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June 11, 2020

The wilderness surrounding Łutselk’e, NWT will showcased again as the setting of Season 7 of the History Channel’s adventure series “ALONE”; which premiers on June 11, 2020. 

The American outdoor adventure series takes physical and social distancing to an extreme, as contestants are literally dropped off alone near Lutselk’e, NWT with only a few survival tools and camera equipment.  Tune-in to the History Channel to watch 10 survivalists vie for the $1,000,000 grand prize and to be hailed as the last-person-standing after 100-days in the Arctic. 

View the Season 7: ALONE trailer here.

Both season 6 & 7 of the ALONE series were self-filmed by contestants in the Łutselk’e area and were supported through Industry, Tourism and Investment and the NWT Film Rebate Program.

To catch-up and view Season 6 episodes go to History-on-Demand:

Click here to read more on Season 6 of ALONE.


Alone, survival show filmed around Łutselk’e, returns Thursday

Alone, a History Channel survival series following contestants trying to survive for 100 days in the wild, returns to the network on Thursday evening.

Season seven of the show returns to the area around Łutselk’e, east of Great Slave Lake, which also formed the setting for season six.

Surviving for 100 days with no outside assistance will earn the winner $1 million.


Ten North American contestants, aged between 30 and 50, feature in this season. Season six was won by Jordan Jonas, a 35-year-old who lasted for 77 days in the same environment – four days longer than his closest rival.

Nobody has lasted longer than 87 days in the show’s history. Other seasons have taken place in regions like Mongolia, Patagonia, and Vancouver Island.

Unlike many survival shows, contestants on Alone don’t have an accompanying film crew. They are provided with equipment to film their own exploits.

Each must work unaided to find food, water, and shelter, and remain on the land for as long as they can before tapping out.


The new season’s first episode airs at 8pm MT on Thursday, June 11, on History Canada.



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Alone Season 8: Updates on new location & Season 9

Alone Season 8 is one of the highly demanding reality shows of History and the reality series lovers are passionately waiting for it since Season 7 premiered on June 11, 2020.

While Alone Season 8 is yet to get an official announcement, some anonymous sources claimed that the producers of the show are still receiving applications for the eighth season. But this seems to be untrue. However, it is further reported that the casting process for Alone Season 8 is complete by now and the filming is going on since 2020. Rumors also have is that the show is currently taking applications for Season 9.

Alone is a show that leaves its contestants isolated with limited resources of survival types of equipment. The contestants are issued a kit of standard equipment, clothing, and first aid/emergency supplies. They can choose any ten items of survival gear from a pre-approved list of 40 items. The participants are also provided a set of cameras to capture their daily life experiences and emotions during the shows.

Shiloh native Roland Welker, 48, was the winner of History Channel's Alone Season 7. He won the prize money of $1 million. Season 7 was filmed on the shore of the east arm of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. However, According to Los Angeles Times, Alone Season 8 will take place in the similar location. If the show returns with Season 8, we can see the participants in different locations. The prize amount might increase.

However, the creators are silent on Alone Season 8. It seems like other reality series that the show might be halted due to the global pandemic.

Meanwhile, if you get interested to know more about how to participate in Alone, you can email the History channel at [email protected] with your name, age, contact information, location, and a brief description of your survival expertise.

You will be emailing Leftfield Entertainment, the producer of Alone. Leftfield Entertainment may use your information to contact you about the show or other opportunities that it believes may interest you.

There is no official release date for Alone Season 8 yet. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get more updates on History Channel reality shows.

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Alone Season 7 Champion: Interview with Roland Welker - \

Where Is Alone Filmed?

Competition reality shows have shown premises that are taken to the very extreme. This is usually observed in survivalist television series. Such shows often revolve around making their contestants brave harsh terrains in order to win a prize. ‘Alone‘ takes that format one notch higher by adding the element of isolation.

At its core, ‘Alone’ is a survivalist competition show. It transports its contestants to some of the fiercest locations on the planet. Then, a last-man-standing kind of format is used to determine a winner. However, all the contestants are dropped off far away from each other. This is done to ensure that they do not come into contact with each other. The locations chosen are ones that are uninhabited. Hence, the contestants are completely cut off from human connection.

There isn’t even a camera crew. The contestants are provided with cameras with which they are supposed to record their routine experiences. They have to fend for themselves: build shelter, find food, and everything in the middle. Each contestant is dropped off in similar places, in terms of availability of resources. They can carry ten items of survival gear from a list of 40 and are also provided with clothing, first aid, and other standard equipment. A satellite phone is also given which the contestants can use in cases of medical emergencies or for quitting. The winner gets a prize of $500,000.

Alone Filming Locations

‘Alone’ is set in a different location each season. Hence, the challenges and contestant experiences are vastly different. However, most of the locations chosen prove to be on the colder side so that there is a pressure of time. The winters can cause food to become extremely scarce and the conditions to be taxing. Yet, the contestants know that the competition can last for as long as a year!  Several viewers would have wondered about all the locations the show has been set and filmed in.

Season 7

The seventh season of ‘Alone’ is set and filmed in the Arctic region of Canada. It need not be mentioned that the terrain is extremely harsh and would have gotten especially hard for the contestants to navigate. Winter temperatures in the Arctic can fall as low as -30 degrees Celsius! Given the fact that the challenge is significantly tougher because of the location, the prize for the season is $1 million.

Season 6

The sixth season of ‘Alone’ was set and filmed in the Great Slave Lake: a place just 250 miles away from the Arctic Circle. The Great Slave Lake is located in the Northwest Territories in Canada. To be more specific, filming was carried out in the Great Slave Lake’s East Arm, near the Lutselk’e.

Other Locations

The fifth season of ‘Alone’ is set in Northern Mongolia. The fourth, first, and second seasons, on the other hand, were set and filmed in Northern Vancouver Island. Lastly, the third season was set and filmed in Patagonia.

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7 location season alone

Popular reality show Alone is set to make a comeback with its 8th season. The show tests the survival instincts of humans by pushing them to their limits. The previous season of the competition took place in the remotest concerns of wilderness. The show got much fame during the coronavirus pandemic. The show took the audience to the long-forgotten time when the human race was not civilized. The vintage competition show takes place in different wild areas across the globe.  Here is everything about the launch of the new series.

Alone poster

Alone Season 8: Release Date

The release of the new series of the show hasn’t been revealed. Season 7 of the show was released on June 11, 2020. It ended with its 11th episode on August 20, 2020. The channel has not yet officially renewed the show. But the casting for it was opened in 2020. The speculations are that the show would be premiered sometime in June 2021. The new series’s casting call page is still open A replacement season is undoubtedly within the works. The season will be aired with all the old casting.  

Updates – Alone Season 8’s first episode was aired on 3rd June 2021.

Alone Season 8: Cast

Each season of Alone follows a bunch of survivalists who plan to survive in too harsh conditions. The contestants are dropped off within the wilderness. Most of the contestants are either from Canada. Season 7 showed 10 participants- Mark D’Ambrosio, Correy Hawk, Shawn Helton, Kielyn Marrone, Joe Nicholas, Amós Rodriguez, Callie Russell, Roland Welker, Joel Van Der Loon, and Keith Syers. After battling the odds, three players survived. After battling the struggles, the winner was awarded a grand prize. The cast of the new season of the reality show is not yet revealed as the casting call is open. Following the previous seasons’ trend, the survivor of the new series would win an ultimate cash prize. Season 8 will see a new crew of survivalists who would win with one another to win the competition and pocket the grand cash prize.

Alone Season 8: Plot

 The show follows the storyline of survival of the fittest. The essence of Alone is the show is that contestants get through the odds of the situation. In the show, the contestants survive a particular number of days within the most inhospitable terrains. The survivors try to survive with limited resources and scarce food sources. Each survivalist is on their own and needs to forage for food and build shelters with their own hands. The one who survives the longest wins the ultimate cash prize. According to some sources, as per the previous seasons, the new season will have 10 participants. The participants will be set free in an inhospitable wild area. They are given little food and water to save their life for 100 days. The amenities need to be collected on their shelves. The past season featured locations like Canada, Vancouver Island, Nahuel Huapi National Park, northern Mongolia, and the great slave lake. Season 7 was shot in  Canada.  Season 8 of the series will take place in an all-new location.

Updates – The contestants sorted out for Alone Season 8 are as following:

  • SEASON 8

    Colter Barnes

  • SEASON 8

    Jordon Bell

  • SEASON 8

    Matt Corradino

  • SEASON 8

    Michelle Finn

  • SEASON 8

    Clay Hayes

  • SEASON 8

    Theresa Emmerich Kamper

  • SEASON 8

    Tim Madsen

  • SEASON 8

    Rose Anna Moore

  • SEASON 8

    Nate Weber

Check out the newly posted trailer of Alone season 8 and get a view of what shall be expected from this season.

Alone season 8 is being aired on Amazon Prime Video, go quick and enjoy some thrilling survival experiences.

After a stunning end for season 8, do check out everything you need to know about Alone season 9.


Alone - FULL EPISODES [Season 7, Episode 1]

'Alone' Filming Has Taken Contestants to Some Seriously Wild and Rough Places

Through the eight seasonsthat Alone has been captivating viewers on the History Channel, the show has taken contestants to locations off the grid and tested the limits of their mental and physical fortitude. Whether it's in the farthest reaches of Northern Canada or the southernmost point of South America, the brave souls who have undertaken the Alone challenge have faced some of the harshest, most unforgiving terrains known to man.

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Only a select few contestants have emerged victorious from the cruel, yet beautiful landscapes that they've had to call home, and plenty have had to be evacuated because they simply couldn't handle it (or worse, were injured while attempting to survive).

Nonetheless, here is a complete list of all of the locations that Alone has called home in its eight seasons on the air. Keep scrolling to check them all out.


Source: A&E

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Season 1: Quatsino, British Columbia, Canada

The first season of Alone saw competitors dropped in the Canadian hamlet of Quatsino. A part of northern Vancouver Island, Quatsino is home to just 91 people and is located on the Quatsino Sound. The location is only accessible via boat or floatplane. Beyond that, its closest neighboring settlement is Coal Harbour, directly to its east and roughly a 20-minute boat ride away. The town of Port Alice is also directly to the south of Quatsino, roughly a 40-minute boat ride away.

Season 2: Quatsino, British Columbia, Canada

For Season 2 of Alone, the show returned to Quatsino. The only difference between Seasons 1 and 2 is that in Season 2, contestants were dropped off closer to the region's largest town, Port Hardy, which is located roughly an hour northeast of the hamlet, and is accessible by both boat and vehicle.

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Season 3: Patagonia, Argentina

The third season of Alone marked the show's departure from the area surrounding Vancouver Island. Season 3 contestants were dropped at various locations spanning multiple lakes in the Andes mountain range foothills, some of the most unforgiving terrain on Earth.

Unlike the previous two seasons where the landmass was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Season 3 saw contestants work with Atlantic-based food sources such as rainbow trout, small birds, and even wild boar.


Source: A&E

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Season 4: Quatsino, British Columbia, Canada

Season 4 had contestants return to the show's roots in Quatsino yet again, but changed the rules up slightly. This time around, the courageous teams were set further apart than normal due to the 10-mile radius hike that showrunners required them to complete before they could eventually meet up at the designated rendezvous location.

Season 5: Northern Mongolia, Asia

The farthest relocation from Canada yet came to Alone for Season 5, when contestants were dropped off in Northern Mongolia. The episodes took place near Khonin Nuga, which is close to the city of Züünkharaa, Selenge.

Khonin Nuga is the name of a largely pristine valley near to the Khentii mountain range, where contestants had to prove they could survive.

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Season 6: Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territory, Canada

Season 6 marked the first time the show was renamed to align with its location, But Alone: The Arctic is a bit of a misnomer due to the fact that Season 6's Great Slave Lake area isn't exactly in the Arctic, but 250 miles south of it.

Nonetheless, the terrain of the area very much mimics Arctic conditions year-round.


Source: A&E

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Season 7: Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territory, Canada

Season 7 of Alone once again dropped contestants in the sub-Arctic area that is the Great Slave Lake region, but this time, the stakes became higher than they ever had been before. For Season 7, contestants simply had to survive 100 days straight in the wild, meaning that there could be multiple winners (or none). The contestant(s) to make it out the other side alive were awarded the show's biggest prize yet: $1,000,000.

Season 8: Chilko Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The most recent season of Alone also saw the show's title changed to correspond with its location. Alone: Grizzly Mountain showcased contestants dropped off at the first Alpine location the series has ever been to, over 3800 feet above sea level.

The lake that the location was based around is Chilko Lake in British Columbia. At 40 miles long, the glacial lake sits on the more dry eastern side of the Coast Mountains.

Catch new episodes of Alone on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST on the History Channel. Previous seasons of the show are available to stream on Netflix.


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Alone reality series showcasing spectacular Chilcotin scenery

Canada is an ideal country for people who want to be alone.

The 10 latest contestants in the hugely-popular History Channel reality TV series Alone certainly found what they were looking for last fall when they were dropped into total isolation last fall at Chilko Lake in the heart of Chilcotin grizzly country, a 4 1/2-hour drive southwest of Williams Lake.

For three months, from September to November, Chilko Lake (Tŝilhqox Biny) provided a spectacular backdrop as each of the contestants put their survival skills to the test to determine who could last the longest with no outside sources of food, shelter or protection from wildlife.

Billed as Alone: Grizzly Mountain, Season 8 is considered the most terrifying location yet in the history of the show. The mid-Chicotin area hosts one of the densest grizzly bear concentrations in North America with an estimated 200 grizzlies in the surrounding Chilko Valley/Ts’ilos Provincial Park. Each contestant is given a supply of bear mace along with their medical kits. As 43-year-old Pennsylvania contestant Rose Anna Moore says: “I’m used to being the hunter, not the hunted.”

The first episode was broadcast on Thursday and it didn’t take long for some of the predatory animals in the area to make their presence known. If you don’t want know what happens in that first episode, this is a spoiler alert and it’s best to skip the next two paragraphs.

Clay Hayes, 40, of Kendrick, Idaho has a cougar visit his campsite on the first day and records some close-up footage of the big cat watching him. Matt Corradino, a 42-year-old from the U.S. Virgin Islands, spots a mother grizzly and two cubs not far from his camp and after a loud snort the mother turns around and sends her family in the opposite direction, much to the man’s relief.

Tim Madsen, a 48-year-old from Laramie, Wyo., is the first Season 8 contestant to tap out. He chose to forego food gathering to focus instead on building his shelter and the situation turns extremely tense when Madsen, a father of five who suffered a heart attack years ago, develops a racing heart on Day 6 while hunting for food. His condition worsens when he returns to his camp and his anxiety climbs when he begins to feels intense chest pains and he’s forced to use his satellite phone to call for medical help, which ended his Alone experience.  

Aside from nightly texts to the production crew to let them know they are OK, contestants’ only contact with other humans are the regular medical checks to determine if each is healthy enough to continue. They are in a constant battle to collect enough food to maintain healthy internal organ functions and stay warm with winter approaching. Starvation, loneliness, injuries and shelters being destroyed by campfires are the most common reasons Alone contestants are forced to tap out.

With the exception of one of the three women, who is from England, all the other Season 8 contestants are Americans and all bring varying strengths as outdoor survivalists trained in building shelters, hunting and fishing and foraging. They self-document their adventures carrying cameras on tripods, using trailcams and wearing GoPros which are continually refreshed with new memory cards and charged batteries.

Each contestant is allowed to select 10 items from a list of 50 in addition to their clothes and tarps. Most choose a ferro rod for fire-making as well as an axe, saw, bow and arrow, snare wire, paracord, multi-tool, sleeping bag, fishing line/hooks and a pot to cook on.

The last person standing walks away with a $500,000 US prize. Who that person is will remain a mystery for the next three months as the 11-episode season unfolds. The season finale is scheduled to be broadcast on Aug. 19.

Alone has been set in Canada five of the eight years. Seasons 1, 2 and 4 were filmed on Vancouver Island, while seasons 6 and 7 were set on the shores of Great Slave Lake in Northwest Territory. Alone also stopped in Argentina for Season 3 and was set in northern Mongolia for Season 5.

As the crow flies, Chilko Lake is only 306 kilometres southwest of Prince George but to drive there it takes about eight hours. The Alone base for the 18-person production crew (Bear Camp) was at Chilko Lodge on the Franklin Arm (Tud tl’oz) on the southwest part of the lake. Running mostly north to south and bordered by Mount Good Hope and Mount Queen Bess, two of the highest mountains in the province, Chilko, with its Caribbean-blue waters, is the largest high-elevation lake in Canada.

The three months of production generated an estimated $2 million for the region and several members of the Xeni Gwet’in (pronounced ‘honey-go-teen’) First Nation were employed by the Alone crew.

In Williams Lake, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism (CCCT) is hoping the buzz about the TV series will raise awareness and make Chilko Lake and the Chilcotin more of a tourist destination for owners of fishing camps and adventure tour businesses whose operations have been hampered the past year by the travel restrictions of the pandemic.

“The marketing campaign we’ve launched is meant to educate and show people the beautiful landscapes and the outdoor adventure and experiences of the Chilko Lake area and the Chicotin is in our backyards and people can experience it for themselves and, very different from the show, they can do it comfortably, regardless of your wilderness abilities,” said Sydney Redpath CCCT director of marketing.

CCCT is basing its tourism strategy around the show and is sponsoring two online contests to capitalize on the Alone spotlight. One of the contest prizes is an eight-day river-rafting, glamping adventure from Bear Camp, while the second prize is a three-day guest ranch helicopter tour experience. The entry deadline is Aug. 19.

Redpath, a UNBC business graduate from Prince George, is a big fan of the show and is looking forward to seeing who can last the longest and go home with a half-million dollars.

 “Watching the first episode I was so geeked out at how entertaining and awesome the first season is turning out to look,” said Redpath. “I was thrilled at how beautifully they’ve captured the region in just the first episode and very much look forward to the rest of it.

“It’s been awesome to see how excited fans and residents are online to have their home showcased in such a cool way. For many people (the contest is) a once-in-a lifetime experience to go to the film location of such an iconic and popular show. For the businesses of the Chilcotin to have this level of exposure coming out of COVID-19, when they need the business and awareness that people can travel there, is coming at the perfect time.”



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