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Replacement Incandescent Light Bulbs

Each Balsam Hill® Incandescent pre-lit Christmas tree is strung with high-quality lights where if a bulb goes out or is removed, the rest of the strand will stay lit. With each tree, we include some replacement bulbs to enable you to replace any that burn out. If you need additional replacement bulbs, you can now order directly from Balsam Hill. Each package of replacement bulbs includes 35 bulbs.

The replacement bulbs offered will work for most indoor Incandescent pre-lit Christmas trees strung with Clear, Multi, or Color+Clear® lights. Please look carefully at your bulbs to ensure that you purchase the replacement bulbs that match the lights on your tree. If you have your tree's lights turned on for 20 minutes and the bulbs are hot to the touch, then they are incandescent. Incandescent bulbs are also identifiable by the two prongs within the bulb casing.

If you're not sure what type of replacement bulb you need for your tree, please refer to our Christmas Light Bulb Guide.
  • Each kit contains 35 replacement bulbs
  • Clear Lights kit features bulbs that emit a soft clear light
  • Multi Lights kit features an assortment of red, green, blue, and yellow bulbs

Should you need replacement bulbs for your Balsam Hill wreath, garland, potted tree, item with LED lights, or require more than 4 packs of replacement bulbs, please   contact us.

All orders of replacement bulbs will ship via FedEx Smart Post.

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Prepare for a hassle-free Christmas light show by stocking up on replacement Christmas bulbs for your home and holiday displays. Opaque, clear and twinkling Christmas lights come in more than one size, and making the right choice is crucial to replacing bulbs in your light strings. Fortunately, BulbAmerica carries replacement bulbs in popular sizes, including the C9 bulb and the C7 bulb. Select packs of 25 bulbs in either size for fast replacement when you notice one or more lights have stopped working.

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Christmas light strings with C9 bulbs provide 7 watts of power per each bulb, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor holiday displays. Size matters when you want everyone to see multiple colors of bright lights, and C9s are inches in diameter, making it easy for spectators to see them from a distance. Alternatively, the C7 bulbs have a 7/8-inch diameter, producing 5 watts of steady power per bulb, which is great for most standard holiday uses. Both bulb sizes feature recognizable point-tip bulb shapes with a nickel base screw-on bottom for easy removal and replacement. Replacement packs include colors of red, blue, orange, green and white. Need just one color? BulbAmerica offers pack replacement Christmas lights in single colors for customized lighting options.

Make sure your Christmas tree lights are all in good working order, and when they fizzle out, you’ll have plenty of Christmas tree bulbs on hand to ensure your tree always looks awesome. Whether you prefer opaque or transparent bulbs for your tree, you’ll find the right size replacements that fit seamlessly with the entire string.

Are you a big fan of twinkling lights? Stock up on C7 or C9 twinkle variety packs. Twinkle lights make your trees and decorative displays dance with color, offering spectators an eyeful of visual delight. Choose C7 triple-dipped transparent multicolor packs, or C9 LED multicolor twinkle packs. You can also replace single color twinkle bulbs to keep the lighting magic going strong.

At BulbAmerica, you’ll find a wonderful assortment of Christmas light bulb replacements for strings of bubble lights, flicker flame lights and candelabra base lights.

Sours: https://www.bulbamerica.com/collections/christmas-replacement-bulbs
  1. 18 x 19 seat cushion
  2. Outdoor patio cushion sets
  3. 2 ton rheem heat pump

G40 Globe String Lights Bulbs

Shipping Policy

We are currently shipping Monday - Friday with most orders placed before CST shipping the same or next business day.

Orders cannot be canceled or changed once they are placed. 

Delivery Timeframe Notices Regarding Air Orders

Orders placed via ground service should arrive in business days depending on your zip code. This estimate does not include weekends, Saturdays, or major Holidays.  

2-Day air orders shipped on Thursday do not arrive Saturday but should arrive the following Monday. Next-Day orders shipped on Friday do not arrive Saturday but should arrive the following Monday. No orders are delivered on the weekend and the weekend does not count as days in transit.

Due to these unprecedented times, UPS and FedEx do not guarantee any method of shipping, including Air Service.

To ensure prompt shipping verify that your order is correct. Please do the following checks:

1. Confirm bulb bases and cord sockets match. 
2. Confirm 18 AWG wire SPT rating matches the SPT rating of plugs.
3. For bulk C7/C9 bulbs and cords orders, don't forget gilbert plugs, if required.
4. Double-check the wire color on all strings lights. 
Sours: https://www.christmas-light-source.com/collections/gglobe-string-light-bulbs
Using C7 and C9 LED Replacement Bulbs to Make Custom Christmas Light Strands

Patio and Party Bulbs - Choose Your Bulb

Ignite fun and festivities with bright patio and party lights! There is no better way to animate dinner parties or entertain guests than to illuminate the evening with glowing party lights. Whether hanging globe and bistro lights from tents and pergolas, or hanging along railings or as umbrella lights, patio light bulbs really help to set the mood.

Here is a little bit of help when trying to read through all the bulb classifications out there:

  1. C7/E12 patio lights are smaller decorative light bulbs and they use a candelabra-size socket base. They are great in smaller spaces and can be used in a variety of ways for both string lighting and decorative lighting.
  2. C9/E17 patio lights are a step larger than their C7/E12 cousins and have an intermediate socket base. C9s are a great choice for patio string lights, decorating larger areas and for getting more illumination.
  3. E26 lights are the socket base size of most typical household light bulbs and they feature larger bulbs for patio lights that you might want spaced further apart, or for large areas where you want a larger light display.
  4. G50, G40 and other "G" bulbs are all Globe (hence the "G) and the following number is the diameter of the bulb in millimeters. Globe lights will include a base size using any of the above three classifications, helping you to easily match up your globe light with a light string.
Sours: https://www.christmaslightsetc.com/Patio-Party-Bulbshtm

Replacement white christmas bulbs light

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Pure White LED C7 Christmas Light Bulbs

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