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We, the members of the Union City Police Department, are committed to providing the highest quality of police services to the community while at the same time maintaining respect for constitutional rights and human dignity.

 Our Department

Chief of Police, Cassandra Jones, welcomes you to the Police Department website. The Police Department is the primary responder for all calls requiring police services within City. And, managed under the direction of the Chief of Police who is appointed by the Mayor and Council. The Police Department currently consists of 57 sworn officers and 5 civilian employees. The Department serves a population of approximately 22, and patrols the square miles that make up Union City. With over years of service as the City’s police force, the Department is proud of our progressive reputation and demand the best of all employees.

Department Staff

Crime Deterrence

Street crime is curbed by the potential criminal’s fear of immediate apprehension or by the increased likelihood of detection. Deterrence of crime requires investigation of behavior which reasonably appears to be criminally directed. In deploying patrol forces to inspire public confidence in the Department’s ability to ensure a peaceful environment, a balance must be struck between the desirable deterrent effect of visible patrol and the undesirable appearance of oppression.

Apprehension of Criminals

The administration of criminal justice consists of identification, arrest, prosecution, punishment, and rehabilitation of the violator; the objective of which is voluntary compliance with the law. Once a crime has been committed, the duty of the department is to initiate the criminal justice process by identifying and arresting the perpetrator, to obtain necessary evidence, and to cooperate in prosecution of the case. As the certainty of swift and sure punishment serves as an effective deterrent to crime, so must the Department strive to solve all crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.

For more information concerning our Department, please click on one of the links. To learn more about becoming a Union City Police Officer, please click here.


If you wish to contact the Police Department in regard to obtaining information concerning accident reports, arrest reports, or to speak with an individual officer or investigator, please dial ()

For emergencies call

For non-emergency calls, please dial ()

Sours: https://www.unioncityga.org/departments/police


Our Strategic Plan

We pride ourselves on providing our community with innovative solutions and best practices in the delivery of law enforcement services. Our strategic plan is designed to serve as a roadmap in our continuous quest for a collaborative, trusting relationship with the community we serve, and to achieve the highest ethical and professional standards of contemporary policing. By design, this plan is a living document in a state of constant review and update. We recognize that as we accomplish objectives of the plan, new challenges will continue to emerge. We are steadfast in responding to this ever-changing environment with focused, intelligence-led policing based in priorities we set together with all stakeholders of our community and constituency.

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Terrorism Awareness 

Learn more about preventing terrorism and be prepared with info provided to us by the Department of Homeland Security.

Animal Control Services for Union City Residents

  • Ohlone Humane Society ()                            Free service  - Provides services for injured or orphaned wildlife (birds, squirrels, foxes, reptiles, orphaned bobcats) No domestic animals (cats, dogs, domestic ducks, or geese)
  • Vector Control ()                                             Free service -   Provides services for – insects (cockroaches, fleas, mites), rodents (Mice, rats) , and wildlife (bats, racoons, skunks, opossums, bobcats)

    No domestic animals (cats, dogs, domestic ducks, or geese)

None of these service providers accept dead animals. For dead animal calls, please continue to call the police department at the non- emergency number (). 

It should be noted the police department does not respond to calls related to bees, rodents, and stray/ feral cats. Feral cats are usually controlled though Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) programs offered by local organizations, such as the Ohlone Humane Society. The police department does not have the resources to trap feral cats.

If you would like to file an animal complaint please fill out the form.

Sours: https://www.unioncity.org//Police
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from City of Union City · 5 days ago

The Union City Police Department is now hiring for the positions of:

Police Officer Trainee
Police Officer Trainee (Academy Attendees ONLY)
Police Officer Lateral
Police Officer Recruit II

Those successful in the hiring process will receive a competitive salary while attending a 1, hour long (6 month) police academy where they will learn the basics needed to perform in the field. From there, an intensive Field Training Program will commence that will get you ready to serve our community.

Some of the specialties and collateral duties that we offer are: Investigations, Special Services Unit, SWAT, K-9 Officer, Drone Operator, Firearms Instructors, Field Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator, Crime Scene Investigator, Honor Guard and more!

In , Union City was the second-busiest mid-size city in the Bay Area. While responding to over 43, calls for service, Officers still managed to keep residents and visitors safe by seizing over firearms. In addition, over $ million in illegal assets were seized as a direct result of the amazing police work performed by members of our department.

So, if you want to join our family and become the next Union City Police Officer simply apply on-line at www.calopps.org/city-of-union-city
Text JOINUCPD to to let us know that you are interested in a position with UCPD and you will be notified when a position opens.

For further information or if you have any questions, contact the Acting Personnel & Training Supervisor at [email protected]

For additional information about Union City Police Department visit:

Photo credit: CA C. Martinez
UCPD Staff: Ofc. Canjura

#ucpdcaCareers #join_ucpd #ucpdca

5 days ago· Subscribers of City of Union City in General


Sours: https://nextdoor.com/agency-detail/ca/union-city/city-of-union-city/
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