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Mega Man X: Every Armor Location (& What They Do)

The shift from 8- to bit was an important one for the video game medium, one that saw many franchises fundamentally change & reshape their identities. The Legend of Zelda refined itself into A Link to the Past, Super Metroid ironed out all of its series’ imperfections, and Super Mario World set a new standard for both Nintendo & game design as a whole. The Blue Bomber naturally followed suit, the classic Rockman becoming the bombastic Mega Man X.

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Capcom’s intention with Mega Man X was to offer a darker, narrative driven alternative to classic Mega Man that still catered to hardcore gamers. While the original X is easier than the games that came before it, it’s a remarkably well designed action-platformer with an excellent progression system. X isn’t limited to his starting equipment like his predecessor Mega Man is. By finding the four Light Capsules, X can even upgrade his armor. 

While it’s certainly possible to get through Mega Man X without upgrading any of X’s armor pieces, the game itself is designed around the player eventually finding all four before endgame. More importantly, Z’s assorted semi upgrades simply bolster the gameplay– bringing out a level of mechanical depth simply unfound in classic Mega Man.

The Foot Parts are the biggest contribution Mega Man X makes to the core gameplay loop, but the fact it’s locked to an upgrade capsule does the game no favors. Dashing fundamentally changes for platforming works and Mega Man X’s fast paced gameplay is seemingly designed around the Foot Parts.

Finding the Foot Parts is as simple as going to Chill Penguin’s stage. No matter what players do, they’ll eventually run into the Upgrade Capsule and be forced into it. X will not be able to dash, dash jump, and dash off of walls– skills that are very much necessary for getting through the game in one piece.

Future X games would intelligently make X’s dash a part of his natural skill set. In what is otherwise a flawlessly designed game, the fact one of X’s core mechanics is hidden away is a massive oversight. If nothing else, getting the Foot Parts really is as easy as remembering to kill Chill Penguin first. 

3 Body Parts (Sting Chameleon)

To put into perspective just how key the Foot Parts are to Mega Man X’s game design, it’s impossible to actually get any of the other armor parts without access to the dash. To get the Body Parts in Sting Chameleon’s stage, players must dash & wall jump above a cave early in the stage. 

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Curiously, finding the Body Part Capsule is only half the battle. Instead of being given access to the Body Part upgrade, players must instead fight a mini-boss. Only upon killing the mini-boss will X be able to enter the Body Part Capsule and obtain his next upgrade. The Body Part Capsule is arguably X’s most useful, cutting the damage he takes in half. For anyone ready to tackle the Sigma stages, the Body Parts are a must-have. 

2 Head Parts (Storm Eagle)

The Head Parts aren’t actually that useful in the grand scheme of things, mainly just completing X’s upgraded design. That said, the Head Parts are necessary in getting the Arm Parts so they can’t be skipped either. The Head Parts are found roughly midway through Storm Eagle’s stage, tucked away behind gas canisters. 

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While the flames on the canisters might suggest X needs Flame Mammoth’s weapon, simply charge shooting should be enough to blow them up. The Head Parts are specifically found after rotating set of platforms at the start of the stage. So long as players stop to explore each alcove, they’ll eventually run into the canisters. 

1 Arm Parts (Flame Mammoth)

The Arm Parts are extremely useful, doubling X’s charge shot damage and allowing him to charge his Special Weapons. Heading into the endgame, the Arm Parts are absolutely essential– so essential that the game actually forces them onto X if the players misses them during their main playthrough. 

To find the Arm Parts the traditional way, X needs to head to Flame Mammoth’s stage after defeating Chill Penguin. Very early on in the stage, players will notice a series of blocks filling a room in the stage’s ceiling. It’ll be difficult, but X needs to dash jump onto the edge of the lowest block and then dash kick his way up the blocks, breaking them with his legs & upgraded Head Parts. 

Should players make their way up, X will be greeted with the final Light Capsule and the Arm Parts. If players fail to find the Arm Parts before the Sigma stages, Zero will give X his Buster after the fight with Vile. There are no major differences between X’s upgraded Buster and Zero’s, but it’s a nice concession for anyone who can’t make the frustrating jump in Flame Mammoth’s stage. 

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Product Description

With over 36 million copies sold, Mega Man is a video game franchise loved by fans of all generations throughout the world. The Mega Man X series has become a core brand within the franchise, known for their fast-paced action and deep storytelling. From that very series comes the protagonist of Mega Man X2, reinforced in his Second Armor and appearing as a plastic model kit for the first time in over 25 years!

Thanks to the technology of CAD engineering, the character’s proportions based on the game are faithfully recreated, while also maintaining an impressive range of articulation. This allows users to portray a variety of scenes pulled directly from the games.

The color coordination of each part down to the smallest details allows users to recreate the “Second Armor” as shown in the game by just assembling the model kit.

The kit features two all-new face parts: “looking downward/shouting” and “wincing/teeth clenched.” Users can also portray “Zero”, who also appears in Mega Man X2 along with the Second Armor, using the Zero Buster included as bonus parts.

Each part is compatible with MEGA MAN X X (sold separately), allowing users to recreate snapshot moments from the game of X collecting each piece of armor. Other accessories included in the model kit, such as the Buster, hand parts, and three interchangeable facial expressions make this model kit perfect for recreating many different situations from the game.

■ Model Specifications:
・The kit includes three interchangeable face parts.
・The Buster can be equipped to the model’s left or right arm.
・The kit includes interchangeable hand parts.
・The model’s back is equipped with a 3mm connection, making it compatible with separately sold bases from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G. series, such as the New Flying Base and New Flying Base Plus.
・The head, body, arm, and leg parts are compatible with the MEGA MAN X X (sold separately), which enables users to recreate X as he is collecting the armor pieces from the game.
・Combine the included Zero Buster with Zero (sold separately) to recreate Zero from Mega Man X2.
・The kit is made of multi-colored plastic and contains pre-painted parts, making it easy for users of all levels to build a model that closely resembles the character’s appearance in the game.
・The packaging includes a specially drawn illustration by Mega Man X Series character designer Keisuke Mizuno.

■ Included Items:
・Three Interchangeable Face Parts (Default/Looking Forward, Teeth Clenched, and Shouting)
・Three Interchangeable Hand Parts
・Zero Buster Arm Parts for Zero


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1/12 Mega Man X: Fourth Armor

Adapted from Kotobukiya's website:

From Mega Man X4, the protagonist X appears donning the full "Force Armor" and joins in on Kotobukiya's plastic model lineup for the first time in over 20 years.

With over 35 million copies sold, the Mega Man franchise is a cherished video game franchise. Beloved by fans for their fast-paced action and deep storytelling, the Mega Man X series became a core series within the franchise.

The exact proportions are faithfully recreated based on the character's original appearance, and thanks to the technology of CAD engineering that allows a wide range of impressive articulation, users are able to recreate Zero's many poses from the game.

Different color schemes are used for each of the parts down to the smallest detail, so when assembled, the "Force Armor" will appear as shown in the game.

A new smiling face part will be included with this model kit. Each part is compatible with the first X plastic model kit, and by exchanging each part with the separately sold X, users can recreate each stage in the game and display Force Armor prior to its full assembly. Fans can also recreate various other scenes in Mega Man X4 by using its many customizable parts like the hand parts, X's signature X-Buster, and three different face parts.

Don't miss this Mega Man X addition!

  • [After-assembly Size]: Approximately cm tall
  • [Materials]: PS, PE, ABS, POM

[Set Contents]:

MEGA MAN X: All Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks \u0026 Armor Upgrades (incl. Hadouken) - Megaman X - SNES

Mega Man X/Upgrades

Leg Upgrade (Dash)[edit]

Mega Man X Leg Upgrade.png
  • Stage: Chill Penguin
  • Necessary items: none

About halfway though Chill Penguin's stage you'll see the upgrade capsule right in front of you. Unless you use a password, you cannot avoid getting this upgrade.

Helmet Upgrade (Headbutt)[edit]

Mega Man X Storm Eagle Helmet Upgrade.png
  • Stage: Storm Eagle
  • Necessary items: Leg Upgrade

After the rising/falling platforms you'll come to a tall, skinny wall (it looks like a metal mesh) that you must climb to proceed. If you fall down on the right side of the wall (instead of jumping to the next platform at the top of the wall) you will fall into a small area with a ledge that you need to dash jump to get to. Once on the ledge you will see several flammable containers in the wall; shoot these with any weapon until they explode and walk into the small room to find the upgrade capsule.

Body Upgrade (Armor)[edit]

Mega Man X Sting Chameleon Armor Upgrade.png
  • Stage: Sting Chameleon
  • Necessary items: Leg Upgrade

Near the start of the stage, you will come to a pit that you can enter below you to get a Heart Tank or you can jump the pit to enter what looks to be a cave (the ceiling and floor look much rockier). Instead, climb the wall on the right and proceed ABOVE the cave and you'll come to a small area that will soon be closed off by falling rocks. You have to fight a mini boss (shoot it in the eye to cause damage, Boomerang Cutter works best) to get the upgrade capsule.

Buster Upgrade (Super Charge)[edit]

Mega Man X Flame Mammoth Buster Upgrade.png
  • Stage: Flame Mammoth/Sigma Stage 1
  • Necessary items: Leg and Helmet upgrades (Flame Mammoth stage) or none (Sigma Stage)

Near the beginning of Flame Mammoth's level, the stage will force you to go down to continue, followed by a large area with lava on the floor and platforms that the lava will break through (note: the lava will be frozen and can be walked on if Chill Penguin's stage has been cleared). Just before the first platform, breakable blocks can be seen near the ceiling. Dash jump to the blocks and use the helmet and leg upgrades to break them and climb up the wall. The upgrade capsule is in a small room at the top of the wall if you didn't already receive the upgrade in Sigma Stage 1. In Sigma Stage 1, defeat Vile and Zero will give you the upgrade if you didn't already get it in Flame Mammoth's stage.

The special thing about this upgrade is that not only do you gain a third charge level for the Mega Buster, but you can also charge up your other weapons and unleash various abilities. For example, Chameleon Sting's charged attack turns Mega Man invincible for several seconds.


Mega Man X Hadoken Upgrade.png
  • Stage: Armored Armadillo
  • Necessary items: All Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, Upgrade Capsules and boss weapons.

As a reference to the Capcom series Street Fighter, a hidden upgrade capsule housing the Hadouken Fireball upgrade was placed into the game (complete with X actually yelling "Hadouken!" in a high pitch voice). It is not known why X does not yell "Hadouken" in Mega Man X Collection.

You can access it in Armored Armadillo's stage after collecting all 4 armor upgrades, all 8 Heart Tanks, and all 4 Sub Tanks (note that you don't have to fill the Sub Tanks).

Mega Man X Hadouken firing.png

Near the end of the stage, you'll come across the final platform that you can ride through the mine. Ride the platform until it flies off the track and out of the mine; dash jump off the cart onto the wall on the right and get the health capsule. You MUST get the health. Then simply jump off the edge into the pit, and repeat several times. After the 3rd or 4th attempt, an upgrade capsule will appear to the right of the Energy Capsule on a ledge on the top right (note: you do not need full health, full weapon energy, nor full sub-tank energy each time you reach this location; also, you can leave the stage, play another, and come back to finish up the other attempts).

Dr. Light will be dressed as Ryu from Street Fighter II. He will give you the Hadoken (used by pushing Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png+Y Button; an alternate button combo is Arcade-Stick-Down.png(Arcade-Stick-DL.png or Arcade-Stick-DR.png) then Y Button) which can kill any enemy, including bosses, in one hit, save for the final form of the final boss. Note that you must have full health to use the Hadouken and that there is about half a second "charge" time where you will be temporarily vulnerable.


X armor man mega

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MEGA MAN X: All Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks \u0026 Armor Upgrades (incl. Hadouken) - Megaman X - SNES

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