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Wrath of God {2}{W}{W}

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s one of Magic's most well known spells, Wrath of God (or just "Wrath") seems like a fitting topic to discuss during God Week here on DailyMTG. Let's take a trip through history as we look at each artwork that has appeared on the card.

Limited Edition Alpha through Sixth Edition

Wrath of God | Art by Quinton Hoover



Wrath of God | Art by Mike Raabe


Seventh Edition through Tenth Edition and Commander (2013 Edition)

Wrath of God | Art by Kev Walker


Player Rewards

Wrath of God | Art by Ron Spencer

The above is from the textless version of Wrath of God, as distributed via our retired Magic Player Rewards program.

Sours: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/arcana/wraths-god-2014-03-25
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Magic the Gathering Alter Tutorial: Wrath of God

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God full art wrath of

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