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Dometic CF-80 fridge mini-review

We bought a Dometic CF-80AC fridge freezer a couple months back so I thought I'd post a mini-review now that we've had "in the field" a bit.

We chose the CF-80 based on it's large capacity, Dometic/Waeco's excellent reputation and reasonable price (comparatively).

Prior to purchase I called Dometic USA 3 different times, asking a variety of questions, each getting right through to a person who was very helpful and pleasant to talk to.

The body of the fridge is steel, finished in a textured powder coat (Dometic calls it an advanced polymer).The top and bottom are a high quality plastic that look to be very durable (only time will prove this). The lid is plastic as well and easily reversible. The latches are plastic, cam-over and easily replaceable if damaged. (Dometic USA stocks all the replacement parts as well).

There are two power connectors, one DC and the other for AC power. The fridge auto senses AC/DC power and switches to AC automagically when it's available. The DC cord is plenty long for my application (about 6ft) and has a connector that works with both the USA 12v sockets and the Hella type sockets by means of a removable ring on the tip of the connector. We had no problems with the connection to Conqueror's 12v outlet. The AC cord is on the shortish side (about 3ft), but has the standard computer-style plug on the fridge end so a longer cord could be had easily.

The interior is made up of one large and one small space with a wire basket that fits into the main space to divide it up into 3 sections. The Main space has room for full size bottles (gallon milk/juice/wine) to stand upright). The small space is great for snacks/fruit/etc. There's also a nice little built-in interior light. There's no drain however, so spills will require some clean up...

There is a nice, easy to read and simple to operate control panel on the end of the fridge, located up where it's accessible. The digital temp display seems to be reasonably accurate (I used an IR thermometer to verify the internal temperature a few times).

The temperature is easy to adjust and the fridge recalls the last temp set even in the event it is shut off or loses power completely. The fridge maintains temperature well, only varying by one or two degrees F.

There is also low battery cutoff that is easy to adjust between 3 different settings and works as advertised. It's never cut power in the field, but I did test it with a 8 year old Optima marine battery (55AH) and it works as advertised.

As far as power consumption goes, I didn't (don't have) a meter to measure actual current draw so this is very subjective. My 'test' was to run the fridge (half-full) on an 8 year old Optima (see above) until the low power cut-off shut it down. In 100+ ambient temps, the battery powered the fridge about 24 hrs before it shut off. This works out to just over 2.2AH.

This lines up with observed power use in field where we were parked in one camp location for two days running off the 110AH DieHard marine battery. In addition to the fridge, there were lights, a 12v fan and the water pump running at times as well during this period. The ambient temps were above 90 during the day and mid 60s or so at night. There was power to spare when we got rolling again.

We never had issue with power during our recent 2 weeks on the road, despite minimal charge (driving) time, averaging 18~20hrs per day on trailer battery power only.

We also spent quite a bit of our driving time on rough roads, both dirt and paved and had no problems of any kind.


Mounting the fridge to the Compact's fridge slide took a little thought as the body of the fridge is about 5mm 'deeper' than the slide. My workaround was to build a floor for the slide and make some hold-downs using turnbuckles and battery hold-down bolts.

Also, due to the height, the lid doesn't open all the way with fridge in the forward position. It does open far enough to get items in/out though, so it's not a big concern to me.

Noise is minimal, could barely hear it running.

Nice handles are included and bolt on in a couple of minutes. I don't have them installed due the extra width interfering with the trailer body. I keep them in one of the trailer boxes.

The fridge also did a great job of keeping things cold!




Dometic CF80 CF110 Portable Compressor Fridge Lid Strap


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Dometic 41-04-028Gs0101 Gasket, Lid Cf-80/110


Dometic 41-04-028Gs0101 Gasket, Lid Cf-80/110

RV and Marine Appliances come in many shapes and sizes. Creature Comfort appliances like Air Conditioners and Awnings as well as Food preparation and storage are what RV Appliances are all about. Camper, Boat, RV and Motor Home Appliances will need replacement parts sooner or later. Many Replacement Parts for the appliances in our Campers, RVs and Boats are made by Dometic. Dometic appliance replacement parts from RVpartsexpress make repairs a pleasure. Going the extra Mile for Quality is the Dometic Way and we here at RVpartsexpress can deliver that quality to you. Campers, RVs Boats and Motor Homes around the world use appliance Parts from Dometic. The quality of Dometic RV and Camper appliances and replacement parts is unmatched in the industry. Dometic purchased Atwood and combined they provide replacement parts for most Atwood Furnaces, Awnings, Air Conditioners, Stoves, Refrigerators, water heaters as well as many other RV and Camper appliances.

Dometic was founded on a crazy idea. Two young Swedish students at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology decided to create a cooling effect by using heat and without moving parts. After many months of trial and error, they finally succeeded. The modern refrigerator was born. That was in 1922, and even the great Albert Einstein was impressed. In fact, he was so inspired he invented a refrigerator of his own together with a former student. This was the start of what we know now as modern refrigeration. Even today, almost a century after the two students built the first absorption fridge, Dometic is still pioneers in the field. Millions of people around the world buy and use Dometic products in their Campers, boats, RVs and Motor Homes.

Genuine Dometic Replacement parts are what keeps our Camper, RVs and Boat appliances and accessories running for all of us outdoor people. Outdoor people include RV users, boat owners, truck drivers, campers, hunters, fishermen and any one else who enjoys the outdoors and all part of a growing movement a longing for freedom and adventure, a desire to explore the world and to stay away for extended periods of time. We call it mobile living. Camping is Life and Dometic Appliances, Awnings, Furnaces and replacement parts make it more fun.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 in
Waeco CF35 Fridge Thermostat Replacement - Fitting a new thermistor to my awesome 12V fridge

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Cf parts dometic 80

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