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The best non-alcoholic and low-alcohol wines for 2021

The best non-alcoholic wine for 2021

What is the best non alcoholic wine? 

Here are OYNB's top 10 non alcoholic wine for you to enjoy throughout 2020. From deep flavourful alcohol free red wines to indulgent non-alcoholic champagne. There is a low alcohol wine for everyone's taste:  The links below will take you where to buy non alcoholic wine 

Red, red wine

Best non alcoholic red wines

Here are two of the best non alcoholic red wines you can buy online.

Rawson’s Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon  ABV: 0.5% 19 calories per glass

An alcohol-free red that actually tastes like Cabernet Sauvignon should! With a deep crimson colour that distinguishes it from other non-alcoholic red wines, this goes down smoothly and warms the soul. Like many alcohol-free wines, this beverage was created by producing it to a normal alcoholic strength and then de-alcoholising it. This is the process that can destroy flavour, but in this case you’ll be delighted to find a fruity taste that isn’t loaded with sugar, so stays low in calories and isn’t too sweet. The bottle design has an image of the idyllic vineyard, ensuring a conventional and convincing look. 

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon ABV: 0.5% 26 calories per glass

An excellent low alcohol red wine: Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon is a chocolatey, berry-bursting gift of a red wine from California’s renowned Napa Valley vineyards.

Whiter than white

Best non alcoholic white wines 

Next up are the best alcohol free white wines you can buy online.

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Alcohol-Free Riesling ABV: 0.05% 25 calories per glass

Like any medium-dry white, this is a wine best served chilled. Again, it looks the part with a proper wine label, so you won’t feel like a sore thumb if you bring this with you to a dinner party. With hints of lemon, lime and nectarine, this citrus wine smells a bit sharp at first, with some earthy notes. To taste however, it’s like a true German riesling with the familiar blend of sweetness and tartness. 

Eisbery Chardonnay ABV 0.0% 28 calories per glass

Chardonnay is the perfect party tipple! A fruity, alcohol-free white wine with soft vanilla aromas and crisp apple flavours and a hint of honey on the finish. And with only 28 calories in a 125ml glass, what’s not to love?

Cracklin’ rosé

non-alcoholic rose wine in wine glasses

Best low alcohol wines – Rose

For those rose lovers. Here are the best non alcoholic rose wines your money can buy.

Torres Natureo Rosé ABV: 0.5% 20 calories per glass

This is a very high quality rosé wine with a low-alcohol content and a distinct flavour also works wonderfully as an authentic rosé spritzer. With a sweetness that suits, this alcohol-free beverage smells of berries on vanilla and has a radiant rouge colour. Guaranteed this little number is just what you need to warm your toes on cold winter nights with fond memories of summer! 

Tesco Low Alcohol Garnacha Rose ABV: 0.5% 49 calories per glass 

This fruity Garnacha, full of ripe strawberry flavours, is made from carefully selected grapes, from the sun ripened vineyards of central Spain. Using  innovate technology called `spinning cone ́ that gently removes the alcohol, creating a great tasting rose wine with less than 0.5% alcohol.

Prosecco fizz

Best non alcoholic wine – Prosecco

Looking for a non alcoholic wine for a special occasion? Alcohol free Prosecco is the best choice for you.

Nosecco ABV: less than 0.5% 80 calories per glass

Sleek and trendy, this looks just like any other bottle of fizz. In the glass, it stays looking the part, with a pale golden colour and the same sparkle that you’d expect from the real thing. It’s ever so slightly sweet, just like Prosecco should be, with intense fruity notes from white flowers and white grapes. This is just what you need to fill you with fizz and cheer to get the night going!

Harvey Nichols Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay ABV: 0% 64 calories per glass

Harvey Nichols Sparkling Chardonnay is a refreshing non-alcoholic sparkling wine made for us by Maggie Beer. A non alcoholic wine made from the juice of Chardonnay grapes, Sparkling Chardonnay has the bead of Champagne and the mouthfeel of a good wine. 

Aromas of passionfruit and sweet mango are complimented on the palate with ripe papaya and guava flavours, finishing with a crisp, dry note of fresh lime. 

Champagne tastes

Best alcohol free champagne

Last up on our list of the best non alcoholic wine for 2020 we look at the best low alcohol Champagnes on the market.

Eisberg Sparkling Blanc ABV: 0.1% 31 calories per glass

Eisberg is a popular choice among the OYNB community. Alcohol-free and much lower in calories than standard champagne, you can raise a glass with zero guilt! On the tongue, this alcohol-free fizz is crisp and elegant with flavours of citrus and peach. From the first sip, you’ll be hit by a dry taste that really satisfies, and with no dehydrating effects, this is the perfect accompaniment to a night to remember!

Chateau De Fleur Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine Champagne ABV: 0% 27 calories per glass

Chateau De Fleur Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine Champagne Champagnette one of the best Non alcoholic champagnes on the market. Full flavored, contains no alcohol. Perfect for any occasion, made in California by Weibel Vineyards. 

Why whine?

jug and glasses of kombucha

Real Kombucha Royal Flush ABV: 0.0% 50 calories per bottle

If wine is just not for you, then Real Kombucha Royal Flush is non-alcoholic tea fermentation at its finest. Kombucha is a fermented and lightly effervescent black or green tea drink. Yeast and bacterial fermentation will over time create a delectable tart taste. The unique Real Kombucha brewing process builds on the delicacy of hand-picked, loose leaf fine teas. Rich scents of rhubarb and gooseberry, rounded out to white fruits and a touch of blackcurrant, this kombucha has a delicate floral acidity giving Royal Flush a fresh and bright appeal.

So put a cork in it!

Alcohol-free and low-alcohol wine have a bad reputation – but these days it’s more than just grape juice! More and more winemakers are able to produce a better taste when they remove alcohol from the process, and are now finding out just how low they can go when it comes to ABV. So whatever your tastes, there is an alcohol-free wine or low-alcohol champagne option out there for everyone! Let us know if you have any favourites that we have not mentioned!

We hope you enjoyed our latest blog post all about the best non alcoholic wine and low alcohol wines in the World. If you are ready to change your relationship with alcohol today then take the challenge.


Take the Challenge!




Sours: https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/best-non-alcoholic-wines/

Non Alcoholic Wine Harris Teeter

If you need information on Non Alcoholic Wine Harris Teeter, then you are in the right place.

Non-Alcoholic at Harris Teeter

    Fre - White Zinfandel - Fre - Alcohol Removed 25.40-oz / SKU: 085200001002. Freixenet - Alcohol Removed Sparkling Rosé Wine 750.00-ml / SKU: 816253012239. Freixenet - Alcohol Removed Sparkling White Wine 750.00-ml / SKU: 816253012222. Kedem - Apple Cider - Sparkling 25.40-fl oz / SKU: 073490128509.

Wine at Harris Teeter

    Chablis & Riesling. Chardonnay. Coolers. Marsala & Madeira. Merlot. More Red. More White. Non-Alcoholic. Pinots.

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon 25.40 fl oz Harris Teeter

    Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Ariel is the only dealcoholized wine to win a Gold Medal against wines with alcohol. Ariel retains all the na ... at Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter homepage. Search. Menu. Navigation Harris Teeter Grocery Beverages Wine Non-Alcoholic. Harris Teeter > Grocery > Beverages > Wine > Non-Alcoholic …Brand: Ariel

Sutter Home Fre White Wine 25.40 fl oz Harris Teeter

    Harris Teeter > Grocery > Beverages > Wine > Non-Alcoholic > Fre White Wine Close this window. Enter Zip Code(Optional) Click the store of your choice to purchase Sutter Home Fre White Wine: Share This. Tweet; Stores. Sutter Home. Fre White Wine. $10.99 Buy Now. Harris Teeter - Adams Farm Harris Teeter …Brand: Sutter Home

Fre Red - Fre - Alcohol Removed 25.40 oz Harris Teeter

    Ingredients Dealcoholized Premium Red Wine, Grape Juice, Grape Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, and Potassium Metabisulfite (to …Brand: Fre

Wine & Beer at Harris Teeter

    Wine & Beer at Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter homepage. Menu. Navigation Harris Teeter Grocery. Harris Teeter > Grocery > Wine & Beer Close this window. Enter Zip Code(Optional) Click the store of your choice: Share This. Tweet;

Non Alcoholic Beer at Harris Teeter

    Harris Teeter > Grocery > Beverages > Beer > Non Alcoholic Beer Close this window. Enter Zip Code(Optional) Click the store of your choice: ... Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage - Golden Amber 6.00-each / SKU: 042572051011. Clausthaler - Premium Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage 6.00-each / …

Italian Wines - Harris Teeter

    La Marca Prosecco is a bright and versatile Sparkling Wine named for the Italian region from which it comes. With a delicate, golden straw color and sparkling with lively effervescence, the La Marca Prosecco taste offers hints of ripe lemon, green apple, and grapefruit framed by mineral undertones. ... Item name Harris Teeter …

Cabernets at Harris Teeter

    Cabernets at Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter homepage. Menu. Navigation Harris Teeter Grocery Beverages Wine. ... The Naked Grape Box - Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Box Wine - 3L 3.00-liter / SKU: 085000021446. The Prisoner - Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, 2018 750.00-ml / …

Amazon Best Sellers: Best Non-Alcoholic Wine

    Red Wine Sampler - 5 Non-Alcoholic Wines 750ml Each - Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon, Cardio Zero Red, Rosso Dry, and Tautila Tinto 58 #32 H2O Soft Seltzer Wine-Infused Soft Seltzer, 0.0% Non-Alcoholic, 16 Fl oz Can (Pack of 4) (Pinot Noir)

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I recently discovered the world of non alcoholic wines and  have been having fun trying them out. They contain a third of the calories from real wine as I gave up wine for 3 weeks to shed a few pounds. I find that drinking makes me hungrier and I end up consuming more calories. Alcohol free wine could also appeal to pregnant women (think baby shower mocktails) and people who need to abstain for medical reasons like a woman I know who is sickly allergic to alcohol.

Alcohol-free wine is made by extracting the alcohol through a filtering or vacuum process, while leaving the other components intact. The real question is how to do alcohol free wine stand up to their counterparts? I've tried a few flavors so far and it’s all about having the right mindset and not expecting it to be exactly the same.

Fre Wine is made by Sutter Home Wine which I purchased at my local Harris Teeter and Target (which strangely had their registers set up to ask for ID). I've only been able to find these four flavors:

Brut sparkling - I was pleasantly shocked, it does not taste like sparkling cider, it really tastes like champagne. It has an apple flavor with a dry finish. It tastes good on its own but I also mixed it with an apricot I chopped in my food processor. I think grapefruit juice or peaches would also be a nice accompaniment.

White Zinfandel - This was my favorite with it's pretty pink color and berry taste. It tastes just like a sweet zinfandel without the alcohol kick. I think adding some soda water and strawberries to it would help give it that kick.

Chardonnay - It has the same buttery oak smell, but it tastes like crisp green apple.

Red Blend - This regrettably tasted like a mix of grape juice and balsamic vinegar.

In conclusion while alcoholic free wines may not stand up to their counterparts with their red wines, but they come pretty close with their white Zinfandel and sparking wine.

For some of my other mocktail recipes check out this post and this post.

Sours: https://www.theblondissima.com/2015/05/fre-alcohol-free-wine-review.html
Non alcoholic wine. How it's made ? How it tastes ? How much it cost ?

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Non Alcoholic Wine - Tasted and Rated

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