Decide how many tables and chairs you’ll need based on how many people are attending. For example: a 5’ x 3’ dining table could fit 6 easels. You may need to rearrange your room to fit extra tables depending on the number of guests you’ll be having.
  2. Lay table cloths on the tables and set up the easels and the canvases.
  3. Lay brushes, palettes, water cups and paper towels in front of each easel. Make sure each easel has the correct brush sizes needed for the painting.
  4. Set up an instructional area (if you are doing the teaching). You’ll need a standing easel and a place to set your palette, brushes and water.
  5. Hang up a sample painting or a print out to use as a visual.
  6. Set up your TV to cast a video or demonstrate steps (if you are doing the TV method).
  7. Set up a paint station where all the paints and extra brushes and paper towels will be.
  8. Designate someone that will help pass out paints and extra supplies. You can either put all the colors on each palette or pass out colors as they are needed.
  9. Pre-trace designs on the canvas (if necessary) with graphite paper. Or have traceables and graphite paper ready for your guests to trace.


Read further in this blog post for more tips and suggested supplies for your DIY Paint Party!


First Things First&#;Supplies!


Shop Paint Party Supplies

You&#;ll need the obvious: paint, brushes, canvases and maybe easels (if you want to make this paint party legit)!


Craft paint works fine on canvas and it&#;s easy on the budget! Most craft paints are acrylic paint (unless it says otherwise). 

I love using Apple Barrel paints for paint parties and they are readily available to Walmart and Amazon! 

If you want to use higher quality paints, maybe because you&#;re just painting with a small group, then go for the student grade paints at Michael&#;s such as Liquitex BASICS, Artist&#;s Loft or DecoArt Americana.

My Craft Paint Picks:




My Student Grade Paint Picks:

I LOVE DecoArt Americana premium! It&#;s surprisingly very vibrant, flows nicely and fairly inexpensive. You can find these at Michaels and Amazon! 


Artist Loft is a decent student grade acrylic paint. We actually pick these up around the holidays when Michael&#;s has them on sale. 


Liquitex BASICS is my favorite brand of student grade acrylic paint! I used these (almost) exclusively for my tutorials. These can be found at Michaels and Amazon. It&#;s a little more expensive than the level one Artist Loft but the quality is better. 

How much paint should I get?  

I use the formula .2 oz per color per painter. The 2oz bottles of craft paints can go for up to 8 people (in my experience). 

BUT if there&#;s a lot of one color, I just buy an extra bottle or tube of that color.

White is usually a staple color for my tutorials so I always make sure I have extra of that color. 


What Brushes Should I Get?

This always gets kind of tricky because it depends on what painting you&#;re doing and most brush packs come with a random assortment of sizes. 

You could buy a few variety packs and improvise with brushes that are similar in size to the tutorial you’re using. 


I find that has several bulk paint brush sets.

Here is one that has &#;relatively&#; the most common size brushes you may need: 


The Royal Big Kids Choice Brushes say they are for kids but they can be for adults (big kids) too!

They come in fun colors for the individual sizes so you can tell your guests what color brush they are to use and they have a grip on the handle. 


Individual Brush Picks:

You might benefit from buying individual brushes versus a large variety pack that doesn&#;t include the sizes you&#;ll need.

Here are economical individual brushes I would recommend for a paint party based on the most common types of brushes used: 

Amazon has individual size paint brushes too!


What Size Canvases Do I Get?

It&#;s up to you what size to get! The standard paint night canvas size you typically do in a studio is 16&#; x 20&#; .

I prefer using the 11&#; x 14&#; or 12” x 16” size at home. Smaller canvases take up less space on your dining room table.

But the choice is up to you!

Tip: If you&#;re painting with kids, definitely grab smaller canvases. 8&#;10, 11&#;14 or 12&#;16 are good sizes.


 My Canvas Picks: 

The Artist’s Loft bulk packs at Michael&#;s are the BEST deal on canvases! 



I also like to get the Art Alternative bulk packs on




Should I get easels?

Easels give your painting the best perspective to work with. They also save space!

I can easily fit six painters at my small dining room table if they all have easels!

If you&#;re buying easels online, pay attention to the size in the description. A lot of them look larger in the picture but are only about 12&#; high and won&#;t be able to support a 16 x 20 canvas.


My Table Easel Picks: 

I own these easels from Hobby Lobby! Hands down these are the BEST easels for paint parties and they are so cheap! 


Other easel picks&#;

Loew Cornell Table Easel Also Good For 16 x 20

Other Things You&#;ll Need&#;


What should we use for Palettes?

I use paper plate palettes because I don&#;t like cleaning them afterward.

I also recently discovered that using those little paper medicine cups is a genius idea! You can put your individual paint colors in each of the cups!


If you&#;re interested in multi packs of palettes, I&#;ve listed a few below.

Should we get aprons? 

You can have a paint party without aprons.

However, everyone requests these at paint parties because of the fear that paint will stain clothing.

You can get relatively inexpensive bulk sets of aprons on Amazon.

I found this adorable &#;Paint & Sip&#; apron by MeAnWe Wares! 


Do we need graphite paper? 

Graphite paper is a very small investment, it can but cut to size and reused nearly an unlimited amount of times.

A lot of painting tutorials online include a traceable that you can print and distribute for your paint party.

Or better yet&#;pre trace the design on everyone’s canvas and you can skip the part where they have to trace their own!

Just place a piece of graphite paper below the print out and it transfers to the canvas.

You can check out my printable library here. 

My Graphite Paper Picks:

Water Cups:

Don’t forget water to rinse your in between colors! I typically use plastic disposable cups or old Tupperware.



Any Accessories?

Don&#;t forget things like the plastic wine glasses if you&#;ll be offering wine!

Decorations and props are fun but don&#;t overload your table because you&#;ll need all the room for paint supplies! 

Also, I recommend you get plastic table cloths to protect all your tables!


My Picks:


Books About Paint Parties:

There&#;s a lot resources online (such as this website&#;go to my home page to see all my tutorials) but there are also some beautiful books on Amazon for how to plan a painting party!


You got your supplies now how do you teach the painting?

That’s up to you!

If you’re hosting, you can be the one to learn the painting first and then teach it to the crowd in the same manner the instructor in a studio teaches the painting (step by step, stroke by stroke). 

You can also set up your TV to “cast” a painting tutorial video so you can sit down and paint with everyone. 

Another way to do this is to print out the instructions and hand them out to the crowd (or between two people so they can share the directions). I actually have a few tutorials in my e-book shop where I sell printer friendly instructions! 

Head over to my PDF Shop For Printable Painting Instructions!

Or you can do all three methods!

I personally like to be the instructor when I host my in home painting parties because I love being the teacher!

If you’re doing it this way, take some time before the party and do a sample painting.

When you are teaching the steps during the party, simply go to my website with your phone and use my instructions to teach the class (I use my website for my own notes to teach my classes because I don’t remember all the steps either!). 


Any other tips?


These paintings take longer than you think.

And when you are socializing, they take even longer. Make sure you start your party at a decent time (before 7pm is my recommendation) so that your guests don’t get too tired to paint after two hours have gone by. 

Clean those brushes!

Keep your brushes in good shape after the party!

Make sure you give them a good rinse before any paint dries on them. Use a mild soap or a brush cleaner like my favorite General Pencil Brush Cleaner! 


Quick Note About Traceables

If you have a traceable, pre-trace the canvases! It makes things run so much smoother. And a lot of times tracing it with a sharpie makes it easier to see! When you trace the outline with sharpie, your guests will still be able to see the drawing through the first and sometimes the second layer of paint. 

Sometimes, however, the painting requires you to paint the background first and then trace the design. If you are having your guests trace their designs, make sure they are laying their canvas flat and pressing firmly when they trace. It&#;s very difficult to trace your traceable with the painting on the easel. 

Drying Time

Acrylic paint dries fast. However, if the paint is applied too thick, the painting will take longer to dry.

Plan on having a hair dryer available so your guests can quickly dry their paintings between steps or to make sure their paintings are dry enough to take home. 



Enjoy your party and have fun! If you&#;re using one of my designs, share your photos on the Step By Step Painting Facebook Page!

I love hearing about your paint party at home!

Great Paint Party Tutorials:

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How to Have a Successful Family Paint Party

This post is written in partnership with Plaid Crafts. All Opinions are % mine! Create special memories by joining this fun Paint With Plaid Night. These tips will help provide a Successful Family Paint Party! 

The past few months I&#;ve been very aware of how much older my kids are getting. My oldest will be 10 in a few days and we are starting to come out of that difficult part of life where we are running kids to the bathroom. It&#;s not easier by any means&#; just different. The kids are more independent and I just feel a different stage of life coming on. A goal of mine for this coming year is to start incorporating our kids into more activities with us. We tried something new this month with our friends at Plaid &#; A Family Paint Partyto kick things off!

Create special memories by joining this fun Paint With Plaid Night. These tips will help provide a Successful Family Paint Party!

Every month Plaid hosts a Facebook Live where they teach you to paint a certain piece of art. You can find an archive of all their previous events here and rewatch all the videos if you want to catch up with everything they have done.

If you&#;re anything like me you are thinking&#; &#;I can&#;t paint&#;. But guys&#; I can barely draw a stick figure. I got to experience my first paint night earlier this year when we visited the Plaid headquarters and I was actually able to paint this adorable cactus. I couldn&#;t believe that mine turned out just as good as the wonderful lady teaching the paint night! It&#;s crazy how when it&#;s broken down for you into simple steps, you can actually create art!! Let&#;s talk about how to make this happen!

How to Have a Successful Family Paint Party

Step 1: Prepare the kids

If you don&#;t have kids participating then you can skip this part, but if you do it&#;s important to give them an idea of how the family paint party will go. We decided to have pizza during our paint party and that was a little crazy, although doable. We sat our kids down and let them know that we would be watching the teacher live on Facebook while she shows us how to paint and that we wouldn&#;t be able to stop and pause. But that&#;s OK! Because you can always go back and re watch it. However, with that said, my almost 10 year old and 7 year old were able to keep up pretty well. My 4 year old did need some help from daddy though! It&#;s just important that they know it&#;s totally ok to work at their own pace and that as soon as the video is over you can rewind to wherever you want to be!

Step 2: Prepare the Supplies

Having all the supplies prepared ahead of time is very helpful. Open all the packages so that you are ready to do whatever they are doing in the video! It does move a little fast, so this just helps you stay up to speed! Plaid gives a full list of all the supplies you will need for each paint party, and usually have a coordinating discount code to go with it! I actually have a discount code for Plaid now through December 31st to receive 25% off your order over $ *Full details at the bottom of this post.Use Code: CHERISHEDBLISS.

Step 3: Paint Your Heart Out

Have fun painting. This is the best part, it&#;s where you get to start painting, watch your kids paint and laugh at all the little mistakes! If you get a little behind, don&#;t worry&#; remember you can always replay it! Here is a video below for their most recent Paint with Plaid Event!

And here&#;s the supply list for this particular painting. As you can see it&#;s not that expensive and these supplies will be enough for multiple people!

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Art

Find a fun place to display your new art!

Create special memories by joining this fun Paint With Plaid Night. These tips will help provide a Successful Family Paint Party!

Create special memories by joining this fun Paint With Plaid Night. These tips will help provide a Successful Family Paint Party!

Create special memories by joining this fun Paint With Plaid Night. These tips will help provide a Successful Family Paint Party!

I love seeing how everyone&#;s turned out so differently! Overall this is a fantastic way to learn the basics of painting in a fun, affordable way. Most painting nights outside the home require a cover charge, but all you need here is your supplies. The best part is&#; those supplies can be reused for future projects!

And like I said there is a new Paint with Plaid every month so you can do something new each month and watch your skills grow!

Create special memories by joining this fun Paint With Plaid Night. These tips will help provide a Successful Family Paint Party! Photo Credit: Plaid

Be sure to follow along with Plaid on Facebook to stay up to date with all their new events so you don&#;t miss out on this fun family activity!!

How to paint a Night Camping / Acrylic Painting / Daily Challenge #88

Host a Family Paint Night? Free Step By Step Videos &#; Tutorials For Families

Paint Night at Home For Families

Children of all ages, including teens, love to paint. Painting is a great way to engage one’s mind and hands. The fun and memories are worth all the mess painting with kids can make. Try something new tonight by having a virtual paint night with the whole family.


1 &#; Step By Step Painting

Step By Step Painting is a blog by former elementary art teacher Tracie Kiernan. You can find different painting guides and tutorials on her website. They are designed to be doable but still challenging for kids and even parents. Tracie’s tutorials do not just produce unique artworks but also feature different materials.

Check out this tutorial on how to paint a dinosaur silhouette.


2 &#; Projects With Kids

Projects With Kids, as you’ve probably guessed, is a rich resource for all sorts of activities for children. For paint night, you can choose between painting and using both watercolors and pastels. But it doesn’t stop there. Painting activities by Projects With Kids always involve a bit of crafting with materials you can easily find at home.

This Pollock-inspired painting activity even provides information about Jackson Pollock so your kids can appreciate art better.



3 &#; Art Lessons For Families By Angela Anderson

Whether you want a fun family activity or you’re serious about developing your painting skills, Angela Anderson’s art lessons are perfect. They take somewhere between 18 minutes to more than an hour, depending on the complexity of the technique. You’ll learn art methods that will turn you and your kids into amazing artists in no time.

Check out her tutorials here.


4 &#; Happy Family Art

At Happy Family Art, you’ll find detailed tutorials on how to draw and paint. The steps are so easy that even an absolute beginner can follow them. There are options suitable for kids, teens, and adults, and there are different types of media to work with as well.

Here are their art lessons. You’ll have a plethora of art projects to choose from, so choose well!



5 &#; EmptyEasel is a website for artists and art lovers alike. They have art tutorials and tips for improving your craft. If you want to challenge your family’s art skills tonight, check them out! The projects you will see at EmptyEasel will leave you in awe, but don’t be discouraged. You’ll find these projects doable once you read the tutorials.

Check out this cool but simple starry night sky painting tutorial.


You don’t have to run out of things to do at home. For more fun activities, visit our things to do at home with the family that is free and low cost.


Ideas night family paint

Painting can be fun and freeing. It&#;s also a wonderful way for, even novice crafters, to tap into their creativity and spend time expressing themselves. And, for that reason, it&#;s also a wonderful way to bring the family together on a rainy afternoon and pump out some memorable pieces. 

Whenever you paint, you lose yourself to the activity, giving in to your creative streak, which is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. 

Easy painting project

Easy Painting Projects

Below you&#;ll find 35 easy painting projects for the entire family to enjoy and experiment with! Some are beginner level, and can be made with your kids, while others are a little bit more advanced; but a challenge is always welcomed! Let&#;s see which are the coolest projects for you to make!

1. Lavender


Painting a few lavender plants is super easy to do if you follow this tutorial from The Inspired Hive. The whole thing is easy to make and it has quite an effect when you look at it, so you can definitely hang it up your wall. 

2. Van Gogh Style 

Van gogh feature new2

Not only will you be making a painting that resembles a Van Gogh, but you&#;ll be doing this alongside your kids with forks. Well,  you&#;ll be using paintbrushes too, but also forks, which is pretty awesome. Get the instructions from Project With Kids. 

3. Pulled String Art

Pulled string art

With some strings that are full of paint, you can definitely make some cool-looking art. It&#;s a technique that requires a bit of practice, but it&#;s definitely something you can have fun with, whether on your own or with your kids. Get the details from Tinker Lab.

4. Pencil Stamp

Pencil stamp

Using the erasers of your pencils to create art is something that&#;s super fun to do. You&#;re going to need pencils with erasers, some stamp kits (or paint), and some paper. Then, start making dots all over, arranging them in such a way that you&#;re creating an image. Super fun and easy! Get the details from Momtastic. 

5. Abstract


When you don&#;t necessarily have a ton of talent at drawing and you&#;re just learning how to make cool paintings, you can definitely try your hand at abstract art. Not everything needs to be perfectly defined, and this style certainly shows that. Get some instructions from The Fox & She.

6. Message


Sometimes, your walls need a little inspirational quote, a message that will speak something to you and your loved ones, and so on. Well, if you make a pretty background and you mind your calligraphy, you can definitely make one for your own walls. Get some info on how to do this from A Side of Sweet.

7. Monsters


Once more, this next project can be done with the help of your kids or directly by them as it features paint mixed with water and some straws. You can make ballon art and give your drawn monsters a little bit of color. So cute! Get the details from PickleBums.

8. Splatter 


Making your own trees with splattered paint, getting inspiration from Pollock can be a cute way to open up a discussion about art with your kids. Also, if you want to know how to make your own, you can definitely check the tutorial from Projects with Kids.

9. Abstract Heart

Abstract heart painting

Hearts are fun to have upon your walls, as they always remind you of your relationships, your friendships, your passions. The Creativity Exchange has a tutorial on how you can make a really cool abstract project, so learn how you can make your own. 



How about a watercolor forest? This image is breathtaking and if you follow the instructions you can make your own. It&#;s such a cool project to make and we&#;re sure your walls will look that much better for it. Get the details from Inkstruck. 



If you love space, then this nebula is the right painting for you. You can make your own if you follow the guide from Art Instruction, which is super awesome and easy to follow. Plus, look how great it came out!



If you want to forever feel like you&#;re on the beach, then painting yourself a little paradise corner is the right way to go. We loved the tutorial from Artsy Chicks Rule and can&#;t wait to hang it up the wall. 

Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons

Over on Step By Step Painting, we found a gorgeous painting idea with hot air balloon silhouettes over a gorgeous sunset. We absolutely love, so let&#;s get it started!



Poppies are some of the cutest flowers as they are so pretty and delicate, so why not put some on your walls? It&#;s a really cute project, and we found a great tutorial on Melissa McKinnon&#;s page that we&#;ll forever be thankful for. 

Starry Night

Starry night

Starry nights are wonderful to look at, inspiring, and full of beauty. If you want to paint one yourself, maybe even include the Milky Way, then this tutorial from Empty Easel is for you, so try it out. 



Magnolias are absolutely breathtaking and painting them will bring some of that beauty inside your home. But, if you have no idea where to start on creating this great image, the tutorial from Watercolor Affair should help you along. 



Sunsets are a wonderful time of the day and if you can enjoy watching the sun sink into the Ocean, then it&#;s even better. You can learn how to draw your own, how to blend in the colors, and more from My Drawing Tutorials. 

Kitty Cat

Cat and moon

How about a cat or two with the moon on the background? It&#;s a wonderful image that&#;s fully mystery and a witchy vibe, so let&#;s see how you can make your own by following the tutorial from Step by Step Painting. 



Flowers are awesome and if you want to learn how to paint loads of them, then this is the tutorial for you. You can learn a lot about shadows and lighting and more from here, so dive right into the tutorial from Smiling Collors. 


Paint scrape art

We&#;re loving this paint scraping trend that&#;s been fluttering around the blogosphere. The Craft Patch will walk you through the process and show you how to whip up a framed quote that you can enjoy in various nooks and crannies of the house. The foyer, the home office, or everyone&#;s respective bedrooms, it&#;s a fun craft and fun to personalize!


Fall for diy abstract art

Abstract art is really enjoyable to create but also great to actually utilize afterward. You can easily create something fresh and modern to display in your home. Check out the details behind this beauty by visiting out friends at Fall For DIY.


Diy paint pour canvas

Sweet Red Poppy hopped on another really hot painting trend: pouring. Pour paint can create gorgeous marbled pieces to display as well. We love this trio of canvases and how it has a geode quality (also quite trendy). Whip up something for your kitchen nook or hallways throughout the house.


Diy smushed paint art

Smushed art is really fun for the kiddos. We love this spread from Oh Joy! and how it&#;s become a type of contemporary art for the play room or craft area. Grab the details after the jump.


Acrylic pour painting beginners step by step blog pinimg

Acrylic paints are wonderful to work with. You can visit K.becca and grab a lot of beginners tips. And then, grab the family around the table and share your newfound wealth of knowledge while allowing everyone to create their very own masterpieces.

Water Gun

Water gun painting

Somewhat Simple grabbed the water guns, filled them up with paint, and had a little fun! You can easily personalize the canvas by taping off designs or using stickers as stencils. Just make sure you go outside to enjoy this project to the fullest.


Beautiful fluid paintings diy

momdot went with a similar project to &#;pour&#; paint with this fluid piece. We love the glistening beauty behind this one and, yes, it&#;s a kid-friendly way to go too. We think adding some bouts of glitters to these designs would really bring them to an entirely new level.


How to paint with bubbles

Yes, you can paint with bubbles too &#; and then turn the finished products into greeting cards for the rest of the fam. This is a really great activity for our youngest of arts and crafters. Just catch the project by visiting Early Learning Ideas.


Diy chippy paint

Sawdust 2 Stitches will teach you how to &#;chippy paint.&#; This is a fun skill to try when you&#;re working with wood pieces. Whether it&#;s furniture you want to have a distressed style or farmhouse wall accents &#; take the leap and learn how to make that &#;weathered and worn&#; look.


Diy splatter paint

A little splatter can go a long way. This is one of the most fun ways to &#;paint&#; a new piece for the house. Again, you may want to go outside for this one &#; especially with the kiddos. Grab a brush, dip it in the paint, and go for it! Grab the official instructions at wikiHow.


Diy puffy paint

One Crazy Mom will teach you now only how to use puffy paint but how to make it too! This starts out as a sort of science experiment with the little ones of the house and then turns into an afternoon of art making. Grab your food coloring and grab your shaving cream to get started!


Diy fingerpaint

Then again, sometimes the kiddos may want to go with a more classic route. Finger painting is so much fun and freeing as well. And thankfully, you can learn how to whip up some homemade finger paints before you get started in on the art part of it all. Visit Create. Play. Travel. for more info.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream painting craft

The Simple Parent went with a shaving cream paint project. This particular project is perfect in celebration of Earth Day but can be modified to fit whatever holiday or event or idea you may already have a vision for. What do you need to start the project? A package of paper plates!


Diy painting with cars

Who knew that cars could be the next best thing to a paint brush. The kiddos will go bonkers for this project and clean up becomes fun too &#; because it&#;s time to &#;play&#; car wash! The Keeper of the Cheerios will walk you through the main ideas.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottle painting

The Crafting Chicks did some painting with spray bottles.They have the ingredients behind the mixture &#; but it&#;s basically the same main idea as the water gun paint job. Use tape or stencils to create your design and then have fun aiming and shooting!

Sharpies & Alcohol

Sharpies and alcohol painting

Lifestyle for real life knows that sharpies and alcohol come together to make some gorgeous art pieces. Have you ever seen those &#;magic&#; paint pamphlets for kiddos? The ones where you just grab a q-tip, wet it and then rub it on the colors on the paper &#; voila! You have paint! It&#;s kind of like that &#; but for adults!

Final Thoughts

There we go! You now have a ton of new ideas on what to paint next and how to make a wonderfully creative thing for your walls. We just love how these came out and can&#;t wait to try them out! Which ones did you like best?

Virtual Paint Night - The Cactus

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