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How to Choose the Right Size TV Stand

Modern Blaze offers a variety of TV stands with built-in fireplaces. Our customers often ask us what size TV stand should they choose for their TV's. This TV stand size guide will help answer this question!

The very first thing to know is that TV's are actually measured diagonally. This means that a 55 inch TV is not actually 55" wide. Another important thing to note is that the frame around the actual screen is also not included in the measurement. These factors make determining the appropriate furniture width for your TV a little more challenging. The guide below will give you a general idea of the minimum stand size you should use for your TV.

TV stand size Guide

Our TV stand size guide will provide you with the minimum stand size recommended for your TV so that your TV is not wider than the stand, which could pose as a safety hazard.

NOTE: This guide should be used for reference only, the size of the frame may vary by manufacturer and model. We recommend measuring your TV before making a purchase.

TV dimensions are obtained by measuring the screen diagonally from one end of the screen to the other (not including the trim/frame). Recommended TV Stand width assumes a 1-inch frame added to it.

30 inch TV - at least 28 inches wide Stand
32 inch TV - at least 30 inches wide Stand
34 inch TV - at least 32 inches wide Stand
36 inch TV - at least 33 inches wide Stand
38 inch TV - at least 35 inches wide Stand
40 inch TV - at least 37 inches wide Stand
42 inch TV - at least 39 inches wide Stand
44 inch TV - at least 40 inches wide Stand
46 inch TV - at least 42 inches wide Stand
48 inch TV - at least 44 inches wide Stand
50 inch TV - at least 46 inches wide Stand
52 inch TV - at least 47 inches wide Stand
54 inch TV - at least 49 inches wide Stand
56 inch TV - at least 51 inches wide Stand
58 inch TV - at least 53 inches wide Stand
60 inch TV - at least 54 inches wide Stand
62 inch TV - at least 56 inches wide Stand
64 inch TV - at least 58 inches wide Stand
66 inch TV - at least 60 inches wide Stand
68 inch TV - at least 61 inches wide Stand
70 inch TV - at least 63 inches wide Stand
72 inch TV - at least 65 inches wide Stand
74 inch TV - at least 67 inches wide Stand
76 inch TV - at least 68 inches wide Stand
78 inch TV - at least 70 inches wide Stand
80 inch TV - at least 72 inches wide Stand
82 inch TV - at least 74 inches wide Stand

Our TV stands and media consoles have electric fireplaces built into them that imitate real fire and provide real heat. Click here to learn more about electric fireplaces: Electric Fireplace Buying Guide or Click here to browse our Catalog or TV Stands with Fireplaces. If you want to save on your first purchase, subscribe to our newsletter: Click here to get on our email list!

Sours: https://modernblaze.com/blogs/shopping-guides/how-to-choose-the-right-size-tv-stand

At One For All we offer a lot of different 40 inch TV stands. Each of them obtains different characteristics and features and has a distinctive look. But, there is one thing that all of our TV stands have in common, and that is they guarantee you to achieve a modern and organized look in the room. Our wide range of 40” TV stands are specially designed to fulfil your every need. To make sure that our TV stands are a real addition to your interior we offer 40” TV stands with wooden designs, but also with sleek, sturdy designs. This way you can always find the perfect TV stands that blend in well with your décor. 

Different design choices for your 40 inch TV stand

One For All is developing meaningful solutions for everyday use for over 30 years now. Our mission is to bring you and your family the ultimate home comfort. We want to put you in control of your own home entertainment appliances so that you can just enjoy watching television with your loved ones. At One For All we believe that we can achieve this mission by creating smart technology and useful solutions. Our 40 inch TV stands are the perfect example of this. With our experience we have realized that the design of our products plays a huge part in creating an ultimate-television-viewing-experience. Therefore, we pay close attention to the design of our products.

To make sure that our products are not only a unique piece of furniture, but also blend in smoothly with the rest of your décor, we have created a few different designs. Within our large range of 40 inch TV stands you will find minimalistic pieces such as our Ultra Slim TV standsand our TV stands which have a soundbar holder (in neutral colors). Thanks to these designs your room gets a more modern and spacious look within an instant. Next to these designs we also offer TV stands with a sturdy design ensuring extra strong support for your television. One amazing thing about all of these TV stands is that they are universal. This means that they are suited for all TV brands such as Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG and much, much more!

Choose your favorite 40” TV stand at the One For All website

40” inch TV stands are the best solution for maximizing space. This means that a TV stand is especially handy if you live in a small apartment or have a smaller living room. To make sure that you can watch television from every angle in the room, we have created special TV stands with a swivel mount for total freedom of movement. With this type of TV stand you can rotate your television screen up to °, giving you a lot of viewing options!

So, do you wish to achieve a modern, clean and most of all, organized look in your living room? And would you also like to store all of your AV-devices in one spot with no loose wires? Then, a 40 inch TV stand form One For All is the best solution for you! No matter which type of 40 inch TV stand you choose—whether it is an Ultra Slim TV stand or a TV monitor stand (table top)—you will be adding a sleek and modern piece of furniture to your living space!

Sours: https://www.oneforall.com/tv-stands/inch-tv-stand
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These tall TV stands can change the way you watch TV for the better

A recent study found that those over 20 spent hours a day sitting on average and those between 12 and 19 sat for a whopping hours in a day. That's a lot of sitting. While getting up and moving around will make a big difference for your health, if you find yourself spending a lot of time watching Netflix, playing games, or even working from your TV screen, one of the best tall TV stands might make all that sitting time more comfortable and the screen easier to see — not to mention adding ample storage space underneath. In order to find the best option for your home, you'll need to consider four things: dimensions, television size, weight capacity, and the overall appearance.

Before you start shopping, break out the measuring tape: How many inches is your television and how much room do you have to spare for a television console? Keep in mind that even for smaller spaces, a television should never be wider than its stand unless a mount is built into the design. Weight capacity is also an important factor. Some televisions list the weight on the back, but if you can't find it, type the product number into Google and you should be able to locate weight information about your particular model.

Once the technical stuff is all figured out, it's time to consider your aesthetic preferences: What color best suits your space? Do you prefer classic furniture or modern pieces? Do you want open shelving, closed cabinets, or a combination of both? This list has a combination of everything — but all of these stands are at least 34 inches tall, so you can get the best possible view of your TV.

1. The Overall Best Tall TV Stand For Most Spaces

There are several reasons why the Designs2Go Highboy TV stand is one of the best options for most spaces: For one, it's available in four finishes, and all of them offer both three tiers of open shelving and two cabinets for hidden storage. For another, reviewers have successfully used it to hold televisions up to 50 inches in size, and the unit can support up to 60 pounds in total. Finally, despite the affordable price tag, it's surprisingly sturdy and durable.

  • Dimensions: inches long by inches wide by 36 inches tall
  • Compatible television sizes: 50 inches or smaller

One reviewer wrote: "I bought my mother a 32" HDTV for her bedroom ad a pre-Christmas gift and needed a tall TV stand so she would not have to look down from the bed while watching tv. This stand is perfect. Made of good material and looks more [expensive] than what I paid."

2. The Most Portable Option

The VIVO TV cart is one of the most space-savvy options available and also super portable. That's because the slim design features four wheels which work on both hard floors and carpets, so you can effortlessly change the positioning of your television while still being able to support up to pounds. The built-in mount also has a tilting function so you can change the angle, plus the steel frame offers hidden cable management and a shelf for media equipment.

  • Dimensions: 26 inches long by inches wide by 60 inches tall
  • Compatible television sizes: 32 to 65 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I got this to be able to move an older (heavy) 46" TV around the house as needed. I've never owned a TV cart so wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I'm very happy with how stable this cart is. I was able to assemble and mount the TV myself quite easily, and can roll it around over carpet and wood with little effort. It's nice that the legs don't stick out too far, so I can also push it against a wall and not feel like the legs are a tripping hazard, while it's still extremely stable."

3. A Stylish TV Stand With Lots Of Storage

You can find taller TV stands that are just as stylish as the shorter ones. This Parker console from BELLEZE has a modern farmhouse aesthetic that's available in four wood finishes: Ashland Pine, Espresso, Gray Wash, and Sargent Oak. Each one has exposed shelves and two sliding cabinet doors, plus the metal finishes give it a high-end appearance.

  • Dimensions: 52 inches long by inches wide by inches tall
  • Compatible television sizes: 60 inches or smaller

One reviewer wrote: "The quality is so good and sturdy. I have a 50” tv on it and it fills the space perfectly. It’s the start to my farmhouse decor. I can’t wait to get the coffee table to match."

4. The Best Option For Small Spaces

For those working with an especially tight space, this slim media stand with storage from TAVR is just inches wide, but can support a TV up to 55 inches. That's because a metal mount is built into the base, so it securely holds your television without tipping. This option also offers a degree swivel, a hidden cord management system, and four tiers of storage for your devices and can support up to pounds.

  • Dimensions: inches long by inches wide by inches tall
  • Compatible television sizes: 32, 37, 42, 47, 50, and 55 inches

One reviewer wrote: "Tight squeeze at the foot of the bed and yet the only place to connect a tv. Needed something small, yet esthetically pleasing and strong. Pleased on both counts. Easy to follow directions and I put it together by myself even adding the tv. Was afraid it might be top heavy, but seems very secure."

5. An Easy-To-Assemble Stand

This TV stand from Convenience Concepts lives up to the company's name — and that's because it installs in minutes without any need for tools. It offers four shelves to hold your media devices and decorations. Choose between three colors: black, espresso, and oak. While the manufacturer recommends it for TVs up to 42 inches and up to 50 pounds, reviewers report that their inch TVs fit without issue.

  • Dimensions: inches long by inches wide by 36 inches tall
  • Compatible television sizes: 42 inches or smaller

One reviewer wrote: "I do believe that in my 65 years of living that this stand is the very first of anything in which I put together without using one single tool. Assembly is so simple that a 10 year old child could do it [] I am using this stand with a 50" LED-LCD flat panel with zero problems."

6. The Best Tall Stand For Smaller TVs

Space-savvy but still stylish, this TV stand is one of the best options for television sets 40 inches and smaller. It's made from solid pine and features an open shelf as well as two tempered-glass-paned cabinets. Since it comes in your choice of seven different finishes (white, black, cherry, dark walnut, driftwood, espresso, and weathered gray), you can easily find one that fits your decor. Finally, at 36 inches across and inches high, it's a slim console that raises your TV up to a much better angle for viewing.

  • Dimensions: 36 inches long by inches wide by inches high
  • Compatible television sizes: 40 inches and smaller

One reviewer wrote: "My AV needs are pretty simple. I have a 32" Flat screen tabletop TV, 29" Sound Bar, Cable DVR, and a BluRay player [] I am very happy with this little cabinet. It was pretty easy to put together. It's very sturdy. The TV and soundbar fit perfectly on the top, and the BluRay and Cable DVR in the shelf [] This cabinet looks more expensive than it really is."

Also Great: This Tabletop Stand That Raises Your TV

If you can't find the right fit for your budget or style preferences, this universal tabletop TV stand is a genius compromise. It's an adjustable mount that adds up to inches to your existing TV stand, and it holds televisions anywhere from 37 to 55 inches in size. Since it's made from steel and tempered glass, it can support up to 88 pounds — and it has a cord-management system hidden in the neck, too.

Sours: https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/best-tall-tv-stands
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