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At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of body shells to ensure that you have every body shell option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of body shells, so that whether you are looking for a replacement body shell or a fiberglass muscle car body shell or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your body shell needs!

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Custom Body Black for ARRMA Senton 4x4 3S / 6S BLX Cover Shell

Custom Body Muddy Blue for ARRMA Senton 4x4 3S / 6S BLX Cover Shell Slash

Custom Buggy Body Graffiti Pig for ARRMA 1/8 TALION 6S BLX Truck Car Cover Shell

Arrma LIMITLESS 6s - Body Shell, wing set mount (MATTE BLUE AR

Custom Body Eagle Style for ARRMA Senton 4x4 3S / 6S BLX Cover Shell Slash

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If you are performing a full restoration on your vehicle you have two choices. You can spend countless hours and dollars stripping down, repairing and prepping your original body, or you can purchase a brand new body shell. With aftermarket body shells all the hard work has been done for you. Simply paint and reassemble and you will have a vehicle that looks like a million bucks. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a great selection of body shells for you to choose from. With offerings from all of the premier brands you are sure to find perfect shell for your project in our extensive collection.

If you have a restoration project that has received extensive damage from rust or accidents you do not have to give up hope. Aftermarket body shells are faithful reproductions of the original design so that you can now have the perfect starting point for your restoration. If you are looking to save weight for a high-performance build there are also several companies producing light weight fiberglass shells to give your ride the ultimate performance. If you want the best starting point for your next project a new body shell is the only way to go. While it may seem like a lot of money up front, in the long run it will not only save you money but it will also save you precious time.

Q: What is a body shell? Why buy one?
A: Body shells are complete stampings that replicate the original body of your vehicle. Faithful to the original lines and dimensions of your vehicle’s original body, full body shells are a great way to make your car new again. Whether you are repairing accident damage or doing a full restoration on your vehicle, body shells will save you countless hours of metal and body work allowing you to start with a perfect shape right from the beginning. So if your vehicle has extensive rust, damage, or corrosion, you do not have to give up on the project; a fresh body shell will give your ride a new lease on life. In addition it is possible to get body shells made out of different materials such as fiberglass, which have the performance advantage of being light weight, and are also resistant to rust. With body shells all the hard work is already done; just paint it the color of your choice and you will have an immaculate ride for years to come.


Classic Muscle Cars & Project Cars for Sale

Financing - No Credit Check!

Cars paid off, but not picked up, will be resold.
Cars recently paid off have up to 2 months from last scheduled payment to be picked up.

History:Dave's passion for cars prompted him to open Dave's Classic Cars in , with only 3 old cars for sale. Now, he currently has more than Classic Project Cars for Sale.

Inventory: Classic Cars from Chevy, Dodge, Buick, Pontiac, Mopar, Ford, Plymouth, AMX, and Oldsmobile:  s, s, s, s, and s.

Classic Muscle Car Prices: Collector car prices have increased drastically within the last few years. The days of cheap classic cars are past. However, it's still possible to find old project cars for sale below market value.

Classic Car Scams: If you find a really cheap classic car for sale, and it seems too good to be true, then it's probably a scam. Read more aboutClassic Car Scams.

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How To Buy A Brand New Classic Car

What classic car fan hasn't had the fantasy of stepping into a time machine, setting the dial to their favorite automotive decade and emerging directly into the showroom of their favorite brand, cash in hand, ready to drive back to the future in a brand new old-school vehicle?

There are, of course, a few barriers between the average enthusiast and the above scenario—primarily that time travel has yet to be invented. There's also the often-overlooked fact, however, that due to the industrial equipment and techniques available at the time, cars and trucks that left that factory were often nowhere near the level of fit and finish of a modern restoration.

They say "it's only original once," but if you want something better than OG, well, the current market has you more than covered. Shut down the DeLorean and take the keys away from the mad scientist, because you don't have to bend the laws of physics to buy a brand new classic car.


Anyone who's ever had to track down rare sheet metal for a resto project—or bemoaned their inability to find a corrosion-free shell in their area for a particular build—will be delighted to learn that it's been possible for several years now to buy complete bodies for an ever-increasing list of classics.

Currently, Dynacorn produces full body shells for the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Ford Bronco, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird, Chevrolet Chevelle, Chevrolet pickup, and Chevy pickup. Although the trucks are cab-only, the other models are A-pillar back in terms of the body, with all of the mounting and frame points required to attach front fenders, hoods, bumpers, etc. Doors are already installed prior to shipping, and the trunk lid is there, too.

Pricing is surprisingly reasonable, ranging from $7, to $17, That's a pittance compared to what it can cost to resurrect a rust-ridden vehicle, or slice and dice the sheet metal you need from a donor. Each of the Dynacorn bodies is licensed from the OEM, and is made entirely out of galvanized steel. The company has also added extra metal in areas where the originals were known to be weakest, which is perfect for anyone looking to double or triple stock power.


Looking for more than just the body? Seeking a turn-key reproduction of one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time? Not too concerned about staying period-correct in areas the average person will never see, like under the hood or the chassis? Revology has the Mustang for you.

Revology's entire business model is based around building Ford Mustangs that look like the real thing from the outside, but ride on as much modern tech as possible. That includes a completely revised front suspension system mated to a rack and pinion steering setup, a fuel-injected, computer-controlled V8 engine, four-wheel disc brakes and a custom interior that goes way beyond the metal-and-vinyl look of the original cars.

Revology Mustangs are intended to be driven—in fact, driven every day—and come with a full warranty. Not quite a replica, not quite a restomod, if you've got $, to spare, why not park something a little more unique than your office-mate's Lamborghini in the investment bank parking garage?


If your wallet is wide enough, and you've got a hankering for a classic SUV, then ICON is probably your best bet for an all-new old-timer.

Based in California, ICON produces a series of thoroughly-updated Toyota FJ and Ford Bronco designs that boast completely modern, emissions-friendly drivetrains. Want to conquer the great outdoors? You can ask ICON to hand-build you one of these rides with all the equipment necessary to go beyond the Rubicon. Prefer to eat interstate miles in total comfort instead? Plenty of luxury is awaiting you on the order sheet, too.

Interested in something a little more out there? ICON also offers classic pickup truck builds (the street-oriented TR and the off-road Reformer), as well as the Derelict series of patina-heavy rat rod-style '50s coupes, wagons and convertibles. The end result is always the same, however: all of the street cred with none of the classic car nightmares.

Gateway Bronco

Narrowing the focus is Gateway Bronco, a company that goes deep on the first-generation Ford SUV to produce a three-tiered series of modernized rides.

It all starts with the Fuelie ($95,), a version that includes a fuel injected, ci engine, four-wheel disc brakes and a choice between manual or automatic transmissions. Next up is the Coyote Edition ($,) which swaps in a modern Coyote V8, followed by the Modern Day Warrior, which marries high performance with a unique six-speed gearbox and an impressive five-year warranty.

As with ICON, you can specify a completely custom build limited only by your imagination, and, of course, budget. It takes between two and four months to produce the Bronco of your dreams (depending on whether you're willing to pay extra for rush delivery).

Singer Vehicle Design

The Porsche is a little like the Lego brick of the automotive restoration world: there's so much parts-swapping, back-dating and modernizing possible for each and every variation of the platform that it seems only natural that a company like Singer Vehicle Design would eventually tap into the market for high-end rebirth.

Although a fair amount of what happens under the Singer umbrella could be loosely termed "restoration," the cars that emerge from the company's shop are more accurately described as blank-canvas reinterpretations of the itself. While some buyers crave an original look with a current engine and transmission, others go all-out in terms of customization both visually and mechanically. There are 3 air-cooled engine options available from Singer, ranging from hp to hp, depending on how much of a blind eye towards emissions you're willing to turn, and how much tolerance you have for race-spec builds.

What further separates Singer from the other businesses on this list is that customers are required to bring a road-legal shell as the starting point for any project. That car is then stripped down, sandblasted and re-welded to be strong enough to qualify for the upgrades it is about to receive, with a full slate of both steel and carbon fiber replacement panels and parts available alongside the mechanical mayhem.

One thing is certain—there are no two Singer customer cars that could be considered clones. Each of these updated classic sports coupes is an individual work of art.

Want some more info on the Gateway Bronco? We have all the details from the announcement!

1933 Factory Five Roadster for sale at Gateway Classic Cars STL

Muscle and Pony Cars

What is a muscle car?
Muscle cars are big, loud, American-made, two-door coupes with big, loud powerful engines (often a V-8 or larger) like the following iconic versions:

1. Dodge Charger
2. Plymouth Barracuda
3. Pontiac GTO
4. Chevrolet Nova
5. Oldsmobile
6. Plymouth Roadrunner
7. Ford Shelby Cobra Mustang
8. Camaro ZL1 (’69)
9. Buick GSX
Ford Boss Mustang

Muscle cars encompasses the ethos and aesthetic of the mid-to-late s and early s when body types and power trains were getting larger and more aggressive. The resulting vehicles were designed to burn out along a straight strip, to intimidate, to roar.

While the ancestor of the classic muscle car was introduced as far back as the late s, the modern definition refers to cars like the Dodge ChargerCharger and Challenger, the Plymouth Fury and Barracuda, Chevrolet Nova and Camaro, Pontiac GTO, Ford Torino and Mustang among others, although the 'Stang’s presence on this list can be controversial. (The poor Pony car, beloved by buyers, looked down upon by so many who hate it’s pretty curves and it’s universal appeal).

Muscle cars listed for sale on include all of the above makes and models in their classic 20th century variations, as well as the modern iterations, some of which even hark back to those days of bold power, poor turning radius, and killer attitude. Muscle cars are often daily drivers for those looking to get their kicks on the morning commute, but are even more satisfying on the drive from Christmas tree to finish line on a sleek, narrow straight. Or even better, on both, when owners run their GTOs to the office Monday-Friday, then head to the drag strip on Saturday morning.

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